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The Pupil Earns a Muscle Gold Star - Second Half

No one could have prepared me for the pain that was to take up residence in my body for the next few weeks. I was fucked wildly and religiously every morning and every evening. My new muscle daddy spent a lot of his day training me and lifting weights, which always got him worked up into a super-horned state and only one thing would release all that sexual tension – my tight hole. Our routine was set in stone – a long tiring few hours of shoving weights around, a full dinner followed by what seemed like a bucket full of his cum-infused protein drink, and then a few minutes rest before the big man would throw me over his shoulder and take me into the bedroom for some animalistic, get your rocks off, ball-busting ass pounding. And within minutes of prying my hole apart with his crowbar-hard cock, my big daddy would be sound asleep and giving our muscles some much needed grow-time rest. I would then be awakened at five am for our morning workout followed immediately by another round of butt-filled fucking. I found it difficult to sit for the first two weeks and a little bothersome to walk, since my ass ached constantly. It was like the massive cock of my senior muscleman was throbbing inside me all the time. There was never any tenderness in our fucking. I was, as he had explained how it would be the first time we spoke, a boy-toy for him to use to release his high-octane jism on a regular basis. My stomach actually distended slightly the first few days as my metabolism worked hard to get used to processing so much of the big man’s juice – taken orally and sprayed up my ass twice a day. My daddy loved the bloating and he rubbed my stomach constantly.

“Yeah, my boy’s belly is full of papa’s cum. It’s making you fat, son, until your body starts turning all that sweet daddy honey into muscle. Shit, I wish your gut would stay like this as the rest of you balloons up hard – that’d be sexy as hell. But soon my pup’s abs are going to become etched like diamonds. Fuck, you’re gonna grow, boy. I can see you’re going to get mind-blowingly massive.”

My ass never got a day off from being invaded brutishly by his huge cock, but he did allow me one day off each week from lifting. Even when I was so sore that I couldn’t get out of bed, the big man would carry my aching body to the gym at the other end of the house and force me to lift even as tears streamed down my face from the pain. My anger at the cruelty shown by my muscle gramps was mixed deeply with my lust for and awe of the man. I could never tell what emotion was controlling my body at any given moment – a desire to punch him in the face, a need to suck his big cock, or an insane urge to beg him to kiss me softly just one time. An uncontrollable necessity to have the man’s approval helped me to never complain – about the soreness, about the constant butt plugging, or about the absence of tenderness. He was the alpha bear that gave me what I needed – and what he wanted me to have. I owed this huge man my utmost respect and devotion. I knew, on some deeply unconscious level, that my body was beginning to change. I was also aware that the abuse he generously offered me was also some other type of preparation – as if I were a soldier readying for war. I could not fully understand it, but I knew it was part of his plan. He sensed the new awareness within me and this only fueled him to make the fucking and the training even harder than before. The conversations he’d have with himself as he pounded my ass helped to educate me about what was to come.

“Damn, this fucking hole seems to be getting tighter or maybe I’m just getting bigger. Yeah, plowing you twice every day might be making my love pole grow – that’s so fucking hot. Gonna squirt so much hot cum into your tummy, boy, you’ll be close to exploding. Shit, once my juice starts seeping into those muscles we’re working day and night you’re going to see changes you never thought were possible. With every thrust of my hard shaft I’m getting you more and more ready for growth, son. Your daddy is a muscle making cum machine. I’m blowing you up like a beach ball hooked up to a supercharged air pump. Yeah, feel how that thought makes you clamp your pretty chute harder around my prick. Damn, boy, you’re gonna make me shoot a tub full of my spunk tonight. Yeah, here it comes, boy – get ready to spew with me. Aw, fuck . . . I . . . can’t . . . hold . . . back . . . anymore . . . aw, shhhhhiiittttt!”

