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Timmy's Fetish - Part III

11th Grade

I had just arrived at Alex and Brandon’s house for the weekend. The first thing I did was to remove the double extra large sweatshirt I wore whenever I was around my adopted family or at school. As a matter of fact, the only place I didn’t wear what some people had nicknamed my “snowman gear” was at my birth brother’s house. It was here that I could be my true self. It was my junior year in high school and I had grown very, very strong and rippling built like a semi jacked-up version of a Caucasian Bruce Lee. I could still kind of hide my body since it was ripped, but not so huge that sweatshirts didn’t cover it well. As soon as my upper body was uncovered, however, Brandon and Alex let out a loud simultaneous whistle. It had been about three months since I had been able to visit – mainly because of exams, school trips, and my family’s visit with the grandparents.

“Oh my god, Alex, the kid has grown a lot faster than we anticipated.”

“You can say that again! I can barely fit in double extra large anything. I don’t have the heart to ask mom to buy me more clothes. I think she’s already spent enough to put me through four years of college. I busted out of a shirt the other morning before school just because I bent over to tie my shoes. My back and shoulders were just too much.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll buy you some new things this weekend. Brandon’s right, Justin, you’re growing a lot faster than me. We just need to get through a year and a half and then we can set you free. Once you’re in college you can become the huge guy you really are. We just got to make sure no one you now know is going to that school. Did you bring some catalogs with you?”

“Yes, there in my bag. Where’s the stuff for me.”

“On the dining room table, buddy. Are you hungry?”

“Not right now, Brandon; thanks. I just need a few minutes of playing. It’s been three months since I’ve been here and its getting harder and harder to do anything secretive at home. I think a little part of mom and dad believes I’m doing drugs or something worse, since I try to steal so much private time. It’s just that I get so pent up, you know. I need to release a little tension.”

“Trust me, Justin, after living with Alex for so many years, I completely understand.”

I moved back into one of the winged back chairs in the television room and sat across from my brother and his husband. I reached into the big box and pulled out a billiard ball – number fourteen. I held it over the box and squeezed. A loud gunshot-like sound rang through the house and dust flew out into the room. I released a loud relieved sigh and opened my hand – allowing the remnants of the ball to fall into the box. I quickly reached in and grabbed a second ball – demolishing it as fast as the other.

“I promise to clean up the mess, Brandon.”

“Not a problem, sweetie. You deserve it. I got some of your other favorites in there, too.”

“It looks like it’s gotten a lot easier for you, Justin.”

“Yeah, kind of like squeezing a grape for normal guys. I remember when it took two hands to crack one of these and now I can do it with two fingers.”

To prove my point I grabbed a third ball and squeezed it between my forefinger and thumb. The ball immediately shattered, but pieces went flying out into different parts of the room – hitting the wall and other things. I immediately looked at the two guys on the sofa with an apologetic face.

“Cover the stuff with your hands, Justin. I’ve already replaced the vase and the mirror you broke last time.”

“I’m so sorry, Alex. I just wanted to show you what I could do.”

“Leave him alone, Alex. It’s fine, Justin, just be careful. If you only knew the amount of stuff your brother demolished when we first got together you wouldn’t worry about it at all. He used to break big things for foreplay – just to get me so excited I would…”

“That’s enough, Brandon. Remember, he’s still in high school. Just because he’s stronger than half the football team put together doesn’t mean we should treat him like a full-grown adult. We need to be good role models for just one more year. Once he’s eighteen we can introduce him to every one of your crazy strength fetishes.”

“The boy is not an monk, Alex. You seem to forget what you were like in high school. I seem to remember that you seduced an assistant coach your senior year…”

“I was eighteen, Justin.”

“You also said you had been eighteen for only two days. And besides, you broke into the weight room one night and demolished half the weights before you had to run because of a security guard coming in to see what all the screeching was about.”

“Okay, Brandon, you’ve made your point. Let’s not give the boy any more ideas.”

“I like hearing these stories, Brandon. Please tell me more.”

“That’s enough for now, Justin. Just play with your box of toys and I promise we’ll share more on another day. I’m going to start dinner.”

I watched Alex lean over and kiss his husband lovingly on the cheek before he left the room. Brandon immediately mouthed the words “we’ll talk later” after Alex was out of the room. It became clear pretty quickly that my brother-in-law wanted to stay in the room and watch me work out the frustrations caused from not using my muscles completely for three months. I grabbed a hammer from the box. I easily snapped the steel head off the wooden handle. I squeezed the metal in my hand and mashed the once sculpted tool into a mangled clump of nothing with finger indentions all around it. I heard Brandon coo pleasurably and that excited me. I wasn’t turned on at all by my cute brother-in-law, but I certainly loved how my power could make him whimper. I crumpled the wooden handle into small strips no larger than toothpicks with my other hand, allowing the tiny twigs to fall back into the box. It would be one less thing I would have to clean. I loved the idea of Brandon going to yard sales in his neighborhood to find things for me to destroy – one of his favorite things to do on the weekend. He loved to find really indestructible things for as cheap as fifty cents and save them for when I visited. I’m sure he still bought things for Alex to demolish, too, but we never spoke about that, even though I got to experience it often. I knew someday soon, however, he would let me get a glimpse of what I could really do – instead of only watching him do tremendous feats. I had a feeling that once I turned eighteen and was an adult, things would be very different – in many ways.

