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Top Secret

[I was in the mood for a little superhero fantasy. I hope others like it, too.]

“You can’t tell anyone.”

“What? You mean I can’t tell people that my best friend turned into a real life superhero with strength beyond my wildest dreams?”

“That’s exactly what I mean.”

“I’m not sure I can do that!”

“You have to, Miguel!”

“I know, I know. It’s just a little hard for me to comprehend. I mean you’ve got super powers now. Part of me wants to shout it to the world – so everyone knows my friend is the strongest guy around! Fuck, you just moved an SUV about fifty yards with just your breath! It looked like you were just blowing on a child’s toy pinwheel and the entire vehicle slid down the fucking road.”

“I know, pretty cool, huh?”

“Hell yeah! You just inhaled a little and then let out a steady stream of air – pushing my car like it was nothing! And that was just your breath!”

“Well, you can’t tell anyone, okay.”

“Sure, I get that, I get that.”

“Promise me, Miguel!”

“I promise.”

It had been six months since the incident – the moment that had changed my life forever. Miguel was my best friend and the first person I was telling about the change. I was also showing him what I could do. I knew, deep down, he would keep my secret. It was just taking him a little time to process everything I was sharing with him. He was still in a state of shock at what I had done to his Explorer. He kept looking at me as if I were a freak of nature or a bizarre abstract painting. It made me slightly uncomfortable. I could also sense that he was intensely turned on – something I had hoped would happen. I had crushed on Miguel for years and now, suddenly, it was like he was noticing me as more than just a friend for the first time.

“What else can you do, Maddox?”

“Lots of things.”

“Can you fly?”

“Sort of. I can jump as hard as I want and that puts me in the air for as long as I need to be – you know, to get someplace.”

“Where’s the farthest place you’ve jumped to?”

“I don’t know. I guess Paris.”

“As in France?”


“Oh my god, I gotta sit down.”

Miguel sank to the curb – like a Slinky might melt over the final step to land on the floor. He continued to stare at me with a look that was filled with so many emotions it was hard for me to find one to focus on – fear, doubt, awe, jealousy, and I think there was a tinge of lust. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking. I waited patiently as my friend sorted through all that had happened up to this point in the evening. We were out in a deserted part of town – the area that was filled with only factories and work plants. I had been pretty sure no one would be around this area early on a Sunday. It was two in the morning and I was finally showing someone all that I could do. I was clearly sensing that Miguel was having as much fun as I was.

“Show me something else, Maddy.”

“Okay, spread your legs a little more apart, man.”

I placed my fingers against the bottom of the curb beneath Miguel’s ass. I then pressed in and my fingers fucked up the concrete beneath my friend as my entire hand plunged inward with no effort at all. It was like I was scooping through whipped cream. I then lifted easily and a big chunk of asphalt and a strip of the curb moved upward – carrying the hefty Miguel into the air. The sight of just one of my hands ripping apart a piece of the street and then hoisting it up – along with my friend – so he was even with my chest was nothing compared to other things I had done, but it still thrilled me to no end. The sound of something so substantial as part of the street being demolished easily by my hand added to my pleasure.

“Aw Maddox, man, you got to warn me before you do something like that! Watching your hand plow into concrete so easily could give me a heart attack!”

“I don’t even feel it, Miguel. I realize I’ll have asphalt underneath my fingernails this evening, but my hand just digs into anything I want as if I were playing with cookie dough. You got to watch me do the same thing to a piece of steel that’s two feet thick – the sound will make the hairs on your head tingle with joy.”

“I don’t think I could handle it, buddy. Um, do you think you let me down?”

“Oh, sorry dude.”

I casually reached up with my other hand and grabbed Miguel by the front of his jacket, lifted him off the chunk of curb, and lowered him to the ground. I saw the guy’s face flash with brief excitement as I easily transported his big body with one hand. He looked down at the fingers holding his lapels tightly and seemed to be in a trance of disbelief. I was still basically the smallish guy he had always known, but my strength was way off the charts. As we continued to talk I absent-mindedly broke off pieces of the concrete in my hand and crumpled it into sand. I didn’t really notice what I was doing until I saw Miguel’s wide eyes and dropped jaw.

