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Careful What You Wish For

It was Saturday night. I was sitting at the long bar at one end of Watson’s pub – just off Centennial Park. It was a somewhat sleazy place that I only came to out of desperation. Sometimes the pretty boys at the bars on West End and surrounding areas became tiresome and I needed to have an evening of unpretentiousness. Tonight, however, was becoming a little predictable – the place was full of old men and tiny pixies. Neither interested me. It’s not that I’m a gay snob or anything. I’ve just learned it’s best if I fully acknowledge what turns me on and seek that out on a continual basis. I didn’t usually stray from my desired idea of what a man should look like when I chose to bring him home – built, good looking, and well-dressed. I had just ordered a second beer, so I – of course – was going nowhere fast. I did however speak my wish out into the open bar – intentionally whispering so no one would hear.

“For heaven’s sake, just once I’d like to be surprised.”

A cool breeze suddenly shot through the bar – like the air conditioning had just come on or something. I shivered slightly since I was wearing my lucky “catch a boy’ tank top that showed off my tightly muscled body – built up by swimming and lifting. I wasn’t a bodybuilder by any means, but I was packed with eye-catching bulges and curves in all the right places. I was definitely getting looks but no one seemed worthy of allowing him to catch my eye. I glanced back down to the bar magazine I had picked up from the rack by the bathroom. I was basically flipping through the last few pages of the thing to see how many men I had done who were advertising in the personals. I was shocked at how few I knew this month. I worried that meant I was getting lazy or, worse, forgotten.

When I glanced up again the first thing I noticed was the gut. Well, actually, it was really a belly. I was turned off immediately and started to look away, but then my gaze moved upward and I noticed the arms and chest. Damn, the guy was huge, but he had a stomach on him. I forced myself to turn back to the magazine. It only took a few seconds, though, before my eyes returned to the big man at the bar. And, again, I was surprised at the enormity of the guy. It was on the second glance that I also noticed the fur – covering the forearms revealed by rolled-up sleeves, spilling out from the top of a massive chest poking through a partially unbuttoned shirt, and covering the cheeks and chin of one of the most rugged faces I had ever seen. Suddenly, thoughts of the belly disappeared. I just sat there staring at a smaller version of what Paul Bunyan was surely supposed to look like. The man surely towered over me and I was six one – he stuck out heads and shoulders above everyone else in the place. I also guessed he outweighed my two hundred fifty pound body by, at least, a hundred or more. The dude kind of stood out in the crowd – mainly because he was so huge, but also because he was so different than every other patron in the place. The term ‘bull in a china shop’ popped into my head. I got the feeling the man needed to really watch where he walked or moved in the bar or he could have easily hurt one of the smaller patrons – without even realizing it. I sucked in air when the guy turned to look directly at me and then winked.

“Holy fuck.”

I, again, spoke softly so no one would hear me, but I knew the big bear clearly understood what my lips had just mouthed. It made the massive man smile. It was a grin that did not make my heart flutter. No, it actually caused my body to tremble in fear. I could not figure out what it was that frightened me, but I clearly recognized the feeling. I wanted to turn my gaze away from the guy, but I couldn’t. I stared, mesmerized, and didn’t know what to do. Finally, the big man moved his eyes to elsewhere in the bar and I was released from his captive glare. I got the feeling he fully understood I was still engrossed by his presence, but he no longer needed to acknowledge mine. I couldn’t move. I simply took long sips of my beer and tried to pretend like I was reading the magazine, but I simply stared at the bear at the end of the bar. He never looked at me again. Suddenly, one of the twinkie waiters was placing another beer on my small table. I looked at him with a puzzled face – mainly because I still had half a glass, but also because I hadn’t ordered anything.

“I’m supposed to tell you that you know perfectly well who this is from.”

