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Old May 18th, 2013, 04:39 PM
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Senior Living

Big Daddy was the largest, Gramps was the oldest, and Pops, the youngest and smallest, was the one that owned me. Pops was the monstrous guy who had brought me to Mount Olympus, the name they had bestowed on the mansion they shared. I had been at the Mount for almost six months. Pops had picked me up at the bar about a mile up the road – he had literally lifted me in his arms and carried me the entire way home. At the bar he had simply said that I was now his boy and threw me over his shoulder, leaving the place just before ten. Gramps was the maintenance guy for some big high rise downtown, Big Daddy actually had some kind of job where he couldn’t tell you what he actually did or he would have to kill you. I never asked questions. And Pops ran The Senior Citizens Gym – a hardcore training facility for huge guys over sixty. The place actually carded you when you became a member. I had quit my cushy job in the markets to go to work for Pops at the gym. I was nothing more than the glorified cleaning boy, but I didn’t care. I was around senior muscle all day and that’s the only thing that mattered. I was also Pops’ boy, just the way I liked it.

Our bed suddenly started shaking wildly and Pops and me were jarred awake. Thank goodness the pictures in the room had been earthquake proofed, the television had been mounted securely on the wall, and anything fragile was in another part of the house. Big Daddy and Gramps were going at it in the room next door. It sounded like a 747 was roaring through the house and it felt like the entire structure would fall in on itself at any moment. When two of the Gods, my name for three big men, decided to have sex it actually seemed like World War III was happening. I felt Pops’ cock hardening against my back as we listened to the loud grunts and cussing coming from the next room. Big Daddy turned into some kind of dirty-mouthed sailor when he fucked and listening to the man pound Gramps made Pops and me fully excited in mere seconds. You could tell the sex was raw, beastlike, and powerful enough that it could have easily broken the bodies of regular men.

“Ah shit, son, I can’t take it anymore, you got to fuck me. My hole is on fire for that big hard thing between your legs!”

With those simple words Pops flipped down on his stomach and I climbed onto his mountainous back. The big man knew that I would have enough leakage to ram my oversized cock into his ass without any lube. Listening to his brother Gods putting Big Daddy’s large reinforced bed to the test was just too much for the man. Inevitably, on a morning like this, he would either go into the other room to join in on the pounding or invite me to plug him so deep that he’d shoot off in conjunction with the big men next door. I was happy that I didn’t have to sit in the room by myself and beat off like a puppy outside his master’s bedroom – like I had to sometimes. This morning I actually got to enjoy the thrill of the intense noise from next door and the incredible feeling of Pops’ tight powerful ass attempting to prevent my thick meat from penetrating his chute with wild abandon.

It was still hard to believe that a man the size of Pops – not to mention a guy that oozed so much cockiness – could be such a total bottom. The first night we met at the bar he had reached down the front of my pants, without even asking, to get a feel of the giant tool he thought he saw outlined at my crotch. It was like he needed proof that it was real. After confirmation of its size and hardness he had asked me if I knew how to use my giant rod and the evil grin I gave, as affirmation, had been enough to make him toss me over his shoulder and exit the bar. I had lived at Mount Olympus ever since that night. I was forty years old, but the Gods treated me as their puppy, their small child, and, sometimes, as their plaything. I certainly didn’t mind, because – in return – I was cared for, protected, and satisfied in every way. I also had three of the largest and most badass trainers in the world. They wanted to make their boy grow. I had already trimmed off the extra twenty pounds I had been carrying around for years and was beginning to add hard solid muscle to my five-eleven frame. The three Gods towered over me in every way, but their goal was to make me in their likeness. I was to be their demi-God.

Since Pops was the one that had found me and brought me home, I was off limits to the other two – unless permission was granted. This was the law of Olympus. Privileges had only been offered twice during my time there – once on Gramps’ birthday and, once again, when Big Daddy became a year older. Those nights had been two of the most thrilling experiences of my entire life – only falling short of my first night with Pops. Those two brief encounters had done nothing to quench the overpowering desire the other two Gods had for me and the big man that owned me had known this all along. He fully realized that having one night with me would only intensify the sexual tension in the house a hundred fold and he had been right. I didn’t live in fear, but sometimes I noticed the other two men gave me looks that made my balls instantly churn up heavy amounts of my sweet juice – simply because of the lust that filled their eyes. Truth be told, I wanted them, as much as they wanted me, but I knew not to make a move unless Pops said it was okay. I was also told that the jacked-up tension, in turn, jacked up the other two men’s already huge muscles because they poured all the pent up frustration into their workouts. Pops said he was sure the other two Gods knew what he was doing, but that didn’t matter – it still worked. To add fuel to the fire I was ordered to never wear a stitch of clothing in the house. For me, Olympus was a no shirt, no pants, no underwear, no nothing zone. Sometimes my huge cock dangled in front of me like the weighted branch of a large tree, but most of the time – because I was around the three Gods – it stayed solidly plastered against my newly tightened abs and ached to high hell. Pops would often run his finger across the slit of my dick to scoop up a heavy glob of my pre and teasingly slurp it into his mouth – not only to taunt me, but also to increase the need within the other two Titans.

