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Old October 19th, 2012, 08:14 AM
Thicker is Best
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The Bestower of Pleasure

I cannot begin to describe to you how it feels to squeeze a man’s hand so tightly that he falls to his knees and begs you to stop - and you know deep down he really doesn’t want you to, since he loves the feeling as much as you do. I can try, but unless you have the strength to do it you’ll never know how a fucking intense rush of energy shoots up your arm and travels around your entire body like a long flash of lightning, finally zapping your cock to attention because of the power that exists in your grip. It makes your balls ache with pleasure, just knowing you dominated a guy so easily and you could crush his bones into little fragments if you chose to. I also can’t explain the euphoria I feel when a grown man literally whimpers like a little puppy while he gropes my tensed muscles. A certain spell takes over the man and he can’t control himself. It’s like the poor sucker can’t get over the fact that the gods have granted him one of his lifelong secret wishes and he’s scared it will end all too soon. The poor dude just wants to feel as much of my hardness as he possibly can, even hoping his tongue can be part of the action, as well. And lastly, it’s difficult to depict for you accurately how I can be satisfied beyond belief when I see a guy’s body double over at his mid-section because of the super-charged ejaculation that has been caused by the flexing routine offered by my big body. I can, however, tell you that all of these things continue to make my chosen profession one of the biggest thrills of my life, so far.

You see, I’m in the hospitality business. I work tirelessly to make grown men happy – very happy. Some say I’m the best in my field. I don’t know about that, but I do know I love my work. If a guy wants me to dominate, I dominate. If he wants me to submit, I submit. I am very flexible that way - as a matter of fact, I’m very flexible in many ways. I’m also very big – fucking big, as a matter of fact. This is what seems to thrill guys the most - my size. I’ve been huge all of my life, but it’s when I decided to turn myself into a freak that guys really began to notice. My size is what really turns them on and makes them shoot buckets of cum in appreciation. I’ve bulked up recently to a staggering 340 pounds and I’m a towering six foot five inches. The coolest part is that I’ve maintained around 4% body fat or sometimes lower, and that’s what gives me the shredded look that most guys seem to drool over.

Luckily, I was able to start packing on muscle at an early age and actually hit six foot in seventh grade. I always intimidated the shit out of my teachers in high school and that’s actually where I got the idea of entering my present line of work. One day, senior year, I decided to skip English class to go lift in the school weight room. I was already so big that I tended to scare the hell out of the other athletes when I worked out – pushing around heavier weight than a guy my age should have and yelling so deep and loud that I made half the guys cum and the other half run from the room in fear. It’s stuff like this that made me choose to work out alone. I wasn’t a bully or anything, but I did have that badass, leather jacket, and don’t-mess-with-me reputation, which was something I didn’t mind. I was also so much bigger than everyone else that it scared the piss out of most people.

Well my teacher, Mr. Miles, came slamming into the gym angry as hell that I was skipping class. I still don’t know who ratted me out, but it didn’t really matter. Old man Miles was mad as shit and he came barreling over to where I was shirtless and benching five hundred pounds for ten repetitions. I’m sure he was intending to lay into me something awful and even have me expelled, but as soon as the dude got a look at what I was doing – and how the insane amount of weight was causing my body to bulge out massively – he stopped dead in his tracks. To say the guy spontaneously combusted was an understatement. As soon as he got a good look at my huge, sweaty, pumped-up muscles, Mr. Miles began to cum in his pants uncontrollably. The poor man had no time to figure out what had hit him – he just naturally responded to my jacked-up teenage body. I had certainly noticed other kids at my school staring at me in class or in the locker room, but this was a grown man reacting in such a fucking powerful way – something that was new to me. As soon as I saw the dude’s body quivering like he was having some kind of fit and a dark stain started forming at the crotch of his gray slacks, I was hooked in a big way. Something just snapped in me and I understood instantly that I had this almost magical power to make men’s dicks so happy that they had to spurt mega loads in adoration of my enormous muscles. The little teacher-man had no idea what he had released in me and he was too overwhelmed by what he saw to even run from the room. He was like a tiny scrap of metal and I was a huge magnet – causing him to freeze in place, even though he desperately knew he should bolt from the gym. I think he wasn’t even aware of all the sticky juice seeping into his pants and dripping down his legs – he was just too mesmerized by my body. I put the bar back onto its rests and sat up on the bench.

“Fuck, Mr. Miles, I think you lost control there. What could have made you blast off such a heavy load? Was it my big as hell muscles?”


“Man, sorry about that, Mr. Miles. I had no idea all this fucking massiveness would make you react that way. You shot copious amounts of spooge. You think maybe I should cover up this big body – to help you out?”


“I guess you came here to tell me to have a good work out, didn’t you? And getting a good look at all this hugeness makes you want to encourage me even more, right?”

“Um . . . yes.”

