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Old December 17th, 2012, 06:41 PM
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The Boss - Part 1

The smaller dude looked on as the much larger guy wrapped his thick fingers around heavy steel and easily ripped the iron safety door from its frame. It only took one slight jerk of the bigger man’s humongous biceps and the entire thing came screeching away from the metal clamps that held it in place and safely prevented any other man from entering. This time, however, human muscle was just too powerful for the supposed impenetrable security door. It was clear that almost nothing could have stopped the strength within the two powerful bulging guns or the wide fingers that easily flattened pure metal with very little effort. The high-pitched sound of steel being pried apart was a tremendous turn on for both men. Two cocks simultaneously became hard as hell even before the now mangled heap of junk was tossed to the ground. Strong hands had simply crushed the frame in on itself – as if it had been made of cardboard. The shorter man nodded his head in approval and then glanced at the sturdy looking doorknob sticking out from the piece of heavy wood still blocking their entrance. A giant muscled hand wrapped around the solid steel knob and squeezed - crushing it with no problem. At the same time the handle was ripped from the wood with a loud crackling noise, a big chunk of the door breaking away with it. The second sound of destruction caused pre-cum to leak from both gaping dick slits, still covered by pants, but clearly outlined under tight material.

The big man pushed the door inward and stepped back to allow the smaller guy to enter, a sign of his subservience. The demolition process had taken about five minutes in total – a steel door lay crumpled on the ground and one end of a thick doorknob was now just a destroyed piece of scrap metal. As they entered the house the small man looked at the giant hole that had been ripped out of the thick wood and then turned to look up at his towering partner. The stern face gave away the shorter guy’s displeasure, but there was also just a hint of hidden pleasure - obviously caused by what he had just witnessed.

“See what happens when we forget our keys? We have to destroy things. That’s not always a good thing, big man.”

“Yes, boss.”

“At least we have you to easily get us in without any problem, but now I have to call someone tomorrow to come fix this mess. The poor worker is going to be confused when he sees all those marks in the steel that look like fingers – but then he’ll see you and understand completely. One good thing, though - with you around no one is going to even think twice about coming through this busted door to steal something.”

“I can also put something heavy in front of the door if you want me to – maybe the big industrial freezer out in the garage or something larger?”

“There’s no need, people are more afraid of you than a big freezer. Besides, you know how I’d love it if some foolish thief did come in and you had to reprimand him. Watching you easily defeat grown men with little effort is such a big turn on for me and it almost never happens anymore. You’re just so huge that no one even thinks about challenging you.”

“We can go out tonight and I can pick a few fights if you want me to, boss. I’ll even let some guy win for a little while.”

“No, we’re not bullies – per se – and it’s just not fair since you’re so much larger than everyone else. Some man’s punches only feels like balloons bouncing off your body. It needs to be a group of maybe forty guys to make it even seem like a close fight. I’m still thinking someday that straight biker bar downtown might be a good place for you to have some fun, but I’m afraid every guy in the joint might get hurt. You could probably take care of the entire place in fifteen minutes. Where’s the pleasure in that?”

“I can make it last longer, sir. I’d like that a lot.”

“Maybe another day, big man.”

“What now, boss?”


“Yes sir.”

The large guy immediately undressed. His huge body seemed to glow in the bright light of the living room and muscles bulged out everywhere. Clothes were folded neatly and carried into the bedroom. Every part of his gigantic frame seemed to bunch up into larger mountains as the man walked back into the room. The place seemed much smaller when the colossal beast was in it. The boss pointed to a chair and the now naked muscle god sat down, spreading his legs slightly apart. This action made room for the other man to slide between the two humongous thighs and hop up to take a place on the more-than-ample right quad. He looked like a small child in his dad’s lap.

“Who’s your boss, boy?”

“You are, sir.”

“And do you like it that way, son?”

“Yes, boss. Very much, boss.”

“That’s a good boy. Right arm.”

The massive thick arm shot into the air, flexing so hard that the mound of meat peaked insanely toward the ceiling and the sound of skin tensing reminded both men of leather being stretched. The smaller man raised his tiny left hand and began stroking the huge biceps, so much bigger than his small palm and fingers. Both men stared at the appreciative massage of hard bulging muscles.

“You like it when I worship you, don’t you boy?”

“Yes, boss. Very much.”

“Left arm, too.”