Pops was the youngest and smallest of the three Gods – standing at only six one, weighing a light three hundred and ten pounds, and being only two years past sixty. In my eyes he was an older super-buffed version of George Clooney. His salt and pepper hair that was cut immaculately – close to his head on the sides and full on top. He had a perpetual tan, clearly influenced by his deep Italian heritage, and wore expensive clothes that had been tailored specifically to show off his huge body. The elder stud was classy, cocky, and intensely sensual all at the same time. He had a face and physique that made cars stop in the middle of the road, just so the inhabitants could stare at him as he walked down the sidewalk. Pops had the perfect Roman nose, a jawline that seemed as cut as a precious diamond, and dimples that melted your insides when he smiled. His body was baby smooth everywhere – since he shaved three times a day to always come across as chiseled as a statue. His body was perfect, but it was the insanely wide shoulders that always elicited gasps from onlookers. The guy was so freaking wide that it felt like you were gazing at a giant brick wall when you looked at him from behind – or from the front, for that matter. His deltoid muscles ballooned in a way that seemed almost inhuman – as if he was hiding bulky wings under his shirt. Those huge shoulders were great mega handles for me to hold onto while I fucked the big man as he lay face down on the bed. They were too huge for me to grasp fully, but I could clasp on to them as if each was a wide ledge. I was also always amazed at how obvious it was that two my torsos side by side still wouldn’t be as wide as the giant man beneath me.

Gramps was seventy-one, weighed about three eighty, and stood six feet four inches tall. He was almost the complete opposite of Pops in every way – not drop dead gorgeous, but majestic in every way. His hair was all spiky as shit, like he was some kind of older skater dude, and it was as silver as a brand new shiny quarter. He had a closely cropped full beard that made him truly look like a Greek God. He clearly ruled Olympus, but didn’t flaunt his power in any way. Even though he was the oldest in the house, his body was cut like some super heavyweight professional bodybuilder. Gramps prided himself for being in better shape that ninety-five percent of all other men on earth – not just his same aged contemporaries. I didn’t understand how a man of that many years could be so unbelievably built, but I knew it had a lot to do with genetics. Gramps’ pride and joy were his biceps and quads. The man bulged so much at his upper arms and upper legs that he was forced to have his clothes hand made, but he rarely wore a shirt anyway and loved hanging out in just his posers the most. He just loved flexing his magnificent body any chance he got and there wasn’t a mirror or window he’d ever passed up in his entire life without taking a gander at his perfection. Gramps had so many bodybuilding trophies that he now actually threw them away as soon as he won them. I spent many nights watching the elder God try out new posing routines and leaking juice like a broken faucet – something that drove the big man crazy.

Gramps also liked twinks – smallish men that were slightly effeminate and swooned dramatically as soon as they beheld the silver-haired master. He also loved tossing the little fellows around – like they were nothing more than childlike stuffed animals. On the night I was given to Gramps as a birthday present we began the evening with him standing at different points in his big bedroom, easily lifting me over his head, and then throwing my body onto his bed – giving himself extra points for tosses that were from across the room. The man clearly loved showing anyone and everyone how powerful he was, in spite of his advanced years. One of his favorite tricks was to bring two guys home, wrap makeshift weight belts around their bodies, and then lift them both into the air to pump up his already insanely large biceps even more. The guns of Gramps were the largest in Olympus and he worked them out almost to the point that they were a distraction in bodybuilding contests, because they came close to ruining his incredible symmetry. But most of the time the judges were so shocked by the old man’s un-fucking-believable body that they simply overlooked this flaw and wanted to hand him the grand prize as soon as he stepped out on the stage. The eldest God had a face that revealed his true age, but was masculine and brutishly handsome at the same time. The guy would sometimes stare at my hard cock as I went about my business in the house and salivate. I could tell that Gramps wanted me almost more than he could stand, but his respect and love for Pops prevented him from tearing into me like a starving beast being fed a chunk of meat. He simply disappeared sometimes and I could hear him busting out a big wad in his room, his loud animalistic howls echoing throughout the house.

Big Daddy was appropriately named, mainly because he was the size of a mountain - a monstrous man of four hundred and forty pounds, six foot five, and having just turned sixty-five - clearly the largest in the house. The behemoth was also the quietest God at Olympus – except when in throes of passion. He really didn’t need to speak, though, since you felt his huge presence any time he was within fifty yards – simply because he was so enormous. Big Daddy was completely bald, had a thick gray menacing goatee, and loved to stand close to other people just to emphasize how humongous he was compared to anyone else. I always felt like a mouse next to an elephant when he was near – something he picked up on the first night I was in the house. The largest God was thick everywhere – with the kind of body that screamed unfathomable strength and looked like a giant bull crammed in a human’s body. To say that Big Daddy looked like a power lifter or a competitor in the World’s Strongest Man Contest was actually an insult, he was much larger than that. I noticed right away that his forearms were bigger than my legs – making me look like a small child next to him. When he spoke to me, he’d stand close so I’d have to tilt my head back real far to look up at him. Big Daddy would also tense his muscles as he stood there, making them bulge even larger than they already were. The enormous beast didn’t have to say a word to intimidate people – his hugeness did all the speaking.

