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Old May 24th, 2013, 05:46 PM
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Senior Living - Part Two

The shower in the bathroom attached to Gramps’ bedroom had been supersized to accommodate all three giant men, since this enabled them to admire each other as water and soap slid down over their huge muscles. It was almost like the size of a communal shower in a high school gym and usually I felt like a junior high kid among college seniors. The ritual of the three Gods cleaning themselves was like watching muscle porn in 3-D. The big men couldn’t be that close to each other totally nude and not reach out to tweak hard nipples, cop a feel of someone’s hard ass, or flex some body part for a brother God to kiss or punch. Much of my own seed had travelled down the drain in the middle of the room many times because I was unable to hold back from orgasm as I watched the three Titans grope and play with each other. Today was also the appointed day to scrub Big Daddy’s huge back, since he couldn’t do it himself. That usually meant Pops would sneak up behind me and press his huge frame into mine from behind, causing me to be caught between two enormous mountains of hard beef – a muscle cookie and I was the cream in the middle. Being surrounded by so much bulging hardness did, in fact, make me ‘cream’ sometimes, without even touching myself. This usually made the two men as proud as young boys hitting a homerun or scoring a touchdown. The sight also gave Gramps some extra eye candy for pumping his own cock. I realized Pops allowed all of this to happen just to increase the desire for me within his fellow Gods and that, somehow, made it even more exciting.

Showering today seemed more sexually charged than ever before. Even though each of us had already churned out some heavy gobs of cum, our bodies seemed already re-charged and returning to borderline explosion time. I figured out quickly that Pops was getting us ready for a super-intense workout, but I was still disappointed when he turned off the water and said it was time to head to the gym. When it came to training his fellow Gods there was no one better than Pops. He was the consummate sculptor of senior muscle perfection. He knew exactly what to do to help Big Daddy grow even larger and how to help Gramps reach the cut muscled body that won trophies both in the masters division as well as the young pups division. At the same time he kept his own gorgeous body in peak condition while slowly turning me into a demi-God worthy of being at Mount Olympus.

The three men had been best friends for over forty years. They had met one night at a leather bar across town. None of them had been the God they were now, but they had still been big and the potential for what they would become was there. The flirtation among them was heavy as hell that night – no guy could figure out who he was attracted to the most. Big Daddy’s hugeness made the other two gasp, Gramps rock hard body – even then – was awe inspiring, and the handsomeness of Pops could not be topped. That’s why when Gramps suggested they all three go home together it was like a no-brainer. That first night was magical – a blend of muscle worshipping, inner soul revelations, intense foreplay, and multiple orgasms from each man into late morning the next day. Gramps ended up being wealthy as shit, actually owning the high rise where he served as maintenance man – as well as a few other buildings. Big Daddy had just started a job that gave strict orders to never talk about his work and Pops was a trainer at a gym looking to start his own hardcore facility. That next morning, as they lay in bed drinking coffee and fondling each other’s worn out cocks, Big Daddy spoke a full two sentences – the most he had said all evening, except for the expletives he had screamed out while plowing the other two guys. He basically said that the evening had been the best of his entire life and he didn’t think it – the sex or the camaraderie – would ever get better than with the other two guys. Gramps and Pops felt the same way. After a short discussion it was decided that Gramps would find them a big house where they could live together, Pops would be given the money to open his own gym, and Big Daddy’s mission was just to keep getting bigger – and to do the top secret job he was beginning because everyone knew it had something to do with world security. Mount Olympus had been found a month later and, after it was totally renovated, the three Gods moved in together. All three men took a two-week vacation after right away and for fourteen days straight all they did was fuck, eat, work out, and then fuck some more. After the intense sex vacation each man was relieved to get back to work, so his cock could get a little respite. The fucking, the building of huge muscles, and the deep bonding had not ended during those forty years. The three men were still best friends and each other’s biggest fans. Pops grew the other two men into the super-pumped Gods that they had become, while making himself one, too. Gramps had made sure the other two men had everything they could ever dream of and Big Daddy fucked his brother Gods so much that they rarely even contemplated being with other men. Mount Olympus was a self-contained muscle heaven. It was a great privilege and very rare that one of the men would invite someone into the inner sanctum that was their house.

