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The Rehabilitator - Part Two

Lesson Number Two

As soon as I was half awake I became aware that the little dude wasn’t moving at all. For a second I thought I had squeezed the life out of him while we slept, but then I perceived he was breathing – although very lightly. It was as if he thought even a slight inhale might wake me and he didn’t want to disturb the sleeping alpha. I then realized it was fear keeping him frozen. The thick, hard head of my cock had nestled itself between his plump – and I’m sure still-as-hell sore – ass cheeks. The little guy was scared shitless that even one little cough from his body would cause my huge skewer to poke him like some kind of kebob. It was clear he had been awake for some time – petrified, I’m sure, that I would fuck him in my sleep. I had to admit that my thick piece of meat felt magnificent wedged up in his warm, sweaty crack, but I wasn’t one to lose control or to seek pleasure from someone who wasn’t ready. His ass was safe, for now. I’m sure it was still in a lot of pain from my three solid licks the night before, but maybe he was so scared about my cock that he wasn’t feeling a thing. I wiggled the tip a little, causing him to clamp his ass tightly – which was exactly what I had wanted. My big sword loved a tight sheath and I had a feeling – if he ever let me in – the guy’s ass was going to be a personal favorite. I tightened my arms, pulling his upper body into my big chest, but carefully adjusting my rod so its length merely pressed against the guy’s ass cheeks. The dude gasped from the pain, but I could tell he was glad I wasn’t poking his hole teasingly. I smiled.

“Morning, little one. How do you greet your alpha?”

“Morning, sir.”

“Oh yeah, such a good boy. Your alpha is so proud of you for remembering lesson number one. I have a feeling that sore ass of yours reminded you, didn’t it.”

I really didn’t expect him to answer that question so when he was silent I didn’t try to encourage a respectful response. I just wanted to bring the memory of the previous night fully into his consciousness. I hated it when a pup slid back in his learning and we had to start all over again. I had realized that reinforcing what I had already taught – even if it was by reminding a guy of how much pain he had felt during the lesson – meant we could usually move forward immediately. I could tell I was already attached to my new pupil. The mixture of rebellion and his obvious suppressed desire for a dominant alpha was intoxicating. Of course, he had no idea how much he really wanted a master because it was still too hidden within his psyche. I’m sure psychiatrists would have had a field day with the guy – noting a terrible relationship with his father or some other abuse by a daddy-figure in his life. I just knew there was a part of him desperate to be controlled . . . trained . . . and taught. Part of my helping the dude was going to be unlocking that secret part of him. Oh crap, daydreaming about him submitting himself completely to me made my cock stiffen even harder and it popped back between his clammy ass cheeks. He squeezed them doubly hard this time and it gave me such a thrill that I knew if I didn’t do something immediately I’d start hammering his hole like a wild beast. I pulled away from his body – immediately missing how it felt to hold his small frame motionless – and stood up beside the bed. I stretched my huge body and caught him staring at me when I was done. I glanced southward and saw that the sheet was tenting up really high at his crotch. He immediately covered that area with his hands – ashamed at how he could not control himself. I chuckled with absolutely no shame.

“Popping some big wood there, son. See something you like?”

“Fuck you . . . um . . . sir.”

Oh god, I almost spurted right there on the spot. The little jerk was making it clear he thought I was a piece of shit, but lesson one was now so embedded in his brain that he had to be respectful as he did it. That was almost too much for me to handle. Damn, I loved it when a pup was both cocky and fearful. I knew this punk was struggling hard inside. He probably wanted to fucking kill me, but he knew he couldn’t – and part of him loved the fact that I was so big and strong. The newly learned knowledge that I was undeniably the alpha – able to totally dominate him without any problem - made the guy swallow his pride and offer words of respect to me like presents placed before god statues. The pup had learned lesson one well and it was already a habit to respect his elder, not to mention someone bigger and more powerful. I could tell it confused him that a man moving into what most people considered the border of senior citizen years could be as big as a Mack truck. Sure, the strength was a surprise, too, but not as much since he had gotten a good look at how muscled I was. It seemed natural to him that such a big dude would be incredibly strong. He, of course, had no idea of just how powerful I was since I had only really used part of my strength, but I could tell his body sensed there was no way he could beat me in any kind of one-on-one challenge. I knew instinctively, however, he would still try.

