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Old December 1st, 2007, 06:06 PM
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My Roommate's Body Part XI

I slid into the passenger seat of Big Daddy’s Jaguar and shut the door. He pulled away from the bar. It was a beautiful car. “Nice ride.” I was trying to act sexy.

“What a weird thing to say – you’ve been in this car many times.”

I knew I needed to recover quickly. “I know. I just have always enjoyed this car and wanted to tell you again.” I slid my hand over between his butt and the car seat – letting my fingers begin to massage the ass crack through his pants. I wanted to get his mind on something else.

“What are you doing?” Big Daddy was glancing at me with a confused look.

“Just playing with that fine ass.” I, again, tried to sound sexy. It was a bizarre feeling to be this forward but I was beginning to like it more and more.

“What’s gotten into you, little man?” His words hurt a little. It was like I was being reprimanded. “Leave the fine ass alone and no foreplay while I’m driving.” I pulled my hand away from him and sat back in the seat. Big Daddy reached over and messed up the hair on the top of my head – as if I were a five year old. “We’ve got the whole night for playing, Nole.”

I sat in silence for the rest of the ride to Big Daddy’s place – but that didn’t mean the car was quiet. Big Daddy talked the entire way home. And to top it off, he talked mostly about his new boyfriend. He asked a few times if it was bothering me – but the way he asked made it clear that this was something Nolan would have allowed in the past. I wanted to try and act as much like Nolan as possible, but I was getting a little frustrated with the egomaniac sitting beside me. I knew part of the problem was I wanted sex, and I wanted it desperately. It had been a long time since I had been with a man – especially a man that seemed to want foreplay as much as I did. When I was in my old body most men just wanted to have a worship session and then a quick release. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Most of the men I slept with didn’t care if I came or not. I knew things would be different with Big Daddy. I knew he liked giving pleasure as much as he liked to receive it. And I was ready to be on the receiving end and on the giving end.

I was not prepared for Big Daddy’s incredible home. It was like a New York brownstone - with multiple floors, high ceilings, and incredible furniture everywhere. I tried to act like I had been there many times before, but it was hard. I was impressed with everything – the artwork, the high-tech electronics everywhere, and the obvious good taste of this man. Maybe I had misjudged him. He definitely liked nice things and seemed to be somewhat of a neat freak. The entire apartment was spotless. Once inside he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, laying both of his large hands on my crotch. He pulled my body into his and my ass met his large rock-hard cock. He pressed his dick into my butt and moved his hips back and forth – causing me to go slightly weak at the knees from the feeling of that stiff pole sliding across my crack and cheeks.

“Yeah, I’ve missed that pretty ass, boy. And have you missed your Big Daddy? Have you missed this big cock?” Big Daddy shoved his crotch into my ass harder to emphasize the last question. My own cock shot completely rigid, just from the anticipation of what was to come.

“I think you can feel my answer.” I placed my own hands on top of his and pushed them around my hard tool.

“I think that’s a correct answer, young man. I think teacher might have to give you a little present for such a quick response.” Big Daddy had begun to kiss the side of my neck and let his lips pull at my right earlobe. My right hand left his hands and went up to the side of his face – pulling his lips to mine as I turned my head. His lips were already moist from his work on my neck and ear. Sexual electricity shot through my entire body as my mouth pressed up against his. I felt his tongue force my lips apart and begin a full attack on my mouth. Big Daddy knew how to kiss, that was very obvious. He made sure that our tongues wrestled with each other for a while before allowing me to explore his mouth. He sucked in a little and it felt like my entire mouth was forced inside his. At the same time he let his huge cock rest vertically up my ass crack, pressed harder on my crotch with his powerful hands, and then lifted me off the floor by standing completely straight and then bending slightly backwards. My feet were dangling in the air and it felt like a thick log was trying to split my ass cheeks apart. I was under some kind of spell – completely succumbed to this man’s control. Big Daddy bounced me a couple of times against his hard body and then set me back down on the ground.