“Please Justin, the bowling ball next.”

“Sure, Brandon, but how about another story about Alex while I have some fun.”

“Okay, let’s see, how about another one from high school?”

“Yes, please. What should I do to it?”

I reached in the box and pulled the large black ball from the box and looked at my brother-in-law with a grin. It was a game we liked to play – him giving me suggestions on what would be good to test my strength. Brandon had a vivid imagination and usually thought of things I would have never even dreamed of. His smile back at me suddenly turned a little devilish.

“Between your forearm and biceps, please.”

“Great idea.”

“So you know why Alex won’t let you play sports, don’t you?”


I was tossing the bowling ball up and down easily in just my left hand and looking at Brandon. I then placed the ball on my muscled arm and trapped it between my now bulging mound of hard beef and my equally hard forearm. I squeezed tightly and felt the ball’s dense mass adjust slightly from the pressure. I knew better than to destroy the object quickly – it would be best to take my time and tease it out a little, for the excited guy on the sofa. I lifted my arm, so the ball actually looked like a big black knot on my biceps.

“It’s because he was so desperate to be an athlete of some kind that he talked your father into allowing him to do track and field. Alex figured it was the only sport that he couldn’t hurt someone. Your dad agreed and Alex was allowed to go to tryouts for the team. He even signed up to try out for every sport they offered at that time of year. The problem was that your brother had learned how to control his strength around other people, but when it came to solo sports he tended to let go of most of his inhibitions. I personally think he was showing off for the assistant coach I referred to earlier, but he denies it. Anyway, he first tried the shot put. The coach showed Alex and three other guys how to build up momentum to toss the thing. The other three went first and did pretty impressive jobs with the heavy ball. Alex became pretty competitive and forgot about what the coach had said, on top of the fact that he should limit his powers a little. Without even taking any steps Alex pushed the ball up into the air so high that people said it disappeared. A few minutes later it came down hard and smashed into the bleachers on the other side of the stadium. They said the thing was red because it was so hot – having travelled so quickly that the momentum and friction made it turn into something like a mass of flying lava.”

I flexed a little harder and Brandon stopped talking as soon as he heard the bowling ball crack loudly – as if a door had been slammed nearby. I hadn’t used enough force to split the ball in two; I had merely wanted to cause its internal core to begin to shift. My biceps had also caused that part of the ball to dent in – since my muscle pressed in so hard. It was amazing to be just a high school student and able to smash in a bowling ball. That kind of power was astounding to me – even with knowing all the things I had done previously and would do in the future.

“God, did you hear how that bowling ball was screaming in pain, Justin. That is so cool. I swear you are going to be stronger than Alex someday – and probably a lot bigger, too. Anyway, back to his tryouts. The javelin throw didn’t go much better. When Alex stepped up to send the thing through the air – it went across the field, over the street next to the school, and completely through a billboard sign that promoted cigarette smoking. The javelin created a hole the size of a barn door in the sign. The head coach didn’t catch on to anything – even after watching the javelin and shot put go sailing through the air. He was kind of an alcoholic and didn’t really care for coaching. The cute assistant coach, however, definitely noticed your brother. When Alex jumped about thirty feet in the long jump tryouts is when the assistant coach started getting really interested – both for the possibility of winning some competitions and maybe getting a chance to get Alex in the sack. Your father had arrived by that point, however, and pulled your brother from the tryouts immediately – saying that he was bringing too much attention to himself. Alex was never given the chance to play any other sports. That bowling ball is a piece of cake, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I could snap it in two easily if I wanted to, but I want to take my time – to tease you. You have no idea how great it feels to finally use my full strength, Brandon. It’s like I’m a vampire that hasn’t gotten blood for days – or worse, a teenager that has low blood sugar because he hasn’t eaten. It’s so hard to go a while without bending something or lifting heavy objects. I thought I was going to go crazy if I didn’t get over here soon. It’s just really hard keeping all of this secret from people.”

“I bet it is. Justin, the sound of that bowling ball squealing and grinding as you toy with it is driving me crazy. Look at how your biceps is just smashing in the side of the thing – without much effort. That is just so cool. When you finally bust the damn thing I might have to excuse myself for a while. Please don’t tell Alex – he still thinks you’re too young for me to say things like that to you. I think it’s just because he’s trying to be a protective brother.”

“You really get off on strength, don’t you, Brandon.”

“You have no idea, Justin, you have no idea. I married the right guy, though, that’s for sure. And I have the right brother-in-law!”

I added a little more pressure to my flexed arm and the large black ball resting on my biceps started cracking like an egg that is being pecked apart from the chicken inside. The sound of the dense material breaking apart made Brandon gulp loudly. Suddenly there was a loud pop and the ball split in half – part of it stayed trapped by my forearm and biceps, but the other part fell forward and I caught it in my other hand. I placed that part in my lap and then immediately started snapping off bits of the urethane and resin material with just two fingers – then taking chunks of the ball and squeezing them with my strong hand until it was just a pile of pebble-like pieces I dropped back into the box. I flexed my arm more at the same time and the part of the ball still trapped there broke into two more pieces immediately. I let them fall to the ground with a loud thud. Brandon’s high-pitched tensed voice drew my attention away from the destruction I was causing.