“So, you can’t tell anyone, but yesterday I lifted an entire house. I climbed under that abandoned two-story down on fifth street – you know the one we used to throw rocks at to bust the windows – and easily powered it up into the air. I fucking lifted the foundation and everything for about twenty reps and I didn’t even break a sweat. I wanted to see how high I could toss the thing, but decided against it. I was worried that the building might fall apart. It’s pretty old, you know.”

“Maddy, you don’t even realize you’re squeezing concrete into crumbs, do you?”


“Man, you’ve been ripping off chunks of that curb and crushing it with just one hand! Look at the pile of dirt at your feet – it’s past your ankles. It doesn’t even register what your doing, does it?”

“No, I guess not. I mean…”

“Holy fuck! Did you just say you lifted an entire two-story house?”

“Well, yeah. It was really easy. I just made my way into the crawl space beneath the thing, got on my knees, put my palms underneath what I thought was the main beam, and lifted. When the place got high enough for me to stand – I did.”

“With the fucking entire house raised in your arms above your head?”

“Well . . . yeah. It was really easy.”

“Then that means you could probably lift my Explorer with one hand.”

“Sure, without any problem. I mean, compared to a house, the car is nothing.”

“Show me, dude. I got to see this! This even beats you moving it all that distance with just your breath.”

We walked over to the big maroon vehicle. I turned to my friend and smiled as I reached down and grabbed the running board beneath the doors. I flicked my wrist upward and sent the car sailing into the air. I was sure I crushed the metal where I gripped the thing, but I figured Miguel wouldn’t care. He wanted a show and I was going to give him one. I heard my friend gasp out loud as the car flew about ten feet into the air and I stepped underneath it. I held up my right palm and easily caught the giant SUV as it fell back to the earth. Miguel immediately ducked as the car slammed into my hand – making a loud banging noise - but then he noticed that the motion of the vehicle stopped completely. I held the car aloft as if I were carrying a small tray – perfectly balanced and was not straining at all.

“Fucking no way! Toss it to your other hand, man!”

I happily obliged my astounded friend. I tossed the entire car into the air and then caught it in my other hand – still easily holding it aloft. To really freak my friend out I made the car fly up into the air again, but this time it spun around as it went up and down – and then I again caught it by its undercarriage. Miguel stumbled back a few steps in complete awe – and to get a better look at what I was doing. I then flicked my hand a little and the car’s front end when up into the air. I lifted my hand and Miguel squealed like a little child when he saw me balance the entire Ford on my right index finger, carefully pressing against the back bumper.

“Do you even feel the thing, Maddox?”

“No, not really. I mean I know its there and everything, but I’m so strong that its weight just doesn’t register. If I wasn’t careful I could probably toss the thing to the other side of town without even trying. Or I could crush it into the size of a matchbox car if you wanted me to.”

“No! It’s what gets me around! How would we get home?”

“Well, I could toss you to your house and get there so fast that I’d be able to catch you. I could do the same thing with the car. Hey, I might have found a way to help you save gas, buddy.”

I placed the car gently back down on the ground – as if it were nothing more than a feather. I could tell Miguel loved the show. I also think he was contemplating the idea of being tossed through the air for a bunch of miles and then being caught in my strong arms. I was seriously sensing some homoerotic vibes from my good friend – clearly caused by my newfound strength. If it were true, it was going to be the answer to all of my dreams. I had wanted the guy for so long it was hard to believe that he might actually reciprocate my feelings.

“I still can’t understand how all of this happened from a can of radiated spinach.”

“It’s the only explanation. Long story short is that my dad brought home some food items left over from testing they had been doing down at the plant – thinking it was all the leftover ‘safe’ items, but one can had somehow been infected.”

“You’re like some bizarre science fiction Popeye.”

“Yeah, but without the freakish forearms.”

“Hey, that’s true – your body didn’t grow at all, did it.”

“I wouldn’t say that. I can feel that I got intensely compact and I did get freakishly ripped. I just didn’t grow.”

