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Josh's Random Muscle Growth Spurts-Complete

Josh's Random Muscle Growth Spurts

Read the whole thing at

Enjoy and ADD to the story!!!!!!




Josh is just starting high school. As a Freshman, he is the smallest and one of the shortest guys in school; therefore, he gets bullied often.

One day, after school, he walks across a secluded parkand he comes upon an alien, who is trapped under a tree branch. The alien being is only a foot tall. Josh reaches down and removes the branch, which had trapped the alien being for several hours.

As his reward, the alien casts a spell on the boy, which makes experience random growth spurts, which make him grow from his 5ft4" 160 pound frame, to a bodybuilder who is 7 feet tall and has 500 pounds of massive muscle, along with fantastic physical super strength!

Not only that; but every time Josh becomes big and muscular, he becomes bigger than the last time, when his muscles grew!

Josh never knows when he has his growth spurt, but he normally stays huge for about an hour. He figures out that drinking milk or eating chocolate causes the growth spurts to occur sooner, giving him a little control over when he grows.

Josh can shrink and grow several times per day!

What happens, next time Josh gets bullies in school, and starts to hulk out, into a teenage bodybuilder?

Please add! Have fun!


Chapter 1. The first growth spurt

Josh woke up, lying in the middle of a patch of grass, which was located somewhere in the center of Tom Brown Park. He felt like he was in a bit of a daze, as if he had been knocked out and had slept for hours.

Josh lifted his chest by pushing down on the ground with both arms extended. What had happened? Somehow, he was starting to get a splitting headache, as he slowly got back on his feet again. His entire body hurt, and his muscles felt extremely sore.

As he slowly stumbled his way to the main street, so that he could make his way home, he tried to remember what had just happened to him. He remembered leaving school, and then deciding to cut across the large inner city park, so that he could get home faster. Then, he vaguely remembered hearing a strange sound, which come from one of the bushes, just when he was walking by. But, what happened next? And how did he end up, face-down, in the grass?

For some reason, he felt happy when he saw his small, three-bedroom house. His parents were still at work, and both of his two older sisters were still taking classes at the community college. So, he knew that he had the house to himself for at least a couple of hours. He was glad; since he was hurting all over, he didn’t want anybody to see him anyway!

When he got home, he tossed his backpack on the bed and immediately walked into the bathroom. After he had taken a leak, he started to remove his t-shirt so that he could take a quick shower. It was the last week of school for him, and the Florida summer had started to take effect. It was 95 degrees outside, and it felt hot and muggy.

He looked over to the mirror, which hung from the bathroom wall, when he started to feel something odd throughout his entire body.

The tingling sensation was quite subtle at first, but it gradually increased. It began to feel like there was a low current, which was going through his body, just as if he was touching an electrical outlet or something.

The warm feeling gradually increased and became very intense, to the point where he started to feel a sharp pain going through his body, which began to affect every muscle!

Suddenly, his pectorals started to inflate like balloons, making his t-shirt feel very tight! His biceps began to bulge as well, while huge tiles of abdominals formed on his flat stomach!

“What the heck…?” he said to himself, as he watched his body inflate even more!

Slowly but surely, his entire upper body widened, and his shoulders grew bigger and more muscular. His deltoids and triceps became huge balls of muscle, which formed on his upper body. Then his quads and calves increased, not only growing bigger, but making his legs longer and a lot more muscular as well, to the point where the 5’4” foot teenager started to grow taller and taller in a matter of seconds.

After about thirty seconds of incredible growth, Josh couldn’t help but stare at his new body in complete disbelief! He was huge!

His head and his face still looked the same, but it seemed rather funny. His head just looked like it was detached from his old body, and placed on top of a new body, which had belonged to a bodybuilder!

His arms were incredible thick, while his legs were just bursting with power! He was about 7 feet tall, and he had become almost twice as wide as he was before he experienced this enormous growth spurt!

“Wow… This is intense!” he thought to himself, as he flexed before the mirror. A huge ball of muscle began to rise up from his upper arm, which was bigger than anything he had ever seen in his life! Not only did he look huge, but he was feeling great!

Josh noticed that he had to be a lot more careful. When he turned to open the bathroom door, he accidentally pulled the handle off the door! The handle snapped right off, even though he exerted very little force.

“Man… I’m strong… super strong!” he cheered, as he began to realize what had happened to him. He had transformed into a massive muscle teen!

So, now, what was he going to do next?


