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Aged Beef - Part Two

I think I stayed perpetually hard for the next four days. I thought about Liam constantly – at work, at home, even in my dreams – and it was worse because we made sure we got the same lunch break each day. We were inseparable during that brief time in the outdoor eating area. We continued to impress each other with our culinary skills and it was clear we went all out to try and bring something the other person would love. My lasagna made Liam smile from happy taste buds and his flourless chocolate cake was to die for. During those four days my lust for his huge older muscled body didn’t dampen at all. I grew to like his sense of humor, his generosity, and his intelligence – but it was the perfect bulges that made every stitch of his clothing balloon out and ooze with sex that continued to make me weak at the knees. I didn’t let on completely how infatuated I was with his body, but I think Liam was starting to get a pretty good idea. I asked a million and one questions about his exercise routine, how much he weighed (almost swooning when he said three ninety-seven), the amount of weight he could bench, and so much more. It would have probably been pretty clear to anyone that I was way into Liam’s body. I shared a lot with him, as well, and loved how focused he’d get when I’d share my dreams and aspirations. I’m pretty sure he understood that I would have thrown my body over the picnic table in a split second if he asked – offering my ass or cock to him without any problem. I continued to jerk off thinking about Liam’s huge arms, his monstrous chest, or his massive quads any chance I got – whether at the store or at home. Finally, Friday rolled around and we were both clocking out. I was barely able to contain my excitement. I was also feeling pretty bold.

“I was thinking I could just leave my car here, Liam, so we can ride together.”

“I’ve been thinking the same thing. We can swing by and get it tomorrow.”

I know my face immediately turned bright red – not from embarrassment, but from the rush of delight that flew through my body when I heard his words. It was perfectly clear what Liam’s intention was – and he knew exactly how it would affect me. I stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds, mainly because I knew any type of movement might cause my suddenly rock-hard cock to start ejaculating uncontrollably. How was I ever going to make it through dinner? My need for this older man had grown to feverish heights. I literally ached for the man. It also felt like I might pass out from excitement. I gained some confidence and responded, but I could barely muster up more than a whisper.

“Or even on Sunday.”

“Or even on Sunday, Makana. What a great idea.”

Liam’s smile made my legs give out. I fumbled back into the rack attached to the wall that held the timecards. Liam jumped into action and reached out to grab my shoulder before I slid to the floor. As soon as his big hand touched me – the first time we had made bodily contact since our handshake on the first day – I closed my eyes and gasped softly. My reaction made Liam immediately nervous.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No . . . the complete opposite. I’m fine. Liam. I just need a second to recover from being a little over-stimulated.”

This made the big elder man laugh out loud. He still held on to my shoulder - making me feel like it was something small and delicate because of his strong huge calloused hand. I sensed his power – even just through his fingers – and it turned me on more than anything I could ever remember. I wanted to turn my head and bend down to kiss his thick manly paw, but I forced myself not to do what came so naturally. I knew there’d be lots of time for kissing later on. I forced my legs to straighten out and I regained my composure. Liam released my shoulder and my body immediately missed the contact with the huge man, mainly because his power somehow made me feel secure and comfortable. I also suddenly felt cold – the heat from Liam’s huge body certainly warmed my small frame up quickly, in more ways than one.

“I like it when you touch me.”

“Do you, now, Makana. That’s good to know. I think there might be a lot of touching later on this evening. Maybe a little carrying, too.”

“Oh shit, no! Calm down, calm down, calm down. No, no, no! I will not lose it!”

“Makana, what’s the matter?”

“Shhhhh, Liam. Don’t speak for a few seconds. Please.”

The idea of Liam holding my body in is huge muscle arms was too much for my weakened body to handle. I had quickly moved to the edge of release and I knew if the man said anything more to me I was going to pump out a big wad of cum in my drawers. I just needed the big elder god to be quiet for a few seconds. I shut my eyes and leaned against the rack again. I focused my thoughts on anything besides the massive monster standing in front of me. Liam quickly figured out what was happening and stood there – totally silent and completely still. It took almost a full minute for my body to get beyond it’s teetering on the brink of orgasm. I could feel my balls tightening and the pressure building in my cock. I breathed in and out pretty hard – like a woman in labor – and it helped me to not lose control. I was finally able to open my eyes and look upon the senior muscled angel standing before me. The big guy was smiling and patiently waiting for me to return from the edge.

