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Old September 30th, 2007, 10:15 AM
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My Roommate's Body Part IX

Drew was the only one talking as we drove to Jacks and Jokers. Nolan had really made me angry – not only because of how he had treated that older guy at the party, but also because he had been right about my interaction with Big Daddy. I knew Nolan still had feelings for the big man and that it made the relationship strained, but I had gone ahead and flirted with him. I was also very aware of how Big Daddy had immediately focused on Nolan’s body (which was actually my body) when I introduced them. It was as if I (as Nolan) didn’t exist. It had bothered me for a few minutes but then I was overtaken with lust for the sexy Italian. I rejoiced inside when Nolan (as me) rejected Big Daddy’s advances and walked away – even though I knew it was partly because of me. I definitely wanted to spend some quality time with this man. And when Nolan told me that he had seen how Big Daddy and I were flirting it had made me feel like I was cheating on someone. That was an odd feeling for me to have since I was really Nolan just having fun with an ex-boyfriend. But there had been something deeper that I couldn’t wrap my arms around – I felt like I was disregarding some other relationship. I couldn’t, however, figure out what that was. I had flaunted my potential hook-up with Big Daddy in Nolan’s face – and then made a bid deal out of him being mean to that older man. I knew it wasn’t fair, but my desire for the hot Italian ruled my actions. I looked forward to plowing that hot ass later on this evening.

The fact that I was having thoughts like that – “plowing someone’s ass” – was so foreign to me. I knew that the old Sam would never have thought that way. I was too shy – too hurt from my past. But now that I was Nolan, I was ready to have the kind of fun I used to only dream about. I couldn’t tell if I was being controlled by part of Nolan’s personality or whether the freedom unleashed in me because I was someone else was making me embrace new adventures. Either way it was fine with me. I was entering my new life with full force and was ready to see what if felt like to be outgoing. I wanted to have men lust after me because of my dancing and my personality.

This last thought did bring up a fact from the party that was still haunting me. As we had entered the crowd in the back yard I has been bowled over by the amount of heads that turned to look at Nolan – now as me. People had turned to blatantly stare at my old body. I even saw one of the waiters spill a whole tray of food on some guy because he had been staring at Nolan and not watching where he was going. It was such an odd feeling to see people’s reactions. I had never noticed them before - when I was in that body. It was interesting to watch myself – well, really Nolan – move through the crowd. He did look awesome. Nolan had chosen clothes that really showed off my body. These were clothes I would have never chosen – they were too tight and seemed too cocky. But watching him move through the crowd had actually stirred something in my mind – and, heaven forbid, my groin. Yes, the sight of my own body had turned me on a little. I tried desperately to force those thoughts out of my head – but the simple fact hit me - that my old body is sexy. Maybe it was just the way Nolan carried himself in my body, but something told me it was more. I didn’t have time to contemplate these desires in any more depth because that is when Big Daddy had wrapped his strong arms around my body. From that moment on I could only think of him.

We arrived at Jacks and Jokers for the afternoon tea dance that really should have been named “beer bust” - because that’s what it really was. The place was packed and full of sexual energy. My own desires seemed to be intensified by the crowd. It was amazing. It was as if a “switch” had been flipped on in my body and I was suddenly a magnet that could attract anyone I wanted. This feeling was so foreign to me – and, yet, familiar at the same time. It was crazy. I had been attracted to Nolan that first night at Jacks and Jokers because of this “pull” that existed in him – and now I was experiencing it from the other side. I had the power to do the attracting! My entire body was alive with sex appeal. When I caught someone’s eyes I didn’t immediately look down or away – I stared back at them with a smile that seemed to make every person feel special and wanted. This is what it felt like to have an outgoing personality. This is what it was like to flirt. This is how Nolan felt all the time. It was like a drug that fueled my body. I craved to make everyone in the place want me.

My new found awareness was only interrupted by the fact that I suddenly realized many people looked at me for a minute or so – connecting with my flirtation – and then “perked up” even more when their gaze moved from me to Nolan – in my body. My heart sank a little. Cute guys, who had registered my advances, immediately forgot about me when they saw the big body beside me. The crazy thing was that this disappointment only enflamed my desire to flirt more. I didn’t slink away – like the old Sam would have – I doubled the flirtation and actually caused some heads to turn back to me. Somewhere in my mind I had a new awareness of what caused Nolan to be the person he was. I had a new appreciation of his perseverance and positive attitude. This made Nolan even sexier in my opinion – and now it made me feel sexier (since I WAS Nolan).

