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Mr. Gaw - Senior Muscleman

[A sequel to "A Big Helping Hand," but be forewarned that it is pure superhero fantasy created to please a patient friend. Proceed only if senior daddies doing mind boggling things with their muscles is your kind of thing. I also know the paragraphs are intense, but I couldn't break it up any more.]

It had been three months since I had started dropping by Mr. Gaw’s house with meals – well, that’s what I told myself. I really came to worship the senior man’s muscles and to have him show off his strength. The giant gramps had rocked my world in so many ways that I was kind of out of control when it came to my lust for the man. I tended to drop by every day for a muscle groping session and getting my rocks off to his humongous body and strength. It seemed that the big man never tired of my adoration. He even said that I was the best “Meals on Wheels” volunteer he had ever seen. He usually said this as he was plowing my mouth or ass, though, so I wasn’t so sure my volunteer skills were what he was complimenting. I had never met a man so huge or so strong. He blew my mind in every possible way, which actually caused me to blow my wad in every way possible. He started calling me ‘squirt’ because he said my tiny body had probably been formed from just a small squirt of my dad’s cum, where his massiveness was clearly created from an entire powerful full-load orgasm of his giant papa bear father. I assumed what he said was correct since he outweighed me by hundreds of pounds and he was over eighty years old. I dropped by one Saturday afternoon and had not intention of getting the surprise of my life. The front door was open when I arrived. I shouted through the screen to alert the huge man that I was there.

“Mr. Gaw, sir, . . . it’s me, Kevin.”

“Hey squirt, come on in. I’ve got a surprise for you. I’m in the back room.”

Hearing that he was in the back room, what he usually called the playroom, got me super excited. This had been the first room I met him in – where I had been introduced to all the magnificence of Mr. Gaw. I also loved this room because it held some big playthings for the giant to use to work out or show off. I had planned on being very excited that vist – but nothing could have adequately prepared me for what I saw when I entered. There in the middle of the workout area was Mr. Gaw – the senior muscledaddy of all time – standing with his muscled arms out to his side with his hands on his hips, looking like a superhero. But the more incredible thing was that he was dressed like an erotic dream crime fighter, too. The huge man was wearing a silver Lone Ranger-like mask, a matching shiny pair of posers that hid nothing, and some tight silver boots that came up over his huge bulging thighs. I was so overwhelmed by the view that I simply stopped in my tracks and let out a loud gasping moan. Jack Gaw’s thunderous laugh at my response filled the room.

“I figured you’d like my new uniform, squirt. I got a gander at some of the doodling you’ve been doing in that notebook of yours and quickly saw that you have a thing for giant silver haired superheroes or villains – it all depends on what kind of mood I’m in, right?”

“Mr. Gaw, you look unbelievable!”

“I bet you say that to all the heavily muscled senior colossus men you know, don’t you Kevin? Oh wait, you only know one, right – and that’s me. You like how these posers do nothing to hide my enormous package? As a matter of fact, I think it kind of highlights my big schlong nicely, doesn’t it boy?”

“Yes sir.”

“I thought it would be more fun to watch gramps show off if he were dressed this way and I can tell by the way your crotch area is tenting up that I was right. I also figured it would be stupid to cover up all these magnificent muscles with some stupid lycra outfit. Why have a body of senior bulging steel and not show it off, right? If superheroes dressed like this all the time I doubt there’d be one bad guy left on earth – everyone would be able to see the fucking power that the each - dude possessed and they’d choose to stick to the straight and narrow, right? I bet I could walk into the middle of a dangerous bank robbery and guys would surrender just because I bounced these gigantic slabs of pec meat a few times – they’d be too scared about what my body could do to them. Even if they didn’t it would only take your super gramps a few seconds to round up the ten guys and deliver their mangled bodies to the police. It would also take a few hours for the cops to untangle the jumbled mess of arms and legs I so easily intertwined as I apprehended the men. Yeah, the twitching in your pants tells me you like that vision, don’t you, squirt? You love the idea of this big papa hoss taking on ten men.”

“Yes sir.”

“Man, it’s so fucking hot how I’ve been able to improve your manners so much in only a few short months, Kevin. You couldn’t answer me now without saying ‘sir’ even if your life depended on it. There’s no way on earth you wouldn’t offer this big muscled senior citizen the respect he deserves and that pleases your friend, Mr. Gaw, a lot. I’ve got you trained like some kind of adoring puppy. It didn’t take you long to realize that my size and my power just automatically demand your obedience. You like showing this humongous gramps some respect don’t you, squirt?”

“More than anything in the world, sir.”

“And it’s all because you hope I’ll do something like this.”

The enormous man raised his right arm into a biceps flex and grunted loudly as he forced the giant mound on top to bulge into the air thicker than any arm I could have ever imagined. It was definitely the arm of a super sized muscled superhero. I had worshipped this man for months, but the sight of any part of his body being tensed could still shock the hell out of me. The man was twice my age and his muscles put mine to shame. I was maybe a third of his size and would never even come close to equaling a fraction of the super grampa strength in his body. I stared as the bulging biceps rose even higher in the air when the big man flexed harder.