“It looks like we successfully avoided an accident.”

“I think we also avoided me passing out! Liam, you got to be careful with what you say or what you do around me. You put me in a delicate situation just by being near me. I could easily spill every drop of semen within my body because of you doing something like carrying me. Just the thought of it makes me zoom close to the point of no return.”

“Okay, then, Makana. That’s good to know. I think I’ll be working hard to give you some release later on. We could play a game like ‘let’s see how long it takes Makana to explode’ or something like that. But I can wait until we’re in a more private place, I promise, sir.”

“That would be great, Liam.”

“Ready for dinner?”

“And for everything else!”

My words brought a bigger smile to Liam’s face and I knew immediately that he was ready for what would come after dinner, as well. I was amazed as we entered the restaurant about fifteen minutes later how everyone stared at the big man. I don’t know why it surprised me, since I found myself staring uncontrollably at him all the time, too. I guess it had something to do with the fact that he was with me – something I still didn’t fully understand. After the meal had been ordered and his wine had been poured, I began to learn a little more about the beautiful muscleman. Liam was clearly in a mood to share.

“Um . . . Makana . . . I have a confession to make. It’s kind of embarrassing and I’ll understand if it . . . well, if it turns you off.”

“This sounds interesting. Confess away, big man.”

“Well . . . I . . . uh . . . I get really jacked . . . from, um . . . being . . . well, you know . . . worshipped. It’s even how I . . . um . . . jack-off most of the time . . . imagining some guy . . . you know . . . worshipping me.”

I sat there stunned as I saw Liam’s face turn bright red. Here was this giant getting really embarrassed as he confessed he loved being deified by some guy and all I wanted to do was adulate him twenty-four hours a day. I don’t think he understood the depth of my devotion to muscled older men. I was quite sure he actually thought his confession might make me run away in disgust. His discomfort in sharing his secret was so endearing that it almost made me shed a tear. My mind drifted briefly to the idea of the ‘perfect storm’ – when specific conditions were just right for a weather system to produce something so powerful that it could do intense damage. That’s how this moment felt. The lustful conditions were so perfect that I had a feeling the two of us would still be awake when the sun came up – and we’d still have blue balls and hard cocks just aching for the umpteenth release. If this man liked being worshipped then he had just hit the highest jackpot ever by revealing that little tidbit to me. When it came to worshipping muscle – especially older muscle – there could not have been a more devoted disciple.

“In the past, Liam, some of the idols I have chosen to adulate have not been able to stay with it for the long haul. They have ended up being weak and not really worthy of my unending adoration. The older musclemen I’ve dated have actually outlasted the younger lads, but no one has proven a worthy longstanding temple. Are you sure you’re up for the task?”

I could sense that my carefully chosen words were causing something almost supernatural to be released in Liam. His body seemed to suddenly pulse with more intensity and I quickly realized it was because every muscle was being powerfully tensed. I saw a look of ‘challenge accepted’ creep across his face and I actually got nervous that I had truly met my match. I had a strong suspicion that this big man’s desire for adoration might just be insanely more severe than my need to worship, even though I had never thought that possible. I was suddenly thankful that we were in a public place because I believed the huge older muscle mountain would have grabbed me right then and there and slammed my face into all parts of his hardened body if he could have. It was pretty clear that I had unleashed a volcano of untapped pleasures within Liam just by making it obvious that his confession only thrilled me even more than I already was – something I had thought impossible.

“I always reward faithful subjects handsomely, Makana.”

“You already have, Liam.”

This comment made the man pause briefly – so caught off guard was he by my confession of presently being very happy. We both knew there was a lot more to come from this hurricane of passion building between us, but Liam was unprepared to hear that I was already deeply satisfied. I saw a look of recognition flash through his eyes, as if he was realizing for the first time that he was being blessed with the proverbial ‘soul mate’ some gurus always spoke about. This intense bond that had been growing between us for the last week was being solidified in a special way and each of us was beginning to understand that nothing would be able to break it apart. I suddenly didn’t care about college. I didn’t care about pleasing my family. I didn’t care about having any future that didn’t involve the giant man sitting in front of me. Many people would have called this feeling ‘love’ – and that was certainly part of it – but it was so much more than just a ‘heart thing.’ Liam and I were moving into territory I was pretty sure neither of us had ever charted before. We were connecting on a spiritual level, an emotional level, and intellectual level, a sexual level, and a deeply demanding level. It was clear we both understood that continuing to fan into flame this connection that was roaring between us would seal us together in a way that was both frightening and completely exciting at the same time. Liam evidently felt it, too.

