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Old February 5th, 2007, 01:13 PM
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Post Finding Mark: Chapter Nine

Chapter One: Sweet Sixteen Surprise
Previous Chapter: Chapter Eight: Last Period

Chapter 9: Ear at the Door

Mark re-read the note at least ten more times. Each time, he could only ask himself one thing: How? Only an hour ago, Mark was convinced that Josh would never understand, but now-- Now, things were different. If Josh was the one who had given him this gift, maybe he could answer some of these questions he had. Perhaps, their friendship had never been hurt after all.

This made Mark smile. For the first time all day, it seemed as if a great pressure had been relieved from his heart. Josh understood and even better, he had answers. However, Mark's relief was tempered by a new concern. Josh did bolt out of class pretty fast. Where did he go?

It took a moment, but Mark finally realized what had happened. “The bathroom,” he whispered to himself, “He ran for the bathroom.”

All too quickly had Mark forgotten about that other pesky reaction after a major growth. Looking around the classroom, he noticed that most of them had fallen asleep, while a few studious students were actually working out of the book. Mark knew that he had to find Josh and make sure he was ok. If Josh's experience was anything like Mark's had been, he was going to be in for one hell of a ride.

Mark slowly stood up from his desk and walked through the few rows between him and the front. Like his students, his teacher had also begun to nod off. Mark knew he had to wake him but quite wasn't sure how he should do it. Barely rocking him on the shoulder with his hand, Mark whispered, “Professor?”

No reply. Mark waited a moment the whispered it again. “Professor?”

He wasn't budging. Mark went to shake his shoulder one last time. “Bah,” Mark's teacher called, waking from his little nap. This startled Mark, making him straighten back up, but he didn't scream like the professor just had. Trying to hid some of his embarrassment, Mark's teacher focused on his student, waiting for Mark to speak.

Professor, where you asleep?” he asked.

Hum, no,” he rasped, rubbing his head, “Just closed my eyes for a moment.”

Mark wasn't fooled, but he let the old man keep his pride by nodding in agreement. “So,” he asked, “What do you need?”

I need to go to the bathroom, sir,” Mark replied.

Oh, has that other student returned yet?” he asked, squinting his eyes, trying to peer around Mark.

Mark instinctively stepped in the way, blocking the professor from seeing where they had been sitting. It took a moment, but Mark sullenly whispered, “Yeah. He came back.”

The professor looked back up at Mark, squinted again and grinned. “Then you can go. Don't be long.”

Ok,” he replied.

Walking past the teacher's desk, he briskly rounded out of the room. Continuing down the hall, away from the stairs he used to get up here, Mark quickly walked for the bathroom. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the relative darkness of the hall, but at least there was no one else here. Readjusting his thin frame glasses, everything came back into focus. In fact, he noticed that all the doors between his classroom and the bathrooms were shut. He was half way there when he heard a sound. Mark stopped for a moment, not sure of what he had just heard. Leaning his head out, he strained to hear it again. There was nothing. He started walking once more and a few moments later, he heard it again. Rather than stopping, he kept going. As he got closer to the end of the hall, the sound became louder. It seemed that it was coming from the bathroom. Mark knew instantly that it must be Josh.

Mark was just outside of the bathroom door and could hear a loud moan from within. He couldn't help but just stand at the door and listen. Pressing his ear against the door, he kept listening. Josh's moans grew faster and a little louder. Mark knew what was happening. He also knew that Josh wouldn't be able to stop until he was finished.

Mark's head was now roughly pressed against the door, as if he were trying to pushing himself through the wood. It was only another few moments before Josh had reached his climax and the sounds had stopped. Rather than moving, Mark continued to press his ear against the door, now faced with a little problem of his own. His boxers were getting tight around his cock, as it stiffened. The sound of Josh getting off had been more than Mark could handle. Mark could see Josh in his head, sitting in a stall, barely fitting on the seat as his monstrous dick erupted with cream. This made his pants even stiffer and the was now an obvious bulge protruding from his khakis.

For Mark, only an instant had past, when in fact it had been at least a minute. That's all Josh needed though. The door quickly swung upon, making Mark fall forward, knocking his glasses onto the floor. He was leaning so hard on the door that his ear decided to just follow it. Rather than hitting the hard wooden door, it hit something else that was just as hard. Mark's head had just smacked straight into Josh's pecs, which were still being strained tightly by his shirt.