And with that, the little nelly guy walked away. I forced myself not to look up at the furry monster at the bar. It was from him – there was no doubt in my mind – but that feeling of fear in the pit of my stomach caused me to not acknowledge the drink with a returned glance. I gulped the rest of my present glass down in two long swallows. I intended to leave quickly, but something prevented me from going. I had no idea why I didn’t escape when I could – but the moment I picked up the new beer I think both the bull at the bar and I fully realized I was now his. It amazed me that the big guy never looked at me again or came over to chat. It took me a few minutes to figure it out but I suddenly realized he was waiting for me. I sensed immediately that he chose not to do the heavy work – I was going to have to make all the moves. It was clear he wasn’t shy or anything – it was just that he never pursued anyone. I couldn’t believe how I sensed all of this without even talking to the guy. I just knew it like I knew the sun would rise tomorrow.

I’m not sure if it was the third beer or just curiosity that enabled me to finally look at the man for longer than a few seconds – to actually seriously look at him. I knew I was completely enthralled by the man at this point and there was no escaping his bearish allure. The dude was such a mixture of what turned me on in a man and what usually made me overlook a guy. I kept looking at the beer belly that pushed his flannel shirt out in that rounded way which was usually hidden by a guy wearing his shirttails un-tucked. The bear, however, chose to stuff his shirt in – almost as if he wished to emphasize his protruding gut even more. I’d heard people refer to big bear bellies as looking strong even though they hung over a guy’s belt, but this is the first time I saw it in real life. His tummy did look kind of powerful, but it was still what I called fat. I always went for the chiseled abs look and typically made fun of obvious beer bellies. Muscled arms, wide shoulders, and a chest that not only screamed power but also bulged in ways that made my cock leap to attention surrounded his big stomach. And then there was the fur. I was the kind of guy that liked a man’s body to be as smooth as a baby’s behind. I loved dudes that shaved their chests, faces, and even loved guy’s who were bald. This guy, however, had thick hair all over – and it inexplicably intrigued me. I continued to be amazed at how huge the guy was – he was a fucking tank. I swear his biceps looked thicker than the bartender’s small body and his shoulders were as wide as the archway behind him that led to the bathrooms. When he would turn his body to take a sip of his beer I noticed that his chest bulged out almost as far as his stomach, but the pecs were clearly muscled and hard. If I held my hand in front of my face just right I could totally block his stomach and the guy looked like a modern day Hercules. I was getting so confused by my attraction – how could I want a man with such a big belly.

The more I tried to force myself to not think about the bear I was drawn to him. And I wasn’t just drawn to his huge muscles; I was drawn to his stomach. I started to think I was slightly buzzed by the beer since this reaction was so abnormal for me. I began to realize the round belly wasn’t as big as I initially thought – it just looked that way because of how huge the entire package was. This guy was massive, so, of course, he’d be big down below his bulging pecs, too. I also started to realize that it wasn’t fat that pushed the bottom of his shirt out like that – it was actually hardness, just like the rest of him. The dude’s protruding gut was fucking solid as rock. When he breathed his chest inflated nicely and his entire ribcage expanded. The man clearly had no aspirations of ever becoming some kind of pro bodybuilder or anything – he obviously just started packing on muscle one day and hadn’t stopped. He also didn’t care how the hard beef got added to his already astounding size – he simply wanted to grow. I started looking at the guy differently. I even became a little obsessed by his gut – loving how it had suddenly become such a symbol of power in my eyes. My body started moving before anything in my head gave it orders. It was like I was some kind of zombie simply attracted to the largest living thing in the room. I moved towards the bear and noticed that he started to smile – even though he wasn’t looking at me. He sensed my movement long before he ever turned to look at me. I stopped about a foot from him and actually reached up to smooth down my hair – like some dude waiting at the door of his prom date. I gulped hard when I looked up – tilting my head pretty far back – into the eyes of the big bear. I had no plan. I wasn’t in control of any part of my body. Even my mouth was operated by some hidden desire within – something that compelled me to seek out the giant across the bar. I simply gave into my urges and said the first thing that came to mind.


“Bout time you came over.”

“Thank you for the drink.”

“You’re welcome.”