“I thought so, that’s a good teach. I think I’ll get back to lifting, now. We both obviously want this body to grow even bigger. Don’t you have a class to instruct right now?”


“Well run along, little man, we don’t want to keep those students waiting.”

And with that the teacher turned and left the gym. It was pretty clear he still had no idea how much he had messed up his pants. I returned to benching the weight for a few more reps, but I was never the same after that day. I had a new reason to lift, now, and I only wanted to get bigger so I could make other guys shoot off like Mr. Miles. I now had a mission in life and I attacked it with vigor. I ignored a bunch of scholarships that came my way and chose; instead, to head to the seedy part of downtown to get my education – not knowing it would come from a hustler named Big Ben. I was on a journey to learn new things and knew I needed a specific kind of mentoring that wasn’t going to come from an Ivy League school. I needed a seasoned instructor who knew special things about the hospitality business.

For years I had heard about the male and female professionals that frequented a certain block downtown. Conveniently, the street was named Lucky Avenue. I strutted my just-turned-eighteen fucking huge body down to the corner of 9th and Lucky and there wasn’t an ounce of fear in me. I knew I was strong enough to take care of myself – and big enough to scare off anyone who would even contemplate doing me harm. I figured experience was going to be my teacher, but that’s when I got my first glimpse of Big Ben. The man was roughly twenty-seven years old and his six feet tall; two hundred and thirty pound body was clearly chiseled from marble. My own hefty cock started stirring to attention when I gazed on the Italian dude’s perfection. My mouth also dropped open wide when I realized the man wasn’t named Big Ben because of his height. There, packaged perfectly in skin-tight jeans, was the thickest and longest tool I had ever seen. I was big below the waist, myself, but this guy had me beat by a few inches – in thickness and length. I did, however, stomp the guy’s ass when it came to the size of muscles and his own jaw dropped open wide when he got a look at my big body. The mutual respect and attraction was instantaneous. It was also perfectly clear that my soon-to-be mentor could smell that I was fresh meat.

“You make a wrong turn, high school?”

His voice was as smooth and beautiful as slipping between silk sheets. I felt my balls tighten in appreciation of his obvious sexiness and I immediately appreciated his pet name for me – thinking it cool that he knew I was just out of high school. The idea flashed across my mind that I might want to, for a few years, play up the image of a high school jock in my new trade. Ben’s remark was an affirmation of that idea.

“Nope, just turned legal and I’m down here looking for a mentor.”

“What’s a big boy like you need a mentor for?”

“I’d like someone to help me figure out how I might turn some of my assets into cash.”

“What assets you talking about, junior?”

I didn’t say a word. I simply grabbed the bottom of my sweatshirt and pulled it up over my massive torso – getting slightly flustered when it got stuck at my chest and shoulders. As soon as it slipped off my head, though, Ben’s face made me realize I had nothing to be embarrassed about. The guy was actually speechless, and I got the feeling that rarely happened. He pulled his back from the wall he was leaning against and did a three sixty stroll around my body. He muttered ‘fuck’ a few times and then stopped when he returned to his original place in front of me.

“Those aren’t just assets, dude, that’s an entire fucking portfolio guiding you to guaranteed high-class living. You sure you’re looking for a mentor in the right spot – cause maybe you need a coach to help you prepare for Mr. Olympia or something.”

“No sir, that’s not for me. I’m looking for someone to help me sharpen my talent for making guys cum hard when they gaze upon or feel my body. I, um, also need a little guidance in . . . well . . . when it comes to . . . uh . . .”


“Yes, um, fucking.”

“With that damn huge body, boy, you’ll be plowing your way up to the top in no time. This is the century for muscles, dude - everyone’s into muscles. You’re choosing the right profession at the right time. My name’s Big Ben.”

“I can see why.”

“Yeah, well you were blessed with the muscles of ten guys and I was given the equivalent of their combined poles. It’s a curse I’ve come to love and use to my advantage.”

“I’d like to learn the same thing. My name is . . .”

“Whoa, junior. The first rule is no real names – ever. Got it? Don’t ever tell a client your given name and the same goes for when you meet other guys in the trade. A real name is the quickest way for someone to blackmail you or get you into trouble. We need to think of a new name for you. But we can’t do it too quickly. I need to get to know you a little more and then we can see what fits your personality – and size! The name has to immediately describe your talents and assets.”

“Um, okay.”

“So you want Big Ben to be your mentor, right?”

“I get the feeling you’re the perfect guy to help me learn my new profession.”

“I get the same feeling. But if I’m going to choose to take on the job I have to obey the second rule of our business and that means I have to make a fucking hard decision.”

“What’s the second rule?”

“You never sleep with other traders on the floor and I’m finding it pretty hard to pass up on that fucking hard body of yours, junior. If I don’t help you muscle your way into the business I might be able to have a night of hot . . . what did you call it . . . oh yeah . . . hospitality with you. Put your sweatshirt back on and it might help me resist the temptation.”

