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Old Man Stevens - Part Eleven

[This is for a friend that loves silver-haired superheroes. He knows who he is. I hope this chapter pleases you.]

Somehow, being outside in the open made Bud Stevens seem even larger than before and that was hard to do since inside the apartment and the garage he was bigger than life. As I walked beside him on the sidewalk of our neighborhood I felt incredibly small and realized I had to move in double time to keep up with his slow pace. His legs were just so much larger than mine. Up to that point I had not cared that the elder muscleman was basically nude all the time, but now – even though he had a bed sheet wrapped around his waist – I became self-conscious about how erotic the man looked. He was more huge than most of the Greek statues down at the museum and he was a hell-of-a lot more muscled. The sheet definitely made him look like a silver-haired Hercules, but much more powerful than that tired demi-god. The elder man was so excited to be freed from his old frail body and out in public that he completely missed the three different cars that wrecked as each driver, so stunned by the huge man and his body, ran into something that wasn’t moving. We walked into Jim’s Big and Tall Men’s clothing store on Eighth Street and the owner, Jim Partridge – a big man in his own right, stopped in mid-bite of his pastrami sandwich.

“Oh my sweet god!” the man said as bread and meat fell from his mouth.

“No need to use my formal title, Jim,” the elder hulking figure laughed, “Just call me Bud.”

Mr. Stevens put out his huge paw and Jim automatically let his own hand be engulfed in what seemed like some kind of muscled morph or inflated balloon. The grip was so tight that the storeowner squealed in pain and realized the freakish thing was fucking real. Even though he realized the smaller man was in pain, Bud continued to pump his hand hard – causing the other guy’s entire body to flop around with the handshake.

“I guess you haven’t ever seen an eighty-two year old man with so much muscle, have you Jim?” Bud asked teasingly. “You think I should be some frail thing with a walker and an oxygen tank trailing me, don’t you. Well feel my grip, son, and know that I’m only using a fraction of my strength. You just say the word and I could crush some bones for you. I’m just playing with you, kid. I wouldn’t hurt you. I just want you to know that I’m the real deal.”

“I can feel that you are . . . and see it, too,” replied Jim.

“So, I’m here for some clothes, Jim.” Bud began to explain. “This sheet isn’t doing too good a job hiding what I’m sporting underneath and my boyfriend, Connor, and I are worried what will happen to the faint of heart when they get a glimpse of all my muscle – or what’s below. Not to mention how this body might make some young kids go through puberty a little early after one glance – we wouldn’t want that, now would we?”

“No . . . no, we wouldn’t,” Jim responded – still in a trance and not having swallowed the food in his mouth. “I think you are causing me to go through a second puberty, though.”

I looked down and saw that the poor shopkeeper was as hard as a two-by-four, the crotch of his pants pressed out by a pretty substantial round head and supporting log. Normally, a penis like his would have made me go crazy, but after seeing and feeling the hugeness of my boyfriend, Mr. Stevens, I knew no other chunk of cock meat was ever going to please me. Jim, however, had nothing to be ashamed of – he was clearly big among normal men.

“You want this senior muscle daddy to do something to help you with that loaded torpedo, Jim?” asked Mr. Stevens.

“No . . . no, that’s fine,” Jim responded. “I think it’s going to find release without any outside stimulation as we go through the process of fitting you for clothes. I think letting it happen the natural way is going to be more powerful than anything. I’m not real sure I’ll make it past the first measurement.”

“Not if we start with these guns, I’m sure. Maybe, I’ll be able to give you multiple releases,” Stevens said, smiling.

“I hope so,” came the whispered reply from Jim. “Um . . . how did you get so gigantic, Mr. Stevens?”

“Let’s just say I had some help from Connor, here,” answered Bud. “We have a certain chemistry that seems to make me blossom in ways I never thought possible. He just causes some massive responses in my body – in more ways than one.”

“I’ll say. Hell, you’re not just some flower that blossomed, sir, you’ve become the size of a fucking redwood,” Jim exclaimed and I could hear the uncontrollable lust in his voice that had become familiar any time a guy was around Mr. Stevens. “Let’s see if I’ve got your size already.”

