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Muscle Camp by John D

Following a request by unlsd, here is 'Muscle Camp' by the great John D.
Hope you don't mind, John.


By John D.

Jason, Joey and Fernando had been friends forever. They had grown up in the same poor, working class neighborhood of a big city. Before they were eight years old they learned how to fight, because if they hadn't, they would have been constantly pulverized by the bigger kids in the neighborhood. At 15 years old, they were aggressive young bucks, notbig , but not total weaklings either. They were scrawny, tough street urchins. They didn't take any shit from any kid. Of course, that meant that the boys would often get beaten up by bigger and stronger kids. But they were tough. They could take it and they loved to dish it out when they could. They wished that they could rule their neighborhood, but unfortunately there were a lot of bigger guys around. Guys like Kevin and Louie, who loved to kick the skinny boys' asses just for fun. Kevin and Louie were the same age as Jason, Joey and Fernando, but they had already buffed out with muscle and therefore were much stronger than the boys were. Kevin and Louie never missed an opportunity to show off their muscles to the boys and use those muscles to beat them up. Why? Because they could. The strong pick on the weak. That's just the way it is. There were a lot of otherbig kids in school who beat up these skinny urchins. They wouldn't take any shit and often paid the price.

Also, there was the neighborhood gang, the "Warlords," a group of tough Latinos who had beaten up the boys more times than they could remember. The boys hated the Warlords. The Warlords liked to beat them up just for laughs. They wished that some day they would be able to kick the asses of those arrogant young punks, the rulers of the neighborhood. The Warlords ranged in age from about 13 to their mid 20's. There were about 30 of them and they always traveled in packs of at least six. Recently, when Jason, Fernando and Joey were walking down the sidewalk, they spotted about eight Warlords in front of them. A couple of the Warlords had just completed a drug deal. As the boys approached, three of the youngest Warlords, not more than 13, ran out in front of them. "This is our barrio, assholes," said one of the little punks. "You know you can't show your sorry faces around here." "We can go wherever we want!" said Joey, and he started to push his way by the arrogant little Warlord. At that, all eight Warlords attacked the boys. After a short struggle -- eight versus three doesn't last toolong -- the three oldest Warlords held the arms of the boys while the 13 year olds punched them unmercifully in the gut, chest and face. Even though these Warlords were young, they were tough and strong. Their punches werehard and they thoroughly beat up the defenseless boys. After the boys were bloody and battered, the older Warlords threw them on the ground and kicked them in the ribs for goodmeasure. "We rule this 'hood, and don't forget it," said the biggest Warlord as he flexed his tattooed muscles and swaggered away.

At 15 years old, Jason, Joey and Fernando had gone through puberty and were hoping to get big and strong. They wanted to kick ass. However, they remained very skinny and got their asses kicked more than they did the kicking. Although they were each about 5' 9" tall, they only weighed between 115 and 125. Not much fat, but not much muscle either. Scrawny street urchins.

They were all very good looking. Jason was blond and blue eyed. His ancestry was German. He had striking, high, prominent cheekbones and a strong jaw and chin. His skin tanned easily in the sun, and in August the contrast between his blond hair and golden skin was striking. He looked like a surfer with a very thin swimmer's build. He had no fat on his body, and his skinny muscles showed clearly under his thin skin.

Joey was Italian. Both sides of his family were from southern Italy and he was the first generation to be born in this country. His face was square and tough looking. Although he was thin, he still had some baby fat on his body. But you could tell that he had a pretty sound foundation under the layer of baby fat. He had black hair and brown eyes and very tan skin. His chest was bigger than Jason's and his legs were more solid. He was built like he could be a football player if he only had some more muscle on his body.

Fernando's parents had emigrated from Puerto Rico. He had beautiful Hispanic features -- strong cheekbones, perfect white teeth, wavy back hair and flawless dark skin. His body was very sensual. Wide shoulders and very narrow hips. He wasn't as cut as Jason and he wasn't built as thickly as Joey. But he had outstanding symmetry and really looked stunning even without a lot of muscle. The boys may have been skinny, but they were beautiful.

One spring day when they were in 9th grade, the boys were walking down the street when they came upon Kevin and Louie, the two big 15-year-old kids from their class. Kevin and Louie weren't members of the Warlords but they totally dominated the boys. They each weighed about 150 pounds, all muscle, and they loved to kick ass, especially the asses of Jason, Joey and Fernando. When the boys tried to walk past them, Kevin and Louie stepped in the way and Kevin said "Not so fast, punks. You can't go by us without paying up. You either pay us twenty dollars or ourbig muscles are going to do some serious damage to your pathetic bodies. Check out some real muscle, you fucking dweebs." They flexed their 14-inch biceps, which looked incredibly hard and powerful compared with the boys' 11 inchers. The boys knew what was coming. "We don't have twenty dollars, Kevin, and even if we did we wouldn't give it to you," said Jason. They started trying to fight off Kevin and Louie, but their weak jabs didn't make any impact on thehard bodies of the strong, muscular thugs.

Kevin and Louie smiled at each other like two confident lions about ready to vanquish their prey. Suddenly, Kevin punched Joey hard in the gut with his left fist and then did the same thing to Fernando with his right. Louie grabbed Jason and easily wrestled him to the ground. Louie sat on Jason's waist and pummeled his head and chest with his fists. Kevin wrapped his strong arms around Joey and squeezed all the air out of his lungs. He punched himhard in the gut and Joey collapsed on the sidewalk. Then, Kevin grabbed Fernando and twisted his arm painfully behind his back. While Fernando howled in pain, Kevin laughed and punched himhard in the side of his chest several times. Fernando dropped to the ground. As the three boys lay in pain on the sidewalk, Kevin and Louie laughed and hit most muscular poses and then flexed their biceps, their pumped muscles bulging and rippling with raw power. "You wimps are pathetic," said Louie. "Next time you better have twenty dollars or we won't be so nice."

The boys lay on the ground enraged. "One day we're going to fuck you up so bad you'll wish you were never born," said Fernando. Kevin bent down and rubbed his sweaty armpit in Fernando's face, flexing his strong 15-year-old muscles. "You're a wimp, fuckface. Smell that sweat and feel the power of these muscles. I'm going to make you do whatever I want whenever I want to. I got muscles and you don't have squat, you geek." With that, he wrapped his arm around Fernando's neck, flexed his bicep, cutting off Fernando's windpipe, and punched Fernando in the gut reallyhard with his other arm. Fernando collapsed on the ground. "See ya, dweebs," said Kevin as he and Louie flexed one more time and strutted away.

A few days after this humiliation, Jason was reading an underground newspaper some of the kids at his school had gotten. His eyes fixated on a small classified ad that read as follows:

"Wanted: a Few Good Men (ages 15-16) to train this summer at
Muscle Camp. Experimental muscle building methods will be
tested. All expenses paid. No wimps. If you have an attitude and
want to get HUGE, we want you. Call 427-0471 and ask for Jeff."

Jason ripped out the ad and showed it to Joey and Fernando. They all agreed that Muscle Camp sounded fantastic. And they fit the description perfectly. They weren't wimps and the certainly had an attitude. An attitude that wanted to kick ass. The prospect of buildinghuge , strong muscles at no cost sounded too good to be true. Maybe they'd be able to fight Kevin and Louie. Maybe they'd be able to challenge the Warlords. Maybe they'd be able to beat up all the kids in school who had made their lives miserable. They got excited just thinking about it. Jason called the number in the ad and arranged a meeting with Jeff.

Jeff met them in a park after school. He was about 5' 10" and weighed about 180 pounds, all solid muscle. He was in his early 20's and looked like a Marine -- short brown hair, steel blue eyes, very straight posture and very tough-looking. The boys were very impressed. Jeff explained that he had gotten out of the Marines about six months before. He was independently wealthy. While in the Marines, he was disgusted with the weakness of the recruits -- these were the best of the best, but Jeff thought they were wimps. After he got out, he decided that he was going to train some young men, a few good young men. Train them so that they became sobig , so strong and so tough that any one of them could annihilate three or four ordinary guys with ease. Train them to become total muscle studs. He spent the last six months building Muscle Camp and researching all the latest muscle-building training programs, supplements and drugs. He wanted the best for his men and he went out and bought it.

Jeff said that he wanted men who could take tough training and who wouldn't quit. He didn't want crybabies or wimps. He wanted men who liked to fight and who wanted to learn how to fight better. He would pay for everything and he guaranteed that by the end of the summer the boys wouldn't recognize their present bodies. They'd be sobig , muscular, strong and tough that they'd be able to beat up anyone they wanted to. Fernando smiled as he thought about beating the shit out of Kevin and Louie and flexing hisbig muscles in Kevin's face. Jeff asked the boys to take off their shirts so that he could check out their potential. The boys had never lifted weights, and their bodies were skinny and out of shape. Just by looking at them, however, Jeff felt that they had good genetics for building muscle. They flexed their muscles trying to impress Jeff. Jeff squeezed Joey'ssoft , little bicep with his strong forearm and easily crushed it. Joey didn't flinch at the pain. Jeff smiled. "Here, Joey. Try to crush my bicep." Jeff flexed his 17inch arms and Joey tried to squeeze Jeff's right bicep. His soft 8-inch forearm was no match for Jeff's big, hard gun. Joey strained mightily but couldn't make a tiny dent in Jeff's rock-like muscle. Joey was incredulous at the size and hardness of Jeff's arm. "I'd give anything to have muscles like you," said Joey. "Me, too," said Jason. "Please let us go to Muscle Camp." Jeff looked at each of the boys with his steel blue eyes. "OK, you guys are in Muscle Camp if you want it," said Jeff. "By the end of the summer, I won't be able to get my hand around yourhuge bicep, Joey, and it will be so hard that even my Marine Corps forearms won't be able to make a dent in that muscle. Shake hands if you're ready to sign up." The three boys without hesitation shook Jeff's hand and signed up for Muscle Camp. They were stoked. Jeff looked at the boys approvingly. They were just what he was looking for.

School was almost over for the year and the boys strutted around like they owned the place. They didn't tell anyone about Muscle Camp. They wanted everyone to have abig surprise in the fall, but they already acted like the muscle studs they knew they were about to become. They didn't take shit from anyone.

They persuaded their parents to let them go to Muscle Camp for the summer. They said it was run by a former Marine and that they would therefore stay out of trouble. The boys' parents all consented willingly. They figured that they'd save a lot of money not having to feed the growing appetites of their sons for the whole summer and that this Marine might do some good for the kids. And a little more muscle on their boys would be fine. They wanted their sons to be able to take care of themselves in their tough neighborhood. They didn't want other kids picking on them. If theirson was the biggest, toughest kid in the neighborhood, this would give them bragging rights with the other parents. They kissed their sons goodbye and wished them well at Muscle Camp.

Muscle Camp was actually a 200 acre ranch about 50 miles from the city that Jeff had bought and transformed into a total training compound. First there was the gym -- a weight training gym that would challenge Gold's in Venice for the variety of equipment and the heavy poundages of the weights. The walls were covered with mirrors. Next to the weight gym there was a boxing, wrestling and martial arts training area. The ranch had a swimming pool, a basketball court, trails for running and endurance training and lots of space for Marine-like obstacle courses.

The master house had a living room, a huge kitchen, a den, and a big bedroom where both the boys and Jeff were going to sleep. Jeff wanted to sleep in the same room as the boys. He wanted to watch them grow and he wanted to share in the experience, both day and night. Jeff hired a full time cook to prepare all the muscle building food that the boys were going to require. The cook arrived before breakfast and left after dinner.

Jeff had stocked up on all the latest supplements, including protein, amino acids, creatine and andro, plus several muscle-building compounds that Jeff after all his research had concluded would build the biggest muscles without causing any serious harm. He combined them all in a milkshake he called the Muscle Blast. Guaranteed to build the biggest, buffest muscles man had ever seen. He also got some human growth hormone and other growth enhancing "secret ingredients" that would be injected directly into the boys' bloodstream. Jeff expected that the combination of heavy, intense workouts, massive quantities of food, the Muscle Blast and the growth injections would transform the skinny street urchins into the biggest, strongest, toughest 15 year old boys on the face of the earth. He wanted them to become giant muscle studs that could conquer anything in their way. He wanted to create threehuge, aggressive, totally dominant fighting machines.

When the boys arrived at Muscle Camp, they couldn't believe it. It was much more than they had ever expected. After they had checked everything out and unpacked their bags in the bedroom, Jeff ordered them to the gym. "ATTENTION, MEN!" shouted Jeff. "Strip off your clothes and stand at attention." The boys did as ordered. They stood buck naked in front of the mirrors in the gym. They looked like sorry excuses for Marine recruits. But that would change quickly. Jeff yelled "Repeat after me, men. I'm ABIG, MEAN MUSCLE MACHINE!" The boys yelled back, "I'm a big, mean muscle machine!" "I CAN'T HEAR YOU," shouted Jeff. "Repeat that five times!" The boys shouted, "I'm A BIG, MEAN MUSCLE MACHINE!!!" five times at the top of their lungs. "Very good, men," said Jeff. "You may not look much like big, mean muscle machines now, but in a very short time that chant is going to describe you exactly."

Jeff continued with the drill. "Before we start your training, you are going to get your head shaved, just like at Marine boot camp and get your standard issue clothing." Jeff shaved their heads. They seemed to look meaner with their heads shaved and they started flexing their muscles at each other. Jeff then handed them some jock straps, some training shorts, some combat boots and some cross-training sneakers. "This is all you're going to wear at Muscle Camp. Just shorts most of the time and a jock and shoes when you need them, like when you're running or fighting. No shirts and nolong pants. I want all of us to see those muscles at all times. You'll see them bulging and growing before your very eyes." The boys' cocks started to stiffen as they flexed their skinny little muscles in the mirror.

"Now I will take your measurements and take some pictures. At the end of the summer, I want you to be able to compare yourselves to your present pathetic shape." Jeff then proceeded to take each boy's measurements and to take pictures of their young, naked bodies in various muscle poses -- relaxed, double biceps, lat spread, most muscular and side chest and triceps.

Jason looked the best in the pictures. Besides being very handsome, his skinny muscles, although small, looked great under his paper-thin tan skin, which contrasted beautifully with his blond hair. Jason was the lightest of the boys at 115 pounds and had 11inch arms and a 34-inch chest. His blond pubic hair enveloped a beautiful cock.

Joey had the biggest muscle measurements and he was the heaviest of the boys at 125 pounds but his baby fat covered up his muscles. His arms measured 12 and his chest 36, both with baby fat. Hiscock was big and thick.

Fernando was right in between Jason and Joey in size, weighing 120, with his arms measuring 11-1/2 and his chest 35, but his waist was the smallest at 27-1/2. He wasn't as cut as Jason, but he still looked great. His symmetry was striking and his uncutlong cock hung proudly from a light brush of black pubic hair.

"Men, we're going to measure one more thing. I am confident that your cocks will grow just like your muscles and I want to record that too." The boys started to get excited just thinking about their cocks getting bigger. They weren't just going to be muscle men, they were going to be muscle studs. Their cocks stiffened immediately and the each got a gigantichard-on. Jeff flexed his bicep and ordered, "Here, feel my arm. Feel how your biceps are going to feel in just a few weeks. Your cock is going to grow too. You're going to be fucking studs and you're going to kick ass!" After feeling Jeff's hard bicep and thinking about their big muscles beating up their enemies, the boys were almost ready to come. Their teenage hormones were raging in their bodies and their dicks were rockhard. At that very moment, Jeff measured their cocks. Surprisingly, Fernando had the biggest at 7 inches . Jason and Joey were tied at 6-1/2. Damn good for 15-year-old boys. But just the starting point at Muscle Camp. The boys were ready to shoot their loads, but Jeff quickly ordered, "Not now men. We've got work to do. You can cum all you want after training. You're going to have a lot of opportunity to shoot your load at Muscle Camp. You're going to be fucking musclestuds." The boys were practically panting. They could hardly wait to begin their training.

Jeff brought them over to the weights. He ordered the boys to warm up by doing pushups, pullups and situps. Each of the boys could do about 15 pushups, 5 pullups and 25 situps. Jeff smiled. They were weak but not total wimps. He knew that they would soon be able to do ten times that those numbers. Next he brought them to the bench press. He wanted to test their strength in the bench press, military press, curl, squat and deadlift. He didn't want them to injure themselves on their first day, so rather than going for their absolute maximum, he made them find the heaviest weight they could handle for three reps in the different exercises. After a few warm-up sets, Jason barely squeezed out three reps with 50 pounds in the bench. Joey could do 60 and Fernando 55. In the military press, Joey did 40 and Jason and Fernando both did 35. In the curl, Joey again was the strongest at 35, with Fernando and Jason both doing 30. In all the exercises, Joey was slightly stronger than the other boys, but they weren't far behind. Joey squatted with 80. Jason and Fernando both managed to hoist 70 pounds. Finally in the deadlift, Joey's stronger back was able tolift 90 pounds, while Jason and Fernando could only do 80.

The testing completed, Jeff said, "OK, men. Now for some serious training. For this first workout, we're going to train all your body parts intensely but not too heavy. Your muscles are already in pretty good condition and should be ready forhard training tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll start a very heavy and very intense split routine program, training two bodyparts a day. Your muscles are just going to explode. Lets go!" Jeff led the boys through three sets of bench presses, incline presses, parallel bar dips, squats, leg extensions, calf raises, military presses, shrugs, dumbbell laterals, barbell curls, dumbbell curls, triceps pressdowns, deadlifts, lat pulldowns, dumbbell rows and situps. This was an exhausting routine, and not one that anyone would follow to build mass. But Jeff wanted to test the mettle of these young bucks, to see if they could take it. He didn't make them use heavy weights, just heavy enough to challenge their young muscles for three sets of eight to 12 reps. The boys ate it up. They worked out very intensely. At the end, they were sore, but totally pumped and energized.

