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Spice Part 43

by Mad Dog and Mr. X

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The next morning, Phil awoke slowly, still groggy from the nights revelry. As was so often the case, his big cock was painfully hard, tenting up under the sheets magnificently. He vaguely remembered the competition, the fall out with his uncle over Brick, and the party after the competition. He yawned, and stretched out his big arms. He felt heavier, somehow, more solid. He reached down to scratch his big balls, and was surprised when his hand just brushed across a huge thigh. He reached over further, his knuckles brushing against his rock hard rod, his pec bunching up more than usual. He stood up slowly, bleary-eyed, and stumbled across the room to his dresser, hard cock leading the way. His thighs rubbed together, and he found himself adjusting his walk slightly. Mumbling wordlessly, he grabbed a pair of briefs and pulled them on. It was a bit awkward, for some reason, and as he pulled them up, they felt uncharacteristically tight. He grunted as he felt the seams around the legs pop, bursting open around his huge quads. They must've shrunk in the wash, he thought to himself. He looked up at the mirror. His muscles were thicker than before. Much thicker.

He turned to the side and saw the massive overhang of his pecs over his cobbled abs, both stubbled heavily, eager to regrow the boy's carpet of manly fur. Puzzled, Phil decided to look down only to have his jaw almost collide with his chest. It was difficult to even perform the motion, due to the counterweight of his thick trapezius muscles attached to his neck, mounded up to his ears. He looked back in the mirror and stepped to the front again. His lats looked insane. Enormous, sweeping formations of muscle that splayed his arms out at an awkward angle. He felt his chest itch a bit with the annoying stubble and attempted to scratch it, but his bloated biceps mashed against the side of his overfull pecs and impeded the motion.

His eyes widened a bit, watching his reflection in the mirror. He had been big at the competition, but his muscles hadn't been so big, so in the way. He needed a bigger mirror, he thought to himself. So he could see what was really going on. He looked around for a pair of shorts, and spied some old workout shorts, off to the side. He had forgotten to add them to the wash after his workout, but he didn't think of that now. He just pulled them on, noting the way they stretched around his huge legs and mighty glutes. He didn't bother with a shirt. Rather, he left the room, his huge shoulders brushing against either side of the doorframe, and headed down the hall toward the bathroom. There was a full-length mirror on one of the walls there. He'd posed in front of it enough times, practicing for the competition. He had to see what was going on.

The first thing he saw when he waddled up to the mirror was the havoc that his junk was creating in the shorts. Even behind his underwear and the shorts, it was clear he was hung like a donkey... or even more. The basket at his crotch was massive and full and heavy. He could feel the weight hanging from his crotch, even with the support of the material. He wasn't even fully hard, just a morning chub. Jesus, did everyone get hit by puberty like this? He saw his thighs as well and it was obvious why he had had trouble adjusting his gait; there was precious little space left for his thighs to go to! He turned to the side and saw his enormous glutes lifted up on top of his hamstrings, full and tight and gloriously mounded.

Further up, his waist was powerful, but not huge - at least, not when compared to the rest of his torso. The side shot showed just how dramatically he had grown: his pecs jutted out freakily, thick and heavy, hanging ponderously off his ribcage, meaty nipples pointing at a downward angle. His back was massively thick, leading up to brutal traps. Even hanging at rest, his arms and shoulders were huge, every muscle thick and powerful, fighting for space. He bent his arm, causing his huge biceps to push out, even without much effort on his part. He tensed it, watching it push out further, veins becoming more prominent along it. He straightened his arm again, tensing his triceps, which quickly became a monstrous horseshoe, striations running along its insane mass. Phil turned back to face the mirror, bringing up his arms, just like he had done so many times in the past weeks, assuming a classic double bi pose. His arms exploded, bigger and freakier than they had been before, his lats flaring out more dramatically than ever. His head swam just looking at it, his scruffy face a mask of shock. He looked about as tall as he had been before, a solid five foot eleven. But clearly, he was a much bigger man than he had been the day before.

