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Old July 22nd, 2013, 01:50 PM
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The Taming of the Brute - Part Three

“You must be the definition of the word runt, little runt!”

The brute had me pressed up against the wall. We had moved away from the bar after he had nearly snapped my body in two with his one-armed super hug. He now had his massive leg slammed up between mine and was smashing my hard cock against his thick quad. I had given in to the fact that my body would easily rise in the air when he decided to make me ride his thigh like it was some big stallion. He had his massive arms above my head – forearms against the wall and his biceps covering me like a muscle tent. We could have been outside in a storm and not a drop of water would have hit my body – that’s how much his mountains bulged. We were so close that I could actually smell his masculinity. I couldn’t describe the scent - even if someone forced me to - but it permeated every fiber of my body and made me fully aware that I was with a real man, a man that had power beyond my wildest fantasies. I realized, because of the forced intimacy, that I hadn’t really taken a good look at the guy – I’d been so busy looking at his biceps and chest the entire time. Since he was leaning in close I got to take a good look, even though my neck was hurting because I had to tilt my head so far back to look up at him towering above. He was as masculine in the face as he was in his body. I would have guessed he was in his mid-forties – simply because of the hint of gray that was beginning to appear at his temples and in the alpha-stubble on his face. It was pretty clear that the hair growth was just from today – he was so jacked with testosterone that multiple daily shaves were probably necessary if he cared to be smooth. The brute, however, clearly liked not shaving. He probably figured it was good to have his powerful whiskers rub some dude raw in the same dominating spirit as his body. As if to confirm what I was thinking, the big man brought his face next to mine and smashed his cheek into my smoothness – scraping my skin like a brillo pad. He also whispered gruffly in my ear – a sound that turned me on as much as everything else.

“Yeah, punk, even my fucking day’s growth makes that cock of yours spring hard, doesn’t it? You love how my beard dominates you. You couldn’t resist me right now even if your life depended on it.”

Resist him? Why on earth would I want to do that? I was turning him into the brute I knew resided deep inside of him. I wanted the rest of the man to be as brutal as the hard bristles of his dominant facial hair. I wanted his need for pleasure to match the strength in his massive biceps. I wanted to free the ferocious beast that resided in his huge body. I wanted to enhance his ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude. I wanted to feel his unbridled power. He was the caged animal that I was releasing back into the wild – only he’d be stronger than he was before he was caught – more unencumbered. The big man clearly sensed what I was planning – as if he could read my mind – because his big thigh shoved harder into my crotch and lifted my body easily at the same time. My feet came up off the floor and – as usual – I briefly felt disappointed that I didn’t get to see my toes finally depart the ground and twitch wildly for some kind of hold. My legs were pressed painfully far apart because of the size of his massive tree trunk between them. It felt like I was riding a whale or something larger. The brute would tense his leg every now and then to watch my face light up with excitement as I marveled at how hard his muscle could become.

“Your like a little kid on a carnival ride, runt. You love to feel my big quad boosting your tiny body into the air – it thrills you like you’re going over the giant hill on a rollercoaster, doesn’t it? I also like how you reach out and grab my big chest every time I send you up in the air and you don’t even realize it.”

I immediately saw that he was right. I had my hands plastered against his slabs of hard pec meat and was pressing in strongly – to balance myself, but mostly to cop a feel of his incredible muscle. I didn’t even know I was doing it. It was merely a logical reaction to being shoved up into the air off my feet. I’d been doing it the entire time and he hadn’t said a word – clearly because he enjoyed it as much as I did. Suddenly, his big hand was softly caressing my neck.

“Look how huge my hand is compared to your neck, runt. It’s almost like I can reach around the entire thing and make my fingers meet in back. Hey, puny, did you ever notice how fragile your neck seems or is it just because it’s me holding you? Yeah, I think it only feels small and demure in my big mitt. This hand crushes thicker and stronger things without any problem, so your neck would be a breeze. Damn boy, that thought made you start panting harder – look at that, my little muscle lover. You could pop a wad just from me squeezing your neck and describing to you what it feels like. Yeah, we could edge you something awful if I just teasingly crushed your windpipe and then easily snapped through the rest of the way. What do you say to that, runt?”

“Squeeze away.”

