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Old November 1st, 2012, 04:07 PM
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The Bestower of Pleasure - Part Two

Within twenty minutes we were being whisked up in an elevator to the penthouse of one of the most expensive condominium complexes in town. I felt very nervous, but Ben kept telling me that the anxiety was natural. He assured me that my jitters would disappear as soon as I started being ‘hospitable’ to our friends for the evening. He said my innate enthusiasm for making a guy get hard would take over and I would start being creative in ways I never even imagined. He kept emphasizing the point of not getting too carried away and hurting someone. He said my size might make that difficult. I wasn’t sure what he meant, but I figured it would become apparent at some point during the evening. He also told me I would probably make a thousand bucks for a four-hour gig – and maybe even more if I was really creative. I didn’t know if this news calmed my nerves more or made me tenser. As we travelled upward Ben took a knife out of his pocket and without warning he pulled the neck of my shirt out from my body and sliced an opening at the top. He folded up the knife, put it back in his pocket, and then reached out to pull the two new flaps of my sweatshirt apart. He was creating a rip down the middle of my shirt and I realized it was done to show off my more-than-ample chest.

“Yeah, fucking hot. That’s much better, Matt.”

The elevator doors opened directly into the stunning penthouse and we immediately gazed upon two well-known pro-quarterbacks who were standing there hand in hand. The celebrity of the clients took me by surprise and I faltered slightly. Ben placed his hand on my monstrous back and guided me out into the room. I re-gained most of my assurance immediately and went into high school jock mode. Ben had told me these guys loved everything to be as butch as possible. I took my lead from my new mentor.

“What’s up, dudes? You both look fucking hot tonight.”

“Hell yeah, Ben, you were right. This guy’s monstrous! What’s your name, bro?”


“Hell, he’s Muscle Matt, boys! He’s new in town and just aching to show off his young boy muscles.”

I quickly sensed that the larger client was for me. It was pretty clear that Ben already had a relationship with the other guy. They embraced and kissed like they were a familiar couple. The larger guy immediately came up to me and placed his hands on my pecs. I was shocked to see that this famous dude was actually much smaller than me. His face showed how pleased he was with what I had to offer.

“Dude, you are one huge fucker. How much do you weigh?”

“I just ate so I’m probably three forty-five.”

“Holy shit! Damn, that makes you perfect for a fun night. We are going to rock this entire building.”

“Honey, no breaking furniture like last time. Come help me with the drinks and then Ben and I are going to disappear for a while. My ass is aching for something huge.”

It was odd to hear the two men speak this way. I was used to the butch image from television. They were both very manly and gorgeous as hell, but their desire for each other and for two guys in the hospitality business caused me to be a little disoriented. As soon as they went down a hallway to the kitchen I turned to Ben.

“Hey dude, you can’t leave me. We’re a team remember. I need you to be my guide. I’m not sure I know what to do. You and that cute thing can’t go in the other room.”

“Relax Matt. Your guy doesn’t want sex.”


“Okay, long story short, since they’ll be back soon with some awesome martinis. The big quarterback, your guy, has a very small tool and doesn’t like to cheat on his man. My quarterback, the fucking sexy one, is all about having huge cocks shoved up his ass and isn’t satisfied by his big man’s smallness. In order to maintain this relationship, big guy allows me to fuck his husband senseless every now and then – and they stay happy. In order to make things even, though, he likes me to bring a friend for him play with. Here’s the scoop – he loves to feel hard muscle, he loves to wrestle, and he adores being dominated. You, my friend, are going to be called back to this place over and over. You are right up his alley and there will be no need for sex. I warn you, though; he and another guy broke three pieces of furniture last time when they were wrestling. Try to keep him to the center of the room – where there’s a lot of open space. And for heaven’s sake, don’t hurt the guy. I believe he has a game next week. Any other questions?”

“What will you be doing, Ben?”

“Mr. Matt, that little dude has one of the tightest holes I’ve ever encountered in my entire life. He came out two years ago and hooked up with the other quarterback right away. Only the big guy with the teeny tool and I have fucked the pretty boy. That makes me a keeper in this household – because when the little guy is happy, everybody’s happy! I fill his ass so much that he squeals like a greased-up little pig. The big quarterback is always happiest the first few days after a visit from me; because his husband is so satisfied he’ll do anything to please the larger man. My cock just has a way of spreading joy as much as it loves spreading ass cheeks apart! You’ll be fine Matt. Just rough the big guy up some. He’s a terror on the football field, but he loves being dominated behind closed doors. I think he has to be on top of things so much on a daily basis that being forced to give up control gets his rocks off. By the way, don’t let the small dick fool you – he squirts an unbelievable amount of cum. Okay, enough, here they come.”