He didn't know what to make of it, but there clearly wasn't anything he could do about it. He thought about putting on a shirt, but then realized with the abundance of pectoral meat he had seemed to have put on, he likely didn't own much of anything that could comfortably fit over him, aside from maybe very, very baggy sweatshirts. So it was shirtless that he sauntered down to breakfast, a few other men sleeping on couches from the party, too tired or wasted to go home safely.

Peter and Colin were in the kitchen, Colin cooking up some eggs while Peter was reading the paper. Hearing footsteps lumbering across the tile, Colin turned to greet whoever it turned out to be and promptly forgot what he was going to say when he gazed upon Phil. After several awkward moments of silence, he sputtered, "Well, if I had been the judge I'm not sure I'd have been able to give first place to anyone else!" he nervously chuckled.

Phil was momentarily surprised by Colin's comment, but quickly broke into a grin. "Thanks," the newly-larger young stud replied. "But they did give me third. And you have to admit, Brandon looked amazing, even if he wasn't as big as me." He then added with a laugh, "Or Dan, of course. Dan's gigantic!" He moved toward the table, and slowly sat down in one of the chairs, glad that Peter had been able to procure reinforced furniture - a necessity in the Stockwell household. Peter looked up from the paper, one eyebrow raised quizzically as he looked at Phil, noting his young nephew's shirtless magnificence. While Phil wasn't nearly as massive as Peter, or even Colin for that matter, his muscles were so thick that they looked even bigger, packed on his shorter frame. Proportionally, Phil had the biggest muscles in the kitchen.

"Good thing I made a lot of eggs," Colin chuckled, heaping the protein rich breakfast onto plates and carrying them over to the table.

Peter put down the paper and dug into his eggs with the gusto of a man with over 550 lbs of muscle to feed. Indeed, he had grown again after the night's festivities and had to be closer to 600 lbs of vascular brawn. After several minutes of both he and Phil eating their meal, Peter cleared his throat. "I... I said some harsh things yesterday," he gruffly said, not looking at his plate but clearly addressing his nephew.

Phil stiffened for a moment, his thick muscles bunching up as tension built in him, hearing the subject revived. But then he heard something under Peter's gruff tone. Reconsideration? Phil remained silent, putting down his fork, looking up at his hulking uncle. Peter ate a few more bites, his eyes on the eggs, and then put his fork down as well, a heavy sigh coming from his huge body. Colin stood up, and walked behind his huge lover, putting a reassuring hand on one of Peter's monstrous shoulders.

"Phil," Peter explained, "I was out of line, yesterday. I... I guess I need to explain. I was overprotective. I still remember how you came to us, shivering wet, cold, alone. And I think when I saw how sad and alone you were, it fired me up. It made me angry, to be blunt, and right then, I decided that I was going to protect you." Peter paused, and looked up at Phil, looking his hulking young nephew directly in the eyes. "But you've changed, Phil. You're not that skinny little boy any more. You're now quite the man, strong enough to stand on your own feet. Not to mention, I can't begin to imagine what you bench!" Peter grinned a bit at the last part, and Phil couldn't help but grin back. Peter finished, "So, Phil, I want to apologize to you, and to Brick, I suppose. I think you're old enough to make some decisions. And if you choose Brick, well, I hope it's a good one; you'll learn from it either way. Just promise me that you'll be careful, okay?"

Colin smiled hearing his lover and fiancée come clean like this. He, too, had grown from the festivities, more or less Peter's equal in size. Peter had actually woke him up the night before, upset over how he had left things with Phil. Colin pointed out to him that there was an even larger age gap between himself and Peter than between Phil and Brick. That had given the head of the Stockwell household a lot to chew on, it seemed.

