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Old April 16th, 2013, 08:32 PM
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Aged Beef

{This is just a love story between two guys - and one conveniently happens to be a senior muscle daddy. If that's not your taste then I'd read something else. I hope this three part tale pleases some folks.}

What is it about an older guy with muscles? Why is it that seeing some beefed up grampa-looking guy can make one of my hands immediately hone in on my right nipple and the other hand quickly zoom in to squeeze the tip of my hardening cock. Tweaking the nub and the head at the same time can make me gurgle like a little baby and make the vision I’m beholding seem even more powerful. It can also make my eyes roll into the back of my head if the daddy is worth staring at for a long time, instead of just a few furtive glances. I can’t explain it and I really don’t care to figure out what it means psychologically – I just know that seeing some silver-haired guy with crows feet around his eyes looking all buff and bulging out of a tight shirt can make me want to bend over and grab my ankles faster than a dress comes off a certain type of girl on prom night. It’s as natural a response as my leg kicking out when the doctor hits my knee with his little hammer. I just can’t help myself – no matter how hard I try. A senior muscleman is the closest thing to heaven I’ve ever experienced. And that’s one of the main reasons I took a summer job at Home Depot. It’s seemed to be the mecca for all things muscled and gray. Thank goodness I had to wear an apron – since I constantly needed help hiding the college-boy bulge I seemed to sprout continuously. The employee bathroom toilet swallowed up more of my semen in one summer than my bedroom sheets had since my first and subsequent wet dreams. It was like the gay boy’s Disneyland – since it was certainly the happiest place on earth for me. Even on the slowest days I was guaranteed a few gratuitous shots of elderly workmen who seemed to spend as much time in the gym as they did at worksites lifting things in the sun. I was beginning to doubt going back to college in the fall could get any better than five work days a week at the Depot.

There was nothing – and I mean nothing – that could have gotten me prepared for what happened my fifth week on the job. Since I was very outgoing and had a pretty good head on my shoulders I had been groomed quickly by my manager as someone that was trustworthy and had potential. Mr. Simmons met me at the time clock that morning and asked me to train a new employee. My own orientation had not been that long ago and I remembered enough of what had happened then that I didn’t think twice about the offer. I was to meet some guy named Liam MacDonald at the front doors and tour him around the store. He was then supposed to ‘shadow’ me for the day. I saw my trainee from about twenty yards away when I stepped out from one of the aisles and my cock spurt out a few drips of pre-cum without even being hard. The man standing in the big open doorway at the front of the store was my version of a wet dream come true. Clearly in his mid-sixties, Liam was as thick as a KitchenAid fridge and if he hadn’t been dressed in skin-hugging clothes the apron would have looked like a smallish loincloth on his big frame.

The guy had dark horn-rimmed glasses that highlighted his glimmering slicked-back silver hair in a way that made him look both devastatingly handsome and a little ‘nerdy-cute’ at the same time. We were about the same height – five ten – but that’s where the body comparisons stopped. I thought myself in pretty good shape for a healthy twenty-two year old, but compared to Liam I looked like a stick-figure guy on the cover of a children’s book about wimps. The cuffs of his short-sleeved polo shirt cut into his biceps in that ‘one flex can rip the thing to shreds’ kind of way. I was pretty sure he had ringed indentions in his bulging guns at the end of the day since his sleeves were so tight – but I wasn’t complaining. It was the kind of powerful look that made my nipples tingle with excitement. The dude’s quads stuck so far out that his apron – the same sized apron that wrapped around most of my body – couldn’t come close to covering the curved bulges sticking out on either side. And Liam’s lats ballooned out so far that I knew it was impossible for the dude to rest his forearms against his hips unless he pressed them in with all his might. His arms kind of stayed perpetually bent as they rested on those tremendous supports underneath. My head became a little cloudy and my legs weakened when I gazed on the guy’s perfectly shaped chest. If you had gazed on just that part of Liam you would have said it was the body of a twenty-six year old heavyweight bodybuilder. I could have worked only my pectoral muscles for the rest of my life and they would have never come close to looking like the shelf this man had attained – or been blessed with, it was hard to tell if it was all from workouts or partly because of genetics. The mounds of muscle underneath his shirt shot out like hard cloth-covered mountains that small children could have used to learn how to ski. I was a sucker for a manly chest and Liam had the kind of bulging ape-teats that made me want to sell my soul to the devil for just an hour of sucking. This wasn’t just a well-built senior citizen; he was every god on Mount Olympus rolled into one. I had trouble walking as I got closer to the man and I was worried I was going to pass out as soon as I was close enough to smell what surely was perfect he-man musk. My voice cracked when I spoke to him – they guy forcing me into a second puberty just because of his immense body.