All of this was turning me on, but – still – the punk had to be taught a lesson. He had been respectful, but he hadn’t been polite. And that was lesson number two. I smiled at him and his toes curling up tight with fear briefly distracted me. He was still lying on the bed with a sheet draped across his crotch and upper legs. His cock was still rock hard, but the guy was beginning to understand that this was probably going to be a perpetual state for him as long as he was in my house. That was a little side lesson and I was happy he was figuring it out. As quickly as a summer breeze can kick in I was kneeling on the side of the bed and my big right hand was planted squarely on the guy’s chest. For a few seconds I loved looking at how big my manly paw was compared to his twenty-something hustler-boy chest. The dude was spectacularly handsome, but his attitude sometimes made him look harsh and ugly. I loved feeling the tightness of his slightly developed pecs and my cock twitched some more when I noticed his thick man nubs were popping out hard, too, because he was so turned on. Damn, I adored nipple erections. The stupid fool tried to wiggle his way out from under my hand, but the pressure was too much. I had him locked in place and I started to slowly push down.

“So on to lesson number two, little man. It’s all about being polite. You see, it’s one thing to be respectful, but it’s when we act polite that we raise ourselves above the great unwashed. It’s all about being grateful. You know, thankful for all of the good things that have happened to us. But it’s also about not spraying negativity and foulness into the world. You see, boy, when you spit out ‘fuck you’ to someone, even with the respectful ‘sir’ at the end, you’re sending negative energy into the world. We need to be shooting out positive energy every time we speak and every time we do something. Now, this lesson is going to be a lot harder to learn. I can guarantee that. But I need the initial teaching moment to make a big impact on you, little man, so I’m afraid there’s going to be a lot of discomfort for a few minutes. And in the midst of the pain, I’m gong to ask you to say a few things. I’m sure you’ve realized by now that the faster you say them the faster the pain will stop. It’s just my way of reinforcing the lesson. Now, why don’t you apologize for cussing earlier.”

“Hell no . . . sir.”

That was exactly the response I hoped would come. I didn’t want my pupil to learn too fast – that took away a lot of the fun. Convincing a pup that I truly was his alpha-master was the best part of teaching. Early on, no matter how many lessons a guy got right, he usually still had hope of beating me . . . or something even worse. Oh, how I loved their ignorance and the pleasure of watching them slowly succumb to the fact that I now controlled every part of them. Hell, I had even controlled this poor punk’s bodily functions and he was still foolishly trying to find a way to turn the tables. Basically, he was going through the motions of being respectful – afraid of his ass ending up hurting even more than it already did. That was fine with me. It was kind of like memorizing the alphabet before you comprehend fully what the letters are used for. This guy’s soreness made him respectful for now, but there would come a day when it would come as natural as breathing in and out. I loved this period of transition – of forming a young pup’s mind. I especially loved it when they held out as long as they could so I got to show off my so-called ‘teaching skills’ as much as possible. I had a feeling this specific stubborn student was going to get to experience a lot of what my big body could do and that thought turned me on so much.

“Oh you poor boy. The pressure from learning lessons is about to get much more intense.”

I started shoving his chest downward – pushing him into the mattress. I’m pretty sure - at first - he kind of liked the feeling. It probably felt like a deep tissue massage. It’s when the pressure didn’t let up, and actually increased, that I was rewarded with some panic in his eyes. Oh, if only the dude could have understood I wasn’t even using half of my full strength. The knowledge that I could have more than doubled the force presently impeding the expansion of his chest for inhaling would have probably caused him to pass out. That awareness, however, would be saved for another day . . . another lesson. Right now, I was intent on receiving an apology.