Phil grinned at both men, and put one meaty hand out to shake. Peter took it, and uncle and nephew shared a grin. "Thanks, uncle Peter," Phil said happily, "and you too, uncle Colin." Phil gave the latter a quick wink, making Colin laugh. The shake ended, and Colin resumed his seat, and the three men dug into the rest of their eggs, fueling up their huge bodies for the morning. As they were finishing up, Dan and Brandon came down the stairs, their deep voices light with amusement as they discussed something or the other. Brandon looked fantastic, 360 pounds of perfectly-proportioned muscle; his tight clothes just accentuated his perfection. Dan loomed over him, 800 massive pounds, squeezed into clothes that clearly no longer fit. Phil gave a low whistle, watching them walk down the stairs and Colin gave him a chiding nudge, although the young man was grinning when he did it. Phil couldn't believe that Dan had actually gotten bigger, and as fantastic as Brandon had looked yesterday, he clearly surpassed it today!

When Dan finally took his lovesick gaze off of Brandon to acknowledge the other people in the room, he froze when he saw Phil. SHIT, he thought. SHIT, SHIT SHIT! Where had Phil gotten the spice? He thought he'd been so careful keeping Phil away from the spiced meat. Clearly he'd gotten to it despite Dan's best intentions and had swelled in size again... but not in height. The level of muscularity Phil displayed on his frame was still greater than what Dan looked like he was carrying around! "M-Mornin', Phil," he said, trying to act casual.

"Morning, Dan," Phil replied. "And you too, Brandon. How's the bodybuilding champ, this morning?" He grinned, folding his arms in front of his chest - or rather, trying to. His arms had gotten so big, and his chest so broad and thick, that on his first try, it had all gotten a bit awkward, muscle colliding with muscle. He had to lift his arms a bit more, push them out further before bringing them back in, in order to cross his arms like he had planned. A casual gesture had become something else, and Phil's cheeks reddened. Dan, on the other hand, seemed to be turning paler, and Brandon just stared in confusion at Phil's sudden gracelessness. Yet when his arms were finally in place, the effect was dramatic, rather than casual; Phil's pecs pressed together and outward, huge masses of muscle, thick and strong. It looked amazing, even as it worried Dan, seeing how Phil's height growth seemed to have stopped. As Dan looked a bit further down, he saw the monster that was packed into Phil's shorts, between the huge thighs - clearly, height was the only growth that had ceased. If anything, it looked like Phil's crotch was growing at a greater rate to compensate!

"He's tired and in need of sustenance from last night's debauchery," Dan quickly said, trying to push the focus of the room past Phil's utterly humongous gain of muscle. "And I'm the same way," he said, forcing a grin on his face and laying one gigantic arm over his beau's wide shoulders.

Now it was Brandon's turn to blush, as he thought back to the night he and Dan had spent together. As Dan's monstrous arm draped over his shoulders, Brandon blushed furiously, seeing the smiles around him. But there was no mockery in any of them, and his mood lifted, and he gave them a smile of his own. He even reached back, shoved a hand down the elastic of Dan's sweatpants, and have the huge hulk's ass a forceful squeeze. He was gratified to feel Dan jump slightly, and Brandon's grin widened as he gave Dan's big glute another squeeze, and the bulge in the front of Dan's pants shuddered and swelled slightly. Brandon pulled his hand up, and brought it around Dan's powerful waist, holding his huge boyfriend in a slightly less sensual place. "Good morning, everybody," Brandon chuckled.

"Boys," Peter nodded, acknowledging the two mighty men taking up yet more space in the kitchen. And there were still others likely to be roused by the delicious smells coming from the kitchen. "I think I'll give you a break and whip up some more breakfast for the others. Can't let you think you're the wife around here," he playfully grunted at Colin, giving him a kiss before snatching the chef's apron from him, tying it around his tight waist and cracking more eggs over the pan on the stove.