After the workout they flexed their muscles in the mirror and compared their bodies. "Hey, look at my biceps," said Jason. "They're bulging! Look at those muscle fibers and veins. And my abs are shredded like a washboard. Look at my six pack!" "That ain't shit," said Fernando. "Look at my lats flaring out like wings and how wide my shoulders are compared to my narrow hips. The muscles on my shoulders are popping out! I already look like a fucking stud." "You guys are dweebs," said Joey. "Look at mybig chest and thighs. Look at the size of those muscular pecs and my powerful legs. You look like little girls next to me."

"You all look great," said Jeff, loving the aggressive attitude shown by the boys after their first serious pump with weights, even though they were all exaggerating. Their muscles really did pump up and they showed great potential. They certainly weren't wimps. They had great genetics. "But you look like wimps compared to what you're going to look like in just a few weeks. Your bodies are craving for some serious growth and you're all going to look a lot better very soon. Time to eat!" The boys were ravenous after the workout. The cook had prepared more delicious, healthy food than they had ever seen in their poor, working class homes. Lots of chicken, beef, fish, pasta, bread, vegetables and fruit. They gorged themselves, eating more in one meal than they had eaten in the last two days.

After the meal, Jeff brought out three large glasses of Muscle Blast and three syringes. He explained that besides hard workouts and large quantities of good food, the injections and the Muscle Blast were the "secret ingredients" that were going to make Jason, Joey and Fernando bigger, stronger and tougher than any boy in their whole school, seniors included, maybe their whole city. They were going to eat six meals a day and drink eight glasses of Muscle Blast each day. They would get an injection every other day. Even though they would be training almost constantly from morning to night, all the food they would be eating, the Muscle Blast and the injections would ensure that they would have boundless energy and that their muscles would be constantly growing. Growing at an unbelievable rate.

The combination of the ingredients in the Muscle Blast and the injections would keep their testosterone levels at an extremely high level. Jeff knew that the boys would be aggressive as hell, but that's exactly what he wanted. He wanted aggressive, tough young studs and he knew that Jason, Joey and Fernando were going be just that. Jeff explained that their bodies would be like super efficient machines, pumping heavier and heavier weights every day as the machine's muscles grow bigger and bigger in reaction to the challenge of the heavier and heavier weights. The machine would always have plenty of fuel to keep it growing at maximum speed and its energy level would be incredible. The more its muscles grew, the heavier the weights those muscles could handle. Weights that seemed heavy this week would feel light next week. The machine would be eatinghuge quantities of food and supplements that it would digest and turn to massive, tough, hard muscle. The machine would just keep getting bigger and stronger, day after day and week after week. At same time that the machine was gettingbig and strong, it would also be learning how to be a devastating fighter, able to pulverize any enemy. At end of the summer, each of Jason, Joey and Fernando would be incrediblybig, muscular fighting machines.

The boys were stoked. They all started to get hard ons just thinking about their bodies as big, mean, muscle machines, their muscles growing every day, their bodies getting unbelievably massive and strong. The boys gave themselves and Jeff high fives and gulped down the Blast. Then Jeff gave each of them an injection of growth hormones and secret ingredients in their firm butts. Joey stood up, flexed his arm and challenged Jeff to squeeze his bicep. Jeff's powerful forearm and hand were still able to crush Joey's bicep, but the muscle felt somewhat bigger and much harder than when Jeff had squeezed it a few weeks before. Jason and Fernando flexed their arms as well, and Jeff told them that their muscles felt harder already. Spontaneously, all the boys started showing off their muscles, muscles that they knew were growing right then and there. They flexed their muscles, each one trying to outdo the others in looking asbig, hard and macho as possible. They all noticed that their muscles seemed to be bigger and harder as a result of the day's workout and they could hardly wait to see the results that were in store. Their cocks stiffened as they thought about their growing muscles and they started feeling each other's hot young bodies.

As the boys became more and more aroused, Jeff stood up, ripped off his tee shirt, and flexed his ripped arms, pecs, lats and delts. Jeff had decided not to wear a shirt for the rest of the summer. He was proud of his muscles and he wanted to inspire the boys, maybe even be worshipped by them. Jeff was thinking that maybe he'd be the one doing the worshipping at the end of the summer and he was looking forward to that a lot.

The boys had not yet seen Jeff's complete buffed body, and they were overwhelmed by Jeff's size and muscularity. Jeff weighed 60 pounds more than they did, and he was all solid muscle. They immediately turned their attention to Jeff'shuge muscles, so much bigger and harder than theirs. This is what they were hoping to become. Jeff flexed his arms and the boys felt thesize and hardness of his biceps. They squeezed as hard as they could, but they couldn't make a dent in Jeff's bulging bicep. They ran their fingers over his ripped abs, corrugated like iron under his paper thin skin. They felt thissize and power of his thick delts, sitting like cannonballs atop his wide shoulders, his military straight posture, steel blue eyes and drop dead handsome face making him look completely dominating. His lats flared out like muscular wings and his hips were narrow and athletic. His ass was round and muscular, the two globes of muscle jutting proudly out. Jeff's legs were massive andhard, like huge oak trees and his calves bulged out like diamond shaped steel.

The boys' cocks were so excited that they bulged under their shorts. They had never seen such muscle in their life. Seeing Jeff's muscles and thinking about their growing muscles brought the boys to a sexual frenzy. They dropped their shorts and started stroking theirhard dicks. Suddenly, Jeff dropped his shorts too, exposing an enormous, thick cock. In a few seconds, Jeff's cock grew to 10 thick inches and was as hard as a steel pipe. The boys' eyes couldn't believe what they were seeing -- huge muscles and a huge cock on a buff stud Marine who could tear his enemies apart with his bare hands. Almost simultaneously, all three boys shot tremendous loads hitting each other and Jeff withhuge spurts of teenage cum. As the boys were shooting their outrageous spurts in ecstasy, Jeff's cock exploded with spasm after spasm of muscular Marine stud jism shooting right at the boys. The boys knew they were going to like Muscle Camp.

After dinner the boys and Jeff relaxed for a few hours, drank another glass of Muscle Blast and went to bed early. Jason, Joey and Fernando each felt a tingling sensation in their muscles. They were tired and their muscles were sore, but their muscles felt strangely alive and pumped. They slept very soundly, dreaming of beinghuge muscle machines vanquishing every enemy in their way.

Jeff woke up the boys at 5:30 AM, the earliest they had ever awoke in recent memory. They were going to train like Marines, only more so. They were going to get incrediblybig and strong and tough. They drank another glass of the Blast. Then Jeff took them on a 10 mile run through the ranch, a great cardiovascular workout. The boys weren't used to such along run, but they stuck with Jeff's tough pace and returned to the house a bit winded but totally invigorated. Their muscles were flushed and red as their hearts pumped lots of protein-enriched blood through their bodies. They ate ahuge breakfast of steak, eggs, chicken breasts, potatoes, rice, toast and fruit. They devoured more food than they had ever eaten in one sitting. They were ravenous. Their muscles needed lots of fuel to grow, and the injections and the Blast had now turned them on to full warp growth speed.

After relaxing for awhile and drinking another glass of Muscle Blast, Jason, Joey and Fernando were ready for their first heavy workout. Their muscles were tingling and seemed to be bigger and harder than the day before. Jeff explained that they would be using a split routine system. This morning they were going to train chest. This afternoon it would be back. Tomorrow, it would be shoulders in the morning and arms in the afternoon. On day three, they would train legs in one grueling morning workout. Each day they would start at 5:30 a.m. with cardiovascular training like running or swimming. They would also train their abs daily. On day four they would start over again with chest and back. This way, each bodypart would get two days to rest and grow bigger and stronger. Each workout would last about two hours (three for the legs) and would be heavy and very intense. Therefore, this morning their chests were going to get totally blasted for two hours.

Jeff told them that between their morning and afternoon workouts, the boys would stretch their muscles and then train in martial arts, military hand-to-hand combat, boxing and wrestling. In all, they would be lifting weights four hours per day (three on leg day) and doing cardio, stretching and fight training for another four hours. Jeff, of course, would work out with them, using much heavier weights, at least at first. In between their workouts, the boys could swim, shoot hoops or just relax and feel their muscles growing. Jason, Joey and Fernando were unbelievably excited and ready for their tough chest workout. Before they started, Jeff took them to the scale. Unbelievably, each boy had gained five pounds overnight. And they felt incredibly strong. Their muscles looked bigger and felt harder. Their muscles tingled with power.

The first exercise was the bench press. Jason went first. He felt so strong that he warmed up with the same weight he had struggled with yesterday. He was shocked that as a warmup he could easily do 10 reps with the 50 pounds that he could barely press up three times yesterday. Seeing this, Joey asked for his yesterday's max and he pumped the weight up and down 10 times. Fernando did the same. The boys couldn't believe how much stronger they had gotten in just one day. They loaded the bar with more weight and did five more sets of heavy bench presses, finding the weight that allowed them to do only three reps on the last set. Jason maxed at 90 pounds, Fernando at 95 and Joey at 100. The boys had almost doubled their strength overnight! They flexed their chests in the mirror and saw the new mounds of muscle bulging in their pecs. Joey noticed that his baby fat seemed to be going away and that he could see the actual bulges of muscle fibers that had been hidden all these years. Those fibers looked a lot bigger than just yesterday. Jason and Fernando already had striated muscles showing through their thin skin, and the fibers looked a lot bigger and rounder than yesterday. The boys gave themselves high fives and Jeff smiled proudly. The boys' were stoked, full of energy and were eager to dive into their next exercise.

Jason, Joey and Fernando then did six sets of incline dumbbell presses, six sets of decline dumbbell presses, six sets of dumbbell flyes, six sets of parallel bar dips and six sets of pullovers, using weights that they couldn't have budged just yesterday. In all, they did 36 grueling sets of heavy weight training for their chests. At the end of their brutal, intense chest workout, their pecs were bulging and were bright red in color. The striations of muscle fiber were clearly visible. All of the muscles of their bodies were pumped and seemed to be glowing with power. They flexed their muscles in the mirror. They couldn't believe thesize and strength that they had achieved in just one day.

"I'm a fucking stud!" shouted Fernando. "I feel as strong as a bull. Look at these muscles!" he said proudly as he flexed his beautiful chest and biceps. "If you're a bull, I'm a lion," said Jason. "I'm strong and fast. I can kill anything I want." "I'm stronger than both of you and you know it," said Joey. He flexed his chest, which now bulged withhard mounds of pec muscle. "I'm a 1,000 pound gorilla, and I can tear both of you apart." At that, Joey tackled Jason and Fernando and wrestled them to the ground. For about five minutes, the boys wrestled with each other, something they had done many times before. But now they were obviously much stronger and their bodies were much harder than before. They couldn't believe how strong they were and howbig and hard their muscles felt. Suddenly Jeff jumped into the tangle of hot young bodies and wrestled with the boys. He was much stronger than any of them and easily pinned them. He loved touching theirhard, growing young muscles.

During the wrestling, the boys and Jeff got incredibly turned on. They ripped off their shorts and their stiff cocks sprang up. They stroked their cocks with one hand and felt each other'shard muscles with the other hand. The boys ran their hands over Jeff's big buffed muscles. Their cocks got unbelievably excited at the feeling of Jeff's big pecs, delts and arms, so hard that they felt like granite. Jeff loved feeling the muscles of these 15-year-old boys who were soon going to be huge muscle studs themselves. Suddenly all four of their hard, blood-engorged cocks exploded as their hot, pumped, muscular bodies writhed with pleasure. Huge spurts of cum spattered everywhere. What a feeling!

After their intense chest workout and their hot orgasm, the boys had a morning snack of chicken breasts, rice and fruit and another glass of Muscle Blast. Their "snack" was more than two normal meals for normal people. The boys wolfed down the food voraciously.

After their snack, Jason, Joey and Fernando went back to the gym for their first fighting lesson. Today, Jeff taught them the fundamentals of Aikijitsute, one of the most potent forms of martial arts. Jeff was a master teacher and the boys were good students. They wanted to be the best fighters in their neighborhood.

After Aikijitsute, it was time for lunch. The cook had made spaghetti and meatballs and the boys consumed huge quantities of both. After the meal, Jeff and the boys caught some rays by the pool. They took off their shorts so they could tan their entire bodies. The boys' young cocks twitched with pleasure as the sun warmed their bodies. Their muscles were still tingling and seemedhard and pumped even when relaxed.

After about an hour of sunbathing, Jeff and the boys went back to the gym for another fighting lesson. This time it was military hand-to-hand combat training, just like the Marines learned. Eventually, they would learn how to crush the neck of their enemy with two fingers of one hand, how to use their immense strength to break another man's arm or tear his arm off his shoulder socket. This was brutal combat training. No rules. Anything goes. Jason, Joey and Fernando loved it. They were looking forward to learning how to kill with just their muscles.

Tomorrow the boys would box in the morning and wrestle in the afternoon. After the boys became proficient at all the fighting disciplines, Jeff would let them use them all interchangeably, using whatever method was most effective to totally annihilate their opponents. They were going to becomebig, mean muscle fighting machines.

After combat training, the boys had a huge afternoon "snack" of tuna sandwiches and fruit, plus another glass of Muscle Blast. They each ate four big sandwiches. The metabolism in their bodies was now super-tuned to convert all of that food to muscle and energy. After the "snack," Jason, Joey, Fernando and Jeff went back to the gym for their second weights workout of the day, an intense back program. After some chinups for a warmup, they did six sets of behind the neck lat pull downs, six sets of front pull downs, six sets of t-bar rows, six sets of dumbbell rows, six sets of power cleans and six sets of deadlifts, again using weights that they couldn't have budged just yesterday. After the workout, their lats flared out, the muscle fibers showing clearly with veins coursing under their skin. They already showed a great V-shape. Ridges of muscle now appeared in their lower backs from the power cleans and deadlifts. Joey was shocked to see that all his baby fat had completely disappeared, seemingly melted away and replaced by solid muscle. His metabolism just wouldn't permit any fat to exist any more. Jason and Fernando's muscles were literally bursting out from their thin skin, the striated, rippling muscles being fueled bybig pulsating veins.

The boys' cocks hardened under their shorts as they checked out their bulging new muscles. They couldn't believe how their muscles were responding to the weights after only one day. They pulled off their shorts and Jeff did the same. All four flexed and compared their muscles in the mirror. Jeff was of course the biggest and most muscular but each of Jason, Joey and Fernando looked 100% better than they did yesterday. They looked a lot bigger and more muscular. Their sweaty, glistening bodies literally radiated with power and energy. They felt superhuman. Their raging teenage hormones had combined with everything Jeff had given them to convert their bodies into growing muscle furnaces. Their cocks were now completely aroused and Jason couldn't take it anymore. He tackled Jeff, bringing him down. The first thing Jason did was grab Jeff'shard 10-inch cock . Fernando then attacked Joey and the four men/boys wrestled with each other, reveling in their muscular bodies. When they couldn't take the excitement any longer, they all came simultaneously, shootinghuge loads of creamy white jism on their newly muscular, sweaty bodies. Jason, Joey and Fernando were very happy muscle campers. They loved the hot orgasms that they had after their workouts.

The next day, the boys did 200 laps in the Olympic sized pool at 5:30 a.m., blasted their shoulders with heavy weights at 8:30, had boxing training at 11:30, wrestling training at 2:30 and weight training for their arms at 5:30. In between their training sessions, they atehuge meals and snacks, accompanied each time with a big glass of Muscle Blast. Their arm workout was incredible. For biceps, they did six sets of barbell curls, six sets of alternate dumbbell curls, six sets of preacher curls and six sets of hammer curls. This was followed immediately by six sets of triceps pushdowns, six sets of standing french presses, six sets of dumbbell extension presses, and six sets of lying triceps extensions. At the end of the workout, the fibers of their muscles in the their arms were almost bursting through their skin. The fibers looked like steel cords. Joey challenged Jeff to squeeze his bicep. Jeff placed his hand around Joey'shard , round bicep and squeezed. That bicep had gotten a lot bigger and harder in just the three days that Joey had been at Muscle Camp. When Jeff used the same force he had applied before to crush Joey's muscle, Joey's bigger, harder bicep resisted forcefully, not letting Jeff's fingers penetrate its hardness. It was only when Jeff squeezed with all his might that his powerful forearm, hand and fingers were able to penetrate Joey's muscle, but now Jeff's strong fingers could only make a small dent in that bicep, not completely crush it as they had so easily done before. Joey smiled with exhilaration and confidence. His muscles, along with those of Jason and Fernando, were already becomingbig and strong.

The boys stood before the mirror and flexed their pumped, young muscles. In just three days they had each gained almost 15 pounds of muscle and their bodies had changed from being the bodies of skinny teenagers to the bodies of the muscular boys who ruled their school. Instead of thin 15 year olds, they now looked like muscular young athletes, like the boys in their class who played sports, the boys who liked to beat them up. They still weren't asbig as Kevin and Louie, but they were vastly more muscular than three days before. And they were more than twice as strong as they were just three days ago. Their shoulders were now capped with muscle they never had before, the bulging fibers showing clearly under their thin skin. Their formerly skinny arms now rippled with muscle. Their chests were clearly bigger, with pecs that proudly bulged out with round muscular firmness. Their lats seemed to be at least aninch wider and they were much thicker, now slabs of powerful muscle. The contrast between their wide shoulders and lats and their narrow waists and hips was striking. Their waists were shredded; the six-packs of ab muscles ashard as steel and corrugated like washboards. Their legs had added pounds of solid muscle, muscle that bulged under their skin, pushing their veins to the surface. Their glutes had become round and firm and their strong, muscular asses pushed out against their tight shorts.

