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Top Secret - Part Two

“Show me something amazing, Maddy. Something no one else has ever done.”

It was now perfectly clear to me that Miguel was a super strength junkie – he definitely couldn’t get enough. I also realized he didn’t want just normal feats of strength – they were clearly okay, but he wanted me to think outside the muscle box and perform tricks with my strength that would get him hard quickly as well as blowing his mind because they were so different. It was a good thing that I loved being creative – especially when it came to pleasing this guy I desired so much.

“Let’s see. Okay, here’s an idea. Stand over there – just in case I mess up. I don’t think I’ll have any problem, though, it’s just fun to build the suspense.”

“You tease!”

I walked over and grabbed the back of Miguel’s Explorer again, easily lifting the end of the vehicle and then kind of half tossing – half flicking the car into the air. I again sent the front end of the big SUV high into the sky and held the car in my strong hands. The sight of the big Ford balancing up in the air so easily made Miguel suck in air. I was like some acrobat balancing a chair on my palms. I then held the car in one hand as easily as someone else might hold a paperback book and reached down to unzip my pants. I pulled out my hard cock and let it stick forward like a small hard pole. While still holding the car I sat on the ground and then lay down on my back. I heard Miguel whisper something like ‘fuck no way’ or a similar sentence and I instantly knew I was pleasing him a lot. I was so jacked up about what I was going to do and how it pleased Miguel, that I had no problem keeping my cock super hard.. The stiff pecker did, however, get so stiff it slapped up against my abs. I held the car above my body and willed my cock to move so it was sticking straight up from my crotch. I pressed the tip of the pole against the bumper of the car and pressed my crotch upward, while I pulled down with my powerful arms at the same time. The head of my dick easily pressed into the thick metal bumper until there was a pop as it burst through. I kept pushing and my dick stuck into the steel base of the car, as well – denting it in considerably, like a nail piercing wood. When I removed my arms from the SUV I heard Miguel stumble against the curb and he sat or fell down again with a loud thud. I looked over to make sure the guy hadn’t passed out and saw that he was just in total shock and his legs could no longer work. My hands were on the ground at m side and the car was impaled on my hard rod – sticking up in the air like a giant popsicle on a stick. I could see my reflection in the window of a building across the street and the view was simply amazing. I now understood what had completely floored my best friend. Here was my small body on the ground and an entire huge vehicle standing on it’s back end supported only by my crotch and my super dong.

“There is no fucking way, Maddy! That’s simply incredible.”

“What this? This is nothing, Miguel. Here, let me show you.”

I started twitching my cock up and down and the entire huge car waved back and forth in the air like a fucking huge metronome. I could have kept beat to a song if one had been playing. Miguel started to moan out loud as the SUV rocked back and forth on the end of my super rod. It felt like nothing for me to have the huge car attached to my hard dick – I barely noticed, like it was some kind of obnoxious condom. I thought about how much fun it would be to bust a super powerful wad of cum through the vehicle – just to show Miguel how one of my insanely strong orgasms could easily destroy the insides of his car, but I knew he wanted to keep the Explorer for getting around town. I thought about convincing Miguel that I could get him anywhere he wanted to go a hell of a lot quicker than the SUV, but I knew he still wouldn’t want to see me send the inner workings of his big vehicle into the night air from just a blast of my super cock. I was also worried his heart wouldn’t be able to take that kind of shock. For now, it was fine for me to send him into orgasmic ecstasy simply because I was holding an entire huge automobile up in the air just with my super strong rod. I reached up, pulled the car off of my dick, tossed it high in the air, jumped up at the same time, and then caught the vehicle underneath with one hand – balancing it again like it weighed only as much as a light tray.

“Your . . . your . . . dick just . . . it just . . . punctured through a fucking steel bumper! And then held an entire SUV in the air. I . . . I can’t even . . . fathom that kind of strength, Maddy.”

“Well, now you can, buddy. Hey, we should find another big car and you can watch me juggle them easily.”

“There’s nothing you can’t do – is there?”

“You mean besides being unable to stop my lust for you? Nope, I don’t think so.”