“I can smell the lust oozing out of every pore on your body, little squirt. Your entire being stinks to high heaven of desire for this Senior Muscleman. I got you so well trained that one little flex of my massive gun brings you to the brink of spurting buckets of cum. Yeah, you like my superhero name, don’t you, squirt? I can see in your eyes that you do. You can just call me SM for short. I chose the name on purpose – Senior Muscleman. It’s fun to see guys slowly grasp just how old I am when I’m doing feats of strength that they’ll never even come close to performing and some of them are a fourth of my age. No one expects a fucking hulking titan like me to be over eighty years old. That’s the problem with kids today; they don’t show their elders the proper respect. Just cause I’m old doesn’t mean I have to be feeble. Hell, I think you’re the feeble one, squirt. Your legs are wobbling pretty hard right now; I can see ‘em shaking. Oh, is it because of this freaking huge arm? Yeah, I thought so. I forget sometimes how much of a horny muscle lover you are, boy. Your little body just can’t help but get over-stimulated when you get this close to a power-packed hard physique, can it? And the fact that this bulging mass of hot flexed steel belongs to such an older man makes you go ga-ga even more. You like your Senior Muscleman a lot, don’t you, squirt.”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, I think it’s time we had a little fun, boy. Senior Muscleman wants to show off for his little sidekick. Damn, look how that thought made you shiver like a tiny child. You love the idea of being this big man’s tiny helper. You’re a devoted squirt, that’s for sure. I think my tiny little costume is only going to increase your pleasure. Let’s go out and play!”

My new silver-haired superhero turned and walked toward the doorway that led to the back yard. I found it a little painful to walk; since my cock was so hard, but there was no way I was going to miss the show. I had to run to keep up with the long legged, energetic Mr. Gaw. Once outside, I stopped dead in my tracks - again - when I saw the particular plaything the giant grampa had chosen for the day. There, in the middle of the huge back yard, was a group of what looked like about eighteen husky men all dressed in black with masks, holding chains, pipes, bats, and other weapons. My immediate confusion melted into excitement as I realized that Senior Muscleman had gathered his own band of bad guys to try and challenge the superhero. Mr. Gaw wanted to give me a sampling of what he could easily do to a group of so-called villains. My excitement was now off the charts. I was going to get to see the muscledaddy of all daddies go head-to-toe with a group of big men – all while he was dressed in his revealing superhero costume. Suddenly, the silver posers, the boots, and the mask gleamed brighter than ever before. I didn’t know if it was because of the sunlight in the back yard or from the fact that Gaw’s muscles seemed bigger and appeared to blaze with more power than ever before. I noticed the scowls on the faces of the gathered men turn to looks of fear when Senior Muscleman stepped further into the back yard. The big man had been right – his size and the obvious strength of his muscles clearly made guys second-guess about leading a life of crime or, for that matter, even doing something kind of bad. I think every man in the small mob suddenly wished he was somewhere else. It was clear that each guy had been hired to do a job, but they had not been prepared for the scantily clad behemoth that stepped out from the house. I heard Mr. Gaw murmur to himself in pleasure and then I turned to see him actually lick his lips in happy anticipation – as if what was about to happen was turning him on more than anything else could. He turned to look at me and the ominous smile confirmed what I already knew.

“You’re excited, too, aren’t you, squirt? Excited for what’s about to come. You see, Kevin, this superhero likes tearing a big SUV apart with his bare hands, but what gets my juices running even more is watching a big guy punch me in the stomach and seeing him realize using his full force behind his fist didn’t do a thing – not a damn thing. I love looking down into his shocked face and smiling – making it clear I didn’t feel even a slight tickle. There’s a few seconds of disbelief and then the dude’s eyes get wide with an ‘oh fuck’ look because he suddenly knows there is absolutely nothing he could do to hurt me. It’s that moment, when the guy starts freaking out about my strength, that I love the most. I then get even more excited as he starts to contemplate running, but then glances down at my monstrous legs bulging with more muscle than he ever thought possible. That’s when he fully realizes that even if I gave him a good hour head start I’d catch up to him in mere minutes – and that’s if the guy was in his car. And that, my boy, is when fear starts to sink in – real fear. And what really aggravates the guy is that his cock sprung insanely hard as soon as his fist bounced off my abs – a reaction he’s never felt before in his groin, shooting a stiff one because of some older man’s brick-like body. The little man’s fear and a newfound lust get mixed up in his head and it confuses the shit out of him. That’s usually when I flex my muscles slightly – to show him I wasn’t even tensed when his punch did nothing to my stomach. Flexing my big senior man muscles baffles the guy even more – since it makes his cock harder and causes his fear to grow much wilder. It’s quite a turn on to watch his eyes bounce back and forth to whatever muscle I’m tensing – first my arms, then my pecs, then my abs, then my huge quads, and so on. It’s like my bulging body hypnotizes the poor thing into a state of inaction – he can’t run, he can’t bring himself to throw another punch – mainly because the pain from the first one is still pulsing through his hand, - and he can’t control his hardening cock, even though he’s desperately trying to. The dude has become a slave to my massiveness just as you did that first day, Kev, my boy. And that’s when I really start to show off.”

