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The Power

I realized I had the power at an early age. I was only ten years old and I was hanging out with my friend, Stewart. We were just goofing off in my room and he started talking about our favorite comic book character – Captain America. He began to go on and on about how big Steve Rogers grew when the government changed his body and his words caused me to suddenly feel very strange. It was a new and exciting sensation that emanated from below my belt. I was a little scared, but it felt so good that I didn’t care – and I certainly didn’t say anything about it to my friend. The more Stewart talked about Rogers’ muscles growing bigger the more stimulated I got. I suddenly started envisioning the same kind of changes happening to Stewart and that’s when I began to feel this heat radiating from my hands and my eyes. It was totally bizarre and, luckily, Stewart was so focused on a comic book in his lap that he didn’t notice how it made my eyes glow yellow and my face turn red. I only saw it because of the reflection in the mirror across the room. The desire that had suddenly sprung up in body was the only thing that helped me to not succumb to the fear caused by the sight of my face. I also noticed new obvious changes happening to Stewart’s body and that urged me on even more. I didn’t realize it at the time, but desire was fueling the entire process.

Stewie was a small guy with absolutely no meat on his bones. Even sopping wet I bet he barely weighed sixty pounds. His nickname at school was string bean. That, however, was changing right before my glowing eyes. Stewart’s chest was bulging out suddenly with more meat. His tee shirt was quickly filling out. I also noticed his tiny arms were becoming thicker and making him look like someone who should be in high school – and on the football team. I also noticed the guy’s legs getting bigger – along with his shoulders and back. It wasn’t like he was busting out of his clothes or anything – although that thought did excite me even more – but he was definitely straining the shirt and jeans he was wearing. I noticed that Stew was tugging at the neckline of his shirt and the tight sleeves around his arms without even thinking about it. Clearly the guy was in discomfort, but he didn’t even notice how much he had grown. I finally caught on that my red eyes and burning hands were somehow involved in the guys change. I forced myself to stop thinking of him being bigger and my body suddenly went back to normal. It dawned on me that I had some kind of power that made Stewart grow. I decided to test my theory. I focused only on Stew’s arms and thought about them growing huge. My eyes started glowing, my hands started burning, and there was a really nice feeling below my belt. I forced it to quit as quickly as it had started, but not before Stew’s arms had ballooned even larger – enough to even start tearing the right sleeve. He still hadn’t noticed.

“Um . . . Stew . . . something’s happening.”

“I know. Rogers is figuring out he has more power than he ever thought. It’s amazing how he’s still learning more about himself and his strength. This is a cool episode. I’m glad you bought this, Michael.”

“Yeah, me too . . . but that’s not what I mean. I think you need to look in the mirror.”

“Let me finish this first.”

“Um . . . no, I think you need to look right now. I mean it, Stew.”

The guy looked up at me first and then looked across the room at the mirror, where I pointed with my head. His jaw immediately dropped open and he stood up quickly. The dude had obviously grown a few inches, too – made noticeable by his high waters – and he had clearly put on about sixty more pounds of pure muscle. My best friend sauntered over to the mirror – clearly his body had to move differently because it was now so much larger and he wasn’t used to it. When he turned to speak to me his voice had dropped an octave, as well.

“Look at me, dude, I’m huge! And listen to my voice!”

“I know – you must be going through some kind of wild growth spurt!”

Something instinctively told me not to mention how I had caused the change. It was clear that my thoughts had made my body go radioactive or something and beam more pounds on my best friend. I still couldn’t believe what I saw. The tee shirt was barely containing Stew’s new muscled body. His biceps bulged like he was some kind of beefy gymnast. His pecs actually hung way down full of hard meat and were clearly defined underneath the stretched material. His shoulders had shot upward and outward – causing the hem of the shirt to now come only halfway down the guy’s chiseled six-pack. My friend’s legs looked like someone had wrapped them in thick blankets before he put on his jeans – they were simply that massive and muscle-packed. Stew had to stand with his legs slightly apart because his thighs were so bulky. I saw that the seams on the side of his pants had begun to split apart from the pressure caused by his new hard muscle. One of the reasons Stewart looked so enormous was because his clothes were now so small – he looked like the Hulk in mid expansion – but he had also grown big, bigger than any guy in our class and bigger than most guys five to six years older than him. It was shocking to see my best friend looking so powerful. I also couldn’t help but noticing that a certain muscle at his crotch had grown, as well, and was now fully engorged and protruding across his massive thigh. Stew was clearly turned on by the way he looked, too.

“Shit! I’m bigger than any guy in our school – and even some of the teachers. Look at me, Michael; I’ve got muscles on top of muscles. I feel like I could do anything. Let me see how light you are.”

Without any warning Stewart walked over to me and grabbed me at my waist. He powered me up into the air without any problem. It was like I weighed nothing more than five pounds or so. It was pretty clear that Stew had been given a lot of strength to go along with his new size. To emphasize how little trouble my body gave his new big arms the guy tossed me in the air a few times and caught me in his strong hands. Stewart started to laugh as he lobbed me upward a few more times. I could have easily been a small stuffed animal for how little effort he had to exert to manhandle me so easily.

“It doesn’t even register that I’m throwing your whole body up in the air Mikey. You don’t weigh anything at all. Well, at least to my new big arms. Just look how huge my biceps look compared to yours, dude. I could squash you like an ant if I wanted to. Let’s see if I can send you across the room all the way to your bed.”

The next thing I knew I was soaring through the air and hit my bed with a big thud. Stewart had just cocked my body back over his head and sent me sailing across the room. I hit the mattress hard and then bounced into the wall. I could hear my friend laughing at what he had just done. This was like child’s play to him. I could tell he barely used much of his strength to send me flying into the wall. Stewart hadn’t become Captain America, but I had made him one big and strong ten-year old. I turned to see him looking at himself in the mirror again – clearly loving his new size.

“It was nothing for me to toss your body that far, dude. I probably could have sent you through the wall if I had wanted to. Man, I’m as strong as I am big. It feels incredible. I can’t wait until school tomorrow.”

“That was incredible, Stew. You are amazing. I can’t believe how big and strong you’ve become.”

“Yeah, compared to me you’re tiny, Michael. This was some great growth spurt. I can’t wait to see the looks on people’s faces tomorrow. I bet you I’ll be the most popular kid in school. Tomorrow, I’m going to eat at any table I want to at lunch – cause who’s going to stop me, right? I hope somebody tries to prevent me from sitting where I want to. I’ll just toss their body across the cafeteria – without any problem.”

“I think you might need to get some new clothes, Stew. None of your old ones are going to fit you.”

“Hell, I hadn’t thought about that. I gotta get home and test my strength with my father’s weight set. I bet you anything I can lift more than him now. He’s got the thing loaded down with his top weight. I’m going to see how easy it is for me to lift that amount. My dad is going to shit when he sees how strong I am.”

“Um . . . okay . . . I’ll see you at school tomorrow, Stewie.”

“What? Oh, yeah. Sure, squirt. Hey, don’t call me Stewie anymore. With a bod like this I need to be called Stewart – don’t forget. See you around, Mikey.”

And with that comment my best friend left the room – groping his new huge body as he walked out the door. I quickly followed him as he exited my house. It was also the last time Stewart ever really talked to me. I had wished his body to be huge and it had come true, but the guy let all his new muscles go to his head. He told some mutual friends the next day that he couldn’t be seen with me anymore since I was such a dweeb. In English class later I tried to wish him small again – so I’d have my best friend back – but the magic didn’t work in reverse. I even snuck into the bathroom to see if I could make myself big, but that didn’t work either. I was so hurt and angry that I decided to never wish anyone else huge again and I stuck to that goal for many years. Stewart never really thought he had to do anything to maintain his muscles, so finally the rest of the class caught up with him and he just ended up being average. He, however, didn’t ever think it was cool to be my friend again, so I doubled my resolve to never alter another guy. It wasn’t until high school that I finally broke my rule and used my powers again.

Clarence was the resident geek in our junior class. He even got picked on much more than I did, which was saying a lot. I was happy to have him in my gym class because he seemed to draw most of the unwanted attention away from me. There was a group of bullies that had gym the same period we did and they were merciless when it came to abusing smaller guys. Clarence was the perfect target. Brad Russell was the ringleader. He was a large kid with a big gut who had the strength of two guys put together. He wasn’t much of a jock or anything, but his size seemed to make him intimidating, that and the fact he was just a mean guy. We had just finished a day of track and field events and we were in the locker room. Clarence was standing at this locker – at the end of one of the rows as far away from the bullies as possible. Brad came around that side – clearly choosing to take the long way around the room just so he could pick on the smaller Clarence. When the big guy and his four henchmen walked around the row of lockers he reached up and shoved Clarence in the chest – hard, really hard. The smaller boy went flying back into his open locker and everyone laughed – except for a few of us smaller guys.