Our two hosts returned to the room and again I was overcome by how handsome they both were. I’m sure I was a little star struck, too. I was about to have a fun evening with a well-known football stud. I was beginning to love the hospitality business even more than I anticipated. The smaller host quickly laid out a plan for the evening.

“Well boys, Big Ben and I are going to have our martinis in the bedroom so Muscle Matt and my husband can start their fun right away. I also want you to fuck me so hard that I’ll be walking funny for days. Have fun, sweetie. Go easy on Muscle Matt.”

Ben and the cute little quarterback disappeared down a hallway to what I assumed was the bedroom. I turned to the well-known ball player and said thank you as he handed me a martini. I acted like I was sipping it as I watched him undress me with his eyes. There was an awkward silence in the room and the other guy quickly chugged his drink down and then placed the glass on a side table. He started unbuttoning his shirt.

“You like to wrestle, Muscle Matt?”

“I sure do, but no one ever seems to give me much of a challenge.”

I was toying with the man, something that suddenly came naturally – just as Ben had predicted. I was still slightly nervous, but my cocky attitude and obvious one hundred pounds on the guy helped to make me suddenly seem like a pro in the hospitality business. My answer clearly pleased the quarterback. He stopped all motion and stared at me, as if sizing me up for the first time. I saw a mixture of lust, worry, and admiration in his eyes.

“That might change tonight. Why don’t you make yourself confortable? Take off your shirt and stay for a while.”

“I’m going to need your help getting this thing off, bro.”

The guy stopped breathing in mid-inhale. My words seem to wreck him in a way that I didn’t anticipate, even though Big Ben had told me the line would be good. I put my glass on a table and waited for the man to calm down enough so he could walk over to help me with my shirt. The big guy’s hands were trembling as he took the hem of my sweatshirt and started sliding it up over my monstrous chest, arms and shoulders.

“Sweet fucking hell!”

He stood there staring at me with my shirt still in his hands. He let his eyes roam all over my torso – taking in the size and definition of my muscled body. My own cock was rock hard as I grasped how my body affected this stud athlete. Millions of kids, women, and some men had this guy’s poster up somewhere in their house. He was respected and worshipped all over the globe. But tonight, the stud only had eyes for me – and those eyes were almost bugging out of his head from what he saw. I had seen the look before and it was the same kind of unexplainable thrill that had enveloped my body when my teacher Mr. Miles had instantaneously cum after gazing upon all my massiveness – just a few months before. They guy had a gaze that gave me more confidence than I ever thought possible. I was ready for anything the evening brought my way. The first step of my initiation into the field of hospitality had already been extremely successful and I became instantly proud of everything I had to offer this business.

“You are one fucking huge boy, aren’t you?”

He continued to stare directly at my big body as he lifted my sweatshirt and took a big sniff of the aroma I left in the material. The guy shut his eyes and smiled – loving the mixture of sweat and manliness so prominent in the shirt. He then tossed the material to the side and walked up to me, reaching out to grab the bottom of both of my monstrous pecs with his big hands. He squeezed hard and kneaded the big muscle underneath. I loved the feeling and my cock responded joyously. The quarterback moaned out loud as he got a good feel of how muscled I really was and how small his large hands actually looked compared to my mammoth chest. The guy squeezed with all of his might and I felt a slight pain, which only increased the pleasure.

“Break free of my grip, boy.”

I tightened my chest to force his fingers to break their tight hold and then I brought my huge arms up between, easily forcing his arms to break away from my body. He let out a quick whistle and I saw his body tremble with excitement. The guy loved how it took no effort at all for me to force his muscular arms from my body.

“Aw hell yeah, big boy pushed my arms away like I was just a baby. So fucking hot.”