There was a moment of indecision for poor Mark. As he quickly ripped his head off of Josh's huge, meaty chest, part of him just wanted to keep his head exactly where it had fallen. Scrambling to the floor, he found were his glasses had fallen. After sliding them back on his head, rather than standing, he merely looked up. Mark's eyes followed Josh's thick legs up to a large, obvious bulge in his pants. It looked as if a large snake was jammed up against his legs, forced to hug tightly against it due to the straining fabric. Trying not to linger on his enormous manhood too long, Mark's eyes continued upward, past his wide torso, which barely fit square in the doorway. Finally, Mark had made it up to Josh's eyes, and locked in. Mark could feel his legs trying to crumble from beneath his crouched position. They shook, readying to collapse. Rather than letting them give way, Mark rose with a stumble, nearly falling back into Josh's thick body.

Embarrassed from his reaction, Mark hung his head down and tried to hide his face behind his long wavy bangs. Josh, however, wasn't going to give Mark anytime to calm down. He had more pressing matters to discuss.

Get in here,” Josh commanded, pulling Mark by the collar off his shirt.

Josh's stern reaction scared Mark a little. Butterflies with wings of fire were filling his belly again, worried not only that Josh would notice his hard on, but also at what Josh was doing. Josh, pulled Mark to a wide open space between the sinks and stalls. “Wh—what's going on?” Mark stuttered out.

Being the only ones in the bathroom, it made his voice echo for an uncomfortably long time. Hearing his question repeated from every wall it hit, only made Mark want to hide even more. Josh let go of Mark's shirt and stared down at him. “That's complicated,” Josh said with a tone of worry in his voice.

It was rare for Josh to ever be worried about anything. Mark was the one that always worried. So, in turn, Mark worried even more about what was going on. “But-- but your note said---” Mark force out of his lips.

Yeah, well, this wasn't part of the plan,” Josh shot back, fanning his thick arms out wide. “And you know what's even stranger,” Josh rhetorically asked.

Mark continued to lower his head like an ostrich in the sand, waiting for the answer.

No one noticed,” Josh finished.

Mark thought back and realized that Josh was right. Josh walked past a class of ten students, and not so much as a head turned. However, why would they? Most of them were probably sleeping anyway. “Maybe no one looked up just cuz. I'm pretty used to that,” Mark sheepishly offered.

That's not what I mean,” he said, now pacing back and forth, “Well, I don't know what I mean.”

Mark was confused. Looking back at his friend, Josh noticed Mark's perplexed expression. “I mean, when I practically demanded to go to the bathroom, the professor didn't say anything... about this.”

Josh's muscles were rippling through his clothes as he showed off what “this” meant. “This” is something Mark could understand, but he stayed quiet and just stared as blankly as he could. Leaning up against a stall, Mark nervously replied, “Maybe he didn't get a good look at you. All of them are almost blind anyway.”

Josh halted his pacing and gave a small nod. “True,” he said, “But you would think he would have said something. I mean, look at me. I can barely fit in all these clothes.”

Still showcasing his rippling appearance to Mark, he found it getting increasingly harder to play off his intense interest in Josh. Lowering his head further, he just gave a shaky nod. Josh resumed his pacing. An echoed silence filled the bathroom. Neither of them seemed to know quite what to do and all of Mark's “big questions” had ran off for now, waiting to get the current problem solved: what to do about Josh. “S-s-so, what do you want to do?” Mark asked.

Rather than replying immediately, Josh turned around. Putting his hands on the sinks, he stared into his reflection. Mark still kept his head down. However, when Josh didn't say anything, he lifted up his head some trying to get a look at Josh's face. Peering around one of his cannons, Mark saw that Josh seemed sad. More than sad, Josh seemed disappointed for some reason. Continuing to stare at Josh, Mark could feel the gears in his own mind turning. He had been so wrapped up with his own worries and his own concerns that he hadn't really thought about what Josh was really thinking.

You were never really mad about his morning were you?” Mark whispered, walking closer to Josh.

He didn't turn around, but Josh did move his eyes to focus on Mark. They softened some, bringing forth his response. “Mad? You thought I was mad?”

Mark bobbed his head in agreement. With an edge of concern in his voice, Josh continued, “Why did you think that?”