As soon as my feet met the floor I somehow managed to turn my body around – never letting my lips leave his. For a quick second I registered how different it was to be in Nolan’s short body. I had to bend my head back so Big Daddy could bend down to kiss me. I was used to being the tall guy – the one usually doing the bending. There was something fucking fantastic, though, about being the smaller guy. I can’t explain it, but it had something to do with control – I did not have to be the guy in the power seat. I was able to let Big Daddy lead me in this sexual dance – and what a good lead he was! Big Daddy’s hands had quickly made their way to my ass. He grabbed both cheeks with his big paws, squeezed tightly, and roughly pulled my body into his. Our hard cocks hit each other full force – it hurt a little, but it also felt so good. Big Daddy began to grind his crotch into mine. The juices in my rod were definitely at boiling point and for the first time in a long time I could feel pre-cum leaking from my dickhead.

I knew I needed to force my mind to focus on something new or I was going to shoot my load in the first ten minutes of foreplay – and I wanted to be in this for the long haul. I took my hands and placed my palms on Big Daddy’s chest pressing my upper body away from his. Big Daddy let out a small whimper as I pulled my lips from his, but he continued to grind our cocks together. He could immediately tell that I had something in mind – and he knew it was something he was going to like. I let my hands massage his two hard pecs for a few seconds – watching his face light up in pleasure. I was quickly able to get his nipples hard and both of my forefingers and thumbs shot to the protruding spots on his shirt. As soon as I tightly grabbed his nips, Big Daddy let out a loud moan and for a second he stopped the grinding action below. His entire body went stiff in ecstasy. I had found this man’s Achilles heel and I was not going to let up any time soon. I pinched my fingers together again – harder this time – and Big Daddy emitted a louder moan as he let his head fall back from the pleasure/pain I was giving. I got a sexual boost from making this man moan out loud. It was a new exciting feeling within me – the opportunity to let the focus be on the other person.

I dropped my right hand and brought my mouth to the erect nipple. I continued to squeeze the left nipple with my other hand. I first let my tongue press into the hard dark spot behind Big Daddy’s shirt. I let the tip of my tongue circle around the entire areole. Big Daddy was lost in pleasure-land as I continued to abuse his chest. I waited a few seconds before bringing my teeth together around the jutting nipple and pulling it slightly. This action caused Big Daddy to cry out, let go of my ass, and bring his hands up to the sides of my head. He shoved my face hard into his chest. He wanted more of that action. I never let go of his nip between my teeth.

“Oh fuck, Nolan, chew on that nipple, boy. Clamp down hard on that nipple.” Big Daddy was pressing my head into his chest as I continued to bite him lightly. I then let the nipple scrape along my teeth through the shirt. This was too much for the big man – he pulled my head back and brought his lips down to mine in a kiss of deep gratitude for the sensation I was giving his body. As Big Daddy continued the intense kiss I moved my hands to the buttons of his shirt and quickly undid them all. I then pulled his shirttails from his pants as Big Daddy started to let his teeth teasingly pull at my bottom lip. He then dropped his arms and I pushed the shirt off of his shoulders – letting it fall to the floor. Big Daddy then brought his hands up to my shoulders and pushed down and back at the same time – forcing me to go down on the floor. I knew instinctively what the turned-on man wanted to do. I lay down on my back and let the big guy lay on top of me. The weight of his muscled body felt good. Big Daddy had planned it perfectly – his chest was right at my face. My mouth needed no direction back to his nipple. He rested some of his weight on his elbows as my tongue, teeth, and lips alternated between his now very red nipples. I felt the familiar grinding of crotches resume after a few seconds.

I was in heaven – my hands roaming all over Big Daddy’s bent arms, shoulders, and back. I couldn’t get enough of his hard body. I especially liked squeezing his biceps – and he responded by tightening those muscles when my hands went there. I started letting my teeth scrape from one pec to the other – making sure they ran across the rock hard nipples. Suddenly Big Daddy rolled off of me onto his back on the floor.

