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Old August 9th, 2007, 06:48 PM
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Old Man Stevens - Part 2

“Uh, Mr. Stevens. What happened?” was all I could say.

Mr. Stevens parted his legs slowly and let the still sleeping body of Rocky drop to the table. Stevens then swung his legs and body around to the side and stood up – facing me. This was the first moment I got to see his body in all its glory. All the morphed pictures on the web that I had jerked off to since I was a teenager didn’t come close to matching this man’s body. Everything looked morphed – and yet symmetrical at the same time. It was beyond my wildest fantasies. Even his head looked the right size on top of that mountain of muscle. I still could not believe this was the same old man that had been lying in the hospital just the day before. I could not decide what part of his body to look at first – so my eyes just went to the middle. Mr. Stevens’ cock was gigantic. I know it must have been 12 or 13 inches long. It was still erect and stuck straight out like the barrel of a cannon or tank. I think the latter was a better description – because the guy was as big as a tank! I knew he was standing there completely relaxed but his arms looked like someone had taken a hundred steel cables and squeezed them together – molding them into the shape of giant biceps. Unless he consciously thought about it he could not make his forearms touch his sides. If I stood up - my arms fell straight down and rested against my sides - with my hands touching my hips. This was not true with Mr. Stevens. His lat muscles forced his biceps to stick out almost even with his shoulders – but not quite. This made his arms dangle in mid air but they actually came forward because he was so thick. Oh, how my hands wanted to run up and down those powerful lats.

The same type of problem existed below his waist, as well. Only if he had forced his legs together could his knees come together. Just standing there - his thigh muscles forced his legs far apart. So far apart that I might have been able to turn sideways and crawl through – not touching any part of his body – except those muscled calves would have gotten in the way. They were so built that they almost touched in spite of the gap created by the higher leg muscles. I glanced back up the nearly seven foot body and my gaze landed on his neck. I’ve never really noticed a guy’s neck before – but I guess that was because I had never seen a neck so intensely muscled. The muscles bulging between his chin and shoulders looked 100 times stronger than my entire body. Mr. Stevens knew where my gaze had fallen and he actually flexed his neck. I kid you not – I saw a ripple of muscle go up and down just the guy’s neck. My mouth dropped open wider and this made the old man smile. Then, to force my gaze to move to a new part of his body, Mr. Stevens inhaled deeply and his chest inflated so much that his neck disappeared behind it. God, those pecs were massive. After what seemed like an insane amount of time he exhaled and then began bouncing his pecs – knowing it would mesmerize me. I sat there watching as he made the right pec ripple – by itself – and then he did the same on the left side. He then bounced both at the same time and I cried out in disbelief at the control he had over his muscles. Mr. Stevens was smiling like a little boy with a brand new toy.

“My little boyfriend likes what he sees – doesn’t he?” Mr. Stevens said letting his booming voice fill the room – and causing, again, a rumble in my chest.

I still couldn’t speak that well. I was dumbstruck in awe. I simply whispered, “But . . . how? But . . . how?”

Mr. Stevens said, “The only explanation that the doctor could give was that something powerful happened when they mixed our blood together. Since we both are AB Negative – maybe you get something positive from double negatives. And I’d say this is pretty positive – wouldn’t you?” Mr. Stevens had been looking at his own body while he spoke and as he finished he looked again at me and raised both arms in a double bicep pose. “I have always wondered what it would feel like to be able to strike this pose and create mountains in my arms. And then cause smaller men to wish they could touch them”

When I saw the muscles in his arms grow to incomprehensible heights, I lost all control of my mind and my body. All I could do was stare at each arm – moving back and forth from the right to the left. I knew Mr. Stevens wasn’t even flexing that hard – but his arms looked like someone had chiseled biceps from a granite mountaintop and placed them there. I registered what he had said - somewhere deep inside of myself - and asked, “How does it feel?”

Mr. Stevens laughed when he noticed that I had basically checked out from the real world and was now solely living in the “muscle worship” realm. He knew I could still hear him and would later remember our conversation, but he also knew that the muscles popping out all over his arms were all that mattered to me at the moment. “Boy, it feels incredible. I feel like I can do anything with these guns. I was too busy with Rocky when I got home so I didn’t get a chance to test them. Besides, I knew you would want to be here when I did get around to seeing what these biceps can do. Am I right, little Connor?”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Stevens,” came instinctively out of my mouth. A memory from my childhood mixed with the reality of this muscled mountain of a stud in front of me caused my reaction – I knew I was supposed to respect those older and bigger than me. And Mr. Stevens was probably ten times bigger than me.

