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Cumming and Growing

“Hey Colin, can you come help me get this t-shirt off?”

“Dude, I am not your servant. If you’re going to get too big to take off your own shirt, then buy extra ones and just rip them from your body at the end of each day.”

“Get over here and help me or I’m going to walk over there and pin you to your bed with only one finger pressed into your back. And you know I can do it. I won’t let you up until you piss on yourself.”

It was the same scenario from almost every other evening in this particular dorm room. Joey Tate and Colin Green had roomed together for four years. They had been placed as roomies randomly by the university’s lottery system, but had become best friends within two weeks of their first semester and had been inseparable since. They fully realized that fate had brought them together for a specific reason and now nothing was going to split them up. Colin stepped closer to the muscular senior, who had bent over to make it easier for his friend to pull the super-tight shirt up over his monstrous back and insanely wide shoulders. Once the sweat-soaked shirt had been peeled off, Joey stood back up and Colin had to tilt his head back to look into the face of his roommate.

“Anyway, remember, Colin, it’s your fault I’ve gotten this big.”

“Are you complaining, Joey.”

“No way, man, but you just need to remember that I’m so fuckin’ swollen with muscles that I now need you to do a few things for me – like scrubbing my back, helping me remove shirts, and, best of all, measuring body parts.”

“Not to mention doing your laundry, making your protein shakes, and cleaning this shared dorm room.”

“Now Colin, you remember the deal we made. It seems to me that you agreed early on that you were getting the better part of this arrangement. I think I remember some moans of pleasure this morning that made it very clear you like your contributions to this relationship.”

“Well, yes – yes, I do. I also believe the sounds you gave off at the same time prove how much you like it, too, Joey.”

“I wasn’t the one complaining, buddy! Care for a second round? I’m a little juiced up after the gym.”

“No sir, we have to stick to our rules. We can only ask our parents for a certain amount of money each semester. Your clothes have to, at least, last the semester. You’ve also already drawn enough attention to yourself - let’s not battle another round of steroid rumors and you having to prove that needles have not been injected.”

“There’s only one thing I need sticking inside of me to make me grow, Colin. How about it roomie, let’s make some muscle. I feel like growing some more.”

“Down boy. Go take a cold shower. You’re just over-stimulated. You know what lifting does to you.”

Joey left the room to head down to the showers at the end of the hall, clearly unconcerned that he was walking around in only his skin-tight boxers. With a body like his it really didn’t matter what he wore – people were going to stare no matter what. Colin missed his roommate’s huge body as soon as it departed the room. He had certainly desired a second round, just like Joey, but he needed to be the clear-headed one in this relationship. Joey tended to have only one thing on his mind at all times – muscles, muscles, muscles – and Colin needed to keep the big man’s urges in check. He started picking up the sweaty clothes Joey had worn to the gym – holding them up to his face to get a deep whiff of the other dude’s raunchy manliness. The stench made Colin hard as hell immediately. His thoughts drifted back to that first semester of freshman year.

The two dweeby drama majors had hit it off the first night – even confessing their homosexuality to each other within three hours of meeting. It was clear that both guys wanted to be free of bonds and bullying that had held them down in high school. One thing led to another and before either of them could do anything about it they were initiating both beds by moving back and forth in copulation bliss – multiple times. The sex had been so incredible for both of them they lost count of the times they came and just focused on pleasing each other. The next morning Colin felt like a million bucks, but Joey complained that his body ached like crazy and they both worried he had the flu. By late afternoon he was feeling better and further into the evening he felt so good that they repeated their goal of attempting as many sexual positions in one night as possible. Again, the next day Colin felt like he could run a marathon and Joey had the same flu-like symptoms. It wasn’t until after three weeks of this lustful cycle that Joey’s change started to become obvious. One day he was complaining about how tight most of his clothes had become and how he felt bigger in some way. He told his roommate it was the first time he could actually see muscles on his body – none of them had existed before. This confirmed something else Colin had realized a few days before – that Joey had grown a few inches taller. Neither roommate pursued the conversation after that initial revelation, but it stayed somewhere in the back of their minds.