“Um . . . excuse me, Justin, I just need to . . . uh . . . quickly see something . . . um, I’ll be right back…”

My brother-in-law exited the den so quickly that I almost missed the fact he was white as a ghost and walking a little awkward. It dawned on me that it really had been too much for him to handle – me destroying the bowling ball so easily. I thought the guy had been kidding, especially since he was so used to seeing Alex do much more amazing things with his strength. I got that now familiar pleasant feeling in my gut and my crotch from making someone get all excited with my strength. It still rocked my world tremendously when I would do something for Timmy that was pretty simple for me, but to him it was amazing. It was kind of wild to know that I could make Brandon, someone ten years older than me, react the same way. Suddenly, Alex was in the archway that separated the den from the rest of the house.

“What did you do to Brandon? He ran through the kitchen muttering ‘oh hell’ under his breath and didn’t even stop when I asked him what was wrong.”

“Um . . . I think it was a bit too much for him when I . . . uh . . . destroyed the bowling ball.”

“Oh yeah, he really likes that. I sometimes hold them in between my open palms and compress them until they basically explode. He loves to watch the bigger pieces bounce off my chest. How’d you do it?”

“I smashed it by placing it on my biceps and flexing against it.”

“Nice. I’ll have to try that sometime. He got some old flip cellphones for you – he knows they’re one of you favorites.”


I reached down into the box and found an old mobile. I held it in my outstretched hand and closed my fingers around the mechanism. I then started squeezing and immediately I could feel the object breaking into small pieces of demolished machinery. I opened my palm and a let the remnants of the phone slide out of my hand. I loved crushing phones.

“That’s just the best feeling ever. Did you know these things cause more deaths now than alcohol for people my age? I hate them! They create so much havoc and I wish I could crush all of them. I mean, they’re handy and everything and I have one, but I swear the world might be a better place without them. I just love listening to them crumble apart in my strong hand.”

“It’s really getting easier for you, isn’t it, Justin?”

“Yeah . . . a lot easier.”

“I can tell.”

I already had a second phone in my hand and I trapped it between my palms – pressing in pretty lightly. I loved how the body of the phone compressed in on itself as things snapped to pieces, were smashed together tightly, or just broke away from the thing like it was a part that wanted to escape from my terror. The sound was incredible, too. I loved it when I could turn a phone on before destroying it – that excited me in some weird way, like I was ending a call by basically crushing the thing to death.

“It’s going to get hard to hide your size by the end of your senior year, man. You’re going to really start growing second semester. I can tell by how your strength is more intense than mine was at your age – I was about twenty-one before I was as strong as you are now. I think that might mean you’re going to be bigger, too – and get bigger sooner.”

“I don’t know how much longer I can wear those constraining sweatshirts, Alex.”

“Just try to hold out until you’re out of school, bro – I promise we’ll let you strut that big body all you want after you’ve graduated. It would just cause too many questions if people saw your soon-to-be freakish size or knew how strong you really were. Take a look behind that chair over there. Brandon found a fun way to give you some money for new clothes. You have to promise to wait until he returns before you do anything, though. He would not want to miss what’s coming.”

I jumped up from my chair, brushing the phone scraps still sticking to my hand across my jeans. I moved quickly behind one of the other chairs in the room and turned to smile broadly at Alex as soon as I got a glance at what was there. I reached down and lifted the large square container.

“Where did Brandon find this?”

“He went to a sale at the Westin downtown. They were replacing their entire stock. I shouldn’t tell you this, but he bought a few. He thought he could give them to you at different times.”

“I can’t believe it! These are some of the best-made hotel safes around. Even I can get a sense of how heavy they are, though it’s a breeze for me to lift. This is going to be so awesome – ripping this thing apart. I feel like it must be Christmas. Do I really have to wait for Brandon to come back? I want to tear into this thing, Alex. I can tell this is going to take a lot of my strength. Wait, did you shred one yourself?”

“Of course. You think I’m going to miss the chance to pulverize a safe?”

“How long did it take you, man?”

“I’m not going to tell you until your done.”

“Oh come on, Alex, give me something to work for.”

“No sir. I’m not oiling the pump, big guy. You are just going to have to use those muscles of yours wisely. I will tell you this, though . . . it was beyond fun demolishing the thing. You’re going to be jacked up pretty hard by the time you’re done. You’ll also be pretty hungry – that’s why I started dinner.”

“Brandon, get in here! I want to get to my money!”

I rested the safe – the size of a microwave – in my lap. My voice was full of excitement and my body was pumping testosterone in overdrive. I could swear my muscles were swelling up harder just in anticipation of the fun I was going to have breaking into a safe with just my bare hands. Crushing phones and bowling balls was a blast, but demolishing something that is supposed to be indestructible comes in on a whole different level. I knew, without even asking, that Alex completely understood how I felt. When I was at their house, he constantly looked for ways to use his super strength, as well. One of his favorite things to do when I visited was to do down to a deserted part of town and break into a big junkyard. Alex was big enough to even scare the two guard dogs that patrolled the area. They would come out barking and snarling – their teeth bared and their eyes intent on doing some damage, but Alex would just growl loudly at the animals and they’d run away, whimpering loudly with their tails between their legs. We usually wouldn’t see them for the rest of the night. They were so used to us coming by now they never barked anymore. They actually came out and watched Alex lifting cars or tearing things apart – just sitting on either side of Brandon while my brother-in-law petted them. One evening Alex had a beat up bulldozer hoisted above his head when the owner of the place came around the corner of the building – he had forgotten some papers. It was a wild moment – my brother easily pumping out reps with the huge dozer and the guy literally pissing in his pants as soon as he grasped what was happening. Come to find out, though, the guy – whose name is Raymond – loved feats of strength as much as Brandon and he just started joining us whenever we came down. Alex would usually end up doing some of Raymond’s work and the entire town thinks that junkyard is the best around since it tends to demolish things quicker than any other. No one knows it’s because of my brother – the human wrecking machine. Brandon screamed from the back of the house.