I whispered – because he was so close to my face and because I wanted the comment to be dramatic. I meant every word of it. I had no fear at this point. The brute had sent me into some beyond-this-world state where I was at peace with all things. My only focus was his body, his touch, his strength, and his hulking presence enveloping me. The only thing that would have truly hurt me – no destroyed me – was if he chose to walk away. If he abandoned me at this point I would be totally lost – every fiber of my being was focused on him and the way he made me feel. I also knew my answer would please him beyond words. His hand froze immediately, with the front of my neck tightly wedged in the crook of his thumb and forefinger – the other fingers resting lightly at the side. His breathing increased to match mine – my answer causing him to edge even closer to orgasm than he would have if he had broken some of my bones. My brute couldn’t fully understand me, yet. A tiny guy with so much self-assurance – with so little fear - baffled him beyond what he’d ever felt before. The big man still didn’t grasp how much I wanted him – his power – his hugeness. I felt his hand tighten around my neck – not because he wanted to hurt me, but because the near-explosion state of his cock caused his entire body to tense up dramatically. He couldn’t control himself – his muscled arm simply reacted to his building orgasm by flexing and squeezing. I moaned in pleasure as I felt his fingers and thumb press into my skin, causing it to be a little hard for me to breathe and preventing me from swallowing. He brought his forehead against mine and closed his eyes. I could tell the big man was ordering his body to not lose control. He was forcing the tsunami of cum that wanted to blast from his pulsating rod to retreat. The beast was calming himself, which was disappointing for me – since I wanted him to lose control. I wanted him to turn into the beast I knew lay dormant inside. The grip around my neck lessened – his hand calming in tandem with his body. He kept his big paw around me, though, as if to remind me of his size and strength – and what he could easily do.

“You might be the strongest man on early, squirt – that is, besides me. My muscles have given you super powers or something. You’ve lost all fear, haven’t you? It’s pretty clear that I’m going to have to do some things to remind you just how powerful I really am. Maybe a little display of my strength will bring back some trepidation. Your hard cock pressing into my big quad tells me you’re still turned on, but where’s the nervousness you had earlier? How can such a little dweeb not be shaking in terror next to something so much bigger and stronger? Look at that bulging arm between us, puny man. See how much larger it is than your entire fucking head – and I’m not even tensing. If I tighten my grip around your neck and flex the biceps at the same time – you quickly see the connection between my strength and fucking swollen muscles, don’t you? Look at how when you start finding it hard to breathe that big mound in front of you has doubled in size and is blasting higher than your little even your hair. Fuck, what does it feel like to be so small, punk? I can’t remember. Every damn part of me outsizes you so much that it’s like we’re not even the same species. My vast quad slammed up against your aching balls is more massive than both of your puny twig-like legs put together. We both can feel how much larger I am every time I tense all that hard thigh muscle underneath your ass. Your legs make you look like a little boy when compared to mine. And feel that big paw around your neck, squeezing you so roughly – that thing is colossal next to your minuscule hand. I bet my pinkie is twice the size of your thumb. Oh yeah, that comment made your cock jerk like crazy in your pants. And speaking of cocks, little man, I think we both can feel that mine is much thicker than your forearm and maybe as long as your inseam. Yeah, fuck, that thought made you have to close your eyes. You’re edging toward another cum dumping aren’t you?”

The brute was honing in on my fetish for size differences like the precision radar of a jet’s rocket launcher. He had obviously figured out that most of my lust for muscle and strength came from a love of seeing a guy tower over and out-power everyone else. It was cool to see a big strong guy, but it was orgasmic to see his hulking frame make a normal man look small and fragile. It was also beyond powerful to see that same giant doing casual things that, when compared to other humans, were actual astounding feats of strength. The idea that both of my normal man thighs put together didn’t create a mass equal to just one of his enormous muscled quads was enough to make my cock spurt out a couple gobs of warm pre-cum. I imagined us both naked in front of a mirror flexing our legs – his exploding with thick wide muscle that immediately made my scrawny leg appear even more tiny. And then to hear the big brute talk about the difference – letting him speak totally free about what he saw and how it felt to be so much larger. I could tell – just from the way it felt holding my body up in the air – his enormous leg, alone, came close to weighing more than my entire body. I was a mere one hundred and fifty pounds compared to his mind-boggling four hundred and twenty. He was almost three hundred pounds heavier than me – so, of course, his voluminous leg would make my entire body look small. But, more importantly, his giant limb made my body feel small.

