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Read My Lips IV

My body was still worn out from the tsunami-sized orgasm that had been caused earlier by Skip’s muscle growth and strength show. I knew I needed to rest, maybe lay down for a few weeks in order to recover, but that did not prevent me from getting excited when he suggested it was now time to make his chest grow to a freakish size to match his arms. It was like getting a second wind – all I needed was something that would create a desire in me that was greater than my fatigue. The chance to see this guy’s chest explode with monstrous muscles could have gotten me to run a marathon at that moment. That’s all the encouragement I needed. I was a muscle-loving puppy following this muscle master.

It was apparent that Skip already knew how he would find enough resistance to make his chest grow. I also trusted that he would make sure I got a front row seat for the show. He needed me to ‘get off’ on his growth – while it was happening. He kept telling me that my excitement would make the growth more intense and from the size of his arms, I could tell he knew what he was talking about. It was quite evident that he, too, got turned on as much as I did from the insane expansion of his muscles.

Skip had moved to the front of the SUV and I followed – even though my legs were still kind of weak. I slid the metal mold of my hard cock Skip had created into my satchel resting on the hood of the car. Skip grabbed his backpack off the hood and placed it on the sidewalk a few feet away. He motioned that I should do the same with my satchel. When I turned back from depositing my stuff next to his, I saw that Skip was standing in front of the large vehicle and had his long arms spread across the hood. His reach was so wide that he actually had his palms at each side of the large car. His fingers rested on top of the hood while his thumbs hung down across each headlight. At first I thought he was going to expand his chest by pushing the car so I moved to the side to get a better view. That’s when I heard glass breaking. I looked down and saw that each of his huge thumbs had shattered the headlights into tiny pieces that were now falling to the pavement. I knew the guy was now just showing off! He looked at me and had a “that’ll show those two assholes to park in a disabled spot” look on his face. Somehow I knew that was not going to be the extent of his abuse to this SUV. He was just beginning. While I had his attention I jumped at the chance to ask him a question.

“Skip. What does it feel like? You know, when your muscles grow. What did you feel when your forearms and biceps were inflating to such a freakish size? I got to know, man.”

Skip smiled and pointed toward the notepad and pen that were by his backpack. I picked them up and handed both to Skip. He laid the pad on the car and wrote a bunch of sentences. He motioned me over and as I stepped closer he placed one of his huge hands on my shoulder and pulled me between his body and the SUV. I was facing the hood so I’d be able to read the note. He was standing behind me. Skip brought both of his monstrous hands down onto the hood at either side of my body. He intentionally turned his arms so both bulging biceps pressed into my shoulders and upper arms. He squeezed them together slightly so I could feel their size and strength as I read what he had written.

“It’s an amazing feeling, Mason. It doesn’t hurt at all. It feels like you do right before you shoot a load – you know, how your body becomes tense as shit and then the release sends this wave of pleasure through every part of you. The only difference is that the wave of pleasure is focused on whatever part of your body is growing. When my biceps exploded earlier I swear it felt like a thousand orgasms going off inside the arm. Instead of my cock being the focus of all that feeling – like in other guys – it was actually all centered in my bicep. The same thing happened in my forearms. And you know how sex with certain guys can make you cum harder than with other men – well that’s what happens in my muscles because of you. You make my muscle orgasms stronger than anything I’ve ever felt in my entire life. That’s what if feels like, Mason.”

I read the note twice and the entire time Skip continued to flex his mountainous biceps into my body. At one point he squeezed his arms together tightly and raised his body up on his toes – causing my feet to leave the ground. He lifted me for a few seconds using only the pressure of his mammoth biceps. It was a womb-like secure feeling – being surrounded by his muscled arms. I could have stayed there forever. The note, his muscles, and his lifting my body with just his upper arms caused my cock to ache from hardness. But there was no way I could have cum – since I believe every ounce of semen in me had escaped during my earlier orgasm – but that didn’t prevent my prick from becoming stiff as stone. Skip released the pressure created by his arms and picked up the pen. He wrote a quick note.