Suddenly, the group of burly men let out a thunderous yell and charged at Mr. Gaw. I jumped back into the doorway to the house, surprised, and slightly fearful, by the onslaught of big screaming men. The entire group was running at full pace towards the senior man in front of me. Mr. Gaw ignored them and simply continued his conversation with me – like nothing was happening. I watched as bats, lead pipes, chains, fists, and much more came slamming into the giant man in silver posers. I also watched in lustful awe as those same weapons all ricocheted off of the senior daddy like when flies go zooming into a window. I then watched the entire group of men jump on top of Mr. Gaw, but it didn’t even cause him to slightly pause in our conversation. His big body also didn’t budge an inch.

“Usually, when I’m trying to scare some little guy, I like to send my fist flying out to the side and ram it through a brick wall or the side of a truck while the guy is still thinking about fleeing. Seeing my fist easily pulverize concrete or steel usually freezes the guy in his tracks even more than before – and I bet part of the reason is that he’s trying to avoid a gusher pumping from his hard dick. His puny balled-up hand hasn’t done a thing to my rock-hard stomach, but my huge paw has destroyed something the little guy was sure was almost indestructible. That’s when the little dude realizes I’m toying with him. He immediately knows that one punch from my powerful arm is going to do some serious damage, so his face instantly turns from fear to a plea for mercy. I usually choose that exact moment to lick the bits of concrete dust or slivers of destroyed metal off of my fingers – still tightly clamped together in a fist to emphasize my power. That typically makes the little guy whimper in an enhanced mix of fear and deep lust. The poor dude doesn’t know whether to cry or to jack off.”

At this point I could barely see Mr. Gaw’s face or any part of his huge body. He was completely covered by eighteen or so big men, attempting to tackle him down to the ground. The senior superhero still didn’t budge an inch. His legs easily held the weight of the entire group and he didn’t seem strained at all – his voice still calm and almost devilish. I suddenly heard a growl from the big man and guys stared falling to the ground right and left – some even flying a few feet away. It was clear that Senior Muscleman was easily shaking the entire group of men from his body – just by jolting his big muscles back and forth roughly. Every attacker fell to the ground with a hard thump and each man was stunned for a while. Mr. Gaw reached down and placed big hands at the back of one guy’s shirt and at his ass. He hoisted the large man into the air with very little effort – like the guy was as light as a pillow. He did it with just one quick jerk of his powerful arms and without bending his legs like you are supposed to do. But, then, I don’t think the elder man worried about straight-arm lifting something so insubstantial. He then returned to our conversation.

“I like it best when the little punk that hit me starts to blabber like a little baby – begging me to not hurt him, cause he’s seen what I did to the SUV or how my knuckles busted the wall. This supposed big dude, who threw his punch all cocky as shit, is now crying like a little snotty schoolboy since he realizes that his bullying tactics have met their match in something much bigger and a hell of a lot stronger. It never even crossed the guy’s mind that a senior citizen would be his downfall – or that he’d meet some elder man with giant muscles of steel.”

As if he had everything already planned in his head, Mr. Gaw pulled his arms back a little and then tossed the big man’s body, presently in his hands, into the air. It was like someone was tossing a stuffed animal or something even smaller. The guy screamed loudly as he flew through the air, as if he was a superhero, too. I stepped out a few feet and watched as the guy sailed up over the apex of the house’s roof – two stories, mind you - and then disappeared. I heard a loud thump from inside the house as the dude obviously landed on the other side of the building – probably on top of the porch. I knew the toss wasn’t enough to hurt the guy seriously and seeing the silver-haired muscleman send a guy sailing through the air so easily made me moan out loud with pleasure. The two monstrous arms had held the grown man aloft without any problem and then had basically tossed him like a pro football player would send a ball through the air. Two of the other men had already jumped back onto their feet and by the time Gaw was rubbing his hands together in appreciation of his successful toss, they had grabbed their bats and one took a big swing at the senior man’s stomach while the other swung from behind to hit the back of Jack’s head. There is no way to explain the rush of cum that shot through my balls at the sound of wooden bats shattering when they hit something much more powerful and there is no way to describe what it is like to see the damn hard things become tiny chunks and splinters as they hit Senior Muscleman’s body. It was almost unnerving; to know that this guy’s body could so easily withstand baseball bats being swung at full force into his stomach and head. The big man didn’t move at all. A big guy swung a slugger bat into his head and the old man’s head didn’t even tilt slightly. I was close to fainting from the display of nonchalant strength. Mr. Gaw, of course, continued to share with me as all of this was happening – chatting away as if sharing his story was the most important thing he had to do. Taking care of a group of husky men seemed like just an afterthought.

