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Old February 20th, 2014, 06:28 AM
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The Rehabilitator

I pulled his head out of the water in the sink, watching him catch his breath and wipe his face quickly. He struggled to pull away from me but it was useless. I held him firmly and he couldn’t escape - no matter how hard he tried.

“Want to try that again, son?”

“Fuck you.”

His face went back down into the water. I held his head in a way that made it possible for him to still hear me, even though he was forced to hold his breath. We had been at this for a few minutes.

“I can keep this up all night, boy. You’re gonna need to get beyond lesson one a lot faster than this if you don’t want to drown. All you have to do is show a little respect. That’s the first lesson. It’s plain and simple. I know you can do it.”

I pulled his face out of the sink – having calculated perfectly the moment when I knew his brain would start to panic about needing air. I tilted his dripping head with my big hand so he could look at me. I smiled, making it clear I was waiting for his response.

“Fuck you and your first lesson, asshole.”

I flung his body to the right a little too hard – since the smack he made as he hit the wall was really a lot louder than I anticipated. I could tell it knocked the wind out of him and he slowly slid to the floor. I knew he was okay, though, because he still glared at me with eyes full of hatred. This guy was clearly a slow learner.

“Why didn’t you just leave me on the streets where you found me!”

“Because I saw some potential in you, pup, and I am going to be the guy that makes that glimmer of hope come to fruition. I know you can be better than you presently are.”

“Like I said before, fuck you – old geezer.”

I smiled. It wasn’t a polite smile and I saw a shimmer of fear in his eyes. It quickly disappeared, however, because he instinctively knew not to let down his defenses. I, of course, appreciated the challenge. I needed a workout and tossing around a little guy would fit the bill nicely.

“Yeah, I’m old, son, but I’m ten times stronger than you and more than twice your size. My body makes you look like a preschooler. That makes my age insignificant, don’t you think?”

To emphasize my point I walked over and grabbed the front of his wet flannel shirt. I pulled the material tight and easily dragged his body across the floor as I walked to my favorite spot in the den open to the kitchen – the center of my large sofa. I sat down – letting him see that I was so big that I made the piece of furniture actually look small. My thick legs stuck up in the air causing my thighs to create someting like a huge tabletop. I draped his body across my hard quads and chuckled to myself when I felt his hard-on poking through his jeans. I knew it pissed him off that he was turned on. He despised me – and probably even wanted me dead – but at the same time he was freaking excited by my size and my strength. Most of the guys I brought home to rehabilitate couldn’t help from being turned on by my body and its abilities. Even the straight ones popped boners uncontrollably – it was a way their body showed respect even though their brain and mouth refused to. It’s wild how our bodies can betray us – especially when it came to dominance and lust. The guy’s tight, bubbled ass popped up in the air as I held him in place with just one of my big hands pressed against his back. Since the water treatment hadn’t worked, I was moving on to my second way of teaching the first lesson. It was only around 11:30pm, so I knew I had all the time in the world for instruction. I was in no hurry.

“So, you ready to show me some respect or do you want to not be able to sit down for a few days?”

“Eat my shit, old man.”

“No thanks, pup, but I am about to smack the piss out of you. I can guarantee it.”

With that, my big calloused right palm came swinging down onto its lovely padded target. The smacking noise it created was even louder than when I had tossed the poor dude into the wall. I instantly knew I had used a little too much power on the first spanking, but his twitching cock and his muffled cry – clearly part scream and part pleasure-moan – made me realize I was going to be using a lot more strength before he worked through the first lesson. My own cock got a surge of juice from the idea that this punk might end up enjoying being spanked. The poor dude couldn’t speak for a few seconds. I knew his ass was burning hotter than a roaring bonfire on a camping trip. I loved imagining my big paw print blazed in red on his mounds of hard butt meat.

“So, how do you address me, little man?”

“Fucking cocksucker.”

I wasn’t sure if deep down he secretly wanted a second smack or if he really did hate me so much that he wasn’t wavering in his rebellious attitude. It dawned on me that he might not know, either. This time my palm came down so hard that the poor dude squirted out some pee. It was obvious he was desperate to not embarrass himself that way, but my power was too much for him and I knew the stinging that followed would make it impossible for him to feel anything else but the pain in his ass. I immediately rubbed his cheeks, partly because I loved feeling up butts, but also because I didn’t want him to bruise too much.