“Which is it going to be, little man – breathing or not breathing? Three little words could immediately fill your lungs with glorious, much needed air. Just one polite phrase. I really don’t want to shove your body through the mattress, but if that’s what it takes for you to learn then who am I to deny you such a good education. You probably got your last little gasp a few seconds ago, so right now you might even be starting to see little black dots. Look what a deep impression you’re making in the hard padding around you. You never thought something could push this hard, did you? But look at that arm that’s smashing your little body downward – it’s big enough for you to realize that I might crack something if I keep pressing on you with this much might. Now, why don’t you show this old man how polite you can be.”

I knew he wasn’t ready to give in and that made me very excited. I had just started compressing the shit out of him. I figured he could take a little more pain – maybe even a lot more. At least, I hoped so. Sure, it was hard for him to breathe, but he wasn’t going to show me that – at least not right away. I pressed a little harder and knew that it was beginning to feel like someone was squeezing a giant vice-grip on his chest. I loved how weak his body felt underneath my hand. I knew I could do some serious damage if I chose to, but that wasn’t part of my plan. I simply wanted the guy to apologize and start his little journey to understanding politeness. My pupil, however, simply gritted his teeth and started gasping for breath – squeezing in enough to keep his brain going. The hatred in his eyes alone was enough fuel to make my hard-on last for another few hours. As if to show me just how stupid he really was the guy started banging on my wrist and hand with his fists. I didn’t feel a thing and he could immediately tell by the bored look on my face. Soon, he just gave up trying to get me to release the pressure and started trying to think of another way to remove my hand. The little man was smart enough, thank god, to not me more by cussing at me again. He simply stayed quite and contemplated his next move.

“You’re starting to turn a little pale, dude. What’s the matter? You having trouble getting air into your lungs? I’ve already given you a simple solution to your problem. Just open up your mouth and make your lips move to say three simple words. You can do it. I know you can. I’m not sure your little body can take much more of this abuse. Do you want to chance that, tiny fella? I should tell you that the sound of bones breaking actually makes me pop like an opened champagne bottle and I would probably cover you from head to toe in my hot man-lava, but I’m not sure you’re ready to please me that much. You know, cracking your chest cavity and all just to make me happy. But I can tell you what would please me just as much. Just three little words of apology.”

I was shocked the guy was handling the physical and verbal abuse so well. He hadn’t spat any words of hatred back at me and even though the pained look on his face had gotten more intense, he was still handling my ton-like pressure without caving in – both figuratively and literally. I looked down and got a little shock, myself, when I saw his tented cock waving appreciatively back and forth beneath the sheet. The dude was actually getting more excited by my mistreatment. He was either still buzzing on some drug or the guy was into S and M. I was hoping it was the latter, because that probably meant he could deal with a lot of pain and that meant I’d probably have a lot more fun. By this point I was pushing so hard that the little dude’s body was almost completely submerged into the mattress. His stubbornness had made me use more power than I ever had before. I was truly worried that his chest was going to shatter into fragments soon. It was clear, however, that the guy was going to pass out first. There just wasn’t enough air getting into his body. I watched and was a little disappointed, as his eyes rolled back into his head and his body went limp as he slipped into unconsciousness. This had happened before. Most people would have said I’d gone too far, but I knew this was all part of the process. The squirt was really strong and that started me thinking about other things down the line, but that would have to wait. Right now I could not allow him to avoid learning lesson two.

In order to awaken my little friend from his forced morning nap I removed my big hand from his chest and moved it down to his balls. I was impressed by the size of the guy’s nuts as I wrapped my hands around them tightly. With one solid squeeze the dude immediately awakened and screamed out in obvious pain. His body kind of convulsed upward, too, and he instantly looked at my huge hand crushing his sack.

“I’m sorry, sir!”

The apology was loud and clear. I released my powerful grip immediately. The pain was too unbearable to put up with for as long as he had held out from the pressure on his chest. I marveled at how much I liked feeling his balls squished between my fingers. I wanted to smash them even harder, but knew that would send my little pupil into shock. I had merely been looking for the apology and it had come just as I wished – with respect and plainly spoken. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to flatten his balls as thin as pancakes, but I found some satisfaction from the fact that he looked about two inches thinner in the chest – or at least that’s what I told myself since I had compressed his body with so much power. I thought about continuing to squeeze the hell out of his nuts just because it pleased me so much, but I knew that was a very bad way to teach a lesson. I needed to reward good behavior and his apology had been so sincere. While I tenderly moved his sack between my fingers I noticed the little man was even harder than he had been before. His cock was sticking straight up in the air like some kind of pornographic totem pole. The dude had gotten off on the pain I had caused even though he had been unconscious at first - and in spite of the severity of the aching my fingers caused.

