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Old April 19th, 2013, 05:37 PM
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Who's the Chairman of the Board

[Just a little story I thought I'd share as I continue to finish "Aged Beef." I hope you enjoy it.]

I surveyed the room as I spoke to the fifty or so board members of the Fortune 500 Company that had given me the chance to prove myself as a potential consultant for a big project. It was now my job to win them over and get a chance to use my skills to help overhaul their entire customer service operation. It was the biggest company I had ever had the opportunity to make a ‘pitch’ to and there was a lot at stake. I wasn’t nervous, per se, but I was having a little trouble figuring out who, out of the large group of men and women, was going to be the beneficiary of my final push to win the gig. I landed on the chairman of the board, since I knew – from the Wall Street Journal and other places – that he was one of the richest men in the world and that the rest of the board always did what he said. This guy was so beyond my ‘league’ that I was sporting slight wood just because he and I were in the same room. God, I was addicted to power and money – in a way that really couldn’t be explained. It really had to be experienced. I knew this guy was married and had five grown children, but I didn’t care. I poured my best ‘stuff’ into the presentation and I kept glancing in his direction, making sure he understood that I knew who had complete control of everything in the room.

I knew my custom-fit Ted Bakker suit made me look incredible. The tight fitting jacket and the yellow shirt that adhered to my hard pecs - like some kind of Lycra top painted on my chest - highlighted my fitness model physique perfectly. I knew that more than fifty percent of the people in the room wanted me for much more than just a consultant. I could not, however, get a read on the chairman. His face gave nothing away – about my presentation or what he thought about the toned body beneath my suit. I could tell I was at the top of my game. I was pouring it on thick, but this group was eating right out of my hand. As soon as the presentation was done and the chairman ended the meeting, a couple of small company queens made a beeline to see if I might be available for dinner to discuss the presentation some more. I knew they wanted to do a lot more than talk about the pitch I had just made, but I bowed out in hopes that the chairman would need to ‘book me’ for the night. I was disappointed, though, when I turned around from the two sad faces of the guys I had just turned down and found that the richest man I would probably ever get the chance to meet had left the room. I was instantly bummed – no, more than bummed. It was like I had missed the opportunity of a lifetime. My body could actually feel the loss of so much possibility since I wouldn’t be spending the evening with the chairman. I packed up my presentation materials and exited the spacious meeting room to head back to my office across town.

A tall man in a dark suit, looking mysteriously like a guy from the Secret Service, stopped me at the elevator, however. He called me by name and asked if I might have a few minutes to meet with Mr. Samuels, the chairman of the board. I couldn’t which was harder - the beating of my heart or the instant boner in my pants. I did know, though, that I was about to have the opportunity to not only get a fantastic job, but to change my life forever, as well. I followed the messenger into the largest office I had ever seen – the ceiling was clearly two stories tall and there were floor to ceiling windows that looked out on a dynamic view of the city. There were two or three sitting areas, a full bar, a mini-workout area and several doors that went to who knows where. I saw Mr. Samuels at his desk – way across the room – as soon as I entered. It was like I had a homing device in my brain that directed me immediately to wealthy, powerful men. The tall young guy that brought me into the room disappeared immediately and I had to walk the long journey to the chairman with the soles of my Italian leather shoes making a loud noise on the beautiful tile walkway going down the middle of the room. When I got near the silver haired handsome man he smiled and nodded to a tall-backed chair across his giant mahogany desk. I sat down as his booming voice filled the room.

“That was a mighty fine presentation, son.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Do you add the ‘sir’ because I’m older than you or because I’m so fucking rich and powerful?”

“I guess a little of both, sir. I also hope it impresses you.”

“Oh you made quite an impression, son. As a matter of fact I think I’ll make my wife very happy this evening and I won’t have to use any Viagra to get the job done – if you know what I mean.”

“I think I do, sir. Maybe I could help relieve some of that building tension even before you leave for home?”

“Maybe . . . do you farm as well as you present, son?”

“Excuse me, sir?”

“Are you good at plowing?”

“Um . . . very good, sir. Some say great.”

“From the surprised look on your face it seems the young calf thought this bull would naturally be doing all the hard work. That comes with the territory, I guess. People just assume I’d be on top because I’m the one with the money and all the power, but you see son, I like to give up control when I’m behind closed doors. I don’t mind giving up the reins every now and then. My young wife of twenty-two encourages me to get fucked every so often. She says it helps to make me a little gentler when I take her in bed – because I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end. Little does she know that I’ve come to enjoy getting stuffed as much as I enjoy packing my hard meat insider her. Speaking of meat, it looked like you were swinging a pretty big bat between those muscled legs today – am I right, son?”