“Now’s the time to get off this wild ride, Makana. If you’re not willing to commit to whatever this is that is about to explode between us, please tell me now. I’ve been hurt in the past and that was by people that didn’t create a fourth of the intense desire you have released in me. If you backed out now it would just be my heart that would be broken, but if we continue and then you decided it wasn’t right I believe my very soul would be extinguished.”

“It doesn’t make sense we both could feel this way so quickly, Liam. And for the record, my heart, soul, and spirit already rest in your powerful hands.”

“And I’ll protect them with my life, sir, I promise. You know, of course, that it is taking every ounce of my strength not to grab this table, toss it across the room grab you in my arms, and smother you with all my muscles.”

“Well, we have ordered and it would be wasteful not eat the meal. Besides, I kind of like knowing I’m causing you to almost lose control. It’s kind of like playing with dynamite. Everyone around us has no idea the potential danger they are in – the possibility of being shocked by some huge muscleman going on a lustful rampage.”

“You are an evil, evil man.”

“I need to have some weapon that equals what your body does to me – and I think the only thing I’ve got are my teasing words that seem to work you into an intense sexual frenzy.”

“You have no idea what kind of ticking bomb you are playing with, Makana.”

“That’s what makes it fun, big man, that’s what makes it fun. I’ll quit teasing as soon as you deflate your gorgeous, cock-hardening muscles – it’s the only way we’d be even.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. You make me want to be even bigger – now that I know my body turns you on so much.”

“Exactly! That’s why I choose to tease you with my words, as well. Take a nice cool drink of water, Liam; here comes the first question to push you even closer to the orgasmic cliff. Later on, what part of your body should I worship first?”

The big man quickly closed his eyes – but reopened them because visions of what I might be doing came quicker when lids were down. He was visibly shaken by my question – mainly because his mind immediately went to whatever lustful pleasure he liked most. That was the exact reaction I desired. I also hoped he would share the first thing that came to his mind – so I’d know what his favorite form of adoration was. I watched closely as the big man willed his body to settle down and he actually broke into a smile – one that made it clear he was regrouping for this sexual battle that was in full force between us. I got a slight inkling of the power within the older man – he was clearly not a foe to be taken lightly. I needed to prepare myself for the battle I had started – realizing that Liam had an arsenal of weapons – his muscles – that clearly outnumbered anything I had. I was going to have to use my intellect and my ability to subvert his defenses by revealing my lust for his body slowly just so I could come close to equaling his power. I knew deep in my heart that he could win the battle easily by merely flexing an arm or undoing a few buttons of his shirt – and it was clear he knew the same thing – but Liam wanted to make the fun last as long as I did. He also wanted to build the looming explosion below his waist until its release would be mind-boggling and would cement our union in a way neither of us completely understood.

“Funny you should ask that, Makana. Before I get down to being worshipped I usually like to pump up my body big – really big – just to make it worthwhile for my worshiper. It seems to add a little fun to the pre-show if I actually use the obliging fellow as my barbell for warming up.”

The big tease knew exactly how his words would affect me. I had clearly underestimated his talents for taunting. I needed a few seconds to kick visions of his big arms pushing my body into the air above his head - or even while he lay on the floor - out of my mind. It was a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be. I forced myself to look at Liam’s face, just so I wouldn’t see his big arms through his tight shirt and long to be easily lifted by them. I teetered on the edge of a dark chasm, almost giving into my urge to spew Liam-muscle induced cum into my briefs – that’s how turned on I got from being easily tossed around by a big muscle daddy. That’s also how much I longed for the man across the table to show me how powerful he was by pressing me up and down for hundreds of repetitions. For a few seconds I didn’t care about the people around us – I thought about letting my moans of pleasure as my cock pumped out heavy loads of juice fill the restaurant and bring every gaze in the place to our table. I knew that after one good look at Liam no one would have blamed me for my reaction. I, however, like Liam wanted to make the fun last a lot longer. I retreated from the edge and smiled at my adversary.