After about four weeks of living with muscle pops something miraculous happened. As he began his routine morning fuck – this time with me on all fours as he stood at the edge of the bed and pressed his hard head against my waiting hole – I realized there was no jolt of pain. From the get-go there was only pleasure. I had reached some orgasmic plateau in our relationship and was now able to accept his manly banging of my ass with pure satisfaction. I even began to shove my torso into his body to help get his thick pole deeper into my inviting love chute. I actually craved his beast-like pounding in the same way I used to love masturbating or teasing my own nipples. My muscle daddy’s cock was now so much a part of me that I wouldn’t know what to do if one morning or evening I wasn’t fucked. I needed him inside of me in the same way I needed air or liquids. As soon my behemoth dad understood the change that had happened within my hole it released some kind of monster within him. It was like I had given him permission to intensify his fucking tenfold. He became even more creative in the ways he obtained satisfaction from my ass. After that day he would often lift me off the bed once he was rammed up inside of me and let my own weight help to slam my body down further on his pole. We had to order a new bed after the legs were shattered in the middle of one particularly abusive fucking. It was incredible, though, because after that day my ass never ached like it had at first – my muscle daddy’s continued abuse now only brought me much pleasure. This was clearly a sign of other changes about to come and I could sense the excitement it caused in my senior muscle master, not to mention in me.

“Fuck yeah, the pup’s ass now craves my huge dong all the time, doesn’t it? You can’t get enough of my man plowing. You wish you could sit on this pole all day long – especially when you’re lifting. Hell yeah, you’d love to have me inside of you as you bench some heavy weight or leg press some poundage. You feel that it would help you increase the amount you pushed around, don’t you, boy? My pup’s about to grow. Fuck, I can’t wait. Soon that gorgeous gut of yours is going to go away and the flab on your arms and legs is going to start to turn hard and ripple with power when you flex. Those man boobs are going to turn into tight mountains of muscle. Aw hell, I’m so fucking horny just thinking about it. You’re changing even faster than I thought you would, my little fuck boy. You’re daddy’s super cum has started working faster than ever. As soon as your hole began to love being pried open by my big meat I knew your changes would happen soon. Soon, the rest of your body won’t ache either, boy. Your muscles are going to crave heavy weights as much as your ass craves my cock. Fuck, son, you’re going to want to lift all day long – except for a morning and nighttime break to get plowed by your muscle master. It’s time for you to quit your job, boy. We need you here twenty-four seven so we can start pumping you up real big. Don’t worry about money, pup, you’re daddy will take care of everything. Starting tomorrow you’re going to begin to forget what life was like before your ass was filled twice a day with my monster prick and soon you won’t remember what it was like before you were bulging with muscle.”

The next morning I woke up with such a driving need for my muscle daddy’s cock, that I straddled the sleeping man and slammed my ass down on his morning wood, before we even had our morning workout. It was the first time that had ever happened. I actually initiated our fucking session. The big smile that crept over my daddy’s face as I started lifting my body up and down on his hard pole – even with his eyes still closed – made me realize this was part of the growing process. I called in sick that day and we fucked five times. In between each sweaty, raw, man-on-man throw down session we lifted, ate, and drank copious amounts of his cum shakes. We didn’t shower until the end of the day – but not before my muscle master slammed my face into the valley between his pecs and deep into his pits so I could fully understand what a real man smelled like. It was the happiest day of my life – up to that point, since I really couldn’t fathom what was to come. The next day I resigned from my job, broke the lease on my apartment, and settled in at daddy’s house completely. By this point I had almost completely forgotten what the muscle man’s real name was – since I only wanted to call him dad, pops, and the occasional ‘gramps’ when I craved him desperately and knew the name would cause him to instantly fuck me no matter what we were doing. Slowly my world began to revolve completely around my muscle daddy. I hand squeezed his orange juice each morning, loving how my growing forearms looked as I destroyed the fruit halves. I strolled to the end of the driveway in nothing but a Speedo to get the paper, knowing it made my daddy very happy to see the neighbors staring at me. At noon each day I would suck the big man’s cock, removing my mouth when he reached the point of ejaculation so we could gather his cum for future protein shakes. I cooked him meals and learned how to make new dishes just to impress him. I massaged his body each evening – partly to give him pleasure but also to work out my wrists, forearms, and biceps on his hard muscles.