Nolan was staring at me as I smiled at my newfound awareness. I could see he was trying to figure out what was going on in my head. He also seemed to be seeing himself in new ways. I was too “revved” up by my desire to flirt to focus on his need for answers.

“What is going on inside of that head of yours, Nolan?” Drew was standing with us so Nolan had to remember to use his own name.

“Not much, Sam. I just feel energized by the crowd and the music. It’s as if I am seeing this place for the first time.” I could tell my attitude was making Nolan uncomfortable. I actually think he was worried about me – as if I was a kid let loose in the candy store for the first time. His need to be protective of me was touching, but I was not to be denied this new opportunity. I was going to see what it felt like to be hot.

“I’ll get the first round of drinks.” Nolan took our orders and headed off to the bar. I glanced over to see if Atlas was working. I thought Nolan might cheer up if he got the chance to flirt with the big bartender. They guy was working and I watched as he quickly moved down the bar to be near where Nolan was trying to squeeze in. This reaction in the bartender was new to me. I saw his face light up when he saw Nolan in my body. I was trying to think back and remember if he had done the same for me the night before, but Drew interrupted my thoughts.

“Do you think Sam even knows how fucking hot he is?” Drew was conversing with an intimacy that was unfamiliar to me. It registered how close Drew and Nolan were and how there was little unspoken between them – except for Drew’s desire for his friend.

“I think he’s beginning to.” My comment silenced Drew for a few seconds as he pondered the answer and then I continued. “His past has influenced him a lot. I believe there is a lot of pain inside of him.” Even though I was really talking about myself, it felt like I was referring to someone else. The new freedom inside of me was even impacting how I shared information about my past. “He had a pretty strict father who basically disowned him because he was gay. He also made me, I mean Sam, feel like he was a piece of shit.”

“That’s pretty intimate knowledge to have about someone who’s just a roommate.”

I had not thought about how what I said would sound to Drew. It was almost like Drew had been laying a trap. “Listen, Drew, I admit that I am attracted to Sam. Okay. He is a nice guy and…” I paused because I couldn’t believe what I was about to say.

“And he’s got the most fucking incredible body you’ve ever seen, right?” Drew had gone a little beyond what I was going to say – but I had been about to comment on my old body. It was a weird feeling to admit what a stud I was and totally foreign to me.

“He is very well-built, yes. But, Drew, I’ve just come out of a pretty intense relationship with Big Daddy and I am not ready to put my heart out there again.”

“Is that why you’ll probably sleep with Big Daddy tonight? To protect your heart.”

Drew’s comments cut like a knife, but also comforted me in a way. Here was a good friend trying to help Nolan – well, actually, me. But it also revealed something about Nolan, and probably something about me. My desire to be held by the big Italian and to finally have some incredible sex blinded me to the fact that I was still under the spell of a man that recently hurt me – or Nolan. The guy was a liar and a jerk – but the thought of his tight ass and big body made me forget all that. I knew I could say nothing to make Drew understand any of this – he just wanted to make sure I didn’t get hurt. I immediately had a desire to escape the situation.

“I think I’ll go exploring. I’ll be back soon.” I walked away into the crowd of people. My mind didn’t know where I was going, but my body did. I made my way to the dance floor. This area was pretty empty considering how crowded the bar was. I noticed a few people moving up to the railing as I walked on to the dance floor – just as Drew and I had done last night when Nolan began to dance. It was odd to know my dancing and my body mesmerized people – it registered on a certain level but I also pushed it out of my mind and let the music take over. It was the same feeling that had overtaken me earlier that morning. I could hear the music in every muscle of my body. My brain didn’t tell my body how to move – the beat of the music did. I was lost in a world that existed just beyond this one – a world of rhythm, movement, sex appeal, and desire. I allowed my body to lead me entirely. I knew, instinctively, that people were turned on by me and that allowed my body to become this magnet of attraction I had noticed earlier. I felt more powerful than ever before in my life. My inner strength began to match the outer strength I had developed in my old body. The “muscles” of my attitude, my personality, and my self-esteem were getting a boost from being in Nolan’s body. For the first time in a long time I began to like the person that I am – but did this transfer to me as Sam, as well? It was still pretty miraculous and only fueled my desire to have men crave my body. Without even thinking about it I un-tucked my shirt from my pants and pulled it off my body – never missing any beat of the music. I wrapped the shirt around my waist and my body began to glisten from a light sheen of sweat.