“Shit, Nolan. I can’t take much more. I’m about to explode right now. You’re an animal tonight. It’s like you know exactly what will turn me on. You’ve learned some tricks since the last time we were together. I like ‘em.” Big Daddy sat up and looked down at his chest. “Man, I’m going to have some bruises tomorrow. I’m going to have to wear dark shirts for a while.” I giggled lightly and the big guy brought one of his hands down to the hard cock outlined in my pants. He stroked it a few times through the fabric. Let’s go to the bedroom, okay, little man?”

Again, that term stung a little, but my desire for the guy overrode any bad feelings. Big Daddy stood quickly and reached down to take my hand – lifting me easily from the floor. He dropped his arms and grabbed me at the waist. “I know what you like.” With those words, Big Daddy brought his shoulder down low and pulled me towards him. He then pressed into me standing up and throwing me over his shoulder. I was obviously light as a feather to the man – a feeling that was truly new to me. My cock almost shot its load just from being lifted in the air. I forced myself to calm down as Big Daddy easily carried me up a flight of stairs into the second floor master bedroom. I glanced down at Big Daddy’s ass and began to plan my attack on that piece of work. Big Daddy bent his legs a little and then pushed up – sending my body into the air backwards and I landed on his huge soft bed. I was shocked for a second because I didn’t realize what he was doing. I regained control quickly because I knew that Nolan would have known the bed was going to be there.

I lay on the bed breathing hard. Big Daddy was standing at the end of the bed looking down at me with a mischievous grin. “I know something else you’ll like, my little muscle pig.” The beautiful man slowly undid his belt and the buttons on his pants. He then pulled them down, along with his underpants, freeing his massive cock from captivity. I was not ready to behold the appendage that gave this man his nickname. Nothing could have prepared me for something so thick and long. It shot straight up as he stood - kicking his pants to the side. I could not believe something that big could be so hard. It must have been a good eleven inches – and if it wasn’t, it sure did a good job of pretending. My breath was taken away as I looked at the hard tool outlined by Big Daddy’s fine abs. And the man with the insane cock knew I was pleased. He brought his right hand to the pole and moved it up and down a couple of times. He never took his eyes off of me and I couldn’t take my eyes off of that log connected to his crotch. It hit me as I watched his big hand go up and down that my own present fingers could not connect around something so thick. This thought caused me to get turned on again – knowing how small I was in this new body compared to Big Daddy.

I started rubbing my own hard cock through my pants. This made Big Daddy smile. He then lifted his left arm to his side and flexed his bicep. He turned to look at the peak he was making. At first this caused my body to shake in appreciation – just looking at his hard bicep. And then, for a few seconds, everything in the room stopped as I noted that his bicep was not close to the size of mine – the one on my old body. It registered quickly that my old body really had fucking great arms. This thought actually made my cock harder – and its hardness brought me back to the present moment and the beautiful man in front of me. Big Daddy must have noticed I went away briefly – because he decided to get my attention again.

“Look out little buddy – here comes Big Daddy.” And with that Big Daddy leapt slightly onto the bed beside me. The weight of the man made me bounce a few times. I quickly sat up turning my attention to the body beside me. Big Daddy was laying face down and grinding his crotch into the bed. He had his arms bent beside his head and was flexing both biceps to draw my attention upward. I quickly climbed over and lay on his back. My hands shot up to his flexed arms. “Yeah, you like these guns, don’t you boy.” Even though his face in the bed muffled his voice, I could understand what he was saying. I was lying on his wide back with my hard cock up against his ass. This was just where I wanted to be. I let go of his left arm and brought my hand down to my pants. In no time at all I had my pants undone and my hard cock resting in his ass crack. I started pushing it deeper into the crevice. I brought my hand back up to his flexed bicep. I pulled my body up using his flexed arms as leverage and let my cock run onto his lower back. I brought my mouth to his right ear. I had to make sure my next statement didn’t sound like this was my first time to be at his house.

“Do you still keep the condoms in the same place, Big Daddy?” I pushed my cock and balls into him as I asked the question. A brief silence filled the room and I could sense that Big Daddy was figuring something out.

“What do you think you’re doing, little man?”

The question caught me off guard but I tried to continue in my most sexy voice. “I thought I’d fuck that beautiful ass of yours and give you some pleasure.”