Chapter 2. Test of strength

“Oh man, this is awesome!” Josh cheered, as he studied his overly muscled body in the large body-length mirror. “Look at these muscles!”

Josh was now the biggest teenage bodybuilder on earth, standing over 7 feet tall, and carrying almost 500 pounds in weight, mostly muscle. In fact, he had no fat on his body at all, and his muscles were bulging everywhere!

“I should go outside and show off my new physique…” he said, as he turned around and ran towards the front door.

Once he reached the door, he realized that he almost flattened the door know, due to his amazing strength.

“Oops… I had better be careful… I must be super strong right now!” he chuckled. Using his fingers, he clumsily reshaped the metallic doorknob, knowing that his dad would begin to wonder what had happened to it, if he didn’t fix it. Josh wasn’t quite ready yet to explain that he was experiencing random muscle growth spurts. And he definitely didn’t want to tell his mom, who would otherwise rush him to the Doctor’s office, out of her concern. She always worried about everything, and he wanted to have some fun first, before his parents found out.

Once he was outside, he walked over to the fire hydrant. Using his super strength, he was easily able to unscrew the cap, using just two fingers.

“Wow… With this strength, I can do just about anything!” he cheered, as he walked over to the driveway, where the old SUV was parked.

Then, he walked up to the rear bumper of the SUV, and placed his hands underneath the edge of the rear bumper. He slowly raised up his arms, lifting the rear tires of the SUV off the concrete floor, on their driveway.

“Wow! This is strength! Whoohooo!” he said, before he gently set the SUV back on the floor.

“I wonder if I’m going to stay like this, or grow bigger, or shrink back.” Josh wondered, as he turned around and wondered around the neighborhood. He decided to walk around a little more, and enjoy himself, until his muscles would shrink or grow again. But, he had no idea, when that was going to happen.


Chapter 3. Here he grows again

Josh smiles while walking around looking at people, glad to be the center of attention and not getting picked on for once.

He stops suddenly as the sensation starts to take over his body once more. He runs into the bushes as the tingle turns into the sharp pain as his muscles begin to grow again.

His pecs balloon out once more and more till they cover practially his whole body. His arms become literly mountions of muscle peaking at about 30" with out Josh flexing at all. His legs burst his shorts growing to be massive tree trunks with diamond calves.

Finally the pain hightens as he grows in hight to about 8' leaving room for all the new muscle he devolped.

"Man this is amazing" Josh stutters as the pain dissapates, truely amazing.


Chapter 4. Getting all the attention in the gym

The moment Josh walked through the doors of Golden's Gym, the lady at the front counter almost froze in shock.

She was amazed to see this young kid, as he casually strolled through the doors. His face looked like he was no older than 15, yet his body was far bigger than that of the largest adult muscle man, who was in the gym at that time!

Josh was so big, and his shoulders were so wide, that he had to enter through the double doors, and he still had to walk in sideways, so that his massive shoulders wouldn't bump against the door frame!

With every step, the patrons in the gym couldn't help but stop what they were doing, and glance at the titanic muscle teen. Who was he? How big was he? Where did he come from? How much would he weigh? Everyone was astonished when they spotted the teen Adonis, as he marched through the gym.

Josh had finally made it to the locker room, when he felt that tingling sensation again! This time, however, it didn't feel as intense as the previous growth spurt. That meant that only certain muscles would grow and not all of them. What would happen next?


Chapter 1. Change in the park

Josh strolled in the park, only wearing his oversized swimming trunks, since his body has become so huge.

As he strolled around the park, he had to slowly get used to being 7 feet tall, and carrying several 100 pounds of muscle.

His new weight and size even prevented him from sitting on the swings, since he was too big and too heavy. He was standing taller than the monkey bars, which were at the small playground, and he was just too big for the seesaw.

Somehow, he longed to be able to fit on them again, when he felt a sudden tingling feeling inside of him.

Suddenly, his huge muscles began to deflate! Josh struggled to remain standing straight, as his body began to dwindle. His pecs shrunk in size, as well as his arms and legs. All his muscles quickly disappeared, while he shrunk down and began to lose all the additional height, he had gained earlier.

Within moments, Josh was just like he was, before he had his first growth spurt.

He was normal again, just like before.

When would he grow back? And, how long would he stay that way, before he would have another growth spurt? Would all his muscles grow, or just one group of muscles?

All these questions raced through his mind, as he walked back to the house, but not before sitting on the swing and hanging from the monkey bars. It was great to be normal again, although he wished he could be big now and then.