“Touché, sir. I can see I have met a worthy opponent. I will have to re-double my efforts.”

“When something is very important to me, Makana, I can unleash stamina beyond your wildest dreams.”

“That’s what I’m hoping, Liam.”

Luckily, our food came at that moment. I was on lust overload for the larger-than-life older man, so it was good to have a break. I sensed that Liam was just as thankful for the time out. We spent most of the meal talking about ‘first date’ kinds of things – favorite movies, favorite vacation spots, and similar mundane things. We both wanted the conversation to return to other more excitable topics, but we also realized the danger that came with such a move. As I took my last sip of my second cup of post-dinner coffee – ordered because I anticipated being up for a long time – I purposefully moved the conversation back to stimulation ground. Liam had insisted on paying for the meal, citing his age as reason he should be paying. He knew that any reference to him being much older turned me on. He was busy figuring out the tip, with some handsome reading glasses pulled out of a pocket, when I returned to previous conversations.

“I think I put on a few pounds from that great meal. Maybe I’ll give you a little more resistance when you’re doing your pre-worship exercises.”

I saw a smile creep across the bottom of his face – even with him looking down at the table. He continued to figure out his math, but was not about to let me get the upper hand in this conversation. He chose his words carefully, knowing full well the kind of impact they would have on me. It was like he had lobbed a sexual hand grenade onto my side of the table.

“I’m easily benching three eighty five these days, Makana, I don’t think you’ll give me much resistance at all. I just lift guys like you for show.”

I was extremely thankful I had swallowed my coffee. I know I would have spit it out all over the table if it had still been in my mouth. Liam didn’t look up – he didn’t need to. He could sense my reaction fully and it turned him on very much. I started calculating in my head and realized he was basically benching what equaled to two and a half of my body’s weight put together. I instantly wondered if that meant he might be able to lift my entire body with just one arm – something that made me shiver in delight. I couldn’t speak for a few seconds – something I had the feeling was going to happen a lot from now on. Liam looked up at me and his face was full of pride. The guy was more than double my age and he was lifting more weight than I would probably ever be able to push into the air – even with a crane. He was also more than twice the size of me. I could see in Liam’s eyes that he knew he was now way out in the lead in our little game of turning each other on. I also knew, though, that the more excited I got - it thrilled him more, as well. It was like a chemical reaction that was ever true or an equation’s answer that never changed. If my pleasure increased his pleasure increased and vice versa. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t think of anything that would top what he had just shared. He was not, however, going to let that be the end of this present struggle.

“I’ve lifted guys double your size over my head for a good fifty reps, Makana. I think you’ll have to add a lot of pounds to give me some resistance. Really good form on shoulder presses seems to make a lot of guys happy. It’s always important to me that we’re someplace where the guy can watch my arms and shoulders bulging massive as I crank out my sets. It’s just an added bonus for the fellow as his body methodically travels up and down.”

“Now who’s being evil, Liam?”

“I believe you started it, young man.”

We stared at each other for a few seconds of silence. I was amazed that we had gotten back to this place of heightened sexual tension so quickly. It was going to be difficult for both of us to leave the restaurant without having our crotches reveal the level of our arousal. I was so hard that I didn’t think I’d be calming down for days. I hoped Liam was in the same predicament.

“Shall we move on to the next part of the evening, Makana? Or should I say the next part of the weekend?”

“I’m more than ready, Liam.”

He stood up first and my eyes went straight to the area I had just been contemplating. My jaw dropped when I beheld what looked like the outline of a thermos pressing against his pants. I knew the guy was big, but I had not been prepared for his cock to match the rest of his massiveness. I forced myself to stand up, too, noticed the approving smile I received after Liam glanced at my crotch, and then led the way out of the restaurant after he held out his huge arm in the gesture of a gentleman. I could feel that he was right behind me and I knew he was checking out my backside like a typical construction worker gawking at someone walking by. And then, as if to confirm what I was thinking, he spoke. He did nothing to hide his voice and after noticing the glances from other patrons and staff I knew I wouldn’t be returning to that restaurant ever.

