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Timmy's Fetish - Part VII

First Day of College – A Few Seconds Later

When I finally came back into the living room of our suite, Timmy was still feeling the mangled crowbar, but he looked up and intently stared at me for a few seconds.

“You’ve grown a lot since the last time I saw you, Bennett.”

“Um . . . have I? It’s . . . um . . . hard for me to tell, sometimes.”

“Don’t be nervous, Justin.”

“Aren’t you, Timmy?”


“Why not?

“Two reasons, dude. One, I’ve wanted you forever and two; now that I know you love me everything is okay.”

“Why does that make everything okay?”

“Cause I know you would never hurt me.”

“Of course I wouldn’t.”

“Then I’ve got nothing to fear, Justin – even in there.”

He jerked his head toward the bedroom. I believe my face quickly flushed. I’m sure it was proof to Timmy that I was a virgin. Somehow, I instinctively knew the same was true for him. He patted the sofa beside him, even as he still held on to the crowbar sculpture.

“We’ll take this as slow as we need to, Justin. Come sit beside me. We can just cuddle for a while, if you’d like.”

I moved slowly to the sofa and sat beside him. He rested his hand on mine and for a few seconds we both marveled at how much smaller his fingers looked compared to my paw. It was a moment of intense intimacy and innocence at the same time. My heart began to beat in a familiar regular pattern and my face finally didn’t feel flushed. Timmy was allowing the moment to calm me down. I let my body slide sideways until our shoulders touched. Being this close to Timmy felt incredible – so familiar, yet so new.

“What makes you so confident Mr. Rutgers?”

“I don’t know Mr. Bennett, could it possibly have something to do with the fact hat I have a super-strong huge boyfriend? And, not to mention, I’ve also got an insanely large and even more super-strong brother-in-law. I think those two facts could help to easily transform the person with the lowest self-esteem in the world into the cockiest dude alive. Alex didn’t use even a fraction of his strength to do this did he?”

“No. He was basically just playing. Alex now lifts bulldozers overhead a hundred times just for warming up.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

Timmy had turned to look at me and his mouth remained wide open. He was holding the tangled crowbar in the air and appeared flabbergasted – as well as turned on – by the idea of Alex pushing a bulldozer up and down numerous times. I could see that the adjustment phase for Timmy was just beginning. I had a feeling it was going to be a year or two of him being astounded over and over. I raised my arms in the air with my palms upward and acted like I was pushing upward.

“Nope. It’s become pretty easy for him. I hope to work up to being able to do it within the year.”

This comment made Timmy immediately freeze and the hand holding the crowbar opened and the piece of jangled metal started to fall towards his leg. I quickly caught the falling mass in my hand and placed it back on the coffee table. I then turned back to my astounded lover. His face had changed a little but I knew he was still trying to process what I had shared.

“I . . . uh . . . I don’t know . . . uh, what to say. I think I need to see this to believe it.”

“We can go to the junkyard when you come home with me next month. I won’t be ready to do it by then, but you can see Alex toss the bulldozer around. Did he scare you earlier?”

“A little at first, but then I got extremely turned on. I think everyone else did, too – including Alex.”

“I can guarantee it. He gets off on his own strength – especially when he’s doing something for Brandon.”

“Are you like your brother in that sense, too?”

“Exactly like him. I really love it . . . oh, wait a minute; I see what you’re getting at. Yes, I’m just like Alex when it comes to showing off for someone I like.”


“Okay, love.”

“Were you showing off the day you got my computer back for me.”

“You know I was.”

“Yes, I do, but I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes, Timmy Rutgers, I took care of those goons in the way I did just so I could show off for you. I also wanted you to be impressed that I chose that moment to come out to you, as well.”

“You certainly impressed me, alright. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since then. All I could think about was you lifting two guys in the air – each with one hand. And the way you tossed that big guy over Dirk’s head was amazing. I stayed hard for days after that little display.”

“You know you make me hard, too, right?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you sport something pretty big any time I talk about some superhero with super strength and when I started getting you to do feats of strength for me you couldn’t keep that cock of yours under control to save your life. I always left your place feeling a few inches taller because I knew I could make someone as strong as you get hard.”

I felt extremely bold – empowered by Timmy’s confidence in me, but also by the way we were finally talking to each other. I reached over and moved his hand on top of the impossibly hard bulge at my crotch. I then moved my hand to his stiff piece of substantial meat. Anyone looking in would have just seen two horny college freshmen, but both Timmy and I knew this moment had been coming for years. It had begun as simple horseplay in my basement and then had developed into full on crushes in high school. We had never been brave enough to admit it or talk about it – even to ourselves. I suddenly felt a specific feeling of totality – of completeness. I certainly looked forward to getting stronger and to growing bigger – I couldn’t deny that – but knowing that Timmy and I were now together made everything perfect. I knew, on some hidden level, that I needed him to make the strength and the size mean something, too. I wanted to be strong – to be big – for him. I now understood Alex and Brandon on an entirely new level. Alex was the perfect person he was because he was with Brandon. His husband kept my brother grounded – focused – centered. I knew that Timmy would be the same touchstone for me. It then dawned on me that Alex somehow knew that Timmy was right for me all along. He just needed the relationship to develop slowly and purposefully. I was pretty sure my brother had made it possible for Timmy and me to find each other. That thought did not bother me at all – as a matter of fact, it thrilled me. My brother did truly know what was best for me.