“You must be Liam. I’m Makana.”

“Hey Makana. It’s great to meet you.”

As soon as his hand engulfed mine I lost control of my legs and they visibly wobbled. I struggled hard to prevent myself from collapsing into a pile of mush and concentrated on shaking Liam’s calloused strong manly paw. I couldn’t help myself and I let my eyes drop immediately to his swelling biceps and suddenly extra saliva started filling my mouth. The man’s arm bulged out larger and the sleeve of his polo cut into his skin even more. I think drops of water fell from my tongue, which was hanging out across my bottom lip. All of this was an uncontrollable reaction and I struggled hard to force my gaze back up to his bluish-gray eyes – highlighted even more by his beautiful elder papa hair. I felt like I was having some kind of stroke or something – my mind simply stopped working and I didn’t know how to move any part of my body. If Liam caught on to any of this he didn’t make it obvious. He squeezed my hand strongly and then released – but not before, I had the feeling, he was sure I had fully recovered. The man also continued the conversation for me – a kind gesture that didn’t go unnoticed.

“You must have some Hawaiian in you.”

“I do. Um . . . most people don’t ever guess that.”

“Well, it’s a pretty common name in Hawaii, right? I’ve spent some time there. What island are you from?”

“Yeah, lots of people have my name. I’m originally from Molokai.”

“A great island. I’ve been there a few times. I even hiked down to Kalaupapa to see where Fr. Damien did his work.”

“It’s incredible what that man did. You’re lucky you got to visit there. So . . . um, ready to see the store?”

“I sure am. Lead the way, sir.”

I couldn’t tell if it was the smile, the incredible dimples, or the strong-as-hell jawline that made me pause briefly after Liam had spoken. I just couldn’t move. The man’s beauty and his warmth demeanor caught me off guard and I had no power to prevent my idiotic reaction. Clearly, the guy was as nice as he was handsome and that made me fall for him even harder than before. I think that Liam wanted to make sure I didn’t embarrass myself so he started walking toward aisle one when he noticed my feet couldn’t work. A soft whimper escaped my mouth and I had to lean against a pile of lumber when I got a glimpse of the man’s humongous back. I got the feeling that if the senior muscle dude had suddenly gone into reverse I would have heard a loud beeping noise to signify something as huge as a semi was backing up. The expanse of his shoulders was incredible and I got the feeling that he was as wide as I was tall. His traps, delts, and lats bulged so much that it looked like there was a mountain range under his shirt. The man blocked my view of half the store. The dude’s incredibly thin waist emphasized the hugeness above even more. I could tell he certainly had trouble finding pants that could fit over his monstrous legs and wouldn’t swallow his tiny midsection. I suddenly realized I was mumbling to myself – simply uttering gibberish because I was so overwhelmed by the new employee’s unbelievable body. And to top it all off and rock all my desires, the guy was clearly in his sixties. I somehow gathered my strength and my wits before Liam realized I wasn’t behind him. I then sort of half stumbled and half walked to catch up with him since my legs were still not functioning well. He turned to look at me when I fell into step beside him.