Colin grinned as he was relieved of the apron and cooking duties. As Peter began to make more eggs, Colin moved up behind him, resting his thick chest against his lover's huge back, his powerful arms coming around to hug Peter, his packed crotch gently pushing against the older man's fantastic ass. "Thanks big man," Colin purred playfully, "I love a man who knows his way around the kitchen..." The younger stud chuckled, and moved back, giving Peter space to cook. "I think I'm going to clean up the back, a bit. I'm pretty sure there were some shenanigans in the hot tub, last night." He grinned as he exited the kitchen, leaving Phil, Brandon, and Dan alone with Peter.

"I, uh, see you still have a pump from yesterday," Dan said, attempting to give Phil an explanation for the inexplicable body he now inhabited.

Phil was taken aback, and he looked down at his huge chest, jutting proudly from his torso, thicker than he ever remembered it. "Um, yeah, I guess... wicked pumped!" he said at last, with more conviction than he felt. "You two look like you still got some pump going on too... especially you, Brandon! No wonder you took first!" Phil was looking them both up and down, his eyes taking them in critically for the first time, the gears in his mind turning, turning. "In fact, it looks like everybody has a great pump still! It's like under the lights of the competition, I didn't realize just how pumped up everyone was - not even me!" Phil grinned, but his mind wasn't buying what his mouth was saying. Something was up here, he just knew it.

The rest of breakfast was strained as he saw a few men that had stayed over filter in to get their own helping of breakfast, each one of them looking like a good night's rest had flattered their figure, all their muscles looking bigger, tighter, more vascular, even their baskets looked bigger than Phil remembered. (With Brick having been excluded, he'd had quite a hard time controlling his libido and had surveyed the prospects quite intently throughout the evening.) Deciding that perhaps the fresh winter air would clear his mind and help things make sense, he put on what had previously been a circus tent of a sweat shirt that now was just able to fit his mighty chest inside of it as well as accommodate his monstrous arms. He had almost had to cry out for someone's help to pull it over his head!

Phil strutted out a side door, still getting used to his new gait, as his huge legs fought one another for dominant position. His donkey dick swelled slightly from the stimulation, and he was glad for the cold that greeted him outdoors. He shivered slightly, but found that the air was refreshing, brisk and cold. He looked around the large yard, much of it in a natural state still, curls of mist leaving his mouth with every breath. He lifted his big arms, swinging them back and forth, working a bit of heat into his huge muscles. As he stood, he looked out at the distant woods, for a moment contemplating his life. What a difference! Gone was the small, weak, frightened Phil of old. Now he was a big man, with a sexy boyfriend (with a mohawk no less!) and strength to spare. Third place in a teenage bodybuilding competition - not bad! Yet it was all so strange too... As he stood outside, on the rough deck, he heard the door open behind him. Dan was coming out, heaping plate of food giving off steam as his huge cousin dug in, eating heartily.

Dan noticed his cousin looking at him and stopped stuffing his mouth long enough to ask him, "You want some?" It was muffled a bit by the food he was in the midst of chewing on, but he figured Phil could understand him.

Phil looked up, and then grinned. "Nah, I'm good. I already had some. Your dad and I talked over it, actually. He's loosened up a bit on Brick, like you thought he might. Figures I'm big enough that he doesn't have to protect me quite that much." Phil chuckled softly. Now that Peter had relented, the overprotectiveness was almost endearing. Phil's grin narrowed though, as his mind turned back to what he had been thinking about. "But you know, that's kind of the thing. I mean, I'm big, you know? Real big. Not as big as you, obviously..." Phil chuckled, looking up at Dan, stuffed into clothes one size too small, seemingly oblivious to the cold. "But, I mean, there's something weird about it... Ever since I started hitting the gym with you guys, well, I've been reading up more... All those books on weightlifting, bodybuilding, all that stuff. And, well, people don't usually grow like this! Not this big, this fast! Not even with steroids... this is different." Phil looked out at the distant woods again, momentarily silent while he thought. After a minute, he spoke up again. "Is there something wrong with us, Dan? Something in the water? The air? Some disease? I know I wasn't this big, yesterday. Not even pumped. I looked in the mirror. And well, it's getting a bit harder to move, you know? Like, my muscles are so thick now, they bump into each other... way more than they used to."