“Do you even think about the fact that an entire Ford Explorer is resting in your palm?”

“No, not really. It feels like I’m holding a small phone or something and nothing more. This car is as light as a feather. I could send the fucking thing into orbit if it wouldn’t be destroyed as it traveled into space – I know how you want to save it. You’ve got me so jacked up right now, though, that I might do something without even thinking about it. I better put the thing back on the ground and not get carried away by accident.”

“As much as I’d like to see you get carried away, I do want to save the car. Having the hole in the bumper made by your cock will be a constant reminder, however, of what you’re capable of, Maddy.”

“Aw, you’re so sweet to want little mementos, but you’re going to have the real thing around you all the time now, Miguel. You’ll be able to request easy tricks like that any time you want. I think we can find a lot of things to puncture with my cock.”

I placed the car on the street. I then stuffed my still-hard cock back in my pants and zipped them up. I turned back to the amazed Miguel and just smiled at him. He could tell I was waiting for his next suggestion or wish, but he was still too stunned by all that had just happened to move on to another strength feat. I moved over to the curb and sat beside him. I reached over and grabbed his hand – placing it against my hard cock in my pants. My purpose was to show him just how impenetrable my body actually was, but I also wanted to get a little thrill from the feeling his touch, too. My best friend jerked his hand away quickly - as soon as his fingers touched the super hard stone-like rod beneath the material. I could tell the intense density of my love muscle freaked him out a little.

“I’ve never felt anything so hard!”

“Or so hot, right?”

“Fuck yeah, Maddy – but it also scares the shit out of me. Remember, I just saw that cock of yours do something I never thought was possible.”

“But it excited you, right Miguel?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe, buddy, but we’ve got to go a little slower. I don’t think I can handle too much more of your abilities without having an aneurism or something. I’m a little overwhelmed, man.”

“I get that – but I just want to make sure this is what you wanted, when you said you loved superheroes.”

“For all of my life, man, for all of my life! It’s one thing to hear that a guy can fuck the shit out of a car, but it’s another thing to actually see someone do it. You just shoved your cock through metal like it was wet tissue paper or something even weaker. I just can’t believe my best friend is a fucking superhero. There’s nothing on earth stronger than Maddy, the guy I’ve hung out with my entire life. The guy I used to easily dominate. And you basically haven’t changed a bit – except for the fact that your body is now ripped as hell. I mean, you’re still shorter than me, for heaven’s sake. You look like I could take you down with just one arm.”

“Care to try?”

“Hell no! I’ve seen you crush concrete into granules of sand and move an SUV about fifty yards with just your breath. I wouldn’t challenge you to any kind of contest! You could probably crush my bones with just one finger.”

“Aw, come on. Let’s arm wrestle. I’d love to see you really get a good feel of how strong I’ve become.”

“Fuck, no way. That arm can lift my car and you’ve bent metal bars with just your pinkies! Those aren’t arms – they’re the strongest things in the world! Challenging you would be like one guy going up against an army of tanks.”

“You say the nicest things, Miguel! By the way, I could take on that army of tanks.”

“See, that’s what I’m talking about. And that cock of yours! I think it might be the strongest part of you!”

“I think so, too, especially when it’s hard. And you make it very hard, Miguel.”

“Okay, I’m ready to feel it now, Maddy. I just needed some time to process all of this. I think I can handle feeling that tool of yours that popped solid steel so easily.”

My best friend reached over and grabbed the outline of my normal-sized cock through the pants. His grip barely registered to me at all. I twitched the hard pole a little just to show him that it could easily dominate his hand – not the other way around. I easily overpowered Miguel’s large hand with very little effort – forcing entire arm to move back and forth. Just like numerous times earlier in the evening, my friend’s eyes grew wide and his mouth dropped open. It was clear that he could not begin to understand just how incredibly dense and powerful my dick was – it was way beyond his wildest dreams. I was the luckiest man in the world since the guy I had a major crush on had a thing for superheroes and feats of super strength – mainly because I had enough power to keep him entertained for the rest of his life. Watching Miguel get off on what I was able to do only made me want him more. I had a feeling I was going to be in a perpetual hard state any time I was around the guy. If anyone asked me what my one weakness in my new super powered life was – it would have to be my love for Miguel. I think it was clear I had been blessed with my incredible strength just so I could be with him. I also looked forward to the first time we had sex – which I was pretty sure would be before the sun came up.

