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Old July 19th, 2013, 06:37 PM
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The Taming of the Brute - Part Two

[For Leo. Please know that this story won't be everyone's cup of tea.]

What is it that makes a man forfeit his soul – like in stories where the protagonist signs away his life in a bargain with the devil? Usually, it is for something in return – fame, youth, money, and things like that. I gave my soul to the brute that night for muscle – his muscle – and that’s all. I did, indeed, gladly become – in the words he so eloquently spoke earlier – his ‘muscle whore soul mate.’ I had already accepted that his strong body was probably going to easily snub me out at some point so I simply gave myself to him completely and decided to enjoy the ride for all it was worth until that happened. He had squeezed my head almost to the bursting point and then egged me on to beg him to stop – but I had merely requested that he squeeze harder. This simple favor had caused both of us to ejaculate heavy loads into our pants right in the middle of a rough-trade bar on the south side of town. I had come in hope of hooking up with a muscled dude for a quickie that evening and I had hit the mother lode. My head was still in pain from when he had squeezed the shit out of it, but I was also still in muscle heaven as my legs were wrapped around his waist and he was holding my worn out body against his tower of power torso. The smell of heavy cum-loads drying in our underwear permeated the area around us. The big guy didn’t seem to notice – or care – he was holding me in place and reaching over to grab his beer.

“Here, drink little man, you’re going to need some hydration to keep up with me. I’m fucking more than twice the size of you and a hell of a lot more powerful. You’re going to probably be passed out before I even start to get a little winded. Fuuuuuckkkk, it’s so much fun to play with puny men – to know I have more power in one arm that you do in your entire body.”

He slammed the opening of his beer bottle into my mouth like I was some kind of baby crying for his baba. The behemoth wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing. He turned the bottle almost completely upside down and that forced what seemed like a gallon of beer to rush into my mouth. I started choking, but the big man didn’t even notice. He just expected me to swallow fast and regain some strength. My coughing caused a bit of the liquid to run down my chin, but I quickly calmed down enough to open my throat completely and swallow the beer like a pro. After the bottle was half gone he pulled it away and set it on the bar. The giant then took his callused hand and wiped it roughly across my mouth and down my neck to sort of clean off the spilled drink. It was a brutish move that was also somewhat fatherly at the same time. His hand pressed against me so hard that it caused a little pain and I could tell he had no idea how much power he was using. I simply had to take it like a man – even a puny man.

“Punk, do you even cause the needle on a bathroom scale to move at all? You’re tiny body doesn’t even register in my big paw. I mean I can feel your ass in my palm and it twitches a lot every time I say something about my big body – but you don’t seem to weigh a thing. I’d be scared to sleep in the same bed as you, little man, since I might roll over and crush you – without even waking up to notice. Damn, I can’t even remember what it feels like to be that small – since I passed your present size before I even became a teenager. I mean hell, you haven’t even finished one beer and I’ve put away close to eight. That many drinks would put a tiny dweeb like you under the table, but it doesn’t do a thing to me. I’ll have about ten more before I even feel a thing. That’s not just because of my size, little one; it’s also because I’m so fucking dense with muscle. I’ve packed enough meat on my body to equal about four of you, dude. Shit, look at how your face lights up when I say things like that. You’re like putty in my hands now, boy. I could do anything with your pathetic body I wanted to and you’d enjoy the hell out of it. That is just so fucking hot, squirt.”

It was true – everything he said – I was tiny compared to him and I didn’t care what he did to me as long as it showed off his body and strength. I was a little muscle bitch and that’s exactly what I wanted to be. He was the perfect alpha – huge, strong, and uncaring. I felt empowered by our size difference, not intimidated – and he knew it. He was quickly realizing that any smidgen of common decency or political correctness that the world forced upon men like him could be disregarded when he was with me. I wanted him to fully embrace the animalistic brute that lived inside of him – the beast that he partially stuffed away in order to ‘fit into’ the normal world. Knowing he had so far only released a fraction of what probably existed in him was still frightening as hell, but I didn’t care. I wanted to help him become the unencumbered brute I knew lived inside of his true self. It was like a reverse ‘taming.’ I was allowing him to let go of restrictions and become the powerful alpha master he had always wanted to be, but couldn’t release fully – mainly because it scared the shit out of anyone who encountered it. I, however, craved his unhinged true monstrous self. I wanted him to be everything he had ever desired for himself. I wanted to empower him to completely let go of any restraints. I wanted to un-tame the beast. I was scared shitless in one sense, but my desire for all things muscle and power overrode all fears. He was beginning to realize the golden ticket he held easily in just one of his palms. I could see that he sensed and understood all I wanted for him.