“What do you mean, Maddy?”

I pulled my shirttail from my pants and lifted it up over my now corrugated eight-pack. Again, my friend gasped out loud. I looked down to see what he saw – to gaze on what I had come to know as my new super powered mid-section. It was incredible how the ridges across my stomach rippled with obvious power and how my breathing increased how compact that part of my body looked. I had joyously bent knife blades and steel spikes by slamming them into my abdominals when testing my abilities. It was so cool to see a big hunting knife break into pieces or warp into mangled junk as I pushed it into myself. I knew, without even testing it, that my stomach could take the onslaught of a speeding missile - and I wouldn’t feel a thing. I knew it like I instinctively sensed my body’s changes that first morning. I had eaten the can of spinach the night before, realizing it didn’t taste that good, but there wasn’t much food in the house. I went to bed with my stomach grumbling like it was really upset. The next morning, from the moment I opened my eyes, I knew something incredible had happened to me. I could just feel it. I could tell that the molecules in my body had increased a million-fold, but had gotten so dense that it had increased my strength beyond my wildest dreams and had made all of my muscles impenetrable. It was just something I knew without any doubt. I got out of bed, noticing my new tightened body as I walked passed the mirror, and grabbed my bowling ball from the bag in the closet. I immediately noticed that it weighed nothing in my hand. I tossed it up and down in on palm like it was a wad of paper. I then lightly squeezed it between my ten fingers and the thing disintegrated with a loud boom. I was worried my parents were going to come running into my room, but they didn’t. I just continued to demolish the fragments of the destroyed ball between my fingers and fully realized I had become super powered.

“I’ve never seen a set of abs look so powerful. Are they as strong as the rest of you, Maddy?”

“Of course they are, dude. I’m telling you, there’s not a part of me that isn’t super strong. It’s amazing. Here, let’s test these puppies out.”

I walked over to one of the new credit card able parking meters that had popped up all over town. I grabbed the pole underneath with one hand and snapped then thing from its base like someone might break a toothpick. It took no effort at all and registered nothing to my super charged biceps. A moan of astonishment escaped Miguel’s mouth and I realized even more that my friend got off on my power. That thought egged me on – and made me feel all gooey inside. I held the meter out to my buddy and I noticed that when he took the thing from me the weight of it caused both of his arms to dip a little. Miguel had been on our college baseball team since freshman year. He was the type of athlete that every guy wanted to be and every girl creamed over. He seemed to naturally excel at everything – soccer, wrestling, swimming – you name it. My good friend knew exactly what to do. He gripped the pole at the base – marveling at the indentions in the steel created by my fingers and the clean break where I had so easily snapped it from the concrete of the sidewalk. I held up my hand for a brief pause when I noticed Miguel lifting the meter like a Louisville Slugger.

“I don’t want to ruin my shirt, man.”

I pulled the jersey up over my head and then walked over to place it on the hood of Miguel’s SUV. When I turned around my friend was just staring at my body in disbelief. I had not grown huge muscles like the Hulk or anything, but my once flabby body had tightened up so much that it looked like I swam or did intense aerobics twenty hours a day. I was still only five feet, seven inches tall, but I was tight all over. My upper body rippled with lean bulges and absolutely no fat whatsoever. I loved how my transformed frame impressed the shit out of Miguel. I also loved how his pants were beginning to tent out a little – confirming what I hope was a tribute to how much he liked the new me. I moved closer to him and then spread my arms out wide – flicking my fingers inward a few times to invite him to take his best swing. I had seen Miguel smack balls out of the field for homeruns numerous times before, so I knew the guy had a wicked follow through. My cock tingled slightly as I anticipated what was to come.

“This is going to be as good as watching you balance my SUV with one finger, Maddy. I think it’s because I will actually get to feel how strong you are when this manhandled meter hits your stomach. I’m sure it’s going to sting my hands a little – or maybe a lot – but I don’t care. I want to see what those fucking abs can do.”

“And remember, Miguel, I’m not even tensing them.”

“Aw fuck, here it comes, dude!”