Without any warning the quarterback stud pulled his arms back and sent his fist flying into my flexed pecs. I was so stunned that I had to take a few steps back. It hurt a lot more than the groping, but I loved it just as much, too. I didn’t hesitate for a second. I knew what to do without even asking. I stepped back toward the guy, cocked my big arms back, and then let my fists go flying into his big pecs. The force was so powerful that his body went flying back across the floor and he fell onto a side table beside the sofa, crushing the wooden piece of furniture like it was nothing. His smile doubled in size as he looked up from the floor and I could see he was actually shaking with excitement. The quarterback jumped up and quickly removed his shirt. I immediately admired his chiseled body and the nice layer of dark hair across his beautiful chest. I also saw two red marks the size of my fists in the middle of his pecs.

“Fucking hell yeah, the big boy likes to play. You are my kind of giant! Don’t be a pussy and go easy on me, man, just because I’m smaller. Make me do things against my will.”

Suddenly, he was back in front of me and his arms were around my neck and he was trying to force my body to the ground. It was almost like some Greco-Roman wrestling move. My legs only buckled slightly and I immediately threw my arms around his neck the same way, latching on to the guy hard. His body instantly sank lower from my power and they guy’s eyes got very wide as he saw how much thicker my arms were compared to his - since they were now side by side. I started applying a lot of pressure and the dude had to go down to his knees immediately. It was pretty clear the guy was not used to being defeated so easily. He doubled his efforts around my own neck, but I simply applied more pressure and he was forced to let go so he could crumble lower to the ground. I placed my massive hands on his traps and began to squeeze. A sound that was a mixture of glee and a sob of pain escaped his mouth as his body tensed up from my abuse. I knew there were going to be bruises in the shape of my fingers across this part of his body tomorrow and that fueled me on even more. I gave his upper body a hard shove and he went falling back onto the rug on the floor. His face still had a huge smile plastered across it. This guy was enjoying every second of our encounter. I instinctively knew what the guy wanted.

“Someone needs to work out more. You’re getting a little weak, big guy.”

My taunting caused a few jerking motions at his crotch. I could see the outline of the guy’s less-than-ample cock, but I also noticed he was hard as hell. I reached down and grabbed hold of his right thigh and his left upper arm. With one big inhale I hoisted his body into the air, raising it above my head. I heard the guy moan in pleasure at being picked up so easily and then I felt his body shake with joy. I walked around the open space triumphantly for a few seconds to emphasize my power. I also got a glimpse of my huge body in the big windows across the room and the sight thrilled me tremendously. I looked like the Incredible Hulk about to toss a little guy a hundred yards away. I moved over to the big sofa and slammed the quarterback’s body down on the cushions. He lay there breathing heavy and staring up at me with a childlike joy.

“Pin me, dude! You’re the winner!”

I didn’t need any more instructions than that. I threw my own big body down on top of his and felt a couple of the sofa legs break from the force. I smothered the smaller guy and I heard the air being knocked out of him. Even though it was pretty tiny I could feel his hard cock pressing into my big thigh. The dude started making a purring noise immediately, like he was some kind of satisfied lion or something. I worried about crushing the man, but his joy-filled voice told me he was all right.

“How does a kid get so fucking big?”

“Lifting small dudes like you.”

My answer caused his dick to twitch and his body to shiver. It was at this moment that I realized I did, indeed, have a gift for this kind of work. I instinctively knew what this guy wanted. I also realized how to give him pleasure beyond his wildest dreams. This was a man that loved being dominated – just as Big Ben had said – and I was capable of making that wish come true. I was as excited as the guy beneath me and I knew he could feel my thick hard cock pressing into his body, a sign that I loved this interchange as much as he did. This pleased the quarterback and egged him on even more.

“Squash me like a bug, man!”

These were some of the sweetest words I had ever heard – mainly because what he was asking for was what I naturally wanted to do. I reached out and grabbed hold of the sofa on both sides. I then began to pull my body into his, at first with a little pressure but quickly adding more and more. I could tell it was getting difficult for the guy to breathe comfortably, but he still managed to say things like ‘hell yeah’ and ‘feels so good’ over and over. One of my biceps was near his face and he just stared at the thing as it tensed harder and bigger while I applied more pressure. You would have thought this guy had died and gone to heaven. I loved every second of the interchange, myself – bringing the guy such joy. And just when I thought the guy was going to pass out from the intense force I was applying to his body, he gave me the greatest compliment – the guy’s cock shot off in total submission to my domination. He was so compressed by my huge frame that I could barely register that he was convulsing, but the smell of fresh semen and the wetness I began to feel at my thigh confirmed that they guy had gotten off to my superior strength. A deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction washed over my body. I was incredibly happy that I had enabled this man to get off so quickly and so joyously. And I immediately wanted to do it again. I suddenly knew this was my calling in life – to give men pleasure with my muscles and strength. I said a silent thank you to Mr. Miles from high school – since that is where it had all started. I also knew there was still a lot to learn and I looked forward to being tutored by Big Ben, but I also realized I had a lot of natural talent in this field – which would help me quite a bit. I started to release the pressure on the quarterback, but he immediately stopped me.