“Justin, don’t you dare start doing anything without me. I bought that gift for you and the money inside is from me, too. I deserve to see you demolish the thing – not to mention witnessing how it’s going to make your body bulge. You can wait a few more seconds. I’m cleaning up the mess you caused earlier.”

“What do you mean mess, just change your clothes and come back out here. I’m ready to rip this thing apart!”

Suddenly, Brandon appeared in the archway and he was, indeed, in different clothes. He had a huge smile on his face and he walked over to sit between Alex’s massive legs. I loved how my brother towered over his husband – it was powerful, sexy, and romantic all at the same time. Brandon was a gorgeous guy, but he definitely looked almost childlike next to Alex. One of my brother’s humongous thighs was thicker than Brandon’s upper torso – even though my brother-in-law was a relatively well-built man, himself. The size difference definitely turned all of us on – even though I never spoke about it with the two of them. Alex loved to pick up Brandon any chance he got – usually with just one of his massive arms, as if he were teasing his husband. Brandon didn’t seem to care. He actually appeared to love it a lot. Brandon rested his arms across both monstrous thighs of his husband and stared at me, clearly giving me permission to begin. I lifted the safe so I could look at it from all angles.

“Crap, Justin, I couldn’t lift that thing even an inch. I had to have a couple of guys put it in the car and you lift it like it was a shoebox. It just blows my mind a high school kid can be that strong.”

“Did those guys lift all of the other safes into your car, too?”

“I can’t believe you told him, Alex. That was supposed to be a surprise!”

Brandon balled his hand into a fist and brought it down on Alex’s thigh with a loud thud – clearly intent on causing him pain. I could tell by my brother’s smile, though, that the big man barely felt the smack. Brandon, however, immediately shook out his hand because of the major hurt caused by Alex’s hard muscled leg. This was a normal exchange between the two men and I was always amazed at how easily Brandon forgot he couldn’t really hurt my brother in any way. I’d seen him hit Alex with a cast iron skillet because the big man had tracked in mud on the freshly cleaned carpet, but my brother hadn’t felt a thing. The skillet, however, did not survive the blow and even after Alex tried to bend it back into something close to normal they ended up having to toss it in the trash – not before I got to spend a few minutes crushing it into a mangled ball of iron, though.

“Trust me, Brandon, the kid will be over-the-top excited every time you pull one out. As a matter of fact, I hope you hid them well because I bet Justin will be trying to find them after we go to bed. Remember, he’s still growing and developing – he’s desperate for finding stuff to give him a little challenge. I remember my father had to bring home car engines and lots of scrap metal every evening just to keep me busy and out of trouble. Justin will soon be able to lift that bulldozer over his head and he’ll be doing it about five years before I was able to.”

It was uncanny how Alex knew me so well, but I completely understood it was because he had felt all the same things I was feeling. It was like having an incredible mentor and coach while training for a sport. Alex got me on so many levels – my homosexuality, my need to show off, my need to use my strength, my thirst for being able to reveal my body, and so much more. Brandon and I definitely shared a lover of all things strength related, but my brother and I were almost like twins, understanding each other without speaking a word. I loved Alex more than I had ever thought I could love anyone. My adopted family was very important to me and I did, indeed, love them, but my brother and I had some kind of super bond that was as powerful as our muscles put together. And since Alex loved Brandon so much, I – in turn – came to love him deeply, as well. I felt lucky to have my adopted family and my blood family – and to like them all so much was an added benefit.

“Okay guys, I need to warn you – I’m going to get a raging hard-on while I rip this thing apart. I might even squirt out a big load like Brandon did when I fucked up that bowling ball.”

“Hey now, Justin.”

“I’m sorry, Alex – like when I messed up that bowling ball.”

“That’s better, little brother. There’s no need to use that kind of language. As a matter of fact it’s much hotter to use more descriptive words to comment on what we’re able to do.”

“Yeah, but I’m with Justin, sometimes it’s just more appropriate and on the mark to cuss like a sailor when your using such muscle strength. I’ve heard you use unsavory words many times, Alex. Sometimes, you use them the most when you are trying to impress me by…”

“That’s enough, Brandon. Again, we don’t need to share everything with my brother. As for you getting excited Justin, it’s part of the process. You need to pump some of that mega-charged testosterone out of your body just to make it through the day. I’m sure you’re blasting with enough power to hit the walls across your room aren’t you.”

“Um . . . yeah . . . how did you know?”

“Because the same thing happens to him, that’s how. We’ve had to replace the light covering in the ceiling above the bed a few times. If your brother goes without relief for over a week it’s like his semen becomes as powerful as a handheld rocket launcher.”

“Brandon, let’s keep some secrets, please. It’s normal Justin, so don’t fret about it. You just have powerful juice, that’s all. It matches the rest of you.”