I could see that my friend put every ounce of his strength into the swing. I also watched the meter soar through the air as it traveled toward my stomach. Miguel had perfect aim – of course – and the bulking machine at the end of the pole hit me squarely in my middle. To listen to metal, glass, and all the inner workings of a machine busting apart into hundreds of little pieces is one thing, but to watch my tight abdominal muscles repel the meter without even denting in slightly and seeing the fucking thing break apart even as the pole bent backwards greatly when it struck me was overwhelming. Miguel impressed me with his ability to hold on to the makeshift bat even as it gave in and bowed to my more powerful stomach. Bits and pieces of the meter went flying everywhere, completely breaking apart until nothing remained on the end of the pole. I watched with utter joy, just as Miguel did. I loved how it all seemed to happen in slow motion and the ringing sound of metal hitting my chiseled abs lingered in the night air for a almost a minute. I sensed that Miguel’s hands were hurting a lot, but he didn’t let go. He just stood there and stared at how the pole had basically curved mercilessly to the contours of my super strong stomach. I was pretty sure you could see the impression of my abs in the upper part of the pole. We both looked down at the ground to see the scattered fragments of the meter. I gently took the pole from Miguel’s hands without any words. I watched as he started rubbing his hands together to try and lessen the stinging pain. I then started to fold the pole in on itself as if it were a pipe cleaner. I zig-zagged back and forth with the pole until it was compressed piece of mangled metal – the size of a small paperback book.

“That was fucking unbelievable, man! I could feel your abs stopping the meter as if it were nothing more than a drop of water. The thing didn’t have a chance against your muscles! And look at the pole – before you crushed it completely it had molded itself to you chiseled abs, dude. I could see the indentions of your ridges in the fucking pole – in the metal. That’s just fucking unbelievable.”

“I love the way you get off on my strength, dude!”

The silence that followed my comment was a little awkward. It was the first reference to Miguel’s obvious lust for my power – in a way that made it slightly sexual. The full throttle hard-on in his pants told me my assumption was correct, but having it out there in the open air was a little different. I immediately worried that I had crossed some unmentioned line – and was going to make Miguel feel very uncomfortable. I did not want to push him away so quickly – not since we had just started to bond even closer than before. I held my breath as I waited for him to speak. I suddenly wished I could somehow retract my statement. I got more nervous and spoke quickly.

“I’m sorry, man, I just meant that you really seem to like how strong I am…”

“Are you kidding, Maddy? I’ve beat off to superman comics and Hercules films for all my life. I even watch that fucking old Hulk television series and blast off one or two wads each episode. I’ve wanted to know a true superhero from the moment I first watched Saturday morning cartoons. Super strength stories or videos can make me squirt quicker than anything. And now my best friend has power beyond anything I could ever dream. I’m the fucking luckiest guy in the world. Of course I get off on your strength, dude. It’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’ve always liked you more than just a friend, Maddy, but I’ve always been attracted to guys bigger and stronger than me. I know it sounds shallow – and maybe it is – but that’s what I’m attracted to.”

“Well . . . um . . . I’m not bigger than you, Miguel.”

“Who the fuck cares? You’re the strongest thing on the planet. Who needs the Hulk when you’ve got Superman!”

His words made my heart leap with joy. I was so caught off guard that I wasn’t even slightly prepared when he stepped in closer and grabbed my face to press his lips hard against mine. My body was immediately filled with warmth that could not be explained. My head started reeling from his magnificent kiss and I felt weak for the first time in months. It wasn’t a physical weakness, since I could still feel that my body was as powerful as ever. It was an emotional weakness. I was still very human on the inside and I realized that my heart, as well as my body, belonged completely to the man sticking his probing tongue down my throat. I was a powerful super man when it came to lifting houses or ripping up parking meters, but I was a weak little nobody when it came to needing Miguel’s affirmation and love. It was clear from the kiss that my friend understood this instantly. He realized that we were both the answer to each other’s dreams. I was going to be able to fulfill all of his secret fantasies by showing off my incredible abilities and he was going to make me the happiest man on earth by simply loving me. That thought made me feel even stronger than before. I suddenly wanted to make Miguel happier than he had ever been in his entire life. I pulled my face from his.

