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Old Man Stevens - Part 4

I slowly came out of a comatose-like state. Before I opened my eyes I was acutely aware of a strong sense of security. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind I registered what this feeling that surrounded me was like – it was like being in my mother’s womb. I was surrounded by total warmth and my heartbeat was in rhythm with the stronger thumping that filled my ears and every part of my body. I instinctively knew there was a more powerful life force creating all these sensations in me – it was Mr. Stevens. His arms were still wrapped around me – I could feel the hardness of those biceps as they squeezed me gently, but firmly. I also felt the rock hard legs that supported me, the super sized chest that gave my upper body unbelievable comfort, and the still rigid massive cock that pulsed between my chest and Mr. Stevens’ stomach.

In spite of a deep desire to not ever move from my place of muscle covered ecstasy, I attempted to push my body from the wall, I mean chest, which supported me. Mr. Stevens squeezed his arms slightly and I was crushed closer to his body. For a few seconds I could not breathe. I knew Mr. Stevens was toying with me – reminding me of the abilities that came with his improved body. As if I could ever forget. As he released his squeeze – a hold that didn’t come close to showing what his arms could really do - my mind was flooded with memories of all he had already done. I then began to dream of other feats of strength he could do and the sex games the two of us might play. My own cock pressed hard into his – and Mr. Stevens noticed.

“Well, hello there sleepy head. It looks – and feels – like someone got a little ‘much needed’ rest. You slept hard for about 45 minutes. How do you feel little Connor?” asked the huge man.

“Wonderful,” I said leaning slightly back and looking into his beautiful mature face. “I haven’t ever slept that hard. I think it’s because I felt so secure and satisfied. It’s pretty hard to explain, but I know I have never felt like this in my entire life.”

“Well, Mr. Connor, that’s a feeling you are going to have from now on,” Stevens said with a big smile. “This big old man is here to protect and care for you. You don’t need to worry that pretty little head of yours about anything - ever again. While you were sleeping I began to make plans for us. You’ll break your lease and move in here with me - so I can make all of your greatest desires come true. Is that okay with you?”

If what he was saying had not turned me on so much, I know I would have started crying like a small child. It was too much for my mind – not to mention my cock – to take at one moment. I worried that I was going to shoot my next load – just from hearing this man talk about fulfilling my fantasies. However, I immediately forced myself to calm down. I wanted to save my cum for some of the things my active imagination was sending to my brain. Mr. Stevens sensed that I had come close, again, to spewing like a geyser and that had I forced myself to wait for some reason.

“Does the little man already have a job for his muscle protector?” Stevens asked with a very knowing grin.

For some reason I immediately got shy. I don’t know where it came from. It was not caused by doubt that this man could do anything I asked. It also wasn’t that I didn’t have a million ideas of how he could show off. I believe it stemmed from the fact that I had nothing to give him in return – except my devotion. I somehow feared that might not be enough.

Stevens seemed to read my mind and he said, “Connor. Listen to me. I had a crush on you the moment I stood in your doorway. Over the last few months my crush turned into love – a deep love. You have been so kind to me – even loving me when I was a weak and frail old man. And you are definitely part of the reason – if not the main reason – that I am this way now. I don’t know if I will stay this way for a long time or if I am destined to be this way forever. I do know, however, that while I am like this I want to make you very happy. Don’t worry – while making you satisfied I will also be making myself extremely satisfied. And, if it’s okay with you, when your small body needs a break from the workout these muscles are going to offer, I’ll just find someone like Rocky to entertain me for a while. But don’t ever doubt for a second that this muscle bear isn’t going to come home to you every night. I only have one lover, Connor – and he gives me all the love I need. It just that I know I’ll need a lot of muscle pounding sex and there is only a certain amount that your little body can take. How does all of this sound to you?”

Mr. Stevens really didn’t need to ask that last question. He knew the answer already. It was sticking straight up like a piece of metal between us. I simply said, “You have already made me very happy, Mr. Stevens. I just hope I can return the favor somehow.”