“Unleash the tiger, Justin.”

I had been so busy with my inner revelations that I had missed the fact that Timmy now had my pants unbuttoned and unzipped. My cock was sticking straight up in the air and his hand was working its way up and down – meticulously, to give me much pleasure. I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock. I was surprised to see my smaller friend had a rod that was basically just a little shy of my size. As soon as the cool air hit his hot prick Timmy let out a low moan that increased as soon as I started pumping his tool with my big hand.

“I won’t last long, Bennett, I’m sorry.”

“Neither will I, dude.”

“Can you hit the ceiling, Justin? Since I’m not involved in the orgasm with any orifice, can you bust a strong one for me?”

“Do you want plaster to come down?”

“Hell yeah, Justin, that would be awesome.”

Stroking Timmy’s cock felt so right that I briefly thought we had done it before, but I knew that wasn’t true. I just loved how hard he was and how warm his dick felt in my hand. I could tell he was using all of his strength to grip me, just so he could give extra pleasure. That little extra effort almost brought tears to my eyes. Timmy was intent on making me as happy as I wanted to make him. That was something new to me – needing to remember to allow others the chance to give to me, as well. It dawned on me that this was what a relationship was all about. I thought I would give to Timmy and that would be it – but now I understood that I also needed to receive – to allow myself to feel the pleasures my boyfriend could give me. These thoughts – these intense fantasies – cocked my loaded gun with more ammunition that it had had since that day I ripped the safe apart. Since my body knew I didn’t need to worry about hurting anyone, my ass cheeks squeeze together like a super powered vice grip and my balls actually started making a gurgling sound as my cum passed the point of no return. Suddenly, my voice bellowed louder and deeper than I could ever remember – actually causing Timmy’s hand to pause in mid-stroke. And then, with only my tight abdominal muscles caving inward as a warning, my cock spewed forth such a powerful torrent of cum that it smacked into the ceiling with a loud bang and immediately chunks of sticky plaster rained down on both Timmy and me. The second and third volleys hit the defenseless ceiling, as well, and big chunks dislodged and fell. The people that lived above us started stomping on the floor in response to the noise I was making and that was just too much for Timmy. His loaded dick started erupting, too, with massive amounts of his jown uice, which fell and covered us profusely.

“Oh shit, Justin, I may pass out! Yeehawwwww!”

Looking back on my life now I can see this as one of the happiest nights of my entire existence. I have had many other great nights and many of them involved busting big wads with Timmy, but there’s just something about the first time you cum with the love of your life. I didn’t have anything to compare it to that evening, but watching us both shoot copious amounts of juice, as a gift to the other, was magical. It was a cum fireworks explosion with only the classical music soundtrack missing. I was amazed at the amount of spunk Timmy’s smaller body was able to produce. He kept up with me without any problem. We soon held each other’s still hard, drizzling cocks as we tried to steady our breathing. We didn’t speak. Neither of us wanted to cause the moment to end. We had both been waiting for this specific release for quite a while. I turned to look at Timmy, without taking my hand from his cock. He turned to look at me, as well. Without any words and with no prompting whatsoever, we both leaned in and kissed each other hard. It was a manly kiss – built from years of unrequited passion. I had never kissed a man before, but this is exactly what I thought it would be like. My toes curled in my shoes and I moaned appreciatively – softly at first, but then louder as we continued to keep our lips locked tightly. During the kiss I became much more sure of my manhood. I realized that kissing Timmy was instantly going to be one of the best things in the world. I immediately wanted nothing else but my boyfriend to be completely satisfied in life. I felt like a caveman needing to provide for his mate no matter what the consequences – even facing wild animals and the harsh elements. My desire for the guy was almost animalistic – I could tell – pleasing him and having him please me seemed like the only thing that mattered. Timmy pulled his face from mine.

“I’m sorry dude, but I just got to see you naked – right here and right now. I also have to feel that growing body of yours pressed up against mine. Let’s move to the bed, okay?”

My actions came fast and without any second thoughts. Suddenly, I was standing and Timmy’s body was draped across my shoulder. I had easily grabbed his waist as I rose and flipped him over so his stomach rested comfortably on that part of me. I had seen Alex take Brandon into their bedroom this way many times before. I knew it would please Timmy as much as it thrilled my brother-in-law, so I had done it without even thinking about it. The sweet gurgling sound coming from my boyfriend’s mouth as we strode to the bedroom made it clear I had been right. I shoved my shoulder upward when we got next to the bed and Timmy’s happy body went flying onto the mattress. He emitted a joyful ‘aw fuck yeah’ as soon as my big body was on top of his. The entire change of scenery had taken a few seconds and little effort from me. I immediately understood why Alex liked to pick up Brandon so often. Hearing Timmy’s reaction to me tossing him around so easily was definitely a turn on. Even though we were both still crusted with cum from the earlier orgasm, I pressed my heavier body into his and grinded our still hard cocks into each other. I immediately began to fear that we were going to fail out of college – simply because I planned on never leaving the bedroom. I was in heaven and all of my thoughts – as well as my total joy – was wrapped up in the guy I had pinned to the bed. I had never even guessed that loving someone could be this intense or so awesome.

