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Mr. Ross Becomes Human

Mr. Ross had me sitting in one of his big hands and he was lifting my body up and down in the air as he watched the evening news. And since I was, as ordered, totally nude, he had his thick middle finger stuck deep into my ass chute and was twitching it against the insides of my sphincter. This caused me to moan out loud, as my cock poked straight up in the air like a flagpole. The big man was in total control of the situation, even as he continued to follow the news intently. He had been lifting me for the entire local news and then switched hands – and, of course, fingers – when the world news had begun. He stood in the middle of the room and pressed my growing body into the air - still with great ease. I might as well have been a twenty-five pound dumbbell since he tossed me around so easily. I knew, for my muscled master, the pleasure this task caused had little to do with the lifting. Mr. Ross liked to have me near him – the closer the better. If he could have something of his inside a part of my body it was always the best – his tongue down my throat, his mustache between my ass cheeks, his finger in my mouth or chute, and the best, by far for both of us, was when he got to plug one side of me with his muscular cock. I swear his dick had gotten even more powerful since I had started living with him. It made sense, though, since he actually worked that muscle out more than any other part of his body. His latest thrill, and I have to admit it was mine, as well, was to have me stand barefoot on his hard cock when it stuck out from his brawny body like an I-beam of a building during construction. I would turn my feet sideways and balance myself, which was quite easy since his pole was so long and thick. It was also a breeze because Mr. Ross wrapped one of his big hands around my thigh and easily held me in place. I became an expert ‘dick walker’ and could actually keep balance as my daddy pumped my entire body up and down with just his super cock.

“I’ve got a surprise for you later on, little Will. You’ve been such a good husband lately I thought you deserved a present. I’ll share it with you after the news.”

My daydreaming about surfing on his cock and the soothing motion of his finger stroking my tender cavity had taken me to such heights of pleasure I actually forgot Mr. Ross was there – even though he was probably on his ten thousandth repetition of lifting my entire body into the air with only one hand. Thank goodness for Ross’ incredible stimulation and prodding with that muscled finger. Because of how he was able to stretch out my ass chute during times like these, I was able to take his more than ample muscle daddy cock with more ease and moved to pleasure quicker than before. In turn, I was able to start using my still tight hole to give my mentor a lot more pleasure, as well. I had a feeling that was another reason this three-times-a-week ritual continued – Mr. Ross realized that by giving my prostate some much appreciated massages, he was in turn giving himself more satisfaction when he plowed me later on. This seemed to be the definition of our circle of muscle life. Mr. Ross’ gruff sounding chuckle brought me back to reality.

“You really like to zone out when I’m toying with your ass, don’t you, boy? I know what it feels like. Sometimes your muscle daddy gets so involved in the news he completely forgets he has your body in his hand. My lightest kettle balls are musch heavier than you, Will, so it’s easy for me to forget I’m tossing you around. The only thing that keeps me from completely forgetting is how warm and juicy your hole feels. It’s like I’m sticking my finger into a warm apple pie. And then I like to do this to make goose bumps shoot up all over your body.”

Mr. Ross lowered my body in front of his face and then ran his – in my opinion – award-winning mustache across the small of my back, just above where my ass crack began. I had never known this part of my body was such an erogenous zone until my gray-haired master had started teasing it mercilessly. He seemed to know just where I was most vulnerable. As soon as his thick fur hit that part of my body I shot completely rigid and little pebble-sized bulges covered every part of my skin. My nipples also instantly shot hard and poked out like Pinocchio’s nose after five quick successive lies. My love channel would tighten even more around his finger and I knew this made him very happy. My ass was squeezing the invading finger so hard right now that I knew for certain I was going to have severely sore quads later in the evening. When I clamped down hard, like I was doing right now, Mr. Ross loved to stick his arm straight out in front of him and watch how I didn’t slide off, more because of how he’d hook his finger into the side of my inner shaft than the tension I was creating by squeezing my ass. He would just let me dangle on the end of his outstretched hand as if I were some carved statue on the front tip of a ship. I didn’t mind at all, of course, because it ended up being like a really powerful plowing from some normal man and it continued to help me get used to what it felt like to get plowed by a super man.

