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Old December 26th, 2012, 10:07 AM
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The Boss - Part 2

This particular big guy had been the fourth slave created by the boss this year. The serum the small man had discovered while studying the strength of ants had made it possible to unleash hidden powers within certain men. The pool of guys with the right genetics was very limited, but the scientist had quickly realized that powerhouse gyms were the answer to his prayers. Not only could he find men that were genetically right for the formula, but he could also find guys that desperately wanted to get bigger. It was a match made in heaven. It was, however, only after injecting the first guy with the liquid that the smaller guy accidently realized each man was temporarily infused with the same undying devotion ants give to their leader. The first test case had gained about thirty pounds of solid muscle and had become very strong, but the instant attachment to the scientist had been unexpected. The actual growth had lasted maybe thirty minutes and there had been a lot of note taking and videoing to document every physical change. However, this had prevented the small man from noticing how his test subject’s mind had been altered. The small lab room in a building on the outskirts of town had suddenly become even more cramped as the injected man grew. The scientist had off-handedly mentioned how he wished his lab included the big room next door – while he feverishly recorded some statistics. Before he even knew what was happening his newly grown empowered test subject was easily knocking down the wall of the lab with little effort. The task ended so quickly that the scientist just stood there in awe as the muscleman beamed with a face full of pride at what he had done for his new boss. After asking the man why he had knocked the wall down - and the guy answered it was because the smaller man had wished for it – the side effect of total devotion was discovered.

The scientist didn’t know what to do with this news, at first, and there were other complications. His test subject clearly knew nothing of his previous life. He did not want to return to his own home or his job. The huge man instantly became completely attached to the smaller man – going only where he went and wanting to do nothing but please the scientist. Come to find out, though, this slave mentality only lasted a few days, maybe due to the amount of serum given to the test subject. After attempting to inject more serum into the body of the huge man it became clear that this was a one-time change. Three days after the initial dosage the test subject had awakened on the floor of the scientist’s bedroom – where he slept because he could not leave the other man’s side – fully aware of his previous life and very grateful for his growth. The small man had explained the lapse of days as a side effect and the enlarged man had been so happy about the growth that he didn’t care.

Things, however, began to change with the next two test subjects. First of all, the scientist – a true professional – had continued to watch what he said around his new muscled slaves. It had been a hard lesson to learn. With the second guy he had once wished there had not been so much backed up traffic on a side street they were diving down and before he could say anything else the big man had jumped out of the car and actually started shoving the automobiles in front of them out of the way. The scientist had to jump out and tell the guy to stop but not before the slave had freaked three other drivers out by easily pushing their cars to the side of the road. Again, the undying devotion had come to an abrupt ending within the second guy only after four days.

Things got a little wilder with test subject number three. By this time the scientist had put another bed in his bedroom so his enhanced musclemen didn’t have to sleep on the floor. One night, during an erotic dream the smaller man talked in his sleep. His desire for the bodybuilders he was working with had never been spoken – or acted upon – so it was only in his dreams that he allowed sex to enter the picture. In his dream he ordered his slave to suck him off and before he knew it he was fully awake and the big guy from across the room had the scientist’s hard cock slammed up into his throat and the little guy shot off like a lit firecracker. For a few minutes the guy thought he was still dreaming, but then he felt the strong arms of his boy hold him tightly. Unfortunately, it was the next day that the side effect of the serum wore off and the big guy went back to his normal life.

That made it necessary to plan carefully before choosing test subject number four. As it turned out, however, a friend of the third guy the scientist had grown found out about his work and came to volunteer. The smaller guy was ecstatic when he got a look at his potential new client – the guy was already huge. The man seemed to already be in peak condition, but he said he just wasn’t big enough. This caused the usually very professional guy to do something that didn’t follow scientific logic. He decided to up the dosage of the serum by eight times. He also made a list of fun things they could do to test the guy’s strength before the knowledge of his previous life returned. On the day of the injection the scientist was nervous and excited beyond belief. He had the guy sign all the waiver forms and then had him sit on the examination table in the now large lab room – thanks to test subject number one. The growth started about ten minutes after the injection. The big guy started to complain about a burning sensation and then he stood up from the table. His body immediately started growing taller. The stretching noises were louder than any of the other times. The guy zoomed past the six and a half foot mark and then he started popping out all over his body like his muscles were water balloons hooked up to a faucet turned up all the way. The guy’s clothes were ripped to shreds in seconds. By the time he stopped growing the man was four times as big as the scientist. The small man looked the behemoth up and down and then said the first thing that came to his mind – an exclamation that sounded like an order to his new humongous slave.

“Fuck me!”