Unfortunately, Joey’s grandmother passed away suddenly and he was called back to his hometown for a week and a half. During this time of separation Colin never woke up with the incredible feelings he had experienced after sleeping with his roommate and Joey didn’t ache in the morning or seem to grow bigger at all. As a matter of fact the now larger man’s new muscles seemed to deflate a little. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was happening – even though it seemed far-fetched and bizarre. Both men figured out their chemistry, when combined, did something miraculous. They were excited to share their newfound knowledge with each other when Joey returned, but their desire for sex was too overpowering and they spent the first eight hours after his arrival in bed. Colin could remember like it was yesterday the conversation that happened while they lay in bed fully charged early the next morning. Joey’s bluntness didn’t catch Colin off guard at all.

“I grow when you fuck me.”

“I know. And somehow I get smarter every time I squirt a load inside you, as well.”

“Really? Wow, I didn’t realize that. How’d you figure it out?”

“After five days of having sex with you I read all three textbooks for my calculus class from cover to cover and understood them completely. While you were away I lost some of the stuff I had immediately known right after our fuck sessions.”

“This is totally whacked! Should we go to the doctor or tell someone, Colin?”

“Why? Haven’t you always wanted to be huge? That’s what you told me”

“Well, yes, but what if it’s dangerous or we’re causing some unknown harm to our bodies.”

“The new hardness I feel in all of your muscles tells me we aren’t causing you any damage. As a matter of fact, I think the opposite is true. Our sex simply enhances your growth…”

“And my strength! I lift a little heavier weight after every time I give you my ass or I suck you off.”

“And I get smarter. I memorized a thousand Google sites in an hour recently. So let’s not tell anyone. Let’s just keep doing what we’ve been doing. Besides, I’m having the time of my life – aren’t you?”

“Hell yes! So, how about you filling my ass for the fifth time tonight, Colin?”

“With pleasure, Joey. It’s morning, though.”

“Who the hell cares – just make me grow!”

And that had been over three years ago. Since then, the two roommates had not been apart for more than three or four nights – ever! They usually had to separate during the holidays, but they had quickly devised plans to work and live together over the summers and they spent all other breaks in each other’s company. Over their freshman year Joey grew bigger than his entire wardrobe by mid-point second semester and that’s when Colin had been smart enough to force some limitations on their lovemaking. They were allowed one fuck session per day and two on special days - like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and the like. Joey complained a lot about the guidelines, but mostly because he was beginning to crave getting bigger and stronger. The guy started to have so much testosterone running through his body that even his little toe had macho swagger. He caught on to Colin’s wisdom, though, after he had to keep asking his parents for more money to buy new clothes and they started complaining.

By the beginning of their junior year, Joey had gotten so big and strong that he sometimes easily held Colin down on the bed and sucked him off, rules or no rules. He was that desperate for more of his roommate’s powerful cum. He had learned, however, that this couldn’t happen all the time. Joey was now the star athlete on campus and ruled the weight room – something the theatre geek would have never thought possible when he started college. He also had more confidence than all the other athletes put together. The young man wasn’t rude or cocky; he just always exuded this masculine aura that made it clear that people should treat him differently. Colin was clearly destined to graduate with top honors and most of his teachers had already given him so much extra work that they were running out of ways to challenge the student. He would be graduating with three majors – something that was almost unheard of. The couple was dubbed ‘the brainiac and the stud’ by everyone on campus and it was a well-known fact that they were lovers. No one ever bullied them or even talked about them behind their backs – mainly because they were such great guys, but also because everyone knew that Joey was strong enough to rip a car apart. No one wanted to be torn in two so they left the lovers alone – even the hotheaded frat-jocks knew not to mess with Joey. The roommates became campus celebrities and enjoyed their life of sex, growth, and enhanced intelligence.