“I’ve only ever gotten compliments, sir, and many requests for repeat performances.”

“Yeah, you’re a cocky son-of-a-bitch, too, aren’t you? I like that. Stand up, son. Let me get a look at my evening present. I want to see what I’m getting. Lose the jacket, too.”

I stood up immediately and struggled to get the tight fitting jacket off my toned body. This seemed to please Mr. Samuels. I knew the fabric of my shirt hugged my rugged body closely, showing off my healthy man physique. I was proud of how I looked, but of course I wanted more – much more. I knew that Mr. Samuels was definitely going to help me achieve new greatness. I was harder than hell by that point and only had fucking on my mind. I watched as the elder businessman stood up and moved around to the edge of his desk. I moved to stand in front of him, a placement that thrilled the elder guy. Samuels sat on the edge of the massive piece of wood and spread his legs. I knew exactly what to do and so I moved in between his thighs. I placed my hands on his legs and pressed my crotch into his – gyrating my cock into him a little just to taunt the man. I got exactly the kind of reaction I was looking for. The cock beneath his impeccable suit pants instantly came to life and bulged to a very impressive size. I smiled at the chairman and was happy to see a look of pride sweep across his elder-man face. The dude was powerful as shit because of his money, but he was also quite handsome - in that Richard Gere in later years sort of way. I pressed my hard-on into his and pulsed my crotch harder against him. This made the guy moan a little. I took advantage of his mumbled moment of ecstasy and brought my mouth down to his – giving him a kiss that he would not soon forget. After a few minutes of intense snogging, he pulled his face back and stared into my eyes.

“Unbutton and unzip my pants. Then, help me get rid of the bothersome clothing. It’s time for you to earn the right to work for me. Your salary will be based on how hard you make me cum, son. I made a million playing the market today, so I got something to celebrate.”

The thought of this silver headed rich daddy making so much money in one day made me hard enough to poke my dick through a steel door. I was sure I could make the man shoot the heaviest load his cock had ever mustered if he kept on talking about his money and his power – there wasn’t anything that turned me on more. I reached down and had his belt off, his pants and underwear down around his ankles, and his shirt unbuttoned before he knew what had hit him. I watched as he kicked off his shoes and let the pants fall to the floor. Mr. Samuels laid back on his elbows on the top of the desk and put his legs in the air – revealing a gorgeous tight man-hole. I had my hardened cock sticking straight out of my unbuttoned pants in mere seconds – aimed right at his inviting puckered opening. I looked down and was instantly impressed with the fit body of the older man. He certainly liked to keep in shape and that only added to my attraction. I had a feeling this little encounter was going to be much more powerful than all my other excursions with a myriad of businessmen, mainly because this guy was many notches above all the other guys I had ever been with, when it came to wealth and prestige. I was ready for the miraculous rewards to begin. I pressed my fat cockhead up against his surprisingly firm hole and then pushed in, allowing all the pre-cum I was spurting to ease the entrance.

The loud “ooh” that came out of the guy’s mouth made it clear that he was enjoying the invasion as much as I was. I pressed in slowly, just to enhance the pleasure and loved how his legs pressed up against my abs and chest strongly. This guy was a lot more flexible than I ever would have imagined. I then pulled back slowly and right before the tip of my dick popped from his ass I slammed back into him – with a lot of he-man vigor. In my haste to impress I had forgotten to hold on to the guy’s legs and his own hands were busy pinching his own nips. The force of my plunge made his body shoot across the well-polished desk – sending two laptops, a phone, pictures, and a lamp to the floor as he connected with everything in his path. His ass also shot off of my cock with a loud pop. My legs banged up against the side of the desk and made the huge thing move a few inches. I had no idea how hard I was going to pound the guy. I immediately became embarrassed, grabbed the man’s legs, and pulled him back to the edge. I didn’t want to ruin the moment. Within a flash I had my cock back in his tight hole.

“I’m so sorry, sir. I guess I didn’t realize my own strength.”

“Hell, son, no need to apologize. That was awesome. I think I’m going to like riding you.”

“But I’m sorry about the computers and the lamp and all.”

“Shit, son, I spend more money than what those things cost on just my lunch. That’s not a problem. There’s not much in the world I can’t buy, sport.”