As they flexed in the mirror, their cocks and Jeff's cock got hard. Jeff and the boys ripped off their shorts revealing the total beauty of their young, tan, buff, naked bodies. "I'm a fucking stud," yelled Jason as he flexed his golden tan arms, his veins coursing like rivers under his paper-thin skin. Every one of his muscles showed in high definition and he looked like a young Nordic god with his blond hair, blue eyes and drop-dead gorgeous looks. His stiffcock pointed straight up and looked absolutely beautiful next to his blond pubic hair. "If you're a stud, I'm a double stud," shouted Fernando, as he flared out his lats, showing the great V shape created by his wide shoulders, wing-like lats and extremely narrow waist and hips. His skin was flawlessly dark tan and beautiful, and his even, white teeth sparkled as he smiled confidently. Hiscock was huge and thick, and seemed to be bigger than just a few days earlier. It stood straight out, with Fernando's huge balls hanging below. "Shit, I'm a triple stud," yelled Joey and it was clear that his muscles were bigger than either Jason's or Fernando's. His chest and arms bulged with solid muscle and his legs werebig and hard. His delts and traps had grown tremendously and looked incredibly powerful. Joey's thick cock stood at a 45-degree angle. Joey flexed the muscles in his cock and it jumped up and down at his command. Jeff smiled at the arrogant, aggressive confidence of his trainees. "WHAT ARE YOU, MEN?" shouted Jeff. "I'm ABIG , MEAN MUSCLE MACHINE!" yelled the boys at the top of their lungs. They had yelled this motto before and after every workout and they could see that it was becoming a reality. They knew that very soon they were going to become much bigger and stronger than Kevin and Louie and any of the Warlords. They could hardly wait.

Their cocks were now as hard as steel and the testosterone was coursing through their bodies. Suddenly, Fernando jumped on Jason and Joey jumped on both of them. The three newly muscular boys wrestled on the mat, testing their new strength and feeling their new muscles. Jeff soon jumped on top of all of them. While he could easily pin the boys three days ago, they now put up quite a fight. They were strong, not yet as strong as Jeff, but pretty damn strong. Finally, Jeff pinned Jason and moved hiscock up toward Jason's mouth. Jason loved the smell of Jeff's sweat as his pubic hair rubbed across Jason's nose. Jason started licking Jeff's thick,hard cock and his huge hanging balls. Jeff released his pin and Jason moved his lips and mouth around Jeff's cock and began sucking. While he was sucking Jeff's cock, Jason was stroking his own stiff dick with his right hand. Meanwhile, Joey had pinned Fernando. Joey held Fernando's arms and moved his butt so that he was sitting on Fernando's chest. Joey then released Fernando and started stroking hiscock right in front of Fernando's face. Fernando started licking Joey's big balls while at the same time stroking his own cock furiously. All at once, all four of them yelled like banshees. Jason's yell was a little muffled because Jeff's big cock was still in his mouth. Jeff and the boys were totally overcome with incredible sexual arousal and excitement. Their pumped muscles tensed involuntarily and their cocks exploded with pleasure, spurtinghuge burst after burst of cum over their glistening bodies and the wrestling mat. Jeff's cum went right down Jason's throat.

During their next 18 days at Muscle Camp, the boys were transformed from the muscular young teenage athletes that they had become after three days to incredibly buffed, strong and muscular young men. Since their arrival at Muscle Camp, in just three weeks, each of them had gained over 60 pounds of rock-hard muscle. Joey now weighed 190, Fernando 185 and Jason 183. They were now as big, muscular and strong as Jeff was. Not only had their muscles grown, the boys had grown an inch in height and were now 5'10". Every day they had gained several pounds of muscle and were much stronger than the day before. They also became incredibly fit, able to run and swimlong distances without becoming the least bit tired. And they had become vicious fighters, able to use their immense strength and amazing quickness as lethal weapons. Jeff decided this would be a good time to take stock of their incredible physical progress. Before their shoulder workout, he took their measurements and tested their strength. It was unbelievable. They were different boys. Actually they were now bigger and stronger than most men, after only three weeks of training at Muscle Camp. Joey's chest was now 46inches, a gain of 9 inches, and his arms were 17, a gain of almost 5. Fernando and Jason both had 45-inch chests and 16-1/2 inch arms. Fernando's waist was now only 28 inches , all shredded, corrugated muscle. Joey's waist was still 30" and Jason's 29". The boys' thighs were now muscular pistons, measuring 24 to 25inches. There was not an ounce of fat on any of the boys. They were all muscle. Big, mean muscle machines.

Their gains in strength were phenomenal. Joey could now bench press 350 pounds for three reps. This was 25 pounds more than Jeff could do. Both Jason and Fernando could bench 325. Each of the boys was now more than five times as strong as he had been just three weeks before, able to now bench over three hundred pounds with ease when before each of them had struggled with just 50 to 60 pounds. They could military press at least 250 pounds, curl 175, squat with 400 and deadlift 450. The first three weeks of training at Muscle Camp had already transformed them from scrawny boys to 15-year old muscular supermen. They could only imagine what they were going to become at the end of the summer, with a full two months ofhard training, huge meals, Muscle Blast and growth injections under their belts.

After the strength tests, the boys flexed their muscles in the mirror. As always, their cocks got hard and they ripped off their shorts. Jeff took off his shorts too and stood next to his trainees, all of them flexing in the mirror. The boys now looked just asbig and muscular as Jeff. Jason, Joey and Fernando all knew that they were soon going to become much bigger and stronger than Jeff. Jeff knew this too. While Jeff's body stayed the same, the boys were getting bigger and stronger every day and they showed no signs of slowing down. Their muscles were just exploding and destined to get incrediblehuge and strong. Jeff and the boys could hardly wait for this to happen. The boys wanted to get as big and strong as they could be. They wanted to be the biggest, strongest, meanest, kick-ass 15-year-old studs that had ever existed. Jeff wanted to create the biggest, strongest, meanest, kick-ass 15-year-old studs that had ever existed. Studs that would put other Marine recruits to shame. Studs that would rule their world.

The three boys were now absolutely beautiful. Jason's body had changed from that of a skinny swimmer to that of a very massive, muscular young water polo player. A water polo player with totally buffed out muscles who dominated all the other players in the pool with his strength and power. Jason's 183 pounds of pure muscle was spread beautifully underneath his paper-thin golden tan skin. He had broad, muscular shoulders and wide, flaring lats that tapered to a muscular, washboard-corrugated 29-inch waist. His arms bulged with corded muscle, the individual fibers showing clearly. His pecs were round and full and striated with muscle. His ass was round and packed with powerful muscle. His blue eyes, blond hair, handsome face -- high, strong cheekbones, powerful jaw and incredibly perfect, white teeth -- coupled with his shredded, ripped muscles bulging under his golden tan skin, made him look like a young Germanic god.

Fernando looked just beautiful as Jason, but in a sexy, Latin way. His skin was very darkly tanned from hours in the sun. His shoulders were incredibly wide and capped withhuge cannonball-like deltoid muscles. The muscle fibers in his delts showed clearly under his thin skin. Every time he moved his arms, those fibers tensed and untensed and every little motion resulted in an amazing display of the raw muscle in Fernando's shoulders. His wide shoulders contrasted strikingly with his very narrow hips and small 28inch shredded waist. His shoulders were in fact now more than twice as wide as his hips. The V-shape of Fernando's torso was incredible. His dimpled bubble butt was very sexy. Even his ass was deeply tanned because the boys spent so much time in the sun in the nude. His face was drop-dead gorgeous, strong cheekbones, jaw and chin, his deep tan contrasting with his super white bright teeth.

Joey was getting BIG. His 190 pounds of raw Italian muscle looked spectacular on his 5' 10" frame. His chest was huge and muscular, his pecs bulging with inches of striated muscle forming a great cleavage between the two round mounds of power. His shoulders, traps, arms and lats were alsobig , dense and shredded. His legs looked like oak trees, powerful pistons of muscle that could not only deliver devastating bone- breaking kicks but that could also run for miles and miles without getting the least bit tired. After three weeks at Muscle Camp, he was now bigger and more muscular than the star players on his school's football team, boys that were three years older than Joey and who had been working out for years. Boys who liked to pick on Joey, Jason and Fernando in school. Boys who were soon going to see the tables turned on them. Joey flexed his muscular arms in the mirror and smiled. He loved hisbig, strong, new muscles.

Joey turned to Jeff and said "Squeeze my bicep, Jeff. See if you can crush it the way you did three weeks ago." Joey flexed his muscular 17-inch arm and Jeff wrapped his hand around the big, hard bicep. Jeff squeezed as hard as he could, but Joey's new, young muscles were as hard as a steel ball. Jeff's strong fingers could not even make a tiny dent in the big, hard bicep. Joey smiled. "I'm a fucking STUD!" he yelled as his stiff cock throbbed.

Jeff quickly took out the measuring tape and measured Joey's cock. It had grown almost an inch in three weeks! He measured Jason and Fernando's thick, hard cocks and found the same thing. Each of the boys' cocks had grown about inch in length and was much thicker. The boys were elated. "We're all studs!" said Jason. "We're fucking muscle studs and we're going to kick everybody's ass and fuck anything we want!" The boys started punching each other and giving themselves high-fives in celebration of their buffed new bodies and their bigger, thicker cocks. They were in heaven.

Jeff brought the boys back to earth with a brutal shoulder workout. Two hours of heavy weights, heavy weights being pushed aggressively and with incredible intensity by theirbig , muscular, young shoulders. Six sets of each exercise, starting with a "warm-up" weight (vastly more than their maximums of just a week earlier) and building up tohuge poundages that they could just barely force out for three reps with a spotter. Military presses, behind the neck presses, dumbbell presses, upright barbell rows, side laterals, front laterals and bent over laterals. At the end of the workout their delts were sobig and pumped that they were literally bursting under their thin skin. Their delts looked like huge , striated cannonballs of muscle, each fiber clearly visible and tensing with every movement of their arms. Their shoulders were now incredibly wide, withhuge caps of muscle, and contrasted with their small muscular waists and narrow hips. Their shoulders, chests and arms were now so big and strong that they knew they could deliver devastating punches to whomever they wanted. The boys were stoked. They knew that their shoulders would be even bigger and stronger for their next workout. They knew that they were getting bigger and stronger every day. They knew that it was now their destiny to become absolutelyhuge and powerful. Jeff and the boys flexed, ripped off their shorts and had incredible sex.

That evening after their usual massive dinner and glass of Muscle Blast, Jeff turned to the boys and said "How would you men like to go into town for a real-world test of your strength and fighting ability. I hear that the Warlords are dealing a lot of drugs in your neighborhood and terrorizing the residents. Maybe the Warlords need their asses kicked by somebig , mean, muscle machines. Do you think you men are ready for that?" The boys' eyes lit up and adrenaline started pumping through the veins of their muscular bodies, which were already coursing with testosterone and all sorts of other hormones that made the boys as aggressive as young bulls. "Yeah, man, lets go," said Jason. "I want to totally fuck up those assholes. We're already bigger and stronger than most of the Warlords and you've taught us to fight so good that we'll be able to totally pulverize their sorry asses." "I want to break their bones with my bare hands," exclaimed Joey. "I'm so strong now that I know I can do it. I can take on six of them at one time." "Yeah," said Fernando, "I can hardly wait for those tattooed punks to see our fucking muscles and to feel their crushing power on their pathetic bodies. I'm going to kick in their ribs and twist their arms right out of their sockets. I want to rule those motherfuckers!" The boys jumped up and started practicing on each other all the lethal fighting techniques that Jeff had taught them.

"OK, men, lets prepare for the mission," said Jeff. The boys put on dark tee shirts that stretched across their big torsos, their muscles bulging underneath. This was the first time the boys had put on a shirt in three weeks. The sleeves of the tee shirts were too small to go around the boys'big shoulders and arms, so they cut them off above the shoulders, letting their muscular shoulders and arms show themselves off as the incrediblybig and buffed muscular weapons that they were. They put on military fatigue pants and combat boots, boots that would enable them to deliver devastating kicks. They had been practicing kicking with combat boots. The boys' legs were now so strong that they could break a two-by-four with one devastating kick. And the muscles in their ass and legs were so strong and conditioned that their kicks were very, very quick, even wearing combat boots. The combat boots felt like slippers to the legs of these strong boys. Finally, they put charcoal on their faces, just like Marines in combat. They knew that the Warlords wouldn't recognize them with their blackened faces andbig , rippling muscles. They didn't look anything like the skinny boys who left the 'hood just three weeks ago to go to camp. Now they were embarking on a secret military mission to destroy some of the vermin infesting their neighborhood. No one would know who these buffed young vigilantes were.

Jeff and the boys headed for town in Jeff's jeep at about midnight. The boys were incredibly pumped and ready for action. As they drove into the boys' neighborhood they saw about 15 Warlords hanging out at the end of the block. Occasionally a car would drive up and a drug deal would go down. No one else was on the street. They were too afraid of the Warlords. Jeff parked the jeep and said, "OK men, you know the mission. You're on your own. You are to complete the mission and be back in this jeep in 10 minutes. Now, GO!" The boys jumped out of the jeep and walked casually down the street towards the Warlords. When they got about 25feet away, a couple of the Warlords started walking over to them. One of them, a sinewy kid about 18 years old, said "Hey, man, we own this 'hood. Get the fuck outahere!" The kid lifted his fists, threatening the three muscular boys.

That was a big mistake. When the kid got about six feet from Jason, Jason lashed out with a lightning fast, powerful kick to the kid's ribs. The breaking of two ribs made a sharp cracking sound that could be heard by all the Warlords. The kid looked at Jason with a look of total surprise and horror. He couldn't believe what Jason's powerful body had done to him in a split second. Before the kid had time to comprehend what had happened, Jason was smashing his face, chest and gut with devastating blows. The fight lasted about ten seconds and the kid was out cold on the ground, blood flowing from his broken nose and pulverized face.

At that, all of the other Warlords rushed over to attack the boys. In the past, a pack of 15 Warlords was easily able to beat up anyone who was foolish enough to challenge their authority over the neighborhood, so the Warlords attacked with complete confidence. That confidence was soon shattered. The two biggest Warlords, men in their mid 20's who each probably weighed about 200 pounds and were covered with gang tattoos, attacked Joey. Joey recognized them as the leaders of the gang, two punks who had enjoyed tormenting Joey and his friends for aslong as he could remember. Joey grabbed the arm of one of the gang leaders as the other Warlord's punch bounced harmlessly off Joey's powerful,hard chest. In a split second, Joey twisted the arm of the first Warlord behind the Warlord's back. The Warlord tried to resist, but Joey's incredibly muscular shoulders and arms rippled with power as the Warlord's arm was forced up his back by Joey's irresistible force. The Warlord cried out in pain, but Joey didn't stop. He wanted to test the strength of his new muscles against the strength of thisbig , strong Warlord, the Warlord who had so easily beaten him up in the past. He wanted to inflict as much pain as possible on the motherfucker. He strained his muscles with all the force he could generate, pushing up on the Warlord's arm with the full power his muscles until he heard a crackling sound, kind of like the sound made when the leg of a turkey is ripped away from its body at a Thanksgiving dinner. The Warlord's arm had just been dislocated from his shoulder, pulled out from its socket by the brute force of Joey's powerful muscles. The Warlord yelled out in agony. Joey smiled confidently and threw him on the ground like the piece of garbage that he was.

The other big gang leader had stood in horrified amazement as Joey's big, ripped muscles crippled his homie. Before the Warlord could react to the brutal reality of what he had just seen, Joey turned to him and said, "You're next, motherfucker." The Warlord tried to run, but Joey was too fast and too strong, and he easily tackled the now-fearful Warlord. He wrestled him to the ground and punched him several times in the chest and face with devastating blows. The Warlord's nose was immediately broken. Then Joey wrapped his legs around the Warlord's chest in a scissors hold and contracted hishuge thigh muscles. All the air was immediately crushed out of the Warlord's lungs. The Warlord cried out in short, barely audible gasps. He was begging for mercy. But Joey kept contracting his muscular legs. He wanted to test their crushing strength. He wanted to see how strong he really was. He wanted to totally annihilate this vermin. The slabs of muscle in Joey's legs bulged under his Marine fatigue pants as he crushed harder and harder. He strained with all his might, the muscular force of hisbig , powerful legs against the solid bone of the tough gang leader's rib cage. Finally, he heard a loud cracking sound as one of the Warlord's ribs broke under the tremendous force that Joey was applying. The Warlord gurgled in excruciating agony. This caused another surge of adrenaline to course through Joey's body and he squeezed his massive thighs even harder. "Crack, crack," came the sound from the Warlord's chest, as two more of his ribs succumbed to Joey's enormous strength. At that Joey released his iron grip and jumped to hisfeet. The Warlord lay on the ground in total agony. Joey felt great. He felt strong. He felt like a big, mean muscle machine. The fight had lasted no more than 15 seconds.

Meanwhile, Fernando and Jason were annihilating the remaining Warlords. One Warlord about a year older than Fernando attacked Fernando with a knife. Fernando kicked the knife out of his hands with lightning speed, then grabbed the punk's arm with an iron grip at the kid's elbow and wrist, and while holding the kid's arm steadily in place, quickly jerked his knee up with tremendous power. The force of Fernando'sbig , muscular leg broke both of the bones in the kid's forearm into two separate pieces. The punk cried out in pain as he watched his forearm come apart while being held firmly by Fernando's strong hands, the muscles in his forearms writhing with power like a nest of snakes. Fernando then let go of the kid's arm, and the wrist part dropped down about twoinches from the elbow part. The kid just stood in amazement at what had just happened to him. Fernando sneered at the punk, coiled up his rippling, muscular right arm and punched the kidhard in the gut, so hard that the kid collapsed in pain holding his severed arm. "Guess you won't be using a knife for awhile, asshole," said Fernando

Several other Warlords tried to attack the boys, but it soon became clear to all of them that the superior muscular strength and fighting ability of the three 15-year old boys from Muscle Camp were going to completely overwhelm every one of the Warlords. They also realized that if any of Jason, Joey or Fernando wanted to, he could use hisbig , buffed, writhing muscles to inflict serious injury, pain and even death on any Warlord he wanted. And they could also see that Jason, Joey and Fernando actually enjoyed using their rippling, super-strong muscles to inflict pain and injury on the Warlords. It didn't takelong for the Warlords who were not writhing in pain on the ground to run away as fast as they could. The buffed, pumped, muscular boys stood over their vanquished enemies and flexed their arms in a display of complete domination and arrogance. Their tight tee-shirts were wet with sweat and clung tightly to their muscular chests. Their pecs and lats bulged under the tight fabric, almost bursting through. The cut away arm holes of their tight shirts showed their bulging, striated, cannonball shoulders, their wide slab-like muscular lats, and their massive arms that rippled with taut, sinewy muscle, the cord-like fibers andbig veins showing clearly under their tan, paper-thin skin. Even at 183 to 190 pounds, they were clearly more muscular and much stronger than any of the Warlords, some of whom outweighed them by 30 pounds. They looked like beautiful, young muscular gods.

