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Old November 12th, 2007, 05:13 PM
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My Roommate's Body Part X

I didn’t really need to use the restroom. I just wanted to leave the people at the table wanting more. I saw, from the look on their faces, that my double bicep pose had sent an electric shock through their body. Alan – or as I might start calling him, “little Big Daddy” – seemed especially thrilled by my arms. I didn’t even flex them that hard – that’s what I liked the most. I have to admit that I was a little unnerved when I saw Sam get excited over his own old body – or, at least, I think he did. That was a little weird, even after all the other strange things of this day. But maybe something new was happening in this "once very shy" guy.

The bottom line, though - Sam was making me very angry. He seemed to be flaunting his flirtation with little Big Daddy in my face. And then, on top of everything, he takes off his shirt. He knows I would never do anything like that. He knows that I don’t feel comfortable enough with my body to show it off that way. And Drew also thought it was strange. But what made all of this really hard was a feeling that came over me as I watched Sam dance (in my body). It wasn’t like watching a video of myself dancing – it was more powerful and personal than that. I watched as Sam moved on the dance floor and was turned on in the same way I had been that morning when I found him dancing in the living room. It was so fucking strange to be turned on by your own body, though. I kept trying to tell myself that it was Sam dancing – it was Sam turning me on, but I found myself getting lost in watching my body, my ass, and my personality move and shine through the music being played. I became mesmerized in the same way I knew other men did when they watched me dance. It felt sort of like looking in a mirror when another mirror is behind you and you see endless reflections of yourself. The continual circle of being yourself – outside of your body – and, yet, watching your own self dance, was mind-boggling. And then Sam had taken off his shirt – my shirt. At first I wanted to run onto the floor and cover him up. I was immediately embarrassed by my body – especially compared to some of the shirtless muscle-bound guys on the dance floor. I didn’t want people comparing my body to those men. But then I stared closely at the body that was still moving to the music and still turning me on. Sweat made Sam’s body gleam in the light. It made the movements of the arms and upper body pick up the lights above the dance floor. It highlighted Sam’s sexiness and made his dancing even more magical. I slowly let my imagination travel from watching the body dance to what it would be like to make love to it in bed. Part of me was screaming that this was really sick and I should look away from the dance floor, but the other part of me knew something miraculous was happening. Sam’s body – no my body – was beautiful. It was beautiful in a different way than a bodybuilder or heavily muscled guy – the type of body that I had craved all of my young adolescent and adult life – but it was still very beautiful and masculine.

I tried to figure out what to do with this newfound awareness – how could I file this knowledge in a way that would help me grow. It struck me that I was beginning to see my old self in the way that other people viewed me. I stared more intently at Sam dancing and took stock of what I saw. My body moved beautifully and it was really quite nice. I had good shoulders, a nice firm stomach, a defined chest, and a great looking face. My smile and my eyes were very inviting – and actually quite sexy. And each time Sam turned away from me I got a thrill from watching what used to be my own ass. It was firm and round – and as it moved my cock began to stir. Suddenly I had crossed some line. I could not really think of myself this way. I needed to turn away. I focused on Drew – who was also watching Sam – as me – dancing on the floor. Drew turned and saw me looking at him. His face turned bright red from embarrassment.

“Like I told you before, Sam, he’s pure sex, isn’t he?’

It was my turn – as Sam – to turn red. I didn’t know what to say. I just let my instincts take over. “Yes, he is.” Drew turned back to watch Sam dance and I turned to look away. I caught Atlas watching me from the bar. He didn’t glance away when I locked eyes with him. I immediately looked down – and didn’t know why. Was some of Sam’s personality coming through? Or was I suddenly realizing that people can’t go through life struggling hard to always impress everyone – sometimes you just have to be the person you are and not some outgoing “over-the-top” flirt. Sometimes you have to be patient and let people flirt with you first – and that is one way you can realize how cute you really are. I glanced back up – a little more sure of myself. Atlas was smiling big and he put his hands on his waist and bounced his pecs a few times. This caused my cock to get harder than it already was. Atlas registered my excitement and this made him smile more broadly. He jerked his head a little signaling it was my turn to do the same thing.

