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My Grizzly - Part 2

[Just a simple addition for a Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend, everyone!]

Grizz is out working on his truck. I walk out with a glass of lemonade and the big man looks like some muscled mechanic from a porno – white t-shirt smeared with grease and his huge body bulging out everywhere. He grins at me – his silent way of saying thanks – and then grabs the glass with one of his huge hands, which engulfs the large plastic tumbler. My husband downs the drink in one gulp. Grizz is hot and pumped – and I’m very aware of where that always leads. His arms are pulsing with power, the big wrench in his hand makes it clear that he’s been tightening parts of the motor and that always gives his biceps a great workout. I glance at his crotch and see that his other giant tool is certainly not sleeping. Strenuous muscle activity is like foreplay to my big man. He sees me staring at the thick hard log in his jeans and he smiles at me like an innocent boy. The grin quickly turns a little mischievous and I immediately know what is coming. The bear wants to play with his boy toy.

The big plastic cup drops to the ground, ice spilling out. His two hands grab me roughly at my shoulders and spin me around. I instantly feel a huge rush of euphoria race through my body. Of course, I brought the lemonade out knowing full well it would lead to this. I am in heaven. My body is pulled into the hard gut and mega pecs of the huge man – but it’s the hard pole in his pants that I feel first – smacking up against and then pressing into the top of my ass and my lower back. Grizz’s giant paws are suddenly latched onto my flat, boy-like chest. Even through my t-shirt he is able to capture my jutting nipples between his forefinger and second finger. The hard nubs are instantly squeezed and pulled slightly from my body – my frame follows the tug, helpless against the man’s strength. The pain is intense, but the pleasure is even better. My big man leans over my small shoulder to look down at my crotch. He has learned that the quickest way to make me hard is from harsh nipple play. It’s one of his favorite things to do – squeeze my nipples tight and see my cock blast to full mast. My body reacts to his foreplay as if it has no choice. My dick instantly presses against the crotch of my shorts – completely hard in seconds. The big man behind me grunts in appreciation - his exhale causing warm air to blast down on my shoulder as if a ready-to-charge bull were behind me, which is exactly what he is. I actually feel his giant piece of meat jerk a few times into my back – that’s how turned on he is by his power over my cock.

Grizz loves playing my body like I am some kind of fine instrument, built for his pleasure – and he plays me masterfully. The first night we ever slept together he spent the entire time leading up to our first orgasm finding out everything that pleased me – nipple abuse, his tongue running up the inner part of my thighs, my balls being sucked on hard, deep throated kisses, hot breath and kisses on my neck, tongue play on the tip of my dick and so much more. It was like the man wanted to memorize everything that turned me on so he could use it expertly on future dates together – and that’s exactly what he did. But the biggest thing he learned that first night was that I love my sex rough – and this couldn’t have pleased the behemoth more. He didn’t just lightly pull at my nipples, he literally latched on to them and pulled my body upward hard enough to make my feet come off the ground by the truck; held me there for a few seconds, and then dropped me like I was a sack of potatoes. My entire chest raged with pain, but I didn’t care. The direct connection between my jutting plugs of meat and my juiced up balls and cock was way too thrilling to worry about pain. Grizz knew if he played with my nips long and hard enough he could easily get my hard rocket to shoot off in my pants. He had done it numerous times before and my body was defenseless against his masterful control of me. Today, however, my huge bear wanted to play a lot longer – and with many more parts of my insanely titillated body. His words were the only sign of what was to come.

“I’ll buy you a new shirt.”

That was the simple and short warning I got of his next move, but a longer lead-time wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Grizz was now focused on one thing and one thing only – using me to service his need for release and getting my rocks off at the same time. It wasn’t like the big man thought about my enjoyment when we were in the middle of pleasing him; he just knew that I came hard while he manhandled me as his jerk off toy. It was true – I had never once been able to hold back a titanic ejaculation when the bear moved into one of his ‘I’m not stopping until I get off’ single-focused trances. I knew all the telling signs of him moving beyond the point of stopping – heavy breathing, beast-like growling, no talking, and a certain lack of awareness that he was controlling my entire body as if I were just a rag in his big paws. My shirt being ripped away from my body with one quick jerk of his manly, calloused hand brought me back to the present moment. I knew there would be three new t-shirts lying on the bed tomorrow evening – the man would want to make up for ruining the one that now lay on the ground in shreds. This happened all the time. I told him constantly not to purchase me any new ones because I had a ton already, but he never heard. Grizz just wanted to make sure I was taken care of and he felt a little guilty about destroying my clothes. I, of course, didn’t mind. I knew it was all part of the intense foreplay and loved every ‘the beast can’t control himself’ moment.