At that moment Rocky started to stir on the tabletop that was now lying on the ground. Mr. Stevens lowered his arms and both of us looked in Rocky’s direction. I was able to notice that Rocky had moved into a fetal position and had placed some fingers in his mouth. His sexual workout with this muscled daddy (or should I say granddaddy?) had reduced back into his infancy. Rocky unfurled his big body and started to wake up. I heard him saying over and over, “Must finish deliveries. Must finish deliveries.” I was pretty impressed that even after being dominated by a muscle god he was still concerned about packages he needed to deliver. Stevens turned to help Rocky and I got my first full glimpse of his ass. The word bubble butt didn’t come close to describing it – this man had a freaking shelf! I could have laid a board across that ass and ridden back there for days. Did this guy’s muscles ever stop? The size of his legs from the back just confirmed that Mr. Stevens could probably leap from the top of our building and only end up hurting the concrete beneath him. And the roadmap of muscles that covered his back bulged as he bent over and lifted the still limp Rocky to his feet. Rocky seemed like he weighed nothing in the strong muscled arms of Mr. Stevens. Stevens held Rocky in place with one hand as he bent down to retrieve the UPS man’s uniform. Unfortunately there was not much left of Rocky’s clothes. I had a feeling that in the heat of the earlier muscle worship session - Mr. Stevens had easily torn most of the clothes from Rocky’s body. I watched as Stevens dressed Rocky with the remaining pieces of clothing. It was like watching a giant dress a small doll. By the time most of his clothes were draped across his body, Rocky was a little more coherent. As he “woke up” Rocky’s hands automatically were drawn to the muscles of the giant man in front of him. He started by caressing the incredible chest and then tried to grab hold of the huge biceps level with his face. Rocky’s large hand looked like the hand of a ten year old on Stevens’ massive arm. When he could not get a good grip of the bicep Rocky opened his mouth and brought his lips and tongue to the mound of muscle. Mr. Stevens was laughing - but allowed Rocky this final chance to worship the muscles that had overpowered him so easily. Once Mr. Stevens knew that Rocky looked good enough to appear in public he reached up and pulled Rocky’s head from his mighty arm. Mr. Stevens lifted and carried him to the door. By this time Rocky could walk but he was still unable to make complete sentences.

He was mumbling, “Pretty muscles. Giant muscles. Feel muscles. Want to feel muscles.”

Mr. Stevens turned him so he was facing the hallway and pushed him lightly out the door saying, “Don’t worry Rocky – I’ll have another order for you to deliver this week. I promise. I need to give your body some time to gain strength. Take it easy little man and be careful driving. I’ll see you later.” Rocky stumbled down the hall and wobbled slightly as he began going down the stairs. I was a little worried about him driving, but figured the fresh air outside would help him wake up more. He probably would think all of this had been a dream (the same thing I kept thinking) but then he would see that his clothes were ripped to shreds and he would return to a comatose state - just from the memory of Mr. Stevens’ muscled body.

By this time I was standing and had followed them halfway down the entrance hall – still marveling at the beautiful ass and back of Mr. Stevens.

“And now where is my handsome little boyfriend,” Stevens said turning around and taking a few steps towards me – forgetting to close the door. That voice – and the fact that he called me his boyfriend – made my heart race. My cock was instantly hard again.

I backed up slowly as he came towards me. I wasn’t afraid – I was just playing hard to get. Of course I knew there was nowhere I could possibly go to get away from this Goliath.

All of a sudden - from the hallway - there came a voice, “Stevens! I am going to punch your lights out.” It was Mr. Jenkins. He came storming into the apartment without even looking up in our direction. He didn’t knock or anything. His face was red with anger and I knew he had blood on his mind. But I think he was about to get a big surprise – as a matter of fact – a very big surprise.

