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Old May 7th, 2007, 01:13 PM
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JT's Second Adventure

I made it through customs pretty easily. I’m so big that not many people want to ask me a lot of questions. I like seeing the lust (and the slight fear) in a person’s face as they talk to me. The guy that was stamping my passport wouldn’t look me in the face as he asked me questions. He just kept staring at my chest. I decided to stop bending down so my head was even with the small window at his booth. I just stood up so he was asking his questions directly at what he wanted to see – my massive pecs. I bounced them a few times just to make his day. His voice went up a few octaves each time I make a pec jump. It was fun to try and get him to go higher each time. Finally, I could tell he was just worn out by my display and he stamped my passport and waved me through. He immediately put a sign – which I assumed said "position closed" – in his window and took a break. It gave me a little thrill to know he was probably going to the bathroom to release the pressure I had built up in his small body.

Once again, as I walked through the baggage claim area, I noticed that I was the tallest person. I towered over the crowd and it made me feel even more powerful than I am. My six feet eight inches was definitely out of place in this country. After getting my bags I walked to the pick up area and started looking for a driver holding a sign with my name on it. I immediately noticed the guy there to pick me up – mainly because he was pretty tall for someone from Japan. He was probably six feet, himself. I walked towards him and his eyes got bigger as he realized this muscled man of two hundred and seventy five pounds was the person he was here to meet.

“Mr. Armstrong?” the guy asked in broken English.

“The one and only,” I said smiling at the man. He had a cart and I placed my bags on it after we bowed slightly to each other. I noticed that he never took his eyes off me the whole time. I immediately knew my driver was into muscle – and it was also obvious he worked out. His black pants and jacket were tight on his body. I could tell he had one of those compact muscled gymnast bodies. That really turned me on. He wasn’t bulging with muscles like me, but he probably had quite a nice total package under that uniform. Maybe he’d want to work out with me while I was here – I always wanted a partner that I could impress – or shock – when we were lifting. Yeah, I thought to myself – this little guy might be perfect for showing off a little strength and a lot of muscle.

“My name is Taro,” the driver said.

“And please call me JT,” I said answering back as we walked to the waiting limousine.

Taro opened the door for me and I could tell he loved the fact that I had to fold my body greatly to fit through the door of the car. I noticed it was really a town car – not a limo. Taro pup the bags in the trunk and then got into the car. He pulled his seat and the other front seat up to give me room. That was very kind, I thought and I promised myself that Taro would get some muscle pleasure today. It was easier for me to sit in the center of the back seat and spread my legs wide behind both seats. Not only was this more comfortable, but I knew it meant that Taro would get a great look at me from the rear view mirror.

Before he started the car he asked, “Mr. Armstrong. Do you want …”

“Taro, call me JT, please,” I interrupted.

“Yes, sir, JT,” he said smiling in the mirror, “Do you want to go to the hotel first or to the appointment with the doctor.”

Ah, the required physical to work with a company here. The Japanese are so concerned about what their work-life does to people. As a protection to most companies they require Americans to take physicals – mainly because they fear the heavy work-load will put too much of a strain on fragile foreigners. I should have told this new company to not bother. I should have sent pictures to prove that no amount of work they could give me was going to strain this body.

“Let’s get the physical over with Taro. Thanks,” I said smiling at him.

Taro started the car and as he started to back out of the parking space he realized that he would not be able to see anything out of his rear-view mirror because of my size. He used the side mirrors to back out. As we left the airport I noticed that Taro adjusted the mirror so it reflected my wide chest perfectly. Now I knew what this guy liked and that was going to make our trip a lot more fun. I started squeezing my pecs together - just to give him a taste of what was to come. I inhaled to make them swell and I could tell he was impressed by their size. I bounced the mounds together a few times and then one at a time. Suddenly the car came to a screeching halt. It was obvious that Taro had not noticed the stopped traffic in front of him. He had been focused on my chest.

“Whoa, there, Taro. We might need to keep our mind on the driving right now. We’ll have time for other things later,” I said laughing a little.

“I am sorry, JT,” Taro said raising the mirror so it reflected my face again. He saw my big smile and I noticed that he was bright red.