Now that my upper torso was uncovered, the pleasurable abuse increased. Grizz cupped my slim chest and pulled my body inward and upward. My feet left the ground as my entire frame slid up the big man’s front. I felt his big cockhead slide down my lower back and then underneath my bubble butt. Even through his pants and mine I could feel the hardness of his thick mushroom-shaped tip poking into my ass crack. It was like I was sitting on a living pointed stool. His enormous hands continued to hold my body tight against his hard swollen pecs and his granite-like bear gut. He also continued to squeeze my nipples between his fingers – by now the chunks of meat were so abused that I no longer felt pain, only jolts of pleasure each time he clamped down tightly. My husband usually liked to keep me in this position for a long time – my ass giving his stiff cock pleasure as he bounced me up and down on the tip, my warm body pressed up against his chest and stomach, my hard nipples giving his rough fingers something to play with, my feet dangling off the ground, and my moans of pleasure making it clear I was just as happy with the physical arrangement as he was. I don’t have any idea what Grizz thought about during moments like this, but I believe he didn’t concentrate on anything except the pleasure my body was giving his. I think he entered into some kind of sexual la-la land where the only thing that mattered was working his cock into an orgasmic frenzy and then finally forcing it to explode in a mind-blowing release. That’s what actually happened to me, as well.

Grizz was leaning against his truck as he held me and I could hear the springs of the big thing creaking loudly as he pumped his body into mine – causing a joyful rocking motion in the big vehicle. There wasn’t a part of this truck that we hadn’t fucked in or on – the hood, the roof, the bed, across the front seat – you name a spot and it more than likely had been covered by a mixture of our hot spunk once or twice. Sometimes, it was just a quick bend my body over the hood as the big man plowed me, but other times we made the old Chevy rock back and forth something fierce as we got it on like rabbits. Our first time had been in Grizz’s truck. We had barely made it out of the diner before the big man scooped me up in his arms, threw me down on the seat through the driver’s door, and had his pants down around his ankles, only closing the door behind him as an afterthought. I screamed like a baby the first time his huge cock was roughly stuffed up my ass. No one came near the truck to see what was going on, though, because the growling from Grizz was so loud that people probably thought there was a giant beast in the cab. They had no idea how right they were! I remember it taking about twenty minutes for my chute to start feeling pleasure from the huge invasion that first time. I was pretty sure I would never walk again. It was the most intense pain I had ever felt in my entire life, but when it turned to cock-induced bliss I was hooked for life. No man had ever fulfilled me that way. The orgasm and the ear splitting moan that erupted from the big man lying on top of me clearly showed that this fuck session was a special moment for him, as well.

Earlier, inside the diner, I had realized there was something special about Grizz. I had been struggling with the top of a ketchup bottle for a few minutes when out of nowhere this giant man-paw came over my shoulder and took the container from me. I turned to see what the massive hand was connected to and was instantly blown away. Sitting at the table behind me was the largest fur covered burly man I had ever seen. I know my mouth dropped open in shock and I let out a loud whimper of disbelief. The worn out flannel shirt the giant was wearing did nothing to hide the huge muscles poking out all over his body. The shirt was unbuttoned below the massive pecs – I think because the damn thing couldn’t be buttoned because of the huge chest – and the guy had on a white tank top with tufts of dark hair and half-dollar sized circles visible through the material. Heavy fur stuck out over the top of the material, as well. Massive biceps ballooned out to the guy’s sides and they looked powerful and super masculine – not like a fitness model or bodybuilder, more like an old time circus strongman. And then there was the beautiful power gut – the stomach of a man that eats a lot food and drinks a lot of beer, but still exercises his abdominals intensely. You could tell – even through the shirts, that the guy had the hard, ridged belly of a muscle bear. It was the kind of look I loved more than anything in the world. It was the kind of look that screamed raw power and demanded instant respect.

The big man placed two fingers on the cap of the bottle and easily twisted the thing off in one try. He then handed the bottle back to me without saying a word. I fumbled with some semblance of the phrase ‘thank you’ and continued to sit there – bottle in hands – staring at the guy. His bearded older face and his dark green eyes mesmerized me almost as much as his body did – but not quite. I didn’t move and he said nothing. There was suddenly a new sparkle in his eye and he signaled to the waitress – pointing to my plate, still full, and the three empty plates on his table. With me still aghast at what sat at the neighboring table, the big bear paid for my meal and his. When he stood up I dropped the ketchup bottle to the floor and it shattered, sending red sauce everywhere. I had to lean my head so far back to take in the giant that stood before me it had simply been too much for me to handle. I lost control of my body. The big man smiled at the waitress and she said something like ‘it happens every time, Grizz,” but I wasn’t sure. The big man didn’t say a word, he just nodded at the woman and she broke into a big smile. The colossal beast then turned back to me and jerked his head toward the door. I have no idea how I did anything, but I immediately realized what he was insinuating, no ordering, and I stood and walked toward the entrance. The big hand that shocked me earlier reached out and opened the door for me when I got there – the sign of a true gentleman. Once outside, I instantly knew which vehicle my muscled, ketchup-savior owned. It was huge, it was rough looking, and it was beautiful. I walked to it instinctively and I heard the heavy man thundering behind me. As I said earlier, a big hand basically lifted – no, tossed me into the cab of the vehicle and the rest is history. When the fucking was over and I had creamed all over the big man’s seat he spoke for the first time.