“What do you want, Miguel? Name it and it’s yours. I can’t wait to show off for you more. Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

“Right now, dude, I just want to make you squirm by kissing you hard. I can feel you turning to mush just because I suck on your face and that’s enough for now. But don’t worry – I’ll have you crushing things, lifting huge items, destroying indestructible objects, and leaping me to all parts of the world. We’ve got a long time for you to get tired of showing off for me, but right now I think a little man-on-man action is what we both need. I’m hoping that having your powerful body pressed up against mine is going to make you want to use that strength of yours so much that we’ll take you to new heights. How does that sound?”

“It sounds so good that you probably could bring this super man to his knees without any problem. That’s how much power you have over me.”

“Oh, I think we’ll both be on our knees at different parts of this night, super stud. Don’t you worry about that, at all. Hey, wait a minute – you’re super human now. How are we going to do anything without you killing me?”

“Don’t worry, dude. I’ve been planning for this day for a long time. I’ve wanted you forever and I wouldn’t hurt you for anything in the world. I started plowing things with my super cock as soon as I gained my powers – just to get used to how I could slam my rod into something. I also started practicing to control my cock blowing abilities. I started out by fucking giant trees and anything else that was huge – sides of buildings, Hummers, big rocks, - you name it. I brought down a few buildings at first and don’t believe it when people tell you someone was playing with explosives up on Temple Mountain. I kind of did a lot of damage up there. I just kept sticking my cock into anything where it didn’t matter if I ripped it to shreds by being too rough. Slowly I got used to being gentle and learned how to control myself – while still getting much pleasure. You remember that news story about all those unexplained holes in the wall of that silo on the other side of town – well, now you know the truth. I really liked how the story kept growing and growing until people said the holes were thick as a telephone pole. I can assure you they weren’t. I’m afraid my ‘friend below the waist’ didn’t grow huge in the transformation, but it did grow as powerful as the rest of me.

“Aw shit, Maddy, you got to let me see you fuck a wall someday, please.”

“I will and a bunch of other huge things, too. I also decided to learn how to control my sucking skills down at the marina. I would go there at night and untether huge yachts. I’d then use my breath to blow them far out in the water and then suck in air to make them return. The first night I kind of couldn’t control myself and when I exhaled I sent that hundred-foot yacht soaring through the air and the guy woke up the next day half way to Mexico. I’m sure you read about it. I’ve gotten a lot better since then and I can suck soft enough to make a guy moan in pleasure or hard enough to bring a house down. Anyway, about a month ago I decided it was time to try and see if I had learned how to control myself enough to do things with a guy. I decided it would be best if I tested my abilities on the criminals over at the maximum-security prison in the next state. It was simple for me to leap there and break into the place. I went straight to the area where they kept the most dangerous guys – figuring if I lost control and killed the dude I was fucking it might not make a difference. I know, I know, that wasn’t very kind, but I just kept thinking of how I one day wanted to be with you and I was pretty sure I had the fucking thing down.”

“That means a lot, Maddox.”

“I’m glad, Miguel. Well, to begin with it was always kind of fun to watch the huge cocky badass guys go all white when I pulled the bars to their cells apart like they were made of paper. The sound of the metal bending in my hands was enough to get me hard and ready for some fun. I just loved how I confuse the shit out of those men by doing something they thought was impossible. The first man I visited kind of freaked out when I busted into his cell and the poor guy fainted. I decided it wouldn’t be fair for me to plow his ass hard while he was out, so I decided to just suck him off – testing to make sure I wouldn’t cause any damage to someone’s dick. I ripped his pants off with one slight tug and then I placed his big limp rod in my mouth - and with one little inhale I caused the guy to wake up, his cock to harden completely, and the thing to shoot off in one long juicy rope of he-man cum. I also made his entire body come up off the bed. I barely sucked in at all but it was like a thousand vacuums attacking him at the same time. I’m glad that’s all that happened. I mean I think the guy’s cock might still be hard and squirting even all these weeks later, but, at least, I didn’t suck so hard that something was ripped off his body. Of course he passed out right after he was done shooting his full continuous stream of juice – it was just too much for his weak body. Funny thing is, the guy was over six two and clearly weighed close to three hundred pounds. Needless to say, since then, I’ve improved my blowjob abilities so much that you won’t be disappointed, Miguel. You also won’t be hurt. I can suck you off like a pro.”