He brought his mouth to mine and gave me what can only be called as a passionate manly kiss – hard, rough, powerfully sexy, and earth shattering at the same time. I responded by pressing into his lips hard and letting my tongue explore every part of his inviting mouth. He moaned loudly as I kissed back. It gave me great pleasure to know that my kiss could make this giant weak – even for just a second. As I prolonged my kiss – and scraped my teeth lightly along his tongue in my mouth – Mr. Stevens got more excited. He wrapped his arms around me and, again, squeezed hard. I felt the power that I caused to swell up in him and that showed me that I would be able to give him a little in return for the satisfaction he brought to me. It was Mr. Stevens’ turn to come to the edge of no return and immediately stop. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled his face away from mine. I knew if we had continued to kiss I would have caused his cock to explode. It stood straight and hard like a mighty oak between our bodies and was a deep purple from the pressure building inside.

“Kisses like that, little man, will get me to do anything in the world for you – and I mean anything,” Stevens said looking deep into my eyes. He then tilted his head back and let out a sound that seemed like a hundred lions growling at the same time. His chest was heaving strongly and I could tell he was trying to calm his body down. After a couple of minutes he let go of my shoulders – even with his hands gone it felt like his strong grip was still there. His breathing was returning to normal. His gaze fell to me and he said, “This big guy needs to do something to say thanks for that kiss, buddy. You just say the word and I’ll follow your command.”

There was something I wanted, but I couldn’t say it easily. I was slightly embarrassed to ask – because I didn’t know how it could be done. I cast my gaze down – to avoid his eyes – and was immediately transfixed by the powerful muscles in his legs. He knew where I was looking and he tensed his quads. Ridges and veins popped up everywhere on his legs. My body actually rose a few inches. This must have pleased Mr. Stevens because he began to flex and un-flex his legs so my body went up and down – like I was on a ride at an amusement park. I heard him chuckle lightly as he watched my body rise and fall.

He noticed I had something on my mind, but was having trouble saying it. “Looks to me that you have an idea, little Connor. But you seem a little scared to tell me.” He put two of his thick fingers underneath my chin and lifted my head so I was looking him in the face. “Tell old man Stevens what he can do for you. Don’t be shy. Let me know what you like Connor. I have some ideas for later – but right now I’d like to make some of your muscle dreams come true.”

I paused for a few seconds and then said, “I’d like you to fuck me – but I know I won’t be able to take this whole thing in my ass.” I pointed to his monster cock, which had immediately sprung even more full throttle when I mentioned what I wanted. “I am not as big as Rocky – and it looked like he was having trouble accepting the whole length of that telephone pole.” Both of us were smiling at my description, but I could tell that Mr. Stevens understood my fears completely.

“I would never want to hurt you, Connor,” he said. “I hope you know that. But I think you’re right. We need to think of a way that allows me to use some force – to give me some pleasure – but prevents me from gutting your insides completely. Let’s see here.” And with that Mr. Stevens looked around the room and was lost deep in thought. Suddenly he grabbed me at the waist, lifted me easily from his enormous legs, and stood me on the floor. “I think I have solved the problem,” he added as he stood and walked toward the bedroom. “Let’s see if this will work.”

Stevens opened the door to the bedroom. The apartment building was pretty old, but was built very sturdy – with high ceilings and big solid, equally tall, doors. He pushed the door wider so all I saw was the edge of the door. Mr. Stevens took his big hand and knocked on the door. We both could tell that it was solid – all the way through – not like doors today - that are built hollow. He took two fingers and seemed to be measuring the edge of the door. “It looks like this big door is almost four inches thick. That might just do, Connor. That might just do.” I was watching this all from the side angle. He was standing on one side of the door – with his right hand holding it firmly at the edge facing me. With his left hand he pushed his upright hard cock down and pressed the tip against the middle of the door. With one quick thrust of his crotch he shoved his muscled prick straight through the door. My mouth fell open from the shock of what he had just done. The sound was deafening and the view was fantastic. His stomach and thighs were up against one side of the solid door and his giant cock stuck straight out the other side covered in small pieces of the wood it had just destroyed. His display of power had turned us both on. His cock seemed to grow harder and larger – if that was possible. My cock was, again, sticking straight up against my stomach. Mr. Stevens reached around the door and brushed the splinters of wood off his cock.