"Oh, uh, well..." Dan stammered, looking away guiltily. Was Phil trying to tell him that he was too big? But how could any of this be my fault? Dan thought to himself. You didn't intend for him to get any spice last night! But something about that defensive line of thinking rang hollow.

"I used to think maybe it was a genetic thing. You know, the Stockwell's special mutation, or something. But that doesn't explain Colin. Or any of these other guys! I saw an old picture of Mr. Hoffer, the other day. He used to be pretty thin! Nothing like the huge dude he is now!" Phil began pacing back and forth, still thinking. He looked up, and saw the odd expression on Dan's face. Was it... guilt? "You know something..." Phil said quietly, suddenly certain. The subtle shift in Dan's face confirmed it. The way Dan's huge body stiffened at Phil's words. Dan did know something. Phil was sure of it. "Dan, what's going on?"

"Phil, I..." Dan started to deny the accusation, but when he saw the look on his cousin's face, he couldn't do it. "I... I didn't do any of this to hurt anyone," he said, starting to admit his part in the situation.

"You... you didn't do WHAT to hurt anyone?" Phil asked, his voice rising a bit. "You didn't do WHAT, Dan!" He stepped forward. Although Dan was nearly twice Phil's size, the sudden shift in attitude from his once-scrawny cousin was noticeable. Phil had smelled blood, and he wasn't going to let up until he had it.

"Y-You don't have to worry about it, I won't do it anymore!" Dan sputtered, retreating from the aggressive ball of muscle in front of him. He still was afraid of what could happen if anyone else knew about the spice.

"You won't do WHAT anymore?!" Phil growled, bristling now, increasingly angry at Dan. "What did you do to us!? What did you do to me!?" Phil was quivering now, starting to boil over as Dan deflected, angry at the secret, whatever it was, and worried that Dan seemed so determined to keep it secret. "You will tell me everything," Phil snarled, his voice more menacing than any sound Dan had ever heard from him. Phil didn't make any threats. He didn't look ready to deck Dan, or to go in to Peter or the others. But it was clear that he expected answers, and wasn't going to wait much longer for Dan to talk.

"I... I gave you and everyone else something to help you grow," Dan admitted finally, shoulders slumping in shame.

"You... you gave us something... Dan..." Phil's eyes were wide, even though at this point, it was more or less the answer he suspected. Yet he still didn't understand. "What? What did you give us? Dan, I must've gained fifty pounds between last night and this morning! That's not possible! I mean, I've read up on steroids... they just don't work that fast!" Phil's voice softened, and he put a comforting hand on one of Dan's immense arms. "It's okay, big guy. I'm sure you meant well. I'm not complaining about being big!" Phil chuckled, and tensed up his big pecs under the sweatshirt. The thick fabric visibly stretched across them, thinning as it struggled to contain their thick mass. "I like being buff, Dan, and so does everybody else... but what are you giving us? Dan, I need to know... I... I don't know if I can get much bigger, Dan. I'm so thick now, it's getting harder to move. And have you seen me walk this morning!" Phil chuckled. "So yeah, I love being big, and buff, and strong as hell. But I think I'm done growing. I don't want to be so big I can't move anymore!" He squeezed Dan's huge arm affectionately, trying to reassure his massive cousin.

"It's this spice stuff that got sent to me by mistake. I don't know how it does it, but it makes guys grow big and buff and hung. I didn't mean for you to get this big, but something weird's happening. Usually guys get taller, too, and it all balances out but you haven't gotten taller in a while now and I've been trying to keep from spicing you like keeping you away from the chicken I spiced last night, but you must've got some anyways. Oh shit, Phil, I'm so sorry," Dan blurted out, starting to tear up. He'd kept a lot inside this whole time.

