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Old August 28th, 2013, 09:17 AM
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Timmy's Fetish - Part VI

First Day of College

“It’s nice to meet you, sir.”

“You can call me Alex, Timmy. There’s not that many years between us.”

“He doesn’t call you ‘sir’ because of your age, Alex, he calls you that because of your size.”

Timmy shot me an angry look and I just laughed. He finally started laughing a little, too, since he knew I had hit the nail on the head. His face turned dark red and he finally realized he still had hold of my brother’s hand. He let go quickly and turned even a darker red. It was move in day for college. We were in what actually ended up being our suite – two bedrooms, a living room, and a small kitchenette. It was wild to have Timmy’s parents, my adopted parents, and my brother and Brandon there to move us in. It was even wilder that all of them were setting up one of the bedrooms as a study and pushing the two single beds together in the other room to make one large one. It was almost too difficult to handle – especially since Timmy and I had not really seen each other since that eventful day in my basement. Since then Timmy had been busy coming out to everyone he loved and was actually shocked when absolutely no one seemed surprised. His mother had actually said ‘it’s about time’ and then added ‘please call Justin and tell him that you love him.’ Timmy assured her that I already knew. The day was beginning to feel like an arranged wedding. Both Timmy and I avoided the bedroom, realizing that we were going to have to crawl into bed together for the first time that night. It was all incredible and very scary at the same time. We had a big family dinner together that evening and then both sets of parents departed. Alex and Brandon came back to the dorm for one last goodbye before they took off for home, as well. Alex opened the trunk as we all departed the car and he grabbed a super thick and long crowbar, bringing it into the living room with him. Timmy and I sat on the sofa beside each other – not daring to touch - while my brother and his husband sat in chairs across from us. Alex began talking after we all had something to drink and he thumped the big bar in his open palm as he spoke.

“Timothy, my buddy. I need to tell you something. May I call you Timothy?”

“Um . . . yes, sir . . . I mean Alex.”

“Good. Timothy, see that great young man sitting on the sofa to your right.”

Timmy looked at me and I stared back at him – wide eyed and shaking my head to say I had no idea what was going on. I watched my best friend swallow hard and then turn back to my menacing big brother.

“Yes . . . yes, I do.”

“Well, I want you to know that he’s the only family I’ve got in the world. I mean, I have my devilishly handsome husband, Brandon, sitting over here and he is all a man could ever wish to have in a partner – but there’s nothing quite like having a little brother. Justin didn’t know our father and so I’ve basically gotten to take on a special role in his life. I’m not saying I’m his dad, since his adopted parents are great, but I’m the only blood relative so there are some advantages and similarities that come with that. Well, here’s the thing, Timothy, my brother has chosen you out of the billions of people on this earth to take a special place in his life. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. It’s very similar to the way I chose Brandon not that many years ago. I truly believe Justin has chosen well. It’s been wonderful getting to know you today and I look forward to many more great times together in the future. I do, however, want to instill some thoughts and images in your memory that I hope will stay there for the rest of your life. You see, Brandon can tell you from experience that soon and very soon my little brother is going to share some things with you that are very important to our family. My husband has proven to be a better secret keeper than I ever could have imagined and I hope the same will be true with Justin’s choice for a partner. I don’t think I could stress enough how important it is for anything my little brother shares with you should stay between the four of us. I’m sure there will be times when you will need to call Brandon, here, to ask him to help you through something and I want you to understand that he is more than willing to always talk to you – no matter what time of day, right Brandon?”

“Yes. Pleas call me any time, Timmy. As a matter of fact you may need to even call me later on tonight and I want you to know that’s okay. It might even be early in the morning and…”

“I think he gets the point, honey.”


“That’s okay. Anyway, Timothy, that’s just part of what I need to say to you. Have you understood everything we’ve said so far – even if it’s a little unclear?”

“Um . . . yes . . . uh . . . Alex.”

“Good, very good. Now here’s the second and actually the most important part of what I am going to tell you. I’m also going to use a little demonstration to emphasize my point. I’ve been blessed with incredible strength, Timothy. It’s hard to believe, but things that seem impossible to other men come very, very easy to me – like, I don’t know, bending this crowbar for example.”

Alex gripped the bar in both of his big hands – just a few inches from its ends. The loud squealing noise began before any of us noticed anything happening to the bar. It only dawned on me a few seconds later that Alex was pulling it out longer, like someone might pull apart a piece of licorice. That lasted for only a second or two and then my brother started bending the bar until the ends met. He had made it look as easy as bending an arts and crafts pipe cleaner. To make it even more permanent, Alex took his forefinger and slowly manipulated the piece of the bar that curved at the end and wrapped it over the other side. He then used his fingers to smash the edges together, until it was all smooth and looked like there had never been two ends.