His words caused a familiar tingling to shoot through my body. I was instantly full of some unnamed energy that made my cock swell larger and harder. I also felt a slight swelling in other places, too. My head became light from excitement about what was to come. Mr. Samuels did not miss any of my sudden enthusiasm – both below my waist and throughout the rest of my body. The man was catching on to something important – something very important.

“Damn, son, you get off on all things pertaining to money and power, don’t you? It’s pretty clear what happens when I mention certain things.”

“You have no idea, sir. It’s like foreplay for me. I could listen to you talk about your wealth and what you can do with it forever. It makes me harder than anything. It also causes some other exciting things, as well.”

“Well if that’s the case then I should tell you that I’m the fifth richest man in the world. How do you like that?”

“Aw fucking hell!”

“Damn, that really does excite you. You should know, son that I’m about to become the third richest man in the world. I’m buying a shit-load of companies this month and that’s going to make me skyrocket further up the chain!”

“Gonna ram that ass of yours, sir.”

I slammed my cock up into his chute hard, this time holding his thighs against my body. I felt the expected change before it even happened. Suddenly my right pec exploded to four times its original size. It just blasted huge, throwing my body way off balance, but I didn’t care. The tight shirt was forced to rip to shreds at that part of my chest and a portion of it folded down across my abs – the new huge mound of muscle poking through the shredded material like a blimp busting through the clouds. I could feel how big and heavy the extra beef was without even looking down. I knew the pec was super-large and rippling with muscle. The smile across my face made it clear to Mr. Samuels that this was not a surprise for me. It still, however, freaked him out.

“Holy . . . what the fuck, son?”

“It’s just something that happens, sir. I’m so turned on by power and money. My body gets fueled by other men who are influential as shit. And then plowing the guy makes certain changes occur. The amount of my growth is always in correlation to how wealthy the man is and the control he has over other people. I’ve never fucked anyone as powerful as you. It looks like everything you say can help make me into some kind of muscled beast, sir. I’ll grow every time I plow your ass after you say or do something powerful. It’s like I’m fed by your status in life.”

“That’s fucking incredible, son. Just look at that hefty muscled pec! Hell, let’s make you grow, son! I think I should tell you that I have over eighty thousand men and women around the world that do my bidding every day. They work for me. I control their fates completely.”

“Oh shit, I’m going to fuck that ass of yours silly, sir.”

It was clear that Mr. Samuels needed no convincing of my miraculous gift. He could see the evidence jutting from one side of my chest and he had seen it obliterate that part of my shirt. My hunch about the guy had been right. He was going to take me to new heights and it was clear he was going to enjoy the ride as much as I was. He definitely wanted to see me get fucking huge. I slammed my cock back into his tight hole with enough force to make the entire desk move about six inches. I felt like I had enough power to actually walk through the damn thing. At the same time I let out a roar that echoed throughout the room as I spoke to no one in particular.

“Fucking bloody hell! Gotta shove my big cock into you deeper, man!”

My left pectoral muscle suddenly ballooned out to match the other – annihilating the other side of my shirt. It sounded like a gigantic piece of popcorn having reached the perfect temperature. I’m sure my chest looked like two humongous skin-covered boulders blasting through a wall. I could feel my upper body leaning forward from the weight of my huge chest, but I didn’t let the imbalance prevent me from pushing my cock deeper into Samuels’ hole. I glanced down and could only see the beef hanging from my upper body. I couldn’t see anything beyond my chest. The firmness of my newly formed muscle was obvious and I loved how my enlarged nipples stuck out like the barrels of two pistols. For a split second I thought about the ruined shirt – since it had been one of my favorites – but those thoughts dissipated as soon as I looked closely at my massive new pecs. I couldn’t wait to have the rest of my body match the growth in this one area. It was clear that the chairman I was fucking wanted the same thing. I could sense he was trying to think of things to make me get more excited, even as he was squirming wildly from my huge cock being shoved inside him.

“I own twelve houses across the world, seven yachts and a fleet of twenty private jets. I also just purchased an island near the Bahamas. I own my own fucking island, son.”

“Aw fuck, gonna plug your hole even more, sir! Get ready for some pain!”

“Bring it on, son. I can take some time off to recover. Hell, I don’t have to work another day in my entire life. My great grand kids won’t have to work a day in their entire life, son!”

“Shit, I need to make you hurt, sir.”