“As incredible as this feels, Justin, I think I need to be on top for a while before I’m smothered to death. You kind of weigh double what I do.”

“I’m sorry, buddy.”

I flipped over on my back and took his body with me. As soon as he was on top I could tell he began to breathe normal again. He pressed his body harder into mine and kissed me with enough force for me to feel it in the core of my bones. It really was beginning to sink in, for the first time actually, that Timmy felt the same intense passion I did. I understood that on some level, but feeling him groping as much of my body as he could, as well as hearing him moan in pleasure, confirmed that he wanted me as desperately as I wanted him. I realized, also, that much of the attraction was because of my body and my strength – but my gut told me it was much more than that. We had known each other for a very long time and the man trying to suck the tonsils out of my throat and squeezing my pecs hard enough for my tough body to notice it knew me better than anyone. Since he now knew my inner secrets about my body and strength he officially knew more about my dreams, mistakes, faults, and gifts that even my parents – than even Alex and Brandon. Timmy and I had lay in sleeping bags in my back yard many nights debating whether Batman was truly a superhero, discussing whether Chance’s bragging about sexual conquests were really true, and sharing what we wanted to do with our lives. Kissing Timmy didn’t feel like I was making out with some random guy, it felt like I was already being caressed and stimulated by my dream man. I knew this was how love was supposed to feel and I had never experienced anything this wonderful before. I was hard as hell again and I felt that Timmy’s cock was in the same pleasured state.

“God, I’ve got to take a break to look at you. Rip the shirt off, Bennett.”

“But it’s one of my fav…”

“I’ll buy you five others – tear it off now!”

Timmy was sitting up; he had shucked his pants off by pushing them down with his hands first and then his feet. He had his bare ass planted in such a way that my hard rod was wedged between his firm cheeks. I felt my heart start beating twice as fast as before when it registered that my cock was that close to my new lover’s sweet hole. This gave me the impetus to do whatever he ordered. I reached up and grabbed my polo shirt by the collar and ripped it off my body with one long tug, lifting my back a little to make the entire thing go flying off the bed when I tossed the scraps outward. Timmy let out a half whimper – half growl - and just stared at my upper body. In his eyes I saw lust, love, desire, jealousy, pride and a myriad of other emotions. I didn’t think it was possible for the guy to turn me on more, but the look in his eyes, the sounds he was emitting, and the smile on face made my cock pulse noticeably in his crack.

“Damn Bennett, your chest looks like two skin-covered hard huge watermelons on their side. Bounce those enormous things for me, dude. I’ve got to see them move.”

It had never dawned on me to bounce my mega pecs – even when I stared at myself in the mirror. I just didn’t think that way. Timmy, however, had enough muscle loving ideas for the both of us. I suddenly realized that was one of the reasons I loved the guy, he wasn’t shy in any way about what he liked – what he desired. I envied him for his total awareness of his needs and the ability to go after them. The man was clearly going to teach me a lot of things. I instantly realized that I knew how to bounce my pecs – it was just something that naturally came with being aware of my big body. I made my right pectoral muscle go up slowly and then let it plop back down. I then did the same with my left one. Timmy looked like he was watching a tennis match. I watched his eyes travel to whichever meaty side was tensing upwards and then dropping back down. I made both of them rise at the same time and I could feel the hard things getting near my chin. This action made Timmy absent-mindedly start sliding his warm ass up and down my hard cock – teasing the hell out of me. He also started talking as if I wasn’t even in the room. He had clearly crossed over into some kind of muscle heaven and I was skipping along right behind him. I was seeing and feeling my body all anew – threw his eyes and because of his comments. I was also drawing near to a second tremendous explosion. It was hard to tell whether my body wanted to just dive into the intense orgasm or if I wanted to prolong the awesome foreplay as long as I could. I just gave into the glorious feelings and decided to allow my body to do whatever it wanted. I listened to Timmy’s jabbering about my muscles and focused my attention on the feelings his hard butt strokes were giving my prick.

“Oh yeah, Justin, pump up those mountains – pump them hard. Look at how massive they are. You’ve gotten so big, man. You are bulging out with muscles I’ve never even known existed. Look at how your shoulders poke out so round and massive. It’s like that part of you is bigger than my head! But god, that chest is just humongous. Squeeze those big puppies together, Justin. Aw yeah, look how they bulge up into hard beach balls side by side. I got to punch ‘em, man. I know you won’t feel it a bit. I just got to see what it’s like to feel that hardness against my fists.”

Timmy was going wild with fantasies – all of them racing through his head at one time. He knew I was there and he also knew that everything he said and did was turning me on as much as I clearly excited him. I watched as he pulled his elbows back and then sent his fists flying into the hard meat bulging up underneath my chin. I barely felt his knuckles strike me – there was just too much solid muscle growing thicker and thicker on my body. He kept his hands against my chest and let out a big cowboy holler. It was more intoxicating than anything I’d ever felt – watching him enjoy my power so much. I suddenly loved the guy on a whole new level. I also didn’t want him to quit doing what he was doing any time soon. He sensed all of this and that egged him on even more.