“Because I’m very strong it’s important for me to always be very careful whenever I’m doing normal things – like shaking a guy’s hand, playing in a pick-up basketball game, or working with tools – since I can sometimes squeeze too hard, knock into someone with a little too much force, or twist a wrench until it snaps in two. You need to know that Justin is slowly becoming just like me. He’s already able to do a lot of incredible things, but he’s also going to develop more strength and probably even grow larger than me.”

This comment caused Timmy to turn and look at me. I didn’t turn to look him in the face, for I might have ruined the moment Alex was trying to create. I was finding all of this pretty incredible and I didn’t know what to do. My brother was basically telling my boyfriend everything I dreaded telling him. I would have probably put it off for a long time, but – as usual – my big brother was choosing to do the right thing and he was making my life a lot easier. I did, however, know that Timmy could choose to not stay with me after he found all of this out. I didn’t feel that he would – in the deepest part of my gut – but there was always that chance. The high-pitched squealing of the crowbar caused Timmy to turn back to look at my brother. Alex was doubling over the manhandled crow bar another time so there were four semi-long bars beside each other. It looked like a capital letter M smashed together.

“Now listen to this very important part, Timothy. Just because we are super strong doesn’t mean we can’t get hurt. As a matter of fact the thing that can hurt us the most is the person we have entrusted our secrets and our heart to. Justin and I are very dedicated people – once we bestow our love on someone it is for life. Now sometimes that can be a little smothering – just ask Brandon – but most of the time it’s pretty incredible. Justin and I can make the people we love very, very happy. You’ll find that out soon enough. But I want to tell you that we can also get hurt very deeply. And the thing that would make me more upset than anything in the world is if someone hurt my husband or my little brother.”

To emphasize this part of the conversation Alex started twisting the rumpled mess of a crowbar and it immediately looked like some kind of industrial art. The bar made a horrible loud noise as it struggle aimlessly against my brother’s strength – and I knew Alex wasn’t really using much of his power at all to destroy the thing. I knew my brother’s actions – as well as his words – were making all four dicks in the room skyrocket to total hardness in seconds. I knew, even though he was scared to death, Timmy loved every minute of my brother’s display. I also knew Brandon loved Alex’s strength so much that he’d get hard if my brother just talked about doing something powerful. Since Alex and I were so alike, I was also sure the party that was going on in my own crotch was being echoed in his own. I could tell that Timmy had stopped breathing for a few seconds. This moment was like one of his comic book fantasies coming true – even though it was making him shake in fear, too.

“So, Timothy, I just want to say if you ever hurt my little brother or if I ever find out that you’re thinking about doing anything that might hurt him, I’ll find you wherever you go and do to you what I just did to this crowbar. Have I made myself loud and clear, Timothy?”

“Yes, sir.”

All Timmy could do was whisper. He was staring at the mangled crowbar in Alex’s hand – covered in finger marks where my big brother had pressed in easily. I could tell my best friend was on sensory overload. I could tell he was struggling to not piss and ejaculate at the same time. I’m sure his cock was hurting big time and his heart was racing up a storm. I felt sorry for him, but I was also happy to have so much information revealed in such a short time. I knew my brother was doing multiple things in just this short conversation – revealing secrets, making sure Timmy knew those secrets must be kept, making it clear that I could get hurt, and letting Timmy know that I had a loving brother. What more could I have asked for.

“I’m going to leave this bar on your coffee table as a little housewarming present, fellows, but I also want it to be a constant reminder to Timothy of my little promise. Everyone happy?”

“Yes . . . sir.”

“I am, bro.”

“Me too, honey.”

“That’s good. And now, it’s time for Brandon and I to take off. After all, this evening is kind of like a honeymoon, no?”

“Exactly. Bye Timmy, don’t forget to call me any time. Really. Here’s my number. Bye brother-in-law. We’ll see you in a few weeks. Have a great start to the school year.”

Brandon was the first up. He placed his card in Timmy’s unmoving hand and then patted him on the head. He stepped across my still shocked best friend and gave me a hug. Alex, meanwhile, stepped across the coffee table and bent down to hug the frozen Timmy. He lifted the smaller guy in his squeeze and then kissed Timmy on the cheek. I saw my boyfriend’s face begin to smile and I knew it was from the bear hug and not from the kiss. Alex put Timmy back down on the sofa and then turned to hug me in the same way. He applied a lot more pressure just to make me feel the squeeze. For a few seconds I couldn’t breathe and it was glorious. I squeezed him back with all my might and I could tell he was impressed. He put me back down on the floor and then looked me in the eye.