“If the dude has really pissed me off I like to play with his mind some more – to make him think that I’m going to destroy him – you know, hurt him something awful. I might grab a chunk of the wall I just demolished and crumble a brick into dust between my fingers or I might lift the back of the SUV with only one hand and do a few curls – just to continue emphasizing what this muscle daddy can do. It’s the anticipation of what’s to come that usually causes the little man to lose his first wad of hot spunk. I actually have to hold my breath for a few minutes while the guy’s body shakes uncontrollably and then take a deep breath to see if it’s the smell of piss or cum that greets me. It’s usually cum since he’s so turned on by my power and what I’m presently destroying or lifting that he can’t really focus on the fear he feels inside. It’s only mid-way through his powerful orgasm that he starts to realize that I could crush his head as easily as the brick or that lifting and tossing his puny body would be nothing compared to the big automobile. That realization returns fear to his face and I start to get really excited.”

The two big men holding the ends of obliterated bats were still standing there in shock at what had just happened. Dust and bits of wood were actually still floating through the air toward the ground as the big hands of the muscle master shot out and wrapped around the neck of either guy at his side. I loved how the big man easily grabbed his attackers and how his giant hand basically reached almost completely around their thick necks. The destroyed bats were immediately dropped as each man frantically shot his hands upward to try and dislodge the giant paw squeezing his neck. The muscled senior seemed to be using only a fraction of his strength and it was still causing both men to gurgle with much discomfort. When I saw the bodies of both guys start to rise into the air, it was the moment I started to edge closer to losing control of my super-juiced body. Senior Muscleman was easily lifting two guys into the air, one in each hand – as if a normal guy might lift two five-pound weights when working out. I felt my cock twitching with excitement as I saw the two men squirming wildly and begin to punch the big guy’s biceps and kick his bare stomach. The senior colossus didn’t even flinch a little from their abuse and his arms were rock steady as they easily held full-grown men a few feet off the ground. He simply continued to speak to me as if he were sitting in a comfy chair by a fire. It was only when he quickly brought his hands together and the heads of the two guys banged into the other loudly that I jumped from the surprise. The sound of two foreheads smacking against each other was surprisingly both a turn on and a cause for concern. I instantly saw that the bodies of both men went limp as they were knocked unconscious, but I could also tell, thankfully, that they were still alive and breathing normally. Mr. Gaw immediately chuckled lightly and threw their unconscious bodies at two other men that were finally standing from the big man’s initial assault. All four men fell to the ground – clearly out for the duration of the day. A total of five men were already dismissed from the battle and the big man wasn’t even sweating – or breathing hard. His huge body was beyond amazing – all pumped up and muscles completely revealed because of his sexy costume. I was on the brink of an intense orgasm. The senior muscle god continued to speak as if nothing abnormal was happening. He loved telling stories about how he might deal with some cocky attacker, even as he easily took care of a group of eighteen men.

“Usually, after I’ve destroyed something or lifted an item that’s super heavy, the cocky guy I’m dealing with suddenly becomes a total bitch for my muscle. He’s so turned on by this point that he starts to offer anything if I let him feel my hard biceps or my tremendous chest – like you did, squirt. The once powerful bully becomes a muscle-loving pig that knows he has hit the jackpot with the body of this senior gramps. I usually give in and let the poor slob cop a few feels as I abuse him a little more, but by this point the thrill is gone from making the puny slob shake in his boots. He’s so head-over-heels in lust for my body that it’s no fun to torture him. But the guys that continue to defy me and stay cocky even after I show off - they are my favorites. Those are usually the guys that dump a load of jizz into their pants because of my little strength show, but refuse to admit it, no matter what. There is no way they want the elder muscle beast in front of them to know he has that kind of power over their body. They usually spit out insults and emphasize how I’m a freak of nature. They’ll do anything to hang on to their imagined alpha status, refusing to give in to someone as old as me, even though I’ve already made their body offer up its muscle-adoring hot juice. That’s when I start getting a whopper-sized boner and begin to really show off.”