“I doubt it, little man,” Bud answered. “Jim, you mind if I suck on my boyfriends face for a few minutes. It’s been a while since we kissed and I’m missing him something awful.”

“How could I stop you,” Jim asked, “even if I wanted to.”

“Good point,” Bud replied. “I just thought I’d be polite and ask. Come here, Mr. Sexy.”

I walked over as my senior muscleman bent down and put his arm around my body, allowing me to sit on his thick forearm. He stood back up and I then pushed my face towards his. We joined our mouths in what turned out to be a loud, passionate lip-lock, which seemed to turn on our one-man audience as much as it did me. Mr. Stevens kept flexing his forearm muscle to give my ass a thrill and to make my cock become even harder than it already was. Even with his lips still pressed against mine, the elder man spoke to me.

“I think kissing you, Connor, makes my muscles harder and causes me to grow bigger and stronger. You’re like some kind of multi-man vitamin or something. I can’t get enough of you,” Mr. Stevens said to emphasize what I could already sense.

“I’ll never get enough of you, big man,” I replied as I continued to kiss Bud like my life depended on it.

That’s what the senior muscleman evoked from me – a kind of desire that could only be satisfied by a huge golden-aged guy with the strength of eight rhinos. I reached out to feel the hard pumped chest of my muscle gramps. His skin was still slightly blemished and wrinkled, but it was so tight and muscled that you only saw strength and vitality. I glanced down between our bodies and I could see the makeshift half-toga rising. Mr. Steven’s cock was tenting up the sheet and making it look like a snow-covered mountain. I heard the tailor gasp out loud – obviously shocked at the size of the bulge underneath the sheet. I was beginning to realize that the rest of my days would be filled with the joy of watching other people be totally freaked out and shocked by my octogenarian boyfriend. When Mr. Stevens entered a room it was like a Mack Truck just rammed through the doorway or, better yet, an elephant had just squeezed its massiveness through the opening. It was pretty clear that Bud had actually grown over the last few days – even after already being huge beyond comprehension. I figured it was all the workouts he had been getting – from destroying cars, lifting police officers overhead, busting through walls, and everything else. I also sensed, as he had just said, that it had something to do with the continued connection to me. The mixture of our blood had caused the over eighty year old man to grow huge and powerful, so being around me twenty-four seven obviously continued to enhance his size and strength. This thought made my own cock harden to the stiffness that only Bud Stevens could now cause. My dick ached terribly and my legs started to shake, but sitting in the tight grip of one of Bud’s huge arms made me gain control. It was clear that my senior lover could tell what was going through my mind.

“Every time we suck face, Connor man, you seem to grasp a little more of just how powerful and huge I am, don’t you?” asked Bud teasingly, for he already knew the answer. “You also get a glimpse of how much I am connected to you.”

“I think, Mr. Stevens, I better resign myself to a life of being blown away by your abilities on a continual basis,” I said as I smiled at the big man. “There is no way I could ever get used to the pure brawn that exists in your huge body. I think you’ll be able to fill every hour of every day from now until the end of time with different ways to show off – demolishing things, lifting things, ripping things apart, re-shaping things that shouldn’t be able to be molded, and much more. How does a mere mortal get used to something like you? Yes, Mr. Bud, I seem to be getting glimpses of your power and then ten minutes later I am once again reminded that the limits I might have imposed on you in my head have been blown away and I need to re-think what you are capable of.”

“Damn, boy, you have a way with words,” Bud exclaimed. “I could suck you off right here and now if we weren’t in a public place…”

“Please don’t mind me, gentlemen,” came the unsteady, lust-filled voice of the shop owner, “I would love to see you two get it on.”

The two lovers looked in the direction from where the voice had spoken. They had almost forgotten that anyone else was in the room. That’s how focused the big old man was when it came to his young lover and Connor just basically desired every thing about Mr. Stevens, plain and simple. It was the kind of connection that rarely happened in a man’s lifetime and both of these guys knew just how lucky they were to have the other. The shop worker was clearly about to lose control of his bodily functions and fill his underpants with sticky warm cum – his hard-on pressing his slacks out like an old fashioned ironing board extending from the wall. Mr. Stevens chuckled at the little man and then he turned back to his lover.