He didn’t say anything else. He just stared at me. Standing close to the big man suddenly made me uneasy. He was just so fucking huge and his powerful chest and stomach bulged out at me almost like an intimidating weapon attached to his body. I tried to lift my chin so I’d be looking into his face, but I couldn’t peel my eyes from his mountainous pecs or his bulbous belly. We stood there in silence and I finally realized he wasn’t going to say a word. He clearly didn’t think it was his responsibility to continue the conversation. I was the pet in this relationship – it was my job to entertain him. This thought made my cock shiver into a harder state and I had no fucking clue why. I became a stupid idiot in front of the guy – exactly the response he both expected and desired.

“You’re so big.”

“Big everywhere, squirt.”

Part of me wanted to get upset by the word ‘squirt’ – especially since he had said it clearly in a derogatory way – but another part of me, as a matter of fact most of me, realized I was truly a squirt compared to him. My entire chest seemed to only be as big as one of his monstrous pecs. The guy’s armor like stomach seemed to be packed thicker than my entire body. His biceps made mine look like twigs and his forearms bulged so much they seemed more powerful than a giant Chevy truck. ‘Intimidated as hell’ didn’t come close to describing the feeling that was shooting through my body. I was fucking scared of the bear standing in front of me – and I sensed the guy knew it. It was like he had this sixth sense that honed in on fear the way someone else might sniff out a great wine or hear their baby crying in the other room when no one else did. I truly couldn’t think of anything coherent or intelligent to say. I just started saying random thoughts that came into my head – thoughts completely caused by the presence of the giant in front of me.

“You have a big gut.”

“You noticed, huh? I call it ‘the pit.’ You can call it that, too. It’s all muscle, bub. I work it out just like I work the rest of my huge body. Want to feel how hard it is?”

“Um . . . no.”

“Sure you do, squirt.”

The bear stepped forward and his right massive pec hit my face and the ‘pit’ hit my chest at the same time. I bounced backwards and into a guy behind me. The dude I bumped started to get verbal with me, telling me to mind what I was doing, but then the bear in front of me just kind of growled – I mean it – he actually just let out a rumble that sounded like something between thunder and the call of a wild beast. I turned to look at the guy behind me and I was met by a face as white as white can be and a look of fear that made me feel sorry for the guy in a big way. The smaller dude didn’t even look at me – he simply backed away quickly keeping his eyes on the bear to make sure he wasn’t being pursued. I watched as the scared guy immediately left the bar – probably never to return. I turned back to the aggressive bear and was caught off guard by how close I remained to the ‘pit.’

“Hard as hell, ain’t it?”

“Um . . . yes sir.”

“Just like the rest of me.”

“Yes sir.”

He wasn’t looking for a response from me. He was just stating a fact. I, however, felt like I needed to respond – to show my obedience or my respect in some way. The big bear didn’t even notice. He was taking a sip of his beer. That’s when I noticed the buttons of his shirt were straining – all of them – the ones trying to hold in his massive chest and the ones below. The big man just stretched his shirt out everywhere. I had a feeling that if he flexed any part of his upper body buttons would have shot off at me like rapid fire from a gun. Suddenly, the bear became slightly talkative – as if he knew I was too stunned to carry the conversation on by myself.

“Never thought you’d be attracted to a big bear gut, did you?

“Um . . . no, sir.”

“Bet you don’t even like all my fur, do you?”

“No . . . no, sir.”

“That’ll change.”

“Yes sir.”

“Ever been this close to a fucking huge animal, squirt?”


“Scary as hell, ain’t it?”

“Yes sir.”

It was like the big man was reading my mind. He knew every thought that popped into my head – probably because he was causing every and any reaction I had. He dominated me without even moving one of his massive muscles. His size and his gruff exterior put me in my place completely – there was no need for him to do a thing. I found that I had to remind myself to inhale and exhale, as if part of me wanted to ask him if it was okay to breathe.

“What’s your name, little man?

“I’m really not that small . . . “

The bear leaned down and I had to actually tilt my head further back. I have no idea why I had challenged his ‘little man’ statement. Having the top of his huge shoulders and his head above my own head made me certainly feel little – the exact sensation he intended to cause. I swallowed hard and almost pissed all over myself. He was breathing like a bull about to charge. I imagined my hair was being blown back like a kid sticking his head out the window of a moving car. I really was a big man – comparative to most guys – but next to this bear I was definitely junior-sized.