“That’s good to know. And how did you do with your skills pertaining to another part of a guy’s anatomy? You won’t rip my ass apart, will you?”

“I thought you’d never ask. I decided to test my fuck ability first with a guy serving eight life sentences. I knew he had murdered a bunch of people, but I didn’t want know any more details. You might remember, I don’t like violence or anything scary. Anyway, this guy was the largest man I had ever seen – muscles bulging all over his body and it was clear he never wore a shirt. Maybe that was because the prison didn’t have one big enough for him. When I appeared before his cell he looked at me like I was a juicy steak he couldn’t wait to devour. He stood there tensing his muscles – trying to intimidate me. I looked at him with a face full of childlike glee and told him I was there to plow his big man ass. He asked with what army. I held up my two hands and told him that my two smallest fingers where the only army I needed. I then wrapped them around two bars and pulled the things apart slowly, just so the loud screeching sound and the total unbelievable vision of my strength would be emphasized. I was not disappointed – I glimpsed some definite surprise in the guy’s eyes and some action at his crotch, too. Even after shocking the hell out of him by using just my pinkies to pry a hole big enough for me to enter through his bars, he stayed cocky as shit and simply sneered at me – flexing his big body even more. I flashed him a pretty smile and that pissed him off. He came over and wrapped his hand around my throat and started to squeeze. I loved knowing that I wasn’t going to feel a thing. When his fingers didn’t move in at all and he got a good feel of how incredibly hard my neck was he decided he would just pick me up – I guess we was thinking he could toss me across the cell. Well the big man’s arm bulged out massive and it was clear he was using all of his strength, but my body didn’t move an inch. I’m just too densely packed for even a huge guy like him to lift me. I was still smiling at him like I was a lovesick teenage fan and he was the lead singer of a popular boy band. This only pissed him off even more. He sent his other arm flying through the air and had his clenched fist aimed for the middle of my face, but it was stopped mere inches from my nose when I easily grabbed his wrist with my much smaller, but infinitely more powerful, hand. It caught him off guard at first – especially since blood hadn’t gone flying everywhere as he had hoped. He was also caught off guard that I could stop his arm so easily. He just stared at my little hand around his wrist – amazed by how much power I could exert.”

“Man, I wish I could have seen that!”

“We can go back one night, if you want. I could take on some other big guys.”

“I’d like that a lot – but you’d have to protect me!”

“Don’t you worry, buddy – starting today no one is ever going to hurt even one little tiny hair on your head. You’ve got a real life superhero looking out for you now and there’s no way anyone’s getting through me, Miguel. I can stop a field full of charging tanks if you want me to. I can also easily rip the chunky things apart. So, anyway, back to the big bruiser. I started to clamp down on his wrist with about as much power as I used earlier to crush those pieces of concrete. He was so massive and muscled it was obvious he could withstand a lot more pressure than most guys. I, however, had a lot more pressure than all other guys put together. Suddenly the hand around my neck was removed and the big man cried out in pain. I applied more pressure and loved it when the giant fell to his knees. I had started to love how I could control him without using even a fraction of my strength. It was clear he had never been manhandled in this way ever in his entire life – he had always been the one to dominate. I loved how my strength baffled him completely. Here I was this wimpy looking fellow making him do anything I wanted. It was crazy, but the guy was so tall and huge that even after kneeling his face was basically even with mine. I could see the venom and the desire to kill me that remained raging through his eyes even as he tried desperately to figure out how I was so easily overpowering him. This was not a guy that gave up easily. The pain was so intense that tears actually started to fall from his angry blood-red eyes. I took my other hand and placed it on his massive shoulder – easily turning his body around and slamming his chest against the wall. I moved his big body slowly, just to feel him struggling hard to not give in to me. I was turning his entire huge frame with just one hand and it was beyond frustrating to him – but it increased the thrill of it all for me. At the same time I could tell he was turned on by my display of power, too. His head must have been about to burst from conflicting feelings – needing to destroy me, but amazed and slightly loving my incredible strength. I easily held his struggling huge body in place against the wall as I reached down and tore the seat of his pants and underwear from his body with a simple tug. My giant captive actually started rubbing his hard cock against the concrete wall. The big man had a gorgeous tightly muscled bubble butt that was crying out to be plowed. I unzipped my pants; let my hard cock flop out, and then stepped between his legs so my crotch was even with my goal – his ass. My one hand against his massive back smashed him harder into the wall, just to emphasize my power – the poor guy couldn’t do anything but wait for my invasion. I moved the tip of my cock up and down his clenched manly ass, chuckling to myself when I realized he actually thought he could prevent me from plowing him. Then it dawned on me that this guy had certainly always been the person doing the fucking – he had never been fucked by anyone, himself. I can’t lie – that thought turned me on even more. And I could sense that it was turning him on in a strange way, too”