“Thanks. Taking you to my place.”

Without even waiting for a response or pulling up his pants, the muscled bear started the truck and pulled out of the parking lot. I was in such ecstasy from what had just plowed my tight ass that I lay there curled up on the seat and simply accepted the fact that I could in no way stop this man from doing anything he wanted. I gasped a little from pain, but mostly from the shock, when the big man’s forefinger found its way into my tender asshole. The big man wanted to continue playing with me as he drove. I realized then and there he viewed me as his toy, but even much more at the same time. He quickly brought me immense pleasure with his thick finger and my cock was fully hard again. I reached back without looking and was amazed when my own hand easily found his monster pole sticking straight up – as hard as cement. Plowing my ass with his finger was enough to get the guy’s huge sex motor running on overdrive again. We stayed intertwined this way until we reached his smallish farmhouse on the edge of town. The oversized man clearly had some money – he owned about seven acres and a refurbished two-bedroom comfy home. After putting the vehicle in park he removed his finger from my chute with a loud pop and then pulled up his pants before exiting the truck. I pulled my own pants up and then moved to a sitting position – just in time for my door to be opened by the big man and my small body to be scooped up into his huge arms. The behemoth carried me into the house and set me down in the middle of his large living room.

It was obvious the bear didn’t know what to do next. He had gone on gut instincts at the diner and knew he had to have me, but once we were at his place he was unsure of what he should do. I, however, was not unsure. I looked at the huge man and fully recognized I was in love. I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anyone in my entire life. I reached over and undid the button on his jeans. I then slowly undid the zipper and shoved the pants and the underwear down his giant thighs, not realizing it would be so hard to get the material even halfway across the expanse of his muscled upper legs. When my eyes feasted on the humongous thing that had been inside me earlier and that I had held in the truck as I recovered, I moaned in awe. The big man was packing a piece of meat that not only was huge beyond belief, but also was gorgeous as hell. I focused on the beautiful fat head of his cock – large and perfectly mushroom-shaped. I wasn’t much for looking at or drooling over cocks, I just loved them ramming inside of me, but this one was perfect. I knelt before the muscled god and reached up to pull his stiff cock down, noticing immediately how much resistance the thing gave my hands. I leaned in and kissed the mega head pulsing in front of me. The colossal man’s body turned into one big quivering mass, just the kind of response I was hoping for. His rod felt like the thick end of a baseball bat in my grasp. I stared at the long fat shaft and was again thrilled and amazed at what hung between this man’s legs and by the fact that I had taken the thing in my hole. A massive hand engulfed the entire back of my head and led me back to the purplish mushroom tip. This time I opened my mouth wide and let the giant thing slide into the welcoming slippery opening. I had always been a pro at cock sucking, but my champion skills were really put to the test with the monstrous thing that poked down my throat. I swallowed slowly and allowed the man’s member to snake into me deeper and deeper. I could tell by the man’s gasp and the way he held his breath that my abilities impressed him, as well as bringing him much satisfaction. His dick was the sward and my throat was the sheath where it nestled snuggly and with much pleasure. I really had no choice about accepting his entire manhood because the giant hand forced my head slowly down without any problem. I wouldn’t have been able to resist the powerful push even if I had wanted to. When my lips and nose nestled into the thick fur surrounding the base of his cock I was full of pride – as well as very shocked – that I had actually been able to swallow the whole thing. My pride wasn’t even close to the excitement my sucking talents caused in his body. The man of very few words found the strength to share his feelings – even if it was short on sentiment.

“Feels good.”