“I know. I’ve had to start putting the dresser in front of the wall across from my bed – since I caused a few holes in the concrete during wank sessions.”

“Okay, you two – change of subject. I’m pulling the adult card with both of you. This conversation is getting out of hand. Justin, just know that you’re going to have some intense orgasms as you get stronger and bigger. They’re never going to stop, really – you’ll just learn how to control them a little better. Trust me, you’ll also be able to make them very enjoyable for a partner someday.”

“VERY enjoyable. There was one time when Alex…”

My brother placed his big hand over his husband’s mouth to shut him up. I definitely wanted to hear the story but I could tell that Alex was not going to let the conversation go down this particular path any more. He allowed Brandon and me to talk trashy for a while, but then he always pulled us back to some sense of decency. I knew it was the right thing to do, but I certainly wanted to hear more about their sex life. I had found myself having intensely sexual dreams many nights during the week and I was starting to think about what it would be like to be with another guy. Alex continued to encourage me to wait until after high school, but it was getting more and more difficult because I was growing harder and harder – in every way possible. I had blown such a major wad one morning after one of my powerful sex dreams that I blasted a hole in the ceiling of my room. I just put up a retro poster of pro-bodybuilder Mike Mentzer to cover the damage. My family never caught on and they didn’t comment too much about the fact that I stared up at a muscled guy every night, since I had been working out like a fiend for a few years. They all knew I was gay, but we didn’t really ever talk about it. My parents and Chance accepted me totally, but I think they, like Alex, were waiting for me to get out of high school before we all embraced it completely. My best friend Timmy, of course, would lie on my bed whenever he came over and stare up at the mustached muscle man and talk nonstop about superheroes. Looking back now, I really should have been a lot more clued in about my best pal.

“Let’s see what you can do with that puny safe, Justin.”

My brother really did know the right things to say. Emphasizing the fact that the safe had no chance in hell against me – with just one word, ‘puny,’ was enough to encourage me to do anything. I had realized by now that I craved my brother’s approval more than anything in the world. Down the road I would be able to understand that I had a full-on crush on Alex, but my high school brain couldn’t accept that at the time. I denied all feelings and just accepted the fact that I wanted to spend as much time with him as was possible. I rationalized it by saying that I only got to be my complete self – gay, muscular, and super strong when I was around Alex and Brandon - but it was certainly more than that. My brother turned me on in a big way. I only told him many years later, but the first night I saw him lift the bulldozer over his head in the junkyard I creamed in my pants big time. I dumped so much cum that night I smelled like I had just come from an orgy. Luckily, the stench of Alex’s and my sweat after tearing up things at the junkyard was much more pungent than anything when we drove home. Brandon always insisted we roll down all the windows to air out the car during the short trip to their house, but I knew – deep down – he loved the way Alex and I stank after an intense workout at the junkyard. Alex had removed his hand from Brandon’s mouth because he knew his husband would be quiet as he watched me rip apart the safe. Anytime either Alex or I were doing feats of strength, my brother-in-law would whisper things to himself – clearly unable to believe what he was seeing.

“Look at how much bigger the guy is. Man-oh-man, Justin, you are just pumping up to something unbelievable. Come on, buddy, show us what you can do to that safe.”

My brother-in-law’s encouragement forced me into action. I knew I had a captive audience and I did not want to disappoint. I glanced at my watch right before I began so I would know how long it took me. I brought my fist back from the side of the box and then sent it flying into the metal. I was able to put a sizeable dent into the thing, but I didn’t penetrate the safe. I was a little disappointed but then I heard Brandon gasp in approval and that made me double my effort. My brother-in-law obviously loved how my hand easily smashed in the side of the box. I pressed my palms against both sides of the thing and then raised it off my knees as I pushed in with all my might. I could tell that both Alex and Brandon were looking at my arms and chest as they ballooned out with muscle power – bulging from the intense strain. The sides definitely gave a little and I was able to compress the safe in on itself, warping the thing a little. I began to notice that making the safe become deformed in this way actually created a little space in the corners of the front doorway. It wasn’t enough to even get one of my fingers into the space, but it certainly made me start thinking of ways to squeeze the metal box even more. I slid out of the chair a little and placed the safe between my thighs, so the door was facing upward. I started smashing the thing with the full force of my big legs and I, along with the other two in the room, loved the sound of metal giving into my power and screaming for relief. I, of course, gave it no reprieve. I squashed the thing with more might and loved how it stared to buckle in the middle – unable to withstand my power.

“Oh man, that is so hot. Look at how his legs are doubling in size just because of what he’s doing. Muscles are bulging everywhere, Alex – look at that. Your little brother is destroying a safe – just like you did! So much power.”