"Hey hey hey..." Phil said quickly, reaching up, putting his hand against Dan's cheek, looking up at his cousin reassuringly. "It's okay man. I was real hungry last night. Well, and probably eating because Brick wasn't there..." he chuckled softly at that. "Now that I know, I can avoid stuff with this spice in it. Just show me where it is, let me smell it, and I'll make sure not to add it to lunch by mistake. And if you decide to put spice into food, just let me know, so I can steer clear." Phil smiled up at Dan, and then leaned in, putting his arms around Dan's monstrous body, giving the huge hulk a brotherly hug. "I'm not mad at you, Dan. I love being buff. I just need to stop growing now," Phil assured him. "And I'm glad you came clean with him. It's easier to keep a secret like that if you've got that one reliable person to share it with."

"Oh, Phil, thanks for understanding," Dan sniffed, squeezing his cousin back, knowing that the teen's muscular body could stand up to at least a portion of his immense strength. "For what it's worth, you look like a total monster... and I mean that in a good way!" he chuckled.

Phil laughed back, and returned Dan's squeeze. Phil squeezed hard though, knowing that Dan's massive body could take it. "I'm a monster in the family way, Dan. Wouldn't have it any other way!" He laughed, and squeezed Dan hard, then let go. Phil stepped back, taking a deep breath of crisp winter air. "Glad we got that settled, Dan. I think that's a load off both of our minds. And really, we should probably ease off the spice a bit anyway. I saw how Mr. Hoffer was last night - the man is so horny its crazy!" Phil laughed, remembering how forward Hoffer had been the night before when interacting with Dan and various guests. "Now though, I've got to think what to do next. Take this big bod to the gym? Or take it to see Brick?" Phil's grin was broad, yet adorable on his scruffy face, despite the lecherous cast to his statement about Brick.

"Maybe tell Brick the good news about being out of the Stockwell doghouse," Dan advised him with a wink and a strong slap on the back. And what a strong back it was.

Phil's broad grin turned into a laugh as Dan good-naturedly hit his thick back. "Brick it is, then. Thanks, Dan. That would have been my choice too, now that I think about it." He brought his big hands together and cracked his knuckles. "Now, where to give him the good news... my bed or his? Might be fun to bring him here, make a huge racket - kind of like you and Brandon last night..." Phil gave Dan a friendly nudge, his strong arm pushing against Dan's rock hard, stone-like stomach. "Or maybe I should go over to his place, where we can really let loose..." Phil's laugh returned, and it was clear that the shorts he was wearing were having a harder and harder time hiding his excitement. No matter where he told Brick the good news, Dan was beginning to wonder whether Brick would be able to handle Phil's impressive new endowments.

Well just take it easy on him when you do. You've got a loaded bazooka in there," he warned his cousin, reaching down to pat the bulging burden protruding in Phil's shorts.

Phil blushed, but his cock just hardened at Dan's touch, swelling outward, thickening dramatically. It was starting to pull the elastic of the workout shorts away from Phil's muscled stomach. He let out a groaning chuckle, pulling his shorts up slightly to compensate. "Careful Dan, that thing's on a hair-trigger..." He paused, considering the impressive girth of his tool. "Gosh, I hope Brick can still take it... I've had so much fun with him... Although you know, for someone who's un-spiced, he has a truly porn-worthy cock..." Phil cocked his head toward Dan. "You, uh, didn't actually spice Brick, did you? I mean, he's got some muscle under that chub, and a fantastic big dick, but he doesn't look like the other spice guys, if you know what I mean..."

"Nah, Brick's all-natural. You got quite a catch," Dan winked. "And so does he! You might be a little more muscle than he bargained for, but I don't think he'll complain, do you?"

"Are you kidding?" Phil laughed, "Brick loves my pecs! And damn do I love the things he does to 'em..." Phil's cheeks reddened, but his grin remained on his face. His crotch remained swollen too, and seemed to stretch a bit further. "Likes all my bod, really... Loves to give me nice, deep massages... damn he's good at that. I'm learning to return the favor... Last time, I got a happy sigh from him, hitting a few spots on his back and glutes..." Phil's grin took on an embarrassed cast, as he looked down, and saw that he was quite obviously erect under his shorts, the fabric struggling to keep his cock under control. And it was a struggle, as his organ had become quite epic, especially compared to his height. "Damn. Got to get this thing under control..."