The muscled monster reached out, grabbed the small guy by the waist, lifted him up, turned him around, and then pushed his ass down on the engorged big cock. The head of the pole easily pressed through the scientist’s pants and underwear. The initial intense pain was quickly followed by incredible pleasure as the big man plowed his boss like a pro. The sex was hard, masculine, and thrilling for both guys. Copious amounts of cum squirted up into the smaller man’s ass as the giant finally exploded – this causing a chain reaction in the scientist’s dick, as well. All of this had taken place three days ago. Since then, the scientist had taken his slave out daily for continuous tests of strength. They had also found as many ways possible to have sex – doing it in every conceivable place. The scientist had found that he could order his slave to cum on cue. It was the wildest thing in the world. Just yesterday they had gone to a gay strip club downtown, which was having an amateur muscle show, and the big man had auditioned for a spot in their nightly line up. The scientist didn’t really want the big guy to get the gig; he just wanted to see the audience’s reaction during the audition. They fixed the huge man up with an earpiece and the small man sat in the corner of the room giving out orders. There was a live audience in place for the auditions. When the big man stepped out on stage the entire room went wild. They had purposefully chosen some a huge sweat suit for him to wear and the only thing underneath was a pair of posers.

“Rip the sweatshirt off slowly starting at the collar.”

This order came through the earpiece and the big man reached up and pulled the heavy material apart easily. He tugged slowly so it revealed his huge body one muscle at a time. At first the audience went completely silent – that’s how blown away they were by the man’s size and definition. After three beats of quiet, though, the place erupted into cheers loud enough to raise the dead. The scientist told the guy a few poses to hit and the crowd was worked into even a wilder frenzy.

“Flex out of the sweatpants.”

This order caused a huge smile to appear on the muscleman’s face. He spread his legs slightly apart and then started to tense his quads like they were made of stone. Immediately, the sweats ripped apart - up and down the big man’s upper legs. Bulging muscled burst through and fragments of material drifted out into the crowd. Again, silence caused by awe swept the room – followed by even louder screaming. The stench of cum filled the room and the scientist knew his boy had caused a lot of guys in the audience to lose control. Both men noticed a few guys shaking wildly as they gazed up at the big man’s body. Finally, the muscled beast pulled the remaining bits of material away from his powerful legs. He stood in front of the fired-up crowd in just his thin posers.

“Half hard.”

The order was met with the giant sized cock in the posers snaking up across the thigh. The loud moan from the group of men as they watched the log grow in the posers was almost humorous – if the sight hadn’t been so incredibly hot. No one in his right mind could have seen the big dick get bigger and not made a similar noise. Even the scientist was beginning to lose control and he had been around all the massiveness for a few days.

“Fully hard and burst through the posers.”

Instantly, the cock obeyed. The giant thing grew to its full monstrous size and ripped the flimsy briefs from the big man’s body. This definitely caused more men to lose control of their impending orgasms and the response of the crowd reached new feverish heights. The huge rod stuck out from the man’s body like a diving board. The scientist actually contemplated standing on the thing one day to see if it could hold him. It was time, however, for the final orgasmic act.

“Double biceps pose and cum!”

Arms went up in the air and muscles bulged to unfathomable proportions. At the same time the slit in the huge cock started spraying like some kind of semen filled cannon. Pelts of hot jism shot out over the entire audience. A fight erupted as men started shoving to catch more of the muscleman’s hot cum. The big man seemed to spew for five minutes straight. Two huge bouncers – stationed originally for crowd control – were two of the biggest contributors to the brawl, clearly desperate for what they knew was alpha spunk.

“Come get me. I want to go home.”

The big man’s cock was still gurgling out gobs of man-milk when he jumped down from the stage and started shoving guys out of the way. He needed to get to his boss’ side immediately. Even the huge bouncers were easily tossed across the room when they tried to grab the mountainous muscleman as he worked his way through the crowd. The nude behemoth scooped his boss into his beefy arms and then made his way to the door. Within thirty minutes he had pumped his legs hard and gotten them home – miles across town. Since he was already naked, the boss did not order his slave to undress. They fixed a couple of drinks and then moved to the living room to have a post-evening reflection. As usual, the smaller man sat across the huge quads of the other guy – and stroked all of his bulging muscles as they talked.

“Did you have fun tonight, boy?”

“Yes, boss.”

“You liked spewing the crowd with your cum, didn’t you?”

“Yes, boss. I knew it pleased you, so it made me very happy, too.”

“Even your cock obeys me, boy.”

“Yes, boss. I do whatever you command.”

“Let’s try something else. Make your big cock slightly hard – enough to plug my ass.”