Two strong arms wrapped themselves around my midsection as I felt a taller torso become synchronized with my dance movements. It was obviously a body that knew mine, or Nolan’s, intimately. I realized who it was without looking – mainly because of the large cock that was grinding into my ass and back as we danced.

“Your body should be considered a lethal weapon, Nole.”

“So should the weapon pressing up against my back, BD.”

“I’ve missed you, little man.” Sex poured out of this man’s mouth as he spoke. My own cock was instantly hard as he pulled my body tightly into his. “I’ve really missed your incredible ass.” He pushed his hard prick into my jeans and brought his hands up to my bare chest at the same time. He could tell that my body was on the verge of no return and it made him hornier. “Want me to make you stain those jeans?”

I was almost at a place where I could not say no. Big Daddy could have asked me to drop my pants right there and bend over and I would have. Years of desire were being unleashed within me as we danced. I had not felt this free and this controlled at the same time in many years. In order to save myself I moved, to the beat of the music, around to the backside of big Italian – wrapping my own arms around his waist and pressing my hard cock into his ass. “Or maybe we could both walk off the dance floor with wet spots.”

As soon as I was behind Big Daddy I felt his body stiffen and he lost the beat of the music. It was, as if, he suddenly became aware of himself and this caused our bodies to break the trance they were under. He stood straight up and turned to me.

“How about a drink, Nolan.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me off the dance floor. The excitement drained from my body instantly and I was a little angry he had ruined the moment. Big Daddy saw Drew and Sam (really Nolan) standing near a tall bar table and he moved us in their direction. When we arrived he maneuvered my body between him and the table. He pressed his body up against mine and I could tell his cock was no longer fully hard. Feeling his body close to mine again helped me to regain some of my desire that had been so apparent on the dance floor. He slid his left hand into my front pocket and let his forefinger press firmly into my hard dick. This sent a wave of shock and desire through my body. My ass instinctively jerked back into his crotch. This was the reaction he intended to cause. Drew and Nolan stared at me with unbelieving faces – not about Big Daddy, but because I had taken off my shirt.

“Nolan, what is up with you? You’ve always told me you would never take your shirt off in a bar.” Drew was obviously concerned by my sudden change in attitude. I had thought little about taking off my shirt – mainly because I found Nolan’s body so fantastic. I guess I still felt a little like this wasn’t my body – even though it was.

“I, uh, was, umm, a little hot, I guess.” I quickly pushed Big Daddy back a little, grabbed my shirt, and put it back on. I glanced at Nolan and could see that he was still shocked by my behavior. Big Daddy chimed in to break the sudden silence.

“Drew, my good man. It is a pleasure to see you twice in one day. And I am very sorry, big guy, but I don’t remember your name.” Everyone at the table instantly knew this was a lie, but somehow Big Daddy made himself believe we didn’t. Nolan just smiled – and it seemed to be a look full of understanding.

“That’s okay, Alan. My name is Sam.” Nolan then looked down at me and his smile grew bigger. Nolan was up to something, but I didn’t know what. The growing cock against my back, however, did reveal Big Daddy’s obvious attraction to my old body – since he was staring at Nolan as it grew.

“That’s right. Sam, please forgive me. I am horrible with names.”

“No problem, Alan.” Nolan kept saying Alan to remind Big Daddy that he wasn’t the biggest guy at the table. I could tell it both infuriated the Italian and turned him on at the same time. “May I get you a drink?” It was at that moment I figured out what Nolan was doing – and why he had smiled so big. He wanted to go back to the bar so Atlas would fall all over himself to wait on him.

“That would be great, Sam. I’ll take a martini. Let me give you some money.” Big Daddy reached down to get his wallet.

“No need, Alan. I get all my drinks free.” Nolan walked away knowing he had just put Big Daddy in his place.

Big Daddy waited until Nolan was away before he spoke. “That dude has an attitude problem but he is also one fucking muscle god.” Without even thinking about it I pushed Big Daddy’s body away from mine and moved a few feet around the table. I caught Drew’s “I told you so” look as I took my new place.”