“I’m not complete unless you’re around, Connor,” Mr. Stephens said. “Yesterday, you went into the other room for about an hour and I didn’t know what to do. My muscles stayed tensed the entire time you were gone and I was lost. I had to destroy the broken radiator in the back room just to keep myself from following you around like a little puppy – and I had the thing ripped apart in only about two minutes. If you’re not touching me or near enough for me to feel the heat off your body I feel agitated and empty. It’s like you’re the source of my energy – hell, I’m still strong as an army of men when you’re not there, but it’s like I have no reason to be powerful. I want you near so I can protect you, show off for you, cuddle you, and just feel your heartbeat as it makes my life calm and full. I only want to be this powerful and this big if you’re around to enjoy it. I’ve got some of your blood in me, Connor, and it feels like it’s my life force.”

“I love you, Bud Stevens,” I said giving him a kiss.

“And I love you, Connor,” he answered. “Now, I think I should try on some clothes.”

Bud lowered me to the ground and then we turned to look at the guy from the shop. He already had a suit coat in his hands ready for Bud to try on. He was holding it out to the big man. The guy’s enthusiasm was palpable. I could see his hands shaking as my big boyfriend took the jacket from the excited guy.

“I wasn’t really thinking about formal wear today, Jim,” Bud said kind of smiling.

“This is just to help me learn your size, sir,” the employee responded in a higher voice than usual.

“I can tell you what size I am without even trying anything on. I’m an extra, extra, extra, extra, extra large. You might need to make my clothes out of bedspreads,” replied Mr. Stevens, intentionally egging on the adoring fan.

The older behemoth opened the jacket and pushed his super-sized arm through the sleeve opening. Instantly, the sound of ripping material filled the room. Bud’s forearm was too thick for the sleeve and the jacket arm burst up and down on all sides. The big man’s biceps was so massive that it basically tore the sleeve from the body of the jacket and the thing ended up looking like a shredded cuff dangling from Bud’s bulky muscled forearm. A loud cry of glee came out of the shopkeeper’s mouth – he was clearly pleased with Bud’s actions.

“Look at that sir,” Bud said, smiling even larger. “Your jacket wasn’t even big enough to cover my forearm. I think you’re going to have to start thinking a lot larger than you’re used to.”

The look on the shopkeeper’s face was priceless. It was clear he hand known in his head that my lover was huge, but he still had expected Mr. Stevens to be able to wear regular clothing. Seeing the big man’s arm burst through the side of the jacket had made it perfectly clear that this customer was going to be a challenge – a challenge, however, that was also going to be such a huge turn on that the poor tailor was going to need to relieve himself a few times in the back room. Being around this much humongous muscle was almost too much for the smaller man. I knew exactly how he felt.

Suddenly, the front door of the store opened with a loud clank and three men in ski masks came running into the store. It was a little surreal and it took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. The men carried guns and waived them in our direction. One guy locked the front door and the other two quickly surveyed the store.

“Everyone down on your knees,” yelled the guy in front. “We’re here for just a quick withdraw from your register and then we’ll be gone. If no one does anything stupid then no one will get hurt. If anyone tries to be the hero, then they’ll find themselves a little incapacitated.”

Bud, Jim, and I quickly fell to our knees. The shock of what was happening made us automatically do all that was asked. Only later did I realize that Mr. Stevens was playing along for fun. He clearly didn’t need to worry about himself, but I think he actually feared the guys might do something to me. Two of the guys advanced into the store while one stayed by the doorway, looking out into the street every now and then – finally coming forward after he determined things were clear. When the first guy reached Bud he instantly became more agitated.

“I said everybody down on their knees, gramps,” the lead guy bellowed at Mr. Stevens.

“I am on my knees, little man,” Bud answered back calmly and enjoyed the ‘oh fuck’ look that appeared on the guy’s face when he looked down to see that the kneeling older man still towered over him.

