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Old July 7th, 2013, 09:03 AM
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Timmy's Fetish

Summer of 8th Grade

“On your mark . . . get set . . . go!”

There was a brief split-second of silence and then a loud pop filled the room, followed a few beats later by a softer squishing noise. My best friend Timmy was at my house for a sleepover and he had challenged me to a strength contest. It was the summer before we entered high school and my incredible changes had already begun. Timmy had given me one of the numerous baseballs from a sack in the corner of our large basement – an area that had been upgraded into a large multi-purpose room. It’s the place Timmy and I always hung out – to read comics, watch movies, and, lately, to test my strength. The challenge had been to see who could crush what was in their hand first – I had a baseball and my friend had a small lemon from the kitchen. Considering the recent changes to my body it seemed like a good way to make it a fair contest – at least Timmy had thought so. He was not fully aware of how much I had changed; though, and when I easily squeezed the hard ball into a pile of destroyed leather and dust with a loud band it had made him almost jump out of his skin. I think he busted the lemon as quickly as he did mainly because watching my hand demolish the baseball had shocked him immediately. I had known I would win our little competition. I’m not sure exactly how I knew, but it had something to do with the growing awareness of my new body. I didn’t ever let Timmy know how strong I really was, but I did look forward to chances to surprise him. I had merely squeezed in proportion to the power most guys would use in a handshake and it had made the ball explode.

6th Grade

It had all started the day my dad had made me go to work with him about two years before that moment in the basement. Since the visit caused me to miss school, something I didn’t like to do, I was a little peeved and sulked all the way there. My dad did some kind of scientific work at a big laboratory job and it seemed really boring. When we got to his building, though, we didn’t go to his regular office – a cubicle in a two-story building. Instead, he took me to some heavily secured part of the large complex and, after passing through many doors that required special pass keys, we entered a huge room that was part lab, part gym, part something that resembled a hospital. There were a few people doing scientific things, but there were also a few huge shirtless guys running on treadmills and working out. My eyes, of course, were immediately drawn to the well-muscled guys – since I had recently noticed a feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever I stumbled upon pictures of bodybuilders on the computeer or television. I also noticed a feeling elsewhere, but I had successfully ignored that for a while, now. The shirtless men were big like the guys that populated my dreams at night and that certainly made up for being forced to come to work with my father. My dad even introduced me to a guy named Alex, the biggest of the shirtless wonders. I was so flabbergasted by the man’s hugeness that it didn’t even register that his hand encircled my almost two times. Alex was lifting a bar loaded with a lot of weights and it was causing his arms to poke out bigger – especially when the bar went up into the air. I felt a little light headed as I watched the big man’s arms swell up more, as well as from trying to ignore that now familiar stirring below my waist. These feelings were stifled momentarily, however, when my dad said he was going to leave me to chat with Alex for a little while. I didn’t really have a chance to protest before my dad walked away and I was left there with the beautiful big man.

“Don’t be nervous, Justin, your dad just wants us to have a little time together for a conversation.”

“I’m not . . . um . . . nervous.”

“Then why the shaking?”

“I . . . uh . . . didn’t . . . um, have . . . breakfast.”

“It’s the most important meal of the day, big guy.”

There was something about having this huge man call me ‘big guy’ that was disconcerting and thrilling at the same time. Alex had resumed lifting the weighted bar up and down, which made it hard for me to look him in the face. My eyes were drawn to the man’s arms as they almost doubled in size with each upward swing. I forced myself to turn and look for my dad – hoping to leave this awkward situation, but he was nowhere to be found. It was obvious that Alex sensed my intense uneasiness and so he found a way to distract me. I’m pretty sure he also sensed my intense fascination with his arms.

“Hey Justin, see those two short bars on the ground with weights on them?”

“Um . . . yeah.”

“They’re called dumbbells – why don’t you pick them up.”

Since I was desperate to find anything to help take my focus away from Alex’s arms, I forced my body to walk over to the stubby bars with thick discs on either side. I bent over and grabbed the bars with my small hands. I picked up the heavy things and moved back over near Alex.