“Look at that, guys, I barely pushed Clarice and she went flying into her locker! I guess that’s what happens when she gets a real man shove. I should stuff your entire body in that locker, little girl, just cause I can, but I don’t want to waste my time. I’m meeting Jenny Owens underneath the bleachers after class and she’s going to let me feel her up all I want to. That’s something you’ll probably never get the chance to do, Clarice. Go ahead, guys, take your chance to shove the puny runt.”

I watched angry and horrified as each of the other four guys took their turn shoving Clarence into his locker even more. The last guy even slammed the door shut catching Clarence’s ankle and hand with a loud bang. As soon as they had walked away I ran over and helped Clarence out of the cramped space. He was crying and I noticed that his hand was bleeding where the door had broken the skin. The poor guy didn’t even look me in the face. He mumbled a choked-up thank you, quickly grabbed his towel, and then ran to the back shower room – the one that had been unofficially dubbed the “dweeb space.” It was where Clarence, a few others, and I always showered since we were not allowed to go to the larger room reserved for the jocks and bullies. Usually I didn’t care that we were in a different room, but today I found myself really angry with Brad and his cronies. The anger began to swell within me and I found myself turning my attention to Clarence – who was now showering a few feet down from me in the open room. I felt so sorry for the guy that I started wishing he could be bigger than Brad and his friends – much bigger. I immediately felt my hands starting to get warm and I knew my eyes were glowing. I didn’t care – even though I had not allowed myself to get this worked up for a long time. I faced the wall, but turned my gaze secretly toward Clarence. There was a part of me that wanted to stop – the pain of losing my best friend just because I made him grow was still very real for me – but my desire to help Clarence, a guy that I really wasn’t friends with, was much more. I intensified my thoughts and my hands started to grow much warmer. I started to visualize what I wanted to happen. I even whispered it to myself – just to focus my thoughts.

“I want you to grow huge, Clarence. I want you to be much bigger than any guy in our school. I wish you more massive than Coach Hendricks.”

I imagined Clarence getting bigger than our muscle bound head football coach – John Hendricks. He was considered one of the studliest guys in our town. The man worked out all the time and had built his body into competition size, but never entered any bodybuilding contests. He was just this jockhead that wanted to build up his body big. I desired growth for Clarence so badly that it didn’t scare me at all when his body began to change. I watched as the small guy washed his hair and noticed none of the alterations taking place. I started with the pecs – concentrating on the things ballooning large. His chest bulged upward and outward, swelling into two huge mounds of hard meat. Even the dark spots around his nipples expanded larger and his nubs grew thick and beefy. It was the kind of chest that most men dreamed of having – a deep crevice between the two mountainous pillows of stone-like muscle. The guy had no idea that he now had a chest wider than most chairs. I watched, fully engrossed, as water poured down his pecs and caused little waterfalls to spill off of his hard nipples like fountains shooting out from stone. The water made his new muscles shine even more defined in the light of the open room.

I got a little turned on by his new pectoral muscles and decided to move on to his shoulders and arms before I got too carried away in the shower. When I was done with Clarence’s neck, shoulders, arms, and forearms the guy looked like a cartoon character – huge on top and a skinny midsection and tiny legs supporting him. I could see he was swaying a little from being off balanced, but I think he just figured it was because he was washing his hair. His bent arms looked like small kegs – biceps and triceps bulging out with new power. His traps and delts swelled out so much that I thought they were small children attached to his body. I then got to work on his lats and loved how the changes made his arms move away from his body even more – the new muscles making it impossible for him to lower his forearms completely to his sides. I then started my magic on his stomach, glutes, and legs. I hated musclemen that never took the time to build their quads or calves, so I gave Clarence some extra muscle down there – making the dude’s bottom half look like a skin-covered mini-tank. I then decided the guy needed a cock to match his size and I made the thing arch out a good ten inches. Giving him a hardened gut that had deep ridges, but still looked like a real man’s stomach, was my favorite part. The finished piece of art looked like a smaller nerdy young Lou Ferrigno. I was proud of my work and decided to leave before Clarence figured out that I had anything to do with the change.

To my surprise, Clarence came back out to his locker and it was clear that he hadn’t noticed any changes. Part of it was because he wasn’t wearing his glasses – they were in the locker – and part of it was just because the guy was clueless most of the time. Clarence was a brilliant geek that really only cared about chemistry and video games. It was wild to think that he had become even larger than some of the characters he created for his online gaming. I was looking forward to the moment he discovered his new body. Come to find out, I couldn’t have planned Clarence’s muscle “coming out” better than it actually unfolded. The newly large guy was busy drying his hair with a second towel, having absent-mindedly wrapped the other around his new chiseled waist. He and I were the only guys in that particular row of lockers, but that changed when Brad and his pals came around the corner again – back to give Clarence some more grief. Without even looking – just to emphasize his dominance – Brad reached up and shoved Clarence in what he expected to be the guy’s chest, but it ended up being his chiseled stomach. Clarence’s new body didn’t budge at all and Brad’s hand was completely stopped mid-push. It was clear the big bully wasn’t used to meeting this kind of resistance from such a puny dweeb. He looked up and I almost laughed out loud when I watched Brad’s face turn to shock.

“What the hell?”

Brad, for some strange reason, thought what he was seeing was just an illusion and he had the gumption to shove the monster in front of him again. This time he pushed harder and, again, Clarence’s body didn’t move at all. Brad immediately threw both of his palms up against Clarence’s new humongous chest and shoved with all of his might. The giant muscleman’s upper torso moved backward slightly, but that was mostly because Clarence was caught off guard. I watched with joy as the once small dweeb realized he was now looking down at his tormentor – not up as before. I saw Clarence look down at Brad’s hands against his huge chest and his eyes grew wider when he noticed how small that part of the bully’s body looked compared to his own. The smile that crept across Clarence’s face when he brought his chin back up to look at the guy in front of him was a little disconcerting – full of sudden excitement and something I could only describe as evil. When the new muscleman spoke he sounded like he had swallowed a megaphone – his voice was deep and booming.

“My turn, Brad.”

With those simple words Clarence placed one of his big paws on the chest of the other guy and shoved hard. Brad immediately went flying across the open space and slammed into the lockers across the way. It happened so quickly that no one was prepared for it – not even Clarence. Brad’s feet came off the floor and his big body basically soared through the air with barely any effort being exerted by the bigger guy. Clarence looked down at his own hand after watching and hearing Brad’s big frame crash into the lockers. I noticed that the door of the locker dented in a little from the impact. One of Brad’s goons – clearly intimidated by Clarence’s new size but wanting to stand up for his boss – slammed his elbow into one of the locker doors putting a big dent in the metal, just to show his power. This made Clarence smile even more. He clearly had realized that something wonderful had happened to him and it didn’t take him long to realize his full potential. The one time geek raised his arm up and sent his fist flying toward one of the closed lockers. I let out a gasp when I saw Clarence’s balled up hand burst through the metal door easily. The guy blasted a hole in the locker with just his fist and I was sure his hand actually went the back wall into the locker in the next row. The stupid jock in front of him was not deterred by this display of strength. In a fit to destroy his opponent he cocked his arm back and sent what he thought would be a devastating blow to Clarence’s mid-section. The jocks fist was stopped by defined abs of steel and the yelp that came out of his mouth made it clear that his hand was in pain. Clarence let out an evil laugh that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Clarence pulled his fist from the locker and the sound of metal being destroyed was a little intoxicating.

“That the best you got, little girl. Here, let me show you what a real punch feels like.”

Fortunately, it was pretty obvious that Clarence understood the full extent of his power from the get-go and the punch he sent into the jock’s stomach only had enough force to do a little damage. It was clear he didn’t want to put the guy in the hospital or anything. He really just wanted to emphasize his new size and strength – making it very clear things were now different. Still, the jock immediately doubled over and went flying across the floor and into the wall a few feet away. I watched as his body slumped to the ground, clearly in a state of shock and a lot of pain from what must have felt like a love tap to Clarence. The new muscleman’s body was radiant as he tensed his muscles to show off. Everything bulged in ways that made all of us near him stand there in disbelief. I noticed that the guy’s shoulders were now wider than three entire lockers – when he had fit in one just thirty minutes earlier. His biceps were now so pumped that he looked like a strongman that had just beaten four guys in a row in arm wrestling matches – with both arms at the same time. His upper arm muscles were thicker than his entire former upper body. It was like two Clarence’s now hung from the giant’s shoulders. I kept coming back to the guy’s powerhouse legs – amazed at their size even though I had been the one to envision how they should be. He basically had two giant tree trunks for support and the now hardening big cock looked perfect between the bulging quads. It thrilled me a little to know that Clarence was getting off on his own strength and new size. The guy was like a kid in the candy store as he easily took care of the previous bullies. I gasped again when Clarence threw his guns into a double biceps pose and forced the peaks to skyrocket into the air. He was showing off and it was magnificent – but also a little scary.