“What a nice tight ass, young man.”

I felt my face flush red – not from embarrassment, but from the compliment. I had hoped he’d like what I had to offer on my backside – it was one of my best attributes. His approval meant the world to me. I found myself smiling and I got a wink from the hostess – a sign that said she realized how lucky I was to have such a gorgeous man offering me such praise. I smiled even more broadly and stepped out into the cold air. Suddenly, my pants were riding up my ass painfully and my feet were not touching the ground. My body fell forward a little, but a big hand grabbed my shoulder.

“I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what’s to come, Makana. I also thought I’d help you to my truck.”

It dawned on me that the big man was carrying me with one hand. He had grabbed my belt and the back of my slacks with his right hand, steadied me with his left, and was now hoisting me into the air with no problem. We were still moving forward but my feet just dangled in the air. There was little I could do – Liam was basically manhandling me as if I were a small child. Compared to him, my body was like that of a small child. I was set back down on the ground when we were by the passenger door of his truck. I reached down and pulled the back of my pants out of my ass crack. A big hand immediately slid into place over my butt as soon as I had my pants back to normal. Liam pressed his paw into my muscled cheeks, squeezed hard a couple of times, and then made an approving sound that was halfway between a moan and a big animal purring.

“Damn, that feels good, Makana. I’ve been wanting to feel your ass all week long.”

I turned my body around and then pressed my back against the door of his truck. I reached out and placed my palms on his massive chest. I made a similar sound to the one he had made just seconds ago. My hands started kneading his hard muscle immediately. I let my thumbs scrape across his jutting nipples and loved how it made Liam close his eyes and coo a little. I looked into his face and smiled broadly.

“And I’ve wanted to feel these all week long, Liam. Tense them hard for me, big man.”

I’m not sure if it was the way I told him to do it, his eagerness to impress me, or the fact that my hands were working double time on his huge chest, but Liam tightened his pec muscles immediately and I almost creamed in my pants. I knew the guy’s body would be hard, but I wasn’t prepared for how powerful his muscles could be when flexed. My fingers were clamping down hard on his pec meat and when everything was tensed they were forced to let go. The strength in my hands was nothing when compared to what his chest could put out. I was forced to flatten my palms and merely press up against the mammoth, marble-like wall of muscle before me. Liam was proudly smiling as he realized what he had made me do – grinning mainly because he knew it turned me on so much. I brought my right hand away from the giant pec beneath it, made a fist, and sent it flying into his tensed muscle. When it smacked into his shirt nothing moved – not his pec, not my hand, and certainly not the body of the huge man. I hadn’t thrown a punch hard enough to hurt my fingers – I was much smarter than that – but I did get the full effect of how insanely dense this guy’s upper body truly was. He was thicker than I was wide. If I had closed my eyes and tried to guess what his chest felt like I would have been saying things like the hood of a big rig, two giant wrecking balls smashed together, or a double wide stainless steel freezer.

“You didn’t even feel that punch, did you Liam?”

“What punch, Makana?”

The big man’s face was beaming at me – he was just so happy to find a guy that seemed to be as turned on by his body as he was. I decided I needed to show Liam that I really liked it when he emphasized his hugeness and his strength, too. I pulled both of my fists back and sent them flying into his chest at the same time. There was still no movement from his body and my fingers actually stung a little this time. My feeble attempt caused the older muscleman to smile even more broadly – showing all of his pearly whites. God, it was sexy knowing he wanted me to get turned on by his power and his huge body. It struck me at that moment that I now had a new path to leveling our lustful playing field.

“Damn, big guy, those pecs feel like thick plates of steel. My fingers are still in pain from smacking up against something so hard. You must have some armor on underneath there.”

