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Old January 12th, 2013, 09:17 AM
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My Muscle Obsession - Part Two

I smiled as I watched Pete hesitate. I could tell he was struggling with the hardest decision of his life. On the one hand I sensed he wanted to run to his room and beat off by himself – just to keep things as they had always been. On the other hand, I could tell the poor guy wanted to finally be close enough to my big body to smell my substantial gob of spunk when it came shooting out of my huge cock. He also wanted to let the heat from my muscles help to make his ejaculation more earth shattering than ever before in his life. The need for my massiveness won out, my shy roommate stepped into the bathroom and started unbuttoning his shirt. Pete started talking a mile a minute, too – he was like someone that had finally gotten to share his deepest secrets with his biggest crush.

“First thing, when I look at you Sid, I see power, man - so much damn power. Your fucking giant body radiates strength – especially those enormous arms. Even just dangling down by your side, like right now, those monsters are bulging bigger than all the muscles in my body put together. Look at how that thick arm beef just pops out insanely from your sides. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in all my life. You look so incredibly powerful – just standing there, Sid. You always look powerful. Clothes can’t even begin to hide your size or your super muscles. You wear sweats and you still look so big that people stare at you in awe when we’re out in public. If you wear anything tighter than sweats then I’ll be damned if anyone even notices me when I’m standing beside you – their focus is just on your hugeness. It’s amazing how massive muscles can turn even grown men into a pile of worshipping mush. I find myself…”

“What the hell, Petey. That thing you just revealed between your legs can only be described as the biggest horse dick I’ve ever seen. How have you been hiding that humongous schlong, dude?”

I was caught off guard as Petey pulled down his trousers and underwear in the bathroom. I had been staring at my own body in the mirror and getting off on the incredible words that my roommate was sharing, but hearing his hard cock slap up against his stomach quickly drew my attention to his midsection. The giant piece of meat that came into vision was a total shock. I could not have guessed Pete’s cock was so enormous. He had succeeded in keeping his organ hidden from me for such a long time. I was a little caught off guard when I finally got to behold what he had been beating so hard while he thought of me. My reaction caused me to speak without attempting to cover up my shock and this caused my roommate to be caught off guard.

“Um . . . it’s just . . . uh, well you make me this hard, Sid.”

“Yeah, but my muscles can’t make you that big, Pete. And after seeing that huge slab of beef I don’t think I’ll ever call you Petey or little again. I’m pretty amazed you can make that big thing shoot so stiff, bro, let alone get off. You know I’m not into cock, dude, but that thing deserves a big round of applause.”

“Every time I see your body, Sid, this thing erupts like a volcano. Your muscles can make me explode quicker than anything in the world.”

“Then what are we waiting for, Pete. Let’s cover that mirror with our spunk! And let’s give a prize to whomever makes the biggest mess. The winner gets to name the trophy. Sound like a plan, dude?”

“How can I even think about competing against what those muscles can produce, Sid?”

“I think that huge cock makes us even, bro. So how about a most muscular to get things pumping hard at the beginning?”

I threw my arms down to my sides and clenched my fists tightly. My traps exploded up past my ears – looking like mountain ranges. Veins, deep ridges, and muscled mounds appeared all over my body as I grunted hard into the eye-popping tensed pose. Pete’s response to the pose was obvious when I heard him suck in air loudly and stop breathing. It was the kind of reaction I loved to elicit from the guy. I knew his eyes were struggling for a place on my body to finally land for longer than a few seconds. He was seeing the same thing I was – arms bulging, traps popping up thicker than seemed possible, abdominal muscles crunching tightly, and a chest protruding out thick as hell. I stared at my body intently – even more than before – amazed at how I still could be caught off guard by my own massiveness. I was fucking gorgeous and looked even more powerful flexed to the max. I was so turned on that I kept the pose and spoke through gritted teeth.

“Damn, buddy, look at all those muscles. You’re right, I look powerful as shit. I love how this pose makes my traps bulge as high as the top of my head. And look how huge my shoulders look. I’m fucking wider than the doorway. But I know where your eyes are glued, roomie – it’s my massive arms, isn’t it? Look at those guns, dude! I’m like the Hulk or something – bulging all thick like it’s four arms put together. What do you think about my biceps, Pete?”

“I think they’re bigger than my legs, Sid.”

“Yeah? That’s a hot thought, ain’t it? Let’s check and see, buddy.”

I lowered my arms and we both stepped back from the counter – so we could get a better look in the mirror. I held my massive arm next to Pet’s leg, so my left biceps was even with his right quad. I wasn’t flexing at all. Pete sucked in air again and I knew his mouth dropped open wide. We both stared at the same glorious site – the top of my bulging arm was much thicker than the biggest part of his leg - much thicker.

“Aw hell, man, that’s just fucking awesome. My biceps dwarfs your quad with no problem. I’m not saying you’re scrawny or anything, Pete, I just think it’s because I’m so huge all over. Look, I’m not even flexing my gun and the damn thing puts that leg muscle of yours to shame. And then if I flex the thing, look how it balloons out even thicker – making your leg finally look puny, dude. Fuck, that’s hot. I just can’t help it, man, being so much bigger than you really turns me on. When I flex my massive biceps it’s almost as big as both of your legs put together. Look at this man!”