Only three times had someone been granted access to Mount Olympus for more than an evening of play or fucking. The first guy has been Raul, who actually died tragically in a car accident after only three months of living at the house. The death had upset the three older men very much and it ended up being a long time before they allowed someone else into their tight circle. James had been a college kid that had dropped by one Saturday in answer to a call to help with some computer issues for the house. Instead of some geek squad technician this young strapping college hunk had responded to the request for support and all three men quickly jumped at the chance to induct the kid into their club. This is what caused the rule about not sharing boys to become a part of their commitment to each other. Within a week James was so worn out that he became ill and the doctor said he had pneumonia caused simply by exhaustion. James got well and continued to live at Olympus, but he became off limits to everyone. This is when Pops realized that sexual frustration made the other two dive into their workouts with more gusto than ever, as well as himself. James began to grow from the workouts, too, and soon he met a closeted international movie star and fell in love. It had been hard for Olympus to lose their boy, but it came to feel like letting a young adult child go out into the world to make his own way. James and his still-closeted boyfriend often dropped by for a wild night of sexual fun when they were in town.

I knew part of the reason I had been invited to be part of Olympus was because Pops realized the other two men had hit some walls in their muscle development. There had not been enough sexual tension in the house to help create the kind of intense workouts that caused them to blast beyond supposed limits. There was always great sex in the house, but Pops knew that a pretty boy with a fine ass would help his two brother Gods in their time of need. He also was happy to find a guy with a large cock for himself. He had been correct. I had only been at the house for six months, but I could definitely see the growth of everyone – including myself. Big Daddy had packed on more size, which I didn’t think was possible. Gramps had become even more cut, while making his biceps and quads balloon out even more than they did already. Pops had simply become more gorgeous and more perfect physically. I had trimmed down to the weight I should have been and started to add a lot of muscle. Pops had made sure my ass got built up first – just to egg on the other Gods even more. Big Daddy often begged my owner to allow him to bury his face between my bulbous cheeks, but Pops knew denying the big man would make him attack his workouts like some kind of savage beast. I was being used as a dangling carrot for muscle growth and I loved every minute of it.

Once we were inside the Senior Citizens’ Gym I was required to disrobe completely - again. Just as I was at Mount Olympus, at the gym Pops used me as encouragement for all the huge elder men that worked out at the place. It was ‘the’ gym for huge over-sixty bulls and bears – and it was known the world over. I had already gotten used to walking around the gym completely naked, as a matter of fact I liked it. Senior musclemen ogled me the entire time I was working and put a hell of a lot more effort into their lifting. This is exactly what Pops anticipated. No one ever bothered me, either. It had happened only one time right after I had started working at the gym. A big man, who was new to the place since he had just turned sixty, cornered me in the locker room and basically started to take advantage of the fact we were in the room alone. He grabbed my arms and was slowing forcing my body down to the ground when all of the sudden something much larger and a lot stronger interrupted. I watched, a little shocked, as Big Daddy grabbed my attacker by the neck, squeezed hard enough to make him release me, and then proceeded to lift the guy over his head by grabbing him by the thigh, as well. I was instructed to leave the room immediately – something that did not need to be said twice. About twenty minutes later some paramedics came and took someone from the gym – everyone was told that one of the patrons had overreached his limit in the sauna, but I knew differently. I was shocked later on when I noticed a section of the lockers dented in as if someone had bashed them with a bat or something larger. Upon closer inspection I could have sworn I saw the kind of indentions a nose might make, but I wasn’t sure. Anyway, the instance was never spoken about and I never had anyone even attempt to flirt with – let alone bother me. I’m sure the word spread through the gym that I was the property of Pops, Big Daddy, and Gramps – and that Big Daddy would gladly take care of anyone who challenged that fact. Still, big men looked at me with faces full of lust, but they never tried anything else. I also never saw the guy that had attacked me show his face in the gym again.