“There must be something in the water in the ‘dweeb room,’ boys. That’s the only thing I can think of that explains my sudden growth. It’s pretty clear, though, that there’s a new sheriff in town, little fellas, and he’s a lot stronger and much bigger than all of you put together. I can’t wait to shove all of your heads in the toilet at one time and then I think I’ll easily stuff the five of you in one locker. And just wait for wrestling class on Friday – I think I’ll take all of you on at one time. It’ll be fun making you black and blue for a few weeks. Come on guys, the fun’s not over. Let’s see what you think you got – cause whatever it is it’s not even a fraction of what I’ve got in all these huge new muscles.”

Brad and his goons were not used to being taunted. They had run the school for years and no one challenged them – not even the teachers. A sudden yell in unison made me pull my eyes from Clarence’s magnificent body to see Brad and the remaining guys running toward the new giant with a metal bench in their hands. They had it aimed right for Clarence’s stomach, but when they got within reaching distance the big man caught the end as it neared, allowed his arm to go back with it slightly, and then shoved back. The bench, along with the four guys, went flying backwards and the entire group fell on their butts and went scooting across the floor for a few yards. The look on their faces was priceless – they were shocked beyond belief at how easily Clarence had taken them down. The deep laugh that rumbled from the large man made me want to pee in my pants. I kept trying to tell myself that Clarence was just having a little fun with his old tormentors, but something inside of me knew there was more to his reaction. I simply chose to ignore my gut instincts and I found myself hoping Brad and his entourage would challenge the former geek some more.

“You guys clearly need to work out some more. I took you all down with just one arm. Of course, it’s a fucking huge arm, but still four of you should be able to give me a little challenge. Maybe I should gather you all up and go soak you in the dweeb shower for a little while – to see if we can put some muscle on you. Actually, I think I’ll just take care of you all pretty quickly so I can get dressed and then go meet Jenny Owens underneath the bleachers and show her what a real man looks like. Maybe she’ll be so turned on she’ll want to ride this sweet piece of meat that’s grown with the rest of me. Yeah, Brad, how about I treat Jenny to something she’ll never forget. I’ve seen your little Vienna sausage and I think she’ll be a lot more happy with me.”

I could not believe how stupid Brad truly was – he became incensed by what Clarence was suggesting and jumped up to run at the giant with his full force. I was reminded of childhood cartoons as I watched Clarence place one of his big hands on Brad’s head and hold him back at arm's length as the guy wildly tried to throw punches. It was like seeing a father easily restrain his small son. With just a quick flip of his wrist, Clarence moved his hand form Brad’s head to around the bully’s neck. And then the giant lifted the heavyset guy into the air easily. I loved how Clarence’s biceps bulged powerfully as he held the squirming bully’s body up in the air. Meanwhile, one of the larger guys that was in Brad’s group let out a loud yell and ran at Clarence the same way his friend had – and the big man easily wrapped his hand around that guy’s neck and raised him in the air beside his leader. It was a wonderful sight to see the once smallish Clarence now holding two large classmates in the air without any strain – especially since those two guys had tormented many of us for years. Even though there was part of Clarence’s cockiness that made me nervous, there was also another part of me that loved how he was dealing with these former bullies.

“Your heads must be as thick as your bellies, fellas. You actually think you can win a fight against the new me? Look how I easily hold your weightless bodies in the air. You thought you had power – at one time – but that was before you met the new bigger me. I could probably crush your necks with just a light little squeeze, but that would be too easy and it wouldn’t make you suffer long enough – like you’ve made me suffer. We have a year and a half more together, little men, and I intend to make your lives miserable. If you think I’m the kind of bully that will just steal your lunch money, then you are sadly mistaken. By the way, I like how your faces are turning really red right now. Don’t worry, I won’t let you die or anything. So, I thought I’d start my little tormenting of you by destroying your cars. Yeah, I think that would be good. One day you’ll come out after your last class and you’ll find your cars all crumpled into one undrivable heap. Yeah, that sounds pretty hot, doesn’t it – watching me destroy your cars with just my powerful hands. I can’t wait to demolish that prized Camaro of yours, Brad. Yeah, I think you love that thing more than Jenny Owens. It’s going to be so cool to make you watch me turn that car into a piece of shit. As for Jenny, well she’s never coming back to you after she gets a load of all my muscle. I happen to know she loves massive arms and giant cocks – and, well - I put you to shame in both areas. I can see that both of you are about to pass out, so I think it’s time to give you something to remember this moment by – a massive headache later on. Nighty-night, boys.”

I watched in absolute shock as Clarence brought the two guy’s heads together with a loud thump. It shocked and excited me at the same time. I knew the two men would ultimately be fine, the muscleman wanted to taunt them for a long time and wasn’t about to incapacitate them, but I watched as they were knocked unconscious and I knew it was for a long time. Clarence then tossed their big bodies against the lockers in front of him as if they were just dirty laundry he was throwing in a hamper. I didn’t realize the big guy had his sights on the other three dudes until Brad and the other goon were just a pile of bodies on the ground. Finally, the other members of Brad’s posse – including the one Clarence had punched in the stomach – grasped that they were powerless against the newly improved giant geek. They had decided to get the hell out of the locker room before Clarence noticed – but it was too late. As the three boys made their way down the long row of lockers to exit into the gym, the powerful Clarence figured out the perfect way to stop them. The big guy was now tall enough to watch them over the top of the lockers and when he knew they were almost in perfect place he gave a mighty shove to the row of lockers right in front of him. The incredible push caused a domino effect with about eight rows – each being knocked down in succession until the final row fell on the three guys trying to escape. It wasn’t enough to do permanent damage, but it was clear the guys weren’t going anywhere. That’s when Clarence turned and addressed me – something that made my cock hard, but also made my heart pulse in fear.

“That was fucking easy. Those guys weren’t any kind of a challenge. You like the show, Michael?”

“Um . . . yes . . . it was . . . uh . . . impressive.”

“That was nothing. You’ll see impressive dweeb, don’t you worry.”

His words stung a little. I didn’t want to believe that Clarence was turning into what he and I most despised, but the evidence was there. I tried to smile at the huge man. He was just so gorgeous. His muscles seem to bulge out now more than ever. His giant cock was still fully hard and sticking up against his beautiful abs, but I was nervous about looking at the thing. Clarence could not wait to show Jenny Owens his new body, so that told me a lot about his preferences. I did however have the clarity of mind to offer him some suggestions.

“Um . . . Clarence . . . you won’t . . . um . . . be able to fit in your old clothes . . . maybe it’s a good idea to take . . . uh . . . Brad’s outfit.”

“You kidding, dork? Look at me. I’m much too huge to wear that puny guy’s clothes. I’ve got my sights on something bigger and a lot sexier. It seems to me that there is a certain coach that has allowed these assholes to torment me over the years. I also think I’m a lot bigger than Coach Hendricks now and definitely a lot stronger. I’m thinking it would be good to have a pair of his ass-hugging shorts and a polo that is so tight it will look like it was painted over this big chest and arms. Don’t you think that’s a good idea, dweeb?”

“Um . . . I guess so.”

“You guess so? I don’t think you get it, little guy. I can do anything I want now. Coach Hendricks will be glad to give me his clothes by the time I’m finished with him. Let the fun begin. Move out of my way, puny boy.”

His words stung more than the slight push he gave that sent my body into the open locker beside me. I heard him laugh as he walked by. I moved out of my confined space and sat down on the bench. I was furious at myself – because it seemed I had just created a new bully. Clarence had turned into the exact type of guy that had pestered him for years. He thought his strength and power enabled him to become a tormenter. It had been fine when he was putting his former bullies in their proper place, but when he chose to treat me unkindly it basically made him one of them. I contemplated making Brad and his goons big, too, but I knew that would accomplish nothing. I thought for a few seconds that maybe Clarence would change his ways after a few days, but then what I heard coming from the Coach’s office made me think differently. I listened closely to their voices and the other sounds.

“What do you want, Clarence? I don’t have time for . . . shit, what happened to you?”

“Just a few improvements, asshole.”

“Hey, bud, watch your language or I’ll . . . umgh . . . “

“Or you’ll what, Coach? It seems to me I’ve outgrown you by a bunch. See how easy it is for me to lift your big body over my head?”

“Put me down right now, Clarence.”

“Gladly, sir. Anything you say.”

The next sound was loud and very disturbing. I gathered it was Clarence slamming Coach Hendricks’ body down on the older man’s desk. I heard the big piece of furniture crack apart loudly. I heard the broken thing hitting the floor and then I stopped hearing the Coach’s voice. A few minutes later Clarence came out wearing the Hendricks’ clothes. I had to admit he looked awesome in the outfit – tight polo and even tighter shorts. It was also clear that Clarence knew how hot he looked. He stared me down and I backed away from him – obviously the reaction he wanted.

“Coach Hendricks isn’t feeling very well. He doesn’t want to be disturbed. Make sure you tell the other dweebs. You mention a word of what you saw or heard and you’ll find your legs crammed down your throat up to the knees. You got that, sport?”