“Nope, that’s not the right way to address me, punk, but you are right about a few things. I do like to suck cock and I seriously adore fucking tight asses. But you’re jumping way too far ahead. Those are lessons for another day – after you’ve learned some respect. Tonight, we’re just trying to get you to a place where you can acknowledge the true alpha in this situation. Let me give some hints. He’s the one that tossed you across the kitchen like a rag doll. He’s the one that can hold your entire body in place with one hand. He’s also the silver-haired, bearded behemoth you approached in the park. Remember, little man? You thought it would be easy and fun to rob me of my possessions, but all you had on you was a little old knife and I quickly squeezed your hand so tight that you dropped the thing quicker than you would have if it had been a red-hot poker. You remembering that, dude? Does any of it ring a bell? Now, who’s the alpha here, buddy? Come on, who’s your alpha? Who . . . is . . . your . . . alpha? Tell me who’s the alpha.”

“I’ll die first, muther-fucker!”

“No, I won’t let that happen, boy, but you might wish I had before I’m done with you. Unfortunately, that was – again – the wrong answer. Let’s make that bubbled ass of yours swell up even more, shall we?”

This time, I kept my hand paddle-stiff and swung it with force I seldom got to use. Most guys didn’t last beyond two spankings. I was getting a little turned on by this guy’s stamina and stubbornness. I was also feeling slightly sorry for him since he was being so ignorant. This time, when my hard hand met his now-tender ass, the floodgates of his penis were opened. He couldn’t help himself no matter how hard he tried. He pissed in his pants like he was a small child that had just finished his bottle. The stench of urine quickly filled the room. I can’t say I liked the smell, but I did realize that it came with the job. I kept my hand on his cheeks and could actually feel them throbbing with pain. I looked down and saw that the dude’s face was tightly scrunched from the brutal smack – desperate; he was, to prevent himself from peeing or from acknowledging the pain. I noticed a tear forming in the corner of his eye and for just a brief moment I felt tenderness for the kid. I knew, however, that tough love was the only cure for a guy like him. I was determined to stay firm in my discipline and help the boy turn his life around. He was actually handsome as hell – underneath the grime and grungy clothes. I had no idea what circumstances had brought him to this point, but I did know that I was probably his last hope. It was clear he did drugs and I knew the next few days would be even harder because he’d be detoxing, but that was usually all part of the process, too. The kid had let out a pretty heavy stream of piss. I could feel it seeping through his jeans and mine. I didn’t want to have to wail on him again, but I knew I would if he made it necessary.

“Dude, can’t you control that cock of yours? What’s the matter? Did I smack the piss out of you like I said I would?”

“Yes sir.”

His answer was soft and spoken through gritted teeth, but it was the one I had been looking for. I smiled, continued to rub his beautiful butt, and was very thankful that lesson one had been learned.

“Oh, good boy! That sounded so nice, real nice. You just made me very proud. I can’t give you an A plus because of how long it took you to learn the first lesson, but you definitely get an A minus for struggling so hard. You see, sometimes it’s in our failures that we learn the most. You wet yourself like a little baby, but I know that every time you try to sit down for the next four to five days you’re going to remember lesson number one very well. I’d like to say it’s ingrained in your head, but I have a feeling it’s more ingrained on your ass cheeks.”

I laughed at my own joke and, not surprisingly, the punk didn’t join in. It didn’t matter. I knew the wild horse was broken – well he was, at least, at the beginning of the process. He was not ready to be ridden, but he had begun the journey to being one of my most prized fillies. I grabbed the back of his shirt tightly and stood up.

“It’s time to get you cleaned up for bedtime, little man. I’m not going to have your smelly body in my bed until we get all that dirt and piss off of you.”

I felt his body stiffen a little when he heard me say the words ‘my bed.’ I couldn’t tell if his reaction was from being aroused or being disgusted. It didn’t matter, anyway. All my pups slept with me. It was the easiest way for me to keep an eye on them – even while I slept. I’d learned to sleep soundly as I held them tightly to my body – almost like a little pillow – and my grip was so strong that all they could do was fall fast asleep, too. I, again, dragged his entire frame easily to outside my big shower. I sat on a bench nearby, stood him up, and started to undress him. When I reached up to undo his shirt the dude foolishly smacked my hands away and tried to run. I sighed loudly and shot my arm out at the same time. I grabbed his arm before he even made it a few inches from me and then I wedged his body between my legs – easily keeping him in place without using much effort. He squirmed a little, but soon realized he couldn’t escape. I had little patience by this point and was tired of the smell of urine, so I just yanked the flannel shirt off of his body in one quick movement. I knew it caused his torso pain, but I didn’t care. I had other clothes for him, anyway. I then grabbed his jeans at either hip, moved my legs away, and then tore the pants from his body easily. I also took his underwear at the same time. The poor dude’s hard cock smacked up against his relatively tight abs and I noticed immediately that he turned dark red because he was embarrassed by his body’s reaction. I chuckled at his embarrassment.