I could tell that he was embarrassed because I had caught him getting off on my muscled body. I wanted to help him get over that problem quickly so I said, “Hey Taro, it looks like you’ve lifted a weight or two in your lifetime. I’m here for a while and would really like to have a workout partner. Would you be interested? I could get you a pass to the fitness center connected to my hotel.”

I swear I could tell by his face that his dick had just gotten hard. There was a mixture of pleasure, anticipation, and lust in his look. I knew there was no way he was going to turn down the chance to work with someone as big as me. Who knew – maybe the workout would move to the bedroom as well. I could see me using Taro as a barbell or other fun things, too.

“That would be very good, JT. It would mean a lot to me to workout with someone like you,” Taro said with a quivering voice.

“What do you mean by someone like me?” I asked teasingly.

“Someone so huge and so full of muscles,” Taro said forgetting the restrained manners that were expected in Japan and I could tell he was immediately embarrassed again.

“Well, Taro, I can tell underneath that jacket and shirt that you’ve got a nice body,” I said smiling directly at him through the mirror. I instantly saw that this made Taro very happy and he smiled too. “I think we should start as soon as possible. What does the rest of you day look like?”

“I am done with work at six, JT,” Taro said with much excitement in his face.

“Well let’s say you come to my hotel at 6:30 and we’ll have us a little work out and some dinner. Okay?” I asked.

“Yes sir, JT.” Taro replied and I swear the car sped up – as if he was hoping he could make the day go faster.

When we got to the doctor’s office I asked Taro to wait. He began to protest saying that a physical usually took a long time – but then I said, “Taro, I don’t think it’s going to take long for the doctor to realize I am healthy, do you?” I then inhaled – making my chest swell and raising my arms in a double bicep pose. Taro’s eyes got huge and his mouth dropped open.

“No, JT. I think he will see that you are quite healthy. I will wait for you,” Taro said – not taking his eyes off of my arms. I smiled, dropped my arms, turned around and walked towards the building. I spread my back muscles as I walked away to give Taro something to think about as he waited. Right before I stepped into the lobby of the building I turned to see that he was leaning against the front of the car adjusting the hard-on pressing his pants. I laughed and started thinking about the fun I was going to have with little Taro later on.

As I stepped inside the building I saw the security guard at the front counter immediately snap to attention. I couldn’t tell if he thought I was a threat or if he was impressed by my size. In very broken Japanese I told him that I was here to see Dr. Hiro. He told me the floor number and the suite. As I walked away I noticed the guard immediately reach down and turn a dial on the console in front of him. As I waited in the lobby it dawned on me that he had turned the screen in front of him to the camera in the elevator. When the door opened I noticed the camera in the front right corner of the elevator. I pushed the button and stepped back to the opposite corner so the camera got a full view of me. I thought it would be fun to give the guard a little taste of me on camera. As the elevator was traveling upward I pulled my shirt out of my pants and exposed my tight abs. I crunched them even more – wiggling my torso to show off the chiseled six-pack. I then dropped the shirt, lifted my right arm, flexed the powerful bicep, brought the bulge to a perfect peak, leaned in and kissed it. I turned to the camera and smiled as the elevator doors were opening. I knew there was a guy in the lobby rubbing his crotch right now and that made my dick swell a little. I’d have to make sure I stopped by the counter as I left – just to give the guy a closer view of what he wanted to see.