“Ready for some chest growth?” All I could do was nod my head. Skip stepped back and let me move to the side. I turned to watch him. He wrote another note and then handed me the pad and pen. “When I get under the car lay on top of me face down.” I finally knew how he intended to give his chest muscles a power blast. My head became dizzy from the anticipation. I tossed the pen and notepad onto his backpack as Skip lay down on his back and began to slide under the SUV. Once he was in place, with only his crotch, legs, and most of his huge arms sticking out from the car, he motioned with his hand for me to join him. As I slid my body on top of his I was amazed that the bottom of the SUV was jacked up high enough for us both to fit underneath, with even a little room to spare. I tilted my face up so I could see Skip looking down at me. He had a huge smile across his face and I knew it was because of what was coming. He dropped his head back down onto the concrete and I could see out of the corners of my eyes that he was grabbing the bottom of the car with his huge hands. I brought my chin down and buried my face into the sweater covering his chest. I also brought my hands up and placed them beside my face on his pecs. I noted that my hands hung a little over both sides because his chest wasn’t that wide. I knew, though, that was about to change.

I did glance to the side when I heard the body of the SUV make a creaking noise from being lifted. I wanted to see the wheels leave the ground. It dawned on me that Skip would have to rely on the strength of his arms completely at first, since his chest would not be strong enough. It wouldn’t take long, though, for his chest to catch up. I was sure of that. For some bizarre reason I suddenly wondered what it would look like to someone walking by, four sets of legs sticking out from underneath a huge SUV that was going up into the air and back down. This made me laugh a little. My laughter stopped abruptly when I heard and felt a rumble in Skip’s chest that seemed like a freight train passing by. At first, I had tried to count the times I sensed Skip pressing the SUV into the air, but the blood-pumping symphony in his chest demanded all of my attention. I tried desperately to catalog the order in which I noticed changes. I first felt my hands go from hanging slightly off at the sides to lying completely flat on his widening chest. After a few car presses I slid both of my hands sideways and was shocked when I didn’t feel the edge of Skip’s body. It was then that my head came in contact with the bottom of the lowered car. Skip’s chest had grown so much that we no longer fit under the car unless he kept it slightly raised. I reached up and waved my hand in Skip’s face – tapping the bottom of the car and then my head. I could tell he understood because he didn’t let the car come all the way down again.

No longer could I turn my head easily to look in either direction. Giant mounds had grown on either side of my face and my nose was buried in a deep pec valley. I could lift my head straight up, thankfully, to catch my breath every now and then. I had just started to explore with my hands his protruding nipples straining through the fabric, when the green sweater I had noticed across the subway earlier and the t-shirt underneath split down the middle with a sound that even overpowered the explosions coming from inside Skip. Muscle that had been restrained by the clothes was now free to slam against my cheeks and my face touched for the first time (and I hoped not the last) the hot, rock-hard skin of this powerful man’s chest. I was lost in worship euphoria. The growth of his chest was so fast and so expansive that the sweater and t-shirt, once ripped down the middle, fell from his torso completely. My hands quickly latched onto both giant-sized erect nipples and Skip’s entire body shook with pleasure. I opened my mouth and let my tongue feel the warm stone-like surface beneath it. I tilted my head back and looked upward. The deep crevice between Skip’s pectoral muscles ran all the way to his neck. And I could tell this workout had increased the size of his neck, as well. There were muscles bulging around his Adam’s apple that I never knew existed. I looked back down at the mountains on either side of the valley my chin and face rested in. I could tell his pecs were enormous. I let go of his nipples and brought my hands to the top of his chest. There must have been an eight-inch ridge up there. Everything felt as a brick wall. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought Skip had slid into a suit of armor. That’s how solid his fucking huge chest felt.

