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Old July 22nd, 2007, 01:35 AM
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Gym Class

Gym Class

Standing in the locker room, Tim huddled in close to his locker as he pulled out his little gym bag. It was a navy color and shinned with the look of new. The only reason Tim had bought the thing was because of this class. Never having done an athletic thing in his life, this was the first time he had ever had to come to grips with not only his body but the harsh taunting of his classmates.

Thin as a twig, but a surprising six feet tall, Tim tried to hide his face behind his long, wavy curls of dark red hair. Although his face was only sparsely speckled with tiny freckles on his cheeks and across the bridge of his nose, Tim did have a porcelain white complexion commonly associated with any form of ‘red head’.

Zipping open his flimsy bag, as if it guarded some kind of buried treasure, Tim slowly pulled out his gym shirt and shorts. While he was doing this, however, he hadn’t noticed the class hotshot come up behind him. Ryan was a head shorter than Tim, but easily made up for it with the beginnings of bounding muscle. Though they were not very tone, they adorned his body like thick steaks in a butcher shop. Already in his workout tank top and shorts, they could easily be seen under his reddish skin and a thin layer of flab.

Twisting back a long white towel, Ryan shot as fast as he could at Tim, sharply striking his rear. Hopping forward from the sudden shock and pain of what he had just felt, Tim added another jolt of pain, this time to his face. He had collided with his open locker door, knocking his head frightfully back.

Gripping his nose in pain, he hunched over, coddling it. Turning around, he got a good look at Ryan’s overly amused face. “Damn Tim,” he bellowed with his southern drawl, “If I knew yew could hurt yerself so good, I’d have just sat back and watched you make an ass of yerself all semester.”

A group of students had obviously noticed what had happened and began laughing at Ryan’s statement. Still groping his nose, Tim could feel a trickle of blood fleeing his nostrils and run into his mouth. Coughing at the strangely bitter taste of his own blood, he tried to keep his hand up as to not give Ryan and his cronies another reason to laugh at him.

This kind of torture was relentless and had been for the past two months, ever since he had gotten stuck in this god forsaken class. Every freshman had to take it and Tim was no different. Although he wished in this case there had been some exception to the rule.

“Awe, Timid Tim,” Ryan taunted, staring up at Tim’s slender face, “You gonna cry?”

Without noticing it at first, Tim’s eyes indeed had welled up a little from the sudden collision of his face on the unforgiving metal of the locker. But he had to keep the little steam of blood covered up, so he merely let the little tears trickle down his smooth, hairless face.

Getting a step closer to Tim, Ryan continued his assault. “When are you gonna get it in yer head Tim? Yeeew--- are a nobody, and until you start respectin’ yer elders, this will just keep on happenin’”

Ryan was just blowing smoke. In fact, he was only a month older than Tim was, though his bullish appearance made him look a few years older than that. Tim said nothing and merely cowered against the lockers, hoping that this little tyrant would go away. Finally, with a huffing sneer, Ryan strutted off to the gymnasium, leaving Tim and a couple of his fans behind.

Though Tim figured that they were just scared of Ryan like he was, some of them seemed to enjoy watching Ryan come up with new ways to torment Tim. For instance, one day after gym about a month ago, Tim had a rather unfortunate run-in with Ryan and a toilet. Basically, it consisted of Ryan miraculously picking Tim up in the air and tilting him head first into the toilet water. As he huffed from the effort it took to hold a hundred and thirty pounds of flesh, Ryan still managed to find enough air to laugh hysterically as Tim flailed around helpless in the air.

Needless to say, Tim did his best to detach himself as much as he could from the whole experience so it would just hurt a little less. The rest of gym class passed with little incident, and fortunately, their coach did not notice the little cut on the bridge of Tim’s nose.

The next day, same time, same place as the day before, something a little different occurred. As he stood before his locker, he opened it to find a most unusual surprise waiting for him in his locker.

It was a sport’s bottle.