His size made it hard for Big Daddy to do some normal things and I usually ended up having to help him – things like taking off a shirt, tying his shoes, washing his back, or measuring parts of his body. I realized right away that the big man didn’t really need or want to measure himself; he just wanted to see me go ape-shit crazy at the size of his chest, his arms, his legs and other parts of him. Big Daddy was the only God in the house that had a cock larger than mine and this brought him much joy – even though he still lusted after my long thick shaft. It was, of course, normal for him to have such a giant dong – since he was so huge, but he loved how a smaller guy like me could surprise other men by pulling down my pants and revealing something so monstrous. Big Daddy liked to bend things or break things – just to show off and get me hard. He would then whip out the measuring tape and check to see how long my hard cock was – then asking me to do the same thing with his. I knew the man wanted to pound my ass hard – he loved to fuck more than anything in the world. He also had a thing for my developing bubble butt and sometimes talked out loud about how good he could make me feel if he were able to plug me something fierce. He knew his words made me go all gooey inside. Big Daddy was also the only person that ever got to fuck Gramps – the elder man allowing it mainly because of how much bigger the guy was, but also because Big Daddy was so proficient at it. Many times, like right now, it sounded like Gramps might come through the wall any second because Big Daddy was shoving his giant pole into the older man’s ass so powerfully.

The sound of Gramps’ head banging into the bed’s headboard in the next room because of Big Daddy’s onslaught brought me back to reality. I could tell by how Pops’ ass was tightening around my driving cock that he was about to explode. The sounds from the other God’s fucking and my thickness shoved up his chute were just too much for the handsome God to handle. He cried out in unison with the other two men in the next room as they all three mysteriously synced their orgasms to explode at the same time. My cock was actually in pain from the intense pressure Pops was able to apply between his beautiful ass cheeks. I was prevented from releasing my juice because of the concentrated compression and only ejaculated half a minute later when Pops’ ass lessened its force a little. It felt so good to be able to cum – like finally getting a cold beer after working in the hot sun for twelve hours straight.

It took us a few minutes to recover from the euphoria of our orgasms and I could hear the heavy breathing of the two other Gods even through the thick wall that separated us. They had obviously exploded as powerfully as Pops and me. I remained on the big man’s back, with my still-hard cock plugging his ass. My body was heaving up and down as the guy’s breath took its time getting back to normal. I heard some deep manlike chuckles coming from the other room.

“Did you two blast off some fucking big ones, too?”

It was Gramps checking in to see if we had enjoyed their performance enough to spill our seed, as well. He knew the answer; this was just his way of saying good morning. It was the same way we all woke up most Saturdays. I was drifting in and out of la-la land when Pops yelled through the wall. It jarred me back fully awake.

“You know it, Gramps!”

“Hell, Big Daddy had something he needed to work out since he fucked me harder than he ever has before. We finally broke the fucking headboard. I guess my noggin is just a hell of a lot stronger than thick oak!”

I knew instantly that his comment would keep me hard for at least one more hour. The idea of his head cracking dense wood in two was just much to handle. Pops could feel my reaction and he squeezed his cheeks together just to tease me. A sharp pain shot through my cock, but I loved how it made me feel. I took my fist and punched his wide back, knowing he barely felt it. The big man simply laughed, which made the entire bed shake. Gramps yelled from the other room – taking charge of the day like he normally did.

“Let’s all take a shower and then head to the gym. We can come back after a good workout and have a big breakfast and then find something fun to fill up our Saturday! I’m pretty sure my day is going to involve some more fucking later on!”

I couldn’t wait for the rest of the day at Mount Olympus to begin!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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If you know the address to Mt. Olympus, I know where I want to spend my summer and I know those other two gods have openings, maybe I'll get lucky.
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Always a pleasure!


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Wow! Another great Grampa muscle story by the master! LB, you seem to know just what I love to see, awesome muscle description and strength on men that are old enough to be my dad/grandad. It was totally hot seeing him recount the story of how he came to be at Mount Olympus and give us short descriptions of all 3 of the senior Muscle Gods, as always a true pleasure to read!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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London, you may be my favorite writer. I really get off on the mix of strength and size and power. I want to see how many young guys they can fuck and what they can demolish.
Wow, I've never seen an arm that big! Can I touch it?

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As always, a great story with so much detail that you can clearly imagine every scene. And now that I am over 60, I can qualify for Senior Gym---if only I had the address.

Thank you for your continued contributions to this site.
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