Before I did any of my normal menial tasks at the gym, I was put through a heavy workout with the Gods. There was something about lifting with three huge elder men that empowered me to push myself harder than ever before. The first time we had worked out together I had been intimidated as hell, since Big Daddy lifted more weight than an SUV, Gramps did more reps than twenty year olds, and Pops seemed to know everything about muscle building and strength conditioning that could be known. That intimidation lasted only a few days, however, as soon as I noticed that the three Gods were sincerely engaged in making me grow and they encouraged me like true mentors. Suddenly, my need to make them happy made me forget about anything, except pushing myself each time we went to the gym. Pops had me eating right, lifting right, and living right within one week. I saw major improvements to my body after only twenty days and that definitely helped lessen the intimidation factor even more.

Today was leg day and, even though Gramps and Big Daddy together pushed enough weight up and down to equal lifting a house, they cheered me on as Pops guided me like I was one of them. My limbs were quivering something awful before the three of them even fully warmed up. I was affirmed for a great workout by Pops and then dismissed to go finish my chores, while the three Gods continued to put their legs through enough torture to cause a tank to break down. Every now and then, during their intense workout, Pops would whistle and I’d come over to give him a deep-throated kiss or to let him feel my tight round ass. His beckoning me over had two purposes, one was because he just couldn’t bear to be away from me for too long, but the more important reason was to flaunt me in front of one of the other two Titans who were obviously slacking some in the middle of a set. Pops knew that our public display of affection would send a blast of sexual juice through both Gramps and Big Daddy, which – in turn – would make them easily finish their set, having been empowered by their lust. This continued throughout their entire three-hour session.

Gramps’ Escalade smelled like a high school locker room minutes after a three-hour football game. The three senior daddies pumped out enough testosterone and sweat to equal much more than a team of thirty funky smelling school jocks. The aroma was not offensive in any way, however – it actually turned me on. It seemed to have the same effect on everyone else, as well. No one could keep his hands off of someone else on the way home. Pops and I were in the back seat and he had one giant paw under my ass squeezing me tightly while his other hand reached down my pants and slowly stroked my hard cock. Gramps had one hand on the steering wheel and one hand latched onto Big Daddy’s left mega-pec, barely concealed by a stretched-to-the-max tank top. Big Daddy was so huge he couldn’t drive the car – since he was unable to fit behind the wheel. The giant man had his left forefinger in Gramps’ mouth and the older man was sucking it hard as he drove. Pops leaned over and kissed me on the lips loudly – just to frustrate the other two men even more. The moans from the front seat made it clear the plan worked. Pops hadn’t shaved his perfect face yet, so the stubble rubbed against my cheeks, lips, and chin – causing a big glob of pre-cum to seep out of my dick and stain the front of my gray cotton shorts. The sight of the growing wet spot made Pops growl like some kind of beastly predator and he squeezed my cock even more to cause a second thick lollop to pump out teasingly. Pops fucking knew how to kiss. He was so expert at sucking face I had easily popped a few heavy orgasms simply from lip attacks many times before. He could even turn Gramps and Big Daddy into piles of muscled mush when he decided to give a little something extra to a lip lock. His tongue dominated yours in a way that was not abusive or mean, as a matter of fact you found yourself offering everything up to the guy just because he was so lovingly inviting you into total submission. My toes curled tightly every time the man kissed me – no matter how often he did it. His sand paper like chin scraped my face in a way that sent chills so far down my back that my asshole puckered open and closed from my desire.