“Um, you might have to help me put it back on.”

“Oh, high school, that’s perfect. Shit, that thought woke my big piece from its slumber – you being too big to put your shirt on by yourself. You need to remember that line when you start being hospitable to clients. You might have to help me pull this tight sweatshirt down over all this fucking massiveness. Damn, that will get the guys riled up for sure. I guess since I’m already giving you advice like that, I’ve basically decided to be your mentor. The disappointment of not having the chance to grope all those hard bulges and plow that tight muscled ass will disappear soon enough, so we’ve got a new partnership, junior.”

“Wow, thanks Big Ben. How much do I have to pay you?”

“Pay me? No, you have it all wrong, kid. You don’t have to give me a cent. This is the unspoken law of the hospitality trade. We pass on the stuff we learn – to help keep the world’s oldest profession going for many more generations to come. I had a couple of incredible mentors that made me really good at the service industry. After I impart on you all of my wisdom and knowledge there will come a day when you’ll be asked by some younger dude to be a mentor – and you’ll say yes. That’s the way of the world, man, and there’s no need for remuneration. It’s like we’re paying it forward through the decades. I think you’ve watched too many movies from the seventies and got the feeling I might be your pimp or something. I also get the strange feeling that if anyone tried to extort money from you they’d find themselves in the hospital or worse. Aw, I made junior blush. How cute!”

Hearing this beautiful man comment on my size and obvious power thrilled me in a way I had not expected. I contemplated for a few seconds calling off our deal and begging for a night between the sheets, but my thirst to learn this new trade won out. I was quickly realizing that Big Ben was an answer to the prayers I had said to the hospitality gods. I knew instantly that I could not have gotten a better guide. Ben reached out to help me pull the shirt over my huge upper body. I could tell he was tentative about getting that close to me – like he might cave in on the no-sex rule if he touched my muscles. That made some of my original cocky attitude return and I learned another big lesson. Just because someone was a pro in the hospitality business didn’t mean that he wouldn’t want me just as much as clients. My cock hardened slightly when I realized I actually had power over someone as experienced as Ben. It also helped me to see that my size truly was a great blessing. I made a secret vow to even grow larger and freakier. I knew my size and strength would enable other clients to spontaneously combust, just like my teacher, Mr. Miles.

“Dude, there ain’t no one out here even close to your size. You’re going to rule a certain niche in this business. There’s a fucking huge clientele that loves giant muscles and what big men can do. I say your training starts tonight Muscle Matt. Yeah, I can tell by your smile that you like your new name. I think it’s appropriate. Matt is kind of like this all-American name and I have a feeling we’re going to play up that particular aspect of your appeal. A huge high school stud looking for a daddy to worship him can get some of the richest clients around as repeat visitors. And that is the next lesson to be learned – repeat requests are very good for business.”

“Um, do you think Muscle Matt is a little self-congratulatory?”

“And Big Ben isn’t? You need to market the merchandise, Matt, and with huge bulges like yours we could have called you Hulking Hank and it wouldn’t have been presumptuous. You’re going to find out tonight just how hot all those muscles make you in our particular field – and just how hot they’ll make your clients, as well. Where do you live, kid? You still live at home with the parental units, don’t you?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Not anymore, you don’t. You move in with me tomorrow. We’ve got a lot of training to do and I can certainly use some help with the rent. But for now, let’s introduce Muscle Matt to the world.”

“Wait, you mean I’m going to actually work right now?”

“Sure, kid. Don’t worry. I’m going to ease you into the business. You won’t have to do much tonight. I have a couple of clients that like big assets – above and below the belt. We’re going to double team this little venture. Just follow my lead and you’ll be fine. And for heaven’s sake, don’t forget that line you said earlier. Make sure you tell guys they’re going to have to help you take the shirt off and put it back on. That’s going to have cocks spewing in no time. Let me text this couple and tell them I have a big surprise that they just won’t want to pass up.”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Hope this is a series of stories and not just one of a kind. Though I do appreciate the kind of tale it is.
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What imfit said!

This story would be perfect for a sequel
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Loved it, I especially loved the first part, with Mr Miles coming into the weight room and just cumming his pants uncontrollably just from looking at the kid. 18 years old, stronger than most adult men, and more muscular than just about any male bodybuilder on the planet, what awesome genetics he must have, I love seeing young muscle, so this was certainly up my alley. I was interested when I saw who wrote it, I was hooked by the end of the first paragraph. I would love to read more!
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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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I wanted to keep hitting the "thank you" button for this one. Instead, I found another way to pay homage.
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I like your continued exploration of men and the seductive power that muscle contains. It'll be a treat to see how Muscle Matt explores the limits of his own ability to make men do what he wants. :3
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As always, a great read!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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A masterpiece, as usual. Thanks, "Master"
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More, more, more. This one is really turning my crank.
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