Two months into our new living arrangement I found a present beautifully wrapped in the kitchen when I returned from the grocery store. My huge daddy was acting like he was working at the computer, but I could tell he was watching me the entire time I read the note. It said, ‘For a good boy, who has made his dad very proud.’ I got a little choked up when I read what he had written since it was the first time any form of tenderness had been shared. I opened the box and found a beautiful gold cock ring inside. I wore it with pride for the rest of the afternoon and walked around nude, just to show off how hard it kept me. My daddy never mentioned the present, but every now and then it would appear on my bedside table or on the kitchen table and I knew that was an order to put it on for the day. I realized later that the big man just liked to see me with a perpetual hard-on.

It was also around this time that the much wished-for changes to my body began to be noticeable. I was so caught up in pleasing my muscle daddy that I actually didn’t realize I was finally growing. My body had needed much time to undo a lot of the damage I had done to it over the years. I was getting rid of fat and then rebuilding muscle – only, this time the muscle was coming back harder and much bigger. I noticed the developments fist in my arms. My big daddy had been especially hard on me for a couple of weeks – making me push myself with heavy curls and all things biceps building. I believe he had noticed the changes and wanted to drive me a little harder to make the growth even more obvious. I was shaving one morning and glanced at my bent arm as I ran the razor over my cheek. The bugle above my elbow caught me off guard and I started tensing it – mesmerized by the very large mound that turned into a pretty hard peak. I wasn’t even close to matching my monstrous muscle daddy, but I was definitely bigger in the biceps than I had ever been in my entire life. I raised my free hand into the air and flexed my arm – gleefully smiling as I watched the bulge rise. I also felt my cock getting hard as quickly as my gun had risen when I tensed it. I dropped the razor on the counter and raised my other arm – busting into a double biceps pose. As soon as I gazed at my two newly developed peaks, my cock starting spewing without any other stimulation. It was the first time in my life that I felt the incredible connection between orgasm and my own muscle - and the feeling was mind-blowing. In an instant an entire new world was revealed to me – and a love of my own body exploded. I became a muscle junkie with one glimpse of the improvements to my arms. Cum sprayed the bottom half of the mirror and made my knees bang into the cabinets underneath the counter. I barely felt the ejaculation since I was too overwhelmed by my biceps.

“Fucking shit, those guns are hot.”

I spoke to no one particular – and it immediately reminded me of how my muscle daddy muttered to himself while he fucked my ass. I smiled and looked at my own handsome face, noticing that it had become thinner and more chiseled over the last few weeks. It was like I was really looking at myself for the first time. I continued to flex my arms and felt a burning desire to grow more – immediately. I craved bigger biceps, mountainous pecs, trunk-like quads, and a body that equaled my daddy’s . . . or one that was even, could I think it, bigger. That thought made a fresh gob of jism rocket out of my hard pole. My smile grew larger and I fell deep into the world of self-worship, realizing I was going to continue to grow – and it was going to be awesome. I decided to not clean the cum streaks streaming down the mirror, so they’d be a sign to daddy that the changes were being noticed. I had never shot a load without being in the presence of the big man – mainly because he usually caused them. I knew this little act of mine was a sign of independence, but it was also a way to say thanks to the man that was making my growth possible. That night, as we prepared for our evening workout, my huge dad confronted me. I was still on such a high from my little worship session I had decided to work out in only some cotton shorts – I wanted my growing arms and upper torso to be seen.

“So I noticed my pup shot a load today without permission. It was like you signed your name all over the mirror. What do you have to say for yourself, son?”

My face turned red. The bravado that had existed seconds before disappeared at the thought that I had disappointed my muscle daddy. My desire to please him was much greater than my lust for my own growth. I was tied to the man in a way that could not be explained – I needed his approval as much as I needed his cock in my ass. I hung my head down and didn’t say a word. I was ready for the punishment.

“I bet my boy flexed his arms today and spewed off without even touching himself, didn’t he? Seeing how big those guns are getting was just too much to handle, wasn’t it?”

I nodded my head up and down, but I didn’t look him in the face. I was still worried that he would be angry or somehow not pleased. I suddenly felt smaller than I had been when we started this endeavor. I knew that one disapproving look from the man would easily send me into the fetal position. It was like I had been formed from his DNA, carved from one of his huge muscles – that’s how connected we were. I cringed when I heard him clear his throat, knowing that the coming words of disappointment would surely make me cry.