I was totally caught off guard as one of the guys dressed in black suddenly screamed out loudly and brought a long lead pipe across the mega-wide back of the elder superhero. It was clear that Mr. Gaw had known it was coming, mainly because of the slightly wicked smile that had suddenly appeared across his face just before the attack, but I had not noticed the guy raising his weapon for the assault. From where I was standing I could clearly see the long piece of pipe smack against the wall of muscle and there was no way I could have prepared myself for what happened. First of all, there was absolutely no give to the skin or sinew across Mr. Gaw’s back. It was like the pipe hit a concrete wall or something. The ringing sound of metal hitting something much more powerful was especially thrilling when you knew it had just struck something human. And watching the pipe start to vibrate so hard from the impact that the weak attacker had to drop it because of pain in his hands was unbelievable. The smaller man, who was still much larger than me, cried out as his hands and arms took the brunt of the force from the pipe being repelled from the senior man’s powerful back. The thick piece of lead fell to the ground with a heavy thud and I actually gulped loudly when I saw the devious smile on the muscleman’s face grow larger from knowing what he was about to do. The dude that had actually dared to take the swing was too busy trying to stop the pain in his hands that he missed any warning of what was to come that would have been given away by Mr. Gaw’s playful smirk. The muscleman absolutely loved how his body could deflect the pounding of a lead pipe as if it had been nothing more than a leaf falling against him. He also loved knowing that his attacker was too busy focusing on the pain to remember that the beast he thought he’d smack to the ground was, in fact, still standing and slowly turning to retaliate. I realized that Senior Muscleman didn’t need a lead pipe to do damage to the smaller man in front of him. I knew that the big man could simply bring his forearm down across the back of his attacker and it would crush the guy much more than the measly makeshift weapon now lying on the ground. There was no doubt in my mind that Mr. Gaw’s arm was more powerful than even a bunch of lead pipes put together. I actually feared for the weaker man standing in front of the superhero, since I knew he could do nothing to stop what was about to come and because he wasn’t even conscious of the gleeful smirk on the big man’s face. The giant senior turned to me and continued to share as he clearly contemplated what to do with the little guy in front of him.

“In all my years of dealing with bullies, I’ve learned by now, squirt, that there isn’t a guy on earth that isn’t instantly amazed when a much larger dude can lift him easily. There’s just something about a stronger man lifting another guy that gets everyone’s juices running hot. I constantly look for ways to pick up other men – searching for something that will cause them to be really blown away by my strength – and I’ve never disappointed. Sometimes it’s the one finger under the belt lift that shocks a guy. Me lifting him into the air with nothing but my forefinger – that’s all it takes to make a big alpha man put his tail between his legs and suck his thumb. For other dudes it’s being held over my head that impresses them the most – whether it’s two hands or one. I’ve watched grown men start to cry as I pumped out over a hundred reps with their big bodies acting as my barbell for shoulder presses. Standing in front of a mirror seems to increase the pleasure – both for the guy above my head and for me. There’s something about seeing a guy that’s over six foot tall and weighs much more than two-ninety being pressed easily up and down by Senior Muscleman that causes the dude to churn out even more juicy cum than ever before. I get turned on wildly if I make fun of his puny size as I do press him up and down. I egg him on by telling him how light he is and how puny he feels in my hands. This tends to either make guys shoot harder when they finally give into their urges or they become even more angry and cocky – spouting off angry insults at me. Then there are the real muscle junkies that love it when I lift them in the air with just one big hand around their neck. Sometimes it’s fun to do it against the wall, but I like it best when I lift them like I’m raising a glass in a toast. To slowly power a grown man’s body into the air with just one hand cupping his tiny neck is a fucking wet dream come true. I love the way it makes my bulging senior biceps burst out with veins and look freaking powerful. I’ve usually already lifted something much heavier – like a large SUV or something bigger – but this simple move always seems to excite the dude I’m lifting as much as it does me. And then there are the guys that beg to be tossed in the air. I kid you not. It’s like they’re a small children and I’m their stocky muscled grandfather that sends them flying into the air and easily catches them as they return to earth. I often have huge guys – all muscular and cocky as shit – shouting with glee like little school girls as I easily propel their big bodies high into the air and then catch them with my big hands. I’ve thrown many guys into the air and as soon as I caught them I would notice that they had ejaculated while in flight – so fucking turned on by the fact that I could toss them around so easily. It’s great that guys get so excited by being lifted, because I can press a full grown huge man in the air without any problem – for a very long time. It’s also great because I love feeling the guy’s body get all excited in my hands as I lift him so easily.”

While the superhero talked about easily lifting big men in the air, I noticed his silver posers got even tighter around his crotch because of how his excitement caused his cock to grow. The same thing was happening to my dick as well. At the same time, the big man casually bent down and grabbed the long pipe that had fallen to the ground. He then reached out and placed his big palm on the head of the guy who had struck him in the back. He palmed the guy like the dude was a basketball or some other small ball and I noticed his fingers came pretty far down the sides of the guy’s noggin. Mr. Gaw lifted his hand and the shocked man rose with it. The guy let out a surprised yelp as he was easily moved a few feet from where he was standing and then placed back on the ground so he was facing the massive chest of the big superhero. The senior muscleman then clasped one of his big hands around the two wrists of the smaller guy – easily holding them together. I could tell the attacker was desperately trying to pull his arms away, but Mr. Gaw was just too powerful. The silver-haired senior then started wrapping the lead pipe around the guy’s wrists with his other hand. The big man was bending the thick piece of metal as if it were nothing more than a coat hanger. I knew the small guy was still feeling pain in his hands – both from when the pipe had bounced off Mr. Gaw’s back and from the crushing grip of the big man’s paw holding his hands in place – but that didn’t prevent him from staring in total awe as the long piece of lead was easily tightened around his wrists – like the dude was working with rope. It was nothing for the muscled senior to turn the supposed weapon into homemade handcuffs – even making a cute little metal bow at the end. The tiny dude tried desperately to free his hands as soon as the job was done, but it was clear that only some heavy machinery was going to be able to free the man. Mr. Gaw then grabbed the manipulated metal and lifted the man into the air, easily hanging the dude on a sturdy branch of the big tree in the middle of the yard. The prisoner jerked his body wildly for a few seconds, trying to free his dangling body, but he quickly realized it was no use – he was stuck there until help came.