And they knew that they were going to get ever bigger, more muscular and stronger. The next time they attacked the Warlords, no Warlord would be able to put up ever the slightest resistance to their overwhelming muscular force. They would be able to break the Warlords' bones like twigs. They would be so massive and strong that the biggest Warlords would be like ten year olds to them. They smiled at each other and flexed again, letting the Warlords below them gasp in awe at their muscularity and power. Then Jason said, "If we see you shitheads again in this neighborhood, you'll wish you had never been born." At that, the three young, muscular vigilantes ran back to Jeff's waiting Jeep and hopped in. "Mission accomplished, sir," said Joey.

On the way back to Muscle Camp, the boys told Jeff about every detail of the fight. Their cocks got rock hard as they told Jeff how their quick, powerful muscles had completely overwhelmed the Warlords, breaking their bones and pulverizing their bodies. Jeff was very proud of his trainees. When they got back to Muscle Camp, Jeff and the boys were so hot that they immediately went to the bedroom and had fantastic sex, watching their rippling muscles in the mirrors and remembering what those muscles had just done to the Warlords. The boys then had ahuge protein snack, drank two glasses of Muscle Blast, got a growth injection from Jeff and finally went to sleep, dreaming of theirbig, mean muscle machines vanquishing everyone who got in their way.

The next day, the boys attacked the weights with unbelievable intensity. They had each gained three pounds of muscle overnight. They worked their chests in the morning and were each able to bench press thirty pounds more than they had in their chest workout three days before. After a warmup set of bench presses with 250 pounds, Joey did 10 reps with 350 pounds, 10 reps with 375, 10 reps with 380, eight reps with 385, six reps with 390, four reps with 395 and two reps with 400. During the last three sets, the sweat was pouring off hishuge body and his pecs were massive and bulging, glowing with the red pump of blood coursing through the striated muscle. Jason spotted Joey and helped ever so slightly with the last rep. Just imagine! A 190pound 15 year old boy benching 400 pounds! Joey was a stud! And he was going to get even bigger and stronger over the next five weeks. Jason and Fernando did a similar routine, but they ended up with a 370pound max. Still incredible for 15 year olds. All the boys were now stronger than Jeff, who maxed out on the bench press with 325. He could only watch in awe as his young proteges got bigger and bigger and lifted heavier and heavier weights every day, while he stayed the same.

The boys did six sets of each of their chest exercises pyramiding with heavier and heavier weights for each set until they got to ahuge weight that allowed them to do only three forced reps, with a spotter, in the final set. They were using 150 pound dumbbells for incline presses that they couldn't have lifted off the ground with both hands when they arrived at Muscle Camp. At the end of their chest workout, their pecs were a deep reddish tan, flushed from all the blood being pumped through them by their powerful hearts and literally bulging out, thehuge round mounds of muscle striated with clearly defined fibers. Standing relaxed, the cleavage between the two gigantic slabs of muscle was about twoinches deep. Their bodies were sweating profusely from the intense workout and they literally radiated with power and beauty. After the workout they ripped off their shorts and flexed their muscles in the mirror, seeing for themselves the living evidence that their muscles were even bigger and stronger than they had been just yesterday. Their cocks, which had grown along with their muscles, bulged and hardened. They had fantastic sex with Jeff, blastinghuge spurts of teenage cum all over their pumped, muscular bodies.

During the next five weeks at Muscle Camp, Jason, Joey and Fernando developed more muscle mass and strength than even Jeff thought was humanly possible. Jeff gave them their growth injections every day rather than every other day and their intake of food and Muscle Blast almost doubled as well. They were now each eating more food in a day than three or fourbig bodybuilders would normally consume. Every day they devoured three big steaks, six or seven chickens, four pounds of fish, 30 egg whites, and pounds and pounds of rice, potatoes, fruit and vegetables. Plus they were drinking ten glasses of Muscle Blast a day, filled with muscle building protein, creatine, andro and other secret ingredients. Their protein intake was incredible. Their enormous, efficient bodies were able to digest all of that fuel and turn it into pure muscle and energy. Not an ounce of fat appeared under their skin as their muscles grew bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger.Big, striated, overpowering muscles that made up their big muscle machines. Their bodies had indeed become huge muscle machines, growing at the rate of about three pounds of solid muscle each day. Each day the mean muscle machines grew bigger and stronger than the day before, able tolift heavier and heavier weights. And the heavier lifting, together with the growth injections, huge quantities of muscle-building food and the Muscle Blast, forced the machines' buffed, rippling muscles to grow even bigger and stronger so that they couldlift even heavier weights the next day. The boys were becoming transformed from big, muscular teenagers into absolutely huge , brutally strong, incredibly powerful young men. Young men who, at 15 years of age, were becoming bigger and stronger than virtually every man in the world, let alone the boys in their high school.

Over the next five weeks, the boys trained incredibly hard and ate outrageously huge quantities of food and supplements. All of this added another 110 pounds of hard, fat-free muscle to Joey, about 90 pounds to Jason and about 95 pounds to Fernando. Joey now weighed 300 pounds, Jason 270 and Fernando 275. Each of the boys had gained another twoinches in height and stood six feet tall. They were now two inches taller and 90 to 115 pounds heavier than Jeff, who had maintained basically the same weight and muscularity during their training. In a little over two months, the boys had muscled up beyond their wildest dreams. Joey had gained an incredible 175 pounds of pure muscle; sinew and bone, while Jason and Fernando had each gained over 150 pounds. Their bones and internal organs had grown to accommodate the additional muscle, their shoulders widening by manyinches and their ribcages expanding outward, letting their hearts and lungs grow huge and healthy, providing massive quantities of oxygen and blood to power and grow the ripped, throbbing muscle machines. The boys were now almost two and one half times as heavy as they were when they first entered Muscle Camp and all that additional weight was solid, brutally strong muscle.

And not only were they unbelievably big and strong, but they were fast, tough and agile. Their morning cardio workouts were now tough Marine Corps obstacle course training sessions. They ran, sprinted, climbed ropes and walls, crawled through swamps, swam underwater for hundreds offeet and participated in many other grueling physical challenges. They were expert fighters, masters in boxing, wrestling, martial arts, and combat fighting. They were unbelievablybig, mean, muscle fighting machines.

After a morning of obstacle course training, a huge breakfast, two glasses of Muscle Blast and an hour of rest in the sun, the boys and Jeff went to the gym for their shoulder workout. The boys warmed up with some "light" military presses of 250 pounds, which the boys could easily do sets of 15 reps with. Jeff could barely do three reps with the boys' warmup weight. After their warmup, the boys trained their delts with grueling intensity. They did military presses pyramiding the weight to 475 - 525 pounds, dumbbell presses increasing to 200-225pound dumbbells and side laterals blasting up to 90-100 pound dumbbells. (Jason was the "weakest" and Joey was the strongest.) They did six sets of six different exercises for their delts, ending each exercise with two or three reps with incredible weights that their gigantic bowling-ball sized delts strained to push up and down for those last intense, painful reps, sweat pouring from their hot, pumped, glistening bodies. Blood was surging through their shoulders, pecs, lats and arms, the veins pulsating under their thin, tan skin. The fibers of theirhuge, round delts rippled as the incredibly huge and incredibly pumped muscles bulged with truly awesome mass and power.

After the workout, the boys and Jeff ripped off their shorts and compared their buck naked bodies in the mirror. The three huge, shredded boys completely dwarfed the muscular, but, by comparison, puny ex-Marine. Never in history had there been bigger, stronger or more muscular 15 year old -- even 21 year old -- boys than the three incredibly massive young men now facing the mirror. They indeed were bigger, more muscular, stronger and better fighters than any Marine Jeff had ever known. They were truly awesome, and as the flexed their bulging, striated muscles, theirbig cocks started to thicken. Their cocks were now more than five inches longer and many inches thicker than when they had entered Muscle Camp. Their cocks and balls had grown along with their muscles. Their thick cocks looked absolutely stunning, protruding likehuge weapons on their massive, muscular bodies with testicles the size of golf balls hanging low in big ballsacks. Those balls were huge and healthy just like the rest of the boys' internal organs. As a result of all the testosterone and other hormones raging through the healthy bodies of these teenagers, those testicles produced enormous amounts of sperm and jism, enough to shoot tenhuge bursts of cum with each orgasm. Their big cocks could shoot their loads at least ten feet and each boy could shoot enough cum to fill a half a cup with each orgasm. And their supercharged teenage bodies were capable of cumming 8 times a day if they wanted to. They werebig , mean fucking machines and they could fuck whatever they wanted as often as they wanted. Jeff was awestruck by the incredible muscularity, beauty and sexual superiority of his three proteges. Jeff took pictures of the three boys in various poses. The "before and after" pictures of these boys were going to blow away the world. Never before had there been such a muscular transformation in 15 year old boys -- and all in two intense months at Muscle Camp.

Jason said, "Jeff, look at my abs! They're totally shredded!" Jason tensed his incredibly defined eight-pack. Every muscle fiber was clearly visible under his paper thin golden tan skin. The muscles looked like corrugated steel, and were just ashard . Blood vessels coursed with nourishing blood just under Jason's skin. His vasularity was amazing. His veins could be seen everywhere -- on his ripped abs, his massive and shredded quads andhuge diamond-shaped calves, his glistening, pumped delts, his big, round, striated pecs, his flaring lats and his huge, rippling arms that hung from his shoulders like massive slabs of beef, the fibers tensing and untensing at Jason's every move. "Punch me as hard as you can, Marine! My muscles are stronger than any scrawny Marine's!" shouted Jason with an arrogant tone to his voice. He was a stud and he knew it. Jeff made a fist, wound up his strong right hand and punched Jason ashard as he could right in Jason's shredded abs. The hard blow didn't make the slightest dent in Jason's armor-like muscles, which glistened with sweat and power, unfazed by the ex-Marine's hardest punch. Jason smiled confidently, his dazzling white teeth looking absolutely beautiful. He flexed his massive arms right in Jeff's face. Jeff could smell the manly sweat emanating from Jason's armpits and radiating from his veiny, muscular arms. "Feel thesebig muscles, Marine! Feel their power! Measure their size! I know I'm fucking big! I want to know how fucking big I am!" Jeff cupped his hands around Jason's massive, rock-hard arm. He couldn't get even both of his hands around Jason's gigantic muscles. Jason straightened and curled up his arm several times as Jeff felt the incrediblesize and hardness of Jason's shredded biceps and his massive, corded triceps. When Jason flexed his arms, the two heads of his huge biceps were clearly visible at the top of the melon-sized muscle, the fibers of each head being clearly defined under Jason's golden tan, extremely thin skin.

Jeff got out his measuring tape and measured Jason's enormous muscles. Weight - 270 pounds. Upper arms - 23 inches; forearms - 18; chest - 60; waist - 31 shredded inches; quads - 32; calves - 23; neck - 20. As Jeff announced these girths, Jason yelled "Yeah!" each time and flexed his muscles in the mirror. Hiscock had now gotten totally hard, and it was huge . It stood straight up against Jason's shredded abs. Jason was totally hairless, except for a little blond hair under his armpits and a small patch of light blond hair around hishuge cock and balls. Jason grabbed his cock with his big right hand, pulled it down and then let go. The thick, hard cock slapped up against his abs and twitched up and down at Jason's command. Jeff measured that hard cock -- 11-1/2 inches long and 7-1/2 inches around! Jeff felt Jason's washboard rock-like abs and his muscular bubble-butt with one hand and squeezed Jason's big, throbbing cock with his other hand. Jeff's cock was completely stiff after touching all of Jason's big , buffed muscles and Jeff was ready for some hot sex. However, Jason suddenly grabbed both of Jeff's wrists with his thick, strong hands, the bulging muscles in his 17inch forearms writhing like snakes. Jason's grip was vice-like and Jeff was helpless to resist the big 15 year old's power. "Not so fast, Marine," said Jason. "Measure Fernando and Joey first. You can worship my big muscles after you're finished with that, Marine." Jason looked at Jeff with a commanding presence that showed that he knew he was in total control of the ex-Marine, his mentor. And Jeff knew that too, and he loved it.

As Jason looked at him, Jeff just couldn't believe how drop-dead gorgeous this muscular hunk really was. Jason had let his blond hair grow a little -- it was about one-halfinch long on the top and very short on the sides. His face was incredibly beautiful, the kind of absolute male beauty that only a blond, blue-eyed, genetically superior Aryan youth could attain. Jason had large, sky-blue eyes, high and prominent Germanic cheekbones, a strong jaw and square chin and evenly-spaced bright-white teeth. His face still looked like that of a 15 year old boy, but a strong and confident 15 year old boy, deeply tanned, completely unblemished and just a little blond facial hair to shave above his thin, sensuous lips and on his strong, square chin. Jason looked at Jeff with his penetrating blue eyes and ordered, "Get to work, Marine."

At that, Fernando jumped in front of Jeff, pushing Jason to the side with his own gigantic muscles. "Let Jeff feel a real man," said Fernando. "You're a wimp compared to me." Fernando punched Jason playfully in the arm. Jason didn't feel a thing, but that playful punch would have knocked most 15-year old boys to the ground and their arm would be sore for three days. Then Fernando stood in front of Jeff, facing the mirror, and started flexing hishuge muscles. Fernando's shoulders were incredibly wide, clearly more that twice as wide as his narrow hips. His deeply tanned body had the most incredible symmetry that Jeff had ever seen. His skin was flawless, the kind of deep brown skin that make Latin men so sexy. Fernando was also completely hairless except for black hair under his armpits and a thick black patch of pubic hair around hisbig uncut dick and walnut-sized low-hanging balls. His big , wide shoulders were capped with enormous bowling-ball sized delts. Every fiber was clearly visible under his paper-thin skin and he loved to stand before the mirror flexing his delts and hishuge slab like lats that showed such an incredible taper to his wasp-like waist and hips. It was almost unreal how wide Fernando's delts and lats were compared to his narrow waist and hips. His chest was massive as well, bulging out proudly withbig, round, striated pecs that protruded out more than six inches over his tiny, muscular waist. Every muscle in Fernando's body burst out from his thin skin in bold relief. His muscle butt was round and incrediblyhard, the big glute muscles showing through his skin like steel cords. His legs were massive and looked absolutely huge when compared to his small, muscular waist. His blood vessels coursed across his quads as he flexed his huge thighs. His calves were absolutely gorgeous. Two bulging heads of muscle encircled by pulsating veins, all covered by thin, very dark, smooth tan skin.

But nobody can look at Fernando for more than two seconds before targeting his huge cannonball shoulders and his hard, slim, muscular waist for visual orgasms. As Jeff's measuring tape would reveal, Fernando's shoulders were 80 inches around and his waist was only 29-1/2 inches. His shoulders were 28 inches wide and his hips were only 12 inches across. His shoulders had so much muscle in them that it looked like someone had slapped two huge overgrown melons, pulsating with writhing fibers, onto his naturally wide shoulder bones. His well- developed traps raised up from thosehuge delts and connected to his muscular, columnar neck. This massive display of muscle across Fernando's upper torso contrasted with his incredibly small waist, which was packed with dense, compact ab muscles that literally rippled with muscularity and power under his dark skin. He had the kind of waist that most men would kill for -- small, incredibly muscular, totally cut and defined -- with hips so narrow that they looked like they didn't belong on a boy-man with such massive muscles. But they belonged on Fernando, and they made him look absolutely stunning. Jeff ran his hands over Fernando'shuge delts, his massive lats, his big round pecs and finally his small muscular waist and firm, round butt. He stuck two fingers inside the tight crack of Fernando's muscle ass, and when Fernando contracted his steel-like glutes, the pressure on Jeff's fingers was enormous.

"OK, Jeff, you can stop drooling and start measuring," said Fernando as he pushed his flexed muscular arm into Jeff's face and lips, allowing Jeff to lick his salty sweat for just a moment and to smell the pungent jock-sweat aroma coming from hisbig hairy armpits. Jeff got the measuring tape and called out Fernando's measurements. Weight - 275 pounds; upper arms - 23; forearms - 18; chest - 62; shoulders - 80 (Fernando yelled out "fuckin' stud!" when Jeff called out his shoulder measurement); waist - 29-1/2; quads - 32; calves - 23; neck - 20. Fernando was five pounds heavier than Jason -- bigger in the shoulders and chest, smaller in the waist, but otherwise about the same. Fernando's uncutcock was fully engorged with blood and was now rock hard and thrusting up at a 45 degree angle from his body. Jeff measured Fernando's thick, long cock: 13 inches long and 8 inches around. The biggest cock of the three boys and one-third bigger than Jeff's.

Fernando grinned as Jeff pronounced him the stud of Muscle Camp. Fernando's big, bright, white teeth contrasted starkly with his darkly tanned, handsome face. Fernando's short, black hair crowned the face of a stunningly good looking Hispanic heart-throb. Fernando's eyes werebig and brown and his long eyelashes made his eyes look even bigger. He had strong cheekbones, a square jaw and big full lips that just begged to be kissed. Fernando looked like a stunning young man of 21, a handsome muscle-stud in his prime. Jeff gazed into Fernando's eyes and ran his hands over Fernando'shuge delts, slab-like lats and bulging, round pecs. Fernando's muscles felt like warm steel, contracting and expanding as Jeff's hands experienced their awesomesize and power. Suddenly, Jeff grabbed Fernando's head and kissed his big sensuous lips furiously, thrusting his tongue deep into Fernando's mouth. Fernando reciprocated by pushing his muscular tongue deep into Jeff's mouth, all the way into his throat. Just as Jeff and Fernando were about to lose it completely, Joey approached and grabbed them by their upper arms. Joey could easily grab Jeff's 17inch arm, but it was a little harder for him to get his fingers around Fernando's 23 inch monster. In any event, he grabbed enough of the thick muscle with his big, powerful hands to pull Jeff and Fernando apart.

