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Old June 21st, 2013, 01:46 PM
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Big Man and Pretty Boy

[Just a little vignette for a Friday afternoon. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I hope some enjoy it. Have a great weekend.]

“What would you like me to do? Should I find some guy and slowly break every bone in his body - saving his neck for last so you can watch and hear my big hands demolishing him completely. Each cracking sound would make that cock of yours grow harder and harder, I guarantee it. Would you like to see that? We can pick some poor slob from the group around us.”

“No . . . um . . . I don’t want you to . . . uh, hurt anyone.”

“So, then, how’s about you and I go to the edge of town so you can watch me bring down the water tower. For me, it’d be as easy as breaking twigs. I could just pull one of the supports away and send the thing crashing to the ground – making our own little tsunami for one of the neighborhoods. The destruction would surely get that rocket of your off in a second. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Um . . . no, sir. I . . . um . . . wouldn’t. That would be destroying property.”

“A good boy, huh? Well then, let’s see. You got a job?”


“You like your boss?”

“Um . . . not really.”

“So what if we went to the asshole’s house and I easily ripped a hole in his garage door with just these big hands. I could then tear apart his car piece by piece and crumple the thing into a mixture of big and little mangled metal and shit. We could then throw everything into his front yard – you tossing the little pieces and me just as easily lobbing the big parts onto the lawn. You could watch the heavy stuff sink deep into the ground. You’d certainly like that, wouldn’t you, bud?”

“Um . . . well, as . . . uh . . . good as that sounds . . . I’d really like to keep . . . um, my job.”

“You sure, pretty boy?”

“Yes sir.”

“Funny how you call me sir, isn’t it? You don’t even realize you’re doing it. It’s just a natural response to my hugeness – god, that’s sexy. How old are you, pretty boy?”

“Um . . . thirty-five.”

“Here I am ten years younger than you and, yet, you feel the need to call me sir. Man, I have a way with guys like you. I wonder why you naturally need to give me so much respect, pretty boy?”

“It’s because you’re . . . I mean, you’re just . . . so . . . um…”

“What’s that? Speak up, pretty boy. Don’t be shy, now. We both know the reason. I mean, it’s fucking obvious, isn’t it?”

“It’s because you’re so . . . huge.”

“Yeah, there’s that – isn’t there, pretty boy. Not to mention that I’m probably about a hundred times more powerful than you – to say the least. I probably got more power in one arm than you do in your entire body. I think that’s enough to earn me the rank of ‘sir’ and you the title of ‘boy,’ don’t you think?”

“Yes sir.”

“Mmmm, you just can’t control yourself, can you?”

There was a moment of silence. Both men peered into the other’s face and everything else in the crowded room immediately seemed unimportant or non-existent. The smaller man was beginning to recover from the shock that the giant muscleman from the corner of the bar – clad only in tight jeans and a well-worn leather vest – had sauntered over to talk to him. He finally started to form sentences of his own, instead of just blabbering responses to questions from the biggest alpha he had ever seen. The tiny man was actually surprised by his own newfound boldness.

“My name is…”

“Unh-unh, no real names, friend. Let’s just keep you ‘Pretty Boy’ and I can stay ‘Big Man,’ since those names fit both of us so perfectly. There’s just something cool about not knowing anything more than that right now. We’ll see where this leads and make other decisions on how we progress – as we go along. That okay with you, pretty boy? Think before answering, though, since you really have no choice.”

“Yes sir . . . um…”

“Come on, you can say it – don’t be shy. Just look at my enormous body and say the first thing that comes to mind.”

“Yes . . . big man.”

“Mmmmm, I like the sound of that. You’re a good pretty boy. I might just have to reward you in some way. Would you like a little reward from all this muscle?”

“Yes sir.”

“Look how quickly you respond. That’s pretty cool - you don’t even know what the reward will be and you still say yes without even thinking about it. It could be something painful, you know? It’s as if anything I do will please you. Isn’t that right, Pretty Boy?”

“Yes sir.”

“Yes sir what?”

“Yes sir, Big Man.”

“Aw hell yeah, that’s just plain nice. It already rolls off your tongue so easily – mainly because you still can’t believe how fucking huge I am. I got you so worked up it’s like I could get you to do or say anything I wanted to. It’s like you’re my pretty boy puppet. That’s nice. My big muscles make you want to please me more than anything. Move a little closer, Pretty Boy – let me show you how much heat you’re making this big body radiate.”