“Dude, it’s no use being ashamed. So what if your body can’t help but being aroused by my muscle and strength. You can try all you want, pup, to not give into an alpha’s power, but the body doesn’t lie. Your mind and your heart are saying no, no, no, but your cock is saying hell yes. It doesn’t mean a thing. You can still hate me to high heaven. It’s just that your body knows when it’s met something more powerful. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll come to love worshipping all this daddy muscle, but for now it’s fine for you to despise me. Just don’t freak out because your dick bones up in submission to the alpha. Even wild animals in the jungle acknowledge when they meet a beast that’s bigger and stronger.”

I had stood up and undone my shirt, sliding it off of my hulky torso. His eyes had grown wider when he took in just how muscled I truly was – every kid was always so shocked that a guy my age – sixty-two – could be so huge. I then pulled down my own pants and loved anticipating the shock on any pup’s face when he realized I didn’t wear underwear and when he got his first gander at the Bazooka. That was my name for my cock. When the thing popped up and smacked my own hard, cobblestone-like abdominals I loved watching the reaction of the kid. First, he was amazed at how big I was, but then he immediately moved to being shocked at the fact I had boned up, as well.

“Yeah, I get turned on, as well, little man. Tossing you around is freaking hot, but it’s wailing on that fine ass that really gets me going. Rubbing it the way I do gives my pecker an extra punch, as well. I should warn you – it’ll stay hard as stone all night long. If I dream about you it might even twitch a little and spurt out some pre-cum. Aw, don’t look so disgusted. There might be a day when you love waking up next to my hard Bazooka. Who knows, you might want to even ride it, some.”

The look on his face was priceless. I could see the size of my cock scared the hell out of him and the idea of me stuffing his now sore ass with so much meat seemed impossible. I couldn’t tell if there was a glimmer of desire in his eyes – mainly because they were so full of fear. I shuffled his body into the shower with one hand and moved in with him. Luckily, I had three showerheads installed – so water could reach his small body in spite of the fact that I was big enough to block two. I could tell he hated the fact that I soaped up his entire body, but I didn’t care. I loved treating my pups like little kids and taking care of them. I marveled at how red his ass was and I gently soaped up his crack and welted cheeks. He kept trying to squirm away but I’d just tighten my grip on his shoulder and he’d freeze in pain – yelping like a small puppy. I wrapped him in a big towel once we were done and dried him off completely. I pressed against his ass a little too hard and he went up on his toes because he was so sore. I knew immediately that he wouldn’t be sitting for a while. Once we were both dry I saved a little time by tossing his body over my shoulder – making sure his ass didn’t come in contact with anything, just to help him avoid more pain – and carried him to my huge bed. I pulled back the covers, laid his body just behind the center of the mattress and then slid in behind him. I wrapped my big arms around his small body and squeezed tightly. I heard his breathing stop because his chest couldn’t expand at all. I was showing him it was useless to try and get away from me as we slept. It was clear he got the message. I relaxed my grip a little so he could breathe.

“Good job today, little man. In the morning we’ll begin on lesson two. What do you have to say to you alpha?”

“Good night, sir.”

“Hmmm, that’s nice. Yeah, that’s real nice, boy. I think you’re going to be a good little learner.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Originally Posted by arpeejay View Post
It works as a stand-alone but I hope there will be more! I wanna see his pup turn into a mastiff!

Definitely agree!!

If he can tame and bulk up this pup, the results will be jaw-dropping.

Trying to get a feeling for his age - Late teens?

There's a whole different learning curve based on that detail.
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Hey, thanks for posting this!
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Sorry for not responding yet, been pretty busy and haven't had the time to read this thoroughly, but you put out another great one LB, love older muscle men, just as much as teen and preteen muscle, I guess for the same reasons, because it's just not supposed to be normal, to see septagenarians and octogenarians walking around with huge muscles, a ton of body hair and the attitude that your characters tend to have, a complete sense of superiority and sexual dominance. Always fun to read stuff about guys fucking much, much younger guys, guys young enough to be their grandsons, and to have it be that younger persons best sexual experience ever, always a hot read.
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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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