"Not so fast, boys," said Joey. "Jeff still has some more work to do before he can play. He hasn't yet checked out the biggest, strongest, meanest, buffest muscle-stud in this whole room -- and I mean ME!" At that Joey cast Fernando to the side with one sweep of his gargantuan right arm and flexed his mammoth body in the mirror. "You boys are nothing but scrawny wimps compared to me. And as you Jeff, well I guess your star pupil kinda makes you look like an emaciated dweeb by comparison." Joey stood right next to Jeff so they could compare their bodies in the mirror. From a flabby 125 pounds, Joey had blossomed in the last two months into a monster of muscle. He now weighed 300 pounds, more than double his original weight and a gain of 175 pounds of solid muscle. He outweighed Jeff by 120 pounds andlong ago Jeff learned that Joey was the alpha male of all of them. No one challenged Joey in a strength contest. Joey reveled in crushing all opponents. He could bench press 650 pounds for three reps. This was about 75 pounds more than Jason and Fernando could do and it was 325 pounds more than Jeff could do. Joey the student was now twice as strong as Jeff the teacher. Joey's other lifts were similarly remarkable. He could military press 500 pounds, curl 375 for three reps, squat with 850 and deadlift 950 pounds. These lifts were all many pounds more than Jason and Fernando could do, although they were both very strong. Fernando could military press 475 pounds with his incredible shoulders and Jason could curl 325 for three reps with his 23inch guns. But as for Jeff, that 5'10" 180 pound muscular ex-Marine, well there just wasn't any comparison. He really did look like an emaciated wimp next to Joey.

Joey smiled with supreme confidence as his muscles bulged with power while he flexed them next to Jeff. "Hey Jeff, remember the time when you grabbed my upper arm with your fingers and squeezed my little bicep into mush? I remember it well, and I remember how after only three days at Muscle Camp my puny biceps got bigger and harder and you had ahard time crushing those little balls of growing muscle. Well, why don't you try that now, Marine. Let's see if you can crush my puny bicep!" Joey smiled with arrogant self-confidence as he flexed his massive 25inch right arm in front of Jeff. Both his bicep and tricep were incredibly huge and striated with muscle. Huge veins, the size of pencils, coursed with blood under his dark, tan skin. His 18 inch forearms literally burst with muscle and veins. "OK, big Marine. Crush this little boy's bicep," ordered Joey as he looked Jeff right in the eyes. Jeff placed both of his hands on Joey's flexed arm -- his left hand on the tricep and the right hand on the bicep. He couldn't get his hands around thehuge muscles, so he just squeezed the fingers on his right hand into Joey's bicep as hard as he could. The muscle felt like warm marble, it was so hard and impenetrable. Joey flexed and unflexed his arm several times and even unflexed, the muscular fibers were so firm that Jeff couldn't make a dent in them. Joey laughed at Jeff's feeble attempt. "OK Marine, now I'm going to do that to you," said Joey. He had not tried to crush Jeff's bicep since his first meeting with Jeff when his weak little forearms couldn't make a dent in Jeff'shard muscle. But Joey's forearm had grown from 8 inches of baby fat to18 inches of shredded, writhing muscle. Joey's forearms were now bigger than Jeff's upper arms. Joey's fingers were thick and strong. He was definitely not the same boy he was two months ago. The word boy, while chronologically correct, does not describe at all the giant of a man that Joey had become. Jeff flexed his right arm. His bicep was just asbig and hard as it was two months ago. Joey ran the fingers of his right hand around and across Jeff's flexed arm. "Pretty big and hard, but not big enough or hard enough for this monster," said Joey as his flexed his huge right forearm several times. Then Joey wrapped the fingers of his right hand around Jeff's bicep and contracted them. His forearm writhed with snake-like muscle and the veins popped out everywhere. Slowly, Joey'sbig fingers began to penetrate into Jeff's hard bicep. Joey squeezed harder, incredible power being forced into his thick fingers by his big , strong muscles and tendons. With this immense power, Joey's fingers literally forced themselves into Jeff's flexed bicep, crushing the fibers into submission. Jeff winced in pain and pulled his pulverized arm away from Joey's vise-like grip. "Well, Marine, it looks like this little shrimp has done OK at Muscle Camp," said Joey mockingly. "I'm now the biggest, strongest, meanest fucking muscle stud on whole the planet!" Joey flexed hishuge guns in triumph, reveling in his size and power.

"OK, Jeff, time to measure the king!" said Joey, and he moved his enormous flexed arm right in front of Jeff's face. Joey's flexed arm was so big that measured vertically it was actually bigger than Jeff's head. Jeff got out the measuring tape and called out Joey's measurements: Weight - 300; upper arm - 25; forearm - 19; chest - 65; waist - 34; quads - 35; calves - 24; neck - 22. Joey just radiated power and strength. His face was square and tough-looking. While Jason's face still looked like that of a 15 year old, Joey's face looked like that of a dominant 25 year old Italian musclestud. His broad forehead, thick nose, dark brown eyes, square cheekbones, strong jaw, wide chin and 22inch muscle neck made him look absolutely intimidating. He looked like one mean motherfucker. He had rough black stubble on his face. His whiskers grew so fast that even an hour after shaving, the stubble started to show. He was starting to grow some black hair on hishuge, bulging chest -- just a little -- which also made him look older than his 15 years.

After finishing the measurements, Jeff ran his hands all over Joey's incredibly big, muscular body. Joey's chest was so enormous. Each huge pec bulged with amazing muscularity, the fibers of muscle in those big, powerful machines tensing and untensing as Jeff massaged them. Jeff got down on his knees and started feeling and licking Joey's 35inch quads. As Joey flexed and unflexed his gigantic legs, Jeff felt their mass and hardness and thought about the enormous power those muscles possessed -- the ability to squat with 850 pounds and to leg press 2000 pounds. If Joey wrapped these legs around a Warlord's chest now, he could at will easily crush every bone in the Warlord's torso. Jeff felt Joey's gigantic 24inch calves. Each head of the muscle was enormous and hard as a rock. Jeff moved his head up to Joey's thick cock, which was now completely hard. Jeff licked the sides of the giant shaft and Joey twitched his cock up and down in pleasure. Jeff felt Joey's round, strong butt -- big and powerful. Just as Jeff was really getting into Joey's muscles, Fernando pulled him away and said "Hey, Jeff, you've got one more measurement to take.Measure the stud's cock." Jeff grabbed the tape and measured Joey's throbbing cock -- 12 inches long and 8-1/2 inches around. Big and thick. The cock of a musclestud. The last measurement taken, Jeff and the boys got down to business.

All three boys now circled around Jeff, flexing their huge muscles for him in an awesome display of massive and beautiful teenage muscle. As they flexed, Jeff ran his hands over their shoulders, arms and chests, feeling the incrediblesize and hardness of the huge , powerful delts, traps, biceps, triceps and pecs now possessed by his young 15-year old trainees. Over the last five weeks, as the boys became much stronger and more muscular than Jeff, Jeff began to indulge in the fantasy he had wanted to live out since he had been in high school. That fantasy was to find (or, as Jeff had now done, create) a few young boy-men who were sobig and muscular that they would be totally dominant over everything they encountered. They would be so big , strong, lean and mean that every classmate, every gang member, every bully, yes, every Marine would be totally dominated by these young boy-men. These boys would be such powerful fighters that they would be able to rule everything in their domain. Jeff wanted to worship these young masters. His fantasy was to create and worship the biggest, meanest most muscular 15 year old boys that had ever existed. And as the weeks went by at Muscle Camp, Jeff was getting to live his fantasy in real life. The boys had become everything Jeff had dreamed of. They werehuge , muscular 15-year old fighting machines with an attitude, who really loved to show off their bodies and who loved to respond to Jeff's worship of theirbig, buffed, young muscles.

After Jeff had felt each boy's pumped, cannonball-like delts, Jeff buried his face between Jason's huge pecs and caressed Jason's bulging arms and shoulders with worshipful hands. "Yeah, feel those big muscles, Marine," said Jason. Jeff looked up at Jason's beautiful blue eyes, blond hair and drop-dead gorgeous face, firmly held up by Jason's huge muscular neck which rose up from the gigantic trap muscles of his muscular torso. His pecs were absolutely enormous and shredded. The cleavage between thehard, round, striated mounds of muscle on Jason's huge chest was at least four inches deep. As Jeff buried his face between the huge slabs of muscle, Jason held Jeff's face with his muscular right arm between his pecs and flexed his pecs. Jeff's face was almost crushed between the granite-like mounds of muscle. "Feel thesize and power of my muscles, Marine. I'm now twice as big and twice as strong as you are, Marine. Put your hands on these huge , fucking strong muscles, Marine. Worship these muscles, Marine. I can kick the shit out of any Marine who dares to challenge me, including you!" Jeff was incredibly turned on by Jason's arrogance as well as by hishuge, defined muscles. Jeff dropped to his knees and wrapped his mouth around Jason's stiff cock. Jason thrust his hips back and forth, driving his cock deep into the ex-Marine's willing throat. Suddenly, Jeff's head was pulled off Jason's cock by a pair of big , strong hands -- Fernando's. "Hey, Jason, you can't have that cocksucker all to yourself. I want some too!" Fernando held onto Jeff's head and rammed his own 13inch rock hard cock down Jeff's throat. Fernando let Jeff looked up at his huge shoulders and ripped, muscular waist. "Yeah, Jeff, look at my fucking muscles. Look how they bulge with power as I ram my big cock down your throat. Worship these muscles, Jeff. Worship your musclegod!" Jeff ran his fingers across Fernando's tiny, rippling, muscular waist and around his firm, round bubble butt. He felt Fernando'shuge thighs and smelled the musclesweat coming from Fernando's hot crotch. Just as Jeff thought he couldn't get any more aroused, two even bigger and stronger hands grabbed Jeff's head away from Fernando and thrust Jeff's mouth down onto their owner's massive, thickcock. Joey was the alpha male and he took what he wanted. "Yeah, you puny Marine cocksucker! Suck my big muscle cock. Feel the power of my huge muscles. I am your master and you will do as I order." "Yes, sir, Joey, sir," gurgled Jeff.

After thrusting his thick cock in and out of Jeff's mouth and throat about 30 times, each thrust being accompanied by a deep primeval grunt from Joey's giant chest, Joey removed hiscock from Jeff's mouth. Joey, Fernando and Jason encircled Jeff with their massive bodies and throbbing, hard cocks. They each moved their cocks right up next to Jeff, the bulging muscles of their huge quads almost crushing the kneeling ex-Marine. "OK, Marine, I order you to worship all three of us at the same time so that we can blast our hot cum together," yelled Joey. "Feel thesebig fucking muscles. Feel these huge teenage cocks. We rule!"

At that, the boys began flexing and Jeff ran his hands over their big, pumped muscles, feeling their massiveness and their power. He licked their arms and smelled the musclejock sweat coming from their armpits. He buried his face in those armpits, armpits that were sohuge because of the boys' slab-like lats, massive pecs and bowling ball shoulders that their armpits enveloped his whole head. He breathed in the heavy smell of their muscle sweat, a smell that evoked in his mind the feeling of overwhelming force and power. He buried his face in the enormous cleavage of their bulging pecs. He pinched and sucked theirhard round nipples that protruded boldly from their huge pecs. He ran his hands over their washboard abs, pushing with his strong fingers only to me met with steel-like resistance from the corrugated muscle. He licked those abs while feeling the enormity of the boys' lats and pecs. He caressed their bubble butts and licked their tight ass cracks. He stroked and sucked their cocks and licked theirbig balls. It was like he had died and gone to muscle heaven. Eight hundred fifty pounds of teenage beef flexing for him. After about 15 minutes of this orgy, all of the boys and Jeff were unbelievably aroused. As Jeff felt theirhard abs, each of the boys blasted gobs and gobs of teenage jism onto Jeff's face and body, literally covering him with the thick, milky liquid. Jeff came at the same time, experiencing the best orgasm of his entire life. After their incredible sexual ecstasy, the boys and Jeff fell to the mat and onto each other, luxuriating in the feel of their massive, sweaty, pumped bodies.

At dinner that night Jeff said, "Well men, this is your last night at Muscle Camp. You have developed beyond my wildest dreams. You are going to be able to kick the shit out of anybody you want. You will be in total control of your world." "We owe it all to you, Jeff," said Jason. "You turned us into musclestuds." "Yeah, you're the man," shouted Joey. Although the boys were now the dominant males in everything physical and in sex, they still looked upon Jeff as their leader. Even though they dwarfed him insize , strength and fighting ability, they followed his orders like true Marines. Except of course when they had finished a grueling workout and Jeff started worshipping theirbig , young muscles. Then they were the masters, and they pushed that ex-Marine around like a pathetic schoolyard wimp. "Yes, you men are trulybig , mean, muscle machines," said Jeff. "You're bigger, stronger and better fighters than any Marine I have ever seen. I hereby induct you into the Corps as Young Marines." "Young Marines -- that sounds cool," said Jason. "We're the Young Marines! We can fuck up anyone we want!" yelled Joey. "Not so fast," said Jeff. "As a Young Marine you've got to act like a Marine. You can be brutal, but be brutal to the bad guys. You don't have to take shit from anyone anymore. Your overwhelming strength and fighting ability will easily be able to crush anyone who dares oppose you. You are the musclestud Young Marines!" "Yeah!" yelled Fernando. "Give me five." The Young Marines and Jeff all gave each other high fives and the Young Marines flexed theirhuge arms and smiled. They were stoked.

"Men, I hear that the Warlords are back in your neighborhood. It seems that they didn't learn very well from the lessons you taught them last time. Would the Young Marines like to go on another military expedition to eradicate those punks once and for all?" said Jeff. "Yes, sir!" yelled the Young Marines and the top of their lungs. The adrenaline started pumping through their massive, muscular bodies. "I can't wait to pulverize those thugs!" yelled Joey. "I was too nice to them last time. Now I'm 100 pounds heavier and more than twice as strong. I'm just going to rip them apart with these guns!" Joey flexed his 25inch arms which rippled with muscularity and power. "I'm going to kick their ribs so hard that their lungs will collapse!" yelled Jason. He made a kicking motion with his 32 inch quads and 23 inch calves. The force those muscles could exert would certainly break a man's ribcage into pieces. "I'm going to wrap my arms around a punk's chest and crush the life out of him with myhuge biceps, delts and lats!" shouted Fernando. "The Young Marines rule, and tonight those Warlord thugs are going to learn a lesson they never forget, those Warlords who survive that is!" shouted Jason. "OK, men, lets get ready to go," said Jeff.

Jeff had ordered extra-large fatigue pants for the huge Young Marines -- the biggest size that the military could provide. Even so, the Young Marines' massive quads and calves filled the legs. Joey's quads were so big that they stretched the fabric. However, the boy's waists were so small and muscular, with not an ounce of fat, that they had to pull the 40inch waist pants tight with their belts. They put on XXXXL tee shirts, but there still wasn't room for their shoulders and arms, so they cut out the armholes to let theirhuge muscular weapons be free. Their massive pecs and lats , stretched the fabric of the shirts to the max. They put on big combat boots -- their feet had grown in proportion to their bodies and they all needed size 13 or 14 extra-wide boots. They put charcoal on their faces and headed out to town in the Jeep with Jeff.

They had decided to approach the Warlords from three different directions so that they could catch and pulverize any Warlords who tried to escape. When they got to their neighborhood, they could see about 30 Warlords hanging out at their usual location. The whole gang was out tonight. A couple of the thugs were still on crutches or had their arms in slings -- reminders of the Young Marines' earlier visit. The Warlords had gotten complacent over the last five weeks. They now thought that those three muscular fighters were just in town for the day and had moved on. They thought that they still ruled this neighborhood. How wrong they were.

Jeff let the Young Marines out of the Jeep. Jason and Fernando walked around the block in different directions. The boys had timed their watches. When it was exactly midnight, the Young Marines walked towards the Warlords from three different directions. At first the Warlords didn't pay any attention to them. But then one young punk, about 16, saw Joey's enormous profile in the dim light provided by the streetlights. "Holy shit!" he cried out and started running. But he ran right into Fernando, who grabbed him, wrapped his 23inch guns around the punk's chest, and contracted his massive arms, delts and lats. There was a loud cracking sound as every one of the punk's ribs that were unlucky enough to be in contact with Fernando'shuge chest shattered under the enormous force Fernando was applying. Almost every rib in the kid's body was broken in several pieces and his lungs had collapsed. The kid gasped for air, but his shattered ribcage and collapsed lungs were incapable of another breath. He looked at Fernando'shuge muscles, muscles that had just crushed the life out of him, with a look of total fear and awe. Fernando looked at the punk and sneered. Even when sneering, his handsome face looked absolutely gorgeous. Fernando then spit in the kid's dying face and tossed him aside like a piece of garbage. This whole event took less than two seconds. The other Warlords seemed to be paralyzed with fear after watching Fernando literally crush the life out of their homey with his bare hands. The Young Marines took advantage of this hesitation and charged the group with muscular fury.

Joey found the biggest Warlord he could see, grabbed his arm, twisted it up and literally ripped it off the thug's shoulders. He used the severed arm to club two otherbig Warlords across the face, breaking their noses and cheekbones and knocking them unconscious. When another thug tried to run away from Joey, Joey grabbed his arm with hisbig , thick fingers. Joey held the thug's wrist with one hand and his upper forearm with the other. Then Joey twisted his massive 19-inch forearms like he was bending a bamboo pole. The punk's two forearm bones immediately snapped like dry spaghetti. Joey let go of the shattered arm and punched the kidhard in the gut. The force of his punch lifted the punk three feet off the ground. The kid's internal organs had been devastated and he lay lifeless on the ground.