“Lift them to your chest one at a time and try to keep your elbows close to your side. Go slowly, it’s not about how fast you lift – it’s about doing it right.”

Years later I would describe this exact moment in many different ways – like slipping into the leather driver’s seat of some incredible sports car, or stepping into the perfect blue warm water of a Hawaiian beach, or the first time you kissed someone you really loved. It was all of these, and so much more, when I raised the first dumbbell up to my shoulder. It felt so natural – so powerful – and so right. I looked down and saw my scrawny little arm bulging into a knotted bundle at the sleeve of my t-shirt. That little bump – insignificant, to say the least – somehow thrilled me as much as Alex’s big arms. I kept the weight at my shoulder and just stared at the tensed golf-ball sized mound. The familiar tingling that had previously happened below my belt only when I looked at pictures of big men intensified at once and the thing I stilled called a ‘weenie’ finally became a dick. I had no idea what a hard-on was, but looking at my own arm lifting that weight thrust me full on into puberty. It was such a surreal moment – getting intensely stiff for the first time, but also realizing I loved how lifting the weight made me feel. It was something so natural and intensely satisfying that I knew instantly my life had changed. There was something going on in my body at such the most basic level that I simply realized I would never be the same. I squeezed my bent arm a little more and the knot in my arm visibly pulsed – thrilling me to no end. I started naturally and methodically lifting each weight up and down. I did not need Alex to tell me I was doing it right. I could feel in my gut and in my upper arms that my body responded to . . . no, my body loved what I was doing. The feeling that was created throughout my inner being was better than how I felt after taking a bite of my mom’s chocolate cake, or getting an ‘A’ on a test, or even opening a brand new Superman comic book. I could feel my pants trying to contain the hardness below and before I even looked down I knew I was poking out the material like a tent pole. It didn’t matter, though; I just wanted to lift the weights at that point. Alex let out a loud whistle, which made me look up.

“That’s great form, Justin. You take to lifting like a fish in water.”

There was a lab worker standing a few feet away watching the entire exchange. The guy was also typing some information into a laptop. I had not even noticed the man before, but it became clear that he and Alex were exchanging knowing glances. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but at that moment I just wanted to lift the weights. The assistant spoke to Alex.

“How much weight is he lifting, Alex?”

“Thirty in each hand.”

There was something in Alex’s answer that made me happy and I didn’t know why. The big man was smiling at me in a way that caused some kind of inner emotion I couldn’t explain – it was like pride or something else. The lab assistant was busy typing away, but was also muttering something that began with a word my mother forbade anyone in our house from ever using. I had so many questions swirling around my head, but I honed in on one – the one that was loudest in my mind.

“Is that a lot, Alex?”

“Yeah, Justin, that’s a lot - for someone just beginning. Good job.”

Those two words – ‘good job’ – echoed in my ears and made my body shiver a little. This huge man, who had now stopped lifting his weights just so he could watch me, was happy with something I had done and that made me very pleased. Suddenly, my body went numb – in a very pleasurable way – and my eyes squeezed shut involuntarily. I could feel every sensation, every fiber of my body swiftly zooming to the happy region below my belt. My arms unexpectedly froze in mid lift and my butt cheeks squeezed together tightly. Before I could fully grasp anything that was happening to me, the area below my waist started jerking back and forth wildly and my hard weenie started pumping out something that definitely didn’t feel like pee. I stood there shaking for half a minute and even though I was scared to death the feeling was also beyond incredible. When the buzzing in my ears finally stopped and I began to feel something warm and wet seeping down my thighs, I opened my eyes and saw the smiling, reassuring face of Alex.

“Is that the first time that has ever happened, Justin?”

“Yes . . . sir.”

“Don’t be scared. It’s very natural. This is just part of becoming a man.”

“I’m . . . um . . . not scared.”

I don’t know what it was – the glorious feeling within my body or the comforting words of the big man in front of me – but I instantly knew that what had happened to my body was something good – something very normal. This knowledge was both thrilling and empowering at the same time. Part of me wanted to immediately make it happen again and part of me instinctively knew I needed to rest. I bent down and placed the weights on the floor. I then walked over and sat on a bench nearby. Alex joined me.