“I use every ounce of my strength and I can’t squeeze the thing in even slightly. Your cock overpowers my big arm without any problem. How will I give you any satisfaction, Maddy?”

“Dude, I feel anything I want to. I know your hand is there and it’s making my insides twist up into a huge knot. I can control what my body can do – but not what you do to my body. Whenever you are near me I can feel the heat from you muscles and it makes me light headed. I may be able to bring a building to the ground with just one hand, but as soon as one of your hands touches me I am a pile of mush. I can will my super strong body to do anything you want it to, Miguel, but never think you don’t turn me on. I feel like a lovesick puppy when I’m around you. I just love how my strength gets you excited. You could have me spurting wildly with just a few swift pumps of your hand, but I want to make the night last, buddy. I’m waiting for when we get home and I can bend rebar and break bats for you as you jerk me off. And then I want to feel you inside me. There’s no limit to the trouble we can cause together.”

“That sounds so incredible, Maddy. I’m glad you feel the same way about me as I feel for you. It’s fun to know that this cock I’m holding can burst through solid metal and thick stone walls, as well as plowing numerous big man asses at the penitentiary in the next state over. Tell me another great story about fucking some guy, Maddy – how you learned to not ruin a guy’s body when doing the nasty.”

“How about one where I fucked three guys at the same time, Miguel?”

“Yes, please! This I got to hear. I’d say it was impossible, but then I remember who I’m talking to.”

“It happened at the prison that first night – the one where I fucked forty men in just a matter of a few hours. Three of the forty were prison guards that had watched me plow all the other guys and didn’t stop me. I had thumped some guards on the head to knock them out when I went to fuck the largest and baddest dude in the joint, but I totally forgot about the guards on duty at the monitors for all the cameras around the place. I glanced up at the corner of the cell when I was slamming the big man’s body into the wall as I plowed him and realized I was being watched. I easily went off the radar of the cameras later on by leaping into the rafters of the penitentiary and snuck into the room where the three guards were busy looking at the different screens to find out where I was going next. I also noticed that each man had his pants and underwear open as each of them was standing there staring at the monitors. They had each been beating off to my fun displays of manhandling the prisoners. I cleared my voice loudly as I stood behind and scared the fuck out of them. They jumped around and immediately grabbed guns and their batons.”

“Those foolish guys - right Maddy.”

“Correct you are, Miguel. I simply stared at the weapons in their hands and shook my head back and forth slowly – as if to say, ‘really guys, come on.’ I could tell that all of them were scared shitless, but they also had their full wits about them and realized they were total defenseless – even with the weapons. They had already seen what I was capable of. I held out my hands and each of them gladly gave me their weapon. I got the feeling they turned over all the stuff because they really just wanted to see what I would do with them. I held the two pistols in one hand as I slid the baton so my middle finger was on top of the cylinder piece of wood and the fingers beside that one were underneath. With just a simple flick of my forefinger and ring finger I snapped the baton completely in two – the loud popping noise made all three men jump and their cocks all shot fully hard at the same time – like some kind of dick ballet. I let the completely destroyed piece of wood fall to the ground in two pieces and the men moaned out loud – almost in perfect harmony. I then held up my other hand and started squeezing very slowly. Metal started seeping out from between my fingers, as if I were playing with a handful of mud – but this was steel being completely demolished by my incredible strength. I was actually as turned on as they were as I saw the gun being manipulated by my normal smallish looking fingers. I was compressing the metal so tightly that it was turning into molten ooze that leaked out and reshaped itself into a big glob of nothingness. My hand was destroying two police-standard guns like they were as soft as a marshmallow. I also loved what it was doing to the three guys. They were each stroking their meat feverishly as they stared at what my powerful hand was doing. They had been watching me bend bars to the prisoner’s cells using no effort and then easily manhandling big men, forcing them to offer their big-men asses to my invading cock, but this thrilled them more since it was up close and personal.