It was when I got to feel our size difference that I truly went into sexual pleasure overload. His giant hand clamping tightly around my neck was a perfect example. I could see how huge his hands were, but to feel one of the giant things covering almost all the way around the tiny shaft between my head and shoulders was a thrill beyond words. The excitement intensified when he squeezed lightly and, to me, it felt like a thick steel collar was being tightened around that part of my body. To have the kind of strength where a casual tensing of your hand could cause major destruction without even realizing it was more of a turn on to me than all the porn in the world rolled into one experience. Massiveness and power on a man were my cock tease of choice. The big brute was just beginning to realize that I had already reached nirvana. He was the answer to all of my wet dreams since childhood and all of my fantasies since the realization that muscleman imagination could cause orgasm. From that moment on anything he chose to do with me was only going to cause me to cum – and cum hard, so I really had nothing to lose. I had turned myself over to him completely – my only goal in life was to help him become the un-tamed beast that lived within his innermost desires and needs. I would help him get in touch with the animalistic brute that didn’t give a fuck about boundaries or social compliance. I would unleash the muscled god that he didn’t even know existed within. Somehow, the brute sensed all that was in my head – even though he didn’t fully understand.

“Damn, boy, right now I don’t know whether to kiss you with all my might or punch you hard enough to break some bones. It’s a toss up as to which way I will go and you could care less about either choice I made. Either one would please you. You’ve got me so messed-up fucking horny that I can’t think straight. You’ve cast a spell on me, runt. I don’t know how you did it, but I’m so confused I can’t figure if I’m coming or going. All I do know, though, is that I can’t get enough of you, little man. I feel like I could swallow you whole and it wouldn’t satisfy me completely. I want to fuck up an entire army of men for you – just to show off my power – but, at the same time, I want to squeeze you so tight that your bones disintegrate to dust inside. There’s something about you, runt; that makes me want to destroy things – really big things. I don’t know what it is you do, but you make me want to carry a huge club and walk around with just some small animal skin around my waist, barely concealing my huge meat. You make me feel like I could take on the world and easily win, punk. You also make me want to do this, too.”

The big brute removed his hand and placed a few fingers against my cheek, pushing my face to the side. He then brought his warm, wet lips to my neck and kissed me gently – although the stubble above his lips and on his chin made it all feel manly, as well. I couldn’t believe how his show of affection caused my cock to engorge even more. His tenderness thrilled me in the same way his power did – something that was totally new and unforeseen. I felt his tongue slide across my neck lightly as his lips continued to move up and down the exposed area. The huge man instantly registered my body’s increased pleasure and this thrilled him, too. He bit at my skin teasingly and then sucked hard, clearly not caring if he left marks. I couldn’t have cared less, as well. Suddenly, my body was covered in tiny goose bumps and this caused the brute to chuckle – to signal he was pleased with himself.

“I see the punk wasn’t expecting his body’s reaction to sudden intimacy. You thought only power and size could turn you on. Your mind is all confused now – shocked at how hard you just shot just from a loving kiss. It’s surprising to you that this big muscled monster might have a few unforeseen pleasures to give, right? You thought you’d be completely satisfied with just feats of strength and constantly comparing your tiny body to my massiveness – but then I go and do something so gentle and kind and it thrills you. You see, runt, it’s kind of like the size difference you get off on so much. If I sometimes show some kindness then it helps to intensify the roughness and the shocking power I might unleash later on. You were already settled in for a life of brutish behavior from me, weren’t you? As a matter of fact, it’s what you’ve wished for all of your life. Well, here’s the kicker, little man, I can be just as tender as I can be powerful. I’m the alpha and the omega. I’m your every fantasy in the weight room and in the bedroom. I can bring you hours of pleasure by lifting your body with my huge arms or with my equally huge cock. If I kiss you gently and passionately right before I hold you against the wall with one hand around your neck until you almost black out, then you truly know the extent of my power. I increase the awesomeness of my strength and size by showing the opposite end of the spectrum too – compassion and love. Oh man, all this talk is making you squirt pre-cum like an untapped fire hydrant.”

Who says there aren’t any surprises left in the world? Also, who ever knew that I would be turned on so much by anything other than muscles, power, and domination? The answer, however, was in the fact that my body was; indeed, gurgling out healthy dollops of my man juice even though my insanely hard cock was fighting intensely to not involuntarily blast out the biggest lumps of thick cum it had ever produced. I was turned on beyond my wildest dreams by the big brute’s loving words and description of the scope of his powers. To feel his soft kisses even as he expressed what incredible things he was able to do was true muscle-loving bliss. My mind kept visualizing him lifting my body overhead with one giant arm and then switching to images of his huge cock lifting me up and down, as well. Then, my vision would blur a little when I thought about him slamming me against the wall and holding me in place with one hand cupped around my neck. In the midst of all of this I wondered if it was possible to die from being too turned on. Would my heart give out any second because I was so sexually stimulated? Was I going to have an aneurism because my brain couldn’t take all the pornographic pleasures the brute was causing? All of these thoughts would go black intermittently when I would feel the big man’s lips up against my neck and his big muscled quad tense between my legs. How on earth could a person create something so soft and so insanely hard at the same time? I began to feel light headed and the room started spinning wildly. My sudden dizziness was not missed by the man triggering it.