Inside the doctor’s office I walked over to the window where the receptionist was sitting. I had to bend down quite a lot to get my face even with the window. The young woman at the counter was looking down at some papers and when she glanced up at my huge frame in the window it actually made her let out a little scream. I just smiled – I loved how people were shocked when they didn’t see me coming – my size just blew them away. Again, in broken Japanese, I said I was here to see Dr. Hiro and gave my name. The receptionist had gained some control and asked me, in pretty good English, to have a seat and said Dr. Hiro would be with me shortly. The place where I would be working had already sent paperwork concerning me to the doctor so there were no forms to fill out. I sat down and picked up what was obviously a Japanese health and fitness magazine. There were some handsome men inside and some of them had the kind of bodies that made me hard. They were short, but seemed to pack on a ton of rock-solid muscle. It almost looked a little freakish – but impressed the hell out of me. I loved being the larger muscle guy and having a shorter muscle beast posing in front of me as we stood in front of a mirror. I especially liked it when the shorter guy had some biceps that came close to matching the size of mine – that really got me going. I knew that Taro was well built, but he was taller than I usually liked. No matter what, he was going to help me have a couple of good workouts – one in the gym and one in my hotel suite. As I looked at the magazine I noticed, by the sounds coming from behind the window, that the receptionist had obviously gone and gotten some other people to look at me. From the sound of the voices it was quite a group – male and female. I didn’t want to scare my onlookers away so I didn’t raise my eyes from the magazine. I acted as if I didn't notice them. The pictures of the guys were getting me a little worked up so I thought it would be fun to do the same for the crowd. I raised my arm slowly and brought my hand to the back of my head – as if I was scratching an itch. This caused my bicep to swell. I tensed it slightly just to let them know the peak could go up a hell of a lot more. There was a sound of whispered “ooohs” from the crowd as I did this. I knew I had them right in the palm of my muscled hand. I brought my hand back down to my chest and started massaging my mammoth chest – inhaling at the same time to make the mounds climb higher. My lowered chin met the swelling pecs and this caused the spectators to swoon even louder. Man – their long-distanced worshipping was really causing my dick to grow harder. I knew the outline of my huge piece of meat was clearly visible through my pants. I raised the magazine from my lap – as if to look at a picture closer – and the size of my cock made the crowd cry out in shock. At this point they didn’t care how loud they were – my muscles caused them to lose all inhibitions – just the way I liked it. I knew what would cause them to go over the top, though. I stared at the picture of a really built Japanese man – who must have been only 5’6”, but was packed with lots of muscles. I reached down and started running my cupped palm up and down my stiff cock – nice and slow. This caused my cock to swell even more. The crowd behind the window squealed in delight – even the male voices and then immediately dispersed. I knew that everyone had to go take care of himself or herself at once – my display had been too much for them to bear. I glanced up to the window and only one guy remained. He had his eyes closed, his head leaning back, and he was holding on to the counter at the window as his body shook violently. Well, it looked like one person couldn’t wait until they got alone. The poor guy actually cried out – as if in pain – during his orgasm. When he stopped shooting – and shaking – he lowered his head and looked out at me. I smiled directly at him and he actually just stood there and smiled back. He did not care that I knew what had happened. I figured he was just happy to have gotten the chance to see me. His grin got bigger and he finally let go of the counter and walked away.

A few seconds later the door opened and the guy that had been standing at the window looked out at me and said, “Mr. Armstrong.” So, the guy was a male nurse and, lucky for him, he got to wear a white jacket that covered up what must have been a large wet spot at the crotch of his pants. He was still smiling at me as I stood up, tossed the magazine to the side, and walked to the doorway. He held the door open by pressing his back against it while standing in the doorway. I always had to turn my massive frame sideways to get through doorframes – but with him standing there I was going to have to squeeze through an even tighter space. I suddenly realized that this is what he wanted. Well, well, well the little nurse was even braver than I thought. I bent my head down to go through the door and turned so my chest would press into him as I passed. If he wanted to feel some muscle I was more than happy to supply him with enough to please him for a long time. I took my time passing through the door - letting my pecs pass across his face. My right pec hit the side of his face and he instinctively opened his mouth. I slid my hard muscle across his face slowly – and pressed against his head when my left pec moved across his inviting mouth. A wall of pec muscle covered his entire face. Right as I started to press his head up against the door he inhaled deeply through his nose to get a good whiff of my manness. I pulled my chest away from his face and his eyes were closed again and his mouth immediately went into a large smile as I walked all the way through the door. I looked down and saw the wet outline of his opened-mouth lips on my shirt. I knew this guy was in muscle heaven. I stepped to the side and watched him as he came back to earth. He opened his eyes and looked up at me with a face that had “thank you” written all over it. Without even thinking he raised his hand and let his index finger follow the circled outline of his lips around my hardened nipple. He didn’t care what I thought and I knew he saw this as his only chance to be this close to a guy as big as me – and he wasn’t going to let it slip by without taking advantage of the situation! What muscle lust this little guy must have – for it was making him braver than he’d ever been before – I’m sure.