Big Daddy placed his large hand on my shoulder and squeezed hard – making me wince. “Now, now, Nolan baby, you know that I only have eyes for you - right, now. Your body turns me on in ways no one else’s can. But you have to admit that Sam has a great body.” He stared at me with what I could only describe as a “I’ve got your under my spell” look. I was lost in his eyes and he knew it. He squeezed my shoulder again – lightly this time – and then let his hand slide down to my ass. He pressed the tips of his fingers into my ass crack and pressed hard into my jeans. My cock went rigid and I was, again, controlled by my desire for him.

“Big Daddy, sometimes you push me too far. But, yes, Sam has a great body.” I glanced at the bar in time to see Nolan lifting a shot glass to his mouth as Atlas did the same thing. They were doing shooters together. After putting the glass on the bar, Nolan then raised his right arm and flexed it hard. The bicep swelled and stretched the material of the shirt. I could see Atlas’ eyes fill with lust – along with about twenty other men surrounding in that area of the bar. Sam motioned his head toward the bicep and Atlas’ hand shot up to get a good feel. Atlas pushed back the sleeve and tried to press his fingers into the skin of the bicep. Even from across the bar area of the club I could hear Atlas exclaim “ohmigod.” I also caught Nolan’s eyes as he turned to make sure I was watching. He smiled and then I could see him turn to say something to Atlas. The big bartender then let go of the bicep and leaned closer to the arm. He puckered up and kissed Nolan’s bicep – as Nolan pumped it up and down a few times. There was an eruption of screams and applause from the gathered group. I could tell that Atlas was in muscle heaven. He kept his face and lips in the same place even after Nolan took his arm away. Nolan then just picked up the drinks on the bar, nodded to the men around him, and walked back over to our table. How would I ever be able to explain that Nolan’s actions had not just made me angry – but they had also made me excited beyond belief. I was rock hard because of my own bicep – or what used to be my bicep – and the way that Nolan had shown it off. I turned back to Drew and Big Daddy as Nolan was approaching and it was obvious that they had watched Nolan – as Sam – at the bar, as well. Both men were under what could only be described as a “muscle lust spell.” All of us had wanted to take the place of Atlas – as did almost every guy in this section of the bar. Big Daddy was busy adjusting the raging hard on that was pressing against his pants. Drew’s mouth was still wide open as Nolan got to the table. Nolan set the glasses down and reached over to gently push Drew’s chin up closing his mouth.

“That Atlas really seems to be into muscle. It’s surprising in a way, though, because he’s really not that big when you get up beside him.”

I was taking a big sip of my beer as Nolan said this and I choked a little because of how his comment shocked me. I had to respond. “Well compared to me, he is.” I shot Nolan a look – making it clear that I meant compared to his old body.

“Yeah, I guess that’s true, Nolan. But compared to my body he’s pretty small. I just never really thought about how big I am – I’ve always thought I wasn’t very impressive.” It was Big Daddy’s turn to choke on his drink and he actually spit part of his martini out onto the table. Nolan smiled and purposely puffed out his monstrous chest a little. “I’m beginning to see that all my working out the last few years has really paid off. I guess these arms are pretty nice, after all.” Nolan then raised his arms and went into a double bicep pose. The mountain peaks that doubled as his arms sprang toward the ceiling of the club. If this had been a cartoon you would have heard the “sproing” noise of a jack-in-the-box or giant spring as three cocks underneath our table flew into full mast – along with those of half the club. Nolan knew what effect he had on us – after all, he still had some of his own personality. He released and flexed his biceps three times in a row – making them peak higher each time. “You know, I’ve never really measured these puppies before. Maybe I’ll let some lucky guy do that this evening.” He looked at the three of us still staring in disbelief at his arms. “Excuse me for a few minutes while I step into the bathroom. I’ll bet you there is a sudden need in the crowd for people to relieve themselves, as well.” Nolan walked away and, indeed, a large number of guys followed to see where he was going. Even Big Daddy’s gaze trailed the larger man as he walked away.