“Oh yeah, Bennett loves this, too. I can see it in your eyes and I can feel it in the way your cock twitches in my ass. You love me getting off on your huge body, don’t you, buddy? Damn, that is so hot. You have no idea what you do to me, Justin. There is also no way you could fathom how much I can worship you, dude. This is just the beginning of the best part of our lives. You have found your greatest coach and admirer, man. I’m going to make you the happiest guy on earth.”

Timmy’s words were turning me on more than I’d ever been revved up before. I instinctively knew what I needed to do next. It was almost like something inside of me simply zeroed in on what would please my new boyfriend the most. I knew it like I knew the sun would rise in the morning. It was like I had a sixth sense to what would make Timmy Rutgers happier than anything else in the world. I’m sure it had something to do with the way the guy had gotten off on me bouncing my giant pecs for him, but it was also because something was awakening in me that, although it had lay dormant for all of my eighteen years, it was now coming to fruition in me with the force of a stampede of wild mustangs. Timmy had his fists still plastered against the mountains that were my chest and he was trying with all his might to push the meat inward, but to no avail. I realized that what I was about to do would definitely send him over the edge, but I didn’t care. I slowly raised my arms to my side and clenched my fists together tightly, causing my monstrous arms to slowly bulge into giant mounds of muscle. Timmy’s eyes seemed to grow in proportion to my biceps. He chose to stare at my right arm, so I popped the big knot a few times just to tease him. I then continued to flex and blow his mind, since he thought there was no way it could balloon larger, but I knew differently.

“Aw no . . . no . . . no . . . man, it’s just so fucking big. Look at that gun pumping up huge, Bennett. I can’t . . . I don’t think . . . my body can’t take much more, buddy.”

Even though he knew better and even though he fully understood what it would end up doing to his body, Timmy moved his hands from my massive chest – spreading them wider so each of them could move to one of giant biceps. He had no idea that I was not flexing fully. It didn’t enter his mind that I was going to be able to make my big guns harder and larger. As soon as he had his palms positioned on top of my swollen peaks he squeezed with all of his might – trying to grip the muscle tightly. It was then that I really began to tense my arms and the already immense biceps started pumping up bigger and much more dense. The huge things easily pressed his fingers out wider and pushed the guy’s palms flatter. He couldn’t even hold on to the hard things anymore, all Timmy could do was press into my arms and clamp his slightly bent fingers around the expanded peak. When I then tightened my fists even more, causing the biceps to inflate even more, the poor guy found himself in an uncontrollable state.

“It’s . . . you’re . . . so hard . . . so big . . . I . . . uh . . . it can’t be . . . it’s not possible . . . so hard . . . I can’t hold back . . . uh, Bennett, I gotta . . . I’m gonna . . . oh hell, man . . . just so fucking big. Aw yeahhhhh!!!”

I read somewhere that a man’s muscles were never as gorgeous as when another guy shoots a big load all over them. Timmy had already pumped out a large wad of his sweet nectar, but the fountain that sprayed out of his cock all over my abs and protruding chest looked like it was from a guy that had never shot before in his life. As his body violently jacked out his semen his ass tightened severely around my cock and intensified my pleasure beyond a stopping point. His butt cheeks were squeezing hard and his body was sliding up and down my rod at the same time. It felt like four or five hands were beating me off at the same time. The head of my long cock was sticking up beyond his pulsing balls so when I began to spray, too, my thick jism mixed in with his – covering my tight stomach and pecs like someone was squirting icing all over a delicious muscle cake. I couldn’t tell if it was the great dick stroking caused by his tight crack or the fact that my arms made Timmy almost black out from excitement, but the stream of cum I released was gut-wrenchingly explosive. My stomach pumped so hard that it felt like I was being hit simultaneously with forty sledgehammers – not enough to hurt me, but I definitely felt it. I actually didn’t know my big strong body could react that way – it made me feel a little vulnerable, something I wasn’t really used to. By the time both of us stopped spewing my chest and stomach could have easily been used as a slip and slide for small children. Throughout the strong orgasm, and beyond, Timmy continued to grope my big biceps like his life depended on it. I could tell he was still trying to grasp just how big I had become. His small hands still attempted to squeeze my biceps and cause the hard stone to give a little, but nothing happened. I felt even more powerful than before the orgasm – something about releasing such a heavy load increased my metabolism and jacked me up even higher with testosterone. I continued to flex my arms with as much might as I could – just to keep Timmy’s focus on my power. The poor guy was spent by his humongous release, but he wasn’t going to let it stop him from groping me – there was just too much muscle for him to explore and he did not what to miss anything.

“You seem more solid than just ten minutes ago, Bennett. How is that possible? It feels like I’m hanging on to granite or something tougher. Damn, you’ve grown so much. I just can’t get my mind around it. You just squirted a huge load and I think it pumped you up more than before.”