Liam’s reaction made it clear that I had hit jackpot. He had told me earlier he loved to be worshipped, but it was only at this moment that I fully understood what it did to the man. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure, but I think his big muscled legs actually quivered as I talked about his chest. There was also a flicker of worry in his eyes – nervousness clearly caused by the fact that my continued talking about his body in this way could easily bring him to uncontrollable release. I had struck gold. I now knew Liam’s Achilles heel. There was one big problem, though. Talking about his body in this way – especially as my hands groped his muscles – would quickly cause me to erupt, as well. I knew I would have to pace myself. Even though I had found his weakness, it was clear I should not consider myself the victor. Liam still had some tricks up his sleeve and I needed to remember that he was clearly much larger and definitely more powerful than me. I knew that meant he probably had a lot more stamina, too – as he had pointed out earlier.

As if to prove that my thoughts were correct, the big man reached up and undid the top three buttons of his shirt. He wanted to make it clear to me that there were no plates of metal under the material – only the steel-like muscle of his gorgeous chest. He also wanted to allow me my first glimpse of the deep valley-like crevice between his two pecs and the dusting of mouth-watering salt and pepper hair covering those mountainous muscles. I realized immediately that the guy was nowhere near down for the count. He was fully aware that showing me just part of his enormous chest – really just a fourth of the entire hugeness – was enough to send me closer to the edge than anything I might say or do to him. He was exactly right. I instantly did what any muscle daddy loving boy would have done as soon as he saw the deep cavity between his mounds of hard beef – I brought my head forward and slammed my face into his inviting half-exposed muscle cave. My world stopped at that moment – everything went on pause. I didn’t care about the people walking by as they left the restaurant, staring at us in disbelief or envy. I didn’t care about the cars driving by, slowing down to get a good look. I didn’t even care if Liam wanted this kind of public display or not. I only wanted my face to be buried between two walls of solid hard muscle and my tongue to lap up any manly tastes his body produced. I’m sure I sounded like a starving wolf that is thrown a raw steak. I kissed and slurped up every inch of that tight space between his colossal pecs. It was pretty clear I didn’t need to worry about Liam not wanting this kind of public display because he immediately put one of his big hands behind my head and pulled it into his body even more. He also continued to flex his big chest just to make it squeeze my face tighter than before.

I turned into a wild man on a mission. I reached down and blindly found the belt loops on either side of his pants. I then pulled his big body up against mine, while never moving my face from its perfectly warm and tight position. When my hard cock smacked up against his giant, equally hard log we both moaned like we had been waiting for that specific connection all of our lives. My legs went numb from the excitement and I was damn happy that the pressure from the big man’s body kept me upright and in place. I actually think the intense power from just his pecs squeezing my face could have kept me standing with no problem. If I was now a wild man, then that same state of being was intensified in Liam because of his enormous size. The man was like a wild beast finally let loose from a cage. He pressed his big body into mine – smashing me up against the truck. I could feel the vehicle rocking back and forth slightly as the big man rubbed his crotch up and down into mine. His hands were beyond my waist and kneading my ass – even though they were trapped between my body and the truck door. Liam brought his face down beside my right temple – intent on making this as much about words as it was his body.

“Oh yeah, Makana, feel my big pecs smashing your face. Don’t you just love that crushing power smothering you when I tense those big puppies? Doesn’t that feel incredible, boy?”

I could only moan my answer – but the sound made it clear I was in muscle heaven. I had absolutely no idea what thrilled me more – feeling his pecs squeezing the hell out of my face or listening to Liam talk about his own body that way. I was entering into new muscle daddy territory – I had never dated an older guy that loved to be worshipped or that loved to talk about himself as much as this elder god. The big man’s words echoed in my ears and I realized hearing Liam remark about his own huge body made all the muscles even more real for me. It was like he was guiding me to whatever part of his body he wanted me to adore next. It was also like our mutual admiration for his gigantic muscles – and him talking about it – could double the pleasure both of us felt. I intensified the work my tongue was doing on the valley between his pecs and the delicious taste of salt and whatever it was that made a real man a man was so overwhelming that I was starting to feel light headed. Of course, it could have been the fact that Liam was smashing the crap out of my face and I found it hard to inhale deeply. Meanwhile, the older muscle man just couldn’t stop talking – clearly he understood what kind of reaction it caused in me.

“Yeah, feel how my big body squashes you against this truck, Makana. You starting to feel like a flattened pancake? You love how my hard muscles compress your small frame completely, don’t you? You love how I can easily pin you against the truck and we both know you couldn’t go anywhere even if you wanted to. That make you feel good, sport?”