Meanwhile, two of the remaining guys let out loud rebel yells and started rushing towards the senior behemoth, intent on tackling the guy to the ground when their bodies smacked into his. I found it odd that they had so quickly forgotten the big man had easily remained standing when all eighteen men had piled on top of him, but I also figured they were desperate to try anything at this point. Right before the two charging bulls reached Mr. Gaw, the big man raised his arms slightly and held his two giant fists even with the guys faces. It was too late for either man to stop their rushing bodies and I got a quick glimpse of their panicked looks right before they smacked into the unmoving anvil-like fingers of Gaw’s clenched super muscled-supported hands. The two fists didn’t move at all and the faces of the two guys were instantly halted as their bodies continued to propel forward. I’m pretty sure I heard some bones breaking upon impact and I knew the two men were not going to be moving for a few hours - even before their big bodies hit the ground. I saw the senior muscle stud check his knuckles for blood and after finding none, he turned back to chat with me.

“Like I said, squirt, it’s the men that hold out the longest that make me happy. The guys that think they can defy my strength and somehow win a hand-to-hand battle. Of course, this senior muscle daddy knows he’s going to win any fight, but he likes to let the other dude think he can come out on top, so to speak. A guy that makes it through me destroying bricks with my bare hands and easily lifting him over my head is my kind of stupid villain. I figure if the asshole is still spouting off all cocky after I’ve proven my superiority over and over again, then it’s okay for me to use my full force on the dweeb. I love teasing him first – sniffing the air around him and telling him I smell his fear. Usually the dude denies it and defies me even more, but I egg him on, anyway. I encourage him to show me what he’s made of and even tell him to take his best swing at any part of my body – even though he’s already seen his best punch not do anything to my stone-like stomach. The guy is usually not that bright and he takes a cocky free punch at my chin – immediately feeling the pain when his fist connects with my solid, non-moving jaw. I figure if a guy has thrown at least two punches my way then it’s fine for me to retaliate. I either press his puny body into the wall with my giant hand against his chest – shoving into him until he passes out – or I throw a punch with little force into his stomach or face and easily send him off into dreamland. Dispensing with the guy so easily is always a big turn on for me. This superhero has never needed to use his full strength or to throw a second punch. I can take out the bad guys with little effort, but it still turns me on beyond belief to ruin the plans of some cocky dude intent on showing a senior citizen who’s boss.”

I had now moved into muscle overload – desperately wanting to see the almost naked giant senior easily defeat his foes but also knowing that my poor ‘close to ejaculation’ body could not take much more of Mr. Gaw’s super powers. I was trying to prevent my cock from erupting as long as I could – but I sensed that I was losing the battle. For the first time since we had been in the back yard, the octogenarian muscle stud turned to face the remaining group of guys that, as I said, had obviously been paid to come and fight the guy. Mr. Gaw decided to taunt the gentlemen even more and he flexed his huge body into a most muscular pose and emitted a rumbling growl that seemed to shake the ground we were standing on. I didn’t have time to really contemplate his monstrous flex because as soon as he turned around and bent forward I was granted a generous view of his muscled ass – barely covered by the silver posers. I felt my legs begin to wobble uncontrollably as I took in the voluptuous mounds of meat that stretched the back of the material so much that it made the standard bodybuilding outfit look like nothing more than a thong. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his powerful glutes tense into bulging hard sinew as he flexed for his little attackers. I had a feeling the man’s ass cheeks were sturdier than a Hummer and the big man could easily snap a bat in two with just one tight squeeze. My hypnotic fixation with the man’s muscled ass was interrupted when he started moving forward collecting bodies with his big arms at the same time. The guys in front of him seemed scared shitless by the intense flex and loud growl. Senior Muscleman corralled six men into his massive muscled arms and forced them up against the wall of the freestanding garage at the side of the yard. The four remaining men – not in his arms – immediately started to throw feeble punches into the back of the big behemoth in an attempt to get him to free the captive guys he now pressed against the building. I stepped further into the yard to see what Mr. Gaw was doing. The magnificent gray haired monster was pressing his huge chest into a group of six grown men – holding them in place with only the power of his huge muscled legs and the expanse of his humongous pecs. I watched in disbelief as each pinned guy desperately gasped for breath and then one by one passed out because they were unable to get air into their lungs. I also jumped in fright when I saw the entire structure behind the men shift slightly on its foundation. The muscledaddy of all daddies was pushing so hard that he moved the entire fucking garage off its foundation! And, at the same time, Mr. Gaw continued to talk to me as if he were doing nothing more than having a casual conversation with a friend – his breath was still even and calm. He wanted to continue telling me the thrill he got from confronting guys that dared to challenge him.