“Yes what, dweeb?”

“Yes, Clarence.”

“No. Not good enough.”

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s it, puny man. Good job. Now, I think I’ll go make Jenny Owens scream twice – once when she gets to feel my huge biceps and once when she feels another big muscle plowing her insides. Jenny always talks about how she loves big muscles – well, she is definitely about to meet her perfect match. I can’t wait until tomorrow – when I can unleash my power on the rest of the school. See you later, Michelle.”

My heart sank as Clarence walked away. Even the sight of his tight bubble butt didn’t raise my spirits. It was clear that power had gone to his head and he was now a full-fledged bully. I was so disappointed and upset. I had hoped the changes I caused in the guy would have made him better. I was glad he had put Brad and his pals in their place, but I was sad to see him treat me the same way the bullies had treated his former self. It seemed to suggest that size and power simply led to cockiness and being mean. Again, I found myself promising myself that I’d never use my powers to help a guy grow bigger. It just wasn’t worth it. I, again, tried to see if I could make myself grow larger, but it didn’t work. I even stared at myself in the locker room mirror, but it caused no changes. I went home that day very sad and determined to never let my desires or my sympathies get the best of me. I swore off thinking about anyone getting larger. I had no idea, however, that just a few years later I would be in a situation that would cause me to wish someone else to grow. And I would have never guessed it would have been a family member.

My senior year in college my mom remarried and the guy she hooked up with, Morris, was an asshole. I never said anything because my mother loved the guy, but he just didn’t like me and seemed to only tolerate my existence. As a matter of fact, he was that way to everyone. The dude was older than my mom and he had a son who was about three years older than me. Devon was his name and he seemed to be disliked by his father even more than I was. Devon was what you would call a pretty boy – slender and with an almost girlish beautiful face. His dad picked on him constantly – telling him to act more like a man and to butch it up. Devon loved all the things that made the teasing even worse – ballet, novels, musical theatre, and fashion. In any other situation the guy might have been a model or something, but not with a dad that put him down all the time. Devon was forced to work in the family barbershop – mopping the floors and disinfecting combs. The poor guy had tried to go to school, but his dad always told him he was too much of a wimp to make in at a university. When I would come home from college Devon and I would share a room. It was spring break and I had no money so I was visiting my mom, counting down the days until I could return to school. One night, early on in the visit, Morris had a few too many beers at dinner and decided to pick on his real son as soon as my mom had left for her night shift as a nurse.

“So, you gonna watch some football with your old man tonight, little Devon, or are you going to go up to your room and watch some pansy-ass ballet.”

“I don’t know.”

Devon stared down at his dinner plate and spoke softly. He had been verbally beaten down for so many years that this was his natural state. I felt so sorry for the guy – especially since he had this very generous heart and was truly an artist kid born to the wrong family. He painted, danced, played the piano, and much more – all of it self-taught because his father didn’t want any son of his doing those kinds of things. Devon was twenty-three years old, but acted like a ten year old around his father. The beer caused Morris to be a little more boisterous than usual and he decided to sink his venomous claws into his son.

“See how weak my boy is, Michael? He can’t even speak up – it would take too much energy that he doesn’t have. How much you weigh, Devon – one forty or even less? Geez, you’re a poster child for the little man community. I’m not raising a son; I’m bringing up a sissy. The boy can’t even grow one hair on his face – it’s like he hasn’t gone through puberty or something. You ever seen anything so pathetic, Michael? I mean, hell, you’re not much bigger than him, but at least you look me in the eye when you speak to me.”

“Leave him alone, Morris.”

“Look at that – the two little men taking up for each other. Well, since you’re such a team the pair of you can clean up this mess. I’m going to watch the game – alone, as usual. You open the shop tomorrow morning, Devon. I want to sleep in and I know you’ve got nothing else on your pathetic agenda. You better have your scrawny ass down there at eight sharp or there will be hell to pay. Now get these dishes cleaned, dweebs.”

I really only gave into Morris’ stupid orders for my mom and, I guess, for Devon, too. I felt no need to appease the brute, but I knew it would be best to keep things at home a lot calmer and it would make my mom happy. When I came into the kitchen, Devon was crying softly as he rinsed items to ready them for the dishwasher. I scraped plates beside him not saying a word; I knew it was best to not bring attention to what had happened. I had learned that Devon usually liked to ignore anything confrontational. After a few minutes he wiped his face with the sleeve of his shirt and then turned to me.

“I just can’t stand up to him. I don’t know why. I guess I’m scared of him or something. I know I should be more of a man and hold my ground, but I just can’t. Sometimes I think it would be better if I weren’t alive.”

“Hey, that’s not cool, Devon. Don’t say that. You shouldn’t let him get to you that much. Why don’t you just leave – move to another town.”

“And do what, Michael? I don’t have any skills – he would never let me develop any. I haven’t been to school, I haven’t trained for anything – it seems all I’m good for is cleaning up his barbershop.”

“That’s not true, Devon. I’ve seen your artwork. I’ve heard you play the piano. You’ve got talent – real talent. Maybe you should pursue something in the arts.”

“With what? I’ve got about two hundred dollars in the bank and that’s after saving like a madman. Morris deducts rent, food, and utilities from every paycheck and that leaves almost nothing. I wish I could grow some huge balls and tell the guy off. I’d even be happy if I just gained enough weight to make him proud of me. I’m such a loser, Michael. I wish I could go to college like you. You’re so lucky that your dad left you money for school. I just wish I could stand up to him. I wish I had enough confidence to tell him how I feel or let him know what I want to do. Instead, I just drop my head and take his abuse. I just wish I was a stronger person!”

The conversation had proven to be too much for Devon. Tears began to stream down his face even more and he quickly left the kitchen and went upstairs. I finished the work and then went up to our room. Devon was already in bed and sound asleep. The pressure had just been too difficult for him and he was worn out. I lay down on my bed and thoughts about helping my stepbrother started to float through my mind. I tried desperately to ignore them. I was determined not to use my powers on anyone else – ever. I did not want to be disappointed by losing friends or watching some guy turn into some jerk again. Clarence had remained a number one bully throughout the rest of our high school years and Stewart had ignored me forever once his body changed. I did not want that to happen to Devon and, yet, I really felt sorry for the guy. He truly thought of himself as a lost cause and destined to remain subservient to Morris for the rest of his life. I could see that the only thing Devon really needed was a little positive self-esteem, but it was clear that wasn’t going to happen naturally. I also knew that Morris would continue to make Devon’s life hell – forever. Each time I felt the subject was closed and there was no way I was going to help the guy, my gaze would wander over to his body in bed and I would remember his tears when we were in the kitchen. I felt this barrier around my heart melting. I knew, on some level, that I had a crush on the guy – he was sensitive, artistic, and beautiful. But I worried that changing his body would change his personality, too. I wanted him to stay the incredibly nice guy that I had fallen in love with and I wasn’t sure that would happen if I helped him to grow. What finally made me change my mind was the fact that I knew Devon needed to escape the clutches of Morris. I knew it was the most important thing for him. I decided that even if his attitude towards me changed – I would still be helping my stepbrother by getting him out of this house. I knew I needed to help him no matter what the cost.

I decided, though, that if I was going to lose him as a friend or a love interest, at least I should be able to watch his body change up close. I got out of my bed and walked over to his. I pulled the blanket and sheet down off of him. Devon’s lean body was displayed in front of me – covered in a white tee shirt and some cotton shorts. I was excited to see that he was sleeping soundly on his back. His face was so handsome, now that it wasn’t all tensed from crying. He had dark full hair that made him look almost angelic as he slept. I felt myself getting a little turned on by the idea that this handsome guy would soon have the kind of body that matched his beautiful face. I started going through a few different ideas in my head and finally landed on a perfect ‘look’ for my stepbrother. I felt a certain stirring beneath my belt as I started to formulate Devon’s change. I then stood right beside his bed and started to concentrate. I felt my eyes start to burn a little as they glowed and the familiar heat returned to my hands and face. I turned my attention to the lower half of the guy’s body and got to work.