“You don’t give a fuck what I do to you, do you? You just want to experience my power completely. There’s almost not an ounce of self-awareness in your puny body, whatsoever - you only desire my strength. That’s fucking whacked, man. But it’s also hot as hell – having you submit yourself to me completely. I could turn you over right now and pull your legs apart – ripping you in two like a giant wishbone and you’d spew another shit-full load of cum up until the moment you existed no more. Blasting a big wad because of my muscle power is all that matters to you – even if it’s the last thing you ever felt. Damn, that makes my cock shoot fully hard all over again, boy. You’d get off even hearing your own bones snap in two. Fuck, that makes me want to cum in my undies all over again.”

The brute downed the rest of the beer in one quick gulp – immediately thirsty because of what he was discovering in little ol’ me. He slammed the bottle down on the wooden counter to get the bartender’s attention. I watched as the guy behind the bar, helping a long line of patrons at the other end of the counter, immediately dropped what he was doing and brought two beers to place in front of us. It thrilled me to see people jump quickly to make the big man happy – and not one guy standing in line even thought about complaining about the delay in service. The big man didn’t think twice about getting his way – it was just the way of the world. The biggest and the strongest deserved to be waited on first and catered to. No one was even close to brave enough to challenge the man. It was the same attitude he had toward shooting off a load in his own pants in the middle of a bar or lifting another fully grown man overhead in the midst of the crowd. He simply did it because he could and he didn’t give a shit. Again, it wasn’t like someone was going to stop him or even attempt to ask him not to. I noticed that the non-screw tops remained on the bottles – clearly the way the brute liked it. He grabbed one and placed the cap’s ridge against his bottom teeth, pulled lightly, and popped the thing off easily. He shoved the bottle into my chest and didn’t wait very long for me to grab it. Luckily, my hand shot up quickly and caught the thing before it fell to my crotch. He then popped the top off of his bottle in the same way. He smacked his bottle against mine in a manly toast and then took a big swig.

“Damn, that’s like mother’s milk, boy – the nectar of the gods. The only thing I like more than beer is sucking every drop of sweet juice out of a little man like you. Using your tiny prick like a straw to vacuum out your fuck-honey is even hotter when it causes you to scream loudly because my pressure is so damn hard. You’ll see, little dweeb, you’ll see. I can suck so intensely that your body will stay plastered to my mouth only by your hard cock. I guess it’s like you become a big pacifier for me. Yeah, that’s kind of a funny image. Well, squirt; I’ve got to go take a long piss. I’ve been filling myself with so much beer; it’s time to get rid of some so I can drink a lot more. I’m going to set you on the edge of the bar and I don’t want you to move an inch until I come back. If you’ve even moved a hair out of place when I get back I’m going to twist you so tight that you’ll be able to suck yourself off because the middle part of your body will be only a few inches long. Fuck, that thought made your cock twitch so much that I could be gone an hour and I know you’d still be hard as hell when I returned – just thinking of me manhandling your body that way. Sit there, punk, and don’t even think about trying to leave. You’re mine and I’d eventually find you if you left and rip you to shreds with very little effort.”

I watched the big man walk away and marveled at the fact that he still didn’t fully get it. I wasn’t going anywhere. Even if he had tossed my body through the brick wall I bet I could have found the strength to drag my broken frame back into the place and set myself in front of him. That thought made my cock jump again. I only wanted to be his toy – it was what made me complete. I was so lost in my fantasies that I didn’t realize a relatively large man had just entered the joint and walked over to explore the doofus that was brave enough to sit on the bar. I was like a sideshow act at a carnival – he was intrigued by my bravery.

“What’s up man, you need help getting down?”