Chapter 2. Bicep Jump

Josh stares at the ground and feels the tingling sensation again this time it just seems to focus in his arms instead of in his whole body. He looks around confused for a minute then falls off the monkey bars as the sensation turns into pain.

Josh winces as the red hot pain shoots through his arms and almost shouts as his biceps begin to grow. His arms shoot toward his head as mounds of muscle begin to form, leaving striations and veins on his arms where the new muscle continues to grow.

Finally the pain subsides and Josh is left with arms which are easially 28" from the bicep alone.

"Man what is happening to me," he thinks out loud.


Chapter 3. Shower Growth

Josh wandered around for a few moments, admiring his giant biceps. He loved the feeling of his muscles as they grew bigger, and he wondered how long they would stay so big, before they would shrink back to normal again.

“Mom is going to freak out if she sees me like this” he pondered. “She’ll take me to the Doctor for sure!”

Then, he strolled around the park for awhile, just wearing his shorts and his tank top.

After a few minutes had passed, the biceps began to tingle again!

“Uh oh… What’s going to happen now?” he wondered. “I didn’t use my hyper-muscles at all, so they should shrink back…”

Indeed, he had guessed right. He was happy that he had figured out, that his muscles would shrink back if he didn’t use them right away.

Slowly, his giant, 28-inch biceps began to deflate, like an air-filled balloon that had all its air escaping from it.

After a few moments, he was left with his long, skinny arms and legs once again.

“There! I’m back to normal!” he chuckled, as he crossed the street so that he could get back to his house.

When he got in his room, he felt hot and sticky, so he grabbed some clean clothes from his closet. He then walked into the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower.

As he stepped in the bathtub, he heard some voices from outside. The small window was open, but it was just too high for him to be able to reach.

Josh then stood on his toes, flexing his calf muscles in the process, so that he was now tall enough to see who was outside.

“Oh, that is the lady next door…” he noted, as he let his heels touch the floor of the bathtub once again.

He took the bottle of shampoo, and let some of the thick, green liquid pour over the palm of his hand, before he splashed the gooey shampoo over his wet hair, on top of his head.

Suddenly, that odd tingling sensation returned to him, as he was washing his hair.

“Uh oh… What are my muscles going to do now?” he wondered. He started to get used to the fact that his muscles were constantly growing and shrinking. Not only that, but he seemed to get bigger and bigger, every time he had another growth spurt!

Suddenly, the tingling intensified and traveled to his calves. His thin calf muscles began to vibrate, as if a huge surge of power had hit them! Then, his bone structure began to change as the calves started to inflate rapidly!

KKKKKKRRRRR was the sound, of his legs growing wider and thicker, while his calves inflated at the same time. Not only that, but his quads began to grow as well, as layer upon layer of muscle formed over his legs!

“Holy…-“he gasped, as he frantically tried to rinse the shampoo off of his head, so that he could see what was going on with his legs.

Two large balls of muscle formed on each leg, under the knee, as power surged through them. The calves grew like 5”… 7”… 10”… 13”… 17”… 21”…

After a few seconds had passed, it seemed like large rocks of muscle had formed on his legs!

Next, the power surge struck his quads, as they grew into columns of muscle and thick, long veins which looked like red ropes that covered his skin. His quads inflated to 17”… 22”… 26”…30”… forcing him to spread out his legs, just because they had grown so wide due to the massive explosion of muscle.

Josh had finally rinsed all the shampoo off his head and face, so he could look down as water continued to pour down his head and torso.

“Wow! Look at those monsters!” he exclaimed, as he noticed his over-muscular legs. “My legs! They’re huge!”

Not only was he becoming more muscular, but Josh felt like he was becoming taller, as his growing legs pushed his upper body further from the ground. As Josh stared at the shower, he saw the shower head come closer and closer, as his legs grew longer, making him at least six inches taller in the process! He was having an incredible growth spurt!

As soon as he had turned off the water and stepped out of the bathtub, he stopped and stood in front of the mirror, while he was still dripping water all over the bathroom floor.

“Wow! Check this out…” he said, as he turned sideways and flexed his calves and admired his massive quads. “I got this just from standing on my toes for a few seconds?”

Josh was amazed. Then reality hit home: He could only wear his spandex shorts, now that his legs had become so wide and so long. His own shorts wouldn’t fit him anymore!

“I need to find some bigger clothes…” he chuckled to himself, while he stood there and quietly admired his nuclear-powered legs.

What would happen to him next?