“No . . . don’t stop. Make me . . . pass out.”

I almost pumped out a big load when I heard those words. At first I didn’t realize why it thrilled me so much, but then it became clear that his request was exactly what I wanted to do. My underlying sense of goodness and fear of hurting the guy had prevented me from doing something that was a driving need in my big body, but his asking now made it okay. I wanted to squeeze the man until he blacked out or broke in two – whichever came first. I still knew I shouldn’t break any bones, but making him go unconscious for a while was fair game. He was begging for it, too, which only made me desire this type of total domination even more. The famous quarterback was ready to submit his entire body to me – a fact that gave me indescribable pleasure. I longed to force every last drop of breath from his body and watch him go limp in unconsciousness. It was an incredible turn on to please someone so much, but at the same time to be fulfilling fantasies of my own, as well. The hospitality business was not only going to make me rich, it was also going to give me much sexual satisfaction. My big body had big needs – constantly – and I hoped pleasing clients would also help satisfy me. I taunted the guy even more.

“Yeah, the little man wants to be put to sleep, huh? Have you said you prayers, boy? I’m about to put you under for an hour or so. We might even make that cock of yours spew again in the process. Nighty-night big guy.”

I applied almost all of my strength at one time. I felt the bottom of the sofa cracking in my hand because of the intense pressure. I also noticed the guy beneath me was fighting for air more and more, but purring like a kitten the entire time. He was having the time of his life. I knew, instinctively, there were only seconds left before he went into la-la land for a little while. I pulled my body into his even more and whispered into his ear.

“My muscles easily dominate you, football man.”

I watched as the guy’s eyes rolled back into his head and he finally blacked out. I had to lie still for a few minutes, since I was on the brink of orgasm myself. I didn’t want to make a similar mess in my pants. After about sixty seconds I was calm enough to slide my body off of the unconscious quarterback. He still had a huge smile on his face and there was an ocean-sized wet stain covering most of his pants. Ben had been right about the amount of jism this guy’s tiny dick could produce. I looked at my own pants and noticed there was a sticky stain where his cock had pressed against my quad. I got up from the sofa, noting that the guy was breathing but it was also clear he’d be out for a while. I found a bathroom and cleaned the spot on my jeans. I then went back into the living room, grabbed my drink, and went into the kitchen to pour the liquid down the sink. I downed two big glasses of milk and then cleaned my glass, returning it to the cabinet. I came back to the living room and placed my empty martini glass on the coffee table. I grabbed a couple of magazines and sat in one of the arm chairs across from the sofa – waiting for the guy to re-gain consciousness or Ben and his partner to return from the bedroom. I didn’t know which would happen first. I glanced at the big man, now sleeping soundly on the sofa. I noted, again, just how handsome the guy was and thought about how great it was to give him such pleasure. I read for about an hour and a half, hearing loud shrieks from down the hall and realized that Ben’s unbelievable large tool was plowing the smaller quarterback’s tight ass. The guy on the sofa started to stir a little later and I looked up to see him staring at me with a very satisfied face.

“You fucking smothered me until I blacked out – smashing all the air out of my body. That was incredible, man.”

“I’m all about making you happy, bro.”

“Yeah? Well I must be the happiest guy in the world right now.”

He got up from the sofa – a little unsteady at first and then walked over to me. He straddled my big quads and stat down. He then began to stroke my big chest with both of his hands. I watched him as he gazed upon all of my muscles with a face filled with lust and awe. I could feel my cock getting hard beneath his ass and he felt it too. He looked into my face and smiled.

“God, that’s hot – a big boy getting hard just because another guy fondles his muscles. You get off on your size as much as I do, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but mainly from knowing how much it turns you on.”

