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Old July 18th, 2013, 07:49 PM
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Timmy's Fetish - Part V

Senior Year

“That is the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard! You’re like a knight in shining armor, Justin.”

“You think so, Brandon?”

“Yes. It’s almost as romantic as when your brother was courting me and he left little gifts on my front porch.”

“What kind of gifts?”

“Oh you know, the usual. Street signs that had been ripped from the ground and twisted into two or three love knots, rock sculptures that had obviously been done by just his hands, art work created by smashing or twisting things together – the normal stuff.”

“Hey, that gives me some good ideas. I could leave some stuff for Timmy during this ‘in between’ time when we’re taking a break.”

“Um . . . probably not a good idea since he lives with his parents. It might freak them out. I had my own house when your brother left those for me.”

“Yeah, that’s a good point.”

“What are you two talking about?”

Alex had returned from work a short time before and was coming back into the kitchen after changing clothes. I was sitting at the counter and had twelve old cell phones that Brandon had found for me at yard sales lined up in a row. I was picking one up at a time and slowly crushing it in one hand like someone might crack nuts. I was trying to make the fun last as long as I could. I needed to let out a lot of pent up sexual frustration since Timmy and I had revealed so much to each other a week and a half earlier and I was horny. It was my normal weekend to stay with Alex and Brandon and I was more than happy to be wearing no shirt and crushing things. My brother and his husband gave each other a hard kiss and hug and then my brother reached over to mess up my hair. Afterward, he picked up one of the phones and crushed it easily and quickly in his big hand. When he opened his palm, however, the entire thing had been reformed into a big congealed mass of electronics – actually heated together by his super tight grip. My brother was showing off and we both loved it, although it did mean I had one phone less.

“Hey, these are for me! You won’t let me play with one of the safes so I need these to help me release my need for power! I’d be glad to give you a few more, Alex, if you gave me one of the safes again – so I could rip it apart.”

“No sir, you’re still in trouble for using your strength at school and you know it. You’ll just have to wait until after graduation before you can tear up one of the safes or return to the junkyard with me. You’re grounded, remember? Sorry, buddy, but those are the rules.”

“He’s still playing the big brother role, Justin, but know that he was very proud of you, too. He knows you showed restraint with those bullies and he’s also very happy you stood up for Timmy. I, however, still find the story very sexy and romantic. That, honey, is what your little brother and I were talking about – the little love gifts you left on my doorstep when you were pursuing me.”

“I only pursued you because you didn’t want to act on your…”

My brother’s voice trailed off and I glanced up from the phone I was crushing and desperately trying to re-form into a heated mass like Alex had done. The sudden end to Alex’s sentence seemed weird. I caught a furtive glance between my brother and Brandon. It was clear that Alex had almost told me something I wasn’t supposed to know and that only egged my curiosity on even more. I chose to ask a different question what my brother had been about to say – knowing he would have avoided that topic completely. I thought maybe I could trap them.

“By the way, how did you two meet? You’ve never told me.”

Brandon looked at his husband and I swear I saw a determined look similar to the one I had witnessed on Timmy’s face the day he had been waiting for me in my basement. It was clear Brandon was about to cross some line and he was signaling to Alex that my brother was to accept what was going on. It dawned on me that I was witnessing my brother-in-law exerting his power over Alex. It didn’t happen very often – mainly because Brandon loved Alex’s super strength – but I was getting a glimpse of how intense their love was in just one glance. I understood that Brandon still had tremendous power in this relationship – probably even stronger than Alex’s muscle power. Alex loved Brandon so much that he would never do anything to hurt or even upset the guy. It was the exact same feeling I had encountered in my basement conversation with Timmy. It was the same intense reaction that was causing me to need to crush ten, well now nine phones in a row. Alex and I had the same kind of weakness – our love for our guy. I suddenly understood two things for sure – one, I was more like my brother than I had ever known and two; I was definitely in love with Timmy. My love for my best friend was mirrored in the two men staring at each other on the other side of the kitchen.

“I was an assistant coach at your brother’s school.”

“Fucking no way!”

“Justin, watch your language.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Whoa, you were the coach he seduced his senior year? That makes so much sense! Why didn’t I ever put two and two together before?”

“You’re the only other person on the planet that knows this information, Justin, and we’d like to keep it that way, okay.”

“Yes . . . I promise.”

It had been Brandon asking me to never talk about their conversation. Brandon rarely spoke to me in any kind of serious tone. He and I went shopping together, played video games against each other, and shared strength fantasies. He was not the guy that usually told me not to cuss or reminded me to clean up after myself. I knew, however, by the tone in his voice that I was to never speak about what I had just found out again – and I knew I wouldn’t. I went on to hear about how Brandon had really been the only person to figure out about Alex’s super strength the day he tried out for track and field. The head coach, a raging alcoholic, and the other kids trying out had blamed strong winds and lucky breaks for all the amazing things this senior had done. Alex had gone on to add that he had noticed the big fully-hard tool that had sprung up in the assistant coach’s shorts and had immediately responded to that view by producing the same thing in his own. About a month later Alex had celebrated his eighteenth birthday. He was about four weeks away from graduation and had started growing at a faster rate than usual. He walked home from school each day and one afternoon he stopped at an abandoned lumberyard to have some fun. In the middle of busting left over boards, ripping old machinery apart, and pulling stumps from the ground he caught a glimpse of some guy watching him. Without much effort Alex was able to move so fast that the onlooker didn’t know where he had gone, but my brother had been able to get to a spot where he could clearly see that it was the assistant coach who had obviously been following him.