When the news ended a little while later, Mr. Ross lifted me off of his finger with his other hand and set me on the floor – standing near me, because he knew it always took my ass a few minutes to calm down from being probed so generously. It actually took a day for the feeling of his finger to go away completely – but not on the nights Mr. Ross decided to fuck me. As soon as his huge log was thrust up into my body all memory of his finger was quickly erased. I kind of wobbled around the room to work out the tension in my legs and the throbbing up the length of my stretched-out chute.

“While you’re starting to miss my finger, Mr. Will, why don’t you go get the toaster in the kitchen so I can give you your gift.”

Mr. Ross had taken his place in the huge chair in the area just off the big kitchen. He was smiling at me proudly because he knew I loved surprises and gifts, especially when they came from him. For our seven-month anniversary Mr. Ross had surprised me with a piece of artwork – created by him. He had gone out to the garage and gotten almost every hand tool he owned – hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, drills, and much more. With his bare hands he had smashed and twisted all of that metal, wood, and plastic into the shape of a man’s upper torso. The statue was actually life-size, well that of a normal man – it wasn’t the freakish size of my elder muscled husband. It was an astonishing piece of art and I’ve actually shown it to many dealers to have it appraised. Each of them asked me what tool had been used to create the statue, but I thought it best not to explain that it was the powerful hands of my own personal silver-haired Hercules. I simply told them the artist chose not to give away his secrets. I had plans to get Mr. Ross to make more statues one day – when he found some free time. When I asked why he had chosen to use all his tools, the big man had simply raised his arms into a intense double biceps flex and said he wouldn’t be needing them any more. He then kissed each biceps one at a time and said that his big guns would be able to do anything the wimpy tools could do. I then added I knew for a fact his guns could definitely do a lot more. This had pleased my daddy very much.

“What’s taking you so long, little man?”

“I was thinking about one of my most favorite surprises from you – the ‘Tool Torso’ you gave me for our seven-month anniversary. I still get hard when I run my hand over that statue.”

“If you want that cock of yours to get really hard come run your hand over a really massive hard torso, Mr. Will.”

“Not yet, muscle daddy, you said you had a surprise for me and you know how I love surprises.”

“Okay, handsome, come over here and stand on this crate next to me.”

“What’s that for, Mr. Ross?”

“Step up and see. Yeah, just as I thought, look where that little extra height puts your gorgeous cock.”

“Perfectly even with your mouth!”

“That’s my smart lad. I knew you’d catch on fast. Hand me that stainless steel toaster we’ve wanted to replace for ages. I’m going to show you how helping me with certain exercises has really paid off. And as I show you I know that cock of yours is going to get really hard, so I want you to be able to put it in my mouth. Then I’ll be ready when the last part of my surprise makes you shoot off like a cum rocket. Are you ready, boy?”

“Yes sir.”

“Let the fun begin. I want to show you how our cock lifts have made my big friend very powerful.”

As soon as Mr. Ross put the tip of his semi-hard cock against the side of the toaster both of our bodies instantly reacted. My own rod zoomed to its fully erect state – a common occurrence when I was around my muscle daddy. Mr. Ross turned his head and opened his mouth, as I guided my hardness between his lips. He started sucking immediately. At the same time, Mr. Ross’ thick rod got completely stiff, too, pushing the toaster out from his body when it grew longer. My super muscle daddy did not have to watch what his cock was doing – its abilities were simply a given to him. He kept his head turned and focused on sucking my hard dick and loved glancing up at my amazed face. I, of course, kept my eyes glued to the head of his powerful erect shaft.