“How much you benching, young ‘un?”

“About nine hundred.”

“Oh fuck, no way. There’s no fucking way.”

“Maybe you’d like me to show you some time.”

“Hell yeah! Next time you’re over we can lift together. I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.”

“Maybe I could use you as my barbell.”

“Aw shit, I’m going to cum again.”

The guy’s legs tightened around my thighs and he braced his big hands against my chest. His body then started convulsing again – this time I could see how intense the shaking was because he wasn’t constrained by my big body. The orgasm lasted forever and I knew he was spewing even more juice than he had earlier. The room stank of semen. I loved watching the veins pop out all over his face and neck as he ejaculated. I also loved the low growls that came out of his mouth – like he was a huge animal about to attack. It took a few minutes for the guy to settle down from the explosion. I simply sat there and waited, tensing my pecs every now and then just to make him squirt a few more drops.

“So it sounds like you might be inviting me back.”

“Hell, I’d have you move in if I knew my husband wouldn’t get insanely jealous. I’m wondering if he’d like a deal where both you and Big Ben lived here? Yeah, dude, you’ll be back. I want some more wrestling. I don’t think you’ve shown me everything you can do.”

“Always leave ‘em wanting more, man.”

“I do want more, kid, I definitely want more.”

“Well look at you two all cozy and everything. I think Muscle Matt has hooked himself a big catch.”

The big quarterback and I looked up to see Ben and the other dude standing nearby. The smaller quarterback was only wearing some cotton shorts and I marveled at what a beautiful compact body he had. His muscles were perfection. Ben was fully dressed and had a smile on his face that was either caused by his recent fucking or the fact that I had clearly done a nice job with my first client. I quickly figured out it was both. I smiled back at him to let him know I was doing fine with my first gig.

“Aw honey, I told you to watch out for the furniture. That end table was new! And not the sofa, too? That is so coming out of your salary, dude.”

“It was worth it, baby. This was the best night you’ve ever given me. Big Ben was correct about this dude. We have to have Muscle Matt back real soon. And did you have a good time, honey?”

“So good, in fact, that I’m going to have to use a pillow for a couple of days when I sit down. There was some bent-up sexual energy in Big Ben tonight and I’m not sure where it came from, but I’m not complaining.”

The two quarterbacks kissed lovingly and then the big guy slid off of my monstrous quads. I sensed immediately that it was time for Ben and me to leave. I got up from the chair and went over to pick up my sweatshirt. As I was pulling it over my huge body, Ben came over to assist me. I took his lead and followed him to the elevator. Both football players disappeared for a few seconds and then came back into the room – the big guy with his arm around the other man’s shoulders. They walked over and presented both of us with envelopes. Again, I followed Ben’s lead and stuffed the envelope into a pocket without even looking inside.

“We wanted to check and see if you fellows were free to come back tomorrow night.”

“I’m afraid not, guys. Muscle Matt is in high demand and I’ve already got a date. We’re free Saturday night, if that will work for you two.”

“Perfect. See you then. Right now, I’m going to go suck my big boyfriend off – if there’s anything left inside him. Thanks for getting him all wet and sticky for me, Matt.”

And with that, Ben and I were back in the elevator on our way out. I noticed that Ben hit the button for the twelfth floor and I got a little excited that there might be a second rendezvous for the evening. My cock was juiced-up big time and I didn’t mind showing off for some other guy. I had already become very comfortable in my new profession.
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Wow, what a story. I don't think I boned up so fast ever before. I gotta find me a Muscle Matt to smother me with his masive muscles and have me pass out.
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Really nice stuff once again, LB, this is why you're one of my favorite writers, you make a scenario that most of the time, I wouldn't particularly enjoy, and you make me completely hard and almost ready to shoot off myself because of all the muscle and sex description you put in there. Keep up the great work!
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Hawt. Just plain HAWT.
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Veddy nice! Many thanks!


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That was absolutely thrilling!!!
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I'm still hoping for some more sexy strength scenes like in Stacked is Stacked and Best Friends!

Great job and keep writing!
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The "hospitality industry" has never looked more inviting. Imagine getting paid extra for suffocating the client! You always come up with the most bone-inducing scenarios, and half the time I'm aghast that my dick is giving me away so easily. :-)
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This story is really hot! I am eagerly awaiting a continuation
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