Stepping closer to him, he was now standing side by side with his huge friend. Josh filled over half the mirror, leaving Mark with a little sliver to the side. “After what I did on the bus, and when I ran out, I just-- I could understand why you would have been mad.”

Josh let out a loud sigh, followed by a small smile. Hanging his head down a little lower, he shook his curls some before looking back up at Mark. This left Mark waiting with baited breath for what Josh was about to say.

I was never mad,” Josh assured him, “I was worried that something else I couldn't see had happened, and that was what was tearing you up so bad.”

Elation is one word that could describe how this made Mark feel, but it would fall short. In once sentence, Josh had washed away every worry and concern Mark had had all day. It didn't make the weight of the situation change, but for now, there was relief. Mark was so relieved that he leaned his head onto Josh's shoulder. Though the muscle straining the fabric was hard as stone, to Mark, it was more comfortable than a pillow.

In that moment, although each didn't know it, both felt safety in each other. Peace had received an unknowing glance. This moment was quickly curved, however, by the sound of tones ringing from the hallway. Both Mark and Josh quickly straightened up, startled by the soft sounds. It wasn't the sound that startled them, however, it was what it meant: class was out.

Wiping his hair off to one side, Mark looked back up at Josh, desperately wanting him to say something. If only he said it first, maybe the floodgate holding back every intimate thought Mark had about Josh would be opened.

I've got to change back,” Josh echoed with worry.

That wasn't what Mark was hoping to hear. With those few words, Mark's heart sunk back into its usual resting place, deep within his chest, buried under all the cement he had poured over it these past many years. Perhaps Josh didn't feel that way, which is why Mark had to bury it so deep. However, Mark did sense the urgency in Josh's voice, listening to him further. “I can't stay like this. If someone really notices this time, what will I say. What will they say?”

Mark continued to listen intently to Josh, even though there was growing roar of footstep coming from outside. “I can't explain this, at least," Josh paused, "I can't explain this to them.

Mark knew that was meant for him. Josh was right, there were still a lot of unanswered questions to which Mark wanted answers to. However, the longer they stood there doing nothing, the higher the risk was of being discovered. With a somber tone in his voice, Mark said, “Ok. I'll change you back.”

Thank you,” Josh whispered in relief, “And don't worry, when we get home, I will explain everything.”

Mark backed away from Josh. He really didn't want to change his friend back, but if that was Josh's wish, then that was what Josh was going to get. Alright Mark. We need to change Josh back before we are noticed. Change his body back to the way it was.

There was silence. Only the loudening stamper of footsteps could be heard. Nothing was happening. “Mark,” Josh asked, “Are you going to do it?”

Mark's eyes went wide. What's happening? Why isn't this working? He thought the words again to himself, and again, nothing happened.

Josh was getting worried. “Mark?” he said nervously, “Now would be a good time.”

I'm trying Josh,” he panted, straining the thoughts through his head again, “But it isn't working.”

What do you mean, it's not working?”

I--” Mark began, getting panicked, “Change Josh back to the way he was before, now!”

Breathing heavily, both waited for something to happen but nothing happened. Nothing at all. The tension in the room was rising. Time was running out. What were they going to do if Mark couldn't fix this? Even worse, what if they were discovered?

Mark!” Josh exclaimed, with a look of fear in his face, “You have to do something.”

Josh's thick frame was rippling as each muscle strained. His polo pulled across his chest even tighter than before as his pecs rose and fell with furious breaths. The awesome size at Josh's command wasn't making this any easier on Mark. It not only served to distract him, and even scared him a little.

Getting even more impatient, Josh strode over to Mark. His pants barely held on as the huge teen walked across the lime tiled floor. His quads scrapped each other with each step he took. Even his calves were pushing through his khakis, harshly rubbing against the fabic.

Just as Josh came within in few inches of Mark, his chest nearly hitting his friends chin, they heard the most frightening sound they could have ever imagined. The bathroom door was swinging open. Josh and Mark snapped their heads over to the door, watching in horror as it opened. It was too late to hide or to try again. Whoever was on the other side of that door was about to see everything, and there was nothing they could do about it.

Well, I hope everyone liked this chapter and the story as a whole so far. I'll be working hard on the next chapter and as other factors calm and align, I'll get it posted. Until then, as always, thanks again for reading the story and I look foward to hearing back from all of you.