It was hard for me to be furious at Nolan for showing off so much – because a large part of me had loved it. I knew he was doing it mostly to rub me the wrong way, but I couldn’t get very mad at him - because I really liked seeing my body this way. It was different than all those years of looking in a mirror. The best way to describe it was by comparing it to the difference between a 3-D IMAX movie and a regular movie. The depth and the sheer size of things were so much more real and emphasized. Seeing Nolan flexing MY body had made me envious and, also, very hard. There were so many new feelings flowing through my body. Big Daddy decided he was not going to waste the desires powered within us by Nolan’s little show. He moved, again, behind me and pressed his huge, hard, cock into my back. He brought his head down and let his lips rest gently on my neck just above my right shoulder. His right hand came to the front of my pants and reached down to cup my balls through my jeans. His left hand moved to my ass and squeezed my left ass check tightly. It felt like he was trying to make his hands meet by pressing my body together. This caused a little pain – but mostly it felt fantastic. I let both of my hands go behind my back to find his hard tool. I cupped part of it between my palms – since it was actually longer than my hands – and pressed together hard. He opened his mouth on my neck and sucked in – nibbling lightly at my skin as it was forced into his mouth by the suction. His right hand left my balls and then grabbed my hard cock tightly through my jeans. He let his hand slide up and down my shaft a few times.

He pulled his mouth away from my neck and whispered in my ear. “I think it’s time we left. You promised me a play date with that ass, remember?”

I had lost all control over my thoughts and my actions. I was merely putty in his hands waiting for him to shape me - as he wanted. My head went up and down in affirmation. I found it hard to speak. I looked at Drew – who had a “don’t do it” look on his face – and was only able to say three words softly. “See you later.”

Big Daddy released my cock and sent his right hand shooting across the table quickly. “Drew, man. See you later. Thanks for a fun day. I’ll make sure Nolan gets home okay. Tell um, what’s his name, oh, Sam we said goodnight.” And with that, Big Daddy led me out of the bar – walking with me in front of him – pressing his hard cock into my back the whole time.
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As always, I’m really enjoy reading your work Londonboy. I can practically feel the increasing tension between Nolan and Sam, though at times even I’m getting confused at who is who. Can’t wait to read even more from you in the future!
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I'm hooked as well.
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These switches are at times confusing (if you switch perspectives a lot), but it's such an interesting story with a surprising depth, despite some shallow acting here and there -haha

Definitely enjoying this one, still.
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[COLOR=dimgray]I’ve started to comment on chap 8-9 several times only to have them fall in to a bit bucket somewhere… I must have angered so network spirit or something. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]I was sure I had suggested the Alan/Big Daddy hold on Nolan might be based on some chemical bonding specific to Nolan and Big Daddy, pheromones if you will, and that it was likely that Sam while in Nolan’s body would feel their effects when/if they met, but I scanned back a few chapters and can’t find it. Oh well I’ve said it now at least I guess it was in one of those start that never made it through. I had also suggested that we might see Sam as Nolan strip down and do some table dancing. Shirtless on the dance floor isn’t quite there but the night is young and Sam is under Big Daddy’s control with out Nolan to protect his buddy from his abusive former lover… Will, Nolan, as Sam, confront Big Daddy/Alan to “save” Sam? I rather hope so, because I suspect that Sam is a virgin. As hulking as his real is no one would accept him as a wannabe bottom boy and finally quit trying to have sex with a partner. So as Nolan he can be accepted as the bottom… I also suspect the Nolan is a wannabe Top. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]It may well be that Sam fell for Nolan in the first couple of chapter but didn't pursure it because he figured Nolan was a botton in search of a top the Sam wasn't. Right now Sam is under Alan/Big Daddy's spell. And Nolan in Sam's uder dominate male body is becoming more comfortable in the idea of being the dominant partner and acceptin of Sam as a bottom and that he wants Sam in exactly the way Sam wants to give himself to Big Daddy.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=dimgray]If they do swap back it will be during or just after Nolan as Sam has sex with Sam as Nolan… A little averaging out might be cool and Nolan start hitting the gym with Sam and Sam hitting the clubs with Nolan on alternate nights… [/COLOR]


Last edited by Ender; October 7th, 2007 at 08:24 PM.
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Hmm...there is definitely tension brewing between Nolan and Sam; through, I believe the two still have feelings for each other. Hinden deep down.

This chapter did better with identification, except a few places confused me. In earlier chapters you constantly reminded the reader that Nolan was in Sam's bady and vise versa, which became redundant and annoying. I think you're on the right path, though, with the occasional reminder.

Keep it up. This story is looking good.
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Well done.

How Sam's and Nolan's characters and personalities intertwine is both impressive and endearing. A truly original take on the body-swap genre - bravo!
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Well done!

How Sam's and Nolan's personal lives and characters intertwine (from Chap. 1 through the current installment) is quite impressive and endearing. A truly original take on the body-swap genre - bravo!
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