At this point I realized his arms were not going up and down anymore. I raised my face again to see Skip looking downward. He was staring at his own chest and smiling away. I could only see his face because of the deep crevice between his pecs. He caught my eye and winked at me. He made a rolling motion with his head and I could tell he wanted me to turn over on my back. I peered up and saw that the bottom of the car was high in the air – being held by his strong arms. I brought my hands to his chest and pushed myself up. That is when I got my first look at what could only be described as one of the newest wonders of the world. To say his chest was huge doesn’t come close to describing it. Sofa cushions are smaller and thinner than the muscles I saw below me. Skip was lying down on his back and still his chest stuck straight out like massive smooth boulders covered with tight skin. It crossed my mind that when he came around a corner you would only see chest for a few seconds before you ever saw another part of his body. That’s how colossal his pecs had become. I brought one hand down to rest on his abs and noticed that his chest protruded out past my elbow. And what a fucking turn on it was to see that chest next to his gigantic arms. I had no idea how other parts of his body growing huge would enhance the parts that had already changed. This made me excited for more.

Skip tapped my head to get my attention. He made a rolling gesture with his hand. My mind suddenly registered that he made the gesture with his hand. Frightened, I quickly ducked down and looked at his other arm at the same time. Skip was holding the SUV in the air with just one arm. Of course he was. Why that shocked me I had no idea. I simply regained the hard-on, which had disappeared in those few seconds of panic at the thought that a heavy automobile was about to fall on my head, and then I rolled over. It was difficult to get comfortable since his chest was so high off of his abs. I slid down and let my head rest in the deep valley that ran between his pecs. Skip started pressing the car up and down again. Now I understood why he wanted me to turn over – he needed me to get a good sense of what his arms and his chest were accomplishing. What a show off this guy was turning out to be, but, then again, I would want to show off too. Suddenly Skip pushed his arms upward a little harder and the back of the SUV left his hands and soared into the air. As it started to come back down I panicked. I screamed out loud and brought my hands to my face, as if not seeing the bottom of the car smash into me would prevent death. But no steel touched my precious body and I felt the monstrous chest beside my head shaking in silent laughter. I opened my eyes and moved my hands. Skip had easily caught the back of the SUV in his hands. There was no way that car was going to even slightly budge those massively muscled arms. Skip had purposely scared me. I took the back of my hand and whacked it on his chest. That was surely one of the most stupid things I have ever done. Pain shot through my hand. I immediately brought it to my other hand to be rubbed. Once again Skip’s chest bounced as he giggled without making a noise. I’m sure me hitting him felt like a feather landing on his chest. To see if my trust level had changed, I’m sure, Skip bent his arms again and then thrust the back of the car into the air. I forced myself to not flinch even a little. It was hard, but I succeeded. Skip let go of the car with one of his hands and patted my head in affirmation. He then made a motion for me to scoot out from underneath the car. I didn’t want to leave. It was so comfortable having his muscles on three sides of me. I felt so safe and so warm. But I knew there must be a reason and the reason probably involved him showing off - and who was I to argue about having my own muscle show. It was easy to crawl out from under the SUV since he held it up in the air for me. I stood up beside the car and then backed up so I could see his face. There he was – just smiling like a little boy about to do something very naughty.

Getting my first look at him from a distance stopped my breath for a second. Skip noticed the reaction in me and froze, holding the car in the air for a moment so I could get a good look. His chest was almost as wide as the car. Again, his shoulders had grown some so his body could accommodate his new vast upper torso, but they still weren’t as freaky as his arms and chest. I noticed his neck again and realized that it was thicker, but not fully-grown. His rib cage and stomach had also become larger so he could support all that had ballooned above his waist. And then there were his hips, crotch, and legs. He looked like one of those cartoon characters that has a huge upper body and tiny legs – like the one called Johnny Bravo. I began to worry that he wouldn’t be able to stand, but then I just figured legs might be the next things he decided to work on. I smiled because seeing his calves and thighs explode with mind-blowing muscle would be like icing on the cake. I forced myself to return to the here and now. I kept repeating my mantra; “We have all the time in the world. There is no rush.”