“Like it’s turning me on now!”

“I can see that and feel it down below – that’s either a hard cock pressing into my leg or you have a rifle in your pants! So, as soon as my pre-cum had lubed up his big-man clenched crack I pressed my crotch forward and sent my super cock inward, easily pushing his cheeks apart – forcing even that part of his body to totally submit to my super strength. I did it slowly just to frustrate him even more, but mostly because I loved the feeling of forcing him to submit. I wanted to prolong his agony and my pleasure at the same time. The head of my cock inched its way through his tightness like a submarine creeping through a dark ocean. I could feel that the guy was using all of his strength to try and block my assault, but he was just so weak compared to me. My dick had more power than his entire body. I got to tell you Miguel – over the previous few weeks I had fucked thick solid steel, giant motors in big cars, the trunks of giant oak trees, and dense concrete walls, but nothing came close to the thrill I felt when I was making that big man’s ass give in to my plunging rod. Pressing his cheeks apart without any trouble was making me want him even more. His ass was actually tighter than almost anything else I had fucked. When my tip finally reached my prize and pressed up against his clenched hole I let out a wail that could have alarmed the guards, if I hadn’t already thumped them on the head earlier to knock them out for a few hours. I wanted to have some privacy as I plowed the biggest and baddest fucker in the prison. So, just to tease the guy I actually pretended like his tightly closed pucker shoot was too powerful for my cock. I pushed into him lightly and made it feel like he was going to win. I couldn’t believe he was actually able to clasp his love chute even tighter – the guy’s strength and endurance really impressed me. When I heard him grunt in satisfaction at how he had won, that’s the moment I chose to do my damage. I know the poor behemoth didn’t know what had hit him. I realize that I was being a mean old brute, but I didn’t care. The man let out a roar of pain so loud when I shoved my rod easily through his tight opening that I was fearful I had really hurt him. It was only after a few seconds of teasingly edging my hard meat deeper into him that I realized the cry was merely because I was popping his big-man muscled ass-cherry for the first time. I could feel the guy gradually giving into me as I bulldozed my rod further into his clenched hole. It was so obvious the man had never been dominated in any way remotely close to this. It was all a new sensation for him and he continued to fight hard against my invasion, but to no use. I was just too much power for him to resist. He was breathing hard and grunting so loud that I became even more turned on – something I didn’t think was possible. My balls and legs finally bumped into his ass cheeks but I kept on pressing inward – crushing his butt as I pushed his own, rock-hard cock into the wall.”

“Maddy, you might need to give me a short break. I’m not sure I can handle any more.”