Normally, that kind of line would have intrigued me a lot, but looking at the guy I immediately saw that he was inferior to the brute that was in the bathroom in every way. He was considerably smaller than the other man, he was not nearly as muscled, and his swagger seemed almost dainty compared to the alpha that was pissing. I actually felt sorry for the smaller guy before me, because he truly thought he was something special. He had no idea that he was like a small piece of rubbery mystery meat compared to the huge chunk of filet mignon that would be returning shortly. He also had no idea that talking to me could probably get him in some big trouble. I, of course, was not about to warn him off. I definitely wanted to see his face when the brute returned – and I was also interested in seeing what else might unfold. I knew I was being a little mean – not giving the dude the chance to escape – but the idea of the true alpha having a little fun with the lesser man was just too good to pass up. I did exactly what I knew would entice the guy to stay and pursue me further – I ignored him. I didn’t even look in his direction.

“Oh, so you think you’re too good for me? You don’t even want to acknowledge my existence. You’re nothing special, man. I could knock you off that little perch of yours easily.”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I think it would be best if you just left me alone.”

“Yeah? Well I don’t care what you think is best. I think I’ll move you to the floor so I can order a beer right here.”

I had only responded because the mega brute had returned. He had noticed the guy talking to me when he was a few feet away and I had spoken loudly so he could hear everything. The evil smile that crept across his face – as he realized what I was doing on top of seeing the dude that was threatening me – caused my cock to twitch back to full hardness. I could feel it pulling against the dried cum left by my earlier orgasm.

“Hey little shit, I think it would be best if you left my boy-toy alone.”

Is there anything better than knowing the answer to a riddle before everyone else or knowing how the punch line of a joke is going to entertain someone? That’s how I felt watching the next few minutes unfold. My big brute had moved to the side of the smaller guy who was chatting me up and I saw the clearly inferior muscles of the new man tense up in anticipation of taking care of the obviously stupid man challenging him from behind. I knew how the bully’s demeanor was going to instantly change when he got a glimpse of the bigger and definitely stronger alpha. I was going to enjoy seeing his metaphoric tail slam quickly between his legs in surrender and clear acknowledgement of being outsized and out-powered. It was fun, however, to also see the brief moment of cockiness – of a body tensed with anticipation of mopping up the floor with what was surely the “little” fellow that must be with the dweeb sitting on the bar.

“It’s a sad day for you, asshole, since your messing with…”

Watching the bully turn and seeing how it took a few seconds for it to register that he was staring into the broad chest of some guy that was so fucking big that there was no way to see around him would surely have been worth all the money I had in the bank, but I got to witness it for free. His voice trailed off into a high-pitched mixture of a squeal and a gulp as soon as he faced the giant. The seconds that followed were priceless – no one moved. The brute was allowing the smaller man some time to feel the futility of his earlier cocky statement and to fully comprehend the massiveness that stood before him. The smaller guy was clearly struggling hard to not give in to the need to piss in his pants from fear. I was stock still so I could hear every sound and observe every emotion. I imagined this moment was like a hiker accidently stumbling upon a giant hungry grizzly bear in the woods. It probably takes a moment for your brain to actually process the danger and the extent of your unlucky situation. I also believed there was a smaller guy in front of me wishing to high-heaven that he could somehow reclaim some brashly spoken words and shove them back inside his mouth. Watching the shorter man’s gaze slowly move upward – something he probably wasn’t used to in most situations – and comprehend the giant chest, the humongous arms, and the shoulders so wide that they had to be turned to go through most doorways was such a great thrill for me. I was totally amazed that he didn’t lose control over any of his bodily functions – well, except the muscles he used to keep his jaw in place. The dude’s mouth dropped open so wide that I figured immediately he had pleased some whopper cocks in the past. And then the fearful shaking began and I could not have been happier. My brute clearly wanted to have some fun with his captive before he went in for the kill.

“I think you were about to say something about me messing with the wrong guy – well, it seems to me I’m really messing with a little guy – a fucking little guy. It is also pretty clear that you, my tiny friend, have chosen to fuck with the wrong couple. I bet your brain is desperately trying to think of a way to get out of this overtly imbalanced predicament, isn’t it? It’s especially true now that you’ve realized just how huge I am. Well guess what, pathetic man? You can’t get out of it. There’s some serious hurt heading your way and I’m just taking my time to build up the suspense. To cause your little heart to race so hard with fear that you’re actually scared the fucking thing is going to beat out of your chest. I can tell by the open mouth that you are grasping that I tower over you in every way possible.”