“It’s okay, my little pup. I know you couldn’t help yourself. You took one look at yourself and that cock shot off in salute to your new muscles. I bet it’s all you could think about today. I bet right now you are desperate to start our workout – cause you want to pump some blood into those growing muscles and make them bigger. It’s all you can focus on now, isn’t it. That’s why you’re only wearing cotton shorts – so show off your new body. Like I told you the other day, you’re beginning to only remember growing. You can’t conceive of what life was like before you lifted with and got fucked by me – now can you? And right now you’re about to piss on yourself with worry that I’m going to reject you in some way. That’s all right then, pup don’t you worry. That kind of accident happens to the best of us. I’ve lost a lot of my juice from shooting hard when I was gazing at myself in the mirror. It’s only natural. You’re turning into a muscle head, and that’s going to make you blast of like a rocket sometimes. Let’s both work out nude tonight. It will make it easier to see the changes. Come here to daddy.”

The way he was talking to me made my cock shoot hard. He had never shown me this much compassion. I pulled off my shorts as I suddenly got some of my earlier cockiness back and even looked up at his smiling elder face. He was taking his clothes off, as well. I had not lost favor with this beautiful man – I was still his pup and that made me the happiest man on earth. I moved to him quickly, hoping for a hug or – heaven forbid – even a kiss. He held up his hands, like he wanted me to high-five both palms at the same time. He spread his thick fingers, though, and I immediately realized I was to interlock my hands with his. I did this and felt the warmth of his body flowing into mine. I could also sense his power. Suddenly his fingers tightened and mine were locked in place between his. The pressure increased.

“I forgive you, pup, for spewing a load without me, but you still have to be punished. You need to learn how to control your orgasms, don’t let them control you. I want you to be the master of every part of your body. I think you’ve seen how I can easily control my cock – making it get big or deflate at my will. I want you to learn the same thing. See my low hanging pole right now? Watch it closely as I teach you a lesson.”

Suddenly, the pressure at my fingers increased so much that I bent my wrists back. I also let my elbows fold in and I dipped my body by bending my knees. I felt great pain shoot up my arms. Slowly my big daddy increased the torture on my fingers and caused me to sink lower to the ground. At the same time I watched his giant cock start to stiffen and move upward. He caused the log between his legs to move upward at the same speed of my descending body. It was like some kind of synchronized pain and lust show. My big daddy pushed me down to the ground, making me finally fall on my knees from the pain. His massive cock was now sticking straight out from his body.

“Looky there, son, I made your face perfectly even with my big tool. Why don’t you show daddy how much you love him by sucking his meat. This way, you’ll even have a little fun while I punish you. Remember, I want you to learn to control your cock just like I can – it will be easy once you’re huge like me. But remember, until that day comes along, you need to follow every order I give. Now suck, boy.”

I did not need to be told twice. I opened my throat and took the entire girth of his huge cock in my mouth and throat. I had a desperate need to make the big man happy – not just in hopes of him ending the great pain he was causing in my hands, but also to regain my original high standing position with the muscle god. I wanted him to know that my only desire was to make him happy. I would never let my cock shoot off by itself again – no matter how turned on I became with my own body. I had definitely learned my lesson. I quickly brought the man to the brink of orgasm, but my daddy pulled away just before release. He wanted to save his cum for our post-workout fuck. He also let go of my fingers. I bent over and started shaking out my hands, trying to restore feeling to them. The big man walked over to the corner of our gym and grabbed one of the empty bars we usually loaded with weights and came back to stand over me. He grabbed the long piece of steel near both ends and started pressing down. Suddenly, his huge chest burst into new bulges and his traps flared up like giant balloons. It took my muscle daddy’s full force to get the bar started, but once he did the metal began to bend slowly. When the senior stud had bent the bar so the ends passed each other like a closed upside down U, he was breathing hard and veins popped out all over his sweating body. He hung the abused bar off the edge of one of the machines.