Chapter 4. Dealing with super strength

Josh was just amazed, as he stood in the park, admiring his massive, 28-inch biceps. He couldn’t help but smile, as he felt an enormous surge of strength flowing through his arms, every time he made a fist and flexed.

“Wow… This is wonderful… I just become huge without even having to work out… I must be dreaming!” he thought to himself. Truly, he felt like he was the luckiest kid on earth.

He walked over to the monkey bars rack, and he casually placed his hand against one of the steel poles, which was supporting the rack.

Suddenly, the pole bent and snapped, startling Josh and causing him to lose his balance and fall on the sand.

When he looked up, from where he was laying, he realized that he had bent and snapped the metal, all because of his strength!

“Uh oh… I’m really strong, but I’m also really clumsy… I had better be careful…” he said, as he stood up and walked back to the monkey bars. He then grabbed the bar, which he had bent, and he bent it back. Bending steel felt like bending a toothpick!

“Wow… I wonder how strong I really am?” he pondered. “If I already get this big without working out, then what would happen, if I DID work out?”

Josh walked over to the parking lot, which was at the edge of the small park. Luckily, there was nobody around, so he had mustered enough courage to test his strength while he was out in the open.

He walked up to the parking lot, where he spotted a huge Hummer SUV. He figured that those weighed at least five-thousand pounds, and he wondered if he possessed the strength to lift it.

When he got behind the back of the Hummer, he gently placed his hands under the rear bumper of the large vehicle. Then, he flexed his biceps, and realized that he was easily able to lift the rear of the Hummer high enough, that the tires were several inches above the ground!

Then he set the Hummer back with its rear tires resting on the asphalt, before he walked back to his house, which was across the street from the small, mid-city park.

As he walked up the driveway, he got behind his dad’s old truck, and lifted that as well.

“Whoohoo! I’m giving my new biceps a little workout!” he chuckled, as he lifted the truck as if it were as light as a plastic toy car.

Then, he walked into the garage, where he spotted the weight bench, with a rack of weights attached to one end of the metallic bench.

Rather than lift up the bar, he decided to attempt to lift the entire weight bench, along with over 1,000 pounds worth of weights, and he lifted it easily!

“Now, that is what I call a workout!” he cheered. “I must be the strongest kid on earth! Now, I wonder what effect it would have on my huge muscles, if I lifted some more?”

He then lifted his father’s metal tool closet, which was filled to the top with heavy tools. Then, he lifted the old steel work bench, which weighed several hundred pounds in all.

Finally, he saw the large bulldozer, which was parked around the curb from his house, where new homes were currently under construction. It was a holiday, so the workers weren’t working on the homes at that moment, so they had left the bulldozer there. As he walked up to the large, yellow machine, he could only imagine how much it would weight.

The final test came when he walked up to the front of the bulldozer, and placed his left hand under the bumper of the vehicle. Then, he lifted the bulldozer with one hand, so that the tires left the asphalt. He set the vehicle back, and then he tried the other hand. As he lifted the large vehicle, he stared at his huge bicep in complete amazement. He just tried to imagine, what he could do with all that strength!

“There… That was fun…” he grinned, as he set the bulldozer down before he turned around and walked back to his house.

Just as he approached his driveway, he felt that same tingling in his arms. As it grew in intensity, he knew that he was going to have another growth spurt! Was it caused by his so-called workout?

“Oh man… here we go again!” he exclaimed.

Suddenly, his biceps started to inflate even more!

They were 28 inches… 29 inches… 30 inches… 31 inches… His biceps had increased again!

“Oh man… If I use my giant muscles, then they’ll grow even more!” he exclaimed, as he stared at his biceps. They almost seemed like bowling balls, which were implanted inside of his arms. They were huge!

“I wonder if I can lift more stuff, and make them grow some more?” Josh wondered, as he walked on to the lawn in front of his house.

He was completely amazed, and he could only imagine how much fun he could have if he could grow even bigger than he was now!


Chapter 1. Back to school

“I know what I’m gonna do!” Josh cheered, as he examined his huge muscular body in the mirror. “I’m going to school so I can show off my new bod…”

Josh put on his large, oversize swimming trunks and his sandals on his feet, before he dashed out the front door, so that nobody else would see him.

He ran towards the school, which was easy, since he had now become a large, 7-foot tall, muscular teen bodybuilder. He had superhuman strength coursing through his body, so running the two miles to school was a breeze! Silently, he had hoped that he could stay huge just long enough, that he could show off to his friends.