“Whoa there, little man, sorry to make you lose control like that. Let’s not have you leave the party so soon. Here, let me bring you back down to earth – both literally and figuratively. You need to be able to make it through the entire night – since we’ll always look back on this evening as our anniversary. Yeah, that’s right, boy. You’re mine now and I’m not letting even an entire country of men drag you away from me. Later on tonight I’m going to twist a thick piece of metal around your hard cock, as a sign of our commitment, but – for now – you’ll just have to take my word for it. There’s no one or nothing in the world that could separate us. You understand me, runt?”

He had lowered his leg so my feet were back on the ground. He had also pulled his intoxicating lips away from my neck and was now simply whispering softly into my ear. He, of course, had to still prop my body against the wall with his legs and crotch or I would have slid into a puddle of mush on the floor. I could not make any part of my skeletal or muscle frame function – all bodily awareness and power within me had been forced into my hard cock because of his words. I still, somehow, prevented myself from shooting off like a rocket, but it took every ounce of my remaining strength. I lost control in every other way, but in preventing my impending release. I could only nod my head slightly to show I understood.

“Fuck yeah, punk, now you’re just like me. You’re confused as shit, too. You can’t decide if you want me to take my thick cock and let your mouth suck on it lovingly, plug your hot hole brutishly, or just gorge your stomach with the hard thing. All of them turn you on the same. Here’s the fun part, dweeb, they all turn me on, too. My huge tool has been pounding hard ever since we connected. It could easily rip a car apart and then fuck your love chute affectionately. So let me tell you the thing that would most satisfy me – the choice that is actually going to cause you to gush like a geyser as soon as I whisper it in your ear. You ready to bust that dam you’ve been building in your pants, boy? Let me tell you a little secret.”

As soon as he leaned down and whispered in my ear, for the second time that night, I screamed out in the middle of a crowded bar and started to spew uncontrollably in my pants. I had to clench my eyes tightly because of the pain the ejaculation caused in my cock and balls. My hands immediately went up to brace against the strongest thing in the room – not the wall, not the table, and not the heavy wooden bar. I plastered them against the massive pecs of the brute – my brute – and as soon as his huge body felt the uncontrollable spasms of mine, his cock began to ejaculate, too. His manly moan easily drowned out my cry of pleasure. We both were in sexual heaven and we knew it was still just the beginning – we would be having nights like this for the rest of our lives. The thing that had sent me over the top – the phrase that had made my cock not able to follow my brain’s order to not explode - had been eight simple words. The brute had lovingly whispered in my ear, “I want you to fuck me, little man.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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That was hot.
Many Thanks.
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That's all you can say? That wasn't just hot, that was scorching! But seriously, I really enjoyed reading this chapter, LB, the big man realizing that he was in the presence of someone so hot for his muscles and strength that it would take a lot to impress him, so he set about doing it, telling him how strong he was, and what he could do because of how the smaller guy makes him feel, as the smaller guy tries to not lose his mind because this God-like being (at least to his feeble mortal) is claiming him for his own, and basically doing all he can to blow this relatively tiny being's mind, which in turn blew my mind!
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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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Wow, I forgot I was reading ..... you make great movies

"You could be big, too, but you gotta need it, like you need your next breath.”
(from Jaypat's story "I Wanna Get Huge")
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I also love it: the eroticism, the building of the sexual tension, the dissection of lust, the lust for muscle.... My only observation is that for a brute he at times speaks very stilted English and has a choice of words that would hardly belong to a real brute. Maybe he is an educated man disguised as a brute?
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I swear I tried reading this part to the end twice already but I can't seem to finish without running into some "sudden clean up necessities". lol...

I promise I will comment properly as soon as I can type with both hands.
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Originally Posted by weaknobody View Post
I swear I tried reading this part to the end twice already but I can't seem to finish without running into some "sudden clean up necessities". lol...

I promise I will comment properly as soon as I can type with both hands.
LOL, I see where you are coming from. I haven't gone as far as you so far, but a boner is unavoidable. Maybe you really deserve your nickname: you are a "weak" person, LOL. Or maybe wicked?
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HOLY HELL!!!!! This story is HOTTTT!!!
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I keep finding myself revisiting this story. I think it's characters are what a lot of people on this board have been wanting for a very long time, myself included. I love all of your stories but I hope you can continue this one!
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God that was hot!!!
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