“How could they not be turned on, Maddy?”

“Exactly. Anyway, I cracked a devilish smile as an idea popped into my head and the look on my face seemed to increase the men’s excitement. They could easily see that I had a mission and that my plan clearly involved pleasing them while I did something amazing with my incredible strength. I didn’t prolong their agony of not knowing for very long. I suggested that I might have an idea of how to fuck the three of them at one time. This caused another moan to erupt from each one of them. Earlier feats of strength had clearly gotten juices boiling so much that hearing any suggestion of me doing something amazing triggered their enthusiasm even more. I looked at my three admirers and sized up the situation. One of the guys was twice the size of the others – he towered over them in height and in bulk. The other guys were just a little bigger than me. I suggested that they create a trio fuck train and I could be the caboose. It was like I was some kind of domineering coach that had just barked an order to his junior high aged sports team – each man jumped into action without a second thought. The huge guy grabbed one of the other dudes and plunged his fat hard cum-greased cock into the guy’s tight ass. There was a momentary gasp and then a loud yell, but the third guy quickly followed suit and backed up his tight hole onto the waiting prick of the man now in the middle. Hard dicks now joined everyone together and that ended up making it easy for me to join the fun. I moved behind the big man and pressed my super strong rod into his tight ass. As has happened just a few minutes earlier with the guy in solitary confinement, this big man decided he could not allow his ass to be taken lightly. He was pressing his cheeks together with all of his might, actually thinking he could prevent me plowing him. I, however, had much more power in my cock than he did in his entire body. I pushed the head of my super rod towards his crack, loving how I forced his bulbous cheeks to pry apart easily. I controlled the penetration and made it go slowly just to let him feel who was boss and to make him understand that there was nothing he could do to stop me. It felt like I was shoving my cock in the crack of a huge rock and causing granite-like material to spread apart – my dick being the powerful crowbar that dominated this man’s ass. It was raw and bombastic, me shoving into the guy even though he was fighting me with all the strength he could muster in his butt. I started chuckling – sounding almost a little evil – as I rammed myself into his weaker huge body. I wish I could have watched myself take such a big man with so little effort.”

“So do I, Maddy! We’ve got to go back to that prison soon!”

“We will buddy, we will. So, I finally felt my cock plunge into his tight chute without any problem and I then sank it in as deeply as I could. The huge dude was already panting loudly because he had wasted most of his strength trying to prevent me from entering him so easily. I kept thinking about how I could bust his ass cheeks apart with such little exertion. I loved how the big man knew I could overpower him without even struggling at all – he had already seen me do it with so many of the inmates. He also desperately wanted to see me show off and that’s exactly what I did. Once my cock was fully submerged into his ass I leaned back slightly and willed my stiff rod to move upward – slowly and powefully. The trio of loud gasps as each man’s feet left the floor was music to my ears. They were completely joined together by hanging on to each other and being tightly latched on to each other’s hard cocks. I didn’t touch the big guy in the back at all with my hands. I merely willed my cock to lift up like a small crane and it easily maneuvered the entire group into the air. I loved how it felt to have three guys impaled and manipulated by my super dick. I bounced the guys up and down a little just to show them how much power I really had. I then leaned further back, letting the weight of all three men cause them to sink deeper into each other and lower down on my own rod. I then started thrusting my crotch up and down, loving how all three men shot up into the air a little and then came slamming back down into each cock plugging the ass n front of it. It was like watching guys ride an amusement park ride that jerked them around wildly. The three men cried out in pleasure as I basically fucked each of them – controlling the other cocks as if they were my own. I set the rhythm of they fuck – I dominated all three men using no effort at all. I merely powered my cock and crotch slightly to give them the best fuck of their lives. Not one of them could have stopped the abuse even if they had wanted to.”

“Who would have wanted to?”