One thing I had learned ever since my first orgasm was that cumming made me desperate to use my strength. After ejaculation I usually needed to lift something or break something with my bare hands – to fully get release from this intense demand my body had for using its power. It was like the orgasm sent me into adrenaline overdrive and I required relief that only came from doing something that used lots of energy. I was not prepared, however, for how great the need would be after I came for a boyfriend. This second mega ejaculation had put me into a strength realm I couldn’t even begin to fathom. I was in new territory and the lust for showing off got mixed in, too, causing me to almost start shaking from the tension building in my body. I had a feeling that right at that moment I could have lifted a bulldozer. I urgently needed something to take away my unworldly desire to destroy a car or bigger item. I could tell Timmy saw the craving in my eyes and he understood I was burning with a desire that could not be contained – and it was clear he loved it. A grand idea popped into my mind. I grabbed Timmy by the waist, lifted him off my body – causing his hands to leave my biceps, which made him whine in disappointment – and easily held him aloft. I moved him to beside me on the bed and then slid off the mattress.

“I’ll be right back, Rutgers. Don’t worry; you can grope all you want when I get back. I got to get you a gift – and it has to use up some strength.”

I grabbed my pants and slid them on quickly before exiting our dorm suite’s front door, not caring that I was covered in drying semen. About two minutes later I walked back into the bedroom with a street sign in my hand. It was from about two blocks away. I had left our building, jogged through the dark night barefoot and without a shirt, and reached the corner of 12th and Prince. I had come to take the street sign for my boyfriend. I reached out to the pole, grabbed hold, and pulled up with one big yank. The entire thing came out of the sidewalk, and the big cement weighted bottom came plowing up abruptly. Big cracks first appeared in the concrete as the clod of hardness was wrenched up easily and then the base burst through because of my powerful tug – leaving a big hole. Just then a man came walking around the corner – obviously on his nightly stroll with his dog. He stopped in his tracks and both he and the dog were shocked to hell. The animal and the guy froze in their tracks. I simply smiled and said I needed to borrow the sign. The dude stammered that he certainly wouldn’t tell anyone and then added that no one would believe him anyway. I then jogged quickly back to the dorm and entered the bedroom after getting back to our place so quickly that my boyfriend’s erect nipples were still fully hard. Timmy’s face lit up as soon as I walked in and I knew he was immediately impressed at how quickly I had retrieved the sign – even on top of how much it thrilled him that I had clearly ripped it out of the ground without a hint of a struggle.

“A sign for my prince!”

I held out the sign for him to look at. The effort it had taken to yank the thing from the ground had not satisfied my need to use my strength fully, but the pleased look on Timmy’s face did calm my adrenaline-crazed body very much. I’m sure it was pretty awesome to have the name Prince so big and up close – especially since he realized that’s how I viewed him in my life. I reached out with my other hand, grabbed the cement block solidified around the bottom of the pole and squeezed. Timmy was staring – his mouth open wide as he realized what I was going to do. I broke the chunk of stone apart easily; pieces fell to the carpeted floor in a series of thuds. It looked like I was just squashing a Styrofoam cup or something weaker – even though it was hard cement. The moan that Timmy released was like a choir of angels singing in the room. Suddenly my heart, my muscles, and my dick were excited and calmed at the same time. I realized immediately that doing some strength feat for my boyfriend was almost as satisfying as doing the act, itself. All those times I had seen my brother show off for his husband had not just been about pleasing the onlooker. I had always known this on some level, but now I was experiencing it. Alex showed off for Brandon because it pleased his husband tremendously, but it also satisfied a need in the big man, too. It calmed his craving for constantly wanting to rip things in two or busting things to smithereens with his fists. That’s what I felt right now. It was this deep satisfaction that was hard to explain. I knew, however, that I needed it like a drug. I continued my little gift giving to soothe my burning muscles even more.

“Some knots to signify the commitments I’m making to you, Timmy – to love you, take care of you, and to show off for you often.”

As soon as I took the pole in both of my hands and the room was filled with the sound of steel being manipulated, Timmy’s fists started pumping his hard cock – even after the two intense orgasms he had shot earlier. He watched in awe as I easily twisted the bar into circles and then tied knots in the pole of the street sign – three, to signify my commitments to him. Bending solid steel the thickness of the sign was a breeze for me, but Timmy was still getting used to my power. He was in seventh heaven – because of what I was doing, but mainly because I was doing it for him. I decided to add a little commentary to the show, just to jack up the sexual tension even more.

“Yeah, it’s nothing for me to bend this metal for you, Timmy. Look what being with you makes me want to do. This is nothing, buddy. I’m going to be able to show you things you never even thought possible – even in all your fantasies about superheroes. Listen to that metal screaming from the abuse of my hands. You like that, don’t you Rutgers?”

“Aw hell yeah, Justin. You know I do!”

“Look how my strong hand makes this steel give up any resistance. See how I’m twisting this thing like its just made of paper – yeah, it’s easy for me, man. And remember, buddy, this is just for you. My little housewarming present for my new boyfriend . . . “

“I like the sound of that – boyfriend. I’ve wanted that for a long time, Justin.”

