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Post Your Muscle Growth Stories Registered Members Only: Post your own male muscle growth-themed stories here and get feedback from readers. 18+ ONLY! Stories posted here will eventually be added to the Evolution Story Archive.

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Josh's Random Muscle Growth Spurts

Josh's Random Muscle Growth Spurts

****I started this interactive story on awhile ago, and I figured it would be fun to post some of my chapters in here. Be nice and have fun.


The first growth spurt

Josh woke up, lying in the middle of a patch of grass, which was located somewhere in the center of Tom Brown Park. He felt like he was in a bit of a daze, as if he had been knocked out and had slept for hours.

Josh lifted his chest by pushing down on the ground with both arms extended. What had happened? Somehow, he was starting to get a splitting headache, as he slowly got back on his feet again. His entire body hurt, and his muscles felt extremely sore.

As he slowly stumbled his way to the main street, so that he could make his way home, he tried to remember what had just happened to him. He remembered leaving school, and then deciding to cut across the large inner city park, so that he could get home faster. Then, he vaguely remembered hearing a strange sound, which come from one of the bushes, just when he was walking by. But, what happened next? And how did he end up, face-down, in the grass?

For some reason, he felt happy when he saw his small, three-bedroom house. His parents were still at work, and both of his two older sisters were still taking classes at the community college. So, he knew that he had the house to himself for at least a couple of hours. He was glad; since he was hurting all over, he didn’t want anybody to see him anyway!

When he got home, he tossed his backpack on the bed and immediately walked into the bathroom. After he had taken a leak, he started to remove his t-shirt so that he could take a quick shower. It was the last week of school for him, and the Florida summer had started to take effect. It was 95 degrees outside, and it felt hot and muggy.

He looked over to the mirror, which hung from the bathroom wall, when he started to feel something odd throughout his entire body.

The tingling sensation was quite subtle at first, but it gradually increased. It began to feel like there was a low current, which was going through his body, just as if he was touching an electrical outlet or something.

The warm feeling gradually increased and became very intense, to the point where he started to feel a sharp pain going through his body, which began to affect every muscle!

Suddenly, his pectorals started to inflate like balloons, making his t-shirt feel very tight! His biceps began to bulge as well, while huge tiles of abdominals formed on his flat stomach!

“What the heck…?” he said to himself, as he watched his body inflate even more!

Slowly but surely, his entire upper body widened, and his shoulders grew bigger and more muscular. His deltoids and triceps became huge balls of muscle, which formed on his upper body. Then his quads and calves increased, not only growing bigger, but making his legs longer and a lot more muscular as well, to the point where the 5’4” foot teenager started to grow taller and taller in a matter of seconds.

After about thirty seconds of incredible growth, Josh couldn’t help but stare at his new body in complete disbelief! He was huge!

His head and his face still looked the same, but it seemed rather funny. His head just looked like it was detached from his old body, and placed on top of a new body, which had belonged to a bodybuilder!

His arms were incredible thick, while his legs were just bursting with power! He was about 7 feet tall, and he had become almost twice as wide as he was before he experienced this enormous growth spurt!

“Wow… This is intense!” he thought to himself, as he flexed before the mirror. A huge ball of muscle began to rise up from his upper arm, which was bigger than anything he had ever seen in his life! Not only did he look huge, but he was feeling great!

Josh noticed that he had to be a lot more careful. When he turned to open the bathroom door, he accidentally pulled the handle off the door! The handle snapped right off, even though he exerted very little force.

“Man… I’m strong… super strong!” he cheered, as he began to realize what had happened to him. He had transformed into a massive muscle teen!

So, now, what was he going to do next?
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