“Good point, Miguel. I bounced the guys a little harder just to bring them more pleasure. The loudness of their moans increased with the stronger vaulting of their bodies into the air followed by even harder slamming back down onto stiff cocks. The three of them were as light as feathers to me. I actually walked around the room with them impaled on my cock. It didn’t even register to me that I was holding three grown men – and large guys, at that – in the air with nothing keeping them in place except my powerful tool. That thought triggered even more of a reaction in me than I anticipated. I started twitching my cock up and down inside the big man’s ass at the back and that caused the trio of bodies to jiggle up and down even more wildly. I knew I was getting close to orgasm and I started to get a little too worked up, forgetting about my power. Earlier, I had curtailed my ejaculation a lot by squeezing my dick slit tight – allowing only a steady stream of cum to shoot out into the asses of earlier inmates. This time, however, I was too worked up to be that careful. I was holding big men in the air with just my hard rod and I loved it. I decided to test my powers even more. I pushed my body into the air slightly – about two feet off the floor – and leaned back a little more. I bounced the big man’s ass on my cock harder – just to work my impending explosion up even more. I noticed quickly that, in return, it helped to build up everyone’s orgasm. I didn’t hold back at all at this point. Deep down I knew I should, but I was just too on fire with my own strength. I turned slightly and pointed the three speared bodies toward the console that held all the monitors for watching different parts of the prison. Earlier, I had figured out there were probably videos of me doing amazing things saved in those machines and I knew I couldn’t have that. I started bucking my hips even harder in the air just to build the tension in my cum-packed cock. As soon as I released the building tsunami from my super dick I cried out like some kind of otherworldly beast in attack mode. I was sure that my powerful blast of juice into the big man’s ass triggered three simultaneous orgasms – as if it were my cum shooting through all three men and squirting out of the top guy’s cock like a powerful geyser.

“Oh yeah, Maddy!”

“But the crazy thing, Miguel, was that my ejaculation had so much power that it sent all three men sailing into the air – even as they blasted their big wads – and they flew into the console with so much force that the entire structure was ripped from the ground and sent crashing into the wall behind it, along with the men. I couldn’t believe it. My initial blast of cum had enough fuel behind it to send three big men flying across the room. I continued to shoot multiple ropes of cum into the air as I watched the three bodies intertwined with the wreckage on the floor jerk wildly from continuous orgasms, as well. This helped to show me that all three men were still alive and probably only bruised a little – but each was definitely out cold. I couldn’t tell if their orgasms had made them unconscious or if it had been from wiping out the computer stand as they were shot across the room. Sparks were still flying everywhere as I noticed that monitors, units, controls, and the like were destroyed completely. I had used three big bodies as living bullets to demolish the computer system set up to monitor the prison. I finally stopped pulsing big gobs of cum out of my cock and surveyed the damage. I could tell that nothing remained that could show I had been at the prison – except the spent bodies of three men. That gave me more energy to continue fucking other men in different parts of the place that night. My mind kept wandering back to the sight of three men being shot off my hard cock just because a powerful blast of my cum shot up into the body of the big man at the back and that thrilled me tremendously. My juice was like some powerful fuel that ignited a human cannon – taking out an entire console of monitors and computers with little effort. I realized then and there that my dick was a powerful tool, Miguel, and I knew I’d need to control my orgasms in the future.”

“That’s true, Maddy, but I find that hot as hell. You fucking blasted three guys across the room with just your cum! How cool is that – you have super sperm! That could be your superhero name!”

“Um, I think I’d like something a little less obvious, you know?”

“Sure, sure. I just get carried away thinking about the strength you possess just in your cock! Show off your power more, Maddy!”

“What should I do?”

“I don’t know . . . I just want to see how powerful you are – every part of you!”

“Let’s see. I have an idea. How about I take out a building?”

“Aw man, fuck, yeah! That would be hot as hell, Maddy.”