I had learned early on that Mr. Ross was not a superhero. He was not invincible. He was a boy and man that had been picked on by other guys all of his life and with one simple decision he had gone from super dweeb to a super muscle daddy. He had earned his strength and confidence the old fashioned way – through lifting and various other means to enhance his body and mind. I had never asked if all of those enhancements had been legal and I didn’t care – I just knew that Mr. Ross was very different from all other men – even other huge strong men. I knew it had a little to do with his unyielding cockiness. He wasn’t a mean man, but he was completely sure of himself. If there was a task he couldn’t perform, I don’t think he would accept it until he figured out a way to make it happen. I had seen him do amazing things – both with his muscles and his brain. I was in awe of the man and I was devoted to him with every part of my body and soul. Even if doubt started to creep into my mind about something my muscle daddy was about to do, his intuition would rat me out and he’d assure me of his guaranteed success. That’s what happened when I saw him start to pull the side of the toaster into the head of his cock. He must have tasted my doubt while he was sucking on my hard rod. He pulled his face back so he could speak.

“No need to worry, Will, your Mr. Ross is in complete control.”

It was at that moment I saw the strong head of his cock begin to dent in the side of the toaster – a sheet of stainless steel. When I heard the loud pop caused by his dick rupturing a hole in the machine I forgot any smidgen of doubt that had entered my mind. I watched through the slits at the top of the machine as his cock penetrated the middle wall of the toaster after mangling the leverage system that supported pieces of bread. It was after the bulbous head of his dick slammed out through the other side of the small appliance that I started getting close to erupting My big daddy was basically fucking steel and he attributed some of his cock’s power to me helping him to strengthen his tool when he did lifts with my body standing on the thing. Mr. Ross slid his long wide cock back and forth through the machine and I watched as his strong flesh pushed fractured pieces of steel like it was just paper. The big man then slid the appliance down his pole so the side nearest him rested against his balls. I moaned out loud as I saw his powerful hands begin to crush the toaster easily. Soon the once steel box was just a ring of metal tightly wrapped around my muscle master’s thick cock. It was like a suit of armor was now protecting his prize possession. Mr. Ross moved his hands away and I drew closer to ejaculation as I watched his dick flex and, at the same time, mold the metal in different ways as the rod bent. His cock was actually destroying the toaster even more – without any help from Ross’s powerful hands. At the same time, a powerful tongue started to flick the tip of my cock – jutting in and out of the slit at the end. This combination of his dick causing so much destruction and the tip of his tongue toying with my own slit was too much for me to handle and before I could even cry out properly or even moan my cock began to spew its warm excited juice down Mr. Ross’ accepting throat. The suction force he let loose on my rod was so powerful that my body flew forward into his face when he inhaled strongly and then moved backwards when he’d release. It was an incredible feeling to be manipulated so easily by just his mouth. Finally, when Mr. Ross was positive he had gotten every last drop of my muscle worshipping sap, he released his hold on my cock and I slipped it out of his mouth.

“I won’t ever get enough of you, boy. You taste so good. Thank you for giving me a little present, too. You ready for another part of my show?”

“Yes sir.”

I had no idea what more he could do to impress me, but I could hear excitement in his voice as he prepared some other amazing feat. He directed my gaze back to his cock and he stared at it this time, too. At first I didn’t think anything was happening, but then I started to notice flecks of crushed metal falling from his powerful pole. I gasped out loud and my deflated cock shot fully hard again in only one heartbeat. My powerful daddy was flexing his love muscle so strongly that it was breaking apart the steel that had been tightly compressed around his cock – because of the heat it generated and the powerful vibrations. It looked like flecks of dried paint falling from a metal rod. Bulging veins appeared as the steel was pushed away. This was a kind of power I had never imagined. I suddenly remembered Mr. Ross telling me he was going to make all my fantasies come true – especially some I hadn’t even dreamed of - well, this was proof of that statement. I knew there were very few things on this earth that could have withstood the powerful pressure Ross’ hand had applied to the demolished toaster as it formed an unreal sheathe for his pole – but his cock had not only taken the abuse, it was now pulsing hard enough to rip the metal to shreds. I watched mesmerized as every piece of hand-squeezed steel was forced from the giant rod sticking up from my muscle daddy’s crotch. The entire thing lasted about ten minutes and it looked like someone was sculpting a beautiful statue of a cock from a clump of steel. When he was done I could tell Mr. Ross was turned on just as much as I was – maybe even more.