Joey returned from taking a shower, his body still shiny with water and his hair matted down on his head. He had an intense lustful look in his eyes when he closed the door and his cock, which had grown huge with the rest of him, was poking out from his boxers like the barrel of a missile launcher on a battleship. Colin instantly knew that the shower had not been enough to calm the savage beast. He also knew he would need to act quickly or Joey’s need for satisfaction would cause him to forcibly extract cum from the smaller man’s body – something that was always very pleasurable, but not the wisest thing since they had already had sex that morning.

“Bring that beautiful thing over here, Joey, and I’ll take care of it for you. How about a blow job that will make your eyes roll back into your head?”

Joey quickly removed his boxers as he walked over to his roommate. He then put his big hands on his hips and let his massive cock jut straight out towards Colin’s face. Like some kind of experienced hustler or professional cocksucker, Colin opened his mouth and throat completely and took the monster piece of meat deep inside him. It was clear that the man had become extremely talented at giving his roommate blowjobs – able to handle the man’s hugeness without any problem. It took about five minutes of loud moans and the intense sounds of expert sucking to make the big man explode like a supersized cannon. Both men were shocked by the amount of spunk Joey could release, but when you took into account the man’s size and the enormity of his cock and balls, it made sense. Joey had his big hands plastered against the wall high above Colin’s bed as he continued to shove his rod down his roommate’s throat to release a few more powerful blasts of jism. They stood there – frozen in time for about a minute as Joey’s body calmed down from the volcanic eruption.

“I still don’t understand why me filling your little body with my juice doesn’t do anything.”

“It’s a mystery, Joey. It is crazy ironic that the little guy needs to plow the muscleman’s ass to make him bigger, don’t you think? I do believe, however, that you have come to squeal like a little baby getting his bottle every time I plug you with my cock.”

“It’s true. I used to love it just because I knew it would make me grow, but now I actually crave feeling your hardness inside of me. I wish I could go around all day with your cock in my ass.”

“I bought you a set of butt plugs, but you never use them, Joey.”

“It’s not the same – they don’t throb like your hard meat. It’s kind of like holding a mannequin’s hand. I crave the real thing. And I crave it all the time.”

“Well, at least we can give you satisfaction this way and not have to worry about you bursting out of your clothes later in class or on the field. It wasn’t cool two weeks ago when after an intense sex session your quads burst out of your baseball uniform during a game.”

“No, but it felt fucking hot! And it felt great having my dick flopping up and down in the breeze. I think Coach Denton got a little light headed when he saw how huge I was.”

“Okay, enough with those thoughts, Joey, or you’ll work yourself up into another frenzy. Let’s not make this a day where I have to meet you almost every other hour someplace private on campus and suck you off. My jaw can’t take another one of those.”

“Okay, okay. But I can’t help it if all this muscle and testosterone keep me horned up all the time. I just can’t get enough of my little man to satisfy all this hugeness.”

“Yeah, like last week when you stood on my bed and pressed my body against the ceiling just so you could have my cock pointing down when you sucked me off – hoping it would mean I’d produce more cum.”

“I believe it worked, did it not?”

“Only because I got so turned on when you held me in place with only one hand.”

“Well, you have gotten really light, you know.”

“I’ve stayed the same, you jerk, and you are the one that’s gotten stronger.”

Joey bent down and wrapped his beefy arms around his roommate, pulling him off the bed into the air in a loving bear hug. Collin immediately felt a rush of heaven flow through his body. He, too, could not get enough of his massively brawny roommate, but he was the one with the ability – most of the time – to logically avoid allowing Joey to outgrow the dorm room. He knew the massive jock would have liked to be the largest man on earth, but having a college boy bigger than all pro-bodybuilders and world-class strongmen would be a little too hard to explain to the world. This was especially true since the guy had been only a runt of a guy just three years ago. Joey started rubbing the smaller man’s body against his own; actually using Colin like someone might use a pillow to stroke his cock. Joey sometimes didn’t even realize what he was doing – he was just a huge man who had needs and he looked for ways to satisfy those desires without even thinking about it.

“Hey perv, put me down, before that log becomes hard again and sticks out between my legs to become a bench for me to sit on.”