“So, as I said earlier, squirt, I love using my hands to crush metal or to bring down a building, but it’s when I get to use my huge muscles against guys that think they’re big or supposed tough men that I really get boned up in a major way. I love squeezing some part of a big guy’s body slowly and watching his eyes bug out as he begins to feel the intense pressure turn to intense pain. And it is really exciting when he senses that I haven’t even begun to use my full strength and he’s already dropping to his knees because of how much it hurts. You can see that the poor dude is worried about hearing some of his bones start to crack as I tighten my grip on his shoulder, his hand, or his leg. Destroying bricks is really cool, but there’s something about feeling warm flesh and what people usually think of as hard muscle and bones squirming in my grip as I slowly clamp down harder. I also never tire of the different kinds of shocked faces my muscles can cause. It’s fun to watch a guy’s mouth drop open wide simply because this senior takes off his shirt. I’m serious, people see gray hair and a few wrinkles and they have this preconceived idea of what I’m going to look like underneath my clothing – even though I tower over them fully dressed. I guess they think all the bulk underneath is just more clothes or something. As soon as I reveal that the barrel chest is real and that the giant bulges in my sleeves are truly my incredible biceps, a lot of dudes go speechless and I swear I hear a crinkling noise, like paper being crumpled, which I can only assume is their cock shriveling up out of an immediate feeling of inadequacy. But it’s the dudes that still think they can beat this old man to a pulp, in spite of the fact that I clearly outweigh them by many pounds and the bulges on my body make theirs look childish. These are the guys that I like to manhandle – to feel their pathetic bodies strain against mine as they foolishly think they can do something to hurt me.”

The humongous man finally stepped away from the group of men he had pinned against the garage, still oblivious to the four men that continued to attack him from behind. The six bodies he had smashed against the wall fell to the ground – all out cold from lack of air. They had simply become a jumbled pile of big men at the feet of Mr. Gaw, the superhero. The senior stud had compressed them so hard that they simply passed out. It was a heap of big men – defeated easily by only the wide chest and powerful legs of their challenger. I was almost ready to pass out, myself, from watching this hulking older man take out six men so easily. Senior Muscleman then turned to his final four foes – who were still attempting to do something to the big many by throwing punches and kicking at the wall of hardness that was his body. I got another jolt of pleasure to my stone stiff cock when I heard the older man chuckle at the remaining men intent on causing him pain. With sudden and unfathomable speed for such a huge man, Mr. Gaw reached out and easily placed three men in what would surely be their final position in trying to attack the unbeatable senior man. The heads of two guys were caught between the giant quads of the Mr. Gaw and the other guy’s body was dangling a foot off the ground as he squirmed wildly because his head was lodged between Gaw’s right flexed bicep and forearm. Everything happened so quickly that everyone was caught off guard – including the one remaining attacker standing off to the side - and myself. I watched intently as Gaw started squeezing his legs tighter and flexing his arm harder. After all I had already seen that afternoon I was still amazed at the barely dressed superhero’s power while he squeezed the breath out of three men at the same time. I was sure that each of the guys he was presently abusing was going to have a major headache the following day. I didn’t know where to stare as Mr. Gaw dealt out his abuse – the man dangling from the senior’s biceps was trying hard to escape, but the two guys caught by the giant quads were hitting the man’s big legs and seemed to think that this was going to make a difference. Watching all of this suddenly caused me to have a sudden revelation – I wanted these guys to feel the full power of the big man easily keeping them captive. I dreamed of Mr. Gaw using his full power – but I knew that this would certainly kill each man. Suddenly, I was torn between my lust for the big man’s strength to be unleashed completely and my understanding that all life was precious. Could I really want the big man’s legs to crush these guy’s heads and did I truly want to see the humongous biceps squeeze the brain out of the defenseless man’s skull? I knew the answer was no, but my lust for the senior muscleman’s body was great enough for me to think about all the destructive things he could do. I contained my desire for destruction and simply marveled at the man’s power as he put enough pressure on each man’s head to make them black out. This was enough to please me – knowing that the three men were easily incapacitated by Mr. Gaw’s huge legs and massive biceps. The big man lowered his arm at the same time he released the slight tension in his legs. The bodies of all three guys fell to the earth and the muscle daddy continued to talk about what he enjoyed.