“Careful there, old man, any more smart ass comments like that and I’ll fill your midsection with a shitload of lead,” the guy spat out as he waved the gun in Bud’s face, clearly a little unnerved at my elder lover’s size.

“Well, I am kind of hungry, little man,” my big boyfriend responded, a huge smile across his face – obviously toying with the cocky thief. “But I don’t want anyone else to get hurt when they bounce off my stomach.”

“What was that, asshole?” the smaller man quickly shot back.

“I said I’m kind of hungry,” Bud said calmly, with almost a non-caring attitude.

“Then how about a mouthful of lead, old man? That will teach you to mock me, asshole,” barked the thief.

The small man shoved the barrel of his gun into Mr. Stevens’ mouth. Bud clearly allowed it because he wanted to have some fun. I realized the and there that at any point in this entire exchange my older lover could have taken these guys out with no problem. I picked up immediately that my big man was toying with them before he unleashed his power. These jerks had no idea what was about to come. The guy beside my boyfriend pressed the barrel of the gun deep into Bud’s mouth. For a few seconds I actually worried that the gun might do some damage to the giant, but then I heard a loud crunching noise and I instantly knew what was happening. I looked at my senior lover and saw that his jaw was now biting up and down. He had obviously bitten off the barrel of the gun and was now chewing the steel like it was a clump of meat. The sound of the gun being demolished so easily turned me on in a surprising way and my deflated cock shot rock hard again. It took a few seconds for the jerk to figure out what had happened to his pistol. He pulled the gun back and realized that almost half of the thing was now gone. His eyes shot wide and his mouth dropped open, letting out an astonished cry.

“The fucker just bit off half of my gun!” shouted the shocked man. “He’s chewing my fucking pistol!”

It was too difficult for anyone in the room, but me, to fully grasp what had just happened. I watched as my senior superman swallowed the now metal mush in his mouth with a loud gulp. I heard the shopkeeper moan out loud as he slowly caught on to what had just gone down Bud’s throat. The three robbers were still dumbstruck and not sure about what was happening. Bud smiled broadly at the guy beside him and licked his lips.

“I certainly got my daily dose of iron today. Thanks, little man. I usually take a glass of milk with my metal, though,” he said with a slight chuckle.

The smaller guy was staring at his ruined gun. It was still too much of a shock for him to say or do anything more. Mr. Stevens had just chewed up solid steel and swallowed it like it was a only a cracker. I could sense the tension in the room escalating even more and, yet, my muscled boyfriend was as calm as ever. As a matter of fact, I could tell that my big gramps wanted to play – and messing with a bunch of punk thieves was just the kind of fun he was looking for. I suddenly felt sorry for the three guys, since they had no idea they were messing with a superman. My muscle daddy could have exhaled strongly and knocked the men down like bowling pins, but it was clear he wanted to take this nice and slow. Mr. Stevens wanted to show off – for the shopkeeper, for sure, but especially for me. The slight pause enabled the lead thief to regain his angry attitude.

“You messed with the wrong guys, old man. Let’s fill this dick-wad with a bunch of holes, dudes,” screamed the evil man.

Suddenly the room was filled with loud gunshots, as the two henchmen unloaded their revolvers into the stomach and chest of Mr. Bud Stevens. The huge man stayed completely calm, still down on his knees. After what seemed like a few minutes of intense noise and chaos, the room became silent and the smoke settled. Every eye in the room was on my huge boyfriend – kneeling there with a big smile on his face. The guy clearly wasn’t even fazed by the bullets. That’s when I noticed splotches of metal against Bud’s naked upper torso. Pre-cum instantly leaked out of my hard cock.

“Hey Connor, it feels great to have bullets splatter against my hard body like big drops of cum. See how I catch the things between my abs and squeeze them flat?” Mr. Stevens asked with a big grin, as he pushed out his hard stomach and I saw crushed metal in between the chiseled ridges. “And look at the three that hit me between my chest – all molded together into one big clump by the power created when I squeezed my pecs together. That’s hot as hell, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir,” I said quietly, not believing what I was seeing.