“You thought what?” Suddenly Big Daddy was laughing. He easily pushed my body onto the bed and sat up to look at me. “What’s gotten into you Nolan? You don’t fuck me. I fuck you.” Big Daddy’s demeanor had changed in a split second. He had a serious look on his face.

“Why is that?” I quickly sat up, as well.

“Well, simply because I’m the bigger guy.”

At first I thought he was kidding, but the look on his face confirmed he meant what he was saying. I was floored. “What kind of macho bullshit is that?”

Big Daddy laughed again. “What’s up with you, Nole? You know I won’t let a guy fuck me – unless he’s bigger than me. Remember? It’s the unspoken rule of any big muscleman. We had this conversation a long time ago. I can’t leave people thinking I’m weak or something. The bigger man is always the dominant one. Hey, just ask your asshole roommate Sam. He’ll tell you it’s true. He’d never let some smaller guy fuck him.”

The stupidity of his statements made me forget what body I presently inhabited. “Wanna bet?” I had spoken too quickly.

Big Daddy looked at me in shock. “No way. You fucked Sam. Well, that little pansy bottom. I knew he wasn’t so tough. I bet his great body isn’t even from hard work. I bet he’s using steroids and has had tons of plastic surgery. I know other guys who got their body that way.

“That’s bullshit, Alan.” It was the first time I had actually called him by his real name. Because of his attitude he could no longer be Big Daddy to me. It tilted the power in the room dramatically. “I know Sam has worked hard to get that body. Granted there are some areas that need improvement – but he has done it the natural way.” The force of my words made me sound really weird. I think it made Alan a little confused.

“Okay, okay. Calm down Nolan.” There was a moment of silence and then Alan asked a question that proved he was extremely jealous of my old body. “Tell me, what kind of improvements does Sam need? I thought his body was perfect. It’s just his attitude that needs adjusting.” It was unbelievable. Alan somehow believed that knowing my old body had weaknesses would make him better – or somehow bigger. What a stupid thought.

Alan’s comments also calmed me down at once. I felt sorry for him. He obviously couldn’t be comfortable with who he was – he seemed to constantly compare himself to others. I also could not believe that this gorgeous man thought my body – my old body – was perfect. This thought turned me on a little. But he was wrong about my attitude needing adjustment. He just didn’t know me – and couldn’t see how shy I was. His remarks caused hurts from my past to come to mind. Throughout my life people had always assumed things about me just from what was on the outside.

“Look, I haven’t fucked Sam.” Saying this statement disturbed me a little and then I let something else come out of my mouth accidentally. “Not that I wouldn’t want to.” I filed away that little slip of tongue to analyze later. “But forget that. I want to stay in the present moment. Come on, Alan. What’s the big deal? Let me fuck you. You might like it a lot and I promise not to tell anyone.”

Alan leaned in towards me and I could tell he was a little mad. I also suddenly realized that he was living some kind of fantasy that needed to be maintained. “Listen, my little man, we had this discussion when we first started dating. I thought you understood. You certainly remembered it the entire time we were together – and it seemed to me that you liked it. You got to feel my muscles and beat off when I flexed – and in return I got to plow that tight ass when I felt like it. Remember how excited that made you? It was all of your fantasies come true. My job was to be the big guy and take care of you – and your job was to be the little guy that pleased me. I was here so you didn’t have to think at all. That’s what all of you little guys want anyway – a big guy to manipulate and sometimes abuse you, right? Well, allowing you to fuck me will ruin your little fantasy, Nolan. I am the only one that conquers ass around here.”