“I’m . . . Rob . . . um, my name is . . . Rob.”

The bear moved his body backwards and it was like the sun had come out of some dark clouds. I could see light again and my need to pee down my leg subsided. I suddenly had a revelation – this was the exact feeling the Greeks were describing when they wrote about Zeus intimidating mortals. I imagined myself starting a religion based on worshipping this huge man and somehow making it good luck to rub his hard belly. I exhaled loudly when his muscled body was out of my personal space.

“The name’s Magnus.”

Of course it was. The name fit the big guy like a cock-hugging condom. Damn, even the way he said his name made my knees wobble in trepidation. I suddenly wondered if he had grown so huge just to match his name or had he been born so big that his parents immediately dropped something like Alfred and gave their son a moniker that would warn people in advance of meeting the giant man. I felt my mouth repeat his name without making a sound. I couldn’t control myself – I wanted to say the name that would forever cause my balls to tighten out of subservience.

“You’re a pretty little thing, Robbie.”

“Um . . . thank you . . . I guess.”

“Anyone else call you Robbie?”

“Uh . . . no.”

“That’s cause you haven’t ever met something this much bigger than you, isn’t it.”

“I don’t . . . um . . . know.”

“I do, squirt. It just feels so natural for me to call you that. I think we’ll let it stick.”

“Yes . . . um . . . sir.”

“I like the way you have to say ‘sir’ to me, Robbie. You can’t answer without adding that to whatever you’re saying. It’s just something in you that has to show this much hugeness the proper respect.”

“Yes sir.”

“Damn, that’s hot.”

I forced myself not to say ‘yes sir’ again. I wanted to exert some self-control even though I hadn’t shown any for the last hour or so. I also wanted Magnus to know I had something of a backbone. Maybe I was even trying to show off – I don’t know. I simply bit my lip and didn’t say a word. The pile of muscle and power beside me stood there silently, as well. This caused me to slowly go crazy, since I could feel myself craving the man’s attention and . . . affirmation. Just when I thought I was going to scream because of the silence, the big man leaned towards me and spoke really low and with a voice dripping with intention.

“You ever been manhandled by a bear, Robbie?”

I wish I knew why our bodies react to certain things in particular ways. I had no previous experience to help me understand what happened next, but Magnus’ question made my fear-shriveled cock shoot achingly hard in the same amount of time it took me to gasp in a shallow breath. The guy’s face was so close to mine that I could smell the mixture of beer and toothpaste lingering in the air after his question. My eyes shot to his massive right biceps, as if this was a natural reaction of mine when a big guy like this used the word ‘manhandled.’ Visions of me being lifted by his big arms, my head being squeezed by his big biceps, and being bear hugged by the giant shot through my head like a DVD on fast forward. The tease didn’t move his arm an inch and somehow still made the bulging biceps tense bigger. He knew exactly where my gaze would travel as soon as he asked his question and I was embarrassed that I followed the script in his head so perfectly. No matter how frustrated I was at my actions, however, I still couldn’t take my eyes off of his enormous arm. I could almost smell the power radiating from his big gun and that made my cock twitch even harder. Without me noticing, Magnus had inched his body closer to mine. The ‘pit’ now swelled out strongly right in front of me. I hadn’t taken my eyes away from his arm, but it still registered that the man’s solid gut was almost pressing into me. I slowly turned my gaze upward – feeling that the bear wanted my attention.

“Touch it.”

“No, please . . . sir.”

“I didn’t intend for you to have an option, squirt. It’s the final part of giving in, Robbie. The ‘pit’ turned you off at first – when you noticed me earlier – but then some unexplainable force slowly drew you to it. You ceased to view it as fat created by laziness and realized that some bears have a huge powerful mid-section because they need them to hold up all the rest of the massive muscles bulging out everywhere else. You can sense the power of the ‘pit’ and it turns you on. The idea of wrestling with this bear as he manhandles you has made you hard quicker than anything ever has in your entire life and it confuses the hell out of you. And, yet, you’re still hard as stone. Tell me I’m wrong, squirt.”

“I can’t . . . um . . . say that you . . . are incorrect . . . sir.”