Watching Devon’s feet begin to grow was a huge thrill. There was something about seeing big feet that got me excited about making the rest of him match their size. I was certainly going to make sure the old adage about a guy with big hands and feet having a huge cock came true for this guy. He deserved it. His feet inched longer, thicker, and wider. It was beautiful. For a while he looked like a Hobbit. I never knew feet could turn me on so much until I gazed at their hugeness. It was pretty clear that the guy wasn’t going to fit into any shoes in our house, so I knew I’d being going shopping with him the next day. I found it hard to move my focus from his giant feet, but I knew I needed to. His toes were huge and looked like they had tons of power. There were veins across the top of his feet and they looked beautiful. I forced myself to move on to his calves, loving how I made them balloon out wide. I knew there were massive tear shaped muscles on the backside and I was sorry I couldn’t see them. I made sure the lower part of his legs looked compatible to his giant feet and then I moved on to his quads. I always loved watching bodybuilders flex their upper legs and cause the muscle to flare out with tremendous power and hardness. I decided that’s what Devon’s thighs should look like all the time. I concentrated on this part of his body and made them get denser and denser. I definitely got a little carried away and soon his cotton shorts spit up the sides in one loud rip. I was thankful that my stepbrother was such a heavy sleeper. I packed sinew on top of sinew and the thick muscle made his legs actually push apart. Devon’s legs now looked like those of some super heavyweight powerlifting bodybuilder. I paused briefly and let my eyes and hands return to normal so I could get a good look at what I had done. Taking his entire frame in at one time was hilarious, since his upper body was still small, but if I only looked at his legs I got a clear glimpse of the muscled beast he was to become. His lower limbs were incredibly massive and obviously powerful. His shorts now looked like a tiny loincloth, not coming close to covering his legs. I chose to wait on his cock – wanting to save it for last.

I started focusing on changing Devon again and my eyes returned to glowing yellow. My hands started to warm, also. Watching Devon’s body rise off of the bed as I padded his glutes was magical. I put a little extra muscle in his ass because I wanted to have something gorgeous to look at whenever he was walking away. I also wanted future pairs of pants to barely contain his yumminess. I kept hoping the guy would roll over so I could get a glimpse of his huge bubble butt protruding out into the air, but, alas, it didn’t happen. I could tell, however, that I had given him enough hard padding to make it worthwhile when I finally did see his behind. That thought made my own crotch feel very good. I realized I was making it hard for the guy to be able to buy pants, knowing it was going to be difficult for him to find anything that he could pull up over his massive legs and his giant caboose. I didn’t worry about it too much, because I had the feeling Devon was going to be wearing a lot of sweats from now on, anyway. I hoped he’d wear a lot of spandex shorts, too, so I could get a great glimpse of the striations and veins streaking across his thighs. I began to work on his stomach – realizing that I was drawn to a thick muscled middle with abdominals that looked like eight rolling pins lined up together and covered in skin. I didn’t care much for really thin tiny waists, it seemed to me the powerlifting muscled stomach held a hell of a lot more power and looked more manly, too. Devon’s stomach swelled a little, but it was all hardness and ridges – not an ounce of fat. I could actually see the defined abs through the material of his shirt. I had a feeling I was going to be feasting on the uncovered version shortly, as soon as his ballooning chest split his old tee into shreds. That idea caused me to move away from the guy’s abs immediately.

I decided to start the work on the rest of his body with his lats. I had a special affinity for bulging latissimus dorsi muscles that were so thick they caused a guy’s arms to almost sick out in a letter ‘T’ formation. I loved watching that specific part of his body begin to flare out like thick wings of some prehistoric creature and I even moaned a little when I saw the muscle easily burst through the sides of his shirt. I watched as the guy’s body under his arms became twice the width he had been just seconds before. The dramatic bulge and curve of his muscled lats down to his waist was enough to make any pro-bodybuilder green with envy. I only stopped the growth because it was starting to make his tiny flat chest look cartoonish and weak – I wanted to sculpt his body into something magnificent and realized balance was the key. I wondered briefly what it was about a man’s chest that made him either look just kind of healthy or like a full massive muscle monster. Some big men had pretty chests – that made them look okay - but other guy’s had chests that screamed power, strength, and dominance. I wanted Devon to have the latter. I started by making his pectoral muscles widen and protrude out vastly more just to hold all the hard meat I was packing onto that part of his body. I started getting even more excited than I already was when I watched his chest grow monstrous to match his lat muscles. I purposefully shaped the huge things to look firm as armor plate and loved how their size made the tee rise upward on Devon’s body and reveal the chiseled tummy below. When the mega pecs finally ripped through the upper part of the tee shirt I gasped softly at how magnificent they truly were. I immediately worked on making the guy’s nipples and the dark circles surrounding them huge to match the mounds beneath them. They looked as big as small saucers and the nipples seemed thicker than my dick. His chest expanded so much that it ripped the entire front of the shirt in two – a fact that caused me much orgasmic joy. I then got to work on Devon’s shoulders, traps and deltoid muscles. I already knew the look I was going for. I wanted the guy to be so packed with hard beef at the top of his body that it made him look like his head almost rested completely on his pecs and shoulders. The only thing that actually prevented that from happening was how much thickness I gave his neck. Someone could have easily said he was a no-neck muscled monster – his delts running into his traps and then blending seamlessly into his dense neck. It was the kind of build that made people get out of the way when they saw it coming. I knew crowds would part to let Devon lumber his big body through.

The look I achieved at this particular part of his body was almost unbelievable. They guy looked like the Hulk or something – shoulders blasting with so much solid beef that it looked like his head and upper torso would have to turn all as one unit whenever he wanted to look to the side. I knew, however, that they guy was going to be limber as much as he was powerful. The skinny twigs that were his arms looked so bizarre attached to his huge body – like just-sprouting branches on a huge oak tree. I thought about leaving him that way for just part of the next morning, as a joke, but my desire to see the finished product won out – as well as knowing he would then have to know I caused the changes. I started with the biceps and decided to first put copious amounts of veins all over his present little arm muscles. It looked completely grotesque and abnormal until I started to inflate his arms slowly with enough sinew to equal the rest of him. I didn’t just make him have big biceps and triceps; I sculpted them into bulging watermelon-shaped masses of steel. They looked like they were tensed-as-hell even though they weren’t being flexed at all. They would have looked totally abnormal or fake if it hadn’t been for the hugeness of the rest of his body – now they looked just perfect. The mounds of hard beef that stuck upward and downward became as wide as Devon’s old torso. The sleeves of the tee shirt were destroyed in mere seconds, as they grew – not able to contain the enormous mass I was creating. Suddenly, there were only remnants of the shirt lying on the bed – in small bits and pieces that were unrecognizable. His arms looked like those of some enormous power lifter who had just finished pulling a semi truck for fifty blocks – and they weren’t even slightly bent. The veins still looked imposing and powerful, but they matched the swollen heaps of muscle beneath. I then enlarged his forearms to a thickness that must have matched my legs. I made the veins creep up and down his Popeye-like lower arms and loved how both parts of his limbs screamed strength. My eyes kept going back to his biceps, which looked like a powder keg of hard muscles ready to explode into mind-boggling enormity the moment Devon chose to flex. That was a thought that made my stomach do major flips and definitely made me light headed. I took another break just to look at my handiwork hanging like huge sides of beef from either side of my now more-than-huge stepbrother.

His guns were now unbelievably enormous and I found myself wishing even more that I could see what they looked like flexed. I fantasized for a few seconds about those giant logs wrapped around my body, holding me tightly. I imagined what it would be like to feel the power of his arms – and I knew I couldn’t come close to knowing how it would actually be – until it happened, if ever. These thoughts, however, still caused me to get very close to orgasm, so I decided to move on to the final muscle awaiting my incredible power. I saw a tiny bump underneath the tattered remains of his shorts. I thought about pulling up the material and getting a slight kick out of seeing a tiny man’s dick between huge muscleman thighs. I was sure the look would be quite humorous, but my desire to see the final muscle grow won out. I concentrated on that small bulge and loved how the slow growth I caused made it look like a third leg was sprouting from Devon’s crotch. His cock became thick as a two liter bottle of soda and lengthened so much it started snaking out beneath the destroyed material of his shorts like a giant python making its way through the grass. I can’t lie, I focused a little too much on this part of Devon’s body. I wanted his giant rod to give him even more confidence than his huge body would already cause in him. I wanted him to always know, instinctively, that he was packing the biggest tool in any room – on top of always being the biggest man. I also wanted Morris to have deep jealousy caused by his son’s enormous endowment. I envisioned Devon being so confident with his new body that he would actually walk around the house nude sometimes when mom wasn’t there – just to put his dad in his place. I think I actually hoped he would walk around nude so I could see all the great work I was accomplishing and get a thrill from his size. When the head of his thick pole was just a few inches above his knees I stopped my efforts. I didn’t want to make him so huge that he was uncomfortable in public or found it hard to find underwear pants that could contain such largeness. I decided the thick log looked perfect in comparison to the rest of his huge body and I was ecstatic to see that the colossal balls I had given him looked great, as well. It was also fun to watch the big schlong finally cause the waistband of the shorts to rip apart and leave the guy completely naked.