I shoved my cock into his tensed chute even harder and loved how I could make his body take more of my hard cock without any problem. I pushed in further and spread his insides with my rock-like cockhead. At the same time I felt my shoulders and arms blast massive to match my chest – and I knew my back followed suit, too. I suddenly knew what it felt like to be the Hulk. My body just inflated with hard beefy muscle and it was fucking awesome. It made me think of a big piece of toast being ejected upward from the toaster as my shoulders blew huge up around my ears. I looked down to see them destroy what was left of my shirt, just as my arms assisted in the demolition. Huge biceps expanded into hard round bulges before my eyes and made me instantly look like some pro-bodybuilder ready for competition. I also felt my body surge with strength that matched the growth. I continued to press my hard cock into Samuels’ ass and kind of forced his body up off the desk because of the intense pressure. My hard dick easily lifted the full-grown man’s ass and lower back into the air. The elder man’s eyes were wide as hell from the shock of seeing my upper body now many times larger than it had been just seconds ago. The lust in the man’s gaze was pretty powerful, too. I could tell he wasn’t going to waste any time getting the next part of me to grow.

“I’m worth fifty billion dollars, son.”

“Ah fuck, that is so hot, sir.”

“That’s money in the bank, man. Hell, I own the fucking bank!”

“Gotta plow that hole, sir.”

This time my legs began to grow even as I slammed my cock deeper into his ass. I could feel my quads widening beyond what my slacks could stand. The sound of seams ripping easily because of the powerful blast from growing muscle was music to my ears. I didn’t even need to look down to tell that I was growing a few inches taller at the same time my legs were busting out wider than anything I could have ever imagined. The cool air of the office instantly covered my entire legs, since my pants were demolished quickly by my growth. The increase to my height made Mr. Samuels’ body come up even higher off the desk and my hard-as-hell cock kept him speared like a human shish kabob. I could tell the sides of my thighs now stuck out almost as wide as my supersized shoulders. I must have looked like some kind of freakish muscled hourglass. I felt so fucking heavy all of the sudden – like the added beef was all made of steel or something. I figured when I walked from now on pictures would become off kilter on the wall because of my heavy thudding. I also felt dense as hell – like I was as thick as a tank. I tensed my body and I knew that all the muscle and sinew was bulging out insanely – making the chairman stuck on my cock get charged-up even more than before. He was staring at my body and couldn’t decide where to rest his eyes for the best view. He looked at me like I was some kind of prized bull. He also knew there was one more piece of my body that still needed to grow. He had saved his most impressive statement about his power for the end. He knew the final part of me would grow and instantly give him pleasure beyond his wildest dreams. I also knew it would be the pre-cursor to me exploding into his small body. Mr. Samuels looked at me and smiled. He wanted to make sure I was ready for his next statement. We were both breathing heavy – me from growing so huge and he from being plowed.

“I could easily have you killed, son, before you even got out of the parking lot. One call from me and guys jump to do my bidding.”

There was no way I could have prepared myself for what he was going to share. I was so caught off guard by that kind of power – that you could get someone to kill for you – I almost lost control of my entire body. I gasped out loud as my hard cock blew up to something I only thought was possible in fantasy porn films. I could feel my hard meat pressing on Samuels’ sphincter and shooting further down his chute. My cock pressed on the walls of his ass hole and made the older man scream with pleasure. You would have thought he was feeling a guy’s fucking for the first time and, in a sense, he was. There had never been anything so huge shoved up his pipe before. There was a slight look of panic, at first, as I penetrated the elder guy in a way he had never thought possible. He was obviously a little frightened that my meat might actually split him in two. His body, however, soon became adjusted to my new size and started to enjoy the ride again. The man’s eyes rolled back into his head as his cock started jerking back and forth wildly from my brutish invasion; clearly the man was waiting for my approval to shoot. This was a new feeling for the chairman – seeking permission from someone else. I felt so powerful and so huge – my big beef stick more than quadrupling in size so quickly. I didn’t want this moment to end too soon. I had grown to the size that every bodybuilder in the world dreams of reaching. The power and riches of the man presently speared on my cock was enough to make me a fucking huge muscled beast – just as I knew he would. This chairman – this powerful man - would certainly not be walking normal for a few weeks, thanks to my new hugeness below the waist. The sounds of joy and contentment that were being emitted from the man warmed my heart. I could see his cock turning purple from holding back the tsunami ejaculation that had built up in his body. Any slight move from my hard giant cock caused the guy to take deep breaths and squeal like a pig – it was even more of a turn on than before. I was reaching new heights in my own orgasm build-up. Even though he was now totally my slave, my muscle pig, the chairman had one last card up his sleeve. He knew he could easily send me over the edge.