“Hot damn, that was pretty. Your apology, that is. It was mighty polite of you, son. Now, I realize you had a little encouragement to be so nice, but that’s okay. We’ll get you being polite soon and I won’t have to squeeze the shit out of your balls to make it happen. I know you’ll…”

Without any warning, the poor pup threw his fist into my stomach with all of his might. I pretty much knew it was coming. I had hurt his pride, not to mention literally hurting his manhood, when I crushed his package. He was pissed and had been fuming inside ever since he was jerked so wildly out of his unconsciousness. I couldn’t blame him, really. He needed to assert himself again – he was beginning to feel insignificant and that was more devastating than the pain I caused to his body. He was feeling small and weak, which is never a good thing for a guy that’s learned how to live on the streets. This guy was used to being considered tough by everyone he met, and it was driving him insane that I wasn’t cowering from his cocky attitude. He also could not stand the fact that an elder man – someone he thought should be over-the-hill – was able to dominate him physically.

It was clear that the little dude used all of his strength to blast his fist into my stomach. He anticipated my body doubling over immediately and the tables would turn. He would then be in charge. It’s sometimes the brief moments right after I do something powerful that I love the most. I crave those few seconds where someone moves from thinking they have won to being confused as to what has happened to fully realizing they are now fucked. My little pupil’s face was priceless. He had an evil grin across his face as soon as he smacked his knuckles into my abs. The smack of skin on skin reverberated off the walls of the room. My cock jerked a little more to attention when I realized my stomach wasn’t even tensed and, yet, my muscled abs withstood his strongest punch easily. I felt his fist meeting my flesh, but it was like a feather brushing against my skin. Instead of learning his lesson immediately, the dude just figured my body was still processing what had just happened so he took advantage of my disadvantaged state and pulled his arm back to send his fist flying a second time.

It wasn’t my unmoving stomach that finally clued the guy into how powerless his punch had been – it was the wicked smile that crept across my face. I watched as his eyes filled with shock and the awareness of the pain in his fingers finally reached his brain. He went through so many emotions in the span of a few seconds. He moved from cockiness to shock to doubt and then finally landed on the kind of unbelieving awe that made my balls want to churn out much more cum than usual. It would never get old watching cocky younger dudes deflate right before my eyes. My little pupil could almost taste his freedom a few seconds ago. He thought I’d be incapacitated with one punch – and then he was sure that two would do me in. I didn’t have to do a thing to put the guy in his proper place. His entire being turned submissive just because my stomach easily withstood what he considered his knock down punch. I knew he was fighting back tears of disbelief as he tried to hide the pain my stomach caused to his hand. He wanted to save some dignity and not completely give in to the powerful senior citizen before him. Usually this guy called men like me ‘Gramps,’ ‘Old Man,’ or ‘Frail One.’ He wasn’t used to being beaten by a guy as ancient as me – and especially when I didn’t really do anything to win. I tightened my abs to throw a little more salt in the little man’s wounds. I wanted him to see that my stomach could actually get about three times as hard as it presently was – something that I knew freaked him out tremendously. His eyes got wider – to match the density of my rows of stone-like muscle popping out all over my chiseled tummy. His breathing stopped for a few seconds – he was just so amazed at how easily I had deflected his punch.