Even though the body was still pretty new, it seem to work from instincts. I placed my hands on my hips, just like Atlas had done, and bounced my monstrous pecs. This is something that I had seen done in millions of movies, when watching wrestlers, following big bodybuilders, and on muscle worship porn sites over the last few years, but never could I have been prepared for what it felt like. It is so rewarding to have that kind of muscle control. It is powerful to realize how that simple action can make a grown man weak at the knees. Atlas had to grab the edge of the bar to steady himself. For a second I worried that he had cum in his pants, but then realized he just couldn’t handle the sight of my monstrous chest bouncing so perfectly. I was able to bounce not just the entire chest – but different parts of each pec. I could make one or both slabs of muscle ripple up and down. Atlas was overwhelmed by the control I possessed over my powerful chest. I caught sight of what I was doing in the mirror behind the bar and my own juices started to flow to my cock. The impressive sight of what was now my chest was almost too much for me. Even from such a distance, I could see my nipples poking through the fabric of my shirt - and that excited me more.

I turned to grab my drink and found that Drew had stopped watching Sam on the dance floor and had been staring at me. He had witnessed the entire exchange between Atlas and myself – and I could tell his right hand was under the table rubbing his cock feverishly. I tried not to smile but he realized I knew what he was doing under the table. He quickly brought both hands to the top of the table and took a long sip from his drink. I could see that he was trying to gain control of his body and his lust.

“Umm, Sam, you seem to have changed a lot from yesterday. It’s almost as if you weren’t the same guy. What happened?”

His question caught me off guard. I searched my brain for an answer and then blurted one out. “I guess I’ve already picked up some of my roommate’s outgoing personality.” I then thought, but did not say, that my roommate has gotten some of mine, as well.

“You mean kind of like how a dog and its owner start to look alike the longer they live together?’ Drew was smiling. I could tell he was pulling my leg and trying to get me to forget he had been rubbing his cock because of my chest.

“Yes, just like that, Drew.” I was hoping Drew would change the subject now, but that wasn’t needed because that’s when Sam (as Nolan) and little Big Daddy joined us from the dance floor. It is very difficult to explain how seeing Big Daddy and Sam together affected me. The jealousy I felt was different than from in the past with Big Daddy. During my entire relationship with Big Daddy I was very jealous of any person he even glanced at! But now there was a different layer to my jealousy. I was having trouble figuring out what it all meant.

But this feeling of jealousy had led me to show off my biceps at the table. I did receive a lot of pleasure from making their mouths drop open in astonishment at my peaked arms, but I also needed to get away from the rekindled romance between little Big Daddy and my old self – which was now Sam. As I walked away a thought suddenly hit me. I wasn’t upset because Sam (in my body) had hooked up with Big Daddy again – knowing full well that the big guy had broke my heart before. No, I was upset because I didn’t want Sam (as himself or as me) to make the same mistakes I had made. That was it! I waned to protect Sam. I knew Big Daddy did not really want to be with Sam (in the form of me) for anything other than a quick night of sex. Sam deserved better! Sam needed someone who would get to know him on a deeper level and would connect with him in spite of his shyness. I wanted Sam to find someone that would appreciate him completely, someone who could look beyond what was on the outside – whether he was the old Sam or the new Nolan. I needed to stop him from making a mistake.

As I turned around to go back to the table I caught sight of Big Daddy and my old self - really Sam - leaving the bar. My heart went out to myself as I watched Sam leave with the man who would cast him out of the house early in the morning because the sex was now over. I knew there was no way to stop Sam at this point. I could see the excitement and desire on his (which actually was my) face. Many times before I had left this same bar with the same man with the exact same look on my face. Two emotions erupted in me at the same time. I wanted to somehow prevent Sam from getting hurt (knowing I couldn’t) and, simultaneously, I wanted to find someone to go home with and flaunt it in Sam’s face tomorrow. I wanted to fully test drive my new muscled body so I could forget about the jealousy running through me. I still wished I understood what it was that made me so jealous.
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Old November 12th, 2007, 07:27 PM
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Maybe Nolan is falling in love with Sam? Ya think? Great story man. keep it up.
Uh yeah I meant to say that , that way.

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Old November 14th, 2007, 12:49 AM
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I continue to read and enjoy this story.
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