“I have had enough Stevens – you little pansy,” he continued shouting as he walked further into the apartment. “It sounds like you’ve got a herd of elephants in…”

Jenkins didn’t get to finish the sentence. A massive hand seemed to come out of nowhere and grabbed the front of his ugly polyester tracksuit. The hand stopped him in mid sentence and forced him jerk to a complete abrupt halt. Mr. Jenkins couldn’t have moved even if he wanted to. At first Jenkins only saw the hand holding him in his place. I then saw his gaze move slowly from the large powerful hand to the muscled forearm and then to the massive tensed bicep and then to the insanely large shoulder and finally rested on the smooth skinned face of Mr. Stevens. At the same moment the two men locked eyes on each other - Mr. Stevens easily lifted Jenkins’ overweight body a foot into the air. Mr. Stevens wanted to make sure the fat guy noticed how much taller he was now. Also, at that exact moment, I heard something that sounded like water lightly hitting the hardwood floor. Mr. Stevens and I looked down and were shocked to see that Jenkins had peed in his pants and some of it fell lightly to the floor. Also, Mr. Jenkins was now obviously shaking.

“Couldn’t control yourself around this much muscle – could you Jenkins?” Mr. Stevens asked as he pressed the heavy man against the wall between the hallway and the den. “Jenkins – you have told me over and over that you could stop me with one hand. At this point I don’t think you could stop my body even with a bulldozer – but I want to show you something chubby man.” Mr. Stevens lowered Jenkins to the floor. I could tell that the smaller man was happy to be on solid ground again. The wet stain on his pants was huge. I was sure the guy was scared to death. Mr. Stevens let go of Jenkins’ top and then pressed his forefinger in the center of the guy’s chest. “I want to make sure you understand what you are dealing with now, Jenkins. With just my forefinger I can hold you in place – hell I probably could do it with my little pinky, but I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt.” I knew for a fact that Mr. Stevens was not using his entire strength but I could see that his one finger was causing Jenkins a lot of pain. I did not doubt for a second that if Mr. Stevens had wanted to, he could have pressed that man through the wall with just one finger – but I knew he did not want to hurt him –he just wanted to scare him. He also wanted to make sure Jenkins knew who was going to be the boss from now on.

“Okay, little man,” Stevens said as he lowered his face down level with Jenkins’ face, “let’s see you try to get away.” And with that a big smile spread across Mr. Stevens face.

It was quite obvious that Jenkins knew he could not move an inch. The fact that Stevens had lifted him so easily, the startling realization of the size of the old man, and the incredible force and pain that he felt from one finger told him he could do nothing to break free. Jenkins didn’t move a muscle. He was too scared.

But Mr. Stevens would have none of that. He wanted to make sure Jenkins got a full taste of his strength. He wanted to make sure Jenkins would live in constant fear of what the muscle man who lived above him could do if the pudgy guy ever stepped out of line again. Stevens bellowed, “I said try and break free puny man!” The room actually shook from the muscle god’s voice. I know that I was shaking by the time he finished barking the order. I had to laugh out loud because once again Jenkins peed in his pants. I almost felt sorry for the guy. After Mr. Stevens shouted - Jenkins immediately tried to push himself away from the wall. I saw a look of terror and pain on his face. He was unable to move his back even a fraction of an inch from the wall. Stevens had this heavy guy pressed up against the wall with just one finger. I bet, if he had tried, he could have pushed Jenkins further up the wall with just one finger – but it might have broken bones in Jenkins’ chest. Jenkins suddenly started swinging at the arm that held him in place. He connected some heavy hits against Stevens’ huge arm but nothing could make that giant muscled slab of stone budge. Stevens’ grin just got larger and larger as he realized how powerful he was. Finally Jenkins was worn out and his arms fell to his side. He knew that he had been beaten by just one finger of this muscle monster.

Stevens chuckled out loud and then said, “A minute ago you said you were going to punch my lights out. Wasn’t that right little man?” I could see a wave of fear sweep across Jenkins’ face. He suddenly started sweating profusely. I also heard him start to whimper like a baby and shake his head. “Let’s see if a powerful punch from this muscle stud can make some lights go out – shall we?”