“Good boy, Robbie. Denial is a bad thing – it can lead us to dishonesty and I want you to always be truthful with me, okay squirt?”

“Yes sir.”

“So, you see, hidden somewhere in the recesses of your subconscious are some visuals that have actually caused your cock to grow crazy hard, but they haven’t made it to your brain yet. That’s where I come in, squirt. I’m here to unlock that part of you. For you see, Robbie, as soon as I mentioned being manhandled by a bear you initially went to my arms – a very good place to start. But your conscious self stopped there – simply because you were amazed by the size of my biceps. Your subconscious, however, started down a path of pure pleasure. It started thinking about what it would be like to pressed up against the wall by the ‘pit.’ To be trapped between it and solid brick.”

I sucked in air and felt a drop of pre-cum squeeze out of my hard cock; even though I was doing everything I could to avoid orgasm. The thought of this man’s hard gut smashing my body against the wall was so exciting that I leaned towards Magnus – as if he were casting a spell on me that I could not resist. His words were music to my ears. I started to realize that my lust for his body somehow stemmed from the part of him I had originally rejected. I was becoming a convert – all because of the ‘pit.’

“Good for you, Robbie. You didn’t instantly spew like an uncorked shaken bottle of champagne because of that first image. I’m proud of you, squirt. But I’m here to dig a little deeper into your subconscious. Cause your lust for my hard gut, Robbie, is a lot more intense than you think. If we dig a little deeper there is part of you that can’t wait until the day you get smashed into the mattress of my big bed by the ‘pit.’ You want to be smothered by my huge body, but it’s the idea of my powerful gut compressing you so much that you can’t breathe that really cranks up your juices closer to the boiling point. You want me to flatten you like a pancake, squirt.”

This time my hand flew out and grabbed the edge of the bar to steady myself – scraping against the ‘pit’ briefly. I actually yelped like a small dog as soon as my fingers made contact with Magnus’ bulging stomach, since it felt like I scraped against cloth covered concrete. I somehow managed to pant my way through avoiding a hard ejaculation – like some kind of woman working her way through contractions. I wanted to shut my eyes but couldn’t – I was staring at the ‘pit’ and saw that Magnus was flexing his fucking stomach. The man knew I was close to losing all control and, yet, he didn’t care. I was but a plaything for the bear and he was enjoying the show way too much to stop.

“You’re a trooper, Robbie. I’m impressed with your stamina. You’re such a newbie to the thrills of muscled bears and, yet, you’re able to hold out for the big finish. Here’s the funny thing, though, squirt. You are just getting a slight taste of the ‘pit’ and big Magnus tonight. There’s a lot more excitement to come after this little excursion into your brain. Don’t worry, we’ll have a lot of fun in the future, but for right now I want to cement your love for the ‘pit.’ In a few seconds I’m going to push you to the edge and you’re going to reach out to brace your body against mine. Your hands are going to press against the ‘pit’ and you are going to be overwhelmed by how hard and muscled my stomach truly is. You are also going to think back regrettably to the moment when you wanted to ignore me because you thought I had a fat belly. Your newfound lust for hard bulging stomachs will be released and you’ll come to love the ‘pit’ as much as you love my massive arms, my mountainous chest, and the exquisite fur that covers it. Basically, you will become the ultimate bear lover and I’ll be your preferred Ursidae. Don’t worry, Robbie, I like you a lot and think you can make the perfect bear-loving cub. Give me a few years and I’ll have you covered in fur and sporting a muscled ‘pit’ too. How does that sound, squirt?”

“Wonderful, sir.”

“The right answer, Robbie. So, let’s move back to your subconscious. You don’t know it, squirt, but you can’t wait to be in bed with me. You desperately want to straddle the ‘pit’ and stick your cock between my massive pecs. Your ass is screaming to have my muscled belly between your legs and these super mounds of meat squeezing cum out of your rod. Feeling my muscled gut underneath your ass will bring you more joy than you ever thought possible. Having my stomach heave your body up and down in the air without any problem will make you fully understand how powerful my gut truly is – and that will excite you more than you ever dreamed of before. Riding the ‘pit’ like a bucking bronco while you fuck my chest will be too much for your little body to handle. You’ll explode that way for months before we finally reach a point where you can hold out for longer than a few minutes. Your subconscious wants me this way and you haven’t ever thought a man’s gut could be sexy. If I lifted you into the air right now and set you down on the bulging ‘pit’ you would explode without any other provocation.”