It stood tall and slender in the air, much like Tim. In the clear, unlabeled plastic bottle was a purplish liquid. Tim didn’t know quite what to make of it, but soon noticed something else in his locker. It was a note under the bottle.

Darting his eyes around as to make sure no one was looking, he lifted the bottle just enough to pull the note out from underneath it. Scrawled in blue ink on some ripped notebook paper, Tim read the little note.

What he does to you is sick. I’m in your corner. Drink this before class and you can turn the tables on that asshole. Signed—A friend.

Re-reading the note, Tim found himself getting entranced by it. There was nothing remarkable about any of it. The note was barely legible and the bottle looked like it hopped off an assembly line just like any other. And yet, Tim was getting more and more excited.

Pulling himself back, he thought to himself, What am I doing? How can I trust anyone in here?

Looking around once again, to see if the person who had written the note would identify themselves, he only saw his classmates each getting ready for gym. All their heads were turn and obviously had no interest in him— a real first.

Staring back at the bottle, Tim thought about it. Rubbing the scratch he had received yesterday, he quickly made his decision. What harm could it do that hadn’t already been done?

Uncorking the top of the bottle, Tim began to suck down the drink. It surprisingly had a very sweet taste to it. Not only that, but it was a little thicker than he thought it would be. It had the texture of chocolate milk and easily slid down his throat.

As he finished the bottle, he was quickly thrusted against the locker. Someone had rammed him from behind, forcing him to drop the bottle back into his locker. Though he choked for a moment on the liquid that was still in his mouth, he quickly swallowed it before being forcefully turned around. As usual, it was Ryan, still wearing those revealing clothes and that evil grin.

Holding Tim pinned against the locker, his hands groping Tim’s tiny little biceps, Ryan asked, “So, yer ready to show me some respect?”

Normally, Tim would have immediately submitted, nodding his head and defeated. But this time, it was different. Something inside of him felt different, felt stronger. Instead of submission, he meekly asked, “Why?”

Ryan was obviously blown back by his answer and hadn’t expected it. Gripping Tim’s arms even harder he asked, “What yew say?”

Tim could not believe what he had done. He was actually standing up to the meanest, toughest person in his whole grade. Though it felt to Tim like Ryan was loosening his grip on Tim’s arms, he actually hadn’t. Neither noticed Tim’s arms slowly swelling up with bounding little muscles.

“I could squash yew into a pulp if I wanned to—Timid Tim,” Ryan reaffirmed.

Readjusting his hands, Ryan finally noticed what was happening to Tim. Looking down past his meaty hands, he could feel and see Tim’s arm tightening up and growing in his grip. “What’s goin’ on?” he asked himself, sounding a little worried.

Looking down, Tim also noticed for the first time that his body looked a little different. Everything looked a little thicker in his gym uniform. His shirt fit more tightly than it ever had and he could feel his shorts slowly riding up his leg.

In a strike of fear, Tim’s captor released him from his loosening grip and could only watch in awe and fear at what was happening to the once very frail looking teen. Tim’s arms were no longer little twigs, instead they were starting to form tight little bulges where his biceps and triceps were.

His arms were not the only thing growing. Tim’s chest was swelling as well. Two little bulges of meat quickly became large slabs as they filled up his gym tank top. As they grew, he could feel his nipples trying to protrude through the fabric. Something about the sensation was oddly erotic, which stirred another growth in his pants.

As his legs grew with increasing bulges of muscle, his dick had also sprung to life and was filling his shorts. This normally would have been cause for embarrassment, but no one was laughing. In fact, no one was doing much of anything. Everyone had just frozen in place as they watched their classmate’s unexpected and inexplicable growth.

As Tim’s body continued to fill up with more and more muscle, it became increasingly apparent that his clothes were not going to be able to contain his growth. Tim could feel his growing muscles rubbing up not only against each other but the tightening fabric. Newly formed bulges from his back furiously popped out of his tank and rubbed against his growing arms. They had grown just as large as Ryan’s and were getting larger by the second.