I needed no other encouragement. I realized that eliciting these two words from the gigantic bear equaled winning the lottery or having a parade thrown for me in the middle of New York City. I started sliding my mouth back and forth on his huge cock as I sucked harder than I ever had in my entire life. It didn’t take long to cause the enormous super-charged body of the big man to reach its limit. I suddenly heard what can only be compared to the roar of ten thousand people erupt into the room as the same kind of milky eruption shot forth from the log in my mouth. Suddenly, my throat was full of hot semen and I instinctively swallowed quickly, even as I continued to pump my head up and down. The hot massive body above me shook violently as the bear continued to scream in ecstatic bliss. This orgasm lasted as long as the one earlier in the truck. I thought my insides would burst from being too full. The giant was clearly a cum factory and I caused production to go into overload mode. As soon as the gushing flow of jism turned into just a steady dribble the big beast bent down, grabbed my small body in his large hands, pulled me away from his still-hard rod, and tossed my body into the air, allowing me to fall onto his shoulder. The air was knocked out of my lungs when my stomach hit his hard muscle. I had no idea at the time that this would become an almost daily occurrence. I was quickly whisked into the large master bedroom in the back of the house and tossed onto the bed. Grizz knelt on the bed and then brought his head down to my stiff rod, pulling me into his eager mouth. It took about four deep-throated sucks to make me explode. My back arched off the bed as the big man continued to swallow my dick and caused me to ejaculate harder than ever before. My body was finally completely dry and Grizz released my cock and then plopped down on the big bed beside me. I was still breathing very hard and he continued to lick his lips loudly and purr like a kitten. It took me a good five minutes to calm down enough to breathe normal. The massive man was waiting for me to recover and I sensed he wanted to say something.

“Marry me.”

“What? No. We just met.”

“Marry me.”

I got the feeling it wasn’t exactly a proposal – it was more like an order. I knew I had the ability to turn him down – the man wasn’t forcing me into anything – but I also knew his self confidence allowed him to skip the traditional “popping the question” and instead he simply told me what to do. Suddenly, I pictured a hulking Neanderthal man carrying a big club and dragging his mate to his cave. The wild thing was that this vision did not make me nervous at all – it actually turned me on. I knew, even in just the short time we had known each other that the man was not a guy who would say things he didn’t mean. He was a giant of few words. I also, instinctively, knew he was genuine as hell. He probably still sealed deals with just a handshake. I can’t tell you everything that went through my head but I can tell you that I sensed – from the tip of my toes to the hair on my head – that I would never receive an offer like this again in my entire life. This beautiful furry titan was everything I would ever want or need in a man. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, but I quickly changed my tune.

“I don’t even know your name.”

“People call me Grizz.”

I didn’t laugh and I didn’t even smile. It was a name that fit the giant bear perfectly. It was also clearly a sign that this guy was all man – his hugeness being compared to a ferocious beast. I accepted his obvious alpha status as fact and I sensed that he wanted me as his husband more than anything in the world. It was simply our destiny to be together. I knew this deeply in every part of my body. I turned to the beautiful humongous Grizz beside me and changed my life forever with four words.

“Yes, I’ll marry you.”

If you have never seen a superman smile with abandon or heard a monstrous beast emit a cry of utter joy, then there is no way you can understand how my answer pleased Grizz. Watching the big man shake with happiness beyond compare made my cock shoot hard immediately. I was a little caught off guard when the massive man jumped off the bed, threw on his clothes, pulled my body off the bed and dressed me in my pants and one of his t-shirts and then carried me to the truck. We drove to the town hall and I watched him give the clerk, a guy he obviously knew, a handful of money and flirt with him blatantly in order for us to be given a certificate of marriage. Before I even knew what was happening we were saying ‘I do’ in front of a judge and Grizz was bending a small thick piece of metal around my finger and then his. We had hot man-on-man sex in the truck outside of City Hall and then again when we got back to his house. The rest, as they say, is history.

Suddenly, I was back with Grizz at his truck and he was still abusing my nips as he held me in the air like I was nothing – his cock teasing my ass even through our pants. I instantly remembered why I married the guy – because he could fulfill all of my dreams and fantasies. The huge man seemed super human. My ass was resting on his giant cock, his massive hands were holding me up off the ground and massaging my sensitive nipples at the same time, and I was turned on beyond belief with the beautiful man’s confident advances. Grizz was my husband and I would have it no other way. We were made for each other – the huge muscle-bound, fur-covered bear and the young lightweight worshipper that adored everything about the behemoth he had married. I could tell my big husband was slowly working his way into one of his well-known sexual trances. His fingers were gripping my nipples harder and he was pressing my body down on his cock even more, while we both still had pants on. The man was using my ass as a toy for his hard dick – intensifying his pleasure with my body. Of course, at the same time, he created even much more satisfaction for me. One of his giant hands moved down my torso and slid beyond my waistline into my underwear. Grizz grabbed my hard shaft and the two balls with his giant paw, squeezing hard enough to make me cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. This only egged the big man on even more. He started fondling me roughly and continued to squeeze my family jewels as if he were trying to force cum out of me by milking me like a cow. Meanwhile, his other arm held me against his body tightly and he abused my nipple even more. At the same time he said the words that he always said when we entered into a moment of sexual intimacy. He said it quickly and almost in a whisper, but the words had so much power and feeling that it always caused me to tear up. The man meant every word he said and this knowledge made me complete.

“I love you.”

There was only response I could possibly give.

“I love you, too, Grizz.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Really powerful and beautiful and hot... kinda like Grizz himself! :3

Of course you know I adore this story and hope that Grizz and his husband continue to "pop up" in the future.
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