“When you can bend that bar back to its original shape, boy, is the moment you get to control your own orgasms. Not a day before. Understand, pup?”

If my hands continued to hurt I didn’t realize it. I was sitting there in utter awe and lust for what my muscle gramps had just done. His body was on fire with power – glistening with sweat and swollen beyond belief. My mouth was open in shock and I simply nodded my head up and down, clearly lost in my desire for the man. I glanced at the bent piece of metal and realized I’d probably never be in control of my own ejaculations again. Part of me didn’t care since I had my daddy – the muscle monster.

That night’s workout was even more rigorous than usual. At one point the big man straddled my body when I was benching some weight and rested one of his massive hands on the middle of the bar. When I lowered it to my chest he applied some pressure and told me to push hard – but the bar wouldn’t move an inch. He was holding it in place with one arm as I struggled to push it up with all of my strength. If I had felt a little powerful earlier after noticing my growing muscles the feeling now disappeared. I was being put in my place, the big man was reminding me that I had a long way to go before I could even come close to his power. Later on, when he was benching, he told me o straddle his waist and push down on the bar with both hands. I did and applied as much pressure as I could muster, but the man easily pressed the bar and me up into the air. After three or four more times of shoving the weight and me away from his body he ordered me to reach back and pull my cheeks apart so I could sit down on his hard-as-hell pole sticking up from his crotch. I did as he said and then he started to bounce my body up and down on his cock just by thrusting his hips up and down off of the bench. He continued to bench the bar full of weights at the same time. My feet barely touched the ground as I was bucked up into the air by his power. I ended up spewing my spunk all over his chest as he shot his mega-wad up into my ass. He then picked me up with one arm and carried me to bed – both of us falling asleep within minutes of lying down.

The next two months of gains were incredible. I could tell that even my muscle daddy was surprised at how much I grew. My stomach slowly turned into the six-pack that was usually reserved for only fitness models with zero percent body fat. But, while my stomach shrank, the rest of me ballooned to unfathomable proportions because of my intense workouts and my daily dosage of pure Grade A daddy muscle-spunk. One morning, after being gloriously plowed by my huge gramps I slid off the bed to go take a piss. As I walked to the bathroom I noticed that my body moved differently – much differently than before. I noticed that I waddled, my shoulders rocking back and forth as the size of my legs made me strut with my feet wider apart than I could remember. My thick arms swung like heavy branches of a huge tree and were pushed out further than my shoulders because of their size and the hugeness of my lats. As I glanced in the bathroom mirror I saw that I wasn’t pro-bodybuilder big, but I certainly looked like a guy that worked out hard and often. I tightened my chest and loved how my pecs puffed up generously. I flexed my arms and saw that they were now looking like the guns most guys dreamed of having. I marveled at my body and realized I couldn’t remember when I didn’t look this good. I now knew when I looked in any mirror I would have to stop for a while and show off to myself. In the den, living room, or the gym I would always stop to flex – whether I was clothed or naked. I just had this deep desire to see my muscles bulging. It seemed as natural as combing my hair or brushing my teeth. Recently, I had even started to run my hands over my flexed body – getting super excited at how hard every part of me had become. One day I was putting on a flexing show for myself in the big mirror above our fireplace and coping a feel of my arms and chest when I turned to see my big senior daddy watching me. I became embarrassed and immediately dropped my arms and tried to hide my hard-on.

“Yeah, my pup is getting bigger. He likes the hugeness of his body, doesn’t he?”

I nodded my head, but my face still remained red. I was proud of my gains and I knew my muscle master was too, but I also realized I still had a ways to go before I could earn the respect of my elder. I was still his pup, even if I was getting huge.

“Those arms are going to creep passed twenty inches soon, son. You’re going to deserve a special fucking on that day. I might even let you jack off to your own body as a little present. We’ll have to see how good you are first. My boy tipped the scale at two thirty-five today. That’s a lot of beef, little one. We need to get you to two eighty in the coming weeks. I want those muscles massive before we hit the eighth month mark. Your body is getting so hard all over, boy. That muscled ass of yours is actually starting to give my cock some resistance when I plow you – and that really turns me on. How about bending over the sofa and letting your daddy give you a special mid-day cum fill-up? Yeah, I can tell by that smile and the growing mound in your pants that you like the idea. Drop those jeans, boy, and open up that ass.”

