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Old August 20th, 2007, 05:01 PM
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My Roommate's Body Part IV

It is often strange waking up in a new place – especially after a sound sleep. I could not get my bearings as I opened my sleepy eyes. I could hear birds singing outside my window and the sun streamed into my room. I quickly remembered that I was in Sam’s condo – my new home – in my new bed. I could feel that the sheets and bedspread were in a jumbled mess around my body. I must have tossed a lot during the night – because my body was turned sideways along the bed and my feet were dangling off the side. I didn’t remember the bed being so narrow – a thought brought on because my head was hanging off the bed, as well. Even in that uncomfortable position I simply lay there thinking about the activities of the day before. I was beginning to like the fact that Sam was my new roommate. I decided that I would ask him today to give me some work out tips. Maybe he would have some success in helping me build up my body a little – the three trainers before had only been able to help me get toned. I knew I had a fine body – but I wanted more. I wanted to be tall and big. Sam would not be able to help with the height issue, but he could probably help me bulk up a little. I, also, began to think about Sam’s huge body. As I began to fantasize about my body getting larger – and seeing Sam in work out clothes – a certain part of me below the waist started to grow. I turned over on my back and reached down with my hand – intending to stroke my cock a few times and maybe help bring relief to my morning hard on.

What I received was a jolting surprise. My hand was ready to wrap around my healthy seven-inch dick – but instead I felt something thick like a beer can and much longer than seven inches. I assumed some of the sheets had gotten wrapped around my cock. I lifted my head slightly to take a look. I almost fainted when I glanced down and could not see my crotch – because there were two massive pecs in the way! I closed my eyes and shook my head vigorously. When I reopened my eyes I saw the same mounds of flesh rising with my now heavy breathing. I sat up immediately – and could tell that a lot more weight and height rose with the movement. I was sitting on the edge of my bed and glanced down again. This time my gaze took me past the protruding chest muscles and focused on the now semi-hard piece of meat resting on my thighs. It was huge and it wasn’t supposed to be there. The sight of the large prick caused me to get excited and I watched (and felt) the cock - somehow attached to me – harden and begin to stick up in the air. As it continued to grow – how long I could not say – I noticed the unbelievably muscled legs that had supported the cock just a few seconds before. I immediately wondered how my torso had gotten below my waist and why there were two of them. I tensed my own legs and watched as the legs below me burst into striations and veins – looking like something from a muscle-worship video.

“What the fu…” The sound of my voice made me jump. It wasn’t a voice I recognized right away. As my mind raced to remember where I had heard the voice before, I glanced to the corner of my room to look into the standing mirror that Sam had said belonged to his grandmother. My heart stopped beating – I know it did. Staring back at me was not my face – or my body. It was the face of …

“It’s Sam’s voice.” This was the only thing I said before I fell back onto the bed –out cold.


I know it’s stupid to say that I slept better just because I knew Nolan was down the hall – but it was true. Most people would have said a guy my size should not have been afraid to live alone – and I wasn’t – but it just made me feel safer having a roommate. I also think knowing the roommate was as kind and understanding as Nolan helped a lot. These were the thoughts running through my head as I lingered in bed. It was amazing that I allowed myself the pleasure of staying in bed. Usually, upon waking, I would jump out of bed, go down the hall to work out, and then fix breakfast. Not today – for some reason my body begged me to be lazy. It was a wonderful feeling. For once I was not driven by this insane desire to prove something by working out to get bigger. Could my talk with Nolan have that kind of effect on me so quickly? It was an amazing thought, but, somehow, I did feel very different – and it was freeing. I began to think of Nolan’s body as he danced last night. The way he moved was very sensual. I started to feel myself get very turned on by the memory. The sexual drive behind my pleasure felt different – it was stronger than I had felt before. I seemed like some wild animal on the prowl. My cock started to harden. I did not want to reach down and jerk off quickly – I wanted this feeling to last for a long time. I refrained from grabbing my stiff prick and began to imagine Nolan’s body on top of mine in bed. This made my blood rush more – especially to the area between my legs.

I kept my eyes closed and started playing out a fantasy of Nolan kissing my entire body – starting with my forehead. When my imagination had Nolan slowly kissing my nipples and sucking on them gently, it was too much for me to handle. I reached down with both hands to my waiting cock. I knew a couple of strokes at the base of that thick shaft would make me shoot immediately. My hands expected a soda can but, instead, grabbed hold of something that felt like a hard thick carrot. Four things happened simultaneously. I immediately started shooting my load as soon as I grabbed my cock. I also opened my eyes – looking down – and saw that everything about me had shrunk. My chest was almost even with my stomach – protruding just a little. My arms and hands – holding the cock – were slender, slightly muscled, and less hairy. The dick I knew so well seemed to have shrunk to just seven inches or so. It was hard for me to register all of this because my small frame was bucking pretty hard form the orgasm. I had not had a feeling this intense for a long time. At the same time I forced myself to look across the room into the mirror attached to my dresser and saw Nolan’s beautiful face looking back at me. His face was obviously strained from something and each time my cock shot a load into the air the face in the mirror reflected the pleasure I was feeling. It hit me like a ton of bricks – right in the middle of my ejaculation – that it was my face in the mirror. And, lastly, at that same moment I heard Nolan scream from the other room.