I watched the frightened guy become pale and begin to shiver even more noticeably. It was such a great show that I started to wish I had some popcorn. That’s when I saw the unthinkable happen. The smaller guy suddenly had a slight change in demeanor. It wasn’t much, but it was enough for me to sense that he was about to do something totally stupid. I likened it to an amateur mountain climber assuming Mount Everest was a piece of cake – and then half way up realizing his mistake, but by that time it was too late. The stupid smaller guy was about to miscalculate something very important about the mountain of a man standing in front of him. There was a slight pang in my heart and I didn’t know where it came from. At first I thought it was pity for the little guy and what was about to happen to him, but then I cam to realize that I was actually sad because I wanted to be him at that very moment. I wanted to take his place in the upcoming lopsided battle. I wanted to be the one that would surely be crushed in every way possible by the muscled mountain. I embraced my desire fully – not caring that most people would find it terribly wrong. I wanted to be manhandled by this god – I needed it more than I needed to breathe. I would, however, for that moment have to settle for just watching the show. I stifled a snicker as soon as I heard the smaller guy’s trembling voice stupidly challenge the big brute. I think he actually thought if he sounded tough he might get the huge guy to back down. Boy, was he totally wrong.

“I . . . bet you’re . . . just like all the other . . . the other big guys around here – all hot air and no substance. You probably pump yourself up on steroids and can barely lift twenty pounds. I bet you’re a wimp in a gorilla’s body. I think . . . unhhh!!!”

As soon as I heard the bully cry out in pain I looked down at the ground. For me, there were only a few things as exciting as seeing a guy’s feet leave the ground when you knew it was another man – a much bigger man – easily lifting him off the floor. I wasn’t disappointed. The stupid man had challenged the brute and the giant had simply reached around and grabbed his challenger by the back of the neck, easily wrapping his huge hand almost all the way around and lifting the dude’s entire weight into the air. I loved watching the guy’s feet start kicking back and forth as he desperately tried to regain some footing. At the same time I knew incredible pain was shooting through his neck and shoulders. The brute hoisted the guy high into the air without showing any sign of strain. He then started shaking the smaller man like a rag doll – it was a very rough shaking and the guy cried out. I was briefly worried that the guy’s brain would be jostled too hard, but the sight of the guy being manhandled was too much of a turn on for me to fret about him too much.

“Look a there, dweeb, it seems like I’ve got the strength to match the muscles. I hope you’re impressed, little shit; you’re dangling in the air by just one of my big hands and it’s pretty clear I could toss you around easily. You weigh a little more than my friend over there on the bar, but what is it with fully-grown men being light as a feather. I could throw you across the entire place with just a flick of my wrist, but it’s a lot more fun to shake you like you’re nothing more than a wet rag in my hand. Maybe I should try to wring your body out – twisting you until every drop of liquid in you is squeezed out. That’d be fun to watch. My little friend over there loves it when I show off my strength that way. Shit, you’re so light. I think I need to show you how much a real man weighs. I think you need to understand that my dense body is actually as packed as it looks. You said you thought I was full of hot air. Let’s see if you think that when you feel my full weight on you.”

The brute dropped the man’s body like he was a wadded up piece of paper. The smaller guy crumpled into a big mass on the floor and continued to flop around for a few seconds – like a fish gasping for water on the bottom of a boat. I think the poor man actually thought his tormentor was still shaking him. After a few more seconds the guy laid still on the ground – resting on his stomach. Suddenly, the brute placed one of his massive boots on the back of the guy. I noticed that the bigger man’s foot was as long and almost half as wide as the guy’s back. I watched in awe and desire as the big man started to put more of his full weight on the smaller man’s back. I heard bones rearranging themselves to adjust to the pressure. I also heard the smaller man cry out loudly and noticed that everyone in the bar actually ignored what was going on – knowing full well not to get in the way of the brute. I could tell the air was being compressed out of the smaller man’s body and he was being smashed into the floor like a pancake being pressed by a giant spatula. The cry of pain got softer as soon as all the air was forced from the dude’s body. I watched his face turn red and knew he was near blacking out status.