Pretty Boy just stared at Big Man, trying desperately to finally let it completely sink in just how enormous the guy truly was. He inched a little towards the behemoth. The smaller man immediately felt like a miniature version of his former self – like he was in some seventies science fiction movie with giants and he had shrunken somehow. Big Man’s head was at least a foot higher than the shorter guy’s five-seven full height – maybe even more. The leather vest covered almost nothing of the man’s humongous frame, which was adorned everywhere in gorgeous bulging muscles. Big man was staring, equally impressed, at Pretty Boy. The smaller dude was the cutest thing in the place. He looked like a smaller version of a young Robert Redford – sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, flawless complexion, and a neatly trimmed mustache that made him even sexier. The huge guy was a sucker for smallish blondes with facial hair – it was a need almost at fetish level! Big Man was pretty cocky, but his desire for Pretty Boy actually made his insides a little nervous, he wanted to say and do the right things to impress his new crush. He instinctively knew the smaller man was turned on by his size, but he also didn’t want to do anything to make the guy not like him. The enormous aggressor had no idea that his lesser mate was already smitten beyond belief.

“My instincts tell me you’re a muscle lover. Am I right, Pretty Boy?”

“Yes sir.”

“Come again.”

“Yes sir, Big Man.”

The answer came so quickly that the larger man almost laughed out loud. It was a clear sign that the smaller dude was hooked – he was hooked big time. This put both men at ease immediately and Big Man’s total cockiness returned. All the parts in this momentous meeting had been cast beautifully. Muscle bearer had met the perfect muscle worshipper. It was a match made in porn heaven. Suddenly, the chaos swirling around them disappeared even more – there were only two people in the room that mattered at this point.

“You think I’ve got enough muscles to satisfy you, Pretty Boy?”

“And then some, Big Man. There’s more than enough.”

“Yeah, that’s the right answer, boy. I’m so big it will take you a long time to explore all of me. I’ve got enough meat to keep you satisfied for a lifetime, don’t I?”

“Yes sir.”

Big Man moved in even closer – ignoring the smaller man’s forgetfulness and making the guy come unglued even more. The giant towered over him in every way – in height, in bulk, and definitely in the size of muscles. Every part of the little guy looked like a tiny mocking version of the much larger man. The size difference thrilled both men in specific ways – one loved it because his alpha status was clearly proven and the other loved it because he knew he could easily be squashed like a helpless ant at any moment, causing him much excitement. Pretty boy got off on power – the power of some huge muscled man. And right now his wood-stiffening meter was going off the charts because of the massive guy standing mere inches from him.

“Look how small you are compared to me, Pretty Boy. Standing next to you makes me realize how fucking huge I really am. I could squash you easily with one hand. And I love how the size of my body and my muscles obviously turns you into a wide-eyed big pile of mush. It’s pretty clear that you are so transfixed by my hugeness that you wouldn’t move from that spot even if the place was on fire. You haven’t ever seen someone as big as me, have you? No, I didn’t think so. God, look how my giant chest makes your head look so tiny. Just one of my super pecs dwarfs your noggin big time. It’s like a solid brick wall just appeared in front of you, huh? Look how your mouth goes completely dry from staring at that big juicy nipple poking out from my tight fitting vest. You want to suck on that large man-teat, don’t you, Pretty Boy? Yeah, now you can’t even speak – what’s the matter, some muscle tiger got you by the tongue?”

His own joke caused the big guy to laugh. At the same time he leaned forward a little. This brought his huge chest into the face of Pretty Boy. It felt like the front end of a dump truck slamming into his nose, mouth, and forehead. The pain was intense for a few seconds and then the thrill of finally touching Big Man took over and caused all memory of the stinging to disappear. Hardness, hotness, saltiness, and manliness – these were all the words racing through the smaller man’s head as his brain began to fully register the massive pec slammed up against his face. The poor guy was so overwhelmed by the dense muscle he was feeling he didn’t move at all – his tongue didn’t dart out to get a taste of the muscle master in front of him, his hands didn’t come up immediately to seek a second confirmation of how hard the rock-like body actually was, and his lips didn’t immediately seek out the enormous jutting nipple to start sucking as if his life depended on it. No, Pretty Boy just stayed exactly where he was – face plastered against hard tight skin – and allowed his mind the time to catch up with the rest of his intensely excited body. His initial thoughts were all questions, how could a guy be so big and, even more importantly, how could a guy be so fucking hard? Big Man brought his head down so he could whisper into the smaller man’s left ear.

“You sure you don’t want to see me do some massive damage to someone or something, Pretty Boy? I can promise you’ll enjoy it. I could take one of these dudes standing near us and crumple his body up like a piece of paper. It’s pretty hot hearing the bones crackling as I crush him into a little ball. There’s something about that sound that helps a guy fully understand just how powerful I truly am. I can tell you’re against any violence like that, but I can also guarantee you’ll be turned on. So what do you say, wanna hear some snap, crackle, and pop?”

“Please, sir . . . don’t hurt anyone.”

Pretty Boy pleaded in only a whisper. He was too overwhelmed at the moment – both by the huge chest pressing into his face and the words being spoken by the giant man. It was true he was against any kind of violence, but there was something mysteriously exciting about imagining Big Man squeezing some guy so hard that bones broke. The smaller dude tried to block those images from his brain and to prevent his cock from twitching with excitement, but – to his surprise – he couldn’t. Somehow, this teasing by the mammoth man in front of him was the biggest turn on and somehow Pretty Boy’s sense of all decency flew out the window.