School was already out around this time, but there were always students there, after class was over. Most of the people who were there, had to be there for swimming practice, for football, or for basketball practice.

Unfortunately for Josh, when he reached the entrance to the schoolyard, he felt that familiar tingling feeling throughout his entire body.

“Oh man…” Josh thought to himself. “I forgot that I could also shrink back! What’s going to happen to me now?”

Since Josh’s growth spurts were completely random, he realized that he could shrink down to normal, or he could also grow even bigger! Not only that, but it was also possible, that only certain muscles would shrink or grow, and not all of them at once.

What was going to happen to him, next?


Chapter 1. Matt comes over

Josh picked up the phone and dialed Matt’s number. Matt was his best friend in school.

“Dude! You gotta come over! I’m over 7 feet tall and I got over 500 pounds of muscle on me!” Josh spoke in the receiver, while trying his hardest to be careful, so he wouldn’t smash the phone with his outrageous physical strength.

In five minutes, Josh heard the door bell ring, and he realized that it must have been Matt.

“I’m coming!” he shouted, as he was about to walk out the door.

Suddenly, he felt that same weird, tingling sensation.

“Uh oh… Not again!” Josh wondered.

What was going to happen? Was he going to shrink back? Or, would his muscles grow even bigger than they were now?


Chapter 1. Narrow escape

"Hey Josh... Where are you?" his mom said, as she called out for her son from the kitchen.

Josh was still in the bedroom with the door closed.

“Oh no…” he thought to himself. “If mom sees me like this, then she’ll freak!”

Obviously, it wasn’t normal for a 15 year-old boy to look like a 7 foot tall bodybuilder with 500 pounds of muscle!

Luckily, since Josh’s room was on the bottom floor of the house, he just opened the windows in his bedroom, and he easily hopped through the window and landed on a patch of grass, just a few feet below.

Then, he saw the bedroom door open, as his mother was about to walk in!

“Oh no! I need to get out of here!” Josh thought.

He looked up and then an idea came to him: He is super strong right now. How high could he leap?

He then leaped straight up into the air, soaring over the first floor and then just passing the windows of his parents room, which was on the second floor of the house.

“Yayy!” he cheered, as he gracefully landed on the roof of the house. “That was awesome! I leaped from the ground to the roof, covering 20 feet!”

Josh was amazed by his incredible strength. He was super strong!

Suddenly, he began to feel that odd tingling sensation again. Something was telling him, that he was about to shrink back to normal.

Josh jumped off the roof and landed on the grass in his back yard, just by the back door to the house.

Then, as the tingling increased in intensity, he rapidly began to dwindle back to his old self again. His huge muscles deflated like balloons, which had the air let out of them.

“Luckily I can feel these growth spurts coming for about a minute or so…” he whispered to himself.

Josh’s body rapidly shrunk back to his 5 foot 4 inches frame. He was only wearing shorts, so he didn’t rip out of any clothes!

His mother just walked out the door and into the back yard.

“Oh there you are, Josh!” she said. “You need to take out the trash, okay?”

“Sure, mom!”

Josh was relieved. His mom didn’t see him. But, when would he grow huge again, and how soon?


Chapter 2. At Matt's house

As soon as Josh had taken out the trash, he slipped into a t-shirt and shorts and sandals on his feet. Summer vacation had just started, and he had all day to hang out with his friends, who were living down the street.

Josh ran outside and raced to Matt’s house, which was just up the street. When he arrived, he rang the doorbell, and Matt answered.

“Hey, dude” he grinned. “What’s going on?”

“Dude… The weirdest thing happened to me today! Can I come in?”

“Sure… But my sister shouldn’t see you. She gets really jealous if I have friends over, and then she wants to have friends over, too…” Matt explained, as he lead Josh into his bedroom.

“Dude… I can’t quite remember how it started, but I helped this weird alien who was trapped by a branch, and he placed some spell on me, that makes me grow into a huge muscle man!”


“I’m serious!”

The boys entered the bedroom and Matt closed the door behind him.

“Hey Matt? Where are you?” Suzy called out. Suzy was Matt’s annoying little sister.

“Oh darn it… why does she always hear the things that she is not supposed to hear?” Matt grumbled. “Quick, let’s hide in my closet so that she doesn’t know that you’re here…”

Matt and Josh hid in Matt’s closet in his bedroom and Matt closed the door.

“Uhh… Matt…”


“This closet… Can you say that it is about 7 feet in height?”