“Sam! (Pause) Get up! (Pause) Right now!”

I could tell he had left his room and was coming down the hall. My body was still tense from the orgasm so I had no time to cover myself. The door flew open and my mind could not grasp what was happening. It was something from an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. There I stood in the doorway – the body that I had worked on for years. The body and face that I knew like the back of my hand – except now the back of my hand was across the room – attached to my face staring at me with its mouth wide open.

“Is that what I look like with a after cumming?” Nolan’s question and voice startled me to action. It was my voice I heard. I quickly pulled the sheet over my body – I mean Nolan’s body – no, my body now – and shouted.

“Don’t you believe in knocking?” I could feel myself saying the words, but it was Nolan’s voice that came out of me.

“Sam – what happened? I feel like I’m in a porno version of ‘Freaky Friday!’” There was good old Nolan – cracking jokes even in the middle of a crisis. Even as that thought went through my head, though, somewhere in the back of my mind I didn’t think it was a crisis. Nolan stepped into the room and moved to the side of the bed. I finally registered that he was completely nude (or I was completely nude – oh, this was making my head hurt). Suddenly I stopped all thoughts and focused on how big that body was – man, I have some awesome muscles. This is what was running through my head as I stared at myself (or what used to be myself). Nolan reached down and grabbed my shoulders tightly. He shook me pretty hard – probably because he wasn’t used to having a body like that. It actually hurt!

“Sam – snap out of it. We have to figure this out.” I re-focused on Nolan.

“Well could you please cover my body – I mean your body.” I said staring at my own large chest in front of me – marveling at how massive it was.

“Sorry, let me go get some clothes.” Nolan turned to go to his room.

“Nolan! Your clothes won’t fit me – I mean you. Grab something from my closet.” The sound of my voice and the reality of what I was saying stopped Nolan in his tracks. He turned toward my walk-in closet and went in. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my robe from behind the bathroom door – not thinking. When I put it on the robe’s hem came to the floor and the sleeves hung almost to my waist. I didn’t let it stop me – I scrunched up the sleeves and tied the belt tightly.

“You know you really should add some color to your wardrobe.” Nolan was critiquing my clothes as he stepped back into the room. He had thrown on some shorts and a t-shirt. When he saw me he started laughing. “You look – I mean - I look ridiculous. That thing could be my sleeping bag!”

I glanced, again, in the mirror above my dresser and started laughing too. I did look pretty funny. As if on cue, both Nolan and I stopped laughing at the same time and just stared at ourselves in the mirror – but we were really staring at each other. We finally glanced at each other’s reflection and both of us had knowing smiles on our faces. I could tell Nolan was thinking what I was thinking. We both were contemplating about how fun it would be to take our new bodies for a test run – we were being blessed with a chance to be what both of us so desperately desired – and that was an opportunity not to be missed.
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Old August 20th, 2007, 06:01 PM
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Well, I think it's time we find out if the grass really is greener on the other side. Though I wonder if Sam's personality has really changed? He sounded much more sure of himself then in the previous installments. He actually seemed to take charge a bit, and also he was pretty much calm in the crisis.
Ancient Proverb: Whatever doesn't kill you today will only make you sore the next morning.
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Old August 20th, 2007, 06:32 PM
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Well THAT was unexpected! Nice, but unexpected! :-)


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Old August 21st, 2007, 05:33 AM
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Well, for me at the story required a swap and I couldn't figure what the mechanism of the swap would be... I guess you could term this the "Nike" swap... "Just Do It"

If I read this right Sam and Nolan didn't just body swap their personalities got blended in some way only hinted at here...

As Redkage says here and I think I suggested after part 2 this will explore the grass is greener concept... and for that Sam and Nolan need to do more then just swap bodies...

If they just swapped bodies the resulting average guy introvert Sam would become more of a wall flower and the Super Stud extrovert Nolan would become a totally obnoxious ego maniacal bore...

And given time Sam would start working out and soon have the body again, and Nolan would get distracted from working out let his muscle slip away...

But I think Nolan will be forced to live within the limits Sam's introversion and Sam will have to deal all the personal relationships of Nolan and quickly neither will want the others life... If they are both as smart art as I think they are they buddy up and help each other develop what traits of the other that can work for them... and in the end both are more then they were at the start and be happy with who they are...


(Had I had some to get me start working on my body when Sam must have I'd be a "Sam" now, so I think I have a feel for how he would think...)

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Old August 21st, 2007, 03:19 PM
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Damn, I hope Nolan doesn't keep Sams body, I feel he could become a complete prick and it's not like he has put the hard work into getting big.
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Old August 27th, 2007, 01:47 AM
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Great, well-written series. Please keep going. I'm excited to see how things go.

Are you planning to continue having Sam and Nolan physically together or are they going to try out their bodies separately?
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Old August 27th, 2007, 09:47 AM
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That was awsum, you *have* to post the next chapter soon!!! Plleeeaaassseeee!!

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Old October 17th, 2007, 10:42 AM
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Hmm...this is a complete change of pace. Could be interesting.
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