Oh god was there anything better than sucking face with a man who knew how to kiss passionately? I loved kissing Pops as much as I loved filling his tight daddy hole with my long fat cock – both actions gave me the same intense thrill. It was clear to me that older men truly knew how to excite someone with their oral skills – and maybe it was because they had kissed so many men in their lifetime. With Pops I believed the guy just had some kind of supernatural innate power that made him one of the most romantic guys on earth. Even after forty years of knowing Gramps and Big Daddy, my muscled mentor could still charm the pants off of them – literally and figuratively. Pops could make the other two guys shoot instantly hard without even trying very hard. The man simply oozed confidence and sensuality. Somehow, while his tongue explored my mouth thoroughly and lovingly, his lips caressed mine in a way that inched my cock ever more close to release. Pops had definitely learned to use his mouth to tease even the most resistant cocks. He could use his warm wet lips to whip me into a desperate frenzy and then reduce the Pops-fever just as quickly. I could feel juice come screaming into my long shaft, ready to fire off a long thick rope and then it would recede back into my balls leaving me frustrated and aching – just the way Pops liked it. I glanced beyond Pops’ gorgeous face and saw Gramps and Big Daddy sucking face really hard, too. I hadn’t realized we were already parked at home. The sounds of Pops and me purring like satisfied lions was enough to make the two giant men up front need some tongue wrestling themselves. Seeing two huge senior men acting like battling vacuums was always almost enough to send me over the edge, but Pops could sense my limits and he simply manipulated my excitement, causing me to hold off on my upcoming explosion. The beautiful god pulled his face from mine and he was grinning like the cat that had just swallowed the canary. He opened his door, grabbed my ass tightly and slid me out of the car behind him. Gramps and Big Daddy were so into their snogging that they didn’t even register we were out of the car.

“You two don’t roll the SUV again, okay?”

Pops was referring to the fact that one day Gramps and Big Daddy had started making out in the car after a different workout and things got so rough that they actually caused the big vehicle to roll over five times and end up in the front yard. The two men never stopped their fuck session through the entire ordeal. I guess Big Daddy knew on some level we were out of the car because he flattened his seat all of the way back and Gramps immediately climbed on top of him. I was amazed that the two men could get all their clothes off so quickly. It was a fucking tight squeeze for both giants to fit on top of each other in the cramped car, but they somehow accomplished it. Pops and I silently decided to stand there and watch the show. Within one minute Gramps had his muscled bubble butt down on Big Daddy’s huge prick. The giant man on the bottom didn’t pause at all before starting to thrust his hard beef stick into the older man. Big Daddy shoved so hard that Gramps’ head banged against the ceiling of the SUV. Within ten powerful thrusts there was a giant upward bump on the roof of the car where Gramps’ head busted up against it. The two men had no idea they were mangling the metal roof in that way – they were just too involved in their sex.

“I always knew Gramps was hard headed, but that’s kind of ridiculous.”

Pops laughed at his own joke as he led me into the house. The man didn’t wait for me to disrobe – he simply grabbed my shirt with both of his hands and snapped the material from my body with one sharp tug. He then did the same with my shorts. I had a feeling Pops was about ready to burst with sexual excitement from watching his two brother Gods making out. I also had a feeling his kissing skills drove him as insane as they did the person he was locking lips with. The big man wasted no time. He grabbed me by the waist, lifted my body into the air with really no effort at all, and started sucking on my big cock like it was a deployed oxygen mask during a crash landing. I threw my head backwards and moaned out loud because of the intense feeling his warm, wet suction caused in my body. I knew, instinctively, that Pops didn’t want to make me spurt, though. He wanted to save my seed for a different entry into his body. He was simply priming the pump, as they say. My long dick was halfway down his tight throat and the man was somehow still able to thrill me beyond my wildest imagination by swallowing hard, which tugged on my hard meat relentlessly.

Suddenly, Pops dropped my body and my cock popped out of his mouth with a sound similar to uncorking a bottle of champagne. I fell the foot or so to the ground and before I could even get my balance the big man had his board shorts tossed to the side and his big body was over the arm of the big sofa in the living room – just a few feet away. This action put his muscled ass in perfect alignment for me to take his temperature with my giant thermometer. I already knew the man was hot with a fever, though – a fever for fucking. It was now my time to tease the big man in return. I let the stone-like tip of my hard dick rub tauntingly up and down between his ass cheeks. This caused the elder muscle daddy to grunt loudly. I could tell the big man was way beyond the point of just needing me to plug him with my thick log – no, he wanted a pounding so hard and so deep that he’d feel me deep in his gut. Pops became beyond beast-like when he needed a powerful plowing. It was like his life depended on it – and we both knew that denial of an extreme fuck would cause the man to go ballistic and destroy things, big things. I made the mistake once of telling him I was too tired to fuck him and sat there shocked to hell as he ripped a door from its frame and broke it into pieces of kindling with just his hands. I was on the bed in no time and enjoying the big man doing squats onto my stiff cock – not sure if I was hard because of how easily he had ripped the door apart or because he had scared the crap out of me. It didn’t matter, though, that’s the only time I ever even contemplated not pumping his ass when he needed it.