“How you feeling, big guy?”

“Um . . . good . . . a little . . . weird . . . I guess.”

“Yeah, that comes with the territory. Trust me, it won’t be weird after a few more times. Have you ever heard the word ‘orgasm,’ Justin?”

“I think so. I never knew what it meant, though.”

“Well, as our bodies mature and we get older, we go through some changes – it’s called puberty. These changes are part of becoming an adult. We all go through this stage of life, but you need to know that you and I are a little different from other men. You’re going to experience some changes that other guys don’t go through and they’re going to be pretty intense, Justin. They’re going to be even more intense than what just happened. Do you kind of understand what I’m saying?”

“Um . . . yeah, I think so.”

I was still reeling from the orgasm and the stickiness at my crotch was beginning to bother me, but I did understand, on some deep level, a little of what Alex was saying. From the moment I had started talking to this big man he had seemed very familiar and I somehow trusted him without even knowing why. I was trying hard not to stare at his huge body – especially now that it was so close – but I also felt connected to him in a way that made my desire for him a little strange.

“I know you’ve always been aware that you were adopted, right Justin?”

“Yeah, my parents have always told me that.”

“I was adopted, too. As a matter of fact you and I come from the exact same orphanage. Do I seem familiar to you?”

“Yes . . . you do.”

“That’s because I took care of you at the orphanage and before – from the day you were born until you were adopted at age two.”

“That means you know my parents, right?”

“Yes and no, Justin. I know this next part will be hard to hear, but you need to trust me, okay? Can you trust me, Justin?”

“Yes, Alex, I . . . trust you.”

“Good boy. You and I are brothers, Justin. We have the same parents.”

Suddenly, the connection I felt toward Alex seemed so right and obvious. I looked at his face and saw a little of myself. I accepted the revealed fact completely – it made so much sense. I also, however, immediately felt awful about the way I had looked at him and thought about him just seconds ago. I also began to think of the wetness at my crotch as something bad – something I should be ashamed of – since it had been partially caused by my brother’s body.

“Don’t feel bad about any of your previous thoughts, Justin. They were natural and understandable. We’ll come back to that in a few minutes. Right now, though, you need to know that our dad was an incredible scientist – who dedicated his entire life to trying to find the cure to many diseases. He was also a homosexual, Justin. Do you know what that means?”

“Yeah, of course. It means he was gay.”

“And do you know what being gay means?”

“Sure, it means you like people of the same sex – you know, like guys liking guys.”

“How does that make you feel?”

“I don’t know. I guess it’s cool. We had this course on tolerance last year and it just makes sense that we should try to accept people as they are.”

“That’s good, Justin. It’s a little hard to explain who our mother was, little brother.”

There was something about hearing those words that warmed my heart – especially since they came from Alex. I did not have the same kind of emotional attachment to my adopted brother, Chance. When he called me ‘little bro’ it was usually derogatory and meant to get me angry. When Alex said it I felt comforted and connected to something bigger than me.

“Dad created our mom in a laboratory, Justin.”


Looking back on that moment with Alex it’s hard to figure out what I understood and what I just acted like I comprehended. My brother was basically giving me the ‘birds and the bees’ talk. As I listened to him I began to understand a little about procreation – even though it had been a total bizarre process for the two of us. My dad had basically created synthetic eggs in a lab and then fertilized them with his own sperm. I guess you could say my mom was a petri dish. Alex was very patient and kind to me as he shared our story.

“Does this make sense to you, Justin?”

“I think so.”

“Here’s where it gets a little more difficult, so try and stay with me, okay? The synthetic eggs caused some differences in us, Justin. You and I aren’t like other men.”

“What kind of differences?”

“Well, let’s see, when’s the last time you were sick?”

“I’ve never been sick.”

“Did that ever seem strange to you?”

“Well yeah, but I just thought . . . um, I don’t know what I thought. What else?”