Continue to: Chapter Ten: An Adoring Fan

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of course i loved it ;p
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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With a cliffhanger like that, hope you won't let us hanging for long.
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Gotta love the thrilling cliffhangers... they make room for an exicting upcoming chapter that and I'm sure you'll provide us. Excellent as always - especially the part where we got to see that Mark's REAL emotions are the key for his powers, at least it appears to be. But you are the master of this story and everything you decide I'm sure I'll love to read.

Take care
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Hey nightwolf285,

This is a great story - in fact, it's turning out to be my favorite muscle growth story ever. Thanks for sharing it.

no name
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Well... It seems pretty clear (to me) that the reason Mark can't return Josh to "normal" is that down deep he doesn't want to do it... Josh being a spectacle is not as threatening to Mark as himself being the spectacle. That no one seemed to notice "Big Josh" in class or "Big Mark" on the bus (except for Mark and Josh) is interesting. So I don't think they need to worry about who ever is about to walk in unless it's the guy with long dark hair (or the lunch lady ) If Mark does deflate Josh will he be in need of "the immediate intake of mass quantities" (the feeding scenes remind me a bit of a visit with the ConeHeads from the glory days of SNL)

Why and how did Josh give Mark this "gift"? Does he (Josh) have it too? What about the lunch lady and the other guy with long dark hair?

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post deleted

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I...need...more...(Imagine zombie-voice)

It's good. Very good. Please, go on.
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This is an awesome story. I had to go back and read all the previous chapters - it was thoroughly enjoyable. Please continue the story - I look forward to the next chapter. Most interesting and good writing.
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As always, I appreciate all the complements that you have graciously given me for the story. Honestly, it is my pleasure to have such a receptive audience. For that, I thank you.

As you all have probably noticed by now, Mark is starting to develop a knack for solving one problem just to plunge head first into the next. This a trend that will probably continue with him throughout the story.

Originally Posted by muscl4life
...especially the part where we got to see that Mark's REAL emotions are the key for his powers...
As the Emperor would say (and far better than me), "Good-- Good--" That however, is all I will say on this point for the time being.

Originally Posted by ender
Josh being a spectacle is not as threatening to Mark as himself being the spectacle.
You are quite right. Mark is obviously shy and not very sure of himself. I don't think he knows exactly what he would do if people actually noticed him.

Originally Posted by ender
That no one seemed to notice "Big Josh" in class or "Big Mark" on the bus (except for Mark and Josh) is interesting.
Yes... Yes it is... (psst, next chapter will address this alittle bit.)

Originally Posted by ender
If Mark does deflate Josh will he be in need of "the immediate intake of mass quantities"
I am going to go ahead and dispel this one. The reason Mark had to focus on eating so much was because his timing was off. Yes, it does seem to take a lot of energy to change, but not so much that it drains you after one punch. Mark was able to change size like three or four times before having his little pig out session in the kitchen.

And the only reason he had a hunger attack on bus was because he did induce a rather substancial change and didn't have hardly any food left in his system from before. (Most of what he ate earlier was making up for what he had done before he ate.)

Then he had the hunger problem again because, one, he ate granola bars and they aren't that filling (they barely recovered what he need to balance the energy his growth took), two, it is school and you don't eat in school until lunch time (at least: not usualy and not in mine ), and finally, he ate so much because he thinks that he can "store" the food/energy until it is needed later. What happened in the chapter seemed to support that. Now, this fact wasn't a forerunner in things i talked about as the writer, however, the gears are beginning to turn for Mark.

So, the only reason Mark had to focus on it so much was just because of bad timing. We had to focus on it as an audience so that we could be one on one with Mark long enough to know what he was thinking.

Josh, on the other hand, only changed once. He was pretty full from lunch and thus probably won't have a "hunger attack" like Mark. And since he saw what happened to Mark on the bus, sooner or later, he will be all over the fact that he needs to eat alot.

So... with all of that said, timing was the only reason Mark had to worry about it, learning about him was the only reason the audience had to watch it.... and i definatly wanted to drive home the concept of "Energy consumption" in relation to Mark's gift.

Originally Posted by ender
Why and how did Josh give Mark this "gift"? Does he (Josh) have it too? What about the lunch lady and the other guy with long dark hair?
I dunno. (Guess we will have to wait and see.)

If any one else has questions or speculations, i am more than happy to entertain them. In the meantime, I will see you around. (And I hope to get the next chapter posted up as soon as i can.)


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