“I think this might just work, Connor,” he said. “I have taken about four inches off of my huge piece – which means it is probably only about eight or nine inches long. I think you can handle that much man meat – don’t you?” He was looking at me and smiling.

I literally ran over to the door as I said, “Yes sir!” When I got to the side where his cock was sticking out I immediately noticed a problem. If I turned around backed up to his cock it was going to hit me almost in the middle of my shoulder blades. Good for a massage maybe, but not for a good round of sex. Mr. Stevens had grown so much – he was probably close to seven feet and his powerful tree-trunk legs were very long.

“Well I guess I should have bent my knees a little before making this glory hole with just my hard cock,” he said laughing. “Sorry about that, little man. Maybe you should pull that chair over here or I could just make another hole. The problem is I don’t want to compromise the strength of the door. When I start pounding your ass, too many holes might make this piece of wood split in the middle.”

I quickly went over and dragged the chair, that had served as his throne earlier, over to the door. When I stood on the chair and turned around – bending my legs just a little – my ass was the perfect height for his giant cock. My legs began to shake with excitement, and a little anxiety, over the size of his prick. Mr. Stevens spit into his palm again - to ready his rod for action. After greasing his pole he leaned into the door and was able to reach around and grab my cock at the same time. He gently brought my body backwards – as he pulled his cock slightly out of the hole. I looked back and saw that just the large tip of his “telephone pole” protruded. I jumped with excitement as I felt his hard head come up against my asshole. I relaxed my body and let his strong hand – wrapped around my cock and supporting me at the waist – do all the work. He pulled me onto his cock slowly and at the same time pushed his twelve-inch – now nine inch - pole into my ass. There was great pain at first. I cried out and he immediately stopped. I could tell he was worried about hurting me.

“No!” I yelled through gritted teeth, “please don’t stop. No matter what, don’t stop.” I knew, deep down, that after the initial pain would come unmatched ecstasy. I wanted to feel as much of him inside me as I could – and I planned on taking whatever the hole in the door allowed.

He began pushing again. I had seen the powerful thrusts of his crotch send the heavily muscled Rocky flying into the air – so I knew the gentle pushes he was using now were nowhere close to the full force this man possessed. When the head of his cock was fully in my ass I began to relax a little. Is still felt like someone was shoving a small car into me – but the pain was slowly going away. He pushed slightly harder – now that he was in – and I was relieved when my ass cheeks finally met the wood door. I didn’t know if I could take any more of him inside me – but then he pulled me a little harder into the wood and was able to press that log in still some more. My body was in pleasure overload. He had a strong grip on my cock, but allowed his fist to move up and down as he also slid his dick back and forth inside of me. He started pumping his cock and fist harder and quicker. His breathing began to get very heavy and that made me realize he was enjoying this even more than me – if that was possible.