“I don’t know why I’m so fucking horny today, Colin.”

“You’re always fucking horny, dude.”

Joey dropped his roommate on the bed and the smaller man bounced up and down. Without any warning or even caring what Colin thought, the big man started slowly moving through a posing routine in the middle of the room. He kept his eyes locked on his roommate because he knew exactly what his actions would do to the smaller muscle whore.

“God, I love how I can flex my body and just know how it’s going to make you react. I begin with a side chest pose and it makes your eyes always grow wider. I then raise my arm into a biceps flex and my other arm goes down to my side so you see the chest and the bulging gun at the same time – something that makes your mouth drop open like it is right now. I then slowly move into a most muscular pose and, sproing, you cock shoots hard. But what I love most of all is when I end with a double biceps flex and your hand moves to your meat without any direct order from your brain and that paw begins to instinctively stroke it in appreciation of my muscles. Damn, I can depend on those specific reactions as much as I can depend on the sun rising in the morning. Now if I was really in an evil mood, I’d come over there and force my ass onto that hard pole, knowing you’d last maybe three tight bounces of my body up and down before you offered me some of your manliness, but I want to show you how I can sometimes be the one in control. You may be smarter than all the people on campus put together, Colin, but when it comes to my muscles all those brains can’t prevent you from having all those natural muscle-pig reactions. You want me just as much as I want you. This time brawn wins out, dude – I’m using all of my strength right now to prevent myself from forcing you to fuck me. See, now aren’t you impressed.”


“Aw, the boy can only whisper now because he’s so taken with my body. It would be so easy to send you over the edge. What’s up mister smart Poindexter - is all my muscle just too much for your little body?”


“Wow, for such a brilliant man, you sure aren’t one for many words, are you?”


Joey bent down and gave the still hard and unmoving smaller man a kiss on the lips. He then stood back up and crunched his abs a few inches away from Colin’s face. The roommate on the bed reached up and ran his hand along the hard ridges as Joey moved his torso from side to side to emphasize his stomach’s perfection even more. Colin hummed in pleasure as he felt how hard Joey’s abs could become.

“Happy Anniversary, again, baby.”

“It’s funny how we celebrate our fist date and not the actual day we met and fucked, don’t you think, Joey?”

“Oh my gosh, not this again. I’m telling you the days we holed up in here and plowed each other’s holes doesn’t count – it wasn’t until three and a half weeks into the semester that we actually put on nice outfits and went out for a date – to a real restaurant.”

“Yeah, but we didn’t make it through the entire meal. We so desperately wanted to have more sex that we fucked in the bathroom stall; having to be quiet each time someone came in for anything. The waiter thought we were going to dine and dash, when it was really we just couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.”

“I still can’t keep my hands off of you, mister smarty pants, and I say we should use our first date for our anniversary. Let’s not get into this again, please? Now what do you want for your present?”

“What were my choices again, Joey?”

“Should we write these down, roomie? Cracking a bowling ball, bending or splintering baseball bats, crushing a safe, or poking my cock through cinderblocks – which is it going to be?”

“Can I have all of them?”

“I told you Colin – at max, two – since I need to save some things for your birthday, as well.”

“I hope we are always so poor that we have to give each other hand made presents.”

Colin looked up at the crowbar hanging on the wall, which had been bent into the shape of a heart by his huge lover and roommate. He remembered how it had been a special gift since Joey let him actually watch as he easily manhandled the metal into the special design. It was a Valentine’s Day he’d never forget.

“Let’s see, if I choose the cinderblocks and watching you do some massive abuse with your cock, you’ll be too horned up at the end for me to convince you that I should just suck you off…”

“That will probably happen with any of the choices, Colin. And, besides, it’s a special occasion so I get a second round tonight, anyway.”

“So true. I guess I’d like the bowling ball and, for dessert, the thrill of seeing the safe destroyed.”

“Excellent choices. I’ll borrow it from the finance office this evening – well, not really borrow since it will be destroyed. I don’t think I’ll be able to return it. And can I have my present now? I know it’s been ready for a while. It barely took you any effort at all, did it?”