Again, my moans of intense joy were the only answer Liam needed – he was getting off on pleasing me so much. I was using my strong glute muscles and the momentum of my grinding crotch to bang my cock into his as hard as I could. In response, Liam would force his pelvis forward and trap my lower body against the truck and then he would grind his hefty piece of meat into me, making my mind go crazy with a need for more. He’d then release the pressure and allow me to start all over. At that point I think our two cocks were the hardest things in the world – that’s how off the charts turned on we both were. I had placed my hands on both of his hard biceps, loving how the huge mounds bulged and hardened as he kneaded my ass cheeks roughly. I tried to squeeze his upper arms but not only could I not get my hands over the enormous mass I also couldn’t dent the things in at all. There was nothing to grab hold of – just as had happened with his chest earlier. I quickly abandoned that task and sent both of my hands into the back of his pants and ran my cold hands across his hard ass and squeezed. This gave Liam a big jolt of adrenaline and he moaned even louder than me. This definitely caused many people in the surrounding area to turn our way. I wasn’t sure if they were just scared – as if a beast had just cried out in the night – or if they just wanted to find out where the loud noise had come from. I let my fingers slide between his hard muscled cheeks and he immediately tensed his glutes – trapping my fingers easily. I heard the big man let out a menacing snicker – as if taunting me to try and escape. The next time he shoved his crotch forward he also squeezed his cheeks even tighter together and I winced joyfully from the pain, even as my face was still buried between his mega pecs. It was pretty clear – by the throbbing from my own cock and his – that we were both pretty close to orgasm. Without any warning, Liam released my ass, loosened his own butt-grip on my fingers, and placed his hands against the truck to push his body from mine. My hands disengaged from his pants and I immediately missed his hard warm body pressed up against me. I looked at his smiling face – clearly showing him in my eyes that I missed his presence.

“Aw heck, Makana, we got to get out of here before I rip every piece of clothing off of that tight body of yours and draw more attention than we’ve already attracted. Unless you want to be arrested for being naked in public you better get in that truck before I can’t control myself anymore. Besides, I’ve got some lifting to do and a Makana barbell is just what my trainer ordered. Care to head home?”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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holy shit dude.
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It was so masterful written I could feel their passion and I just wish it was a real story the description of a perfect storm for their meeting I was thinking it exactly and when you wrote it just wow.

Please keep up the great work with this piece and anything else you choose in the future.
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Oh man, that is just getting better and better!
Londonboy, you did it again, making me shoot my load all over the table...
Damn, cleaning up again!
My favorite muscle stories on my tumblr page:
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Holy HELL!!!!!
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wow... i'm... i dont even... wow.
My youtube channel
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Oh. My. Gosh.
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Wow! Another really hot story, I don't know where to begin, I mean the whole age angle is always awesome to read, Liam is a hot muscle daddy, the way he likes to tease and taunt, then control and dominate Makana with his muscle is just great. It's always hot to read about it from the muscle man's own mouth, how they get off on their strength and muscle. That is one element that you totally master in this genre, which is why I love reading just about every story I see from you! I can't wait for more!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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The interaction between characters show your masterful storytelling skills! This chapter is actually very hard to be read in one shot I've barely made it!

Thanks for another amazing story.
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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AWESOME! As usual CANNOT wait for the next part, get it done ASAP he he

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Thanks for another GREAT installment, LB! I will say I was taken out of the story for a bit by the "deaf and dumb" phrase. I've got a lot of deaf friends and I know how much of a slur that is to them. I know you didn't mean it that way, but I did have to kind of gather myself to keep reading. Glad I did!

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Londonboy (April 27th, 2013)
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Thanks, divis24. I really appreciate you bringing that to my attention. I think I'll change that line, because I never want to offend people. It means a lot that you'd take the time to let me know how it took you out of the story. Thanks.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Thank *you* LB, for receiving my comment in the spirit it was intended. Your work is so good and such a huge gift to us on this board.

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The things I'd love to do wiht Liam..... Loving these so far.
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Your masterful writting makes the words became, what amazing, hot and sexy kind of images....WOOOOOOOOOOOF!!!!!!'re just....the best!! Thanks, buddy!!
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