I immediately felt sorry for the real Nolan. Even if some of this was true about an arrangement with Alan – I knew deep down that he really did not want to be a little submissive puppy. The real Nolan deserved so much more. I also realized something about myself. When I was in my old body I had not been like other big guys. I didn’t want to dominate someone else. I wanted to be in a relationship that had a lot of give and take. I wanted to love someone in an “even” sort of way – allowing them to be in control at times, but also taking control at other times. I also knew instinctively that the real Nolan deep down wanted the same thing. It was obvious to me now that he was willing to give up all self respect just to be with what he thought was the perfect man. It was clear that both of our pasts had caused us to develop bad habits. Growing up I had thought being big would make me turn into the non-caring muscle guy that Alan described. I thought I would be what my Dad always wished I would be – a macho bodybuilder that intimidated other men. I thought it would somehow make up for being gay. But as my body got bigger I retreated more into my own little world because the desired change within me never happened. My body became different but my heart didn’t. I stayed the same sensitive guy I’d always been – someone who needed love and support. But also a guy that was willing to give love and support. I realize now that because what I looked like on the outside everyone thought I was the person I desired to be – when, in fact, I wasn’t. The only way I could avoid disappointing others and myself was to become a recluse. All I did was constantly work out thinking a magic day would come where I suddenly changed. Before I knew it I was lonely, bitter, and scared of other people. Any time I did date – and didn’t meet the expectations or pre-conceived notions of other people – I saw my dad’s disappointed face in that other person.

At that moment a flood of emotion overcame my body as a revelation erupted in my mind. It wasn’t my dad’s disappointed face I always saw – it was my own. I simply began blaming my dad because it was easier than facing the fact that I longed to be someone different. I was the one who was never satisfied with myself. The beginnings of these feelings might have started with something my dad said or did – but I was the one who fanned the flames of self-loathing. I did not deny that there had been some abuse committed in my childhood – and I would have to work hard to sort through the emotions caused by that. But the abuse I had caused on myself seemed so much greater at this moment. There was something I desperately needed to say out loud – and because Alan was here at the moment he’d have to listen.

“You know what Alan? Sam does have a fucking huge gorgeous body, doesn’t he?” I immediately registered much joy inside. It was like a drug. I could tell the statement confused Alan greatly.

“Well, um . . . yes. Yes he does.”

I smiled. I had really said this comment about myself – or my old self, that is – and I truly meant it. Every detail of my old fantastic body came streaming into my mind. “Sam’s got massive arms, doesn’t he?” I did not wait for Alan to respond. “Those biceps look like someone took a bicycle pump and blew them up beyond what normal skin could hold.” My comments began to make my now soft cock hard again. I was also present enough to realize that Alan was getting turned on, as well. “And, fuck, my chest is incredible isn’t it? Not to mention my rock-hard abs.” I was now out of control and didn’t realize what I was saying.

“What do you mean ‘my’?” Alan had a look on his face that told me he thought I was off my rocker. I leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I then jumped off the bed, zipped up my pants and began putting on my shoes.

“I mean that I have some fucking powerful legs and an ass that screams to get plowed.” Alan looked at my legs. “Oh, not these – my other legs.” It didn’t sound like a strange statement to me, but Alan seemed to be getting a little nervous. I leaned on the bed. “Listen Big Daddy – I mean Alan. This has been fun. Really. But I’ve got to go. I have to go look at my incredible body in a whole new way. As a matter of fact, I need to go and look at my heart in a new way. Good luck with that new boyfriend, okay? I have a funny feeling this might be the last time we’re ever together.” I turned around to go and then stopped. I looked back at the stunned guy on the bed. “Oh, and one more thing. You are not that big, little buddy. You really need to improve that chest and those arms. And you are starting to get flabby everywhere. You might want to think about giving up that pretty ass of yours – it might make you stay hot for a few more years.”

I turned and left the room. I meant none of what I had just said. Alan really had a great body. I did it for the real Nolan. I knew what my words would do to a man like Alan. It was written across his face as I said them. It immediately got him worried. I was sure he was standing in front of the mirror right now checking himself out. Alan was insecure like everyone else – but I have a funny feeling he was never going to try and do something about it.

Outside of Alan’s house I did a little “happy dance.” I also laughed out loud. I felt freer than I ever had my entire life. I suddenly wanted to get back to my apartment and to see Nolan. I turned toward the bus stop on the corner. I was going home a new man.
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That was just incredible. Gotta love those massive recluses.

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Looking forward to part 12!
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What a well-timed and awesome twist you put in there. And exactly what I'd hoped would happen

Thanks for this story (so far)!
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Wow, this was a fantastic chapter. I'm glad things turned out for the better.
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