"You might be well past trying to keep yourself under control, cousin. Sorry about that," Dan chuckled, giving Phil a clap on his thick deltoid. "The best you might be able to do is aim it correctly."

"Damn..." Phil groaned, but his grin betrayed him. "I don't think a shower is going to fix this bad boy... I think I may just head over to Brick's... it's a bit far, but not too bad... heck, maybe I should just run there! Give this thing a chance to settle down... Or get arrested for public indecency, if it doesn't!" Phil laughed, and tried to reach down to cover his prominent tent with his hand, and found it rather awkward, due to the way he had to twist his torso so that he could get around his huge pecs. "Or maybe he should just come over here... pick me up for a date..." Phil grinned broadly, and gave up trying to hide the erection that threatened to tear his shorts off of his huge legs. "Gimme your phone, Dan. Mine's upstairs."

"Never let it be said I don't do anything for you," Dan chided, taking his smartphone out of his pocket and handing it to his cousin.

Phil laughed, taking the phone. "I would never say that. Of course, I wouldn't tell people everything you've done for me, either. Since that would involve, you know... the stuff." Phil grinned impishly, as he typed in Brick's number. Moments later, he was chatting amiably with his love, telling him that the ban on their relationship was already over. The conversation degenerated into innuendo from there, as Phil made numerous lascivious comments that simply aren't made in polite society. Laughing, he ended the call, and handed the phone back to Dan. "Brick is going to be here in ten minutes. I told him to go straight up to my room. I don't think I can wait much longer than that!"

"That gives me enough time to find the earplugs," Dan joked as he went inside. He was glad things were okay between him and his cousin again. And especially that now he didn't have to keep his secret from him anymore. Aside from Brandon, Phil was the closest person to him and to feel that relationship in jeopardy had almost been too much for him.

Phil stood out on the deck a few minutes longer, looking up at the sky, watching a few clouds go by. Everything was right with the world right now, and he wanted to enjoy the moment. Dan had explained the previously-inexplicable growth, Peter had given his blessing for Phil to date, and Brick was coming over in ten minutes to make the most of the reprieve. After five minutes, Phil went inside, carefully maneuvering past everyone, trying not to be too obvious about the huge boner in his pants. While he was able to smuggle it past most people, there were a few raised eyebrows as several guests spotted it. Phil hurried up the stairs, taking two at a time, racing to his room to wait for his sexy musclechub to arrive.
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I hope Phil understands that he needs more of the Spice, they all need more of the stuff, heck WE need them to need more

Awesome chapter, as usual!
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Thanks for taking the time to comment! This is as far as I've written, so for once I don't know for 100% certain what will happen next, but I'm excited to find out!
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Am I the only one who hopes that Brick gets some spice when he comes over to play with Phil and turns into an even bigger chunky musclebear? =)
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brilliant!!! I've been waiting so long for Dan to grow again. I just remembered Dan exbf who shared the spice at first in the story, I wonder if he'll reapear again....
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Originally Posted by muscl4life View Post
I hope Phil understands that he needs more of the Spice, they all need more of the stuff, heck WE need them to need more

Awesome chapter, as usual!

This! Unless, you know, accidents happen and all that...
"There are more ways than walkers, more dreams than dreamers, more love than lovers."

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Whatever happened to Dan and Brandon, and Phil, et al?
Such a hot story.
Wouldn't mind seeing it revived....
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That would require my writing partner to be a little more active online. :3

But rest assured, it's not dead. Just on hiatus. I'm saving up until I have enough to put together another complete chapter.

Also, I'm flummoxed by the ratings system for threads. Oh well!
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