Hearing those words come out of his mouth made my body flush with more power. I reached up to one of the metal knots and squeezed – crushing the bulge in the pole together. It looked like someone had welded the mass into a metal ball – like a super hot flame had melted the pole. I just pressed my hands into the steel with some of my power and the stuff kind of half-smeared or congealed into one essence. I was on power overload from knowing Justin wanted me as much as I craved him. It was unfathomable – what had happened over the last few weeks. I had been blessed with everything I had ever wanted – the boyfriend of my dreams and the freedom to finally be completely who I was made to be. I thought of my father and thanked him silently for all he had given me. I began to realize something that Alex had alluded to many times before and I never understood – our relationships, especially with someone we loved deeply, fueled our incredible strength and growth. It wasn’t that I needed Timmy to grow or become stronger, it’s just that he gave it purpose and egged me on even more. I wanted to bend steel just to please him and to make him very excited. It was as if Timmy’s happiness rested in my strong hands. I knew it really didn’t, but that’s how I felt. I had become aware of some of my unused strength the day Alex had spurred me on to break into the safe, but it wasn’t until this moment – this second of creating my first hand-created muscle gift for my boyfriend – that I truly understood that I had become what Timmy wanted more than anything. I was destined to be his superhero. Alex had inferred this recently, when he spoke about plans for what he and I would do once I was out of college. So many pieces of the puzzle of my life were coming together at this exact moment – while I was smashing steel into a blob with one hand. I crushed each of the knots along the pole, as if to emphasize the bond between Timmy and me. I watched his face ignite with a mixture of passion and extreme excitement as he stroked himself feverishly watching me mold steel into whatever I pleased.

“With this destroyed pole I take you as my Prince, Timothy Rutgers. From this day forward let this street sign be a reminder of my pledge to you – my intention of making you very happy, of fulfilling your fantasies of super strength, and of filling your life with lots of muscle worshipping sex. You make having all this power make sense. I wouldn’t be whole without you.”

To finish the job and to make sure we both always remembered this moment, I bent the pole at a right angle and then held the end up against the concrete wall of our bedroom. I pushed in with some force and the tip of the metal rod started tunneling into the wall. Bits of concrete and dust fell out of the tight hole I was making as I slammed the shaft inward. When I removed my hand we now had a piece of artwork above the bed – a reminder that Timmy was my ‘prince.’ My boyfriend’s face kept going back and forth from the sign shoved into the wall and my bulging body. He was in muscle-delight overload and totally content. There was only one thing that could possibly make him stop pumping his hard cock and that was a deeper need – the need to kiss me. He moved to his knees and scooted across the bed to press his body against mine, samshing his lips against my mouth, and then his tongue invaded. It was uncanny how Timmy’s kiss could make me suddenly go weak. I felt my big body melting into his arms – wanting him to kiss me forever. I was the strongest college student in the world, but with my boyfriend I was like a wet noodle. Timmy became the master when we sucked face – it would be the same years later when I would be looking back on this moment and every moment that followed. We kissed for a long time and then my boyfriend finally pulled his head back from mine.

“I love my present. Thank you, Justin. I got you a housewarming present, too. Well, actually, Brandon and I got you a present. I bought it, but he told me what would make you happier than anything else in the world. I’ll be right back.”

Timmy slid off the bed quickly and was out the door, causing me to miss the warmth of his body. Soon he returned with a wrapped box. He handed me the present and I wasted no time tearing through the paper. As soon as I opened the box I felt my eyes filling with water. There, beneath tissue paper, I found a double extra large bright red tank top. I knew immediately that Timmy and Brandon had picked it out specifically for me – since it would surely be slightly small and hug my upper body snuggly. It was a look that both of them loved - a chest popping out from the low collar and massive arms hanging down from the small shoulder straps. I loved the look because it excited Timmy so much. I looked at my boyfriend and fought back tears.

“I can’t believe I’ll be able to wear this. I thought this day would never get here.”

“Tomorrow is a new day, my big friend.”

“Should I try it on now?”

“No, please save it as a surprise for tomorrow morning. Also, we don’t want all that crusty dried juice clinging to your body to mess up the thing. You’ll be a lot cleaner tomorrow morning.”

“Good idea.”

“Besides, Bennett, I think we both might have another ejaculation in us, maybe even more.”

I almost missed what Timmy said because I was staring at the tank top. I couldn’t believe that within less than twelve hours I would be wearing a shirt that revealed my body. It was so new – so different for me. I knew my big pecs would push the tank out so far that a water bottle could be dropped though the valley between the huge mounds. I also knew my arms would look enormous in the shirt – bulging out to the side of my body underneath wide shoulders that would make the normal straps of the tank look like strings. So much of my upper body would be revealed I began to panic a little that I would feel naked or indecent. Those thoughts disappeared as soon as I thought about people staring at my body – probably walking into doors, walls, or other things as they tried to steal long ganders at my hugeness. That vision – of people enthralled just because they got a glimpse of my size and my muscle definition – caused my cock to harden again. The thing hardened so quickly that it barely registered that my big tool was sticking straight up in the air – all muscled and veiny, like the rest of me. I noticed Timmy staring at my crotch and actually licking his lips. The boy’s appetite for my body was insatiable. I couldn’t figure out what he liked most about my enlarged frame, but the way his eyes zoomed to my biceps every time I moved my arms gave his preference away. Timmy was a gun guy – and that was fine with me. In tenth grade my arms had started bulging into solid oval-like hard large cantaloupes. Over the last few months they had grown into bowling ball size and were so thick and covered with so many veins that even my sweatshirts could barely hide what was underneath. It was difficult to believe, myself, how enormous my arms had grown. I loved thinking about Timmy staring at my biceps and getting hard, just from watching the muscle ripple when I clenched my fists or moved my forearms. I was lost in this thought, but suddenly brought back to the present moment when I felt something wet and warm covering the head of my cock. I was caught off guard by the sensation.