Hearing Brandon mention Alex’s earlier destruction of a safe both inspired and challenged me. I wanted to beat his time, even though I knew his strength was probably ten times as powerful as mine. I knew, on a deep level, that I would one day be as strong, if not stronger than my brother, but at the moment I was focused only on beating his time. At the same moment I was definitely enjoying the fact that a safe – a metal box that has been created to keep things protected and to keep thieves away – was giving in to my power so easily. The thing was giving up a good fight, but everyone in the room – and the safe itself by this time – knew that it was only a matter of time before I had the money from inside the metal case in my strong hands. The weak box was screeching loudly in obvious pain as I brutally crushed it with my bulging thighs. I finally lifted the thing back into my lap – to get my strong arms back involved in the torturing, but also to cover the super strong hard-on that was sprouting at my crotch. As soon as I rested the metal back of the safe against my throbbing cock I began to get turned on even more. The head of my dick pressed into the safe with the same kind of force as some kid might use a pillow to slowly beat off. I felt the strong rod pressing the metal inward, like someone’s finger stretching out cellophane. Feeling my head denting in thick solid steel was almost too much for my horny body to handle. I had never had sex in my life, but if it was anything close to the feeling that was taking over my body right at that moment I was going to make sure I had lots of heart-stopping intercourse every day of my adult life. I guess the moans coming from my mouth gave my under-the-safe actions away. What I was doing became a little too much for Brandon, as well.

“You’re using your dick like a can opener on the thing aren’t you, Justin? Oh man, that is so unbelievable.”

I suddenly froze, leaving my dick pressing tightly into the now condom-like stretched metal. Being so easily found out by Brandon and Alex was still a little embarrassing, even though we tended to talk about everything. I was, after all, still a high school student at the time – going through all the same emotions every kid went through. I had the same normal and some not so normal concerns of any high school guy – would I finish the year with good grades, was I ever going to fall in love with some guy that thought I was hot, and when was I going to be strong enough to lift a bulldozer over my head. There is nothing as freakish as a super strong teenager going through hormonal changes. My morning wood was so strong sometimes that I poked holes in the mattress just by rolling over. I sometimes got bursts of super energy that caused me to do stupid things – like rip a door knob off by squeezing it too hard, splintering pencils by holding them too tightly when nervous about a test, or using too much pressure on Timmy when we were play wrestling. I quickly learned my best friend didn’t mind being manhandled a little – again, it had something to do with his superhero fetish – but I had to figure out immediately how to control my random bursts of hormonal strength so I wouldn’t hurt him. Alex had been a great help in guiding me in controlling my power, but I still didn’t feel completely comfortable in talking about all of my sexual desires or kinky thoughts with either Alex or Brandon. I knew they loved and understood me more than anyone in the world, but there were just some things that remained intensely private as a guy’s mind and body developed. It was hard for any kid to not fall into the trap of thinking he was the only person in the world who had certain feelings. I didn’t have anyone my age to talk with about my fantasies or my abilities and that made life even a little more difficult. I had become used to hiding my emotions as much as I hid my growing body. I could feel that my face had turned dark red and I suddenly avoided looking at my brother and Brandon.

“Um, let’s think of another way to bust into the safe, okay Justin? You can take care of that . . . uh, problem, later on in your room. I don’t think it’s appropriate for your first metal-induced orgasm to happen in front of us.”

When Alex spoke in his adult clinical-sounding voice it always calmed my raging sex drive down immediately. It was a mixture of being shocked at how he knew what was going on in my head and feeling a little like I had disappointed him in some way. I knew, on some level, that I should not have allowed my cock to get so carried away in drilling an almost hole in the safe, but the feeling of ecstasy that it was creating in my body had overridden any other thoughts of behaving differently. I had wanted my cock to rip through the back of the safe and then I wanted to squirt my heavy load into the box as I rubbed my hard rod back and forth against the jagged demolished metal. Hearing that my brother totally understood my intentions – and realizing he had probably used metal as an ejaculation enhancer in the past – made my hard-on immediately soften and I returned my focus to ripping the safe apart with my hands. I actually felt more empowered than ever to destroy the thing. I saw that the pressure from my super thighs had really done a number on the shape of the safe. I had basically leg-hugged the thing into an hourglass shape and that caused the front door to buckle a little more than before. I was actually able to grab the top corner where the steel bar went up and down to lock the door into place. I thought it would be good if I could rip the thick metal plate that opened and closed down a little – allowing me to possibly get a finger behind the steel bar and tear it from its locked position. As I worked on the safe with my arms I could tell my biceps and triceps, not to mention my forearms and shoulders, were rippling harder with bulging muscles and I was actually sweating a little. I wasn’t sure if the sweating was from the work I was doing or the leftover embarrassment because I had been so openly fucking the metal box.

“I think the kid is growing right in front of us, Alex!”

The thought that my body was growing just from the workout I was getting from the stubborn safe made me bust full of pride and excitement. It also helped that Brandon noticed and Alex had affirmed the comment with a soft and focused ‘yes.’ I knew Alex was busy watching what I was doing – he was going to give me notes later on about how I used or didn’t use my strength wisely. My brother was always the consummate teacher – especially when it came to my power and my body. He knew we were the only two muscle masters on earth and he assumed the role of my mentor automatically and joyously. He had gotten the benefit of our real dad for a few years of his life and he wanted to make sure I had someone that understood my abilities helping me along the way, as well. My need to impress Alex intensified and with one loud muscular grunt I wrenched the top right front corner of the safe door from its snug resting place – actually ripping the metal of the door from the metal bar that slid through it into the thick top of the mechanism. I let out a loud exhale as soon as I saw the metal pole exposed, since that basically meant I was in the safe and the money would be in my hand shortly. The juices in my body were pumping doubly hard and my cock had sprung back to life from the pleasure of my destruction. I could hear my brother-in-law breathing deeply with excitement, but that didn’t please me half as much as the proud smile on Alex’s face I noticed after one quick glance across the room.