Jason used his quick, massive, immensely strong legs to kick in the ribs of five Warlords in a period of 15 seconds. Jason's shredded 32inch quads were so fast and powerful that when the toe of his big combat boot hit the ribs of a Warlord, a force of thousands of pounds per square inch just pulverized the bones of the unlucky thug. Every kick connected with devastating force, his big combat boots driving six inches into the Warlords' chests, shattering their ribs and collapsing their lungs. It was just like target practice for Jason's massive legs and Jason was enjoying hearing the cracking of bones as he hit every one of his targets. Every time he tried to kick a little harder and deeper. A couple of times he aimed for a punk's gut, and every kick landed with pulverizing accuracy, crushing the punk's internal organs.

Fernando wanted to kill a Warlord with just the strong fingers of one of his hands. In a split second, he grabbed a big Warlord by the arm and wrapped the fingers of his other hand around the Warlord's neck. Then he squeezed his muscular forearm and his thick fingers and thumb contracted into the Warlord's neck. Fernando could feel the thug's windpipe being crushed under his mighty grip. Fernando squeezed harder, until his fingers were almost halfway closed. He then twisted his powerful wrist, snapping the thug's neckbone like a twig. The punk's lifeless head bobbled back and forth like the head of a puppet. Fernando lifted the punk up by his squished neck with onehuge, muscular arm and tossed the dead vermin five feet away.

The 30 Warlords were no match for the three 15-year old massive and muscular Young Marines. For the next two minutes the Young Marines continued their reign of terror, annihilating every one of the Warlords with smashing blows and devastating kicks or just breaking their bones with their enormous strength. When all the Warlords lay on the ground either dead or seriously injured, Joey stood on the lifeless chest of thebig , one-armed Warlord and yelled, "the Young Marines now control this neighborhood. You assholes are outahere. If we ever see you again, this will happen to every one of you." Joey reached down and grabbed the other arm of thebig one-armed Warlord. With an incredibly powerful pull from his 25 inch guns, his sweaty, flaring lats and his huge , glistening, striated delts, he yanked the thug's other arm right off his torso and threw it at a young Warlord who stared wide-eyed in amazement and the awesome display of overpowering strength. "And if you ever tell the police who did this to you, your punishment will be even worse!" The few still conscious Warlords trembled. What could be worse than that? They sure didn't want to find out. The Young Marines were brutal, and the Warlords were the bad guys. The next morning the toll would be taken: 6 dead and 24 injured Warlords, 20 of them being injured critically. Eight of them would die in the hospital. No Warlord escaped unharmed. The police thought it was some kind of rival gang that had attacked the young punks (who they were happy to see gone), but they couldn't quite figure out how a rival gang could do so much damage to the 30 thugs without any sign of a weapon being used. It looked like the Warlords were pulverized by a large group of incredibly strong and incredibly good street fighters. The Warlords weren't talking.

The Young Marines ran back to the Jeep, hopped in and headed back to Muscle Camp with Jeff. "We weren't as nice to the Warlords as we were last time," said Joey in a great understatement. "I don't think we'll be seeing much of them anymore. Our muscles are incredibly strong and we're great fighters. They were no match for us at all. It was like fighting a bunch of boy scouts -- bad boy scouts. We were brutal, Jeff, but they're definitely bad, bad punks." Jeff smiled. He was proud of hisbig, brutal Young Marines.

After they returned to Muscle Camp, the Young Marines ate a huge meal and quaffed two big glasses of Muscle Blast. Then they stripped off their Marine fatigues and boots. They stood buck naked in the mirrored bedroom and flexed their sweaty muscles as Jeff worshipped these three muscle gods that had just vanquished their enemy. They hadn't showered after beating up the Warlords, so theirbig bodies were covered with musclestud sweat. The pungent smell from their armpits sent Jeff into muscle heaven. Jeff just consumed their threebig bodies with his mouth and hands as they told him, blow by blow, about their annihilation of the Warlords. The boys' descriptions of theirhuge , overpowering muscles literally crushing the bones of the Warlords sent both Jeff and the boys into incredible sexual ecstasy. Jeff and the Young Marines were sucking and feeling each other's hot, muscular bodies and thick, throbbing cocks. By the time Joey talked about tearing the second arm off the biggest Warlord, all four of them were ready to cum. As Joey grunted loudly, signifying the enormous power with which he pulled that arm out of its joint, he flexed hishuge 25 inch right gun with its two heads of biceps, striated fibers and huge veins throbbing with power. Instantaneously, all four men came in total ecstasy with incredible bursts of jism. Over ten huge bursts of hot male cum spurted out of their big, thick, throbbing cocks. They all slept very well that night.

The next morning was their last day at Muscle Camp. The Young Marines hated to go, and Jeff hated to lose them, but school was starting the next day and the Young Marines wanted to be there to take control. There was just no question about it. They were going to take control of the School on the first day. As they drove to town, Jeff explained that he was going to send them every week by Fedex a week's supply of Muscle Blast and cash to buy lots of muscle- building food. They wouldn't be taking the growth injections until next summer's Muscle Camp. (The Young Marines had said that they definitely wanted to sign up for Muscle Camp next year.) If they continued to eat right, drink the Muscle Blast, and work outhard , their bodies would grow bigger and stronger during the school year -- not as fast as they had been growing, but adding more muscle and strength month after month. Every weekend they could come back to Muscle Camp for intense workouts, lots of food, and incredible muscle-worshipping sex. During the year, the boys came back to Muscle Camp almost every weekend.

Jeff dropped them off at their homes. Their families didn't even recognize the giant, muscular young men who walked into their houses. Joey's parents thought they were being robbed by ahuge, muscular prison escapee. When Joey said "Hi, mom," his mother fainted and his father stared in disbelief. His son was so big , so muscular, so tough-looking that he dropped his jaw. Then he walked over and put his hand on Joey's bicep. "Is this real?" he asked. Joey flexed his arm and his father gasped at thesize and hardness of his bulging bicep. "My God, son , you really put on the muscle at Muscle Camp. You're incredible!" Joey's dad proceeded to touch Joey's massive pecs, his cannonball delts, his powerful traps, his slab-like lats and his oak-tree legs, just to see if they were real, as he said. They sure were real. They were incrediblybig and they were as hard as rock. "Son , you're everything I ever wanted to be and more. Looks like I won't be able to spank you anymore." The understatement of the year. Joey smiled confidently, looking at his dad's 14inch arms and 40 inch chest and mentally comparing them to his massive 25 inch guns and 65 inch torso. He flexed his huge forearms, which were now five inches bigger than his dad's upper arms. The muscles of his forearms writhed like snakes, with veins popping out everywhere under his dark, tan skin. Joey's dad gasped at this display of raw muscular power. Joey could see that the tables had now turned between father andson. He knew that he was in control of this household. What he wanted the others would do. His family adored his big buffed muscles and his mother used the weekly money from Jeff to cook him excellent muscle building meals. Jason and Fernando had similar receptions at their houses. They were the kings of their families. They were the rulers of their neighborhood. Next conquest -- their school.

The next morning they met at Jason's house and walked together to school. They were wearing tight, white tee shirts that showed off every one of their bulging muscles and shorts that could barely contain the massiveness of their quads. The sleeves of their tee shirts wouldn't fit over theirhuge upper arms, so the boys rolled them up to expose the enormity of their tanned guns and the lower part of their cannonball delts. Their shoulders and arms looked incredibly dark compared to the bright white shirts. They tucked the tight white tee shirts into their shorts. The contrast of their thick, wide shoulders, bulging traps,huge round pecs, and flaring slab-like lats with their small, muscular waists and firm, round butts was breathtaking. Just as breathtaking was the sight of their enormous tan legs that almost burst out of their shorts. Incredibly, their massive, shredded quads were actually bigger than their rippling, muscular waists and theirhuge diamond-shape calves bulged with two big heads of dark tan veiny muscle. These guys looked incredible!

In the past, as they walked to school they had to watch out for the Warlords or bigger guys, like Kevin and Louie, who might beat them up. Now they walked -- rather, strutted -- confidently down the sidewalk, unafraid of anybody or anything. After a few blocks, they spotted Kevin and Louie on the other side of the street. They looked to be about the samesize as they were last spring -- 150 muscular pounds. Kevin and Louie were talking to two small, skinny boys. Jason recognized the skinny boys as Tommy and Jimmy, two of their classmates, along with Kevin and Louie, in the 10th grade. Tommy and Jimmy were only about 5'2" tall and weighed about 100 pounds. They were the archtypical 98-pound weaklings -- puny, weak and flabby. Jason always liked Tommy and Jimmy, even though they were such complete dweebs. It soon became obvious to the Young Marines that Kevin and Louie were shaking down Tommy and Jimmy for all the money they had on them. Tommy was yelling at Louie and started to push away, but Louie grabbed onto his neck with his muscular 14inch arm and squeezed his solid bicep. He then started punching Tommy in the gut with his powerful other hand. Tommy's little, squishy ab muscles were no match for Louie'shard punches, and Tommy buckled over in pain.

As soon as they saw what was going on, the Young Marines ran across the street. Jason pulled Louie off Tommy, wrapped his huge left arm around Louie's neck, and started punching Louie mercilessly in the gut with his big right fist. Louie's ab muscles were solid, but they were no match for Jason's 23 inch gun. Jason's delts popped out under his skin as he drove punch after punch into Louie. The powerful blows penetrated deep inside Louie's gut, blasting through his abs as if they were babyfat. Louie howled in pain. Then Jason flexed the bicep of his left arm which was around Louie's neck. Thehuge, hard muscle bulged into the front of Louie's neck, cutting off his air supply. "How's that feel, you little asshole? Have a taste of your own medicine!" yelled Jason. Louie was reeling in pain and gasping for air. Jason just flexed hishuge bicep harder as he kept punching Louie with his other big fist. He wanted Louie to really suffer.

Kevin stood transfixed as this was happening, not really understanding who this gigantic kid was that was beating up his friend. Fernando walked up to Kevin and said "Hi, Kevin, remember me? I'm the scrawny little wimp you beat up last spring. These are my buddies that you and your goon friend here have been terrorizing for years. Well, its payback time, Kevin. I'm going to enjoy this a lot more than you will." At that, Fernando punched Kevinhard in the gut six quick times with his left and right hands. The punches were so fast and hard that Kevin didn't have time to react. He just curled up in abject pain. Fernando stood Kevin up, grabbed his arm and twisted ithard behind his back, just as Kevin had done to him so many times. Kevin cried out as excruciating pain wracked his body. He couldn't believe how strong Fernando had become. But Fernando was applying only about a quarter of his actual strength. He upped the power a bit and forced Kevin's arm ever higher on his back. Finally, Fernando heard a crackling sound as Kevin's arm was dislocated from his shoulder. Fernando let go and laughed. "Looks like your puny little arm's going to be in a sling for awhile, Kevin. I wonder if it's going to shrivel up completely? Hey, compared to my arm it already looks pretty shriveled." Fernando flexed the triceps of his 23inch gun next to Kevin's little 14 incher. The giant heads of Fernando's triceps bulged under his dark, tan skin. Each head of muscle was bigger than Kevin's whole arm. The corded fibers of muscle were clearly visible as Fernando tensed and untensed hishuge ham-like arm.. Big veins criss-crossed over the hard muscle. Kevin stared in disbelief at Fernando's massive arm as Fernando smiled arrogantly.

Joey then said calmly, "Kevin and Louie, as you've just personally seen, the Young Marines -- that's us -- have taken over this neighborhood and will soon rule the school as well. You will obey our every command. Resistance is useless, as we can as easily crush your bones as crush a grape." Joey flexed hishuge forearms as if to make the point. Kevin and Louie stared in awe. "You will not pick on any more boys. If we hear that you have picked on any boys, we will thrash your pathetic excuses for bodies more than you will ever believe. Oh I forgot -- there's one exception to that rule. You can pick on us at any time!" Joey laughed at his humor and Tommy and Jimmy laughed as well. The three musclestuds flexed theirbig arms in Kevin and Louie's faces. Fernando rubbed his big , sweaty armpit in Kevin's face, just as Kevin had done to him last spring. "Feel some real muscle, Kevin. Smell some real sweat. You ain't shit compared to us! Now get the fuck outahere!" Kevin and Louie, each wracked with pain, got up as fast as they could and hobbled off. They wouldn't be terrorizing anybody any more.

Tommy and Jimmy looked at their big, muscular classmates in awe. The Young Marines were their heroes and protectors. They were the same age, but there was just no physical similarity between the 5'2" 100pound weaklings and the 6'0" 270 to 300 pound muscle machines. The wimps had 9-inch arms, 30-inch chests and 16-inch thighs. The girths of their little arms were about the same size as Joey's thick, hard cock, which measured 8-1/2 inches around. Their chests were smaller than the Young Marines' thighs and those thighs solid muscle, while the wimps' chests were soft and flabby. The weaklings' flabby thighs, at 16 inches , were smaller than the muscle machines' forearms, let alone their massive upper arms! The Young Marines were so much bigger and more muscular than Tommy and Jimmy that they looked like a different species of animal, a totallyhuge , totally muscular, totally dominant, totally superior species that could wipe out the inferior species embodied in the skinny, weak nerds. And it was clear to Tommy that they could easily do this without even tryinghard. Tommy looked up at Jason, who towered over him. Tommy's face was at the same level as Jason's huge , bulging pecs, which were almost bursting out of his tight, white tee shirt. Tommy looked up at Jason's beautiful blue eyes and his tan, drop-dead gorgeous face. A tingling feeling shot up Tommy's spine as he took in the incredible beauty and muscularity of his classmate. Hiscock started to stiffen and he felt a pit in his stomach. Finally, Tommy got up the nerve to say "Jason, can I feel your muscles?" "Sure, Tommy," Jason said casually. "Be my guest." Tommy tentatively raised his hands and put them on Jason's chest. Jason flexed his pecs and Tommy jerked his hands away. He couldn't believe thesize and hardness he had just felt. But Tommy loved it and he put his hands right back and squeezed the hard mounds of muscle. Jason proceeded to flex all of his muscles while Tommy felt their massiveness and rock-like hardness with his delicate little hands. Tommy was overwhelmed by thesize and overwhelming strength of this 15 year old boy's muscles. He felt so weak and puny by comparison. Jason smiled confidently as Tommy worshipped him "Yeah, feel thosebig muscles, you little runt," said Jason, really getting into it. "I've got more muscle in my big arm than you've got in your whole body." (If one were to measure actual muscle mass, of which Tommy had very little, this was probably true. Each one of Jason's rippling 23 inch guns had more muscle than Tommy's whole little body!) By this time Tommy's cock was completely hard and it made a big tent in his shorts. Jason looked down and laughed. "Hey, Tommy, it looks like you're really into my muscles. Maybe we can arrange a closer viewing after school." Tommy just about creamed in his shorts when Jason said that.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was checking out Joey and Fernando, who didn't want to be outdone by Jason and were flexing their gigantic muscles. Jimmy put his little arms up to Fernando's wide shoulders and felt hishuge, bowling ball sized delts. Fernando's 80 inch shoulders were more than a foot wider than Jimmy's. Jimmy looked at his bony, narrow shoulders and then at Fernando's huge , wide, striated delts. A feeling of unbelievable awe came over him as he took in the absolute power of this muscle god. Then Jimmy ran his little hands down over Fernando's incredibly wide, flaring lats to his tiny, narrow, muscular waist. Jimmy couldn't believe it. Fernando's waist was just as small as Jimmy's, but Fernando had 175 more pounds of muscle on him. And Fernando's waist was ashard as rock, his corrugated abs feeling like a steel washboard to Jimmy's delicate fingers. Jimmy was just overwhelmed by Fernando's awesome body. Just then, Joey placed his gigantic arm in front of Jimmy's face and flexed his massive triceps. The heads of muscle writhed like pythons under Joey's dark, tan skin. "Feel some real muscle, kid," said Joey. Joey stood in front of Jimmy and flexed his massive 25inch arms. They were clearly bigger than Jimmy's head. The fibers of muscle bulged and big veins pulsated under Joey's thin skin. "Here, climb on," said Joey. Jimmy grabbed Joey's huge right upper arm with both hands and struggled to do a pullup (Jimmy could do only one pullup). As Jimmy hung on, Joey flexed and unflexed his arm, holding up the 100 pound Jimmy without any effort at all. Jimmy's hands were right on top of Joey's massive, hard bicep and as Joey flexed and unflexed, Jimmy could feel the steel-like cords of muscle tense and bulge. When Joey's bicep was completely flexed, Jimmy could hardly hold on as the peak was so high. His two little hands cupped that massive peak of muscle and he just about creamed in his shorts at the feeling.

Jimmy wished that he could have held that position for hours, but he couldn't hold on any longer and dropped to the ground. "Well, another little muscle worshipper," said Joey as he looked down at Jimmy's raginghard on. "I think that you two little dweebs are going to make yourselves very useful. We Young Marines like to have our big muscles worshipped. It gets us really hot. And I think we'll get really hot being worshipped by two puny wimps like you. I want to compare myhuge body to your emaciated sacks of bones as you feel every one of my big muscles. And when we get turned on by good muscle worshippers, our cocks become enormous. Hey, Fernando, show these little runts yourcock." At that, Fernando dropped his shorts and pulled out his huge, thick 13-inch cock. It was already hard from all the muscle worship and muscle talk. Jimmy and Tommy stared at the massive weapon in total awe. Joey said "OK dweebs, here's the plan. We're going to work out in the weight room after school today. Why don't you two come to the weight room and watch us pump these muscles with the heaviest weights you have ever seen. Then we'll go to the locker room and you can worship every one of our muscles, including our throbbing cocks. See ya!" The three Young Marines faced the two puny weaklings and flexed their massive arms one more time. Then they turned around and strutted off to school. Tommy and Jimmy just couldn't believe their good fortune. They had raginghard ons the whole day.

