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Old August 21st, 2007, 07:53 PM
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Changed for Good

I am half-awake. It is so hot. God, I wish I had air conditioning. This intense heat feels like it’s coming from inside my body – and not from the blasted humidity that has camped out in our city for the entire month of August. I am also aware of how the sheet draped over my body is wet from my sweat and feels like a ton of bricks lying across my back. I don’t want to move – or is it that I cannot move? I am not sure – because I am only focusing on how hot it is. It is only after I become slightly more awake that I begin to notice a new sensation flowing through my body. It is hard to put into words. I can only describe it by saying that I can feel my blood pulsating to every part of my frame – my fingertips, my toes, my head, and all other areas. It is a very strange phenomenon. It suddenly occurs to me that my blood is creating the intense heat I am feeling. I instinctively know that my blood is bubbling inside my body – I can hear it boiling in me the same way you hear your speaking voice inside your head when wearing earphones. I can tell that the boiling liquid is flowing aggressively throughout my system and is violently pushing against all muscles in my body.

Even with this new knowledge I still cannot move. I am only aware that some type of change is happening to my body – and it is coming from within. My heart is pumping so hard that its pounding is now all I can hear. Unexpectedly, the beating suddenly stops. For a few seconds there is only quiet. Somehow I have known this pause is coming. My body is ready for it – and for what comes next. Abruptly, my heart shoots an intense amount of blood from inside my chest to all ends of my body. My limbs go insanely rigid – in the same way it tenses when ejaculating from a powerful orgasm – but this feeling seems multiplied by a hundred. It is as if my blood wants to burst free from my body. It is pushing that hard.

In the midst of the forced strain overcoming my body, I begin to panic that this might be a heart attack. I imagine my life ending – and immediately think of things I wanted to do before dying. The pressure that holds my body captive intensifies and I try to scream out in distress – but no sound comes from my mouth. I fear that my head and my heart will not be able to take any more of this unexplained force and then it increases another few notches. It is at this moment I realize there is no pain in my body – just this freakish pressure – and it is somehow also causing mysterious pleasure. My body is eagerly accepting the stress – in the same way the body erupts in pleasure as the first forceful loads of semen shoot from your cock when cumming. My mind begins to relax into the pressure – which shows no signs of lessening. I become somewhat separated from my body – like a spirit that is not connected, but floats nearby. This enables me to notice things I missed before – like the fact that my cock is harder than I ever thought possible. It feels like it is forcing itself to become longer – totally disconnected and unconcerned with any other part of my body. I then become conscious of the fact that this is exactly what is happening to every part of me. My fingers are stretching longer and wider – I can feel it happening. My neck is becoming thicker and taller. My mind is able to be aware of all parts changing at the same time – it does not need to focus on any specific area to note the transformations taking place, but I choose to make it focus.

I can actually feel my hair growing – everywhere. It is pushing forth from my face, my head, my arms, my chest, my legs, and my crotch! I can actually feel my pubic hairs becoming fuller around my cock and balls – and this adds to my building pleasure. But the feeling caused by the growth of my hair is nothing compared to the explosions taking place in my muscles. As blood is compressed again and again into each muscle of my body, I can feel my skin stretching to surround the new bulges and mass taking shape.

I finally accept the reality that my body is growing – and the growth must be incredible. I feel my calves expanding and I can tell that they are becoming massive. They are developing that teardrop shape that most bodybuilders work years to acquire. I am aware that the rest of my legs are becoming huge, as well. Sadness overcomes me because I am not wearing pants. I wish I were wearing jeans so my growing legs could cause them to rip to shreds. I would love to see my muscled thighs cause the denim to grow extremely thin and then split to allow my bulges to escape through the openings. That thought causes me to become more excited. I visualize colossal legs supporting my new body – with veins and deep crevices highlighting the power they now possess. I imagine flexing my legs and making them flare out much wider than my waist – almost as broad as my shoulders. This intense focus on my legs causes my cock to explode – and I realize immediately that this is only the first time of many more explosions yet to come!

My severe climax makes my attention shift to my cock – which is still rock hard. Without even looking I know it has grown beyond my wildest fantasies. I realize that, even flaccid and hidden by my pants, it will be noticeable from yards away. The bulge in my pants will cause women and men, alike, to gasp from desire. I start to fantasize about making my cock so hard that it rips my underwear away from my body. I imagine a cock full of power – desperate to be free and sticking straight up – swelling higher than my waist and abs. I long to grab it with both hands – stroking it to bring myself intense pleasure. But I do not reach down – I stay completely still – focused only on the powerful blood flowing through my body.