“I love you very much, Justin.”

“I love you, too, big brother.”

“I’ll see you soon.”

“See you soon. Take care of him, Brandon. I can tell he’s going to be crying by the time you two get to the car. You’re such a softie!”

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just because I’m super strong doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings. Come on, Brandon, let’s leave these two lovebirds alone.”

“I’m already out the door, you big lug! Come on. I’ll let you cuddle in my arms tonight while you work through your sadness. It’s not like you’re going to see the two of them in just five weeks! Let’s go find something else for you to destroy with those big hands of yours.”

I shut the door behind them once both were out into the hall. I turned around to find Timmy still sitting on the sofa staring at the wrecked crowbar. He was finally breathing normally, but I could tell his mind was still a billion miles away. I cleared my throat and stepped closer to him. There was still no reaction.

“Um, don’t be scared, Timmy. Alex was just trying to make a point. I guess it’s just because he’s my brother. You don’t have to…”

“Scared, who’s scared? That was fucking hot! Did you see how he just bent that crowbar like it was nothing? He wasn’t even breathing hard. Your brother just bent thick metal like it was cotton candy or something lighter. Man, that was unbelievable. I just needed a few minutes to get my mind around what he just did. And now . . . more importantly . . . is it true?”

“Yes. I will be just like him. I’m already a lot like him.”

“I didn’t think it was possible for me to love you more, Justin, but this is like icing on the already perfect cake. I hope you don’t mind me being so fucking turned on by the fact that you’re going to be bigger and stronger, but it’s like all my fantasies come true. I would love you no matter what, but you know how I’ve been into superheroes all of my life. I can’t believe this is all happening.”

As if to prove everything were real, Timmy picked up the mangled crowbar and I could tell the thing was still warm by my boyfriend’s reaction to the feeling. I knew I had a lifetime to show him how okay it was that he loved super strength. I’m also sure part of my attraction to the guy was the fact that he felt this way. We were like two peas in a pod. We were exactly like Alex and Brandon. I just let my new roommate and lover feel the distorted bar in his hands. I watched as his crotch twitched with excitement. It was a little too soon for me to overwhelm Timmy with my own strength. We had all night for him to discover what I could do. We had all night for sex. That thought hit me like a ton of bricks falling on my head. I pulled out my phone immediately.

“Timmy, I really need to pee, excuse me.”

He was too busy looking at the crowbar to see the alarmed look on my face. I ran to the bathroom and had dialed Brandon’s number before the door even shut. I was praying hard that it wouldn’t go into voicemail.

“That was fast! Don’t tell me you’re already done.”

“Brandon, what about sex?”

“Didn’t your brother have this talk with you a long time ago?”

“No, I mean what about my ejaculation? I tend to destroy things and take out parts of the ceiling. Won’t I hurt Timmy? How do you two have sex!”

“Oh sweetie, how could we have forgotten to tell you this? I guess it’s just because we’ve gotten so used to it. Alex, we didn’t tell Justin about fucking. How could you forget that? We are…”

“Brandon, could we focus please? I’m in need of some help, here.”

“Justin, don’t worry about it. Your body – like your brother’s – adjusts to the situation. It’s like you have some inner sensor or something. I liken it to the way a horse once bucked me off and I fell under the beast. When the dust settled I saw that the creature was above me and had one of his legs bent so it wouldn’t crush my chest. The animal knew I was under him – without even looking and knew it shouldn’t put its hoof down. Your body will know exactly what Timmy can handle – trust me. It will also know exactly how to please him. You will also know just how much pressure to use in every other part of your body. It just comes naturally. And when you allow him to top you – and I definitely suggest it – your ass will treat him sublimely. Trust me, I know. Now get off the phone and go back to your boyfriend. By the way, your brother is still crying.”

“Bye Brandon.”

My brother-in-law had hung up before I spoke. He was more excited about my upcoming night than I was.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Brilliant part, as ever...

Thank you.

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Good to see you go back to this story, I've always been a fan of it, love to see the contrast between Justin and Timmy, and Brandon and Alex, and how because Brandon and Alex have been there before they can mentor Justin in so many ways.
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Hey, look who's back!
Great to read from you, James. Amazing as always =)
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