When the Young Marines got to the yard outside of their school where the 10th graders (sophomores) congregated, all the other kids stopped what they were doing and gasped. Never had suchhuge muscular boys entered that schoolyard. It took several seconds for one of their classmates to recognize Jason, Fernando and Joey. He raced up to them and yelled, "Holy shit! What have you guys done to get sobig and buffed?" "We went to Muscle Camp," said Jason. "And as you can see we put on some muscle." Jason then flexed his arms and the kid just about fainted. He wrapped his hands around Jason'shuge upper arm and said, "Omygod, I've never felt a muscle so big and hard in my life!" By now, all the other kids had gathered around and some of the bolder ones, both boys and girls, touched the Young Marines' muscles. The Young Marines flexed for their classmates. They were proud of theirbig , muscular bodies and they liked to show them off. Then Joey said to his sophomore classmates, "the Young Marines -- that's us -- are going to run this school from now on. You guys won't have to worry any more about being picked on by thebig Senior football players. They're going to take orders from us." As Joey knew, there was a social and physical hierarchy at the school. Thebig football players and wrestlers were on top of this hierarchy and pretty much did what they wanted to whomever they wanted. Below them came the basketball players, the baseball players, the volleyball players, the swimmers and water polo players, the soccer players and the skinny track guys -- in that order. All of these jocks, especially the football players and wrestlers, strutted around the school knowing that they ruled the other kids. And some of those jocks were pretty mean and loved to bully the other kids just for fun. When Jason, Fernando and Joey were skinny little urchins, just last spring, they had been on the receiving end of a lot of that bullying. Well, the Young Marines were now going to take complete control of everything.

The first morning of classes was incredible. Every time one of the Young Marines walked into class, the rest of the kids went silent and stared in awe. In different classes, each Young Marine would subtly flex his muscles as he sat at his desk. Each of them knew that the other kids were watching and each one put on a little muscle show for his classmates without the teachers ever noticing: a flex of his massive tricep, the heads popping out like pythons; a stretch and flex of hishuge , striated quad bristling with veins; reaching over and pulling up further his already rolled-up sleeve of the white tee shirt, revealing all of his massive bowling ball sized delt and flexing thatbig delt so all the fibers moved around under his dark, tan skin; spreading his lats so wide that they almost burst through his tight white tee shirt, almost causing the boy sitting behind to cream in his pants; slowing raising and lowering his knee, the two giant muscle heads in his calf bulging with every flex of his ankle and thebig veins covering those two huge heads of muscle; stretching his arms overhead and flexing those two mammoth, muscular guns, bigger, more muscular arms than any kid in the classroom had ever seen; opening and closing hisbig , thick hand, his deeply defined forearm muscles bulging with every flex and the veins in that forearm surging with blood. That was just a sample of the subtle muscle show that each of the Young Marines put on for his classmates the first morning of school. During class, almost every boy got a major hard on and almost every girl was wet in her crotch. None of the kids in those classes remembered a thing that was said by the teachers. They were transfixed by thehuge muscles of the Young Marines. By the end of morning classes, all the kids in school were talking about the huge, incredibly muscular Young Marines that were going to take control of the school.

When lunch time arrived, the Young Marines retrieved from their lockers the huge lunches that their mothers had made for each of them: four tuna sandwiches; two whole chickens, cut up; 12 ounces of steak; lots of rice, fruit and vegetables and two glasses of Muscle Blast. They had already eaten ahuge breakfast with two glasses of Muscle Blast and a big morning snack between classes with another glass of Muscle Blast. But the Young Marines were ravenous again. Their big bodies needed huge quantities of food. The three Young Marines approached a big table under an old oak tree in the center of the yard. This was the table at which the big varsity football jocks ate lunch. This was the prime table in the whole school, and nobody but invited football jocks -- and sometimes their girlfriends -- dared to eat there. This was the alpha male table. Thebig jocks that sat there ruled everyone else in the school and they knew it. There were already six big varsity football jocks sitting at the table eating lunch and laughing. The Young Marines walked up to them and Joey said calmly, "This is now our table and we're going to eat lunch. You guys get lost." The biggest football player looked up at Joey in disbelief and scorn. He was stunned by Joey'ssize, but he wasn't going to let these three big sophomores take over their table. He stood up and confronted Joey. The big football stud was about 6'4" tall and weighed about 225, huge for this high school but nothing for Joey. The big jock looked right at Joey's square, tough face and said, "Get the fuck outahere, motherfucker. We own this table and we own this school." "Is that so?" said Joey as he grabbed thebig jock under his arms and pressed him easily in the air. Joey pressed the guy up and down five times, all the while squeezing the guy's arms extremelyhard with his big , thick fingers. His forearms rippled as his superstrong fingers cut into the jock's flesh. The jock cried out in pain, but Joey continued for the full five reps of presses. His delts bulged and glistened as he lifted thebig football player up and down with ease. The other jocks at the table stared in disbelief. Finally, Joey put the guy down. He was in pain but he was enraged and wanting to fight Joey. Joey said, "You want to fight me,big guy? OK punch me as hard as you can in my gut. I won't even try to stop you." The big football player wound up his right hand and punched his fist in Joey's abs as hard as he could. The fist bounced off the thick, shredded, corrugated steel without making any impact at all. Joey looked at him and said, "Is that all you've got,big guy? My little sister hits harder than that! Here, let me try that on you." Joey made a fist with his big right hand and pulled it back only about a foot. Then he punched the big football jock hard in the gut -- only about a quarter of the power that Joey was capable of, but so hard that his big fist penetrated the jock's formerly strong ab muscles and drove into his gut. The jock buckled in pain. Joey picked him up and hit him again just for goodmeasure.

As Joey was disabling the big jock, the other five football players leapt up from the table and began attacking Jason and Fernando. This was child's play for the two Young Marines. Not only were they at least twice as strong as any of the football players, they were also devastating fighters. They could have handled ten football players just as easily as these five. They cut down the five jocks in about ten seconds with a series of punches, open handed blows and kicks. They didn't want to do any permanent damage to these football jocks -- after all, they were the star players of their school's team. They just wanted to inflict a little pain and show them that the Young Marines were now in charge of this table, in charge of them, and in charge of the school.

After the short fight, Jason lifted off the ground a tall, good-looking football player that he recognized as the team's starting quarterback. Jason wrapped his rippling 23inch right arm around the boy's neck. Jason started contracting his huge bicep and the handsome boy's face started to get red from the lack of blood flow. "Now listen to me and listen to me good, asshole," said Jason. "You tell your teammates that the Young Marines now control this school. We'rebig , mean muscle machines and we love to fight. We are awesome fighters. We could have crippled or killed every one of you puny jocks with our bare hands without even raising a sweat. We now rule this school and we rule you. We will sit at this table for lunch. When we come into the weight room for our workouts, you guys will get out of our way. When we tell you to do something, you will do it. When we tell you not to do something, you will not do it. Is that understood, asshole?" The boy didn't say anything, so Jason contracted his muscular arm harder. His bicep and forearm were now crushing the boy's neck, and the boy began to sputter and gurgle. "I didn't hear your answer, shithead. I guess I'll have to contract myhuge gun some more -- I'm only applying a quarter of my strength right now!" At that the boy's eyes widened in shock and he gurgled out "Yes, I understand." Jason looked down with his blue eyes and drop dead gorgeous face at the formerly handsome stud, whose face was now swollen and beet red. "Say, 'yes, SIR, I understand, SIR!' asshole," ordered Jason. "Yes, SIR, I understand, SIR!" gasped the quarterback. Jason released his iron hold and the boy sucked in ahuge breath of air. "I'm glad we've now got that straight," said Jason. "Our first order is this: None of you jocks will pick on any freshman or sophomore at any time. Is that clear, shithead?" "Yeah, its clear," said the jock. "WHAT DID YOU SAY, SHITHEAD?" yelled Jason, grabbing the boy's neck again and contracting hisbig arm. "Yes, SIR, its clear, SIR," gasped the jock. Jason let go and the jock fell to the ground panting. "OK, assholes, you're excused," said Jason, as he and his fellow Young Marines sat down at the primo table to eat theirhuge lunch. The football players hobbled away to look for another table, definitely not one occupied by freshmen or sophomores. Half of the school had watched and couldn't believe what had just happened. The freshmen and sophomores were elated.

After some more subtle muscle shows for their admiring classmates during afternoon classes, the Young Marines were ready to hit the weight room for an intense workout. They first had abig snack and a glass of Muscle Blast. Then they stripped off their tight tee shirts and entered the weight room. None of the students had yet seen their naked torsos, although the tight tee shirts were pretty revealing. Tommy and Jimmy were already in the weight room, fooling around with some 5 and 10pound dumbbells. A large group of football players was also there pumping iron. As the Young Marines strutted into the room with theirhuge , darkly tanned delts, pecs and lats rippling with muscle and their shredded abs looking like steel washboards, the room fell silent and several gasps could be heard. Theirhuge , defined quads -- bigger than their small, muscular waists -- bulged incredibly, almost tearing the fabric of their shorts. Their darkly tanned calves, at 23 to 24inches, were bigger than many of the kids' thighs. Tommy and Jimmy's thighs measured only 16 inches , smaller even than the rippling forearms of the Young Marines and much smaller than those bulging calves. The two heads of calf muscle just rippled with fibers and veins as the Young Marines swaggered confidently into the weight room, a room that they now ruled, along with every other room in the school. Never before had these kids seen suchbig , mean muscle machines. They all stared in shock as the Young Marines strutted over to the side of the room where the heavy weights were.

One group of three big football players was doing bench presses, straining to bench 275 pounds for one or two reps. The Young Marines walked over to their bench and Fernando said "This is our bench. Get lost." One of the jocks confronted Fernando and said, "What are you talking about, you arrogant shit. This is our bench and you can just wait your turn." Without saying a word, Fernando calmly grabbed the jock and wrapped hisbig , muscular arms around his chest. Jason and Joey grabbed the other two jocks and twisted their arms behind their backs. They grimaced in pain. They had heard that these Young Marines were strong, but they hadn't realized just how strong they were. Fernando started contracting hishuge biceps, delts and lats, pulling the jock into his big, hard pecs with overwhelming force. The fibers in his wide delts writhed and his lats spread across his back. His biceps rippled as he contracted his arms and crushed thebig jock into his big, hard chest. All the air was immediately forced out of the muscular jock's lungs. "I guess your teammates didn't give you our orders from our meeting with them at lunch today," said Fernando. (Of course those players had given this boy those orders, but he didn't take them seriously.) "Let me give you guys your orders again: The Young Marines -- that's us -- arebig , mean muscle machines. We control this weight room, we control this school and we control you. If we tell you to do something, you will do it. If we tell you not to do something, you will not do it. When we come into the weight room for our workout, you will get out of our way. You will not pick on any freshmen or sophomores. Is that understood?" The jock hesitated for a moment and Fernando crushed his chest harder. He was very close to breaking the boy's ribs. "Yes, it's understood," gasped the boy. "Say 'yes, SIR, its understood, SIR'", ordered Fernando and he contracted his powerful arms a little harder. "Yes, SIR, its understood SIR," croaked the muscular jock. Fernando dropped him to the ground.

Joey took the forearm of the jock he was holding and held it firmly at the wrist and just below the elbow. He then twisted his ownbig, muscular arms, arms that had forearms that at 19 inches were much bigger than the 16 inch upper arms of the football jock. "Two days ago, I broke both bones in a punk's forearm by just twisting it like this," said Joey, as he gripped the boy's forearm with tremendous force and slowly twisted his strong wrists. "His bones just snapped like twigs. My muscles are so strong they can do a lot of damage without me even trying. I can break your forearms with just my bare hands. I like to hear my muscles making bones crack in two. Gives me kind of a rush, if you know what I mean. Makes me feel real strong. Makes me feel like abig, mean muscle machine." Joey flexed his forearms several times and the huge, shredded muscles writhed like big snakes. "Maybe my muscles will break your bones, asshole, if you and your jock friends don't obey our orders." The jock looked at Joey'shuge , rippling muscles and tough face and trembled. Finally, Joey and Jason released the sore arms of the two jocks. "This is the second time we've had to explain the new rules of this school to you jocks," said Fernando. "If we have to explain them a third time, at least five of you football players -- we'll pick you at random -- will have so much pain inflicted on your bodies that you will remember it the rest of your lives. We rule this school and we rule you! Now get the fuck out of our way so we canlift some seriously heavy weights. Your little 275 pounds here will make a good warmup weight for us." The jocks trembled in fear and immediately moved away from the Young Marines' bench.

None of the football players left the weight room. They could use the equipment that the Young Marines weren't using and they wanted to see how strong these 15 year old sophomores really were. They were not to be disappointed. Today was chest day and the Young Marines were about to begin a heavy, intense, grueling two hour chest workout. The Young Marines warmed up with bench presses, using the 275pound bar that the three big football players were struggling to hoist for one or two reps. They each did 15 warmup reps easily and added another 100 pounds to the bar. They again did 15 reps easily -- this was still a warmup weight for them. They added still another 100 pounds to the bar. They were now up to 475 pounds and were commandeering most of the 45pound plates in the weight room. The football players had to stop their use of the big weights, since the Young Marines were using most of them. The football players couldn't believe what they were witnessing. These Young Marines were warming up with heavier weights than anyone on the football team couldlift.

When Jason got under the 475 pound bar, he called over to Tommy. "Hey, Tommy, come and spot me over here!" Tommy and Jimmy approached the bench and couldn't believe the incredible amount of weight that was on that bar. They had tried bench pressing and could only eke out 30 pounds for a couple of reps. The thought of their classmate lifting 475 pounds was incredible to them. Their little 5inch cocks were stiff as boards under their gym shorts. Tommy had never spotted anyone and he didn't know what to do. Fernando explained that he had to just keep his hands lightly under the bar and if Jason was struggling to get it up, Tommy just had tolift it up to the rack. Tommy was terrified because he could only curl 20 pounds. He wasn't going to be much help with 475 pounds of steel. "Don't worry, you can do it," said Jason. Jason and Fernando winked at each other. They knew that 475 pounds was still a warmup weight for Jason and that he would be able to easily press the heavy bar up and down 10 times. Jason got under the bar and looked up at Tommy with hisbig blue eyes. "Watch these big muscles work, Tommy," said Jason as he gripped the bar with his big , strong hands and hoisted it off the rack. His pecs were red and bulging. He lowered the heavy weight to his chest and pushed it back up several times. Tommy looked down at Jason'shuge 60 inch chest that was pushing up this incredible weight with relative ease. Jason's pecs, delts and triceps were bulging as he lifted the bar up and down. Tommy could see every fiber pushing against his reddish-tan skin, straining against the heavy weight. Jason's chest looked so enormous and powerful. Tommy was struck at how thathuge 60 inch chest tapered down to a tight, shredded 31 inch waist that was raised six inches off the bench by Jason's huge chest and his round, muscular butt. Jason pumped out 9 reps easily. Tommy held onto the bar gently with his little hands, but he didn't have to do any work. Then, Jason started his tenth rep. He lowered the 475pound bar to his chest and pushed it up about 18 inches -- not quite to the top. Then the bar started falling slowly and Fernando yelled "Spot, Tommy, spot!" Tommy lifted the bar as hard as he could, but his feeble 20 pounds of force was insignificant and the bar kept falling. Tommy felt helpless to stop the enormous weight from crushing his friend and musclegod. "Oh Jason, I'm so sorry, Jason, I'm just too weak to help you, Jason," cried out Tommy his voice cracking. Just as the bar touched Jason's bulging pecs, Jason looked up at Tommy and smiled, his beautiful white teeth sparkling. Then Jason, his sky blue eyes fixed on the trembling Tommy, easily pushed the heavy bar off his chest and onto the rack. "Had you going there, wimp-boy, didn't I?" Jason laughed. He stood up from the bench and embraced Tommy in hishuge , pumped, sweaty pecs. Tommy buried his face in those massive warm muscles and cried. He was so glad that Jason was so strong that he didn't need to depend on his feeble spot.

After the three sets of warmup bench presses, the Young Marines got into their heavy work poundages. They added another 75 pounds to the bar, making it 550 pounds, and pumped out eight reps. (Tommy wasn't spotting for these.) Then another 50 pounds -- a total of 600 pounds of steel. They were using every 45pound plate in the gym. The football players were watching in awe. Jason and Fernando powered out four reps and Joey did six. Their pecs, delts and triceps were red and bulging, every fiber visible under their thin skin. The veins in their muscles were coursing with blood, fueling their power as they pumped the enormous iron weights. For their sixth and final set, Fernando and Jason cranked out two reps with 625 pounds, an incredible weight. Their pecs, delts and triceps were unbelievably pumped after the final set and Jason flexed them for Tommy and Jimmy, who could not control their hardons.

Then the big kid came to the bench. The 300 pound Joey asked for 675 pounds on the bar. This was 400 pounds more than the big football players had just been struggling with. The football players gasped and several of them ran around the weight room looking for a few morebig plates. Luckily they found them and the bar was loaded. Fernando spotted as Joey got under the 675 pound bar. He looked over at the football players and yelled "Watch some real muscle work, you runts!" Then he placed his huge hands around the bar and lifted it off the rack. He slowly lowered the enormous weight to his chest, and as soon as the bar touched hisbig , striated pecs he let out a loud, primeval grunt and forced the heavy weight up with the sheer muscular force of his pecs, delts and triceps until his elbows were completely locked. Then, as everyone gasped in disbelief, he lowered the heavy bar again and pressed it back up. The sweat was now pouring off his body, and his chest, arms and shoulders were just bulging. Without hesitation, Joey lowered the bar for a third rep. The bar touched his chest and with an enormous blast of power, Joey pressed it up about eightinches. When Joey started to falter a bit, Fernando lifted the bar gently with his big arms, allowing Joey to do most of the work. Joey locked his elbows and crashed the huge weight onto the rack. Every boy in the gym clapped, whooped and hollered. Joey leapt off the bench and flexed his huge 25 inch guns for the football players. Joey was the MAN. They had never seen a stronger human being in their life. The football players realized that the Young Marines were indeed in charge. There was no way that they were going to be able to challenge these threebig , incredibly muscular, unbelievably strong 15- year old fighting muscle machines. Tommy and Jimmy were ready to cum in their shorts.