“Yeah, squirt, the first time you came to my house with your food from Meals on Wheels you thought I was going to be some dried up frail old man, didn’t you? I loved how your eyes got as big as saucers and your gaping mouth started leaking saliva when you got that first glimpse of all this hugeness. I easily smashed your face into my super gramps pec, squeezed your puny arm, tossed your body around like it was nothing, and whacked your ass hard enough to make you tear up. That’s the kind of stuff I’m saying turns me on the most. To take some cocky huge dude that has abused other guys all his life and turn him into a cowering little baby that wants to suck his thumb, or, better yet, latch his mouth around my hard nipples. Beating some crazy dude that thinks he can defeat me in a fight – usually with just one of my big hands - is really a great joy for me. There’s just something about man-on-man combat that thrills me more than smashing huge inanimate objects. I love being the disciplinarian – making some guy apologize for being an asshole by squeezing his head between my biceps and forearm until he can’t take it anymore. Or when I pin a guy’s body against the wall – his feet dangling in the air about two feet from the floor – with one hand against his chest. If the guy starts taking punches at my big arm and my mammoth pecs it’s even better. I love watching the dude wear himself out as he tries to get me to release him or, at least, lessen the pressure. Realizing that my arm is more powerful than an entire big man’s body is better than Christmas to me, Kevin. That’s the second kind of shocked face I love to cause – the cocky fuckers that finally become completely deflated because they finally realize this senior granddaddy can easily make them do anything he wants. Feeling their blood pumping hard while my hand easily holds them in place or squeezes the shit out of some part of their body is what makes me love it when a guy picks a fight. Anyone that gets a good look at my super-sized body and still has the balls to challenge me is my kind of guy. And those fellows that watch me lift a big SUV without any problem or easily punch holes in concrete and still foolishly think they have a chance at winning a battle with me are the kind of dumbasses that this senior muscleman wants to torment. You see, Kevin, you and I like the same things.”

“Um, Mr. Gaw, the last guy is running like hell across the back yard.”

“Let me know when he gets to the big oak tree.”

“Um . . . he’s there.”

“Well, then I should do something, shouldn’t I?”

I was amazed by the gust of wind that enveloped my entire body when Mr. Gaw bent his legs slightly and blasted off from where he stood. I know I shouldn’t have been surprised that the superhero could leap from the ground like a rocket, but it was still a big shock. I glanced into the sky as the muscle man flew about thee hundred yards in the distance and landed a few feet in front of the lone attacker who was trying desperately to get away. It obviously did not cross the frightened man’s mind that the senior muscle master could thrust his body far enough into the air to surpass the distance the guy had already put between himself and the house. The guy was running at full force and didn’t notice that Mr. Gaw had landed ahead of him and had flexed his massive right biceps at face level. I head the loud smack – even all the way back at the house – when the guy’s face ran into the bulging arm of Senior Muscleman. I also saw the guy’s feet fly into the air from the impact and then his body fell swiftly to the ground. I watched with erotic enthusiasm as the superhero scooped the unconscious body onto his shoulder and leapt back to the exact spot he had held a few minutes before. Mr. Gaw then tossed the guy’s body onto the pile of men beside the garage, smiling at the fact he had defeated eighteen men so easily. I was on the brink of orgasm and desperately wanted to avoid shooting a big wad in my pants. The superhero standing in front of me recognized my dilemma.

“I’m very impressed, Kevin. You lasted through all of my displays of power without dumping that big load that’s backed up way into your stomach.”

“I always wait for your permission, sir.”

“Like a good boy should, squirt. Do you approve of the show I gave this afternoon?”

“Which show, sir? Your gorgeous body clad in only posers, boots and a mask or the fact that you defeated eighteen men with very little effort?”


“I think the rod in my pants that’s desperate for release gives you your answer, sir.”

“You want some release, squirt?”

“More than anything in the world, sir.”

“Blast away, little man.”

And with those simple words I came – and I came so hard that I passed out in the middle of my second huge volley of cum. My body continued to shoot and shoot hard, even though I sunk into unconsciousness and dreamed only of my superhero, Mr. Gaw – Senior Muscleman.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Wow! What can I say, nothing turns me on better than a huge, muscular, super strong muscle grandpa! Man, I absolutely loved this story, so many sexy things, I loved that Mr. Gaw, aka Senior Muscleman kept talking through everything, guys were beating him with instruments of pain and he didn't even seem to notice them, he was giving Kevin a lesson in how extremely huge, tough, and strong he is, at the same time driving Kevin (and I would venture a guess, all of the readers of this story) crazy by telling him why he does what he does, and how horny it makes him to be an unbeatable, unstoppable juggernaut of muscle. I'm glad he hasn't decided to be a super villain, I'd very much doubt even Superman could match his incredible power!
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Pretty intense shows of strength! Hopefully all those men were well compensated for their time and effort. :3
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I LOVE the Superhero Senior ... this is the BEST and hottest story OMG I'd loooovvvve to have him save me .... maybe he should show Superman who the NEW Superman is HOT!!! GREAT JOB!!!
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