I never missed a chance to get more of my daddy’s spunk in my body, since it was part of the reason I was growing so quickly. I also had never missed a training session and I usually went way beyond what my huge daddy expected of me when it came to lifting. He was always impressed with my aggressiveness with the weights and my ability to crank out more sets than he thought was possible. I also ate more than a fucking college football team put together. I figured I was burning a lot of calories when I worked out, but I also realized that our intense fuck sessions had become so similar to hour-long wrestling matches that I was melting away any remaining fat and building muscle at the same time. My big man had learned to play with me even harder than he thought he’d ever be able to do – easily beating me when he wanted to, but also toying with me as I continued to offer up my ass to him with the kind of utter joy usually reserved for Christmas morning or milestone birthdays. In all the time I had lived with pops there had never been a day when I wasn’t firmly plowed twice and most days included a few bonus fucks like the one taking place at that moment, which actually ended up breaking the back of our sofa. My muscle daddy was just too rough – and that’s the way I liked it.

At the sixth month mark I started to get a little cocky again. I just felt so fucking huge. I was now wearing some of my muscle daddy’s hand-me-downs and that thrilled me beyond belief. I was excited because it meant I was definitely getting larger, but it also meant that I could have his manly musk surrounding my body all the time. I especially loved wearing some of his old workout clothes that didn’t lose his sweaty masculine muscled aroma no matter how often you washed them. I was weighing about two seventy and my body bulged out like that of my dad - only a fraction smaller. I was easily lifting what equaled the weight of a small car and my shoulders brushed the frame when I walked through small doorways. Daddy was on the phone ordering me some new clothes and I wandered down to the gym. I was eager to try something, hoping desperately that today would be the special day. I walked up to the bar that my muscle man had manhandled all those months ago and lifted it from the machine. I grabbed the ends of the bar and began to pull them apart with every ounce of my strength. To my great surprise the two ends started moving apart very slowly. I had to stop, take a deep breath, and then begin to pull the ends apart again. I struggled mightily and was able to pry the ends fully apart and get the bar almost into the shape of a upside down V, but then I was too worn out to move it any more. I rested a few minutes and then used every ounce of remaining strength to push the bar back into the shape my daddy had mangled it into. I hung it back on the machine and then quickly went to wash off my sweat covered body. I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t been able to pry the bar back into its original shape, but I was actually more thrilled by the fact that I had pulled it apart as much as I did. I knew I was getting close to the day when I’d be able to finish the task.

Two months later I hit three hundred pounds on the scale and my arms were twenty-two inches thick. I now had a chest that was just shy of fifty-seven inches and my quads were a busting thirty-five on the measuring tape. I was basically an inch smaller than my muscle daddy in some places and less than a half an inch smaller in other areas. I could tell sometimes, when we fuck-wrestled, he had to use his entire strength and he actually seemed a little worn out when we finished. One evening, when we were struggling against each other, I was floored to figure out that I could hold him in place without using all of my power. This was finally the sign I had been waiting for. The next day, before we started our morning workout, I walked over to the bar hanging on the machine and hoisted it into my two big paws. I started pulling my hands apart and got excited when the thing moved easily. I was using my full force but the metal was slowly bending back to its original straight line. I was heaving with deep breaths when I was finished, but I had succeeded. I stared at the bar in my hands and felt the kind of pride that makes tears well up in your eyes. I had wanted this for myself, of course, but I had wanted it mostly for my big daddy. I quickly looked up and saw that he was smiling like the proud muscle man he was – his pup had come of age and size. I tossed the bar to the side and started undressing. My muscle daddy did the same thing. I then held my hands up in the air, spreading my fingers. My senior muscle mentor walked over to me and locked his fingers between mine. Immediately we both started applying intense pressure – enough to break a normal guy’s bones, but neither of us was normal anymore. I was still a little worn out by the work I had done on the metal bar, but I was also jacked beyond belief thinking about my new abilities. Our four arms ballooned into muscled bulges and crisscrossing thick veins. I blew out a puff or air through my nostrils like some huge bull and doubled my efforts. I watched in delight as my daddy’s face started to turn red. I could tell he was using all of his strength, but my hands were overpowering his. Slowly his wrists bent backwards and his elbows buckled. I felt his knees bending from the pressure and he finally had to kneel. My cock, of course, was raging fully hard, to match the hardness of my daddy bull’s dick sticking straight out, too.