I moved my tensed arm in front of his body and held it even with his quads. My arm burst out so wide that it almost covered the entire width of both of his upper legs. It was an incredible sight – which excited both of us. My biceps was nearly as thick as my roommate’s two legs put together – that thought made my cock pulse up and down with pleasure. I felt blood pumping into my flexed arm because of my excitement, causing the big bulge to grow even wider. Pete was breathing real hard from the thrill of seeing all my muscle blasting thicker than his body. I could tell by the familiar sounds the guy was making that he was ready to beat off something fierce, but he was too stimulated by what might come next to bust his wad to quickly. It was wild watching how just my flexed muscles could cause my roommate to edge closer and closer to eruption. This only made me want to show off more. I was beginning to feel more powerful and more massive than in the past. I simply craved making Pete lose his mind – and control of his cock – by pumping up my body and showing him how enormous I’d become. It was pretty easy to do when my arm bulged out bigger than his legs.

“Fuck, dude, I’ve got more muscle in one arm than both of your trunks put together. Look at that gigantic biceps blocking your legs from sight. You like that, don’t you Pete? You like how just one part of my huge body makes you look small and weak. Yeah, you’re ready to power thrust a ton of cum out of that hard giant pole merely because my arm looks so fucking powerful. I love how I can control your body like that. What would happen if I pressed my swollen gun against your cock, man?”

“No! Please, Sid, let’s make this last longer. Feeling that mound of hard muscle pushed into my raging boner would send me over the edge. I’m not ready for that, man. I think we can build our impending orgasms into something even more explosive. Show me more of what you got, man.”

“Why you horny little muscle lover, you. I’m impressed by your will power. I’ll be happy to help you increase the fuel behind your upcoming detonation, man. We’ve got all night, roomie, and I’ve got enough muscles to keep you enthralled for hours, maybe even days. How about some more comparisons, Pete? That seems to turn you on a lot – and it fuels me on even more. Step in front of me, buddy. Let’s see how small I can really make you look.”

The little guy actually squealed like a pig as soon as he heard my suggestion. It was clear that Pete got off on seeing how big my body was compared to his smallish size. It was something I could relate to – flexing or not flexing my muscles while standing next to some smaller guy and staring at every difference between our bodies excited me, as well. It was incredible to notice that my forearms could be bigger than some guy’s biceps. I had actually packed on so much muscle to my lower arms that they bulged out thicker than most dudes wimpy guns. Usually, when I flexed just my forearms in public I could tell that most guys’ cock shriveled up completely from a feeling of inadequacy. My Popeye sized lower arms looked so powerful – all covered in bulges and thick veins. I had actually sent a few men running for a bathroom stall at the gym just from flexing my thick forearms. The sight was too much for them. I stood behind my smaller roommate and my huge body towered over him. I lowered my shoulder to the side, causing our forearms to be even. We both stared directly in the mirror.

“Fuck, buddy, look how your cock thumps against your abs as you gaze at the difference in our forearms. Yours is straight and skinny like a twig and mine bulges out with muscles on top of muscles. Look at those veins, Pete. My forearm is bigger than the biceps of most men. Do they turn you on, man?”


“No need to whisper, boy. It’s just us guys here, this evening. You can tell your good friend, Sid, anything you want. This muscle show is intended to get both of us off. I’ve got enough power and bulges to cause each of us to pump out about three loads within an hour. You can tell me loud and clear what you crave about my huge body and I’ll let you know what turns me on about myself, as well. Hell, there’s not anything that makes my cock harder than when I get the chance to talk about my muscles. And watching your mouth start producing copious amounts of saliva and your cock squirting equal amounts of pre-cum – just from hearing me getting all cocky and stuff – makes my body and my cock swell up even more. Flex your arms, Pete.”


“Flex those tiny guns, dude, and let’s see how much my bazookas out blast your tiny man muscles.”

Watching him get turned on by my teasing and cockiness only fueled me on more. My roommate wanted to see the comparison of my massiveness next to his normal body almost as much as I did. I had a feeling when my super titillated friend got a gander of my humongous peaks bloating beyond the tiny bumps he called biceps his cock was going to explode in erotic admiration. I knew Pete was going to be blown away by my freakish size and watching him lose control of his cum-pressurized body was just the kind of reaction that could make my dick shoot off so hard the cum might hurt an innocent bystander. I feared it actually might crack the mirror. Pete raised his arms slowly and I let out a long chuckle as I watched his skinny arms desperately try to bulge out into something that represented muscle. My hard prick spurted a big glob of thick jizz as I thought about how my guns were going to dwarf his tiny sticks. It was going to look like some kind of unbelievable before and after picture where fucking gamma rays made some dweeb become a hulking monster. I scooted a little closer behind my roommate and let out a loud whistle as I again saw how much larger and taller my body was compared to Pete. And then I bent my knees, raised my arms, and flexed my gigantic biceps right behind those of the smaller man. We both immediately peered into the mirror and Pete’s loud gasp was overpowered by my beastly growl as I gazed on the difference in our arms.