“Yeah, pup, it freaks the hell out of you that my old man abs can be so damn strong, doesn’t it. I barely registered your puny punch at all. Were you hitting me or trying to tickle me? I bet your fingers are stinging like crazy. I realize you’re not going to let on that you’re in pain, but I know you are. You’re also shocked that I can be so muscled, aren’t you. You didn’t think it was possible for a guy my age to absorb your fist’s full force so easily, did you? I’ve been big and strong my whole life, boy. I can’t even remember a time when I couldn’t beat up almost everyone around me – no matter what his age. I was dominating big guys twice my age when I was just eleven years old and now I’m easily defeating guys even younger and bigger than you. I’m in the best shape ever and I’m in my mid-sixties. I think you keep forgetting that I’m going to easily put you in your place any time I want to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with you challenging me – it gives me a chance to show off, but I’m wondering when you’re going to stop thinking you can win. I really can’t believe you thought that little puny punch was going to hurt me. Maybe I should take a swing at your mid-section now – to call it even.”

The panicked look on the guy’s face was priceless. I think he imagined me hitting him so hard that his bellybutton would be shoved out his ass. He was beginning to fully understand my power and it scared the hell out of him. That, of course, turned me on in a big way. He jumped off the bed and stood on the other side – as far away from me as possible. He kept his eyes glued to my hands to hopefully avoid them if I began swinging. It amused me that he thought he could get away – as if I wouldn’t be able to have him in any position I wanted in mere seconds. It was fine to let him think he could escape me. That might come in handy later on – the surprise of me moving so fast that he didn’t know what hit him until it was too late. I smiled at the frightened pupil – and made sure it was a look that made him realize how futile his efforts to avoid me really were. I also made it clear that I wasn’t going to really punch him. I could see momentous relief in his face immediately.

“So you get the fact that one punch from me could put you in the hospital for weeks if I wanted it to, don’t you little pup. Yeah, I think you’re beginning to realize this big alpha isn’t just a lot of hot air – that I’ve got the muscle and the power to back up everything I say. If I tell you I’m going to fuck you up by tying your body into a nice little knot, I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass, am I? I could really do it if I decided to. I also think you’re starting to like that, aren’t you, man? You get off on the idea that this old man could bend your body in so many new ways that you’d fit in my sock drawer? Yeah, look how your hard little prick twitches when I taunt you this way. You might want to think twice next time before you haul off and hit me, dude. I might not be able to control my instinct to retaliate and I’ll send you through a fucking wall. Don’t make me destroy part of my house or you’re really going to feel my full wrath. I can promise you that. But getting back to your apology – it was really sweet. We’ll work on being polite some more while we work out. No need to dress, pup.”

I stepped over and easily tossed the little guy over my shoulder bounding down the hall toward my gym. Toting his light body around was so much fun. It was as easy as draping a kitchen towel across one of my massive traps. I felt his now familiar hard-on pressing into my thick muscle and that encouraged me more. I bounced his body up and down a little harder just to give his cock a thrill. The added pressure to his crotch made him moan a little and that only made me happier. The fact that he was slowly becoming putty in my hands made it more fun to know that I could actually squash the little guy with my mitts if I wanted to. It was great to feel small men smashed up against my big body. I instinctively knew how big and strong I was, but it was also cool as hell to have some little thing to remind me of that fact every now and then. Feeling how light he was draped across my huge shoulder helped me to appreciate just how huge I had become in my old age. The poor dude was powerless against me. If I chose to make it so, he’d remain on my shoulder clamped tightly down by my massive arm for as long as I wanted. Knowing that kicked my elder testosterone-laden body into high gear and made me want to exert a lot of energy – either in reprimanding the kid or in working out. Lucky for him, I had a home gym that could keep me busy and help me work off a lot of sexual tension. Most of the weights in the room were covered in dried cum because I usually blasted off once or twice during intense workouts. I had a feeling that my earlier domination of the little man was going to seriously jack my building juice into something powerful and the release was going to be momentous while we lifted.

