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Old April 18th, 2007, 11:24 AM
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JT's Adventure

[For a friend...]

I was landing in Japan for the fifth time this year. I was somewhat used to the length of the flight by now, but even the business class seats were too small for me. I’m a big guy. Two hundred seventy-five pounds of pure muscle. I had worked hard on this body and for a long time. I was glad I was big. I was glad people noticed and complimented me on my hard work. I could usually pick out the men and women on the plane almost salivating at the mouth in hopes that I would be sitting near them.

Twelve hours earlier, when we were leaving the states, I took my time walking down the aisle - just to let the tension build for everyone. Man, I loved showing off. I liked watching the people sitting in the next seat look up at me when I stopped at their row. This flight it was a young college boy – probably going to Japan for a semester abroad. The sweatshirt he was wearing said M.I.T. Wow, he was a pretty good size for some business student geek. I smiled down at him. His mouth kind of fell open and he just stared. I laughed a little and put my bag in the overhead compartment. The kid’s dad probably sent him business class to make the long trip a little more enjoyable Well, kid, I thought, today is your lucky day. I'll definitely make it more enjoyable for you. I glanced down at the magazine he was reading and noticed it was one of those fitness magazines that highlighted guys who thought they were big – the model types that were pretty and defined and all – but they just weren’t massive. He noticed I was looking at the magazine and he immediately shut it – stuffing it into the holder on the back of the seat in front of him. So, the little guy was embarrassed by his attraction to muscle – or did he just realize that the magazine didn’t equal the reality that was about to sit beside him. My arm pushed into him as I sat down and shoved him a little toward the window on his right. I was just too big for these seats. Two seats together would have been just about right.

“Sorry, man,” I said, “I just don’t seem to fit. These seats weren’t made for a guy like me.”

“Uh, that’s okay,” was all he could muster.

My shoulder was so much higher than his – actually even with his head. It was obvious that it made him feel like he was looking into wall. I hope he wasn’t claustrophobic – there was little room for him to even move. I could tell he liked the fact that my giant arm was touching his. I reached up, on purpose, bending my arm to turn the air stream onto me. My arm was bent perfectly for him to get a look at my 22” gun. I flexed the bicep teasingly as I adjusted the air. His eyes were glued to my arm. Oh boy, I thought, this is going to be one fun ride. I loved it when I sat beside someone so into muscle. I liked making a guy hard just by emphasizing different muscles at different times. I looked down and the college stud’s pants told me that I had already been successful. I knew he’d be hard like that for the entire flight. Who needed Viagra when I was around? I brought my arm down and noticed that he immediately pressed his arm into mine. He was trying to cop a feel of my bicep as best he could. Even through his school jersey I could tell he felt how hard my arm muscle was. I think I heard a little moan come from his mouth and he squirmed a bit in his chair. Yeah, this was going to be a killer flight, I thought, again.

I looked straight ahead and noticed that the flight attendants had gathered in the area between business class and first class to take a peek at me. Perfect, I thought. Two of them were guys. That always makes for a better flight. They’d be sure to come by and check on me often – making sure I was well taken care of. I might even leave the bathroom door slightly ajar in the morning when I changed my shirt – that would give them something to dream about the next day during the long flight back to the States.

I could tell college-boy was hurting his eyes from keeping his head facing straight ahead and trying desperately to still look at me. I thought I might give him a little break. I inhaled and let my chest swell a little. There, he didn’t have to strain that much because my chest stuck out so far. The unbelievable happened at that moment – I saw his cock jerk even harder. As I exhaled I chuckled a little. I bet the guy was in pain from how hard it was. I thought I might change into shorts later on to give him a gander at my quads. Yeah, he’d like that. He might even fake being asleep and let a hand come over and rest on my powerful leg. That happened sometimes on flights – and I didn’t mind. I figured I was helping someone live out long suppressed desires. I liked giving them a chance to make a dream turn into reality. Yeah, that’s what I was – a fucking muscle-genie granting wishes.

After we had taken off it was just as I suspected. The cute flight attendant named Jaime started with me every time he began to take orders. He placed his hand on my shoulder each time he would ask a question. Just like the college-boy, he wanted to feel as much muscle as he possibly could. Both guys were very disappointed that manners and common courtesy prevented me from flying with my clothes off. I wanted to tell them that their fantasy of what I looked like naked probably paled in comparison to the reality – but I knew it was best to just let them dream.

The entire flight all I had to do was just glance in Jaime’s direction and he would be next to me in a few seconds – checking to see if I needed anything. College-boy’s body was rigid the entire flight. It was as if his whole body had a hard-on. I finally slept for a few hours and I know he was overjoyed - because it meant he could freely stare at my body.

About thirty minutes before we landed I woke up. It was time for me to change shirts. I saw that Jaime was aware, at once, that I was awake. After grabbing my bag from overhead I walked toward the bathroom. Jaime was right there – near the service area – waiting for me.

“Good morning, sir. Would you like some coffee or orange juice,” he said smiling up at me. I was about a foot taller than his five feet six inches.

“No, Jaime, I’m fine right now,” I said. The fact that I noticed and used his name made him almost jump in pleasure. “I do need you to do a special favor for me, though. I need to change my shirt and the bathroom is just to small for a big guy like me. Can we shut the curtains to the service area and you let me change in there?”