After gazing at the big man’s new body for a few seconds I realized there was something missing. It took me a few minutes to figure out what was causing me to not be one hundred percent happy with the perfection before me, but then I remembered something my stepfather had said to Devon earlier. I knew a way to give Devon even more confidence and to put Morris to shame even more. I concentrated hard and suddenly my stepbrother’s body sprouted thick hair in all the right places. I made sure his chest was covered in beautiful matted fur – and that a wonderful treasure trail of hair went from his monstrous pecs down the middle of his chiseled abs to run into the thick pubic bush around his giant cock. I then gave his legs a thick dusting, as well as his massive forearms. I finished the perfect picture by giving the man a heavy five o’clock shadow that made his face even more handsome that I thought possible. I stepped back a little to get a full view of the man’s new vastness. He was now like a Greek god – titanic in size and sculpted in perfect muscle definition. And everything was covered in thick manly hair. I was amazed and caught off guard at how delicious Devon now looked. He had been cute before, but all of this thick muscle just made him even more of a wet-dream come true. As I stood there gawking at his unbelievable massiveness I unconsciously pulled down my pants and started wanking on my hard-as-hell cock. I suddenly didn’t care about anything – even waking the guy up didn’t worry me. I just needed to get my rocks off while gawking at his new enormous body. It didn’t take long before my balls tightened up hard and my rod shock off like a rocket – thick ropes of jism flying into the air and landing on the floor beside Devon’s bed. The room immediately stank of cum, but I was too far-gone to notice. The momentous orgasm wore me out instantly and I felt very light-headed as the final dribbles of juice squeezed out of my dick. I became alarmed that I was going to pass out from the exertion. I stumbled back into my bed and fell asleep immediately – totally spent from the ejaculation and from the tiring work of concentrating so hard to change Devon’s body into every fantasy picture that had ever popped into my head. I slept soundly and deeply – dreaming of huge muscles and finding true love.

Just before I started to completely come out of a peaceful sleep, I had an intense dream about Devon and his new body. In the dream he wanted me desperately and was trying everything to win me as his boyfriend. The dream made me extremely happy and I didn’t want to wake up, so I allowed myself to drift in and out of consciousness before I even thought about opening my eyes. For some reason I felt more comfortable in my bed than I ever had before in my entire life. I had a feeling it was because of my glorious dream. I didn’t want to open my eyes at all – it was just too warm and inviting to force myself to leave my dreams. I was thinking about how incredible I felt when I started noticing little things that confused me – like a wave of warm air streaming down my neck every few seconds or how the wall behind my bed seemed to press in and out against my back – as if it were alive. I also noticed that the blankets seemed especially tight around my body – like I had tossed and turned while sleeping and they were tangled about me. When I opened my eyes I noticed right away that Devon had left the room. I was immediately disappointed that I hadn’t gotten to see his newly improved body as he left his bed. I started to turn to lie on my back when two very important facts were revealed to me at the same time. The first was that I was near the edge of the bed nearest the middle of the room and I could still feel the hard wall pressing up against my back – which wasn’t possible because of the width of my bed. And then I noticed the thick log-like thing draped over my body. It was a familiar giant muscled arm that I had created. Instantly, I realized that Devon was in my bed – my single bed - and there was barely any room for me to move. There was no way for me to turn around to face him and his big heavy arm actually prevented me from getting up. I was so shocked that I didn’t think twice and loudly blurted the first thing that popped into my head. The quick response made it clear the guy was awake.

“What are you doing, Devon?”

“Mmmmm . . . what’s that, Michael?”

“What are you doing in my bed?”

“Oh, you looked so lonely around one a.m. and I was really cold. I just thought it would be nicer if we shared a bed - if we cuddled to get warm.”

“So . . . um, you’ve been here for a while?”

“Mmmm Hmmmm, it feels so good. I just had a hunch in the middle of the night that you’d really like me to join you in bed.”

“What gave you that idea?”

“Well, first of all, your cock has been rock hard ever since I slid between your sheets last night and wrapped my arms around you.”

That is when I noticed Devon’s giant hand was wrapped around my hard prick. He had obviously been holding it for a while – which actually caused it to stay stiff as a board. The warm grasp felt so natural I hadn’t realized it was happening until he mentioned it. The big man squeezed my rod a few times to emphasize his point. I felt my face flush red with embarrassment. There was no way I could really deny that his body and strong grip was causing my dick to be so hard. Devon clearly knew it was his big body that brought me so much joy, but I still didn’t know how he had known I would be so responsive – until he spoke again.

“The second thing is that I know you made me this big, so you must want me.”

“What makes you think I made you this big?”

“Well, first of all, you knew what I was talking about immediately – without even looking at me. It was pretty clear you already knew I was bigger. Also, I was actually awake during the transition last night. I saw what you did. I had to keep my eyes closed for most of it, but I stole a few glances. I was also treated to the beautiful sounds of you masturbating to my new muscles – standing just a few feet from my bed. The evidence is still over there on the floor.”

“What are you talking about Devon?”

“I saw your eyes start glowing yellow and your hands turn red as you willed me to change. I know that you have this incredible power to enhance my body and I thank you for it. The difference in me is amazing – and I don’t just mean the muscles.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about . . . “

“Please, Michael, don’t be this way. I know what I saw and you are clearly comfortable with my new body – mainly because you already knew I was this size. You made it possible. You also got your rocks off last night just from watching me sleep.”

“I . . . uh . . . I’ve never . . . um . . . told anyone, Devon.”

“I can imagine not – you’d be the most popular person in the world. Your secret is safe with me, pal, don’t worry. I just can’t believe you would choose to make me this new man. I can tell you now that this is something I’ve dreamed of for all of my life.”

“What does it feel like, Devon?”

There was a pause and I realized the big guy was looking for the exact right words. He wanted to share with me completely and as honestly as he could. I had a feeling the fact that I hadn’t turned around yet – that we weren’t face-to-face – helped him to be completely open. His words made my cock start to harden even more. Devon started unconsciously stroking it slowly as he talked, like it was a magic wand that gave him power.

“There’s some kind of amped up power shooting through my body constantly now and it energizes me in a way I can’t really explain. I feel infinite. I can also feel every muscle on me bulging with hardness – even when I flex my smallest toe it feels incredibly muscular and strong. I also never knew how much of a turn on it would be to hold someone smaller than me - to be so huge and lay beside a guy like you. You feel like a delicate bird in my arms. I don’t mean that as a put down – it’s just how you feel to my enormous body. I’ve never had such an urge to protect someone or to surround a guy with my big body as much as I do right now. I guess it’s because I was never this huge before, but I think these instincts were always somewhere within me – it’s just taken getting massive to make them come to the forefront of my thoughts. I feel like the alpha wolf or some other beast that instinctively needs to take care of anything that’s important to him. Feeling how soft and small you are compared to my huge hard bulges only excites me even more. I’m realizing slowly that the thrill of having such giant muscles comes mainly from the thought of using them to make you happy – to make you feel secure. I didn’t sleep much once I got in bed with you last night, Michael. I wanted to memorize what it felt like to cover you with my mammoth arms and press my immense frame against yours. Feeling your tight little body breathing against mine and noticing how having my muscles covering you like a blanket made you sleep more soundly caused such joy inside me. Your breathing became so much calmer as your body slowly melted into mine. Years of feeling inadequate disappeared while I held you tightly and made your subconscious feel completely at peace for what I think was probably the first time in your life. My confidence shot off the charts in just a few hours merely because I got to envelop your fragile body with my mighty burliness. And knowing you caused all of these changes in me just made it even more special. At the same time, I also have this constant urge to squeeze you so tightly that you become part of me. I want to make you one with my body – with my brawny muscles. It’s like I can’t get enough of you.”

“Well, please don’t Devon. I think these arms of yours could squeeze the life out of me easily.”

“Don’t worry your pretty little head a bit, Michael. I wouldn’t hurt you for anything in the world. I only meant that I crave you something awful. My entire being wants to only keep you near me and fulfill any need you ever have. Every muscle in my body is stimulated beyond belief just from touching you. It’s like you’re the blood pumping through my veins that makes my body bulge so much – you’re the hard sinew knotting up massively underneath my skin.”

It was one thing to watch the man grow, but it was an entirely different thing to be this close to his massive muscles. The giant arms wrapped around me still looked unbelievably large and perfectly sculpted – but they felt even more astounding. The word hardness didn’t even come close to describing what the man’s biceps felt like pressing into my body. It was more like solid marble or heavy, heavy concrete or something. I could sense the unreal power that existed in Devon’s muscles without him doing a thing – it just kind of emanated from his hugeness without any movement or physical display. I realized, instinctively, that the two other guys I had changed earlier in my life were nothing compared to the size and strength I had given Devon. I think years of pent-up frustration of not being able to use my power had made me go a little overboard the night before. I had definitely shaped my stepbrother into my ideal man. I was hopeful that the magnitude of the change would not increase the desire for retribution in this man – make it much more intensified than the other two previous recipients of my ability to grow muscle. I was a little petrified of what Devon was capable of if he decided to use his strength like Clarence had and I was also a little worried that he would reject me even more than Stewart. Everything he was saying pointed in a totally different direction – and his words thrilled me beyond belief – but I just didn’t trust what the change might cause in someone. This kind of drastic enhancement to a guy’s body could certainly unleash power-hungry tendencies – because now those abilities truly existed. Suddenly the bulging arms tightened around me even more. Devon had picked up that my silence meant I was thinking deeply about something.