All this thinking of my upcoming orgasm, as well as focusing on my unlimited elder-man power, made me suddenly need to crank out a hard flex. I simply dropped the little guy on his feet and pumped my huge arm up into the air. Nothing externally made me need to tense my gun; it was merely an internal need I had to satisfy. My body needed to feel blood pumping into my massive mound of muscle and make it rocket towards the sky with dense thickness. I also had to have a long gander at my own biceps – and marvel at my size. Sometimes the need was so intense that absolutely nothing else mattered. I stared at the huge mound of hard beef ballooning out from my flexed arm and suddenly became aware of the little man’s gaze, too. I turned to look at his face and was surprised to see that there was absolutely no lust in his eyes – they were simply too filled with genuine awe. He was so overwhelmed by my thick gun that he couldn’t register any other emotion. His brain and his body were not able to process anything else. His unhinged admiration of my freaking size made me suddenly need to impel the bulging muscle even higher. I realized at that moment I truly wanted to do a lot more than flex – like grab the guy around his neck and lift him off the floor or taunt him into punching me again so I could feel how futile and pathetic his fists were when striking my hard body. I knew, of course, that it was better for me to just continue to pump up my muscles. It was one thing to reprimand the dude for bad behavior and an entirely different thing to bully or tease him. I loved showing off, but I wasn’t one to abuse without a reason. I could also see that, by merely flexing my hard, muscled body, I was wrecking the tiny young dude anyway. The size of his eyes almost matched the hugeness of my arm. His mouth was wide open and his breathing was pretty hard. I instinctively knew to press the bulging biceps into his face. No word was spoken, but – then again – it wasn’t necessary. I could see the awe and need in his eyes. My hard skin pushed against his nose – forcing it to flatten because of my unyielding muscle. The dude actually started panting loudly and I could see that his body was visibly shaking. His lips and tongue naturally started adoring my biceps without the guy even realizing what he was doing. He was so in awe of my muscles that he automatically treated it like a mega-giant scoop of his favorite ice cream, although his lip massage and tongue bath wouldn’t diminish my biceps in any way.

All of his actions registered in my brain on some level, but I was also so wrapped up in my own flexing that I merely accepted his response as a given. He should adore my huge body – it was natural for the alpha to be worshipped. I was massive next to him and the size difference logically called for some emphasizing – both by me continuing to tense my muscles into swelling proportions and the little guy continuing to mentally masturbate from the shock of how big I was. Flexing was one of my most favorite activities in the world. I had been gigantic for so long that I had gotten used to pumping my arms into double biceps poses all the time – sometimes for the benefit of other people, but mostly because how it stimulated my blood flow and kicked my cockiness into high gear. I’m sure most people would have called me narcissistic, but when you were built like me it was pretty much a given that I should appreciate my body. It was one of the rewards for working so hard to build it up. Truth be told, however, there really wasn’t a person on earth that wouldn’t expect – and even like – a little self-admiration from a guy built like me. Most people expected a huge dude to be cocky as shit and kind of stuck on himself. I kept it all in perspective, though, and knew I needed to let other people appreciate my muscles, but it was also a lot of fun every now and then to let loose and do some intense self-worshipping foreplay.

The smacking of my pup’s lips against my tensed hard skin brought me back to what was happening. I could tell his tongue was afire with masculine tastes as he soaked up the salty sweat that covered my biceps. His lips felt tight and cool smashed up against my muscles. I cupped the back of his head with my other big hand and pressed my bulging arm into his face even harder, loving how it made the guy’s moans grow deeper and louder. The dude clearly got more excited by how my tough skin didn’t give at all when I pushed into his face. He wanted to be up close and personal with my bulging mass – that was very obvious. His unabashed admiration gave me another idea. I released his head and pulled my arm away from his face. He whimpered like a puppy and I could tell it was because he missed feeling my arm muscles intimately pressed against his nose and mouth. I, however, had a plan that I knew would please him even more.

I knelt before the pup and slid my forearm between his knees. He immediately realized what was happening and his entire body shook with joy. My beefy forearm made his legs spread apart easily – even though he actually didn’t move his feet. I bent my arm once it was buried deep between his two limbs. I started flexing my biceps and the massive mound of meat started forcing the pup’s thighs to separate. When my hard peak finally bumped up against his tight balls the guy sucked in air and his cock shot up straight. He also squeezed his legs together tightly.

“Yeah boy, you can press those legs together as much as you want but you won’t dent that big arm in at all. That muscle is so hard you couldn’t move it no matter how hard you try. But I’m not stopping my flex at your low hanging fruit, boy. No, I have something else in mind. I wish we had a little saddle for my big arm – that would make you happy, I’m sure.”