The color drained from his face. I thought I might have to catch him as he fell to the floor in faint. He regained composure quickly and said, “Of course. It would give me great pleasure to do that for you.”

I wanted to milk it for all I could, “Well I don’t want to be a bother. I also don’t want to get you in trouble with your supervisor or anything.”

“It is not bother at all and I am the supervisor. We want to accommodate you as best we can – and I know that is hard for a man so huge, I mean big,” he stammered. I just smiled at him and stepped into the service area. Jaime pulled the curtains together and went to step out into the aisle.

“Do you mind helping me, Jaime? It’s sometimes hard for me to get a shirt over my head by myself. I am just too big for my own good sometimes.” This performance was definitely one of my best.

The color drained from his face again and I could tell Jaime’s legs buckled a little. “Uhm, sure I can. I want to make sure I help you in any way I can.” I knew at that moment I could ask him to do almost anything and he would have obliged.

I was wearing a huge polo. I grabbed another shirt from my bag and then pulled the bottom of the shirt I was wearing from my sweats. Jaime got a glance at my rock-hard abs and his eyes almost bulged from his head. “Jaime, it is most difficult for me to get the shirt over my giant chest. Can you help push it up?” I swear I could have won an academy award for this performance. Jaime said nothing. He reached up and helped me to push the shirt over the huge slabs of beef hanging right in front of his face. I raised my arms and let him take over the job. When he had the shirt to my neck, and he got a full look at my monstrous pecs, it was too much for him. His legs completely gave out and he fell to the floor. Shit, I thought. There I go again – not able to gauge what seeing my body might do to a person. I pulled my shirt down, grabbed some water and bent down. I lifted Jaime’s head and could tell he was coming around. I had him drink some water. “Man, are you okay,” I asked, then added, “It must be the altitude or something.” As I said it I laughed to myself – yeah, it was something –that’s for sure. It was my chiseled huge upper body. And it was specifically these mounds of chest muscle. I helped Jaime stand after a few minutes.

“I guess I’m a little under the weather,” he said, obviously embarrassed.

“That’s okay. You just rest and I’ll make it fine on my own.” Jaime was leaning against the counter drinking his water. I stood back, dramatically pulled my shirt over my head, and looked back at him. The cup was up to his lips and his mouth was wide open. Water was streaming down the sides of his mouth and onto his shirt - as he stood there just staring at the perfect body in front of him. He didn’t move a muscle. I bounced my pecs a few times and then raised my arms in a mock, half flex. A wet spot formed at Jaime’s crotch to match spots on his shirt. By this time there was no water left in his glass. He was still just standing there staring with the cup raised to his mouth. I grabbed the other shirt and pulled it over my head and body quickly. I didn’t want my little worshipper to faint again. When I had finished, I packed my old shirt and smoothed out my hair. I turned back to Jaime. He was still just standing there. I checked closely to make sure he was breathing. He was. I patted his head with my big hand, turned, pulled back the curtain, and walked back to my seat. I knew one of his fellow crewmembers would find him there soon. They would be able to help him most. I had already done enough.

When I returned to my seat I found college-boy finally asleep with a big smile on his face. College-boy’s hands were under his blanket and I had the feeling he had found some release about the same time Jaime had. I lifted the blanket carefully and saw that his hands were still wrapped around his cock. There was cum up and down his shirt on his stomach and his hands were also covered. I dropped the blanket satisfied. It had been a great flight.

I didn’t see Jaime again during the landing or after. I guess I had been too much for him. One of the other flight attendants was trying to wake up college-boy as I departed. Oh yes, I love flying. I also love going to Japan. The main reason I loved coming here was that I tower over most people – because of my height AND because of my size. It was going to be a great trip.
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Old April 18th, 2007, 01:04 PM
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Terrific! Nice to read a story that is possible rather than fantastical (though I like those too) and told from the POV of the one being worshipped. I have a friend whose partner is massive. They made a trip to Asia that went pretty much like this; awed reactions everywhere.
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Old April 18th, 2007, 04:43 PM
Fun - but lost, LOL
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Ok - good writing - but pretty tame story. At this point nothing to "compel" me to look for new chapters. Please continue, but ratchet things up a notch or two.
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Old April 18th, 2007, 04:48 PM
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Cool story! I agree with everything Bull said.
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Old April 18th, 2007, 08:29 PM
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I was under the impression that this was intended as a one-shot, and I don't really mind it staying that way (more chapters of AMiL plz). J.T. seems like a fun guy to be around, and this makes for one hot character sketch!
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Old April 19th, 2007, 03:55 PM
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you know, now that I think about it, I'm surprised that I've never read a story about that experience we've all had--the big guy on the plane who we hope sits next to us--so I'm glad you thought to do it. Well done, very hot!
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Old April 19th, 2007, 05:02 PM
Fun - but lost, LOL
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funboy is on a distinguished road
Originally Posted by vlad
you know, now that I think about it, I'm surprised that I've never read a story about that experience we've all had--the big guy on the plane who we hope sits next to us--so I'm glad you thought to do it. Well done, very hot!
Ok - maybe I am just "spoiled". I have a personal friend (very cute, blonde, muscular and about 6' 3" who is a football jock) who has gone through this experience and has married a very wealthy/connected Japanese lady.
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