Immediately the other arm shot up into a biceps flex. His double-bi pose was awesome. The smaller man’s dick started throbbing harder as soon as he groped the other man’s powerful giant arms. A moan of pleasure escaped the worshipping man’s mouth – he was just too much in awe of the hardness being caressed by his clearly weaker hands. A deeper moan bellowed from the big man underneath – his joy of being admired equaled that of his smaller friend. The huge beast was a beautiful specimen – big and strong, just the way the smaller guy liked his men. As he continued to grope the big biceps the smaller man ran through what were obviously familiar questions.

“What makes you happy, boy?”

“To please you, sir.”

“And how do you please your boss?”

“By showing off my muscles and proving my strength, sir.”

“Do you like being huge, boy?”

“Yes, boss.”

“Do you like being super strong?”

“Very much, boss.”

“Good answers, boy. You’re learning quickly. I knew I chose well. Let’s re-cap our day, shall we? But first, unzip my pants.”

In mere seconds the big man released his biceps pose, had the smaller guy’s pants undone, and was stroking the unsheathed hard cock of the boss in his big palm. The large hand started moving slowly up and down – simply giving a nice caressing sensation - at first. The behemoth knew his boss loved a slow build up. There was no need to get to the big finish too quickly. It was story time, as it was at the end of each day, a chance to review all the wonderful stuff that had happened while they were out.

“We started with some lifting in the backyard this morning, sir.”

“Oh yes, that was very nice - and what did we lift?”

“Today, I did one arm shoulder presses with a bundle of five broken railroad ties, sir.”

“That’s right. And how did those big things get broken, boy?”

“I easily snapped them across my shoulders and neck, sir, even breaking the last two together at the same time.”

“Yeah, that was hot. And how did you bundle those huge things together, big man?”

“I used the two U. S Postal mailboxes I ripped from the concrete, flattened, and then rolled into long strips of metal, sir.”

“I especially liked watching you pull the second one out of the ground with just one arm, boy. That was really sweet. Shoving your hand into the opening and just flexing your arm upward until the entire thing came popping out of the ground. I’ll never get tired of hearing steel and metal scream loudly as it gives in to your strength. Those big boxes didn’t stand a chance against those guns of yours.”

Both men paused for a few minutes to remember how easily the big guy had walked down the sidewalk and pulled the mailboxes from the ground – leaving huge holes as big chunks of concrete came up with the base. The things were then bear-hugged into indiscernible clumps of metal and rolled into long strips – like they were just pieces of clay. The big man had then twisted them around either end of the broken pieces of railroad ties and sealed the heavy bundle together to be used as a makeshift dumbbell. Watching the huge guy lift the thing easily over his head with one arm had made the boss’ morning coffee-time very pleasurable. It was pretty clear, though, that there wasn’t much of a pump offered from what the big man called a ‘light’ mass of wood. When he dropped the thing to the ground, however, it sank about a foot into the earth – clearly heavy enough to do some damage but not enough to challenge the powerful guns of the big man.

“I’m sorry that wasn’t much of a workout, boy. We’ll have to use something heavier tomorrow morning.”

“Yes sir. I’d like that, sir. I desire more of a challenge. Perhaps a small building?”

“We’ll have to work on that, boy. And what followed your shoulder presses?”

“You licked all the sweat off my hairy chest, sir.”

“I mean after that, boy. What did we do to continue your morning workout after lifting the bundle of heavy ties?”

“We went over to the old railroad yard and worked legs, sir.”

“Ummmm, that’s right. That was mighty yummy.”

This particular memory made the smaller man quickly raise his hands in a ‘time out’ signal. Immediately, the huge beast stopped in mid-stroke of the hard cock in his hand. The sudden halt from the big man was because he knew that the agreed upon hand motion signified that eruption was close and even a slight up and down movement might send the smaller guy into orgasm. Both men froze for a few seconds, not even breathing; for fear it might trigger something. The simple nod of the boss’ head told the behemoth he could begin fondling again. It was already a proven fact that this particular kind of stopping and starting could continue for hours. It thrilled both men in specific ways. The smaller guy loved edging almost more than he loved his muscle slave’s size and strength. The huge guy loved getting his boss off more than anything else in the world. It was a match made in heaven. The big man simply squeezed the hard shaft now, there needed to be a break from the powerful pumping motion his huge hand had previously been offering. The smaller man smiled contently.