“Man, you’re old boyfriend is getting even more powerful and it feels great, buddy,” Bud Stevens said as he reached out to grab one of the crushed bullets. “I bet these will taste like candy to me. It will be a nice complimentary taste to the barrel of that guy’s gun.”

He popped the demolished bullet into his mouth and chomped down like it was a peanut or something. He continued to do the same with all the other bullets that were still plastered against his stomach and chest. He looked like he was eating appetizers at a dinner party. We all stared at him with disbelief and awe. I was turned on by my huge granddaddy more than ever – and he knew it.

“I think I’ll now take those guns, fellas. You shouldn’t play with grown-up toys,” Mr. Stevens said as he reached out and grabbed the two full-sized guns and the half eaten one from the hands of the still shocked would-be robbers, before they even knew what was happening.

The three men were simply stunned that the body of the muscled gramps in front of them had so easily absorbed the power of the bullets being propelled at him. They could not believe that his chest and abs were hard enough to have metal simply splatter like water drops against it. They watched, even more dumbfounded, as the old man wrapped his hands around the three weapons and crumpled them together with little effort. His big hands basically molded the guns into one large lump like he was making biscuits out of soft dough. To emphasize his strength even more Mr. Stevens rolled his palms together to make the mass into a metal ball.

“Hey boys, look how easy it is for me to destroy your guns,” the old man teased. “You thought you were pretty powerful with these things, didn’t you. You thought you’d do some damage to this big older man – but look at your weapons now. Those things are now just a little clump of metal. I could thump this thing so hard with one finger that it would rip a hole through all three of your stomachs without any problem, but I’m not that kind of man and I still want to teach you punks a lesson. You’ve messed with the wrong grampa, boys. I’m feeling more powerful than ever. I’d like to smash the three of you into a compressed ball just like I did to your guns, but my handsome boyfriend over there wouldn’t like it. He gets off on me showing how powerful I am, but doesn’t care for me hurting people. Lucky for you, guys. We’ll begin the fun by making a punk sandwich.”

Before any of the men even had the chance to register what was happening, Mr. Stevens stood up, corralled them together with his huge arms, and then lined them up in front of each other, with the guy in the back against the wall. My huge older boyfriend then bent his knees and pressed his chest up against the tiny torso of the man in front. With his powerful legs he pushed his massive body forward. I immediately heard air forced from the lungs of all three men. It was like a huge gust of wind had just rushed through the store. I watched as the face of each would-be burglar quickly turned red from the intense pressure being applied to his body. Mr. Stevens was smashing the entire trio against the wall and they were like defenseless insects. While the humongous man shoved his frame forward he also straightened his legs, causing his body to move upward. Each man’s body rose in the air, too. My mouth dropped open as I watched six feet leave the ground at the same time, my giant senior lover dominating grown men with just his powerful chest. The room was filled with gasps for breath intermingled with groans of pain – as each man fully realized how immobilized they were.

“What’s the matter little men?” Mr. Stevens asked teasingly. “Can’t you break free? You mean this old man can easily defeat you three tough guys with just his mighty chest? I love how my big pecs can flatten these guys into pancakes, Connor. And I’m not even pressing very hard. My big mounds of elder meat are just too much for these little guys and it’s a big turn on for me. I think you like it too, Connor. Yeah, I can tell you like it by that mound at your crotch. Do you need a break, fellas? Here, I’ll give you some breathing room.”

The man of my dreams pulled his brawny chest away from the men and all three fell to the ground in one huge heap, relieved that they could finally get air into their lungs. Not one of them was able to move, though, since they were too busy desperately inhaling. The huge older man reached down with his giant hands and grabbed two of the men by the front of their shirts and jackets. He easily lifted the guys into the air, while he placed one of his big feet on the chest of the third man still on the ground. He easily pinned the dude to the floor, his foot almost as big as the man’s torso.