I then continued to flex my biceps hard and loved how I could feel it pressing against his balls – smashing them upward and he could do nothing to prevent it. My mound of beef just kept growing bigger and higher. It was when my mountain of arm muscle met his ass that both of us got the most excited. I watched as his cock spat up a little pre and his butt tightened uncontrollably. My big split biceps pushed into his crack and spread his cheeks easily. The guy was so turned on that he went up on the balls of his feet and tried to avoid his twitching ass from getting too excited by the hardness below. I also realized my growing arm made him have to go up on his toes – it was just too high and my arm easily held the weight of his body. I knew the little guy was a goner any time I chose him to be. It was easy to know exactly what would send him over the top. It was also very cool to be in charge of the guy’s body that way.

I could tell the pup was getting majorly confused. It was clear that part of him wanted me to be gentle and nice – maybe cover him with one hundred manly kisses while I cradled him in my big arms. Another part of him, however, wanted me to be rough and kind of ferocious. I could see he in his eyes that he wanted to say, “Why Gramps, what big arms you have,” and then he wanted to hear me reply, “The better to squeeze the life out of you, boy.” Or he’d say, “Why Gramps, what a big chest you have,” and I’d respond, “The better to smash your little body against the wall, my boy.” And then he’d finally exclaim, “Why Gramps what a big cock you have,” and I’d sneer, “The better to fuck your brains out, boy.” Yeah, it was obvious he wanted me to be his big, bad wolf, but he was also scared of what I might do. Instinctively, he knew I had only used a fraction of my full power and that terrified him, while turning him on unbelievably at the same time. In the meantime, I loved watching the guy teeter on complete fear and total dick-hardening awe at the same time. I had a feeling he didn’t know whether to shoot a big load or crap in his pants most of the time. This is what thrilled me most about my size and my power. With one deep bellow or a quick massive ‘most muscular’ pose I could send the guy reeling into bone-chilling fear or I could quickly help him fall fast asleep by protecting his small body within my enormous arms and chest.

I decided it was time to send him over the top. I knew he wanted what was coming, but I think he thought I wouldn’t be able to make it happen. I easily stood up. As soon as his feet left the ground he had to quickly grab hold of my big shoulder with both hands to balance his body. He thought he was too big for me to lift him with just one arm – especially when my flexed biceps was plowing into his ass crack hard. I could see the shock in his face and I could feel his body quickly going into an uncontrolled reaction.

“Yeah, the pup is surprised that this old man can power his body up into the air on his big gun, isn’t he? Just feel that hard meat spreading your gorgeous ass, son. Man, I love flexing that peak and feeling the muscle hitting your asshole and making you squirm like a little baby. It’s fun riding my big arm, isn’t it? Now, let’s bounce you a little and make you squirt big time.”

The combination of my talking, his bottom being blasted hard with my muscle, and the fact that I was actually making his body bounce up and down by flexing my gun proved too much for the smaller dude. His cock was smashed tight against my huge biceps and suddenly it shot off like a cannon – spewing his juice into the air and all over my arm and shoulder. The poor guy cried out so loud it seemed like the orgasm was killing him. I felt his legs tighten even more around my big arm, but he still didn’t dent in the muscle at all. I flexed even harder just to increase the thrill of his reaction. Veins popped out all over his forehead because of the intensity of his body’s response. I loved knowing he could not have prevented this ejaculation no matter how hard he had tried. His body was simply responding to something more powerful and much more masculine than he had ever imagined. I was merely doing the guy a big favor and giving him the kind of orgasms all men deserved. I figured his brain had completely shut down while he was shooting his load – all energy in his body was being usurped to force cum out of his hard-as-hell cock. It was also clear that my big gun felt like a giant stone underneath his ass. He was pressing down on the peak as hard as he could – without even knowing it – to make himself cum even more powerfully. I simply kept flexing my biceps up and down to make his body bounce like some kind of toy. Finally his body stopped bobbing and he simply slid off my huge gun. I caught him with my other arm and set him on the floor. He was clearly going to need about a half hour to recover before we started working out.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Normally i don't go for stories with Dom/Sub themes like this but the way you tell it with the jacked daddy it's too sexy for me not to read ;P
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Another classic from one of the Master Muscle Story tellers of the day. No surprise there. But damn! The experience as always, is an unforgettable, erotic trip.

