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Old April 5th, 2007, 06:34 AM
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Best Friends - Part 7

After remaining on the floor for a few minutes I suggested that we were too into each other right now to take a shower together. We would never be able to make it without attacking each other again. I could tell Will was disappointed, but he finally agreed. While he was showering I began to formulate my next plan to test the limits and the strength of our connection. I wanted to make sure that Will was open to my suggestions and I was beginning to get the idea of how to focus my energy and empower Will more. I knew this next step would require me to play a role as much as the attitude that I insinuated into Will. After all that had happened so far I knew I was up to the task.

I showered after Will, we found him some of Cal’s oversized clothes (that weren’t oversized on Will), and we finally went to get something to eat. While we were out I couldn’t help but notice how people looked at Will. He was incredible. Watching other people lust after Will’s body gave me another idea for our plans that evening. When we got back home we alternated between taking a nap and watching some game Will was into on television. Around 7:00pm I knew it was time to start the next step in developing our skills. I was sitting in a chair and Will was lying on the sofa. I began to concentrate on thoughts for Will’s new attitude. After a few minutes of sending him specific instructions, I spoke.

“Will, I think it would be best if you always went around the house naked so I can see your growing body.” I made it sound more like an order and not a question.

“Yes,” he said standing up and starting to take off his pants.

“Yes, what?” I asked loudly.

He looked down at the floor like a little boy that had been scolded, “Yes sir, master.”

“That’s much better Wilson. You may continue.” And he finished taking off all of his clothes he lay back down on the sofa. This is exactly what I had hoped for. I planned on going with something different for the rest of this day – this time it would be a shy Will – a subservient Will – yeah, a muscle slave Will. Oh, what fun I was going to have with this side of my best friend. “Boy, I think it’s time that you crawled over here and gave me a kiss.” Without any hesitation Will slid to the floor and crawled on his hands and knees before me. He sat up in front of me and grabbed the sides of my head. He then pulled our faces together and gave me an intensely passionate kiss. When he was done he sat back and looked at me. He was waiting for his next order. I wanted to lay some ground rules first. “Okay, my muscle pup. I want to make sure you understand the situation. You are my slave, get it? You don’t do anything unless I tell you to. You are here just to serve me. You are here to make sure I am happy. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir, master. I want to be your muscle slave. I want to make you happy,” Will repeated and I could tell by his hard-on that this made him happy, too. He was smiling up at me like a puppy ready for the ball to be tossed again.

I patted his head and said, “That’s nice Willie boy. Now I want you to go put on some of Cal’s clothes. We’re going out and I want you to look your best. You know exactly what I want you to wear so go get it.” Will stood up and went to Cal’s room. I quickly got dressed and ready to go. I figured we’d go to this neighborhood gay bar two towns over and have some fun. I wanted to show off my little muscle pup. I also wanted to see how well Will took orders.

Will came back into the room wearing some of Cal’s extra large blue jeans (thank God for that stupid fashion) and a giant sweatshirt that barely hid his huge body. I looked at him approvingly. I could tell he was pleased that I was happy. “And what do you have on under the sweatshirt?” I asked. He raised the shirt and I could tell there was a muscle hugging white t-shirt severely stretched over his body. Nice, I thought. I then ordered him to unbutton and unzip his jeans. He was wearing briefs stretched thin by his monstrous dick. I could tell he immediately knew he was in trouble. “Did you think I wanted you to wear underwear?”

“No sir,” he replied. “I just forgot.”

“That’s okay, we’ll let it slip this time, but let’s take those things off. I want that huge cock of yours riding free.” He began to take off his shoes. “No, Wilson, let’s not take them off that way. Let’s try another way.” He understood. He pulled his pants down to his knees, grabbed the briefs in front, and ripped them off his body in one strong pull. He dropped the useless material on the floor. After he pulled his pants back up it was time to go.

As we were about to get into Will’s Jeep, I had an idea. “Hey, muscle boy. Your master wants to see how strong you’ve gotten. Come lift the front of your jeep. Show me what you can do with those arms.” Will smiled broadly and almost skipped to the front of the jeep. He wanted to show his master what he could do. He was acting like a proud schoolboy. Will just bent over and grabbed the front bumper and lifted. He didn’t even hesitate. He stood straight up and lifted the front of the jeep to his chest, lowered it, and lifted it again. It was nothing to him. After about five times I finally said, “All right show off, that’s enough. Time to get going. There are some people you are going to make very happy tonight.”

When we got to the bar I could tell Will was a little nervous. I couldn’t tell if the real Will somehow was shining through and was uncomfortable about going to his first gay bar or if the shyness I suggested was making him uneasy. Either way I could tell he didn’t want to go in. “Don’t worry, Willie boy. I’m here to look after you. Besides, there won’t be too many people here at this hour. Trust me – you’re going to like this a lot.” And with that I told Will to open the door for his master and we walked in.