“Man, I love being bigger and stronger than three men put together, Connor,” Mr. Stevens said with much joy in his voice. “Crushing three guns together like I was crumpling a piece of paper is hot, but squeezing the breath out of three guys with just my chest and tossing them around as if they weighed nothing is why I love being big the most. No one expects a senior citizen to be so strong and enormous. It feels like Christmas when I watch grown men freak out as they eventually grasp just how powerful I am. Look at how my colossal arms pick these punks up so easily. These are fully grown men, Connor, and it’s like I don’t even notice I’m holding them in the air. And look how my biceps are thicker than their entire bodies, buddy – what do you think about that? My guns are two massive lumps of beef, aren’t they? Each time I do something awesome with these strong arms, Connor, it makes me want to try something even more difficult. If destroying a Cadillac, crushing guns and water heaters, and lifting grown men comes this easy there’s no telling what my mighty arms can do – not to mention the rest of me. I feel the urge to toss these guys so hard that their little bodies will go barreling through that concrete wall, but I know I won’t. I could do it easily, but I’m don’t have this big body to cause pain, Connor. I have it to please you. I control my power because I only want to make you happy. Tell your old boyfriend what you want him to do with these guys.”

“Well, first of all, sir, I’m glad you won’t hurt them,” I said sincerely. “It’s really not a fair fight – you against mere mortals. You need to continue to realize that you’ve become something special, sir – a powerful behemoth that seems to have no limitations…”

“Except for my love of you, Connor,” Mr. Stevens interrupted.

“Yes, except for that,” I replied, blushing. “It really wouldn’t be much fun to do anything to these three guys, though, since it wouldn’t be any challenge for you. We need to get you some clothes and then venture out into the world to find something that will actually test the limits of your strength. I have no idea what that will be, but I know it’s not three grown men – hell, it’s probably not a thousand grown men put together. Although, it would be fun to watch a thousand men in a tug-of-war contest against you, Mr. Stevens – that would be hot.”

“Yes it would, Connor,” replied my huge love, still holding the two stunned guys in the air. “We could just have me compete against a tank to make it easier. Finding a rope long enough for a thousand guys to hold might be a little tough, but we could use a huge chain wrapped around the tank.”

“See, I just can’t think big enough for you, Mr. Stevens,” I said teasingly. “We need your creative spirit to find some strength tests, although I don’t even think you’ll be able to think of anything that’s impossible for your body to accomplish. It sure will be fun trying, though.”

“So what about these punks, beautiful man?” Bud asked.

“How about you wrap the three of them in a light pole while Jim and I call the police,” I replied. “It’s going to be hard to press charges, though, since there aren’t any weapons, but I’ll call the two cops that are already acquainted with your power and explain things. I’m sure they’ll be able to help. They’re probably still at our place. I’ll also bet these three guys are wanted for a bunch of other charges anyway. You’re probably doing the police a favor.”

“Aw yeah, Connor, man, it will be fun twisting a big pole around these guys - great idea,” Mr. Stevens said excitedly. “Maybe it will give my arms a nice workout.”

“I doubt it, big man. I think it will be pretty easy for you,” I answered.

Bud placed the guy in his right hand over his shoulder and at the same time he slid his big foot underneath the body of the guy still on the ground. With a slight flick of his ankle he sent the stunned body of the third thief into the air – as if the guy were a sock or something even lighter. The big man easily caught the guy in his hand and then headed for the front door. Jim and I forgot about calling the police because we quickly walked to the entranceway to watch Bud’s work. There was no way either of us was going to miss the chance of seeing my senior lover manipulating a huge light pole. We were not disappointed. We gazed on in awe as Bud held the three men against the pole with one hand and then used the other to bend the big piece of steel around their bodies a total of three times. He made it look like he was working with something as flexible as a pipe cleaner. We could hear the screeching of the metal inside the store and that proved to be too much for the shopkeeper beside me. As soon as Bud looped the pole around the three bodies the first time Jim let out a loud moan, fell against the glass door, and then began to shake uncontrollably. However, he never took his eyes off my huge boyfriend. By this point I was used to grown men, including myself, spewing wildly inside their pants as they watched Bud Stevens do miraculous things with his powerful arms. I stood there fighting back the urge to cum, myself, as I proudly witnessed the love of my life tighten the streetlight pole around the three men, suspending them about six feet off the ground. Only the two cops that had already experienced Bud’s incredible strength were going to believe the three thieves when they explained that a giant man had pinned them in their resting place. I didn’t think the other cops were even going to believe the small group of bystanders that had gathered to watch the display of muscle. By this point, Jim had dumped a full load of his juice into his underwear and he was almost fully recovered. He and I watched Bud pat the three men on the top of the head and then head back into the store. We moved back to allow the giant to squeeze his big frame through the doorway.