I was amazed there was a person on earth who could know me so well. I had come into this bar earlier hoping for something different and never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate this kind of drastic change from my normal pleasures. Suddenly, I was in a world that was as unfamiliar to me as a different planet would be – but, yet, it existed somewhere in my subconscious. I now fully embraced the fact that a very furry bear with a muscled stomach could turn me on more than anything in the world. Had I denied this type of overwhelming excitement before because it was too much for me to handle? Had it taken Magnus and the ‘pit’ to help me realize that my lust for muscled bellied bears was okay? Or had I been influenced by the gay world to believe that there were only a few avenues of hotness in the world? I suddenly felt embarrassed because I had always thought a chiseled set of abs or a hairless muscleman was the only kind of sexy. I now knew that a big bear could be sex on a stick even if he had a hard gut and fur covering his muscles.

To emphasize my new awareness I became over stimulated by Magnus’ words. As soon as he described what it would be like for me to ride his muscled ‘pit’ and stick my cock between his hard muscled beefy pecs I lost control of my mind, my body, and my dick. I reached out, true to form, and braced both of my palms against the ‘pit.’ As soon as my hands felt the hardness of Magnus’ gut my excitement flew off the charts. If I had ever thought about preventing my building ejaculation or avoiding the tumultuous release that Magnus wanted from my body that hope was long gone when I felt the obvious power contained in the hard-as-marble gut against my fingers. The big bear tensed his powerful stomach as soon as my hands met his skin just so he could increase the force of my orgasm. He was a relentless brute when it came to teasing me. I can’t begin to explain what my hands felt as they pressed against his unyielding, brick-like stomach. My cock began to spew as if this might be the last orgasm of my life and my body convulsed like a really bad seventies dancer at a discotheque. Even in the midst of my body’s tortuous offering to Magnus I registered how much I loved the ‘pit.’ I could not believe that a man’s stomach – especially one that bulged out so much – could bring me so much satisfaction. I knew I would never judge a man by his belly again. I tried desperately to make the ‘pit’ give in a little - as I came powerfully thinking about riding Magnus’ stomach like a untamed stallion - but his hard belly didn’t dent at all. This man had obviously worked his stomach out as much as his arm, his chest, and the rest of his body. He wasn’t a bodybuilder with chiseled abs, but he was the fucking hottest bear I had ever met and I now lusted for skin-covered concrete muscled bellies that were covered in hair. I was a convert and Magnus was my chosen temple.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Thank you

There is nothing quite like a fully grown mature man. You captured his essence and presence perfectly. You're stories are, as I've said before, always about the complete human condition not just one facet.

Thanks again, that was beautifully done.
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A hot, beautifully written and surreal dream. I'd love to see you play the whole story out, but this creates a fantasy of such clarity you really don't have to. It's already unfolding in my imagination.
"You could be big, too, but you gotta need it, like you need your next breath.”
(from Jaypat's story "I Wanna Get Huge")
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Incredible! Slow building sexual tension until the inevitable happens! I would love to see more from these two studs one day! Thanks for sharing your amazing story!
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This is saying a lot: this is probably my favorite story of yours ever. Pushed my buttons big time.
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Wow, that was extremely hot! I would love to read more about Magnus, indeed the thought that when he was born, he was already so muscular and manly that his parents had no choice but to match his look with a name fitting of it, is a very hot idea to me, I would love to know more about Magnus' background, how strong he is, and when did he first exhibiting it. I'd love to see him lying on his back, his "pit" sticking out above him and have a truck drive up on his stomach, and it not only supports it with ease, but lifts it up and down by flexing his stomach! Man, you just keep continuing to knock the hot, sexy muscle daddy stories right out of the ball park!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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Again you exceed every expectations we can dream of.
You're a genius, man!
My youtube channel
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