“Still think I’m full of hot air, dweeb? I’m not even using my full weight on your puny body. I’ve got most of it still on the other leg, but it feels like someone’s placing a house on your back, doesn’t it? I could crush you easily. You’d be just a pile of smashed bones on the ground if I chose to apply only a little more pressure, but I think you’ve learned your lesson. I have a funny feeling you’re not going to be challenging me in the future and I know you’re sure as hell not going to be talking to my little friend on the bar, are you?”

There was a faint ‘no’ that came from the mouth of the guy under the brute’s foot. He didn’t have enough air left in his body to be louder than a whisper. I watched as the big man removed his foot, bent down and lifted the guy by grabbing him around the neck again, and then stood him up. The dude wobbled a lot as soon as the giant released him. I smiled as I looked at the huge boot mark on the back of his shirt – knowing it would be a constant reminder that he had been destroyed by the larger guy with just one hand and a little pressure from one foot. The brute patted the would-be bully on the head and then pushed him away, watching the guy stumble into the crowd – totally dazed and confused. The behemoth then came over and wedged his massive body between my legs and pressed up against me – kissing me hard and then grabbing his beer for a long guzzle. When he lowered the bottle he was smiling at me and I could tell he had figured something out that made him very happy.

“Damn, the little pipsqueak is upset because it wasn’t him beneath my giant foot or the one that I was shaking wildly with one hand, isn’t he? No need to answer, little man, I can see it written all over your face. Your disappointment didn’t prevent you from leaking a little pre, though. There’s a nice new wet spot in the middle of that bigger salty cum-stain streaking across your entire crotch. Damn, boy, you’d probably want me to put my entire fucking weight on you, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t care what it broke or how much pain it caused – you’d just want to feel my entire hulking body towering over your body as the treads of my boots smashed into your back or chest. Aw hell, puny man, that is just so fucking hot. Don’t worry, punk, I’ll smash the hell out of you, I promise. It’s just taking me a little while to fully comprehend how much you get off on domination. It’s not about the pain – I get that – it’s about me being so much bigger and stronger than you. You loved how my big foot made that guy’s back look small and you know your chest would even look more petite under my big boot. Dude, you are fast becoming my most favorite little man-toy in the entire world. I’ve never seen anyone like you. With you, it’s so much more than just about what I can do with my strength – it’s more to do with how much more powerful I am next to you. It’s like some super hyped-up comparison fantasy, isn’t it? It’s about you knowing my hand is much bigger than your head, but it’s also about feeling my hand wrapped around your head and squeezing it hard – really hard. Oh fuck dude; that is messed up in a fantastic fucking way! You are like the yang to my yin. Come here, little dude, and let me give you a big thank-you present.”

I leaned into the big man and he wrapped his monstrous left arm around my upper torso. He pulled me tightly into his body and then started squeezing even more. He pulled me from the bar and easily held me in place. I immediately regretted that I couldn’t see my feet dangling from the ground. The entire upper part of my body was equal in size to just his massive left pec. My chest was smashed up against that particular mound of muscle and the lower part of my body pressed into his rock hard stomach. My hard cock felt the heat of his body through our clothes and that made me even stiffer than before. Suddenly, the pressure of his bulging arm, alone wider than my hips, got more intense around my mid-section. The big man was smiling at me and standing there as if he was simply looking at a piece of art at a museum. There was no sign that he was squeezing a grown man with enough power to cause some discomfort that was quickly turning into pain. With every increase in his tightened one-armed hug my cock’s hardness increased. I became bold - empowered by the fact that this giant man wanted to give me a present. I wanted to encourage him even more. I wanted to un-tame him even more. I also wanted to prove my worthiness.

“You call that power, big man? You’re not going soft on me, are you?”