Skip sensed that I was ready for his next feat. He had been holding the SUV up for quite a long time and didn’t seem to be tired at all. I marveled at the strength that existed in his body. He lowered the vehicle, shoved it into the air, and then caught it again. Watching this action from this point of view did not lessen the awe-factor at all. It looked like some kind of trick. The front of the car actually went high into the air and Skip seemed to use little effort to catch it when it came down. I had to sit down on the curb because the show of strength was, again, making me dizzy with excitement. Skip tossed the front of the car into the air a couple more times, I think just to make sure his chest was pumped all the way. I didn’t think it was possible for those monster pecs to become any more inflated. Finally, he lowered his elbows all the way to the pavement. His upper body disappeared from sight because the car was so low. Suddenly, the front of the SUV went flying into the air, but this time it didn’t stop. Skip had put so much force into his push that it first went up onto it’s back – sticking up in the air like a skyscraper – and then came flying over with its roof hitting the pavement with a noise that sounded like dynamite exploding. Luckily, there was nothing parked behind he car, but I’m sure Skip had already taken that into account. The SUV was sent flying with such force that when it hit the pavement the roof caved in completely. Every window was shattered by the impact when the roof buckled as if it were an accordion. The force of the blow also caused cracks in the pavement that shot out in all directions. I wondered if Skip had intended the shove to be that hard or if he was still getting used to his own strength. The alarms on cars up and down the street started going off from the earthquake like wave created by the impact. The noise was deafening and both Skip and I knew this meant it was time for us to depart.

But when I glanced at the behemoth on the ground all time stopped for me. I watched as Skip used his enormous arms to help press his oversized upper body up on his small legs. Standing up made him look even more ridiculous than before. I was worried that he wasn’t gong to be able to walk, but the weight his upper body put on his legs made them expand slightly. The pressure was giving Skip’s legs enough resistance to help them grow. Suddenly the jeans, that had been pretty baggy when I met him, were now skin-tight. Skip now had enough power in his legs to move easily. He grabbed both his backpack, making sure to include his notepad and pen, and my satchel with one hand and then moved quickly to where I was sitting. All I could do was watch his nude muscled upper body in the glow of the streetlights. It was incredible. I was mesmerized at how every muscle was defined and how it tightened and relaxed as he moved. Skip had no time for me to enjoy my little worship session. He knew people would be coming immediately. With his free hand he reached down and grabbed me around my waist. He easily lifted me from where I was sitting on he curb. He carried me like a guy would carry his schoolbooks as he ran down the street and around the corner.

When we were about ten blocks away, Skip turned down another side street and stood me on the ground. I had been in muscle heaven the entire time he carried me. I really didn’t register anything else. My hands explored his bicep and forearm as he ran. I also watched his massive pecs rise and fall with each step he took. So when Skip finally stood me up on the sidewalk at the new street, I had no awareness of how we got there. I just continued to stare at his arms and chest. I was frozen – unable to do anything but admire his immense muscles. As Skip took out his pen and notebook to write a note I started to gain some kind of consciousness again. It was as if I had been in a muscle coma. Skip held up his note. “How about that SUV?” He was so proud of his demolition job. He wanted some affirmation. It hit me that, even when he finally had every possible muscle of his body pumped to freakish proportions, inside he would still be the same cute young man I first met on the subway. This thought made my heart fill with even more emotion for him than before. I suddenly wanted to make him very happy – at this moment and forever. I needed to choose words that would pump his ego like the pump in his upper body.