“Feels good, huh Justin, to use our power that way – to defeat something supposedly so impenetrable. It’s awesome to allow the strength in our arms to be totally set free and allowed to accomplish something so unbelievable to other men – and yet, it’s basically very easy for us. You can sense that you actually used maybe only half of your full force – mainly because you still feel the need to hold back. Don’t worry, little bro, we’ll set you free completely soon, very soon. I can tell you’re beginning to understand what real power will be emerging in you over the next two years. Your mind and your body are getting ready to grow – both in size and in strength. You’ll have that bulldozer over your head before you graduate, Justin.”

I immediately glanced up at Alex’s smiling face – shocked at what he had just said. We had never talked about how seeing him lift the bulldozer had completely wrecked my mind and my body. I had kept that secret deep within me – desperately wanting that kind of power, all the while lusting over my brother’s huge body and his abilities. It was actually something I couldn’t control – my desire for watching him perform feats of strength. I was exactly like Brandon when it came to that fact. I was beginning to realize, however, that my yearning for power displays was tied directly to my developing muscle skills. I knew I still had a big man crush on my brother – who wouldn’t – but I actually just longed for the day when I would be just like him. And right at that exact moment I realized that I looked forward mostly to the day I surpassed him, when I would become bigger and stronger than him – like he and Brandon always said I would. I locked eyes with Alex and we connected on some ethereal level that was like a secret code just between the two of us. I sensed that my brother knew everything I was thinking and feeling at that moment – and even much more. He knew what I would become – how I would develop – and exactly how it would make me feel. He understood how it made me feel at that exact moment. I was scared, thrilled, empowered, and immensely turned on - all at the same time. I also knew Alex felt the same way – it was just something I felt inside my gut. A new awareness was budding inside of me.

“Brandon, my little brother is becoming a man today. He’s starting to realize just how special and powerful he truly is. He’s gotten a clear glimpse of the person he’s going to be and it’s unleashed a tide of mixed emotions inside him. From this day forward our Justin is going to be growing stronger and smarter on a daily basis. He’s beginning to understand fully how powerful he’s already been for a while and what incredible things are yet to come. We can watch him destroy the safe and grab the money but then we’re going to have to leave the room and allow him a little privacy. Sorry honey, I know you want to watch more, but Justin will need some alone time to sort through some immediate needs. Don’t worry about any mess, Justin. It will be like the remnants of the bowling ball and the demolished phones – easily cleaned and just as easily forgotten. This is an important right of passage for you, bro, and you deserve it. Go ahead, show your big brother and his husband the strength you’ve got – the power you’ve had for a while and didn’t even realize it.”

It was as if it had been a dark cloudy day and suddenly the sun’s rays burst through the gloominess and brightened everything. I became aware of so many things at one time – how incredibly strong I already was, how huge I was going to become, how much my strength excited Brandon, how proud I made Alex, and how all of these thoughts made me burn with self confidence and tremendous appreciation for the gifts my father had bestowed on me. My love for my brother immediately intensified so much that a couple of tears ran down my cheek. I still looked at him with a slight amount of lust, but mostly I loved him as family, as mentor, and as the only other human on earth that could completely understand me. We were joined with a bond that now was ten times stronger than our combined power. I knew there was nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for him. All of the sudden I thought of my friend Timmy. It took me a few seconds to realize why, but then I figure out it was because I now understood that Alex and I were true superheroes. Our father had intended us to be something special and the two of us had both actually become even much more than that. I now grasped that Alex had been grooming me a while for this moment – this time of awareness. Without even a second thought I pressed my fingers against the seam where the door of the safe met the thick side. I pushed in – aware for the first time of strength that had existed within me for a while. My fingers easily blasted a gap between the two plates of metal. I was able to curve them on the other side of the door. Earlier I had hoped to one by one bend back the bars that went upward, downward, and across into the top, bottom, and sides of the safe. Now I realized that had been like a kid trying to break into the metal box. Within just a few minutes I had become an adult – not in all matters, but definitely when it came to knowledge of my strength. I pulled my hand towards my body and ripped the door and all it’s strong metal poles away from the safe with one loud animalistic roar. My arm muscles were jacked beyond belief and I, even with my new awareness, was shocked by how easy it had been to pulverize thick metal. I stared at the mangled door in my hand, pressing my fingers into the steel even more, just to add some extra destruction. I then looked at the bag of money inside and smiled to myself. It was then that I looked at the surprised faces of Alex and Brandon.

“That felt freaking awesome, guys. I’ve never felt anything as exciting as that.”

“And on that note it’s time for us to leave the room, honey.”

Alex reached down and grabbed Brandon at the waist. He then swung his arms upward and threw his husband’s surprised body over his shoulder and stood up at the same time. He immediately started out of the room, but Brandon protested greatly.

“Alex, I want to stay and watch Justin destroy the rest of the safe. That was incredible. Did you see what he did? He basically broke into it the same way you did. It took him longer, but it was the same. That really was unbelievable. I want to stay.”

“No, we need to give Justin some private time. How about I do a little flexing for you in the bedroom and then use you as my weights for a little exercising. Would that please you, Brandon?”

“Hell yeah! Bring it on, sweetie.”