“No, actually it was harder than I anticipated, but it has been ready for a while. Here you go.”

Colin reached down under his bed and pulled out a box, which Joey opened and a used iPhone was revealed. The larger man held it lovingly and looked at his partner. The smile on his face pleased Colin very much.

“It’s totally loaded with apps you didn’t have to pay for and trust me, you won’t ever see a bill. I’ve got this thing so beautifully hidden that we’ll be in our thirties and raking in some big money before anyone figures us out. We’ll also get all the automatic upgrades.”

“Sweet! Thank you, my smart handsome, boo.”

“Anything for you, big man. And remember, I want one more gift. You promised me three homeruns today.”

“Hey listen, can we make that two? Coach has been asking me to lighten up a little. The other schools have been complaining that I’m taking all the fun out of sports for the other teams. I think it would be good if I struck out once or just got a base hit.”

“What? That’s not fair. You already never swing with your full force…”

“Exactly, Colin – and the ball still goes soaring over the entire gym at the other side of the field.”

“I love it when that happens. Okay, okay. You’re right. It’s kind of like during freshman year when Coach Denton made you wrestle the assistant coaches of the other teams so you wouldn’t hurt any of the college age dudes. I still remember how shocked those older men would get when you pinned them easily.”

“Not to mention how my strength would cause them to get hard-ons whether they wanted to or not!”

“Kind of like the hard on I’m sporting right now.”

“Colin, stop it. Look who’s getting all horned up now. Let’s wait until this evening. As much as I want more of your super-charged juice right now, I need to get to class. And don’t be beating off when I’m gone. I want you to save that cum for later on this evening. Don’t think that I don’t notice those stains on the wall above the head of your bed. I know you’ve been whacking off thinking about me.”

“Guilty as charged! I just have to start thinking about how you have grown over the last three years and I lose control. And usually the explosion comes when I remember those first few strength feats – like the time you hooked one foot under Myron Rosenthal’s chair in Comparative Literature and easily raised his huge linebacker body into the air a few times. With just one foot you lifted all of his three hundred and twenty pounds. And then watching the big jock spring some stiff wood just from you showing off – it was too much. I can still cum instantly remembering that day.”

“I am walking out the door right now, for fear that I will stay and we’ll end up not going out for our anniversary later. We tend to stay in bed for at least twenty-four hours when both of us are horned up at the same time. Have a great day, sweetie and I’ll see you at the game.”
“I’ll see you then, but you didn’t forget that you promised me a game of hide and go seek with Dale Ewing’s car today.”

“You’ll be happy to know I snuck away in the middle of the night and already put it somewhere fun. Oh how I wish I was smart enough to skip my classes and just spend the day looking for a car that my roommate carried off and hid.”

“I don’t skip my classes! My teachers ask me to not come so I won’t ask questions that make them look stupid. Did you hide the car so well that it’s going to take me all day like it did last time?”

“Definitely. And remember, Dale comes back tomorrow, so I have to move it back to the parking lot this evening. He’s still furious about the time I carried it to the top of the water tower and then forgot about it for a week when you couldn’t find it.”

“Yes, we can’t let that happen again – even if I don’t like Dale Ewing at all. There’s no way to prevent him from knowing you did it, since you’re the only guy that could carry a car up a tower. Have a great day, honey.”

Again, Colin missed his huge roommate as soon as he left the room. Joey had pulled on some board shorts and a tank top and was out the door after he retrieved his books and sandals. The smaller man’s cock was still fully hard, so he laid back on the bed and let his right hand drift down his stomach to grab hold of the pole, which was sticking straight up. He began to stroke his meat slowly as he imagined his roommate and lover causing a bowling ball to crack with his bare hands and crushing a heavy safe, hopefully by bear hugging the thing into a big glob of metal. A loud moan escaped his mouth from the excitement of the images in his head. Suddenly the door opened and he turned to see his roommate standing there with his massively muscle arms folded across his equally huge chest.