I began to panic. I didn’t want Jenkins to die – and I knew one punch from Stevens would smash in the chubby man’s face. Stevens quickly lifted his other arm back and made a fist. I found myself screaming, “No,” - at the same time Jenkins screamed like a scared child. I shut my eyes – and I know Jenkins did the same thing. When Stevens’ fist made contact there was a sound that was like two semi trucks slamming into each other. I quickly opened my eyes. Dust was settling in the hallway. What I saw made my cock go harder – harder than any other part of the day. Stevens had slammed his fist into the wall about ten inches to the right of Jenkins’ face. His arm was buried into the wall up to his massive bicep. I knew, since it was that deep, he had sent his fist completely through the wall. Dust and parts of the wall covered Jenkins’ head. His tears left streaks in the dust on his face. Throughout the whole ordeal Stevens had kept Jenkins in place with that one finger.

Stevens turned to look at me as he pulled his arm out. He said, “I always wanted to make the doorway to the den an archway – what do you think Connor? Whoa, little boyfriend – by the size of that hard on in your pants I believe you like the idea. Or do you like the idea of watching this muscleman tearing down this wall with just his bare hands. Either way, come give your muscleman a kiss.”

In my mind it sounded like an order from a sergeant. I quickly walked over to Mr. Stevens. I couldn’t believe what was happening. This was a man that over the last few months I had come to love and now he had become everything I fantasized about. I didn’t feel strange about moving our relationship to this new level. I knew his muscles caused most of the change in me – but I also knew I had loved him before. He leaned down and I stood on my tiptoes to give each other a quick kiss on the lips. I knew he was doing this in front of Jenkins to make a point – but I didn’t care – I wanted to kiss the muscle giant – heck, I wanted to do a lot more. After the kiss I backed up.

Stevens turned back to Jenkins, “Now let’s make one thing perfectly clear - you pathetic wimp - I could have put out a lot more than just your lights if my fist had connected with your face. But I am not going to sink to your level. Now take a look at this hole in the wall – take a good look at it.” Stevens grabbed Jenkins by the shoulders and held him so he could look through the hole in the wall into the other room. “If you ever bother me or my boyfriend Connor – no, that’s not enough – if you ever bother anyone in this building again I promise I won’t miss your head – and this is what it will look like. Do you understand me little man?”

I could see that Jenkins was still shaking, but he was able to get out, “Y…essss…sirrr.”

“And one more thing,” Mr. Stevens added. “If you ever park in my space again I will use these powerful guns to demolish that piece of junk you call a car. If you don’t want me to fold that thing up into the size of a suitcase and leave it on your doorstep you better not put it in my spot. And I think you know I would be able to do it. Do you fully understand your muscled neighbor, pipsqueak?”

Mr. Jenkins just nodded his head. And with that Mr. Stevens turned Jenkins toward the door. He grabbed the guy’s tracksuit at the shoulder blade level and at the ass. He lifted Jenkins easily in the air and carried him to the door. He swung the guy back and then sent him flying out the door. Jenkins hit the recently polished floor and slid down the hallway about ten apartments down slamming lightly into Mrs. Brown’s door. I could tell that he was dazed, but not really hurt. Mrs. Brown opened her door and saw Mr. Jenkins. She then gazed up and the look on her face was priceless. It was a mixture of shock – since Mr. Stevens was still totally nude – and lust – since Mr. Stevens’ body was so incredible.

I knew just how she felt.

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Oh My God!

This is simply the best story! So very horny! Please write more soon!


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Awesome story, I love your muscle description, I wonder how strong the old man really is, I can't wait to find out!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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No matter what story you write, tghe result is the same. You are the master of muscle worship stories, whether as sex or simply mundane stuff, the descriptions of the muscle is just impeccably hot.

I love muscle on older guys, and especially if they are going to make younger guys look skinny in comparison. Your Mr. Stevens sure reads just too hot, and I hope whatever got him grow doesn't stop now. i mean, if just the blood of Connor got him that big, what to say about a thick warm rich load of his cum after so much teasing and muscle worship?

just an idea... but i know you probably already have much better ones in your head.

Take care, and congratulations once again.
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Excellent, the only word I can say fro this story is excellent. I can't wait to see what happens and to see if the blood transfusion will work again but the other way around. Who knows?
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I read your first story on the Bee Keeper and was zonked out by it,now I read the second part and it is a excellent as the first. You sir have an amazing talent.Greg
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Great story! Finally something with grown men!!! I olike the daddy fiction - good writing
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