The guy looked up at me and I could see he was very happy. He walked over and stood beside a scale and invited me to step onto it. His face got obviously flustered when he read that I weighed 275 lbs. I couldn’t read the scale at all – I should have learned more Japanese. He turned and walked down the hallway pointing to an examination room. I stepped inside and immediately felt claustrophobic because my huge frame took up most of the room. There was a rolling stool, an examination table and a workspace conter and shelves - that was it. There was little room for the nurse when he stepped in and shut the door. I turned around and my chest was once again smack in the guys face. He took another deep breath - making sure he helped all of his senses to remember this moment in detail – for future jerk-off sessions. He asked me in Japanese to sit on the examination table and because of his motions I understood.

As I sat down on the table – marveling that most people would have had to use the stepping block attached to the table to crawl up onto it, but I just sat down like it was a chair. The nurse had lifted the blood pressure device off of a shelf above the workspace and sat on the stool. When the nurse turned to take my blood pressure I saw the shock in his face. The stool was high enough to easily take readings from a normal guy - but because of my size the guy could not easily reach my bicep. He stood up to get higher and looked at me with a face that showed he was still amazed by my size. I had a great idea and stood up at the same time. He looked confused. I reached down and grabbed the guy under his arms at his pits. I easily lifted his probably 145 lb body into the air. I brought his face even with mine and the look he gave me was priceless. If dicks made a noise as they got hard, the sound of his would have been deafening in this small room. His eyes were as big as small saucers and the smile on his face confirmed that he was in muscle heaven. I turned around and placed him on the table. I then sat on the stool and pulled myself closer to him. The height difference was not a problem now. He instantly knew what I was doing and said thank you in Japanese.

I decided this little guy should get the benefit of seeing the entire muscled package. I reached down and lifted my shirt slowly over my head. When I looked back at the guy he had turned to stone. He was not moving an inch and was just staring at my upper body. He wasn’t even blinking. I noticed that the blood pressure device had slipped from his hand onto the floor. I pulled my stool a little closer to the guy – keeping his legs between mine. My chest was about one foot from his face. I made my left pec bounce a couple of times and his eyes darted to that side. I then bounced my right pec and his whole head turned slightly to that side. I then did the left again – his gaze turned that way. It was like he was watching a tennis match. I started bouncing them right after each other and his face showed me that my muscle control astounded him. He loved every second of this. Again, his muscle lust took over his mind and he placed both of his hands on my chest. His hands looked freakishly small as they came up to my mammoth mounds of muscle. As soon as his fingers touched my flesh a wave of excitement shot through his body and I was pretty sure he came for the second time in fifteen minutes. He didn’t move his hands – he just shut his eyes and let his palms soak up the heat and the hardness of my chest. Without disrupting his worship session I reached down and grabbed the device from the floor. I placed it in his lap and then reached up and took his tiny hands in my monster paws. I lifted them off of my chest and rested them on the blood pressure gauge. He opened his eyes and regained control of himself. From this point on all of his motions were slow and made him seem as if he were working in a muscled daze.

He lifted the device and pulled the Velcro of the armband apart. When he turned to place the band on my bicep he let out a loud gasp. It was as if he was seeing my bulging bicep for the first time. His hands froze in midair and he again turned to stone – just staring at my arm. I purposely bent my arm a little to pump the bicep. The movements of my bicep made the small guy start to move again. He took the armband and began to wrap it around my now-relaxed arm. There was a second gasp from the nurse as he realized that the armband would not fit around my bicep. There was a look of confusion, mixed with excitement, on they guy’s face. It was obvious that he had never had this problem before – but I had experienced it a few times. I knew what to do. I looked back on the shelf and noticed there was a second gauge. I wheeled over to the counter and grabbed the second device. I brought it back to the nurse and showed him, without saying a word that he just needed to connect the two devices together using the Velcro. He was able to wrap the extended armband around my huge bicep and take my blood pressure. While he was taking the reading he let his hand roam freely over my bicep.

When he was done he looked over at the counter to a small tray that was resting there. It was the equipment needed to draw some blood. I reached for the tray and brought it to him. I also noticed that he had not taken his hand from my bicep – he was still getting off on how hard and big it was. He had to finally let go to get my arm ready for taking blood. He grabbed the small rubber strip used to wrap around the bicep in order to create a vein for the needle and laughed out loud as he brought the band to my arm. My arm was too big for the tiny band to even begin to wrap around. We both knew that even the slightest flex of my arm would have ripped that band in two – even if he could have wrapped it around my bicep. The guy was obviously stumped again – he didn’t know what to do. He looked at me – as if seeking advice.