“The major differences will begin today, Justin. With puberty come a lot of very important changes. That’s why your adopted dad brought you to see me. There are only two of us in the world, Justin. I don’t think you understood earlier when I said our dad ‘dedicated his life’ to his work and I used the term ‘was.’ He’s no longer alive, Justin. One day I’ll tell you more about him, but today I want to focus on you, okay?”


The joy of meeting my real brother was diminished a little by the fact that my birth father was not alive. I somehow understood, though, that he had been a brilliant man and he would not have wanted me to be very sad for a long time. I turned my attention back to what Alex was saying.

“You see those weights you were lifting, Justin?”


“How did that feel – to lift them?”

“Um . . . it was . . . uh…”

“It’s okay – you can tell me.”

“I loved it, Alex. Did you see how it made my arm bump up higher? I felt strong and . . . you know . . . big. Well, not near as big as you, but it made me feel . . . I don’t know . . . I guess – powerful – yeah, powerful. I think it also kind of made me . . . I mean it sort of caused . . . um…”

“Your orgasm.”

“Yes . . . well, the lifting and hearing you call me big guy.”

“We’ll come back to that last part. Did they seem heavy to you?”

“At first they did, but then they seemed a little lighter.”

“Justin, most guys your age or even older that have never worked out before would have a little trouble lifting those dumbbells. Becoming super strong is part of the change you’re going to experience. It’s all because of puberty. Your adopted dad brought you to me today because your voice dropped lower last week, remember?”


“Soon, you are going to be very strong and you’re going to start growing . . . a lot. One day you’re going to be as big as me, maybe even bigger.”

“No way!”

“Yes way. It’s part of what our dad created without even realizing it. The synthetic egg he created was very powerful. You and I are like superheroes. We are not immortal – we can still be hurt and die, but we are stronger, faster, and grow bigger than all other men.”

“Cool! You mean, I’m really going to be as big as you?”

“Yes . . . and like I said, maybe even bigger. But, Justin, we have to be careful. Listen to me; you have to understand that you aren’t like other boys. You can hurt people easily and we have to keep our strength a secret. You understand why, don’t you?”

It was uncanny how Alex knew me. I guess it had something to do with our ‘other world’ connection. I instinctively understood everything he was saying. I knew I would have to live differently than other kids – and other men, once I was an adult. I just felt something deep in my soul that helped me to understand that I was to live differently from everyone – except Alex.

“I understand.”

“Good. Now, about that orgasm . . . when you saw my body for the first time you got excited, didn’t you?”

“What? No way.”

“Remember Justin, no secrets. I know it wasn’t what made you ejaculate completely, but it was what made you excited at first, right?”

“Um . . . yes – I’m really sorry!”

“Justin, it’s fine, seriously. Have you started having feelings about big guys – you know, with large muscles? Tell the truth, okay?”

I knew the answer immediately, but something prevented me from giving it right away. Middle school made it almost impossible to be different – and I knew liking guys was definitely different. I heard all the terrible names people used to make fun of guys that acted in certain ways – and I didn’t want to be called any of them. I completely trusted Alex – even in just the short time I had known my brother – but it was still difficult to admit.

“Would it help you, Justin, if I told you that I really like men?”

This thought had never entered my mind. Alex was a certified stud – the kind of he-man I loved watching in the movies. My limited life-experience made it hard for me to quickly compute what he was saying. I sat there and stared at him in disbelief. I think he sensed my apprehension.

“You see that guy in the lab coat – the one that asked me about the dumbbells?”


“He’s my husband, Brandon. I like boys, Justin. What about you?”

“I . . . um . . . I like . . . boys, too.”

“Listen, little brother, if you remember anything I say today let it be this – never, and I mean never, let anyone tell you that liking boys is wrong. You can like anyone you want to and there’s nothing bad about a guy liking other guys. Do you understand me, Justin?”

“Yes, Alex.”

“Good. Besides, I think it means we both got a little of our dad in us!”