“Move your hand away from the loaded cock and don’t put it there again. Don’t make me twist a sheet of metal around your cock and balls to prevent you from touching them for the rest of the day – and you know I can do it.”

“You were probably already outside, how did you know what I was doing?”

“I heard the moan and shot back in quickly. Remember, my senses are super powered just like the rest of me.”

Colin quickly took his hand away from his stiff rod and reached down to grab his underwear off the floor. He pulled them up his legs and stuffed his still semi-hard cock inside. He then pulled on his shorts and looked at his roommate sheepishly.

“That’s a good boy, Colin. See you later.”

Both men realized it was a good thing that most of the time one of them could step away from the constant need for sex and help keep some order in their lives. It was on the days when both of them lost control of their libidos that the big man’s ass was pounded hard and major growth followed – physically for one and mentally for the other.
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Wow! I would love to see more of this story! Please Please Please! Write more!
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Very cool story once again, LB, always a fan of the growing so strong that you're easily a better athlete than anyone else on the other team, hitting balls so far that they cruise past 450 feet in milliseconds and probably could burst through concrete if it was directly in their path. Also liked how he had to wrestle the coaches so he wouldn't hurt the college aged athletes on the wrestling team. Is he on the football team too? Would love to hear some of his prowess on the football field. Especially after reading how easily he raised the 320 pound linebacker in the air with his foot, I'm sure after hearing that, the coach would've begged Joey to be on the team. I bet holding back there meant running only a 3.5 in the 40 or benching 345 pounds for only 300 reps. Like I said, always love to read more of any story by you, but one that's grounded in one of the characters being in athletics, as big and strong as he is, you fully have my attention!
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that is awesome

OM fucking G. So hot
Waiting, wishing, hoping and praying.
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Definitely one of my favorite stories you've ever written. It hits on so many themes I like: college-aged guys, athletes (I second the request for football, maybe his sweaty pads are in the dorm room?), growth-by-cum, overwhelming strength, cockiness...

I also hope to see more of this, even just one more chapter, so we can see them have sex and watch Joey grow even bigger.
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It was incredibly HOT! And I particularly loved the chemistry between the characters, it actually feels we have known them for a long time.

Your storytelling skills never cease to amaze me!

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Great going! What an enjoyable read!!!
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Wow that was HAWT! Why didn't I have a dorm mate like that!?
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Would it just so happen that one of the subjects that Colin was majoring in be Biology?
Is it possible that Colin is smart enough at this point, to be able to discover what it was that causes the increase in Joey's Size and Colin's Intelligence?
Regardless of my questions,
I hope you have more chapters for these two fine characters.
Keep Writing, Big Man.

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And how will Colin behave?

It'll be interesting to see how you handle Colin's character. As somebody or other I was just reading says somewhere, it's very hard to write a character who is smarter than you yourself are. It's relatively easy to imagine the consequences of being big (heck, you could even just make yourself a padded suit and try spending a day at home while wearing it to see what would and wouldn't be different) but the consequences of being a transcendent genius... well, that's harder to actually predict.

Just don't go the Dr. Thorndyke route and make the other characters really stupid to make Colin seem smart by comparison. Unless you plan to end the story quickly, of course, before all of your readers notice that your character isn't so much a genius as a slightly-brighter-than-average person surrounded by colossal morons.
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Old September 16th, 2012, 10:07 PM
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Do I even need to keep repeating how much I enjoy your stories? But I will anyways :3
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Wow Loved this story. They are such a cute couple to. I loved this part

"Colin looked up at the crowbar hanging on the wall, which had been bent into the shape of a heart by his huge lover and roommate. He remembered how it had been a special gift since Joey let him actually watch as he easily manhandled the metal into the special design. It was a Valentine’s Day he’d never forget."

That admittedly to me was sweet and hot haha.
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Old October 4th, 2012, 01:54 PM
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I also hope this has another chapter.

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Were we separated at birth? You're as greedy for muscle as I am. That must be why I like you so much. I have a second chapter to this story coming soon (no pun intended). Thanks for your continuous support!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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