Suddenly Mr. Stevens became like a wild animal. He pushed hard with his entire body up against the door and, at the same time, pulled my body tightly into the wood. The force from this mans body caused the door to pull completely away from the frame. I heard the metal hinges either rip in two or completely break away from the wall. At the same time Mr. Stevens leaned back – causing my feet to leave the chair and, yet, his monster cock and muscled hand kept me firmly in place. Mr. Stevens stepped into the middle of the room – knocking the chair out of the way. He was thrusting his cock in and out of my ass like a man crazy with desire. The pleasure it was giving me was indescribable. I knew it was doing the same thing for him. Finally, Mr. Stevens shoved his crotch hard into the door – the jolt made me think the piece of wood would break into a million tiny pieces. Loads of cum shot from his hard prick into my ass and his, now familiar ear drum-shattering, growl filled the room. The entire door shook violently but his strong hand – not to mention his giant cock in my ass – kept me in place. When I felt his third full glob of cum strongly shooting into my ass, I could hold my own load no longer. My cock exploded and I released cum into the room – sending it a good four feet from me. Again, it was like a stream of jizz – not just a bunch of small jerks. It took a few minutes for my body to stop bucking on the piece of wood this giant man was still holding. Finally, I could tell both of us were returning from that far away place a man’s mind and body goes when he is cumming. I could feel his giant rod softening in my ass, but his firm grip on mine caused me to remain hard. Mr. Stevens pulled his semi-hard cock out of me and released the pressure from his hand – allowing my body to slide down the door to the floor. At the same time he stood up straight and the door helped me steady myself from the exertion caused by the releasing my latest load. I stepped away from the door – wobbly – like a man on a rocking ship. I grabbed hold of the chair that had been pushed away and quickly sat down – turning back to look at Stevens.

“This should give you a thrill, little man,” he said from behind the door. All I could see were two big hands holding the door at its sides and the bottom half of two muscled legs below. Suddenly the solid door snapped in two perfectly in the middle. There was no warning – no sound of effort from Mr. Stevens. Using just his arms he had caused that giant door to break into two halves from top to bottom. Small pieces of wood were sent flying into the room landing on and all around me. Mr. Stevens stood there grinning broadly as he held the two heavy pieces of door in each hand – his muscled body gleaming in between. My cock, which had begun to rest, shot back to full mast and I thought I might shoot another load. The sight of that door splitting and his magnificent body appearing sent me into muscle worship overload. I could not even begin to imagine having the strength to shove my cock through a solid door or to snap that same door in two with my hands as if it were a small twig. I immediately noticed that breaking the door had made Mr. Stevens’ chest and arms swell larger than they already were – causing my mouth to fall open in disbelief. Mr. Stevens turned and rested the two parts of the door against the wall.

“Little man – that round of sex and my display of power on this puny door has made me crazy with a desire to show off more,” Mr. Stevens said, acting like an excited young boy. I could tell he was getting off on his own strength – almost as much as I was. Sure he wanted to show off for me – but I also think he wanted to blow his own mind too. “You sit right there. I just got a great idea for a way to test these arms. You are going to get the show of your life.” And with that he disappeared into the kitchen. I was a little foggy from the recent pounding I received from his giant cock – so I couldn’t focus on what he was saying. I did, however, hear him rummaging through what I thought was pots and pans. He returned to the dining room with something hidden behind his back. He had a big grin on his face. By this point I was fully alert and very excited about his upcoming show for me. My tired cock was even starting to get some life back.

Mr. Stevens pulled his hand from behind him and revealed three deep black cast iron pans – the kind I used to see my grandmother use in her kitchen. I knew those things were very heavy and extremely thick. Each pan was over fifteen inches wide at the top and about eight inches deep. They each probably weighed over ten pounds. I was shocked to see that Mr. Stevens’ big hand could palm one of the pans easily at the top – his spread fingers completely covered it. I knew that one pan would be had for me to lift and, yet, here was Mr. Stevens placing all three pans inside each other and holding them all by their handles. He easily lifted the pans up in the air together.

He looked at the pans and then at me, saying, “I think this feat will be easier if they are all one pan.” I didn’t understand at first – but then I saw him squeeze his fist tight around the handles and I heard something that sounded like boulders being crushed. He grabbed the side of the pans with his other hand and turned the handle side towards me. My cock, again, shot straight up when I noticed that he had molded the iron handles together - making them one. I could see the grooves in the iron created by his large thick fingers. I could not believe the power he possessed in just one hand. “And now for the fun part,” he added.