I liked this place. It was just two rooms and a patio. It was very simple and locals were the only people that ever came. I had guessed right – there were just a few people in the place. There were two guys playing pool in the front room, the bartender, and a table of five guys in the middle of the back room. The guys at the table were a little older than me and looked like the true definition of gym boys. It was obvious they were out having a good time. The two guys playing pool looked like hustlers – and I didn’t mean pool hustlers. One of the things I liked about this place is that it had a chin-up bar in the middle of the front room and a blackboard with names of people who held various records. I had been there many a night when some big guy had attempted to set a new record. It was always fun watching. Tonight I was sure I’d see a new name on the board.
I walked to the bar and Will followed.

“What’s up,” said the cute compactly built bartender. He was drying some glasses.

“Not much,” I replied. “Can we get a couple of Sam Adams?”

“Sure,” he said taking a long look at Will. He could tell Will was huge – even with the sweatshirt on. I could tell he was turned on. Yeah, tonight was going to be fun.

“Mind if I ask your name?” I said as he grabbed the beers.

“It’s Andy. And how about you guys?” he asked. I knew he was more interested in Will’s name.

“My name’s James and this is my muscle slave Will,” I replied staring at Andy to see his reaction. I could tell he was a little taken aback. “Come here and give your master a kiss, boy.” Will came over and kissed me hard. I glanced at Andy and I could tell that he was really turned on. “Yeah, Will’s a growing boy and needs someone to help him become more than he ever dreamed he could be. He needs a master who will guide him and take care of him. In return for my favors he does whatever I think will please me. Isn’t that right muscle pup?” I looked from Andy to Will and saw that he was getting embarrassed. Will was looking down at the ground and seemed smaller than he really was.

“Yes, sir,” he said. When I glanced back at Andy his mouth was open and he was unconsciously rubbing his crotch.

“What is it you live for muscle boy?” I teasingly asked.

“To please you sir,” Will replied quickly. I swear I heard a moan slip from Andy’s mouth.

“Why don’t you take a seat on that stool boy and drink your beer. I’ll call you when I need you.” All of this talk was getting me too turned on. I needed to stop for a moment. I turned back to Andy and with a flick of my head referred to the chin-up bar, “Hey Andy, is there some kind of reward for breaking a record on that thing?”

“Yes sir,” he said automatically (just because the big guy said it), “The guy who breaks a record gets his drinks free all night.”

“You don’t say. Andy, if my little slave here breaks one of the records in a big way could you see to it that both of us get free drinks all night?”

“What do you mean. . . sir?” he asked. I liked that he remembered the sir part. He was a quick learner.

I walked over to the chalkboard that had the records written down. “It says here that the record for one arm chin-ups is thirty-six. What would you say if my muscle pup was able to double that?” I was all smiles as I turned back to Andy.

“I guess I’d say there was no way someone could do that, sir. I'd also say The Bear would be angry. He's had that record for a while,” he answered in a not-so-sure voice. “But I guess I could give you both free drinks if it happened.” I got the distinct impression that Andy wanted Will to prove him wrong. Once again he had his hand on his crotch.

“Hey muscle slave. You think you can do seventy-two chin-ups with one arm?” I said looking at Will. He didn’t look up. I guess he was embarrassed I was having him do this – or was he? His crotch seemed to be saying something different.

“No, sir,” he answered meekly and looked up quickly because he knew I would have a disapproving look on my face. “I can do more than that,” he quickly added in a proud voice. I just smiled at him – as if to say “good boy.” Andy’s mouth dropped open.

“Well get over here muscle freak and make your master proud. You know the reward I’ll give you will be a lot better than free drinks. I can't wait to see the look on The Bear's face when he sees the record is broken,” I said laughing. Will didn’t give either Andy or me time to get prepared. He walked to the bar quickly, grabbed it with his massive right fist and bent his legs off the floor (the bar was high for me – but nothing for big Will). He just hung there for a few seconds – as if he was psyching himself up. Then he started executing perfect chin-ups and counting out loud. He was trying to make me proud. A few times he looked up at me and lowered himself very slowly – even pausing when his arm was only half extended. The three of us had raging hard-ons by this time. Will quickly got to fifty and had not even slowed down. When he reached seventy-two he just kept going. At ninety he started going faster – never losing his perfect form. When he reached 105 I called out, “Okay super boy, you can stop now. You’ve made your master very happy. Come over here and get your reward.” Will stood up, let go of the bar, and walked over to me with a giant smile on his face. He had a light dusting of sweat on his forehead. When he got to me he bent down and I grabbed the back of his head with my hand. I pulled his face into mine and placed my mouth on his. He opened his mouth to accept my aggressive tongue. I kissed him like it was the first time. I could tell he liked it – so I grabbed his hard cock through the jeans with my other hand. There were moans of pleasure from my muscle stud. There were also moans coming from Andy.

We ended our kiss and both took long swigs of our beers. Andy was just staring at Will. I could tell he wanted him. He finally came back to reality, walked over to the chalkboard and asked, “What name do you want on the board.” Will didn’t answer. He knew to let his master answer. I looked at Will first – smiled – and then turned to Andy.

“Put down Big Herc,” was what I said. “And, Andy, I think we’ll take two of those free beers right now. My muscle boy is thirsty and I see a table full of guys in the back just waiting for my muscle pup to come in there and show off. He’s going to make their night just like he made yours.”
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Oh man... this chapter was just amazing. I definitely prefer subservient Will to cocky Will, but it's good to know he can become either at the drop of a hat. Hot.
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