A big smile crept across both men’s faces. The giant guy willed his flaccid cock to get hard enough to press into the ass of his boss, who had spread his legs on either side of the big man’s torso. His asshole was perfectly aimed at the huge head of the big man’s cock.

“Oh yeah, boy, that feels good. Real good. It’s like I’m filled completely, but it isn’t like a hard log – more like I’m stuffed with warm molding clay. Make your cock get rock hard slowly, boy. Oh shit, that’s nice. Aw fuck, yeah. It’s almost better than being plowed. I can feel your cock growing inside of me. Your big shaft is pushing my chute apart, man. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum if you don’t stop. Soften, boy.”

Immediately the hardened dick moved back to a soft mass in the smaller man’s hole. The speed at which the big man could control his cock was unbelievable. It also gave the small man unimaginable pleasure. He sat there for the next hour ordering the big man to get hard and then grow soft – and changing their positions often just to increase the feeling. Finally, it became too much for both men.

“I get the feeling my boy needs some release.”

“Yes sir, but only if you tell me I can.”

“That’s a good boy. Let’ both shoot at the same time. Get fully hard and push into me as far as you can.”

The big man’s cockhead somehow snaked up even further into the inner sanctum of the small man’s body. The pressure this time was just too much for the scientist to handle. He knew his body was on the verge of eruption and he decided to make the moment pleasurable for both of them.

“Shoot hard, boy!”

The powerful jolt to the small man’s chute was so intense that it caused his own cock to shoot harder than it ever had – cum skyrocketing high into the air and raining down on both men’s heads and shoulders. The mutual orgasms seemed to last forever. It became clear that the big man controlled his own ejaculation so it would be perfectly in line with that of his boss - another testimony of his devotion. This was definitely the most intense release that either man had ever experienced. The scientist decided they should sleep that way during the night – with the big man’s huge soft cock still in his ass. It was the best night of sleep for both men.

And now they were on their fifth day together and the big man was presently sucking cock like a pro. He easily held the body of the small guy in the air for a long time and swallowed the cockhead with enough suction to bring the small man to the edge of orgasm quickly. He would control his mouth, though, and only make his boss’ body lose control when the smaller man ordered it. He wanted to please the man completely. The scientist was so impatient for release that he welcomed the short trip to near eruption. Usually, he would order the big man to give him a few seconds of relief – to prolong the final explosion for a while – but tonight he wanted to get off fast. Watching the big man bend metal, lift bundled railroad ties, and move a bunch of huge train cars with his powerful legs had been too much to handle. He had wished for release all day, but had waited to build the pressure up even more.

“Suck me off, boy!”

The big man’s throat opened in a way that defied all logic and the powerful draw on the cock deep inside instantly caused the small man’s body to violently send mega wads of cum shooting from his cock deep into the belly of his muscled slave. The suction did not let up for a good three minutes – causing the scientist to offer every drop of his spunk that he had to give. His abs felt like a wrung-out towel – since they were pumping so hard in response to the big man’s forceful sucking. The small man could not speak since he was breathing so hard from the exertion. He tapped the big man’s shoulder and this was the sign that the muscleman could let the cock pull from his mouth and he could lower the guy back to his lap. The big man held the smaller guy as he slowly recovered from the incredible encounter.

“May we kiss, boss.”

“Of course, boy.”

The big man’s desire for affirmation and love from his boss was a basic need – like his need for air and water. The serum made him so devoted to his master that one disparaging word could make the behemoth cower like a ninety-pound weakling facing the Hulk in a battle. The smaller man never took advantage of this power. He asked the giant man for only things that he knew would please both of them. He knew his muscle slave would even kill if he asked him to, but that wasn’t even an option. There had been times when the boss had asked his big friend to use his strength against someone, but it was usually to prove a point and not to do permanent physical damage. The huge man loved being given tasks that would show off his strength more than anything, and the boss knew this. Their kiss turned into a passionate embrace that caused pre-cum to leak from the big cock sticking up between the two men – nestled between their two bodies like it was in a tight cocoon. The boss knew it was time to give the big man some relief. He also knew it would be fun if the eruption happened between their two bodies.

“You may cum now, boy.”