“What is it, Michael?”

“I . . . I . . . uh . . . I’ve only . . . changed two other guys before and they both . . . um . . . well, they rejected me. One of them decided it wasn’t cool to be seen with such a dweeb and the other guy became more of a bully that the guys that made me want to change him in the first place. I’m just a little worried about what this growth might do to you, Devon. I’ve always thought of you as this gentle, caring man and I don’t want that to change.”

The big man maneuvered his enormous body so he was lying on his back, easily pulling my small frame onto his huge torso. I immediately missed his hand slowly stroking my hard cock, but my disappointment vanished as soon as I felt his massive torso underneath me. To be resting on a hard bed of muscle must be the best feeling in the world – at least I felt that way. Devon’s body was massive beneath me – heaving warm bulges supporting me and sending jots of pleasure through my body. It was also my first moment to feel and see his giant chest up close and personal. The guy’s thick neck, his beautiful dark beard, and those massive traps and delts framed his smiling face so beautifully that I completely lost all train of thought. I know my eyes grew wide with joy and my mouth dropped open in shock – I had forgotten just how huge I had made the man grow. Devon, however, didn’t miss a beat. He stared at me and asked a question I had never considered before.

“Were those two other guys gay, Michael?”

“I . . . I don’t . . . I mean . . . no . . . no they weren’t. I’d never thought about that before.”

“Well, I’ve been gay ever since I could remember and I’ve also had a huge man-crush on you from the moment I met you. I have a funny feeling those two points are going to make a big difference this time, Michael. And here’s another question – did they know it was you who changed their body?”

“No . . . no, it didn’t feel right to tell them. I didn’t let them know. I got the funny feeling they’d use me in some way if I had.”

“Well, from the sound of it, you made the right decision. It seems like they didn’t deserve to know.”

“I guess you’re right. I never really thought about it that way. I was just so hurt, you know? But I was also in elementary school the first time and high school the second.”

“And now you’re a beautiful mature college stud, right? That makes you ready to share this secret with someone.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. You’re just teasing me.”

“Yep, I am. It was getting a little too serious for me. I want this day to be full of fun and memorable. I think we both might be getting our secret wish today.”

“Yeah? And what would those wishes be?”

Our wonderful moment was interrupted with the sound of Morris screaming from down the hall. My heart started beating wildly and I jerked into a rigid state. Devon, however, kept his arms tightly around me and didn’t bat an eye. A brief recognition of what the change had done to him on the inside flashed through my head, but hearing the bedroom door open with a bang scared me greatly. I turned to look at a fuming Morris stomping into the room.

“Dammit, Devon – you are late for work. You overslept again. George just called and he’s waiting outside the shop. Get your sorry ass out of . . . what the fuck is going on here? Aw hell no! You two pansies are not going to be doing this kind of stuff under my roof. I am going to beat the shit out of you Devon and Michael you are banned from this house. You both disgust me. Devon, get your ass out of that bed right now and get down to the shop. I’ll take care of you later on today.”

I felt Devon’s body shaking underneath me. At first I thought it was because he was scared, but then I realized it was merely my stepbrother silently laughing. It was the kind of stifled chuckle that made it clear the big man was really going to enjoy seeing the look on his father’s face when he got out of bed. Morris had yet to notice all of the changes to his son’s body. I felt Devon’s huge hands grasp my shoulders and lift me off his big frame. He turned his giant torso sideways and laid me on the bed against the wall. His father noticed the movement and immediately turned his head away in disgust. This made Devon’s smile grow larger, since he knew he’d be able to get close to his dad before revealing his new size.

“Shit, Devon, you don’t have any clothes on. Do the decent thing and put on some shorts or, at least, some of those fucking girly tights you wear for ballet. I don’t want to see your naked little runt body. You disgust me.”

“Sorry, dad, none of my shorts fit me anymore. There have been some changes. I don’t think even your shorts would fit me now. Maybe you can pick me up a few pair later today on your way home from the shop.”

“The hell I will! Now get your ass down to the…”

Devon had placed his huge body slightly at an angle with his father, in order to help me see everything - and I was glad he did. Morris turned back toward his son and in mid-sentence his body and mouth froze completely. His face went white and I’m pretty sure he almost peed in his pants. I had never seen someone look so shocked. Humongous pecs were protruding powerfully into Morris’ face and he had to bend his head back- way back - to look into the face of his son. Devon teasingly tensed his chest and made it ripple up and down just to freak his dad out some more. Morris’ eyes moved up and down in the exact rhythm of the muscle before him. I don’t think the older man was even breathing. He just stared at Devon and mumbled incoherently for a few seconds, completely baffled by the changes to his son. Finally, the astonished man was able to say something that made sense.

“What . . . what happened to you?”

“I don’t know dad. I think it has something to do with this thing between Michael and me. I think being close to him has unleashed something pretty powerful within me. I feel so huge and strong – it’s unbelievable. It looks good, huh?”

“Um . . . yes.”

“You’ve called me a runt for all of my life, dad. Do I look like a runt to you now?”

“Uh . . . no . . . no, you don’t.”

“Yeah, I was pretty sure you wouldn’t think so. You always gave me grief about my not wanting to go out and toss a football with you. How about later on we go out in the yard and I’ll toss you around like a football, dad? Would you like that?”

“I don’t think so.”

“You look pretty scrawny, dad. I don’t think it would be too hard for me to throw you a bunch of yards – maybe even over the house. So, that being said, I don’t think I want to go to work today.”

“Um . . . I think you still need to . . . uh . . . make some money, Devon.”

“I’m sorry dad, did you think that was a question? It wasn’t. I was really just being polite and telling you I wouldn’t be in the shop today. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ll be coming into the shop ever again.”

“Well . . . um, son . . . you can’t live here . . . uh, rent free.”

“I don’t think I’m getting my point across. Here, let’s try a new approach, dad.”

I watched in awe as Devon moved toward his father. The older man backed up quickly, to avoid being toppled over by the intruding huge chest looming at his face. Devon finally stopped his advancement when Morris’ back bumped into the wall. The huge younger man then bent his legs and shoved his massive pecs into the other man’s smaller chest – and then pushed in hard. I saw Morris’ eyes kind of widen from the sudden intense pressure and I heard him exhale a loud breath – the air clearly being forced form his body. That’s also when Devon chose to straighten his legs slowly – very slowy. I gasped a little when my stepfather’s feet first went up on their toes and then left the ground completely. The giant man was using only his chest to power his dad’s now comparatively puny body up the solid wall. It was a sight that made my crotch come alive with so much excitement I thought I might explode, but I was somehow able to avoid making a mess. Devon’s massive arms dangled by his side and he held Morris against the wall without even using any leg strength – it was merely from smashing the older guy’s smaller body with just his hard powerful chest. I could see that my stepdad was having a little trouble breathing, but he was still able to get some air into his lungs – clearly Devon wasn’t using enough power to do any permanent damage. This thought made me happy – I had worried that the big man’s need for revenge was taking over, but he seemed to be in control of himself and the situation. He definitely controlled his father completely and I knew Morris wasn’t going anywhere until his son allowed it.

“Look at that - I’m holding your tiny body off the ground dad without applying any pressure at all. I’m not using my legs for an ounce of leverage - your incapacitation is purely from me leaning my big body against your much smaller one. I barely notice you are there. You’re even dangling a few feet off the ground. And you know what, dad? It feels freaking fantastic to have this kind of power. I don’t need to use even a fraction of my strength to put you in your place and I love it. If I just add a little more pressure, like this, it causes you not to be able to breathe, doesn’t it pops? Yeah, I thought so. I can see your face turning purple, notice your eyes bugging out, and feel your legs kicking more wildly. So, let’s release that severe compression for you – knowing I’ve made my point. There, now you can breathe again – but it’s still kind of tough, isn’t it? Are you starting to see how things have changed, dad?”

“Yes . . . yes.”

“I forgot to ask you - how do you like the beard? It’s cool as shit, isn’t it? You once said I couldn’t produce one hair on my face, well I think that problem has been taken care of, too. Don’t you think? I’m hot as hell, huh?”


“So, let me return to my earlier point. I’m not planning on coming back to the shop, dad and I should also tell you that I won’t be paying you any more rent. I’m not going to be living here after this week. I do plan on being here for a few more days, just to have fun showing off my new body and letting you see how much power I have now. I’m going to try and cram years of humiliation you gave to me into just a few days and it’s going to be fun. I’d be looking over your shoulder all the time if I were you, dad. You never know when I might need to give you a wedgie, wrestle and easily pin you to the floor with just one hand, or even give you a spanking for forgetting to turn out a light or clean a dish. Yeah, we’re going to have a lot of fun. But after that one week, old man, you’re going to pay for me to go to college. Yep, that’s right. I’m going to be heading back to the university with my boyfriend, Michael. You’re going to pay for my studies or I’m going to come back here and dismantle your house brick by brick. And in case you don’t think I can do it, here’s a little something to help you always remember.”