After the bench presses, the Young Marines did six sets of incline barbell presses, six sets of decline barbell presses, six sets of dumbbell flyes, six sets of parallel bar dips with heavy weights attached to their hips, and six sets of pullovers. They used incredibly heavy weights for each exercise. They normally would have used dumbbells for the incline and decline presses, but the high school weight room only had dumbbells up to 150 pounds -- much too light for the Young Marines'big chests. They made a note to call Jeff and have him buy and donate to the school some 100-pound plates and some dumbbells up to 300 pounds each. Their growing muscles needed heavy iron. Tommy, Jimmy and all the football jocks watched the whole workout. They couldn't believe how much strength and endurance these 15 year old boys possessed -- that they could do 36 sets of heavy, grueling exercises, with hundreds of pounds of weights, concentrating just on their chests. Tommy and Jimmy got fatigued just doing three sets of bench presses with 30 pounds. The Young Marines were almost superhuman. During the course of their two hour workout, 36 intense sets, each of their massive chests had lifted over 100,000 pounds, rep by rep, at 300 to 600 pounds per rep. The enormity of the muscular power and endurance that these boys possessed was almost beyond comprehension. Tommy had figured out that each of the Young Marines was 20 times stronger than he was. He could bench press 30 pounds and hishuge musclegods could bench press over 600 pounds. It was hard for Tommy to fathom this enormous strength. It was indeed godlike.

After the Young Marines had finished their grueling chest workout, Jason came up to Tommy, grabbed Tommy's little hands, and placed them on his hot and sweaty, pumped and bulging pecs. "Here, cop a feel, wimp-boy," said Jason. "This workout has made my pecs incrediblybig and pumped, and I'm incredibly horny. These big pecs want to be worshipped by a puny runt like you." Tommy couldn't get his hands around Jason's massive pecs -- they were too big -- but he cupped his delicate little hands over Jason's taut nipples and the thick muscle underneath. Jason flexed his pecs and Tommy was just overcome with thesize and hardness of the blood-engorged muscle. Tommy looked down and saw Jason's 11-1/2 inch cock starting to bulge under his shorts. Jason looked at Tommy and smiled, his perfect bright white teeth just sparkling. Tommy melted as he looked up at Jason's beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous face. "Looks like you're ready for some serious muscle worship, little man," said Jason, seeing Tommy's stiff littlecock under his shorts. "Let's go do it!" He flexed his pecs one more time and started walking toward the locker room with the other Young Marines, with Tommy and Jimmy following close behind. Tommy and Jimmy knew that the next hour was going to be the most pleasurable experience in their entire lives. Their little 5-inch cocks were completely hard as they watched the enormous shoulder and back muscles of the Young Marines flex and bulge as they strutted in front of them to the locker room.

After they got to the locker room, Jason remembered that the wrestling room was right next door and he thought that they might get better privacy there. They opened the door and found a 30 by 30foot room with mats on the floor and mirrors on all four walls. Perfect. They locked the door from inside. The three Young Marines stood in front of the mirror, their bodies still pumped, hot and sweaty from their intense workout, and started flexing theirhuge muscles. Their pecs were exceptionally big, engorged with blood and striated with bulging muscle fibers. Tommy and Jimmy literally attacked the three huge boys, feeling every muscle of their massive bodies with their delicate little hands and licking their salty sweat with their hungry tongues. Jimmy placed his face between Joey'shuge pecs. Joey's cleavage was so deep that the sides of his melon shaped pecs were pressing against Jimmy's ears. When Joey flexed thosehuge pecs, Jimmy's head was almost crushed by the enormous force of the rock hard muscle.

Tommy stroked Fernando's huge, wide delts with his fingers. Fernando's delts were so defined that Tommy could feel the individual muscle fibers, as hard as steel cables, rippling underneath his thin skin. Tommy buried his face in Fernando's huge armpit, breathing in the heady smell of the musclestud sweat that Fernando had pumped out during his brutal workout. Then Tommy moved his face to Fernando's pumped pecs and sucked his firm, round nipples. Fernando's pecs were still engorged with blood and his nipples stuck out proudly from the bulging, striated, round muscle. Fernando groaned with pleasure. Tommy moved his face down to Fernando's tiny, muscular waist. He licked every one of Fernando's eight pack of corrugated steel-hard ab muscles. While he was doing this, his hands were exploring Fernando's firm, round muscle butt, which was still covered by Fernando's sweaty workout shorts. The shorts clung to Fernando's sweaty glute muscles, revealing his sexy ass crack through the tight fabric. Tommy just couldn't believe how small and ripped was Fernando's waist and how round and firm was his muscle butt.

Tommy grabbed Fernando's shorts and slowly lowered them over that muscle butt, exposing Fernando's black pubic hair. As Tommy lowered the shorts further, Fernando's thick, uncut 13inch cock sprang up and hit Tommy right in the face. Tommy licked the sides of that huge cock -- more than twice the size of his little 5 incher -- and smelled the pungent sweat coming from Fernando's hot crotch. Tommy licked and sucked Fernando's gigantic balls, and Fernando groaned with pleasure. Tommy lowered the shorts over Fernando's massive, striated quads and rockhard calves. Fernando now stood buck naked in the mirror and he was a sight to behold with his beautiful tan face, wide, wide shoulders, bulging pecs and flaring lats, 29-1/2inch shredded waist, narrow hips, huge quads and calves and gigantic 13 inch uncut cock . "Look at yourself, Fernando," said Tommy as he compared Fernando's massive body with his own pathetic bag of bones. "Look at yourbig, beautiful buffed body next to that puny runt. You are a musclegod and you deserved to be worshipped." Fernando's cock got harder when Tommy said that and he flexed his big guns for Tommy just to show Tommy that he was right.

Jimmy had been devouring Joey's huge 300 pound body and now he lowered Joey's sweaty workout shorts over his big, round muscular butt, his 35 inch thighs and his 24 inch diamond shaped calves. Joey's thick, 12 inch cock stood at full attention, ready and able to fuck anything it wanted. Joey flexed his huge 25 inch arms in the mirror and twitched his big cock up and down. He knew he was the alpha male in this whole school. He knew he could do anything he wanted to anybody he wanted. His brutally handsome face smiled confidently as he watched hishuge muscles pump in the mirror.

After removing Fernando's shorts, Tommy turned his full attention to his friend and favorite musclegod, Jason. He looked up at Jason's beautiful blue eyes, blond hair and tan, drop-dead gorgeous face. A tingle went up his spine as he comprehended Jason's immense muscularity and total beauty. He was so overcome with desire that he reflexively stood on his tiptoes and kissed Jason on the lips, driving his tongue into Jason's mouth. Jason picked up the little 100pound weakling with his two huge arms so that he was at eye level and rammed his own big tongue into Tommy's mouth and all the way to his throat. Jason then wrapped his big arms around Tommy's back and held him hard against his huge body, all the while forcing his tongue in and out of Tommy's little mouth. "You love my big muscles, don't you, wimp-boy," said Jason. "You love my blond hair, my blue eyes, my perfect teeth, my tan skin, my big cock -- you love all of me, don't you, wimp-boy." Tommy nodded in total agreement. "I'm your fucking musclegod, and I love it! I love having such a puny, pathetic wimp worshipping me and I love being your fucking master! Feel my fucking muscles, you puny weakling. Feel their massive strength. Feel how much bigger and stronger they are than your tiny pieces of flab! I'm abig mean muscle machine and you're a puny weakling!" shouted Jason arrogantly. Jason dropped Tommy to the ground and Tommy just devoured hisbig, buff, totally defined, golden tan musclegod with his hands and mouth. Jason's 60 inch chest was shredded and bulging. Tommy remembered how that massive chest had easily pushed up the 10th bench press rep with 475 pounds after Tommy thought Jason was going to be crushed by the heavy iron as a result of Tommy's feeble spot. Tommy remembered how Jason smiled and looked at him with his beautiful blue eyes as he powered the heavy bar up and onto the rack, laughing at the joke he had just played on the weak, trembling Tommy. Tommy buried his face again in Jason's warm, sweaty pecs, feeling totally dominated but also totally protected by thishuge young god. Tommy sucked on Jason's firm nipples and then moved his tongue over Jason's hard , washboard abs to his crotch. He lowered Jason's shorts and lusted at the sight of Jason's light blond pubic hair and his beautifulhard cock and huge balls. He licked and sucked Jason's golf ball-sized balls and Jason groaned in pleasure. Tommy put Jason's rock-hard cock directly in his mouth and sucked, holding onto Jason's hard , round ass and savoring the immense power that Jason had over him. Then suddenly Jason picked Tommy up by his legs while Tommy was still sucking Jason'scock and lifted him upside down. Jason pumped Tommy's puny 100-pound body up and down as Tommy sucked Jason's thick, hard 11-1/2 inch cock. While Tommy was sucking Jason's cock , his hands were roaming over Jason's firm, round ass, his shredded quads and his corrugated abs. Jason's delts and arms throbbed with power as he forced the puny little cocksucker up and down on hishuge cock, which was throbbing with pleasure as he watched his big, shredded muscles dominate the helpless but happy weakling. "Yeah, suck that big cock, you puny dweeb. Feel those big, hard muscles. Feel how my muscles are lifting your pathetic little body up and down like a sack of feathers. I'm a huge, fucking muscle machine and you're a puny, miserable wimp." Jason was really getting into the dominance of his huge muscles and cock over the little weakling cocksucker.

As Tommy was sucking furiously, Joey came and pulled him away with one hand. "Come on, little boy, you've got to see some real muscle," said Joey. Joey flexed hishuge muscles in the mirror and both Tommy and Jimmy started feeling and licking his rock-hard, massive body. It was difficult for them to fathom Joey's size and strength. He was 100 pounds heavier than the two of them combined and his thighs were five inches bigger than their little 30-inch chests. And Joey's thighs were rock-solid muscle, striated with hard fibers and covered with veins, while their puny, flat chests consisted of flab and asthmatic lungs. Joey's forearms were bigger than their little thighs. Joey placed hisbig right forearm next to Jimmy's little leg at flexed. The dense, hard, writhing 19-inch forearm was immensely stronger than the flabby little 16-inch thigh. Joey grabbed the two little 15 year olds under their arms and held them in each hand next to him facing the mirror. What a contrast! The little 5'2" 100pound wimps looked pathetic next to Joey's 6'0", 300 pounds of massive muscle. "Hey, you wimps are even smaller than I thought," said Joey. "I look incredible next to you. Flex your arms, wimp-boys." The dweebs flexed their little 9-inch arms in the mirror. You really couldn't see any biceps. Not even a little lump. They were small, soft and flabby. Then Joey flexed his 25 inch guns right behind his two little classmates. He squatted down so his massive arms were right behind their puny flexed biceps. His flexed arms were bigger than their heads. Their little arms looked like thin reeds in front of Joey'shuge , rippling guns. Their entire girth looked like it would comprise just the bone of Joey's massive arm. "Look at my fucking muscles compared to yours, dweebs. I'm a fuckinghuge musclestud and you are pathetic, puny weaklings." The nerds nodded in total agreement and grabbed Joey's flexed biceps with their little hands, worshipping the enormous mass and power possessed by their 15 year old classmate. The boys felt the pulsating steel-cord fibers of the two peaked heads of Joey's biceps under their tender hands. Joey'scock hardened at the sight of his huge, dominating muscles next to the pathetic weakness of the two little nerds. His hard cock was almost as thick as their upper arms. Joey grabbed each of the puny boys again with one of his big hands under their arms. He proceeded to do dumbbell presses overhead, using Tommy and Jimmy as 100-pound dumbbells. This was unbelievably easy for Joey, since he regularly pressed 250 dumbbells for six reps. He pressed the two living dumbbells for 25 easy reps. Tommy and Joey looked down at Joey'shuge , bowling ball delts as they worked. The heads of his delts bulged and the individual fibers moved gracefully under his dark tan skin as he pressed the little wimps up and down. Joey'shuge triceps flexed with each press, the heads of muscle writhing like big pythons. Joey could have done another 50 reps easily, but he stopped pressing and threw the human weights 15 feet across the room with a big heave of his two massive guns. The boys landed on the mat on the butts and immediately ran back to Joey to bury their faces in hishuge armpits, smelling his musclestud sweat and feeling his huge, pumped, sweaty delts and triceps.

Jason grabbed Tommy from Joey, put his big hands under his chest and legs and started curling him up and down. Jason's biceps bulged in the mirror and Tommy felt Jason's hard corded muscles with his tender hands as they pumped up and down. After about ten reps, Jason said "No offense, wimp-boy, but you're too light. Jimmy, get over here." So Jimmy hopped aboard Jason'sbig arms as well, laying right on top of Tommy, his hard 5 inch cock poking Tommy in his little ass. Jason curled both of them up and down easily and they both felt Jason's rippling arms with their little hands. After about 20 reps, Jason let them down and they immediately started feeling Jason's pumped and corded biceps. Jason flexed hisbig guns in the mirror as the two musclefiends worshipped their beauty and power.

After a minute of this, Fernando pulled Tommy and Jimmy over to him and said, "I want a pump too. Get on my back, runts." The boys crawled onto Fernando's broad back as he lay on the floor. Jimmy's littlehard dick was pushing right up against Fernando's firm, round, muscular ass and Tommy's little dick was pushing up against Jimmy's squishy little ass. Fernando's hard ass muscles felt great. Fernando started to do fast pushups with the 200 pounds of resistance on his back. He was pumping so fast it was almost as if Fernando didn't have any weight on his back at all. As Fernando pumped up and down, the boys cupped their hands around hishuge wide delts, feeling the muscle fibers bulge with every rep. Jimmy felt Fernando's incredibly wide lats and reached around them to hold onto hisbig , pumping pecs, again being engorged with blood from the pushups. The boys were overwhelmed by Fernando's incredible power, pushing both of them up in addition to his own body with ease. Jimmy remembered Fernando doing parallel bar dips during the workout with a heavy dumbbell strapped to his narrow hips. Fernando looked incredible pumping out those dips -- hishuge, wide delts bulging and glistening, his striated pecs straining against the heavy resistance, his big triceps exploding out of this arms, and his tiny waist and narrow hips holding up the heavy dumbbell. Fernando was a god. Fernando pumped out an easy 100 reps and then jumped to hisfeet , dumping the two boys onto the mat. The boys got up and rushed to Fernando's massive chest. "Feel those massive pecs, you runts. Suck thosebig, hard nipples," ordered Fernando and the boys complied.

By this time both the Young Marines and the dweebs were all incredibly turned on. Their cocks, whether 13 thick inches of male superiority or 5 inches of total inferiority, were rock hard. The three big muscle machines faced each other in a circle with the two little dweebs in the center, dwarfed by the giant, young bodies that surrounded them. The two nerds sucked the Young Marines'big, thick cocks and their huge , hanging balls, all the while caressing with their delicate fingers the firm muscle butts, washboard abs, and giant, cut quads and calves of their dominant masters. They completely devoured the massive delts, traps, lats and pecs of their dominant masters. They felt theirhard , round muscle butts and licked their firm ass cracks. They watched their musclegods in the mirror as they flexed their unbelievablybig and unbelievably ripped muscles -- muscles that were so strong it was beyond comprehension. The two dweebs felt like they had died and gone to muscle heaven. They went fromcock to cock and from muscle machine to muscle machine, working themselves and the Young Marines into a sexual frenzy. Finally Joey flexed hishuge guns and let out a loud animalistic grunt. His cock exploded with cum, spurting huge quantities of his creamy white semen all over Jimmy's face. Joey's cock pulsated as he shot about ten huge spurts at Jimmy. This triggered a simultaneous orgasm from all four of the other boys. Jason blasted his load right at Tommy, just as Tommy was cumming again and again while looking up at Jason's ripped abs,huge chest, and beautiful blue eyes. Fernando's big 13 inch cock quivered and then shot a huge amount of cum all over both Tommy and Jimmy, literally covering their puny chests with cum. The Young Marines and the dweebs had never felt such intense sexual ecstasy in their entire lives. They all dropped to the mat in abig pile of muscular flesh, with the two wimps sandwiched between the huge, muscular Young Marines. They were in heaven.

The Young Marines had a great year. They ruled the school and their neighborhood. They were the heroes of all the skinny kids who used to get picked on by the jocks. They had tremendous sex as often as they wanted. Every day at lunch, they would sit at the prime table under the oak tree and eat theirhuge lunches with their friends, of whom they had many. Even puny Tommy and Jimmy sat at that coveted table once in awhile and ate with theirhuge musclegods. The Young Marines had little trouble keeping the jocks and bad guys in line. During the year, about a dozen disobedient jocks and bad guys got beaten up by thebig , mean muscle machines, sometimes brutally. Three very disobedient jocks were pulverized and had their forearms broken. The Young Marines each put on another 20 pounds ofhard muscle, grew two inches in height and got much stronger during the year. They knew that they would put on even more shredded muscle, grow even taller and get even stronger at next summer's Muscle Camp. They were going to be the biggest, strongest and meanest Marines in history. And for Tommy and Jimmy, who had the pleasure of worshipping thosebig, mean muscle machines all year, the Young Marines were indeed the physical embodiment of their wildest muscle fantasies.

Thufir Hawat aka Sam
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Thanks for posting this story. I remember reading it a while back but was never able to find it again.
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I'm glad you like the story. It is my pleasure to retrieve it for unlsd and now all of you.
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Love all your stories, johnd!!!
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Muscle camp quality

wonderful story--with "revenge" coupled with justice and "watching out for others----Hope the two "dweebs" Tommy and Jimmy get to "muscle camp" so they can "assist" their "gods" in keeping the PEACE.
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Awesome, as JohnD's stories always have been
"Excuse me Miss, do you like pineapple?"
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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For future reference:


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Originally Posted by johnd View Post
I'm glad you like the story. It is my pleasure to retrieve it for unlsd and now all of you.
JohnD, your stories are always great. I found one of them years ago posted someplace on the Internet, and it was one of the hottest things I'd ever read. Unfortunately, the one I found was unattributed, so I had no idea who the author was, which meant I couldn't do what I really wanted to do, which was to find more of your writing. I'm so glad O has put all of your wonderful writing up on his site where we can all enjoy it.
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glad to read one of the most famous stories back in the days
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This story is a classic and was one of the first stories I ever read that involved muscle growth. At the time I didn't know what Muscle Growth even meant but I still loved the story and I'm extremely happy to find it once again. Thanks for sharing this.
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