“Oh shit, Timmy!”

As soon as the tip of my dick was sucked into his juicy mouth I went into pleasure overload – something that made me grab hold of the sheets with both hands and throw my head back to avoid shooting immediately. I sucked air in loudly and counted to ten in my head, trying desperately to not cum in his glorious mouth within seconds of contact. I had not expected a blowjob to feel this incredible – as a matter of fact; I had always found the thought of them a little disgusting. But the pleasure that shot through my entire body and the tension that emanated from my crotch area into every iota of my insides made me reach up – without even thinking about it – and rest my big hand on the back of Timmy’s head. I did not want him to stop giving me such unbelievable waves of sexual joy. I was not about to let him remove his perfect and hot-as-hell mouth from my rod. I craved the man on so many levels at one time; that I didn’t even allow myself to focus on any of them. I was drawn to his expert tonguing of my dick slit, I was turned on by his hand squeezing my aching balls, I was fully aware that his other hand was twisting the crap out of my left nipple, and – without even looking – I knew his own cock, which excited me more than anything, was completely hard, too. I suddenly became a blabbering idiot – unable to contain every thought that popped into my head. I began to beg like a little child asking for candy.

“Aw hell, Rutgers, that is unbelievable. Your mouth is so incredibly hot. I’m about to fill it with my juice if you aren’t careful. You have me on the brink, man - I’m teetering near the edge!”

Timmy pressed the tip of my dick against the slight opening between his upper and lower teeth – making the head slide against his pearly whites as it slipped further into his mouth. The scraping on the sides of my hard mushroom top caused my body to go completely rigid and I gasped loudly. Feeling the rasping down the side of my thick shaft only made my body go into an even more petrified state. Suddenly his teeth were teasingly pressing in at the base of my long pipe and the head was tucked away tightly in Timmy’s throat. Somehow, the guy actually sucked in sharply and caused my cock to thrust into his gullet even more. I had my lower lip caught between my own teeth – desperately trying to refrain from gushing into his mouth with every ounce of power my body could muster. Then, as if to torture me more, Timmy sucked the sides of his mouth in closer around my hardness and started slowly pulling back, so his teeth and lips rubbed upward until they caught on the ridge of my dickhead. He then slowly returned down the long pole, causing me to move closer to the point of totally losing control of my body. I felt the guy turning his head on my cock – counter clockwise – so his nose rubbed harshly against my balls and my shaft got twisted in his throat. It was more glorious than any feeling I had ever felt before. Tearing apart a hotel safe didn’t come close to the pleasure Timmy’s mouth was giving me at that moment. I felt myself falling in love with the guy on a completely deeper level than before – blown away by how much a guy’s mouth could please me. My mind – completely out of control because of the blowjob – started thinking about ways I could use my strength to please my boyfriend. He was giving me so much joy that my immediate response was to offer him something in return. I wanted him to be as happy as I was – even more, if that was possible. I looked down and saw that my chest was so pumped and hard from the pleasure the guy was giving that I couldn’t see his head at all. My vision was blurred by the giant pecs and all I could see was the guy’s lower torso and fine ass as he rocked my world with his mouth.

“Dude, you gotta give me a fucking break! I’m going to . . . ah . . . ah . . . aw shit, Timmy!”

I was a goner as soon as his warm lips and taunting teeth slid back down my cock – this time he moved with more force and buried my dickhead deep beyond his tonsils. It ended up being too much for even my super body to handle. I let a flood of cum rush into his throat with only my loud gasping as a warning. I was amazed at the amount of spunk I was still able to produce, but that was nothing compared to how impressed I was at Timmy’s ability to suck me completely dry without missing a drop of what I was gushing out. The guy swallowed so quickly that I began to think of him as orally gifted as much as I was blessed with huge muscles. Maybe I had stumbled upon Timmy’s super power. My entire frame was rocked with convulsions as I somehow shoved my long pole even deeper into Timmy’s throat – all the while the guy swallowed like a pro. Every fiber that made up every muscle on my body was on fire and hard as hell – tensed in a super ejaculation. I gorged Timmy’s mouth with my spear with no let up and he took it like a man. I was beyond impressed with his skills – I was completely in awe of the guy. He continued to wreck my big piece of meat with an incredible ability to suck, swallow, and squeeze all at the same time. My cock felt like it was being put through some kind of intense power workout. I finally exhaled loudly, allowed my body to go limp, and fell back on the bed – my hard prick still slammed inside of Timmy’s mouth. The dude was still sucking hard and my insides were somehow still churning out some drops of juice.