“Man, Connor, that was so much fun,” Mr. Stevens said as he entered. “Could you hear the metal squealing as these guns easily twisted it? Watching that big pole submit to my power got my dick rock hard. I see, by the wet stain in your slacks, that it made you pretty excited, too, huh Jim?”

“More than you’ll ever know, sir,” the shopkeeper replied weakly – clearly not fully recovered from his release.

“Well that creamy lake-sized wet spot at your crotch is a pretty good indication,” Bud said with a chuckle. “So, how about some clothes, sir?”

“With pleasure, Bud,” Jim replied. “And an entire new wardrobe will be a gift from me since you saved me from being robbed.”

“Aw hell, Jim, that was nothing,” Bud answered proudly. “But I’ll accept your gift and promise to let you grope this body of mine as you are fitting me for clothes. We’ll see if we can milk that still-hard cock of yours for more of your man-juice.”

“That sounds like heaven,” Jim said with much excitement.

I smiled at my lover, content beyond belief that he could make a grown man’s day so easily. Bud winked at me and I was overcome with joy. I had no need to even feel an ounce of jealousy when the senior muscleman pleased other men – for I knew he was totally devoted to me. I felt it in my bones. I could not even begin to describe the complete peace and confidence within me when it came to our relationship. It was clear that our loyalty to each other didn’t even need to be explained. It was just something we both felt and now never doubted. My sun rose and set on the huge body of Mr. Stevens – he was all that I would ever need for the rest of my life. I somehow fully sensed that the big muscle granddaddy felt the same way about me. He would certainly offer many other men much pleasure and receive much sexual joy from others when he needed it, but I knew he would always find completeness with me. We were connected in a way that could not be explained or defined. I was his life force and he was definitely my super old man Stevens.
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Wow! Another great chapter of Old Man Stevens! I loved how Bud played with the robbers, and even before them, he was playing with the guy who owned the store. Who knows if the guy was straight before I'm fairly sure that is not the case now, which is always cool to see. Seeing exactly how invulnerable to conventional weapons Bud is, he doesn't seem like the kind that would take over the World, unless of course Connor wanted him to, but who could stop him from doing anything he wanted? Of course that makes it all the cooler that he's a nice guy, with the kind of power he has, it would be so easy to be bad. So yeah, great story, can't wait to see more!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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It never ceases to amaze me that you have created the ULTIMATE muscle daddy, powerful and perfect in all senses of the word!

Sorry if I only replied today, it took me three times to read the full story

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Londonboy (December 29th, 2012)
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Wow! That was entertaining!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Londonboy (December 29th, 2012)
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Thanks Londonboy..and thanks to your friend....I dig silver haired muscledaddies as well!!
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Londonboy (January 1st, 2013)
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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That makes three of us, makurra (and I know there are many others). Here's to a year of muscled silver-haired powerful daddies!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Oh yes Londonboy, this chapter pleases your friend very, very much. You know how I cant get enough of my silver hair super muscle daddy. I'm honored that my name will forever live in one of your stories (as the store owner!). Thanks SO much for the new installment. I doubt I'm the only one who's been missing Old Man Stevens. Hope to see Bud and Connor out on the street showing off more of that super muscle, strength, and passion.
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That was so hot! I especially liked him eating the gun! I'd love to see him chow down on something bigger, like a full sized car or an entire buffet! That would be crazy hot, watching that muscle daddy fuel up that tank of a body!
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Please Londonboy, continue this story! Bud Stevens is the most exciting character you've ever created. I'm wondering if anyone tried to "draw a picture" of this gorgeous man and his incredible feats of strength.....
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Londonboy (July 31st, 2013), makurra (August 1st, 2013)

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