“Vein?” I asked pointing to the bend in my arm.

“Yes . . . vein,” he replied.

“No problem, little man,” I said smiling at him. I knew he did not understand a word I was saying. I brought my arm up and flexed it hard – I placed it even with his face to get the reaction I desired. He fell back against the wall when he saw the pumped bicep. I heard his head hit the wall - hard. I quickly grabbed him and pulled him back straight. “Sorry,” I said – realizing that I had not gotten him properly prepared for the size of my arm. I held his shoulder with my right hand as I pumped my bicep a few more times in a perfect flex. His eyes stayed glued to my bicep each time I made it rise higher than he thought possible. I finally brought my arm down and showed him the veins that now snaked across the bicep and forearm everywhere. The vein right at the bend in my arm was now bulging and he prepared the needle. I think the guy was worried that the needle might not be strong enough to pierce my skin, but he was able to draw two vials of blood easily.

After he bandaged my arm, packaged the blood vials, and had everything prepared for the lab he turned to me smiling. The guy was actually waiting for me to lower him off the table. He was feeling pretty bold by this time. I stood up, put my hands underneath his arms and lifted him. Just to give him a big thrill I lifted his body over my head. I had to tilt his body so his head wouldn’t hit the ceiling. He was looking down at my chest as his hands ran up and down my arms. He had a large smile across his face. I held him against the ceiling for a few minutes and then brought his body back down to the floor. He then leaned forward and kissed my right pec. I knew this was something extremely out of character for any person in Japan – he just didn’t care – his lust for my muscle was that great.

“Thank you Mr. Armstrong. We will have all the results back later this week,” the guy said in perfect English. He was looking up at me and smiling. It was at this moment that I realized this was Dr. Hiro. He could tell that I finally caught on to who he was. “I did not want to let one of my nurses have all the fun today, Mr. Armstrong. I also don’t need to run any more tests – you are more than healthy enough to work for your company. I do insist, however, that you come back for a follow-up visit in a few weeks.” Dr. Hiro then winked at me, turned, opened the door and left the room. I believe he was in a hurry to get back to the privacy of his office so he could begin re-living our visit together - immediately. I grabbed my shirt, put it on, and left the office knowing that all eyes in the office followed me.

As I got into the elevator I remembered the security guard downstairs. I was sure the camera was still on – he was waiting for me to return. I pressed the lobby button and turned to the camera. I brought both arms into a double bicep pose and flexed my biceps into huge peaks. I looked straight at the camera and smiled. I then took my left hand and brought my forefinger to the peak of my flexed right bicep. I ran that finger over the peak – watching my finger caress the mound – and then took the same finger and pointed to the camera. I knew the guard got my message. I was bringing him the goods. He was going to get to see that perfect peak a lot closer. The elevator doors opened and I stepped into the lobby. I was surprised to see that there was no guard at the counter. I was disappointed – I was ready to thrill someone else today. I then, noticed, sound coming from behind the counter. It was the sound of someone breathing very hard. I stepped around to the back side of the security stand and found the guard lying on the floor with both his hands down his pants. It was obvious he was pumping a pretty good-sized cock. The little show in the elevator had turned him on as much as I had intended. I could see that he was really close to exploding. I knew immediately what could help send him over the edge. I stood above him and brought both arms back into a double bicep pose. As soon as my peaks hit their insane height the guard moaned out loud, tensed his entire body, and shot his load. His body writhed on the floor as his cock emptied what was obviously a huge amount of cum. Finally he just lay there with a big grin on his face – still breathing hard. I brought my arms down and walked to the front door. This had been a great visit to the doctor. I had helped to make some muscle fantasies a reality. I was now looking forward to my workout with Taro later on that evening. He was going to benefit from the excitement that the afternoon had built up inside of me.

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Very nice! God description of the muscle and and power of this JT. Really looking forward to more.
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I'm looking forward to more accounts of JT reducing the people around him to putty. :P
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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
Is clearly doing his best to even out the trader, er..muscle imbalance overseas!

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Loving this series!
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...I think I am going to like this story quite alot...
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