“Fucking hell, Pete, look at that. My guns are about a foot higher than your little peaks. And your biceps look like anthills compared to my titanic bulges. That is so fucking hot, dude – the way I make you look so small. I can tell you’re flexing with all your might and those peaks aren’t even halfway up my slightly pumped super mounds. Seeing how my muscles make you seem so small almost made you lose a big load of cum, didn’t it, Pete? You’ve just never seen something so big as my arms, have you? Especially when they’re compared to those twigs of yours. Man oh man I’ve got to flex even harder, dude, and get those guns to balloon up even higher – just so it will make your knees wobble even harder and hopefully send you into a muscle-loving orgasm. Here we go, roomie, we’re going to blow your mind with my fucking enormous arms.”

I started to growl again and tightened my fists to make my biceps swell up even larger than they already were – much larger. I became totally mesmerized by my own arms – watching them start expanding in all directions. I growled even louder when I re-focused on how small Pete’s biceps looked in front of mine. You almost didn’t notice his scrawny arms at all – all four of our eyes were totally centered on my mammoth biceps. I watched, as the peaks grew even higher beside my head. I loved how thick my entire flexed limbs were – both my forearms and biceps. I had truly become a muscle monster – huge beyond all imagination. And I looked so fucking powerful. Pete was totally transfixed by my bulging arms – even as he continued to flex his own biceps with all his might. I finally figured out that his intense flexing was preventing his cock for spouting off hard with fresh, warm cum. I was also succeeding in stopping the onslaught of hot jism in my own body, which was created by the comparison shot of my big arms next to Pete’s. I so wanted the relief of a cock-aching ejaculation, but edging myself even further, with more incredible muscle comparisons for my little roommate, was too good to pass up. I wanted the power of my final cum release to be so powerful that it cracked tiles and demolished the mirror. I sensed deep down that my adoring roommate wanted the same thing. I also knew his large cannon would be busting out some big juice pelts, as well.

“Your arms are so fucking big, Sid. Look at how they are bigger than my head!”

It was so true. I moved to the side a little and brought my humongous bicep behind Pete’s noggin. First of all, the peak stuck out higher than the crown of the guy’s head, like some kind of muscled party hat. And then I noticed how much wider my thick ball of muscle was compared to his ears. My biceps was so thick that I could see dense veins and hard sinew surrounding Pete’s face like some kind of beefy halo. The guy’s mouth was wide open as he stared at my huge upper arm dwarfing him ao much. Having guns larger than his tiny arms was one thing, but seeing my biceps and triceps puffing out farther than his entire head sent me close to orgasmic overload. I pumped my forearm a few times to make the massive biceps pulse even larger than before – a movement that caused both Pete and me to moan with disbelief and awe. I fantasized about squeezing my roommate’s head between the rock-hard mass in the mirror and my forearm, knowing that I could probably cause the guy a severe headache without any problem. Thinking about my beefy stone-like biceps smashing his face so tightly that he would squirm in pain was getting my cock closer and closer to explosion. I wished I could pin him in place and watch his feeble punches as he tried to get my arm to release his head. Pete must have sensed my thoughts, since he nailed them perfectly with a question.

“You’re thinking about your own power, aren’t you, Sid?”

“Yeah, man. I feel so fucking strong standing next to you right now. How did you know, buddy?”

“Because you always get this slightly evil grin and your pecs bounce without you even knowing it.”

I glanced down and sure enough – my hard nipples were jerking up and down as the big mounds of muscled flesh moved uncontrollably. I then glanced at my face and caught a glimpse of the smile Pete referenced. It was, indeed, a playful and devious grin. Seeing it increased my self-obsession even more. It was the face of a guy that knew his power – that realized what kind of damage he could do if he chose to. It was a face that could cause grown men to either cower in fear or get hugely turned on from lust. I quickly realized it had the latter effect on my roommate. Pete absolutely loved it when I was cocky – when I flaunted my strength and virility. I was now even more turned on by the guy’s desire for me to show off. It seemed the cockier I got the more excited he became, which – in turn – only fueled my own sexual enthusiasm on to greater heights. I was still flexing both arms intensely and Pete’s attention had returned to my huge hard muscle.

“You interested in taking this little pleasure trip into overdrive, roomie? Care to see what kind of giant reaction I can invoke from your small body?”

“Bring it on, big man, bring it on!”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Wow! That was just an incredible read, LB! I loved that you took it from the muscle man's perspective, let him get his personal feelings out about how much he loves to be bigger than normal men, how his power makes him feel. His muscles are just so incredibly huge, one arm bigger than both a normal man's legs put together, an arm that peaks up higher and is wider than a head? Awesome stuff! I really can't wait for more!
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jese, londonboy, are you trying to make my cock shoot like old faithful? krakatoa? that new quasar they found? i always seem to think that you must be some other version of me when you write, since we share the same libido. damn you're a good writer!
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How is it possible that you always write such hot, sexy, unbelievabley great stuff? Thanks a million!
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