“Your brother started following me the next day – even running along the side of the road out of site when I drove home a week later. He wanted to see where I lived. That’s when I started receiving gifts on my doorstep. I knew who they were from and he knew I knew.”

“A few weeks before graduation I couldn’t take it any more – Brandon was just too hot and I, like you, Justin, had too much pent up sexual and strength frustration in my body. I easily ripped the knob out of the backdoor of this house and was waiting for the assistant coach when he came home one day. The rest, as they say, is history and we’ll save those sordid details for another time.”

As my brother finished the story I looked down at the counter and saw that I had demolished every phone without even realizing it. Their story had gotten me too juiced up – in so many different ways. I still hadn’t gotten the knack for re-uniting all of the broken bits into a melted mass, but I was destroying the things without it even registering with my hand or my head. I began to clean up the mess, but then stopped and looked directly at Alex and Brandon. They could tell that I was about to say something very important.

“I feel the same way about Timmy. I know I have no experience with love or sex, for that matter, but I have never wanted anything in all my life. I want him even more than I want to destroy the safes you have poorly hidden in the front closet. I’ve been keeping something secret from you and I think it’s important that I share it with you now. I’m sorry I haven’t told you before, but I figured you wouldn’t approve. Timmy is going to Stanford, too. We’re going to room together. I’m pretty sure one day I’ll tell him about my strength – mainly because he’s going to notice I’m growing since we’ll be living in the same room. This isn’t really up for debate, I just feel like I should tell you.”

“We’re happy for you, Justin.”

“And we already knew.”

“What? How did you know?”

“Your mom and dad told me – when we talked about the recent issue that happened at school. They’ve known you and Timmy had feelings for each other a lot longer than you two have. Your dad thought it would be important for me to support you. I’m glad you told us, Justin, and I couldn’t be happier for you. It’s also important that you realize I trust you completely. You’re growing into a great young adult and if Timmy is the person you choose to tell about your gift then I trust him too. I know you don’t take this decision lightly. And for the record, we didn’t even try to hide the safes – we knew you would wait until we said it was okay for you to destroy them. It was important for you to stand up to those bullies at school and I know you used restraint when you took care of them. I also know, however, that you accepted the punishment because we really need to remember how important it is to not show the world how strong we are and we should never hurt anyone – if we can avoid it. I can’t wait for you to have someone like Brandon in your life – someone you can share your secrets with and someone you can love. I know it’s hard to give Timmy this time apart, but know that it is very important. He’s getting himself ready to hear what you’re going to tell him. He already knows it on some level, but he also needs some breathing air before he fully grasps what you’re to become.”

“Trust me, Justin, he already knows – just like I knew about Alex before he told me everything. But he does need time, too – just like I did.”

“He just needs to make sure he works through some of the same things you need to before you two can be together – like embracing your homosexuality completely. College will be a little easier than high school, but there will still be some hard days. And then real life will be even easier than college, but you’ll still hit some rough patches – usually caused by ignorance, intolerance, or guys that haven’t done the work to fully accept themselves. Loving yourself completely will help you to not respond to any of those people with any level of violence. You and I are going to have a lot of fun together once you are out of school. Brandon and I have been working hard to prepare some stuff for a little side gig for us once you’re done studying. I’m learning about the limits of our strength and the continued evolution of our abilities. My eyesight and hearing have been increasing at incredible rates the last couple of years, Justin. I can now see satellites circling the earth if I look really hard. I can also hear conversations through walls if I focus my attention. Who knows what else is going to develop for us. We’re going to have a great time working together. And I’m really excited that Timmy will be part of your life, too, so he can enjoy all of this, as well.”

“I think he already does, Alex. He’s a lot like Brandon in that sense. I think he’s busy creating a list of things I can do for him to show off my strength.”

“And what’s wrong with that? Nothing, I tell you – nothing!”

Brandon’s comment made all of us laugh!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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I really love this story. So much romance and so much gets of strength. This is define.Italy one of the best stories ever on the forum.
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I like how this story is progressing, it's really more of a romantic, loving story than you see on sites like these, at least most of the time. I like the presence of Brandon in the story, I think he brings around a feeling of both love and temperance for Alex and Justin, he knows what it's like for Justin, he knows just what is happening for him and Timmy, because he went through it with Alex, and can tell him from experience. Alex is playing the bigger brother, the one who makes the rules, but Brandon plays the voice of reason, if Alex is too harsh, Brandon tries to lessen the sting, if Alex is too serious, Brandon lightens the mood. I really like the contrasts in this story, just as much as I like the feats of strength, well, almost as much,
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I like how you're building up so much expectation for the next parts of the story. I mean, it's even sexier when we know the whole potential of what's about to happen. It's like watching that beefy guy wearing a shirt so small it's tearing its seams - you can't see his body yet but you know the power under the stretched fabric. =)
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Another amazing story!!

I keep signing on to see if there's another chapter. Can hardly wait to see what comes next.
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