This thought immediately calmed my beating heart – and actually made me smile. I was like my dad! And I was like my brother, too. It suddenly dawned on me that the synthetic eggs dad used to create Alex and me could have hooked up with my dad’s gay gene and enhanced it in some way. We were a family of men that liked other men. I suddenly felt more normal than I had in a long time. I actually felt proud to be who I was. And knowing I was going to end up looking like Alex helped a lot, too, that’s for sure. I was still trying to get my head around everything I had been told in the last half hour when a statement by Alex threw me for a loop.

“Listen, Justin, it’s important for you to be confident in who you are, but you can never tell anyone about the strength and you have to start acting like your working out so your growth looks normal. I can help you by showing you the right exercises and things. You’re going to grow no matter what, but you need to make it seem like it’s from lifting. This is serious stuff. No one can ever find out about you or me – it’s what dad wanted most. Before he was kidnapped and . . . um . . . didn’t return . . . he sat me down and had a very similar conversation as the one we’ve had today. He told me to take care of you and to never, never let the world know our secret. A few days later he was gone and I knew it had to do with the work he was doing on the prevention of diseases – and probably a lot to do with how he had created you and me, too. You can’t tell anyone – not even your mom and dad.”

“What? But my dad brought me here, surely he knows.”

“Your dad brought you here because he found the muscle magazines underneath your mattress. He figured I could help you understand yourself better than he could and he also knew it was time for us to meet. I’m glad he brought you to me – I didn’t realize puberty was already hitting. You’re going to start growing within the next few years and your strength is going to keep increasing at the same time. It will be slight at first, but will finally move into super strength area, by the time you reach your twenty like me. You see the weights I was lifting?”

“Yeah . . . they look pretty heavy.”

“Well, they’re normal looking here in the gym, but Brandon and I have enhanced them with a new element he’s been working on. That bar has enough weight to equal the weight of a small house. Go ahead, try to move it.”

I moved over to the weights and placed my foot on the bar. I pushed with all my body’s strength and the thing didn’t budge. I doubled my effort and still the same thing. I figured in any normal setting – and if the weights were equal to how they looked – I would have been able to at least make it roll a few inches. Both Alex and Brandon smiled at me when I turned back around.

“I have to take them home with me each day, or someone will figure it out.” I’m part of a strength experiment here at the laboratory, but I never let on to how powerful I really am. This is how Brandon and I stay on top of the continued work of dad – participating as assistants. One of the things I’ve wanted from the day dad disappeared is for you to have a normal life. That’s why I allowed you to be adopted – well, that and the fact that I was a minor at the time. You’ve got to promise me that you will keep everything a secret, Justin.”

“But you’ve told Brandon.”

“Fair enough. You can tell one person one day, but please choose the right person, okay? I’ll help you decide who it might be. Here comes your dad. Remember, this is our secret, little brother.”

And that had been how I learned about my past – in a brief trip to my dad’s work – the place of employment for both of my fathers. On the way home my adopted father told me how much he loved me and awkwardly said that nothing would ever change that. I thanked him and truly meant it, but my mind was still trying to wrap itself around everything Alex had shared. That night I went down to the basement and started using my adopted brother’s weight set. Within six months I was lifting more than my brother Chance and had grown a little. I never let on to how strong I was and I always wore clothes to hide my new muscle definition. I did, however, find it fun to share glimpses of my strength with my best friend, Timmy.
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This was a real good read LB, not only the strength parts of it, which were very good, but I really liked the scientific and emotional aspects of what Justin was going through as he learned of his real origin and what he could be, of meeting his long lost brother and accepting that he was gay, and that it was okay for him to be gay. I'm not, but I've always felt you can love whoever you want to love, and to put restrictions on that is stupid. Anyway, really nice, and I hope to see Justin growing bigger and stronger a whole lot, coming back to the lab, so that we could see him try again with those very heavy weights that they got there. Great stuff again LB.
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Nice setup; and not to nitpick but if he was curling 100# DBs, wouldn't he likely already be stronger than his "normal" big bro, Chance?
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thanks for noticing that. I missed it completely. I'll make a change that I think will make sense. thanks, again. tell me if you think the change works.
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