“Um . . . what brings you to work at Home Depot, Liam?”

“The truth?”

“Yeah . . . I guess.”

“Well I retired two years ago at sixty-five and about three months back I realized I was spending about sixty percent of my awake hours at the gym. While that was good for my physical health, it wasn’t too good for me mentally or emotionally. I was also spending a little too much money on new wardrobes every six months. I think I just got bored of being retired and kind of got obsessed about working out. I’m not complaining, Makana, since I’m in the best shape of my entire life at sixty-seven, but I was quickly becoming a gym hermit who had no interaction with other people. The owner of my gym finally set up an intervention for me after I lifted ten hours straight one day, only stopping for meals and to take a leak. It was then I decided to find a job. Since I use to own a construction company that I sold when I retired, I figured this would be a good place for me.”

“Well the working out certainly paid off – you look great. I can’t believe you’re sixty-seven!”

“Thanks, Makana. I’ve cut back to only two hours, six days a week. It’s still a little obsessive, but I’m actually making time to do other things, as well. As for the age, I certainly don’t feel it – but I’ll be sixty-eight next month. It’s weird to be that old and easily lifting more weight that most twenty year olds in the gym. I’ve always been conscious about my health, though, so I guess it paid off.”

I wanted to say, “like hell it did!” or something like that, but I knew it would sound a little weird. I didn’t want to show my crazy eagerness to impress the man or have my need to get him to like me make me look overzealous. I simply nodded my head up and down and tried to hide the intense amazement and lust that was consuming my body. If I had painted a picture of my supreme dream-man I could not have come close to matching what walked beside me. It was like Liam had been magically created to prove to me what a real muscle senior daddy could actually look like. All of my fantasies up to this point in life now seemed pathetic and limited. Liam was definitely making me re-shape images that had helped me to beat off for years. I knew I would probably never think of any other man to reach ejaculation and I was desperately trying to not let that affect how I was acting, but it was incredibly difficult. There was also a tip-like bulge causing my apron to poke out in a very inappropriate way and was even causing me some pain while walking. If the big muscle gramps noticed my raging hard-on he didn’t acknowledge it in any way. I got the feeling; again, that Liam was too much of a gentleman to ever do anything that would cause me embarrassment.

“Well, here we are at the Garden Department. Let me show you around.”

For the next three hours I was in muscleman bliss. I was able to stay focused on the task at hand and I shared everything I knew about the Depot with Liam. Since the guy had owned a construction business I didn’t need to spend any time explaining many of the departments. As a matter of fact, he shared a few interesting tidbits with me and I ended up being the one that learned the most during our tour. I warmed up to the senior muscleman even more than earlier as we walked around the store. Liam had a certain calmness about him – something that seemed to only come with very large and confident men – that somehow even soothed my raging lust for most of our time together. I couldn’t help myself, though, and stole long glances at the man’s huge muscles every chance I got – thinking I was being careful enough to not get caught. Part of me, however, hoped Liam would notice and that it would flatter him tremendously. If the man did notice, he did not let on at all. We ended up taking our lunch break together and I was surprised to see we had the exact Sur La Table lunch carrier – something that brought me great joy. When Liam pulled out what was clearly a nice meal of leftovers I saw another way to win his friendship.

“Someone else likes to cook, I see.”

“Yeah, I find it soothing and healthier.”

“What did you bring today?”

“Just some jambalaya I made on Sunday. And what did you bring?”

“Some leftover pan-seared salmon I made for my parents last night.”

“Sounds good. It looks good, too. Hey, Makana, thanks a lot for the orientation today. I think it’s really going to help me. I think I’ll like working here.”

“I hope so, Liam, and it was my pleasure to show you the place. Do you . . . um . . . mind if I ask you a personal question.”

“Uh oh, sounds serious. Shoot away.”

“What’s it like . . . to . . . be . . . um . . . so big?”