Devon raised his big palm and placed it against the wall about a foot away from his father’s face. Morris turned to watch – he clearly understood that was what he was supposed to do. I could tell Devon wasn’t even pushing very hard, but suddenly cracks shot out along the wall around where his hand rested. The big guy kept pushing lightly and I watched as his fingers and the rest of his hand sank into the plaster and cement – making a big imprint in the wall. He pushed in a good half a foot – which made me realize there was now an odd arty-looking hand shaped bulge sticking out from the wall in the hallway. With no effort at all the big man had made concrete submit to his power. Devon removed his hand and both Morris and I stared open-mouthed at the perfect indentation of his big paw in the wall. It looked like some kind of funny shaped shelf.

“You see that, pops? That was nothing. I just shoved in concrete like you might make a handprint in the snow. It’s that easy for me to reconfigure cement – so just think of what I’d be able to do if you pissed me off enough and I let myself completely go. Yeah, I can see the fear in your eyes. That’s the right emotion, dad. You’ve dominated me for years just by keeping me scared of you and now it’s my turn. I want you to know what fear feels like. Don’t worry, though, I won’t hurt you unless you do something to deserve it and let me tell you what’s on the top of the list of what would make me tie your little body into a tight knot without a second thought – take a look at the guy on the bed. Yeah, that’s right, focus on Michael. Isn’t he beautiful? If you ever even look at him wrong or speak ill of him, I will rearrange some of your body parts without even offering a warning. He may not be big enough to stand up to you, old man, but know that I’m huge enough for the two of us – and then some. Have I made myself clear, dad?”

“Yes . . . yes, perfectly clear.”

“That’s good, dad. I’m glad we got to have this little chat. I’m also happy to see that you’re starting to see how things have changed – and who’s the new runt of the house. And now, I think I’ll let you go get ready for work, little man. I think I heard you yelling there was someone already at the place waiting for it to open. That sounds like the perfect job for you, dad. I’m going to stay here and get to know my stepbrother in a new and exciting way. Like I said earlier, he has unleashed something in me that we both want to explore. I think we might be in here for the rest of the day - doing all that exploring right under your roof. That’s fine with you, isn’t dad?”

“Yes . . . of course.”

“That’s what I thought you’d say. It’s not like you could have done anything about it anyway. I think you’ve gotten the picture about the fact that you couldn’t hurt me even if you tried your hardest. So, run along now and make sure you’re home in time to cook us a big dinner. I have a feeling I’ll be having much larger portions from now on – you might want to stop at the market on your way home and pick up a bunch of stuff Michael and I like. I think mom would like the night off, too. Doesn’t that sound good?”

“Uh . . . yes . . . it does.”

Devon pulled his huge body back and let his father drop a few feet until his feet hit the ground again. Morris immediately started massaging his chest – something that was expected after being smashed by something that must have felt like a bulldozer. Devon didn’t take his eyes away from his father’s. Just to emphasize who was the new boss of the house, the enormous younger man brought his arms up into a double biceps pose. I emitted a loud moan when I saw the mountainous peaks shooting up into the air – arms so big they looked like they could easily crush kegs. Morris stumbled back into the wall – overcome by the sight of his now humongous son. Devon made the bulging mounds of muscle bounce up and down just to emphasize his power. His father turned his head and glanced up at the impression of Devon’s big hand in the cement wall. It was obvious that all of these changes were just too much for the older man. Without saying a word my stepfather quickly turned and ran from the room. Devon closed the door calmly and then turned to look at me. His confident smile was the best gift I could have ever been given. He walked over to stand by the bed. I could see the guy was softly laughing to himself sand I realized at that moment that this was exactly the man I had been hoping for – for all of my life. It’s what I had wished Clarence and Stewart would have been, but they were not the person Devon was on the inside, nor had they been ready to accept me completely. This behemoth in front of me was still the calm, cuddly guy I had crushed on for a long while – he now just happened to be as big as a bear. I stood up on the bed so my face would be even with his. He stepped in closer so his massive chest pressed lightly into my smaller one. He was smiling broadly and it made me feel comfortable and excited at the same time.

“Spread your legs a little, Michael.”

I did as he asked and then he leaned his head in and started to kiss me deeply. I went into mental overload at that point – kissing my dream man was just too much for my little body. The only thing that brought me back to reality was feeling something hard and big sliding up between my legs until it slapped against my balls and continued to press into my ass crack. Devon started kissing me more deeply and then started sliding his huge cock in and out from between my legs. It was a feeling so beyond anything I had ever felt before and I began to moan loudly and threw my palms up against the massive pecs pressing against me. I quickly found the giant nipples I had created and started twisting without any mercy – causing Devon to moan loudly, too. I pulled my face away from his, but continued the abuse on his chest. He frowned as soon as I broke the kiss. I was determined to ask a question, though.

“Did you really mean it? Are you coming back to school with me?”

“If you’ll have me?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Not really, I was just trying to be polite. I never want to be separated from you again.”

“That would be wonderful.”

“Besides, when we’ve gotten used to my size and my present power – you can make me even bigger and stronger. How does that sound?”

“It sounds so good I can honestly say this is the first day of my life that I’m thankful I was given this incredible power.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Just wow LB45, you always know how to come up with some original, heartfelt that gets all our hopes up and certain muscles of ours to stand at attention. This is what the forum is about and thanks is never quite enough but please do take it in heaps
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A can't tell you how powerful your stories are for me. They always manage to touch a nerve buried very deeply in my psyche, and it likes being touched. Thanks for writing.
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That was pretty amazing, from start to finish. Your writing is great, thank you very much for sharing.
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Man, LB, you just hit another one out of the park! I love muscle growth, of course, and strength shows are some of my favorite things to read in stories by you, or by anyone, really. Usually I'm not into significant height growth (it wasn't really said per se in the story, but hinted at by some of the description), but when a story is written in such a way like the Power was, then not only do I accept, I actually get off on it. I really love the premise of giving power to people so they can fight bullies off, after years of being bullied, they give the bullies everything back and more. I just hope in a situation like that, the person being bullied doesn't become a bully themselves. Anyway, great stuff, can't wait to see more from you!
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I love how Devon becomes a jock but still treats Michael with proper respect.
This story was heartwarming and just plain hot. Thank you for posting
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Haha can't we expect another chapter soon lol so good.
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Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee! Another great story
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Was wondering when you'd post next. Been waiting forever already. It's about god damn time.
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It is simply perfect! The perfect muscle growth story, covering almost every single fetish on the book! It actually had a great initial premise, would you be willing to help a friend in need even if it meant he'd never be your friend again? Talk about being a good samaritan. But the twist with DEvon was just amazing, it really made my day!

Thank you so much LB! I once told you are the master on making muscle daddies...well...I stand corrected, you are the master on making ALL muscle freaks look fantastic, the right amount of authority and tenderness!

Congratulations, once again!
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Well, what did I do to deserve such a present waiting for me?
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Wow, LB, thank you SO much! That was amazing. Your stories are something else, I don't know how you do it but you manage to make me really care about your characters and enjoy every little word of the story.
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Seriously one of the best stories I've read on here! It touched me in such a great way. I loved this thing from first line to last! Thanks to you!
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I always like our sentimental stories best. Underneath it all I'm just a sucker for romance.
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Thanks, Londonboy, for another great story. Nice personality contrasts between the super powerful "bad guys" and Devon's firm dominance over his father. As always, looking forward to reading more of your excellent writing.
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jose is on a distinguished road
great story london boy, we hope for a follow up of the story. again thanks.
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An incredibly satisfying story, one of my favorites.
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Londonboy (March 31st, 2014)
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That was absolutely wonderful.

As I read this story, bits and fragments came to me, as I had obviously read it many, many years ago. I couldn't remember all the particulars, or for that matter, even the author, but I never forgot Miichael's continuing frustration, nor that beautifully crafted ending.

There's such a fundamental purity to LondonBoy's stories. This one was no exception.

Power, size and strength do "deform" so many people, and it is obvious that the ultimate endowment of those gifts must be metered out very wisely, or it is corrupted and abused - perverted, as it were.

But if you find the right person, the right shining soul that's out there, all the power of the universe can be given and it will only end up a better thing for everyone.

I was delighted that Michael found that soul, and managed to meet and love a living Godly Angel on earth. And I was deeply happy that the two made passionate love at the end. So many stories don't hesitate dolling out abuse and violence, but even if the main character lives happily ever after, too often the story just cuts and denies the reader the beautiful, sweet rewards earned at the end. This is especially true with First Person Narrative stories.

Now that I've finally had the opportunity to read this story again, this time I won't forget it. Or the author.

I know it's ridiculously late in the game to say this, but well done, LondonBoy. Your work just shines out like the brilliant gems that they are.

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