“Well, we found eight huge wheel-less train cars sitting beside each other - embedded slightly in the ground. I placed my back against the one on the end and bent my legs. I then started pushing the entire stack slowly across the yard.”

“Yes, that was very impressive. Your legs bulged out massively – even splitting your sweats up the side. Did that give you a workout?”

“It was pretty easy, but I could feel it after three trips back and forth across the length of the yard.”

“You basically dug a football field sized hole in the middle of the place. It was about four feet deep, too.”

“Did that please you, boss?”

“You know it did, big guy. And what happened next?”

“You licked the sweat off my quads.”

“I mean after that. What exercise did we move to next?”

“I twisted strips of railroad track into different shapes for you.”

“It was kind of like you were a bulked-up carnival man making balloon animals – only you were using wide thick pieces of steel. It was a great workout for your biceps, though. And those two you twisted into a lampstand will look great in the front room. Thank goodness we have high ceilings, since the thing is huge.”

“I like how watching me bend metal makes you hard, boss.”

“Well the blasted thing screeches so loudly and you make it look so easy. It’s kind of unnerving. I really can’t fathom the amount of power you have, even in just one arm.”

“I’m glad it pleases you, sir.”


The order was short and to the point. The big guy immediately released the smaller man’s cock and slid both of his giant hands underneath the other guy’s ass. The boss was lifted into the air and his hard cock was directed toward the waiting mouth of the giant slave. It was like the behemoth was merely wrapping his lips around the straw of a fruity drink he held in his hands. The smaller guy looked down at the broad shoulders of this adoring slave – marveling at the man’s size. He knew this complete obedience would only last a couple of weeks. That was part of the process, but it sure was great while it lasted. There was no way to hide the fact that having a giant muscleman do your every bidding was the biggest turn on in the world. Pleasure shot through both men’s body as the smaller guy’s cock was sucked in and out of the slave’s mouth – the head popping back and forth beyond the throat opening. The boss knew he would not last long and no one would have expected him to. Seeing his boy doing incredible feats of strength, knowing the behemoth only wanted to please him, being held in the air easily while he was sucked off, and looking down at so much male perfection was just too much to handle. And besides that, his muscled beast was an excellent cocksucker. That had been a pleasant surprise in the entire process.

“Oh yeah, suck that hard pole, boy. You like the way my cock tastes, don’t you?”

“Mmmmm hmmmmm”

There wasn’t even a slight pause to the slurping and sucking as the big man answered. His nose was plastered into the smaller man’s full pube bush as his pulsing throat teased the cockhead. The ass cheeks of the boss squeezed together tightly as he did his best to fight back the oncoming eruption. Both men did not want this moment of intense pleasure to end, but their desire for the titanic orgasm was way beyond their control now. Nothing could stop the big man from sucking his boss dry – except for a direct order from his master and that wasn’t going to happen, mainly because the small guy needed release as much as he needed air. His small hands were now groping the huge shoulders of his obedient giant – feeling every bulge and tensed sinew as if his life depended on having a perfect memory of how the other guy’s vastness hulked out everywhere. The slave loved being fondled by his boss almost as much as sucking the smaller man off – since he knew feeling his muscles gave the smaller man so much pleasure. There was such an innate need to please this boss being held in his hands the big guy knew his life would end if he didn’t continually satisfy his master. Lifting things and crushing objects with his powerful arms was secondary to feeling his master’s body this close to his – or knowing that his boss’ cock was spewing because of pleasure he offered. There was absolutely no memory of a life before wanting to please this man. The boss, however, remembered everything.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Hmm...part one, that means there is more to come. I like that a lot!!!
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Great story once again LB, I like how this huge, super strong guy is just completely under the control of this small guy, he's so strong that who knows what he may be capable of, I love that the big guy suggested lifting small buildings for a workout, I hope they get to that in this story. This is another example of why I have loved your writing from the beginning, great muscle and strength description, along with underlying eroticism, always an excellent reading experience.
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He's back!!! I love this concept, so kinky and hot. Love power dynamics with a huge guy like this.
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The perfect man

Thanks for this story. Can hardly wait to find out how this relationship began. This would be the perfect man to have, someone who lives to grow his muscles
worshipper, 5'8
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Why will it only last a couple weeks?
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I really like the complicated dynamics you give the big/small guys in your stories. :3
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Great start! Looking forward to the flashback!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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