He could feel his legs slowly being forced apart as they tightened and grew with thicker muscles. Even without flexing, every muscle bulged and rippled under his porcelain skin as if they were. That made the feeling of his butt rubbing up against the lockers a rather odd sensation. As each cheek inflated and grew, they rubbed harder and harder against the metal. For a brief moment, he thought that it would be the metal and not his tightening ass that would give way.

Not only had his muscles been growing this whole time, but so had his height. Tim had once been just over six feet tall, but as he stood their looking down at the surprising expressions of his classmates and the growing bulges all over his body, he could feel himself creeping higher in the air. He had grown at least a few inches in height and was getting taller.

Tim had never felt like this before. The feeling of his muscles stretching his tiny little clothes was actually very arousing, and thus his dick continued to grow. The one thing Tim had nothing to be ashamed about was the size of his dick, especially now. He was sporting a seven inch hard on and it was still filling up. Tim knew that it could get to nine inches if he got really aroused. And he defiantly constituted this as one of those moments.

As his body continued to stretch, thicken and grow, he could feel his clothes beginning to snap under the strain of his body. It was just too thick to hold his menacing appearance back any further. His tightly strung tank top quickly shredded off his body and fell to the floor. It exposed the largest, most impressive torso any of them had ever seen. His pecs were like rounded meaty shelves that hung several inches off his body. The cleft under those muscles were filled with a dark void, only kept company by his hardened nipples. Below them was the largest, rippling eight pack every to grace the human body. Each brick seemed to have a life of its own as each of them continued their miraculous growth.

As for his shorts, the bulge in his pants had become obscene. Every boy in the room couldn’t help but stare in awe at not only his muscles but his huge package. As his shorts too were stripped away, he could have sworn that Ryan had moved his hand over his own package as if to guard its small or delicate size.

With his head reaching many inches above the lockers now and only a foot away from the ceiling, he could feel his wondrous growth come to an end. Tim stood standing in the locker room as the largest person not only in the room but in the whole school. Every muscle rippled even to the slightest command. His skin was stretched so tightly across them that every student could see the fibers rippling with them.

Ryan and everyone else were speechless. Tim had once been this pathetic waste of space and now towered above everyone with the largest, most imposing physique any of them had ever seen.

Looking Ryan directly in the eye, he only said one thing, repeating himself from earlier, “Why?

Ryan couldn’t move; he was petrified. Answering for him, Tim continued, “I know a way you can make it up to me.”

“How?” he blurted out at mach ten. It was more a sound than it was a word.

Tim flexed his dick as it hung hard in the air, giving him a rather sly grin. But as he did so, he looked past Ryan’s fearful gaze and noticed another one from another student. His eyes were a sharp blue and supported by a round face with blonde hair. He had begun walking forward, closer to Tim.

In that instant, he had known it must have been him. It was something in his eye, the way it glinted in the light, or just their softness. Tim knew, and the other student knew he knew.

As he continued walking forward, Tim noticed that the other boys had begun to do the same thing. One by one, each of them walked closer and closer to him. Each of them had an unnatural look of desire in their eyes. That’s when Tim noticed a rather peculiar smell. Lifting up his rather muscular arm, he sniffed his thinly hair wisped arm pit and noticed that it was coming from him.

He had never smelled anything like it. It had a sweet, but strong musk smell, as if roses and mud had been mixed together. And as revolting as that combination smelled, it was strangely erotic. Tim put his arm back down and took a closer look at the other ten boys. He noticed that all of them, every single one were sporting a hard on. Some of them were larger than others, but the largest belong to the one he knew that had done this to him.

One by one, each student began to find a spare piece of skin and grope the muscle underneath, kissing it softly with their mouths or feeling it up with their hands. Even Ryan had bent down and begun sucking on his left calf.

This left Tim eye to eye with his savior. The latter spoke first. “I’m Steven.”

Tim nearly introduced himself in turn, but figured that it wasn’t necessary. Steven continued, “I couldn’t stand what they did to you. So, now they are getting a taste of their own medicine.”