“Can you imagine the look on those two guys’ faces when they return? It’s almost worth going back.” I had chosen wisely. Skip was smiling and almost giddy. I think he actually wanted to jump up and down. This only spurred me on more. I made sure he was looking at me. “You lifted that fucking SUV like it was nothing. And just look at your incredible chest.” I pointed at the big window of a store behind him. Skip turned around and I moved beside him. We both stared at his massive pecs. Skip inhaled deeply and his chest rose like a giant whale coming out of the ocean. Skip’s eyes actually got as big as mine. Neither of us was ready for how big his chest would expand. They talk about guys having a shelf at the top of their chest – hell; Skip had a whole dining room table. Skip exhaled and then immediately started flexing his chest in numerous cum-inducing ways. We both just stood there as he bounced his right mammoth pec and then his left. Then he bounced them together. My mouth began to water when Skip brought both of his huge hand up and started kneading his own chest. I could tell he loved cupping both of them below the nipples and feeling how heavy they were. I was sure that one of his pecs would weigh more than some small men. Skip even pinched his nipples a few times and I could tell by the ripple of muscle that shot up both pecs this was something that gave him pleasure. I would have to remember that for later.

I suddenly had to ask Skip for a favor. I tapped him on the arm. He didn’t feel it at first so I had to actually punch his arm go get him to notice. He looked at my reflection in the window. We could see each other clearly. “Please flex your arms, Skip.” Skip’s face lit up like never before. I think he had actually not thought about what his arms would look like flexed until that moment. We both held our breath and stared at his reflection as he slowly brought his arms straight out to his sides. And just as slowly – surely to tease me – he brought his clenched fists toward his head. I had seen his arm muscles in action all night. That’s how this muscle evening had begun, with him crushing metal railings on the subway, but none of what he had done up to that moment compared to the sight of his double bicep pose. How to begin explaining what the sight of his arms caused in me. Well, first, precum started dripping from my engorged cock. I kid you not; I could feel it sliding down the tip of my rod. Secondly, I registered that his biceps were thicker than my waist. The monstrous peaks that I had seen rip metal, bulge insanely during our arm wrestling match, and lift an SUV were now displayed in a fashion that emphasized their power in a new way. This one pose separated the mortals from the muscle-gods. All of my life I had stared at guy’s arms. I watched wrestling, something I didn’t really like, hopeful that one guy would eventually show off his biceps. I taped tons of bodybuilding contests and always fast-forwarded to all the double or single bicep poses. I stayed up late at night to watch old Hercules films to stare at the lead actor’s arms as he lifted some other guy, picked up large objects, or used them to bend steel. I was a sucker for big arms. And the ones reflected in the window were the largest I was ever going to see. From this night on every muscle experience I was lucky enough to partake in would pale in comparison. Skip’s arms would be used to measure all other arms and I knew deep in my heart that I might as well throw away the tape measure – here was perfection. Skip began to slightly lower his wrist and then raise them back up to make his unbelievable huge peaks bulge thicker and higher. I could tell Skip had stopped watching his arms and was now staring at my face. Somehow, he knew that everything that had led up to this moment and even the freaky muscle growth and feats of strength that would follow that night would always lead back to my first sight of his flexed arms. This would be the source and summit of all our muscle fantasies come true. And this knowledge caused such a sudden change in Skip’s face that my gaze was even drawn away from his beautiful arms.

Skip smiled at me as he brought his arms down. There was a new kind of excitement in his face. I made a quizzical look and he bent down to grab the notebook and pen. He turned to me and wrote a quick note. He held up the pad. “Time for legs. I don’t want to rush us, but I have a feeling tonight’s going to be different than other nights.”

I didn’t understand what he meant, but it did not matter. The thought of his leg muscles finally matching his upper body made every cell of my body tingle in excitement. I looked at him. “Let’s make those legs look like the trunks of Redwoods!” I noticed that my statement made Skip shake with excitement.
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Awesome!! Keep em coming!
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Read my post!

I really hope you haven't given up on this one. I've enjoyed it very much so far.

And he's not done yet...!
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