I walked over to the wall of an old abandoned factory across the street. It was a huge building with giant, extra thick concrete walls to protect the neighborhood from the noise within when the huge machines had been going full blast. The wall in front of me was about three stories high and half a block long. I moved slightly to the right of the center and placed my hand against the concrete. I’m sure I looked like an ant beside a large brick – but I was much more powerful than even a strong ant. I pressed in with my super arm and the wall buckled a little, showing me I had found the perfect spot. I glanced back to make sure Miguel was at a safe distance and then, without any warning, I pulled my upper body back and sent my forehead flying into the wall. I didn’t use much of my strength, because I knew I would have completely smashed through the wall and I wanted to do something totally different. Miguel let out a sound that sounded almost like an ‘oh my’ and was totally caught of guard when giant cracks immediately started spreading out along the wall from where I had lightly head-butted the big thing. The sound of thick concrete slowly succumbing to my ultimate power was incredible – it was almost like a low rumbling that got louder as the massive structure gave in to the inevitable. For a few seconds Miguel forgot about my new powers.

“Um, Maddy, you might want to get out of the way. That wall is about to….”

The dude was correct about the wall. I had sent a super shockwave throughout the concrete and the big thing was coming down. Miguel, however, was mistaken when he thought I might be harmed. I stood there like a child might accept the sprinkling of a light rain – arms extended to my sides and my face turned upward. I heard Miguel scrambling back across the street as he realized fully what was about to happen. Huge chunks of the wall started breaking off at the top of the building and falling towards the earth. The same thing happened all the way up and down the expanse of the building, but Miguel and I were only focused on the pieces falling around me. It was incredible to watch a giant chunk of the wall fall from high above my body and rocket towards my face. As the big piece of concrete struck me, it had no choice and gave in to something much more dense and powerful. The thing disintegrated into hundreds of smaller fragments as it exploded against my nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin. I felt nothing, but I knew the visual of heavy rock being shattered as it hit me was probably fucking incredible. I heard Miguel moan out loud and he obviously got even more turned on as other parts of the wall struck my shoulders and chest, but merely bounced off after breaking apart into smaller scraps of concrete. I knew my clothes were being torn in many places as the rock broke apart against my body, but I didn’t care. The feeling of being more powerful than the heavy chunks of the massive wall was overwhelming. I watched my forearms and biceps not even move, as big portions of the wall broke apart on impact. I couldn’t believe how little I noticed the raining chunks of concrete mass. I could hear the thunderous noise as pieces of the building hit the ground up and down the street – and even feel the ground shaking – but my body remained unwavering. It barely registered that anything was touching me. Finally the last big piece of wall caved in to the ground and as the dust settled I turned to look at Miguel. I had done amazing and mind-boggling things up to this point, but this display of strength somehow thrilled the guy in new ways. He stared at me with a face so full of admiration that I thought he was going to start to cry. His lust for superhero strength was just so fucking intense that I was starting to realize I was going to have to work double time to think of new ways to impress him. It was a good thing there was no limit to what I could do. To say that the guy’s cock was at full mast would have been an understatement. His big hard rod was sticking straight down his right pants leg and caused the crotch of his pants to bow out proudly as the material struggled to contain it. I knew my own cock was stiffly pressing against my own pants – excited by my strength display and what it caused in Miguel – but I willed the powerful thing to not burst through the material. My friend was in such awe that he spoke in a whisper.

“That was fucking amazing.”

“I’m glad you liked it, Miguel. Did you notice how big pieces of concrete hit all parts of my unmoving body and were forced to break into tiny pieces?”

“How could I not? It was the most incredible thing to watch! Even your nose busted up chunks as big as my body – like it was some kind of human jack hammer!”

“So you want to see me take this entire weak building down with one little move? I have an idea that might thrill us both to the max.”

“I . . . uh . . . I want to . . . um . . . warn you, Maddy . . . that I might not be able to . . . um prevent myself from . . . you know . . . having an accident when you do. But yes, yes I want it more than anything in the world. I fucking want to see you destroy an entire building as much as I want to breathe.”

“Wow, that’s intense. Um, it’s okay if you shoot, buddy. I might be joining you in that release. We will, however, have to leave immediately after I bring down the place – I’m sure the police have already been alerted to my destruction of property and are on their way. I’ll probably need you to jump in your Explorer and I’ll pick the thing up and leap us back to my place. It’ll be the quickest way to get out of here and I’ll save you a little gas. Besides, I’ll bet you’ll enjoy the ride, too.”