“This is the best part Miguel, hold out for me, man! I started pushing and pulling my cock into his ass real slow and listened joyfully as his grunts of pain turned into groans of pleasure. The big man continued to squeeze his ass with all his strength, but now it was because he wanted to make me happy and not because he was fighting back. I soon realized that the big hulk wanted his first fucking to be extra rough – to match his size and power. By now he was shoving his muscled ass back towards me every time I pushed in deeper. I quickly figured out I could wail on such a big beefy dude a little harder than other men and that’s exactly what I did. I started plowing him with so much strength that his rock hard body created cracks in the wall as he slammed into it. It was clear the guy didn’t care how much pain he was going to be in later – he just wanted both of us to blast off the biggest orgasms of our lives. I twitched my cock up and down to just give him some extra pleasure as it forced his knees to leave the ground. I was lifting his huge body with just my cock – and he loved it. I knew better than to let his ass take my fully charged super ejaculation, so I controlled the stream of spewing cum – tensing my dick slit slightly shut. It was obviously still a powerful blast to his tight chute, though, because it immediately made his hard cock blast off at the same time. We both hollered like wild animals and I plowed him even harder. I continued to shoot and push into his ass long after the guy was done busting out his wad. I finally pulled my super cock out of his ass and took a few steps back. I watched his spent body slowly slump to the floor and the guy curled up into the fetal position – sound asleep. I was a little shocked to see how our fucking had caused chunks of the wall to break off and a bunch of cracks to appear where his body had been. There were also streaks of his thick juice cascading down the wall everywhere – clearly my expert plowing had caused the guy to churn out more cum than ever before. I had basically rubbed his body against the wall so hard that it had disintegrated the front of his pants – as well as bringing much pleasure to his hard nipples and ample cock. I lifted his huge weightless body and placed him in the bed. As I was bending the bars back into place, after stepping out, he asked me when I was coming back. I told him I wasn’t sure I would return, but then he said I had to because he was now my bitch and I could take his ass any time I wanted to – it was clear he wanted me to take his ass again. I told him I’d leave the bars a little mangled just so he could remember me. He could see, even in the dim light of night my finger marks all over the abused steel. He started to purr like a satisfied cat and I marveled at his huge body. The man’s now total submission to my dominant strength was such a turn on – it actually caused me to instantly get hard again.

“Aw, dude, that’s hot as fuck!”

“I plowed forty men that night, Miguel. All of them pledging their asses to me for eternity just because I had so easily forced them to submit. I didn’t do any permanent damage but I knew for weeks the guards were going to wonder why so many of the biggest men were walking funny and having so much trouble sitting down. I was proud of myself for being able to control my strength so well. I also noticed that fucking forty men had been nothing for me – it was like foreplay. I could have taken every guy in the place and still had strength for more. I figured out that night just how much pressure to use to give a guy pleasure and to get my rocks off, as well.

“You’re going to have to show me just how proficient you’ve become, Maddy.”

“I’ve gotten a lot of pleasure from making big men open their tight holes for me, Miguel, but nothing will bring me more joy than when I offer my ass to you. It’s what I’ve wanted for so long. I may be a superhero, but you’re my kryptonite.”

“So how about some more feats of strength, Maddox, to get our juices boiling even more! And then we can go home so I can make your dreams come true.”

“What’s first on your agenda, buddy?”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Another great new story, LB! I like super strength as you well know by my many responses to your many super strength stories, I love to see feats of strength done that are really old standbys as it were, but I also love to see creative feats of strength that I almost have never seen before in a story, and I love to see them mixed in a story, so it was great reading this. I'm sure many people would be in the same boat as Miguel, your best friend is a superhero and the pinnacle of your sexual desires, you would love to shout it out to the World, but you know you can't, but the rewards for you if you keep your mouth shut would be so awesome that you resolve to do just that. Keep up the awesome work, another winner in my book!
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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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well done!

I have to say, as someone who's main goal for now is to pack as much muscle and as little fat into a size S or M, this really appeals to me. Loved the descriptions, especially the prison bits.

Wonderful concept with the muscle growth being not size, but density. Would love to see future additions to this. Thanks!
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And another shot of tequilla it is =)
My youtube channel
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Oh my!!!! Please Londonboy I hope you continue this story! I love superhero stories and super strength!!! This story was sooo hot! Thanks for you wonderful talent!!!
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More superpowers stories from you, please :-)
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Amazing - please another chapter

What an amazing story! I love 'ordinary' guys who are way stronger than they appear. Loved everything about it. Thank you for your efforts.
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