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Old April 3rd, 2007, 12:47 AM
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Best Friends - Part 3

Will continued telling me about his dream, “You kneel in front of me and you take my cock in both of your hands. It is stiff as a metal rod because of the worshipping session that has just taken place. You kiss the tip of my dick and let your tongue flirt with the slit. I throw my head back in ecstasy and moan loudly. You take just the head in your mouth and let your teeth scrape lightly as you move your face backward and forward. Your hands are wrapped around my body and you reach back and let your fists come down hard into my tightened glutes. I can barely feel your punches – partly because I am focused on what you are doing to my cock and partly because of my hardened muscles. You grab my butt and force your mouth completely down the shaft of my cock. There has been too much build up to this point. My entire body is one raw nerve of pleasure. I completely lose control of my body and my cock shoots its first load into your throat. I scream out in pleasure as you pull back your head and thrust your mouth once again down my cock. I cannot control myself now. I grab your head and hold it in place as I shoot three, four, no five loads of cum down your inviting throat. I have cried out each time my cock has shot. My legs begin to buckle as you pull you mouth teasingly off of my dick. I slowly sink to my knees and you wrap your arms around my bare torso – pulling my chest to your lips again. You begin to kiss my pecs as I begin to cry. The pleasure has been too much. We kneel there together for what seems like eternity – the only sound is from your kisses. We both know that the transformation will begin soon. We can already feel the heat radiating from my body. We lie down on the ground and we wait.”

Will finished the story and slowly came back to reality. I was sitting there with my mouth open in astonishment. I stared at Will and said nothing. I quickly realize he misreads my response. He says, “I should have never told you – I’m sorry. I knew it would freak you out.” Now it is my turn to go and kneel in front of him. I am between his legs and rest may arms on his thighs. He looks away, but I take my hand and turn his head back to look at me.

“You have not freaked me out,” I say strongly. “Your dream excites me more than you will ever know. You have given me part of you and for that I am very thankful. I only care about you, Will. I want you to be comfortable with your story. I don’t want you to be freaked out. Your dream is definitely tied into what is happening to you. I don’t know how, but I know it is. So what should we do – what do you want from me, Will.”

Will looked at me with what seemed like a child’s face. He whispered, “Make the dream come true.” I have somehow known that this will be his response. My hands move up his legs to his arms resting in his lap. I take his hands and move them to his shirt. He catches on to what I am doing and he grabs the sides of his button-down. Quickly he pulls the shirt open and buttons fly in every direction. I hear them hitting the floor on the other side of the room. My mouth goes quickly to his right pec and I take his nipple between my teeth. I suck gently on his chest and he begins to squirm in pleasure. The chest that I have drooled over all morning is as hard as I have anticipated. It is like kissing warm, pulsing stone. He tightens his chest and my mouth finds it hard to suck his skin. He takes a deep breath and thrusts his pecs higher. The nipple slips from my mouth because of the force. I quickly move to the left nipple as Will exhales. I spend a few minutes on the nipple and then move my face to the deep valley between his pecs. Will immediately squeezes the giant mounds together and I feel his power. My face is caught between his globes of muscles. I place my hands on both pecs and begin to pinch his nipples. Finally Will allows my face to be released – but I keep it in the valley licking every part of the crevice. Will moves his hands to behind his head. Without even looking up I move my hands from his nipples to the peaks of his biceps. There is no way my hands can miss those massive mounds.

Will responds to my touch by flexing his biceps. This is too much for me. I pull my face from between his pecs to see the peaks he has created. My cock is throbbing at this point and I can feel his twitching beneath my stomach. It feels like a baseball bat. He is still flexing his biceps and he is staring at them too. I begin to pull myself up and down – like doing chin ups using his flexed bis. The movement of my body up and down on his crotch gets the reaction I have hoped for. He moans loudly and his enormous cock becomes harder. Will has begun to thrust his crotch into me. He begins to moan even louder. I let go of his arms and go immediately to the front of his sweats. In a few short motions I have his “baseball bat” out of his pants. It seems as hard and muscled as the rest of his body. I gently kiss the tip of his cock and Will can take no more. He grabs my head and pushes my face into his dick. I open my mouth wide and take as much of his cock as I can. Will pulls my head back and then shoves it down his shaft again. This time I am ready and my throat is completely open. Just as in his dream, Will has reached his pleasure limit quickly. Our cocks have been hard for almost all of the morning. I pull my head back as his cock begins to twitch. I know he is about to shoot. I want to give him more pleasure so I slide down his rod one more time. The room shakes from the force of Will’s scream. I know he has never felt an orgasm like this before. His cock seems to shoot forever. I have trouble swallowing it all – but I succeed. Will lets his hands drop to his sides and his body stops thrusting. I slowly pull my mouth from his cock but I let my teeth gently scrape the head and his body jerks in one more moment of pleasure. I move up his body and place my mouth around his hardened right nipple. I sit there sucking gently as our heartbeats begin to fall back to their regular pattern. Our breathing finally becomes normal again.

I am awakened by a strange sensation on my cheek and hands. I open my eyes and look up at Will. He is asleep. We both have been asleep. I look at my watch and see that we have probably been resting there for about 45 minutes. I then notice that the strange sensation I felt was Will’s skin. It is on fire. It is almost like he has a high fever. I immediately remember the dream. My mind is trying to get around what is happening when all of the sudden the heat stopped. Will raised his head and looked at me smiling.

“That was incredible, James,” he said pulling me closer to him. “It was better than any dream. It was what I have been longing for since the beginning of the semester. Thank you.”

“Thank you, Will. This is something I have always dreamed of but thought would never happen.” I rested my chin on his chest and stared into his face.

“I’m still a little wiped out. Do you mind if we go into my room and sleep for a little while?” he asked.

“Are you sure that’s what you want. Are you okay with me staying for a little longer?” I didn’t want him to feel obligated. I know how it can be for someone the first time – the guilt that can follow. I wanted to be sensitive to what he was feeling.

“I really want you to stay. John and Cal have gone away for the weekend. I just want to sleep for a little while. I didn’t know that pleasure could be so draining.” I pulled myself away and we both stood up. As I got to my feet I suddenly became aware that I was dizzy. Will noticed this, as well, and reached out to support me. “Whoooa, there buddy. Maybe it was a little too much for you, as well.”

“I guess you’re right. I think I could use a little sleep as well,” I said as I continued to wobble. Without saying a word Will picked me up in his arms and carried me to his bedroom. I felt like I was as light as a pillow.

“You don’t weigh very much Jimmy-boy. Maybe you need to gain some weight or maybe I need to not be so strong,” Will said as he tossed me on the bed. He grabbed a t-shirt from a his dresser, put it on in one quick move and then jumped into bed beside me. He quickly wrapped his arms around me and added, “Nighty-night my dream man.”

I slid my body next to his, shut my eyes, and was asleep before I could say anything in reply.

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Old April 3rd, 2007, 01:35 AM
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Excellent !
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Old April 3rd, 2007, 04:10 AM
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Tee hee!

Great story! I'm looking forward to the next chapter!


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Old April 4th, 2007, 05:28 AM
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Am I missing something?!? Where is part 2?
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Old April 4th, 2007, 02:31 PM
Thicker is Best
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Jace. It is a little below in the list of recent stories. You'll see it later on the list.
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