I normally don't like stories that have the bigger dude forcing submission of the smaller dude. But this is oh, so different, and much, much deeper than that. The Alpha is so caring about tutoring his new pup; protecting him, and forcing the youth to be bigger, better, and far greater than the boy could ever imagine himself to ever become, whether he wants it or not.

At first look, I was reminded (over-simplistically, I admit) of a narcissistic Superman, who allows his power to turn himself on, and wants an audience to watch the show. But that of course, is entirely wrong.

It is much more like one of the ancient Gods of old, who possessed unfathomable immortal physical powers, but was subject to the human characteristics of temper and self-adulation, while having a fundamental knowledge of his overwhelming superiority over mere mortals.

Now imagine that God choosing one of the weaker and lesser mortals, and slowly but relentlessly, taking that mortal youth and molding him into a God in his own right - almost a Demigod. While putting him through an ordeal of fire and ice, the boy will become so much greater than he can possibly imagine; a brilliant and impressively tough diamond, forged over time, from a lowly lump of coal.

I've tried to imagine myself in the pup's place, but instantly realized the utter impossibility of the encounter, simply for no other reason than the fact that I would obediently fawn all over the big Alpha, and submit to him, instead of fiercely attempting to fight back. I'm afraid in that case, I would be disgustingly discarded like an old shoe. No challenge there, and therefore not worthy of being elevated to a higher level of being.

The key point here is the fact that the Alpha is not taking in this waif to simply rid him of his negative upbringing in the past, nor put him on the right track to proceed in the future. Rather he is making the pup work out, eat well, and live a healthy, glorious life of sex and muscle worship, until the boy himself becomes a powerfully confident, albeit smaller, version of the Alpha.

Against the pup's will, the Alpha is going to slowly mold him into a sexually superior and physically beautiful human being. That idea is so awesomely erotic for me, I get excited by the mere thought. And I find it fascinating to note that in the scale of things, while becoming an excellent Bottom for the Alpha, the boy will most likely be an awe-inspiring Top for nearly everyone else.

Watching the slow inevitable process of this metamorphosis is indeed the greatest part of the journey this story takes you on. How the Alpha toys with the boy, seemingly to be unconquerable. Yet, it becomes pretty clear pretty fast, that the huge Alpha is secretly as vulnerable to the pup's defiance, as the pup is to the Alpha's imposed dominance. And even though the big man outwardly seems to be mean and abusive in the pup's eyes, the boy still hasn't figured out that this God will protect him like a loving father would his own son, if for no other reason than Right of Ownership; the pup is the Alpha's property now, and anyone who messes with that arrangement risks seriously being wrecked forever. As strange as this relationship is, it is absolute, and uncompromising.

And I think it is gloriously erotic and masterfully told.

If only the pup realized that as he grows in strength and wisdom down the line, and the bond between the two also grows, the pup could most likely, up to a point, wrap the Alpha around his finger. It is Tough Love of the most purest kind.

Stepping out of the story for a second, I wanted you to know Londonboy, that I appreciated the deliberate direction you took in telling this story in First Person, from the Alpha's point of view. It empowers the reader, and makes a domination story of this sort so much more than a concept of a big guy bullying a small guy. Had this been done the other way around, with the plot told from the boy's point of view, the entire spirit of the story would have been lost. It's that fragile a thing to get right.

I also thought you might be interested to know, that this story demonstrated that you have the confidence and superior ability to turn a phrase, to the point that it gives you the unique potential to be able to place a subject under hypnosis. I mean that quite literally, not metaphorically.

I am quite serious, and speaking from experience. In projecting yourself as the Alpha in this story, you were using all the tools and mechanisms that are typically used for that process, whether you were consciously aware of it or not. I found that fact eyebrow-raising.

I look very much forward to your next chapter of this remarkable story, and sincerely hope your endeavors on the far side of the world are going well.

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