“Shit, son, you’re hired. I don’t care what the rest of the board says. I’ll override their votes with no problem. They’re scared as shit of me, anyway. If it’s power and money that makes you grow, then I’m going to introduce you to all my friends – including the present top four richest men in the world. Let’s see how fucking huge you get after stuffing their asses with that giant cock. We can make you the largest fucker ever! Pick me up son, as you blast off. I want to feel your new size and power.”

Something unknown happened to me as he spoke. I was transmitted to a new realm of reality or something. I had never been propelled to these extreme limits in my growth before – since no one had ever been as wealthy as this man. I reached out and grabbed his sides and lifted him off the desk, marveling at how gigantic my hands were holding his body. I loved how huge my fingers were now and their incredible length amazed me. I also noticed how light the man felt – his entire body easily resting on my powerful cock and held in the air by my big arms with little effort. His idea of making me larger was too much for me to handle – as he expected. The load that started emptying into the man’s ass originated in my toes. I could feel every inch of my body pumping power into my now giant rod. It was as if cum had been produced in every cell within me and was not skyrocketing to my dick. The force of my blast made the elder man shoot off himself - like a match had been thrown into a large box of fireworks. His juice shot way into the air above my head and rained down on both of us. At the same time I filled his ass with my hot spunk and caused his body to convulse even harder from the pleasure. I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying his own orgasm more or if my hurricane-force ejaculation was causing him to go into gratification overload. The thought of me getting to fuck the four richest men in the world was almost too much for me to comprehend. The thought actually made me grow even bigger all over as I emptied my load into the guy. Even my cock got fatter and longer inside the elder man’s ass chute – causing him to shoot even harder, too. I was worried that my cock was not too huge to extract from his body. I also worried I might be doing damage to the man’s insides. His uncontrollable exclamations made it clear he was okay.

“Fuck me, son. Fuck me hard! Damn, I feel you growing inside me. That’s so fucking hot!”

I still held his small body in the air easily. I actually forgot that I was holding him since he weighed nothing to me now. My crotch rocked back and forth as I spurted huge globs of man juice into his body for what was almost twenty minutes. By the time I finally stopped ejaculating hard, the guy was gurgling like a baby – so happy and content with how my huge cock felt inside him. Just as he had said earlier, the man clearly loved being stuffed and I sensed I took the prize for stuffing him the fullest and the hardest. The guy was still tweaking his own nipples – even with his eyes closed as he continued to squeeze his chute around my hardness. I started to pull my cock from his body, but he opened his eyes and spoke quickly.

“No, son, stay in me. It feels good to be slammed on something so huge. It’s so huge that when you pull out it’s going to feel like I lost one of my fucking organs. Will you grow each time you fuck me?”

“No, sir, it only works the first time. I’m sorry.”

“Hell, there’s nothing to be sorry about, son. That huge body of yours is going to be a lot of fun from now on and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that giant rod of yours – but it sure will be fun trying. I can tell you that my young wife thanks you – she thanks you very much. Tonight she’s going to be fucked something beautiful because I’m going to be hard as hell thinking about you. I think I’ll arrange to have your desk put in here – in my office – while you’re consulting for us. That way you and I can have some fun any time we want. I will also arrange your rendezvous with those four other fellows as soon as I can. Let’s see how huge we can get you, son.”

“I’d like that, sir. I’d like that a lot.”

“Damn, you’re huge, son. I think I might have to start calling you the ‘chairman’ since you clearly make me powerless when I’m around you.”
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Man, you plugged into some fantasies of mine that rarely get satisfied around here! Can't thank you enough for writing this!
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Hehe, this is a pretty nice story here, I sort of like the whole getting bigger, stronger, more defined, a bigger cock instantly from a set thing, like compliments, or insults, or descriptions of someone else's personal political/monetary power, this is a very cool thing to see, and another greatly described story by you LB.
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O M G!!!
That was like, a whole new level of hotness!
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WOW, that was BEYOND hot!
I totally loved how this hot rich bastard bragged about his money!
Why don't I meet guys like that...?

Awesome again, LB!
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You are not just the Grandmaster of muscle daddies, you have also mastered the art of mastering anything related to age difference between characters. The balance of power, the corporate environment, everything was so blunt and direct that it actually felt legitimate and just amazing!

Thanks again for another amazing story!
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