“Dude, where in the heck did you learn how to do that? You’ve been practicing with someone, haven’t you, Rutgers?”

I think the guy would have continued to suck me until I was even emptier if I hadn’t asked him a direct question. He purposefully kept his teeth and lips pressed in against my hardness as he pulled his mouth away from my cock. It was like he was using his oral skills to get every last drop out of a big tube of toothpaste. I could feel a big gob of cum bubbling up as he kissed the slit of my dick and pulled his head away. I lifted my head from the bed and looked across my heaving massive chest to see his smiling face. He looked more beautiful than he ever had and my heart leapt with joy.

“It’s all instincts big guy. I’ve wanted to do that from the moment I realized I was gay. And you might as well know that you caused my first wet dream. I had a vivid dream one night about you turning into Superman and it was just too much for my puberty-stricken body to handle. I woke up as soon as my cock started spewing in my Spiderman pajama bottoms. I thought I was dying – that is until I realized how fucking great it felt. I was so scared at first, though; that I actually forgot the dream was about you. It wasn’t until I remembered that fact a few days later that I actually began to rub my prick against the mattress to jerk off fantasizing about you, Bennett. You’ve already been the cause of my junk spewing so much that today almost feels like one of my dreams. It’s only when I cop a feel of your hard muscles that I realize this isn’t one of my fantasies.”

I reached down and grabbed him under his arms and pulled his body even with mine, so he was resting on my hard muscles. I could tell immediately, by the look on his face, that the feeling of my rock-like body pleased him. He actually nestled into me and began to purr like a kitten. I wrapped a big arm around his body and squeezed his smaller frame tightly. It was one of the most intimate feelings I had ever had in my entire life.

“This ain’t no dream, buddy. I think it’s pretty clear that our friendship has moved to an entirely new level in the last six hours. You certainly don’t have to fantasize about muscle anymore; you’ve got the real thing here, now. And by the way, I really am turning into a superman.”

We stared into each other’s eyes as he rested his upper body on my huge chest. We brought our faces together and kissed slowly and deeply. We didn’t have anything else to do at that moment, but please each other. Time stopped completely – it seemed that hidden dreams were coming true for both of us and an intense bond was being sealed for good. I had never been more aware of my muscles and my strength as I was at that moment. It was mainly because I now had a reason for having both – and that reason lay on top of me, playing with my hard nipple with his exploring fingers as we kissed. I fully grasped how powerful I had become – and how much more powerful I would be in the future – all because of Timmy’s presence. I also felt huge – and aware of how much larger my muscles would grow. It was all for Timmy – all for his pleasure and his making me feel so special, simply by loving me. Our deep kiss brought some fire to my sex-tired body – I could feel a sudden resurgence of my super strength. It was never actually gone; I simply had lost touch of it after Timmy vacuumed an intense orgasm out of my body with his talented mouth. His lips, his exploring tongue, and his grunts of obvious satisfaction made me feel invincible. I couldn’t believe how my boyfriend heightened my awareness of my power and my body. I instantly realized this was how Brandon made Alex feel. No wonder I had always been so blown away by their intense love for each other – I had previously only understood it on a subconscious level, but now it was becoming a reality for me, as well. I wanted to protect, show off, and sexually please the man kissing me more than anything in the world. I knew there was nothing I wouldn’t do for Timmy if he asked – I had become his muscle toy. I also knew, deep in my core; that he would never ask for anything that was against what I believed. The sexy man on top of me pulled his face from mine and stared at me, smiling like a kid with some prized possession he had desired for most of his life. I could tell there was something very important he wanted to say and as soon as he said it I knew it was true. We now had an intense connection that would never be broken and he was aware of things as deeply as I was.

“You know, Bennett, in a few weeks you’re going to be able to crank out a few reps with that bulldozer without any problem. It’s pretty clear you’ve broken through some glass ceiling tonight. I can sense that there’s more power in you now than there was just a few hours ago. I can’t wait to see you toss that big thing around like it weighs nothing. Alex is going to be so proud of you.”

I knew he was completely right. It seemed that love was the key to unleashing the full power within me. I was becoming the super man that I had been created to be by my father. I was becoming just like Alex. But the changes, the improvements, and the awareness had been spurred on by love – the love of my man. Certainly the love of my family – both my adopted family and my blood family – caused some awareness in me, but it was the feelings and the power being released within because of my love for Timmy and his for me that was truly incredible. It was clear my man understood all of this, as well.

“It’s a good thing you have such a muscle and power fetish, Timmy Rutgers. I think it’s going to continue to make us both happy for the rest of our lives!”
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Another great chapter, what can I say, I think I like the use of strength gain you put in here, the more you perform for the one you love, the stronger you're going to get. As always, a great read.
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Thanks for liking this one, Iceman! I thought you might. I hope to come up with something new to please you, soon!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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You almost always do, dude, whenever I see a new story by you, it brightens up my day a little bit more. Keep up the great work, no matter what story you do next!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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Wow, I was just reading this again and I realized I didn't post anything...

A thank you button doesn't cut it.
LB, this is getting more and more special each chapter, I love it.
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