“Aw hell, son, you’re going to make me go crazy with all that teasing.

I loved and looked forward to how Pops’ powerful glutes could squeeze the ever-living last drop of juice from my hard throbbing cock. I also loved bracing both of my hands in the giant muscled dimples at his ass and watching his back explode into bulging mounds of brawn as I thrust into him with enough force to make him tense up to high hell. My long dick could make the older man squirm like crazy – ramming up into him in a way that made the guy moan with intense gladness. Feeling his ass cheeks pressing in on my rod with enough force to make me worry about permanent damage actually turned me on even more. The man’s chute was better than most men’s mouths – his hole surrounding my stiff pole with warm wet tightness and making buckets of cum build up in my balls. At the same time I gazed astounded at the man’s gorgeous huge body – muscles glistening with a light sheen of manly sweat and sounds of utter joy emanating deeply from his inner happy place. The man just loved getting plowed – there were no two ways about it. I stood there amazed at how this elder muscle god offered his ass so quickly and so willingly. I must have been the luckiest guy on the planet. Pops started shoving his ass back into my crotch with more than enough force to knock me down, but – fortunately – he would then squeeze his firm ass hard enough to hold me in place. His continued manipulation of my body simply with his gluteus muscles sent me into orgasm every time – just as Pops knew it would. With very little warning at all my body started dumping heavy thick cum into his ass like a fire hose directed at a burning building. My body banged into his hard padded butt with enough power that I was sure I’d have bruises the next day. This sent Pops into ass-fucking heaven. His own cock started spraying like an uncapped previously shaken champagne bottle. I knew we were messing up the sofa for the third time that month – and that it would infuriate Gramps – but neither of us cared. The release of our built-up jism was equal to getting one hundred mind-blowing massages all at one time.

“Fuck, son, I’m blasting out everything I got – this is fucking incredible!”

I hoped to goodness that Pops’ orgasm ended soon because his ass was compressing my cock so tightly that I was worried I might find it flattened like a piece of cardboard. I tried to pull out of his ass, but to no avail. His chute was latched on to me so hard that I wasn’t moving an inch. I also wasn’t being allowed to spew. It was like a tremendous blockage in a piece of plumbing where the back up becomes almost uncontainable. I knew as soon as the man released his powerful muscled hold on my rod I would empty myself into him and fill him until he was overflowing, which was exactly what the man wanted. Pops could make me churn out more semen than an army of men. My giant sized cock easily pumped up many loads of juice, but it wasn’t released until his muscled ass said so. I was beginning to turn blue all over from my need for full ejaculation. My stomach was convulsing and my entire body shaking like hell, but the elder God kept my cock squeezed so tightly that not even a drop seeped through. Finally the intense pulsing of the man’s ass ceased and I was allowed to shoot my hot seed far into his inviting cavity. I cried out like an animal just freed from a lifetime of confinement. I fell on top of the big man’s massive back as my cock shot thick cum into Pops’ ass. I was actually gasping for air since I hadn’t taken one breath throughout the entire ordeal. It took a few minutes for us both to return to something even remotely normal.

“Damn, son! Now that was a fucking good way to start a Saturday!”

I couldn’t have agreed more.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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We want more, good god I love this house.
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DAMN, what a hot story again!
Awesome that those huge muscle daddies love to get fucked!
Cannot wait to see Gramps and Big Daddy in action too!
Maybe even with their "son"! :-)
My favorite muscle stories on my tumblr page:
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This is a muscle daddy overdose, but I just can't stop asking for more!

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Another great story about senior muscle domination, strength and lust, some incredible stuff going on with Gramps, Pops and Big Daddy! Loved seeing them destroy the truck by just fucking each other. I can never get enough of your older muscle men stories!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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I respectfully request that we have further peeks into what it's like to live among three insatiable, ultra-powerful, growing muscle daddies.
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