“Yeah, Pretty Boy, your mouth is saying no, no, but that cock of yours is saying yes, yes. It worries that gorgeous head of yours that the thought of me snapping bones like twigs excites you so much, doesn’t it? You’re so confused by your inability to control your desire for seeing me do some serious damage with these big muscles of mine, aren’t you? Damn, my body controls you without me doing a thing. That’s hotter than hell, isn’t it, Pretty Boy?”

“Yes sir, Big Man.”

“You can’t control yourself at all, right now, can you? No need to answer that question, I can feel it without even trying. You’re body is desperately trying to hold out for as long as it can – I can tell. I bet I could make that cock of yours churn out a big old glob of cum just from rippling my hard chest into your face. Yeah, feeling that stone slab-like pec bumping up your chin, mouth, nose, and forehead would make you push out pre-cum like some kind of baby not being able to control peeing into his diaper. And I bet every dollar I own that if I loudly barked an order for you to spurt out that big load that’s been building up in your belly for the last half hour you’d blow the biggest wad of your life, just because Big Man told you to. You’re my little muscle-lovin’ puppet, Pretty Boy, and I can make you do anything I want. What about it, little man – you want walk around this joint with a big seeping wet stain at your crotch?”

“Please . . . no . . . sir.”

“Damn, I love to see you beg, Pretty Boy. That turns this big beast on more than anything else. I love watching little guys letting go of any scrap of their manhood and desperately pleading for me to show them mercy. You sure you don’t want me to make you shoot so hard that your legs will buckle and send you to the floor onto your knees?”

“I’m sure . . . sir . . . please show me mercy.”

“Oh hell yeah, Pretty Boy, that’s the way to bring me to the brink of ejaculation – begging for mercy. You must be feeling pretty weak right now; little man, and I haven’t done anything to really show you my power. I could speed up the inevitable by gripping some guy’s hand so tight that you’d hear the bones breaking even if you were in the bathroom. How about it, Pretty Boy, you want to hear another man beg for mercy, too?”

“No sir . . . please, Big Man.”

“Oooh, yeah, I love it when you call me that. See how it rolls off your tongue so easily. Your subconscious just knows that I’m massive compared to you and it forces your body and your brain to become subservient without even a second thought. It’s like you’ve got some sixth sense that tells you how I could crush you without even much effort. You know, Pretty Boy, I was always brought up to respect my elders, but you’re so tiny compared to my hugeness that it doesn’t make sense for me to think of you in a place of authority. It’s only natural that you should worship me – just because of our size difference. Oh man, the way your body just shivered from that thought makes it clear you agree. I love it when an older dude naturally treats me as his superior – it makes it obvious that he’s given up all control. You’re now like my little pup, Pretty Boy, and that’s just where I want you. I could tell you to sit and shake my hand and you’d do it instantly – that’s how quickly my big body has trained you.”

The smaller man realized everything the colossal dude was saying was true. There was no way for him to deny it. He would have done anything Big Man asked him to – simply because the man’s alpha-ness was so overwhelming. Pretty Boy had become a total muscle bottom, muscle slave, or muscle whore – whatever you wanted to call it. It was as if every inhale and exhale existed to please Big Man. Pretty Boy had never wanted something so much in his entire life. He even wanted to watch Big Man squash another dude with his bare hands – that’s how much he wanted the giant in front of him. Big Man leaned down even more, so his lips were almost pressed up against Pretty Boy’s ear – tickling the smaller man when he spoke.

“Here’s a little secret, Pretty Boy. I’ve never hurt another living soul in my entire life. Even though I could do everything I’ve mentioned during our conversation, I’ve never raised even a finger against another guy. I simply like to watch grown men give into me completely – just as you have at this exact moment. You’re ready to see me demolish some guy into a pile of broken bones even though you were begging me not to just a few minutes ago. You’re mine completely, dude, and that is so fucking hot. And here’s another little secret, little man, I truly think you’re the most handsome thing here. I’ve had my sights on you for a while. I wasn’t teasing when I nicknamed you Pretty Boy. I want you almost as much as you want me. I’m into handsome men the way you’re into muscle. The fun is just beginning, my good friend, the fun is just beginning.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Your vignette led to quite the pretty picture in my mind's eye. A nice way to begin the weekend.

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Always great to read a new story by Londonboy, especially one that is like this, where the main guy knows how hot he makes others with his muscles and strength and he says it right up front, this is what my body is capable of, I know you love it, come worship me like I deserve. Even though it's one of the most simple story lines, it's still definitely one of the hottest and most favorite to read. I just wish Pretty Boy would've let Big Man do some of the stuff he described he could do, as much as I love muscle, I love strength even more. either way, though, another great read, LB!
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I thought he was a total dick until the very end. I guess that's a lot more reasonable. Either way I would've loved the story. Yeeeee /o/
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Another amazing story. It's amazing how you can capture everything that's in my mind, Londonboy. Thanks for another masterpiece.
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