Looking around at the varied boys, some more muscular than others but all rather good looking, Tim commented, “So why aren’t you---“

“---sucking you wherever there is bare skin?”

Tim nodded.

“Because I don’t need that pheromone to want you. —I already did.”

A smile slowly lifted on Tim’s face. There was something strangely romantic about all of this to him. And only a moment later, a smile followed on Steven’s face. Clearing one of the boys from Tim’s throbbing dick, Steven began to passionately suck down on its huge head.

Tim couldn’t help but moan quite loudly. The sensation of eleven pairs of lips on his body was incredibly erotic. His muscle would randomly tense as the boys found new places to adore and kiss him. As for his dick, he could feel it getting even more aroused. Whatever Steven was doing with his tongue felt amazing. It was so amazing that Tim knew he couldn’t take took much more of it.

“Steven, you’re— oh wow,” he called out, unable to contain himself.

It was as if every man was out for themselves. What’s more was that they didn’t seem to hear what Tim had said. They were completely absorbed in what they were doing. Tim was particularly interested in the two boys sucking on his nipples. Feeling their mouths awkwardly work around the sharp bulges of his pecs felt great.

Quickly turning his head back front, Tim called out to Steven, “I’m close.”

Lifting his mouth from Tim’s oozing dick, he coolly replied, “I know.”

Placing his lips back down, he sucked more and only seconds later Tim could feel the eruption beginning. As cum quickly flowed from him into Steven’s mouth he could feel his whole body rumble. Tim quickly realized that for whatever reason, he was growing again.

His dick continued to spray cum and his body reacted. All of Tim’s muscles hardened even more and began to swell again. The boy’s didn’t let do though. They held on for dear life, kissing him more passionately as he grew.

Tim could feel himself sliding higher and higher in the air. As he rose up, his muscle grew out. Stepping away from the lockers, boys quickly swarmed around his back side and began feeling up his stretching body. Every bulge bulged a little bit more with every second.

Looking back down to Steven he noticed that he was still sucking down on his dick. What’s more was that Steven seemed to be a little bigger than he had been before. It didn’t take Tim long to figure out that his cumming didn’t only make him grow.

Tim watched Steven’s muscles swell just like his had before and could feel his getting even bigger than they had been. His head was only an inch away from the seven and a half foot ceiling before his growth stopped again and the cum stopped pulsing.

Steven released his lips from Tim’s huge member and stood up. Although he was no were near as tall as Tim, he was obviously the tallest in the room, his head many inches above the lockers. Also, he was the most heavily muscled of the bunch. Unlike Tim’s transformation, Steven’s uniform hadn’t given way. Every muscle he sported was tightly hugged by the thinly stretched fabric.

Walking up to Tim, Steven gave him the most passionate kiss he could give. Tim was in a room of ecstasy. He had a whole gym class sucking and groping his body. He had the hottest guy in the bunch, a now over grown muscle stud kissing his lips and caressing his tongue in the hottest embrace he had ever been in. And another of the boys was walking around to his dick, sucking on it just as Steven had before.

Not wanting to break the embrace with Steven, he thought to himself, If this is what a little bullying gets me, why didn’t I try this sooner?

As always, I was just sort of struck by some random inspiration. I wrote it down and there it was. ... Interesting is the only word I have for it. I hope that all of you liked it and thanks for taking the time to read it. Until we write again-- later!

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Gym Class

Great story Nightwolf285. Your writing describing Tim's muscle growth and feelings was amazing! Thanks.
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Love the story..Hot Jocks always do it for me..Hoping Tim will make other guys grow...if you are writing any more chapters that is ?
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That was again, a HOT short story, but it was complete and powerfully built. Yu really have talent to write long deep stories and short simpler and yet incredibly awesome tales.

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Hey nightwolf285,

I enjoyed your story - as I usually do, in fact. Among other things, it gave me new hope that you will soon continue your excellent series, "Finding Mark."

no name
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have i ever told you.... passionately i <3 you...?
this story...made me hard. you fuckin bitch; thanks for the story buy ;p
just my thoughts as a writer

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