I actually felt his own cock shoot hard against my dangling thigh in mere seconds – even through the material of both his pants and mine. My comment turned him on that much. He could tell I was having trouble breathing and that my ribs were beginning to ache tremendously, but I chose to call him soft – simply to egg him on. This was such the right stance to take with the brute. It sent him into some realm of pleasure that no one else could even comprehend. He responded most to challenges and he also loved my spunk – I could tell. That didn’t really matter to me, though, I just wanted him to squeeze me a hell of a lot harder and that’s exactly what he did.

“You want me to break you in two, don’t you puny man? I may spurt a big load the second we hear one of your bones pop in two pieces – maybe even before. It’s like you’ve got a fucking muscle death wish. I guess if a little guy like you is going to go it might as well be in the grip of some huge beast like me, huh? There wouldn’t need to be some idyllic afterlife if you died in the arms of this muscleman, right? This is heaven enough for you. Damn, punk, you make me harder than I ever thought was possible. Part of me wants to crush you into a little ball and the other half of me wants to keep you as my plaything forever. I guess that will always be part of the thrill of us having some fun together – we’ll just never know when I’m going to decide to go too far and destroy you easily. You see, I say things like that to fucking scare the shit out of you and all I get is your cock twitching with excitement and your body shivering with delight. You make my knees wobble, dude – just because you’re such a fucking muscle strength whore junkie. Most of the time, when I’m using the amount of power I’m applying to your little body on any other guy, he’s already been bawling like a baby and screaming for me to stop for minutes – but here you are cooing softly like it’s just foreplay and you want more. I could squeeze just a little tighter and break your back without wasting much energy, but you wouldn’t care. You’d probably squirt a big load even as you lost all feeling from your waist down. You’re the devil, aren’t you little man, or you’ve got a deal with the devil. I just don’t understand how you can be this giddy and this much in pain at the same time. I’m not going to snap you in two, punk. I want to keep you around for a lot longer so I can test out your tolerance fully. I’m desperate to figure out what will finally make you beg me to stop. I think it’s going to be fun as shit for both of us to find out what that might be.”

The brute lessened his hug and I could immediately breathe again. My head was light and the room was spinning slowly. If he had continued for just a few more seconds I would have passed out – but it would have partly been from the pure ecstasy I was feeling. I knew I was going to have some serious bruises around my mid-section later on, but I didn’t care. Feeling him squeeze me to almost breaking point with only a fraction of his strength had been beyond pleasurable. I could have easily shot a big load, but I didn’t need to. The orgasm had been in the pressure applied by his arm. It’s hard to explain, but I had received ten times the amount of sexual release from his super hug than I would have if I had ejaculated. I was an addict – an addict of muscle and of power. I certainly loved to watch a big man do powerful things, but I loved feeling what he could do more. I was his now and we both knew it. I didn’t want it any other way. I was looking forward to letting him try to make me give in and beg him to stop using his power on me – but I knew it would never happen. When it came to loving muscle and strength – I was a hundred times more powerful than his super body. It was going to be hot as hell, though, feeling him doing things to test me - as he slowly came to understand that I would never ask him to stop. He was certainly the right brute for the challenge and I was quickly un-taming him.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Holy %$#$%!!!!

LB, this was beyond my expectations! Once again, you seem like you're living inside my head. And I can't say I don't feel spoiled (and honored) to have inspired this piece of art!

Thank you so much! That's exactly what you are: an artist!
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Thank you, sir, for inspiring me.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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So fuckin hot! I think your muscle brute needs to take the little guy to his gym to show off his raw power!
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It's an excellent continuation. Thanks, LB! Your stories are a pleasure to read, especially when they include this sort of action.
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Totally agreed with the other comments, LB, this was an awesome sequel, it was such a hot read! Once again, I love seeing this muscle guy talking to his victim/lover and completely going off on how hot it is for him to be so much bigger and stronger, loving it and loving how much that his lover/victim loves it, showing him how pathetic he is comparatively, but almost lovingly putting the pressure on, so as not to hurt him too bad, but give him a little bit of pleasure because he knows how much his victim/lover enjoys his strength and muscles. Very few are as good as you at knowing how to present that balance, keep up the awesome work!
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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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Wow, I like how this little guy gets this beast to perform for him. It would be hot to see him in a more fair fight with a another beast his size. See who is the man to impress his little lover.
worshipper, 5'8
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