“Um . . . maybe you could hold the car with one hand and me with your other arm when you jump, so I can feel the wind and get the full flying through the air experience. If you don’t mind, Maddy.”

“I like the way you think, Miguel. Of course we can do it your way. Holding you close to my body like that will make leaping home even more exciting. We can even take a longer way home, just to thrill you a little more. So, how about me bringing down the house – this warehouse, that is!”

There was a moment of intense sexual tension between us. We were certainly ready to have our bodies smashed up against each other again. The idea of holding Miguel’s big body against mine and powering him and his car through the air was almost enough to make me spew. Thank goodness, I had super strength and could will my body to obey. I could sense that Miguel was ready for release, too, and I knew he didn’t have the strength to prevent it. He had witnessed too much of my power over the last few hours to last much longer. I was slightly amazed at how much will power the dude actually did had – especially knowing his intense cravings for superheroes. It surprised me he could go without spewing every time I did something incredible with my strength. I smiled at the guy and turned back to the building. I had a feeling that my next trick would be the trigger to multiple explosions.

“Time to show you some real power, Miguel.”

My head butt had merely brought down one of the walls – cracking solid concrete all the way through so it basically fell apart like a dried out clump of mud. The steel beams within the cement wall remained. I quickly noted that the crisscross of the metal framing seemed to come to a focus at the midsection of the wall. I glanced inside the warehouse to make sure nothing remained that was worth anything. The place was almost completely empty – except for some now useless big machinery. I reached out with one hand and grabbed the back of the thickest and largest I-beam connection that clearly ran the length of the building in both ways – soaring high into the ceiling and then spreading out both ways like a unearthed skeleton where the wall used to stand. I instinctively knew this was the foundation for the entire building – exactly what I was searching for – and ran around the entire structure. I pulled lightly to get a quick feeling for how securely grounded the structure was and then I grabbed the beam hard enough for my fingers to sink deeply into the metal, as if it were soft dough. I contemplated for a few minutes how easy it was to dent steel with just my fingers. I crumpled a thick I-beam with just a slight squeeze – how cool was that. I turned to Miguel and smiled. His body shook when he took in my devilish grin.

“This is for you, man. Your superhero wants to make you proud – and to make you spew hard.”

And with that simple statement, I pulled my arm towards me as I walked toward the street. It was like a kid pulling the pole out of a small tent in his back yard. The huge beam came out with my arm, screeching so loudly that Miguel covered his ears – even as his eyes grew crazy wide and his beautiful mouth dropped open. The building basically imploded on itself. How could it not, when its frame, the foundation that kept it grounded and supported was ripped from its secure place? All the remaining walls and the roof came crashing in as I easily ripped the joined beams in on themselves. The sound was truly deafening – like there had been a ton of dynamite to implode the building, but this time the destruction was caused by all the muscled power in just one of my arms. I wrenched the bottom of the giant I-beam from the concrete floor – easily ripping the metal apart – and then I simply yanked the entire structure down with one vigorous pull. I continued to drag the frame out even after the building was completely down, as if I wanted to save all the metal I-beams for some other project. The once huge building was now just a pile of rubble and a heavy plume of smoke and dust went up in the air. I took the end of the I-beam in my hand and twisted it into a bow – a little gift for the police and anyone else that came to see the damage. I looked up in time to see that Miguel, as promised, was emptying his Maddy-muscle loving, giant cum-load into his pants. It was a sight that brought much joy to my heart – his body shaking wildly in orgasm. I had made my friend so excited that he came without even pumping himself. It was amazing. I stood in front of him as his body convulsed and the guy’s face crinkled up in ejaculation pleasure. It took him a few minutes to regain control.

“You are so fucking hot when you cum, dude. I’ll never get tired of watching that. I think you’re actually more beautiful that way.”