The sentence was barely finished before the big man’s stomach sucked in tightly and his giant schlong began to pump out juice like a fire hose aimed at burning building. The warm fluid squirted up between their tight bodies and cemented their embrace even more. The muscle slave had almost no control of his body, at this point, and moaned out loud as his body shook violently. The boss loved to watch his muscleman spew with more intensity than he ever thought could happen in a man’s body. Every muscle tensed to an increased level of hardness and his boy’s face was a mangled combination of pure bliss and unfathomable vein-popping pressure. The ejaculation rocked the big man’s body like an off-the-chart earthquake, creating a very enjoyable ride for the smaller master. And the momentous orgasms seemed to last forever – actually getting longer each time the big man got off. The boss knew he was responsible for the titanic offering of warm spunk being shot up between their bodies. He helped to build more superhuman pressure within the giant man by encouraging feats of strength, offering words of encouragement, and constantly showing his affection for the guy. His muscleman was like a massive devoted pet that craved the smaller man’s attention at all times – even following the man from room to room when they were at home. The big guy wanted to be near his boss all the time.

“Damn, boy, that’s some very nice pumping. Your body is churning out more and more cum each time. It’s very impressive.”

“It’s all because of you, sir.”

“Well if that’s true, son, then I’m going to make sure I keep doing the same things to make you even more excited.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Are you happy, boy?”

“I’ve never been happier, boss.”

These words warmed the heart of the smaller man, but it also made him sad. He knew that this joy would only be short lived. The mental effects of the serum were only temporary, while the physical effects were forever. It was hard to not think about what would happen in a few days – the sudden end to the obedient devotion and the lack of memory about any of the fun they had experienced together. The huge muscle man would go back to his previous life and the scientist would be forced to find another test-subject. The smaller man had tried to see if second injections would return his boys to their muscle slave selves, but the serum only worked once. This big guy was more special than the others and it was going to be hard to lose him. He was bigger, stronger, and definitely more dedicated to pleasing his master. This test-subject seemed to anticipate how to satisfy basic urges of his boss even in advance of orders. He used his strength in ways that the other men had not even thought about – moving cars with one hand to make more space when his master was trying to walk between two parked automobiles, pulling full grown trees out of the ground when he thought they might be blocking his master’s view of something, intimidating other men with his huge body if he felt they were being rude to his master, and looking for new ways to cause his master to shoot off when they were engaged in blow-the-roof-off sex.

The boss knew in his heart that there was something more special about this particular slave. It was like he had found the perfect match for the serum and no one else would ever respond in the same way. From the moment the woke up each morning until the second they dozed off at night, the big muscleman only wanted to please his master – to fill the small man’s entire day with mind-blowing power and mouth-watering huge muscle. He lived to make his boss happy, which – in turn – made him completely satisfied and whole. The smaller man did not want the pure joy of their life together to end. He knew, deep down, that it would and that made him very sad. He found great comfort, though, in knowing that his huge boy knew nothing about the inevitable end of their blissful existence. The big man would simply wake up one day and thank the scientist for making him huge and then return to his previous life – a life that the boss knew nothing about. Maybe there was a wife and kids who missed him very much; a job that wondered where he was, and friends that now never received returned calls.

“You seem sad, boss. What is wrong? How can I please you?”

“What? No, boy . . . no. I’m not sad. I’ve very, very satisfied and content. You bring me great joy and please me very much. I have had a wonderful day.”

“I am glad, sir. I look forward to showing off for you tomorrow, as well, and the next day after that. I want to make you happy forever.”

“You will, son . . . you will. Let’s get cleaned up and ready for dinner. And after that I’d like to watch you work out. How does that sound?”

“It sounds like a perfect evening, boss.”

For a second, the smaller man imagined what it would be like to live like this for the rest of his life – even though he knew it was impossible. The serum’s effects on the brain did not last forever. He let himself go for the moment, though, and pretended this was just one evening of a lifetime of muscled heaven. He smiled at the face of his devoted boy as the big man carried him in his huge arms to the shower. For tonight, he would celebrate being surrounded and supported by hard muscle and unbelievable power.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Another great story. The detail paints a vivid picture so much so that I feel that I am in the room watching the events unfold.

Will there be additional developments for The Boss?
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Wow, another great story LB, I really enjoyed the full control that the small man exerted over the huge man's body, the muscle man followed every single order to the letter, almost like he was a robot or something, not that I minded, I love that level of mental and physical control. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more of it soon!
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Loved this Londonboy!
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Great story as always
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As an author, how do "Thank You!"s compare on a scale of perceived appreciation compared to an old fashioned reply? Btw, this might be my favorite story of yours so far.

Edit: Because it's awesome. Where can I get some?
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I love comments cause they usually help me pinpoint what people really like, but thanks are great,too. It's all good. Thank you for your feedback.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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5 days huh? Sounds like the serum is having a more profound effect on the current slave then the others as the effects have lasted longer. Perhaps the scientist will get his wish.
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Enjoyed the flashbacks! Perhaps there will be no end for this one! Looking forward to the next chapter!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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