“That’s personal? I think you let me off easy. Wow, I’ve been big for so long I kind of take it for granted now. I don’t know . . . I guess it’s kind of cool. I’ve worked hard to build up my body so it’s neat that I automatically get respect most of the time. I’m sure I intimidate people sometimes, but I don’t mean to. I think people just assume I’m some sort of meathead jerk or something – but I’m not. I can’t lie to you, Makana, sometimes it’s fun to see people’s reaction to my body. Most of the time it falls into one of three categories – people that get a little scared, people that immediately feel threatened, or sometimes people get excited about my size and they ask to feel part of my body. I’ve kind of learned how to deal with each group differently – to lessen the tension, I guess. It’s fun to see people gawk and get surprised when they touch my arm or chest, though. Being this huge can also cause problems, too – like on small airplanes, in tiny bathroom stalls, in cramped theatre seats, or in compact cars. It can be a burden, but most of the time it’s fine. I guess I really don’t think about it at all. Now, can I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure, It’s only fair, I guess.”

“Would you go on a date with me?”


“I’m sorry, Makana, I asked Sybil, the cashier, if you were gay and she said you were. I just wondered if you’d care to go out with me?”

“No, I mean . . . it’s just . . . “

“Am I too old for you? I mean I’d understand. I could be your grandfather, for goodness sakes.”

“No, Liam, no . . . I’d love to go out with you. I’m just caught off guard by the invitation . . . by the fact that you’d like to go out with me.”

“What? You’re cute as hell, Makana. That dark Hawaiian complexion, those beautiful black eyes, and that tight college-boy body – what’s not to like?”

“Um . . . thanks, but you’re just . . . well, you’re huge, Liam!”

“I’m hoping you’re one of the people in the ‘I’d like to feel parts of that huge body’ I was describing earlier and not one of the ones that’s threatened or scared.”

“I think I’m probably at the top of the list when it comes to being someone that gets into big men, Liam. I also have a special thing for older guys.”

“It sounds like we’re a match made in heaven, Makana. Would you be available for dinner on Friday night.”

“If I wasn’t free – trust me – I’d cancel whatever was scheduled. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you the entire tour.”

“I had the same problem, Makana. Then it’s a date. I’m not sure I’ll be able to last until Friday. It’s a good thing they have me scheduled on the other side of the store this week.”

“There’s always lunch, though, Liam. We can put each other through torture for at least an hour every day.”

“It sounds like a plan.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Always great to see a new story out of you, but it somehow feels even more special when it is about a muscled senior papa bear like this. You described Liam just wonderfully, very muscular, very strong, very confident, how I like your characters. Hope to see more of this character and just how strong he is.
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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
I am constantly amazed how you manage to get those terrific super muscular idols into stories that almost seem plausible! Having the younger protagonist be Hawaiian was a unique touch.

I'm off to Home Depot.....I want to work on a home project! I'm sure I'll need lots of help and advice!

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As always a marvelous beginning of a great muscle story, Londonboy!
Cannot wait to read how huge grandpa's muscles really are!

My favorite muscle stories on my tumblr page:
--> 4MFiciton <--
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It really is a fantastic start, and it was a shear joy to read! I think I was hard about the whole time I read it. Now that I think about it, I do need another box of tile, and it is a Home Depot exclusive. Which store does Liam work at?

Last edited by brutus; April 17th, 2013 at 08:51 AM. Reason: Original post was too cynical & this is a great story!
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Am I the only who logs on here hoping to see a new story everyday from LB or BBMikeNJ, these guys are constantly in our heads and just producing our fantasy guys with the flick of their wrist. Fuck LB keep it up if only I could find me a muscle senior daddy. You guys would never hear from me again
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More please!


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Amazing story. Can't wait to keep reading about that huge papa bear
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Went to my local Home Depot today. No Liam there
Maybe I'll find one next time!
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This is currently the story I'm most excited to read on the forum. You better have bigger things planned for this couple. :3
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