I then reached out with one arm and grabbed my friend around the waist – pulling his big body into mine. My grip was tight enough for him to feel my strength, but soft enough to not hurt him. He gasped out loud as I lifted his body from the ground so easily. I also felt his cock spewing out a few more gobs of cum, just because of how great it felt in my powerful grasp. I walked over to his SUV and bent down to grab the thing by the running board. I tossed it high into the air, again, with a slight flick of my wrist and then looked at my friend as I waited for the car to come back down.

“How does that feel, buddy? Am I holding you too tight.”

“No Maddy, I feel secure, not constrained. You make me feel protected.”

“That’s exactly how I want you to feel. Let’s take a little flight to my house, shall we? Don’t worry, Miguel, I’ve got you and there’s nothing for you to worry about.”

This time, my friend didn’t even flinch when the big SUV slammed back down on my outstretched palm. There was a loud banging noise but Miguel didn’t even blink. It was clear he had become totally accustomed to the fact that my one hand could hold up his entire car and do even more. He just continued to stare into my eyes. I held the car in place with no strain at all. The fact that I was now holding it over the head of the love of my life gave me two distinct feelings – the first was that there was no way the car was going to get beyond my hand unless I allowed it to and the second was that I loved having Miguel this close to me as I showed off. My buddy knew there was a huge automobile resting at the end of my arm and I could tell it made him excited beyond words, but I also realized he had moved beyond just his desire for my strength. He was now infatuated with me, as well. I could feel that our mutual desire was even stronger than my body. His cock – even after depleting probably more cum from his body than all the other years of his life combined – was still hard and pressing against my leg. The feeling actually caused my super powered frame to shiver with delight. Miguel did not miss this sudden burst of pleasure.

“That’s the best compliment you could ever give me, Maddy. I love making your powerful body shake with excitement. It reminds me that you are human – even after watching you rip apart a massive building with only one arm.”

“I’ve got urges, man, and every one of them is based around you! Tearing down a building was just foreplay for all of our future adventures, Miguel. I’m going to make you the happiest man on earth.”

“You already have. I hear sirens, though, so maybe we should leave.”

“What? You don’t want to wait until they get here so you can see the look on their faces when they see me kissing the man I love and holding a big SUV over our heads – not to mention watching me blast into the air? It might make a few of them bust a giant wad just like you.”

“Um . . . I’m not quite ready to share you with the rest of the world, Maddy. Besides, we have to come up with some awesome costume and name for my powerful superhero, so your true identity will be hidden.”

“Damn, I like the sound of that! I’m beginning to have a big superhero fetish, myself.”

“Cool. You also have the power to make the fantasy become real life – and that, my friend, is worthy of a big kiss.”

Miguel brought his face into mine and, at the same time, I bent my legs slightly and then pushed off, powering our bodies and the SUV into the night air. The wind, the kiss, feeling my man’s body pressed against mine, and knowing that we had a lifetime of adventures waiting made both of us fly into the dark sky with hard-ons aching for release. Neither of us would have had it any other way.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Wow! Incredible story to read once again LB, it was like I was Miguel because I was watching every feat with a hard dick, almost ready to explode at every point because of Maddy's incredible strength! And Maddy's dick being so big, hard and strong that it could do feats of strength that no 20 men in the World put together could do was even better! I would've loved to see him take down a building with his dick by itself! As always, you seem to know exactly what to write to turn me on! I can't wait for more super powered hi-jinx!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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Er... Now I need to recover a little... Damn.
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Who knows, maybe one day I'll venture into the territory I know you like, portamivia, but - for now - I hope this kind of stuff continues to satisfy.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Londonboy....Ummm wow, I almost blew a load just reading this!!! I was so hard from start to end! Please don't stop this series. It has everything I love, a superhero and super strength and a super cock. Your descriptions of maddy's feats of strength are truly amazing. So hottttt! Thank you
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"Satisfy" doesn't even begin to cover it, dude. It's great as it is. And we can always chat about the rest. ;-)
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Superhero stories are the ultimate in my view, I can't wait to see how this story unfolds. Please continue, you weave an awesome tale!
AIM Trekka77
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