“My muscle daddy likes it when his pup overpowers him, doesn’t he? It’s great being dominated by a big man, isn’t it pops? Well look-a-there, gramps, where has your face ended up? Right in front of my stiff pole. I think it’s high time you sucked my cock, sir. Begin.”

I kept applying pressure to his hands and pushed the head of my cum-leaking prick against his lips. My super muscle man, the daddy of my dreams, opened his mouth and, for the first time ever, took my thick meat into his warm, luscious mouth. I was instantly in heaven. The big man began to suck like a pro and I knew he’d have me spewing in mere seconds. I quickly pulled my crotch back and jerked my cock from deep within his throat. I wanted to save my cum for something special that would be happening later in bed. I released his hands and the big man stood up in front of me, shaking his big paws out a little.

“Well, Scott, it looks like my work here is done. You wanted to grow and I wanted a fuck toy. It’s been really nice having you here. I guess you’ll want to leave now and go let the world worship your new body. You deserve it, Scott. You have worked harder than any man I’ve ever known and I will certainly miss that mighty fine ass of yours. Seeing you bend that bar back into its original shape – without much struggle – really turned me on, man. I’m very proud of all we’ve accomplished, Scott, and…”

I placed a big finger against the man’s lips. I was on fire with desires I couldn’t even put a name to – especially because I was fully realizing how huge and strong I had really become. I could not wait to show off and be admired. I was ready to let this body loose in a big way.

“What’s with that tone, muscle daddy? My name is always pup or son or boy, please don’t forget that, sir. And why would you think I am leaving? You’ve turned me into a massive copy of your awesomeness. We were made for each other. I may be big and strong, but I’ll still need that large cock of yours in my ass on a daily basis, sir. I can’t imagine life without you inside of me two to five times a day. And I’m hoping we’re going to continue to grow bigger together. I still want that spunk protein shake – and maybe I can start making one for you with my juice. I may have bent that metal bar back into shape and beaten you at a game of power, but you’re still my pops and I don’t want to be anywhere else but here – squeezing your juice in the morning and making you dinner in the evening.”

Without any warning, my muscle daddy threw his huge arms around my body and squeezed me tightly into his. At the same time he pressed his lips against mine in what could only be described as the kiss of the century. My cock started spewing just from the excitement of being kissed by the senior muscle man of my dreams – the man that had turned me into a massive muscle god. The man that I intended to spend the rest of my life with. He held me tightly as my body rocked from the orgasm, never taking his lips from mine. His tongue explored my mouth roughly and the stubble on his face scraped against mine like some kind of masculine sand paper. When my cock had finally spurted out its last glob of thick cum, the big man pulled his face away and smiled broadly at me. He was still holding me in a glorious bear hug and I felt happier and safer than I ever had in my entire life. It was then that my senior muscle stud said the words I had secretly longed to hear from the moment I stepped into his home all those months ago.

“Tonight, pup, we really wrestle to see who gets to fuck the other one.”

“Either way, gramps, it’s a win-win situation!”
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

Last edited by Londonboy; September 3rd, 2012 at 10:18 AM.
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Another masterpiece!
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Thank you my friend. My cup truly runneth over.
Lifting is meditation for alpha males.

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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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My pleasure, good sir. Have a great evening!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Best muscle daddy-centric story ever?
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Loved it once again. I don't know about that Vlad, there have been a great many in this subject, most of them written by LB himself, but it certainly was awesomely described, as usual by the master of the subject. Keep up the great work LB!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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I'm impatient! Make him grow bigger - much bigger - than daddy, and then reverse roles!!!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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But your romantic ending works for me, too! Thanks for another great story!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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