I was lost in my own world and it really didn’t sink in for a few minutes that they had left the room. I was staring down at the crumpled safe door in my hand. I could see where I snapped in two the steel poles that locked the door in place with just a single super tug. I was still trying to get my head around what I had just done. It had been a breeze. I had forced my finger between thick plates of steel and then basically ripped a door off a safe the way most people tore a sheet of paper off of a pad. I could actually feel how jacked up my biceps was as my hand continued to crumple up the now deformed door. The sound of metal being scrunched into a heap of junk was intoxicating – like muscled music to my ears. I stared at the gaping opening at the front of the squeezed box – marveling at the fact that I had ripped eight steel pegs in two as I easily pulled the door off. I felt as if I were on fire – empowered beyond anything I had ever thought possible. I had been amazed by my increased strength over the last few years, but the power that shot through my body as I demolished the safe had been freeing in a life-changing way. I now truly understood how mighty I had actually become – I was truly on superhero level. I instantly wished Timmy had been there to see me obliterate the front of the safe. He would have loved every second of my display of brawn and would have especially loved how my hand continued to crush the thick metal into a jumbled mass of junk. Once the door was crumpled into a blob of mangled steel I dropped it to the floor and turned my attention and newfound strength to the remaining part of the safe. I took my fish and brought it down on the top of the safe, as it rested on my powerful thighs. Without using close to all of my potential I caused the entire box frame to fold down on itself with one solid blow – the entire moment making me feel like a super judge with a muscled gavel.

“Aw yeah!”

At the same time the safe flattened into something no thicker than a large cookbook, my super charged cock – which was again hard as granite – forced its way through the double layered steel. It ripped a huge hole through the demolished safe and stuck out the other side, having already easily torn through my jeans. It looked like a totem pole sticking up from a concrete slab. Pre-cum bubbled out from the head and slid down the hard shaft. I placed my hands on either side of the demolished safe and pressed it inward – creating a steel cast around my rigid meat. I then started rubbing the entire mangled mass of metal up and down my cock – intent on letting the obliterated container help to make me shoot out the load that had been building within me from the second I had entered the house. It had been fortified a hundredfold, however, when I hit upon the strength that had lay dormant within me until just a few minutes ago. I continued to compress the bulk of steel around my cock as I pumped it up and down.

The way the metal dug into my hard prick was sending me into orgasm buildup overload. I knew the release that was to come was going to be epic – and I knew I was going to create a massive mess. That’s why Alex had given me permission before he and Brandon had left the room. He understood what was being released within me and he clearly realized how my body was going to react. I could not have stopped my need to ejaculate even if I had used all of my newfound super strength. To realize I was more powerful that I ever dreamed I would become was too much for me to handle – especially as a hormonal teenager. I was about to have an explosion that matched my size and my strength – and I started rubbing the metallic mass up and down my hard cock even faster. I used both hands and squeezed the blob of steel even harder as I pumped more furiously. I spread my big legs out wide, threw my head back, and screamed out loudly as my body started giving into the inevitable. For a few seconds the world seemed to stop spinning and my body felt like it shut down. I then felt my balls tighten with a vigorous jolt and a massive blast of cum shot up into the air and hit the ceiling, more than twelve feet away. Bits of plaster and concrete fell to the floor around me as a long volley of cum fired into the air and then rained down all over my muscled torso. Listening to the juice splattering against my body was so exciting that it made the next round of cum to hit the ceiling again. I couldn’t believe the power that existed in my ejaculation. I spurted out voluminous amounts of my man-sap for a good minute and a half – continuous and powerful from the beginning until the final blast.

When I finally stopped shooting I dropped my hands to my sides and the impaled remnants of the safe stayed plastered to my hard cock, which was still sticking straight up in the air. It looked like my dick was wearing some kind of iron wrap or thick ring. I had completely smashed the metal safety container into something totally unrecognizable. After I eventually regained control of my body I reached down and pulled the ruined safe from my cock and finished crumbling the thing into a tight wad of metal the size of cantaloupe. I stared at the mass and was astounded that I could compact something so big into something so small. It still seemed as heavy as it was before, but I also knew I could have compressed it even more if I had wanted to. I let the mashed ball fall to the floor and I stood up, wobbly at first, but then I regained my strength. I knew, however, that I needed rest. I moved slowly down the side hall towards my bedroom. As I passed my brother and Brandon’s room I heard my brother-in-law counting out loudly and I figured he was being pressed up into the air as Alex used him for weights. I thought about telling them I was done, but I knew they’d hear my door shutting and figure it out. I also knew that Brandon was in strength heaven being pushed up and down by Alex’s strong arms, and he wouldn’t want the fun to stop. I also knew they could be at if for at least a few more hours since neither seemed to ever tire of displays of strength. I fell into my bed and was sound asleep in seconds.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Still... trying .... to recover.... Justin wasn't the only one to go off! That was a hell of an awesome read, LB, everything about it was just perfect. The faster Justin can get to Alex's level the happier I will be! Can't wait to read more soon!
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Each chapter gets even better than the other. It is really amazing to read how Justin is fucking that safe and thinking of Timmy. He gets off on using his super strength, but to me the bigger evidence of his uncanny power is to be able to make love gently to his worshipper, after unleashing his unearthed power on the poor objects around him!

Amazing chapter!
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The entire story was really fucking hot, but that climax especially was, well, mind-blowing!

(and yes, pun intended)

Only question: What kind of teenager doesn't like cell phones?
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