Mr. Stevens grabbed the handles of the pans again – holding them so the inside of the pan on top faced toward him. Mr. Stevens then raised his other giant hand making a fist and, in a flash, slammed it through the bottoms of all three pans. It was so quick that I almost missed it. His giant fist stuck out of the bottom of the last pan and Mr. Stevens made it look as easy as sending your fist through a paper bag. The iron was busted and bent back – it had offered no resistance to his muscle propelled hand. He looked at me smiling and I could tell even he was impressed by how easy this had been. His cock was rigid with excitement. He pulled his fist back through the iron pans causing some pieces to bend the other way – back towards him. He then grabbed both sides of the pans with his monstrous paws – spreading his hands and thumbs across the back and insides of the three heavy pieces of iron. As veins appeared up and down his forearms, biceps, and chest I realized that he was bending the pans in on themselves. It was obvious that this was taking little effort. I remembered easily bending thin foil pie pans this way – and here Mr. Stevens made this seem just as easy. After he had the sides of the pans folded together – he held them by the handles and ran his other thumb and forefinger along the crease he had made. It looked like he was smoothing a couple of folded sheets of paper. I had to keep telling myself that he was molding iron like it was nothing. He then rolled the long flattened piece of iron into a short tube. I didn’t know whether to stare at the veins and muscles popping up all over his arms or to focus on how easily his strong fingers could shape three thick pieces of iron crushed together. The sound of iron screeching was the only thing that reminded me how real this show of strength was – and even with the sound it was still hard to believe. Mr. Stevens finally took the tube he had made and easily covered it with his huge hands. He started compressing the iron with his hands in the same way a cook would shape ground beef for a hamburger. After a few minutes he opened his palm and revealed a relatively smooth ball of iron that was slightly bigger than a ball from a pool table.

I could not fathom the power that had to exist in his arms to crush three large cast iron pans into the size of one pool ball. He had threatened to smash Mr. Jenkins’ car into the size of a suitcase and at this point I knew he could do it. He walked closer to me and held the ball of iron out towards me on his palm. I could tell he wanted to pass it on to me – but I also saw a knowing gleam in his eye. I brought one of my palms up to let him drop the ball into my hand. I was expecting something that weighed as much as a pool ball – easily held in one hand – but what my hand accepted was something that weighed over thirty pounds. The weight caused my hand to drop quickly and the ball fell – landing directly on Mr. Stevens’ foot with a loud thud. It then rolled off to the side. I immediately panicked and looked from his foot up to his face.

Mr. Stevens could see the fear and worry in my face. He quickly said, “It was a little heavier than you thought, huh, little man?” I nodded quickly. “And you thought that heavy piece of iron could hurt this muscle giant, didn’t you?” I immediately felt my face turn red from embarrassment – how stupid of me to think that anything could hurt Mr. Stevens. I simply nodded again. “I hope you are beginning to see, Connor, that it is going to take a lot to hurt this old man. I don’t know what happened to me – but I keep getting surprised by how strong I am. Demolishing those iron pans didn’t even make me break a sweat. Yesterday, I probably would have keeled over if you had asked me to try and lift one. I’m telling you, little man, life is certainly going to be different for both of us. It’s simply amazing what a little mixture of your blood with my blood can…” Mr. Stevens stopped before he finished his sentence and there was a look on his face that signaled he was having a major revelation. He was suddenly very excited.

“What is it, Mr. Stevens?” I asked.

“Connor, you need to get dressed. Hell, I need to find something I can wear. We have to go back to the hospital. Come on get moving,” he said looking around the room. I actually think he was trying to find something that might cover his enormous body.

“Why, Mr. Stevens? Are you feeling bad again?” I quickly asked very concerned.

“No, little man, I’m fine – well, actually, better than fine,” he said laughing. “It’s you! If mixing our blood did this to me then we better get back down there and put some of my blood into you – so you can grow, as well. Why didn’t we think about this before? I guess we were too busy seeing what this old man’s muscled body could do.” He was right – I hadn’t even thought about how our blood mixed together in my body might have the same reaction. I got excited for a moment about the idea of growing – like Mr. Stevens. “Come on Connor. I bet I can find something that might, at least, cover up this massive dick. Maybe we can make me somewhat presentable for going out in public.” And with that Mr. Stevens started to go back to his bedroom.