I accept the knowledge that my abdominal muscles now must look like I have concentrated on them for years – doing thousands of sit-ups daily. I am sure they look as tight and solid as bricks on the side of a building – and I know they are just as strong. If I stood up – and relaxed – I know they would still appear as tense as steel bars intertwined together to support a structure. And that’s exactly what these abs are doing – giving a foundation to the monstrous upper body growing above. I can feel the deep crevice between each of the checkered shaped muscles that stretch from beneath my chest to my crotch area. It is not a measly six-pack, no; this stomach reveals eight or ten powerful rows of fist-breaking rock. I long to run my hand over the hard ridges – assured that they would remind me of touching a stone wall warmed by the sun.

The mere thought of moving next to focus on my expanding chest makes my cock bob up and down in excitement. I can feel that the half-dollar sized nipples below are as stiff and erect as lug bolts. I picture how they would look pressed against a tight fitting white t-shirt – allowing the dark aereolae to be clearly outlined. I am aware – although I am lying down – that my chest sticks out a good eight inches, or more, from my chiseled abs. I feel the weight of those pecs - mounds of muscle stretching and inflating like a basketball that is being pumped up. But the size of these fuckers is way beyond a basketball. The width and volume of my chest is unfathomable. I begin to imagine my chest ripping out of the white t-shirt – growing so big that even a metal chest plate could not contain it. For the first time I begin to daydream about an admirer worshipping my body. I know that my chest could make any man lose all inhibitions and become like a small baby – wanting to suck on these muscled mountains. I move to the thought of two guys standing in front of me – both with their mouths suctioned to my man-nips trying to get every drop of my juice and this causes my towering cock to begin eruption number two. This ejaculation is stronger than the first – but I still know there is more to come.

I am not sure my body can take much more of this intense abuse – and then it hits me – it is not the same body as before. Surely, I am double the size I used to be and have gained about two hundred pounds (or more!). The pressure coming from within my body has not subsided – but now it has little effect on my new mammoth muscles. I remain still and unmoving – but I am even more “in tune” with my growth than before. I can feel the enormous breadth of my back and shoulders. Spreading my lats would bring even the biggest bodybuilder to his knees in astonishment. The power that exudes from my shoulders lets me know that I could bring down an entire football team with one slightly firm hit – I could probably bring down a whole building! I crave to see what this body can do – but not yet. I must let this growth – this intensification of my muscles play out completely. But most of all - I have waited to focus on my favorite part of the male physique. My cock awaits one more extreme release of cum – that can only be the result of centering all thoughts on my colossal arms.

An assortment of flexed biceps - each having caused me to shoot my load in the past - flashes through my mind. I am sure that all of them now pale compared to the immense muscles I feel developing under my skin on either arm. At this point I can tell that most of the forced blood pounding through my body is being sent my arms - increasing their size faster and larger than I can imagine. Again, I wish I were wearing a t-shirt so I could hear the sleeves being torn to pieces by the massive bulges – when they’re not even flexed! I panic, for the first time, that I will not have any clothes that fit me when this miracle stops. The feeling of my arms being forced from my sides – biceps pushing against my lats only to highlight their insane size, distracts my mind from worrying about clothes. My forearm muscles feel like steel cables twisted together and covered with skin. I realize they must be plastered with road-map-like veins that reflect strength and masculinity. The vision of my perfect forearms tensed from rotating two boxing glove sized fists and extending from two mountain-like biceps makes my cock fire cum three feet in the air. It lands on my chest and abs with a loud thud. I shoot about five full loads before my cock begins to lessen its force. I finally stop breathing hard and my mind returns from the black hole of pleasure that accompanies this kind of mega release.

I immediately know that the intense pressure in my body has ceased. I have a keen awareness of power and abilities beyond my wildest dreams. I have become like a god – immortal and worthy of worship. My entire being desires to find those that are worthy of my favor. I want to find men that I can reveal my strength to – and receive their adulation in return. I long to test the limits of this new temple. My time to rule has come.
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Cool Story bro! I love uncontrolable growth. You Should mention how big he is though in the end. Other than that Awesome!

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Old July 20th, 2013, 04:02 PM
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Pumped and bumped!
The broiling hot weather in my area lately brought this story to mind. Enjoy the heat people!
Beauty is only skin deep, muscle a little deeper, but the soul is the deepest of all.

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Beautifully visualized
one of my deepest dreams given elegant form.
"You could be big, too, but you gotta need it, like you need your next breath.”
(from Jaypat's story "I Wanna Get Huge")
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Wow..amazing story! The pace was excellent; speedy without leaving out details. I really felt like I could see him changing! Thanks for another incredible story!
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Old July 21st, 2013, 12:43 AM
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Hey Londonboy,

Thanks for this one - simple, but very effective. (And I can't help imagining him walking down the street, wearing super-tight clothes and people staring at him admiringly. When suddenly a second wave of growth sets in...)

no name
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