“Yeah… Why?”

“I-I… I feel it again…” Josh cringed. “That tingling started again… I think I’m gonna grow in about a minute…”


Chapter 3. Bursting out

Josh could feel his body quickly begin to expand and grow in size again, just as it had done before. Matt couldn't believe what he was seeing and was stunned into complete silence. All he could do was stare.

"Matt! Have you got a friend over?!" Suzy shouted. "I want to play too!" Matt quickly snapped out of his trance at hearing this and tried to think of what to do. He quickly pushed the growing Josh into the closet as far as he would fit and managed to shut the doors.

"No! I've not got anyone over, Suzy."

"I don't believe you. I'm coming in!" The bedroom door flew open and in came Suzy. Her eyes scanned across the room and stopped on the closet which now seemed to have started creaking a bit. "Who's in there?"

"Nobody. Why would I have someone in my closet? Don't be silly." But at that point the closet burst open and out came Josh at his new 7 foot 5 inch height with over 600 pounds of muscle!


Chapter 4. That tingling feeling

“Dude… I-I-I’m gonna grow!” Josh said to Matt. Both boys were stuck in the storage closet, in Matt’s room.

The closet was only a few feet wide but luckily 7 feet in height.

“AAARRRRRRHHHH” Josh moaned, as his muscles began to inflate, all over his body!

“Josh…? Oh my God!” Matt exclaimed, as he stared and watch his best friend’s body grow bigger. In fact, his muscles were growing, making him taller and wider in a matter of seconds!

Josh was now 5’5”… 5’7”… 5’9”…

His calves inflated to the size of bricks! His legs grew thicker and layers upon layers of muscle formed on his quads, making his legs as wide and as thick as a stump of an oak tree!


He was 5’11”… 6’1”… 6’3”…

His abs grow bigger as they surfaced over his flat stomach. Josh had always been a skinny guy, so Matt had never seen him with muscle before.

“Oh my God, Josh… What is happening to you?” Matt exclaimed.

“UUUUHHHHH… Almost… there…” Josh moaned, as his muscles continued to grow.

He was 6’5”… 6’7”… 6’9”…

His pectorals were the size of bowling balls, while his arms had transformed into huge pythons layered with spheres of muscle all over.

He was now 6’10”… 6’11”… 7feet… 7’1”…

The growth had finally stopped… and not a moment too soon! Josh’s top of his small head was starting to brush up against the ceiling of the small storage closet.

“Good heavens! You’re a muscle giant!” matt exclaimed, since he was stuck in the small closet with the giant, muscular boy. He could barely move, since Josh was taking up all the space with his huge, muscular body!

“Now do you believe me?” Josh said sadly. “This is what I was talking about, earlier. I have to go through several of these growth spurts, every day!”


Chapter 5. Back to normal

Just as Suzy panicked and stumbled down the stairs, Matt opened the other closet door, revealing the huge, muscular boy who was standing before him.

“Oops… sorry about the closet door, dude…” Josh replied shyly, as he flexed his right arm. “Look at this…”

Matt was just astonished when he saw how muscular and huge his best friend had become.

Suddenly, there was a sound… of two people, walking up the stairs.

“Oh no! My stupid little sister is coming back with mom!” Matt exclaimed.

“And Josh was in the closet… and the door suddenly broke loose… and this monster came out of the closet… and I was really scared… and…” Suzy whined as she walked in front of Matt’s mom.

Suddenly, Josh was overcome by the familiar tingling feeling.

“Dude, we gotta do something!” Matt exclaimed.

“Don’t worry… I think I’m going to shrink back….” Josh moaned. “I feel it… it starts…”

Josh’s huge body rapidly dwindled back to its normal size in a matter of seconds. His legs became thinner, as well as his arms, his abs disappeared and his huge pecs suddenly flattened out, leaving him as the same old, skinny teenage boy. Just then, they reached Matt’s bedroom.

“Here is the monst-…” Suzy said.

“Oh, hello Josh!” she said. “Please put your shirt on, okay?”

“But… mom!” Suzy stuttered. “He was huge and big and ugly and round and humongous and…”

“Shhhh, honey… Go to your room and go play with your dolls, okay?”

Both Matt and Josh let out a sigh of relief when they left.

“Dude… That was amazing! How often will you grow like that?”

Josh just shrugged.

“I have no idea when I’ll hulk out again… So far, it’s happened every single day…”


Read the whole thing at

Enjoy and ADD to the story!!!!!!

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