“Wait,” I said loudly and not moving. “Just a second, please,” I added looking down. “I, uh, I think…no, I know I don’t want to go back. I’m sorry if that disappoints you. I think I like it more just the way it is. I’d really like to see what it is like - just as we are – at least for a while. This day has been magical. No, it’s been more than that – it has made me feel more alive than I have ever felt before. I realize that I have felt safer, more protected, more taken care of, and more loved being with you today than at any other time in my life - and I don’t want that to end. I like you lifting me like I weigh nothing at all. I like you coming up with ideas for showing off your strength – not to mention your body – to me. I also like having sex with a guy much bigger than me. And, finally, I like being around someone who is superman - just as he is. I realize you might want someone big like you so sex could be unbridled and wild – but maybe you could find some muscle boy toy for that. I’m positive that for right now I’d like to stay your ‘little man.’ I’d also like to see if I could some day work up to accepting all of your giant cock in my ass. I hope this is all okay with you Mr. Stevens.”

Mr. Stevens was just standing there staring at me. I couldn’t read his reaction at first, but then I noticed a tear leave his eye and slowly slide down his right cheek. It was an odd sight - seeing this nude monstrous muscle man crying. Soon many other tears followed. My attention was soon pulled away from his face and drawn to the rising “telephone pole” between his legs - that had been semi-relaxed up to this point. His cock quickly became fully hard and twitched in excitement. “Connor. You have made me the happiest man in the world. I love you just the way you are. I only thought you might want to grow and I would never prevent that from happening for you. I do want to be your muscle protector. I want to explore with you all the things this new improved body of mine can do. I want to make us both cum many times a day just by destroying something with these hands – or lifting something incredibly heavy – or by finding other exciting ways to test these huge muscles. And there is no one else I’d rather do those things with than you, my little boyfriend. This old muscle man is all yours. I promise that I will continue to make all of your wildest muscle fantasies come true – for as long as I can. And if you continue to give me kisses like you did earlier today then there is nothing in the world you will ever desire and not have immediately – I promise. I only ask one big favor, Connor.”

I was shocked this giant man felt like he needed to ask me for a favor – he should just tell me what he wanted – but I said, “Anything, Mr. Stevens. You know that.”

“I only ask that you don’t call me Mr. Stevens anymore Connor,” he said wrapping his arms around me and lifting me from the floor. And before he kissed me hard he added, “Call me Bud.”
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It is quite hard to ellaborate comments when your body is still shaking from all that wonderful sexual tension! The whole "fuck you through the door" scene was insanely lustful.

Geesh, I think I never had read about a character so hot as Mr. Stevens, I mean Bud, it is truly one of the manliest and most sensual character written in a long time.

Congratulations, dude. You really are the master of muscle worship and feats of strength scenes.

Wow, I need a nap now
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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First off I am thoroughly enjoying this story, just like all of your other stories that you write and choose to share with us. The relationship between Connor and Mr. Stevens is phenomenal and Mr. Stevens has to be, without a doubt, one of my favorite characters in any muscle growth story.

You did get my hopes up when Mr. Stevens wanted to take Connor back to the hospital to get a blood transfusion so he could grow (hopefully) as massive as he is since most of your stories do involve one massively muscular stud and another "normal" man. I thought you might change that with this story. If you do have plans for something to make Connor change his mind (or have something that forces him to change his mind), I will gladly wait. Just keep writing this cock-hardening story, please.
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If I were in his shoes, I'd definitely let the muscleman take me to the hospital to get me some of that!

Well done!
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man!!! yet again parts 3 & 4 are incredible!!!! keep writing as long as you can!
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I wish he had grown, too. But it was still a great story and a excellent ending.
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