“That little display, William, got my juices boiling something awful. I think I need something tighter and juicier than steel around my fat cock. You have any ideas, Mr. Handsome?”

He didn’t have to ask twice. I swung my left leg over his massive thighs and draped it over the arm of the chair on the other side. Our faces were just about a foot from each other. Since I had to spread my legs wide apart for them to reach across the broad chair, my hole was opened broader than usual and rested conveniently at the tip of my senior muscleman’s raging hard-on. I bounced up and down to let the opening of my tight cum sluice tease his mammoth meat for some extra pleasure. This pleased my daddy very much and he shut his eyes and growled like a sex-starved gorilla. I even let the full mushroom head of his giant torpedo plop just inside my hole, but then quickly lifted up, loving how it created the sound of a champagne bottle being uncorked. I was shocked each time I lowered myself to find that his tool didn’t move at all – it stayed stiff as a metal rod and didn’t quiver even slightly, no matter what I did. It was like being penetrated by an inanimate object so strong that it would even last through a nuclear blast. I finally let my ass rest fully on Mr. Ross’s fat dick head, mainly because I was tired of supporting myself with only the strength of my quads.

“Oh yeah, boy. Now, we have some fun.”

The man didn’t even open his eyes. I believe he was registering every incredible feeling our little gymnastics routine was offering him - on some internal level to make it even more special. I felt the big elder daddy raise his hips, bring his butt out of the chair, and made my body rise with his big pole. He then twitched his cock – like the thing had a mind of its own. He made the tip vibrate a little and the big head worked its way again beyond my clamped opening. Feeling the head pop into my chute again was great, but knowing Mr. Ross had accomplished the act by just making his pole jerk a little was fucking incredible. I did not know how the man did it, but I could feel the head of his cock flaring wider once inside my chute. It was like he could send blood to the tip of his dick and make it swell even larger. At the same time he continued to make his rod shudder every now and then so my tensed ass would creep down his long thick shaft a little more. The pleasure this caused in my body was indescribable. It was like waiting for weeks to find out the end of a great story. Each time his cock moved further up into my tight hole I forced myself not to cuss or use any profane words to describe my joy – since I knew it would cause some grave consequences later on. I did, however, moan like a mountain lion in heat – there’s no way I could stay silent when my ass was being filled by a telephone pole. My noises always made my daddy proud – he loved how he could cause me to lose all control.

“Yeah, boy, you’re not even halfway down my big rod and you’re already moaning and groaning like a sorority house full of horny girls and their dates on a weekend night. I can’t wait for your cheeks to smack up against my balls, little man. That means I’ll be so far up in you that you won’t be able to bend at the waist. Then I’m going to make my big cock pulse even thicker to plug you up something awful. I want you to feel what that toaster just felt when my hot shaft of hard meat shredded it like tissue. No one has ever made me feel so powerful, Will – and so satisfied at the same time. Feel my fat dick inching into you even more. With each deep breath my fat head pulls your body further down on my log. Yeah, it hurts real bad, doesn’t it, baby. But just for a few seconds and then I see your face go all happy and that’s when I know your tight ass has accepted a little more of my invading staff. That hole is getting filled up, isn’t it, son?”

“Yes sir, it feels so good.”

“Yeah, Will, I thought you’d like that – inching into your ass slowly. This way I can make the pleasure last a real long time. I love watching your small cock bob back and forth with excitement each time I let you drop a little further down on my rod. Look how happy your penis is, boy. It’s turning purple, it’s so happy. I bet your cum is going to shoot higher than our heads. Man, your asshole feels tighter than it ever has before. You must be clamping down something extra for your daddy. I appreciate it, son.”

“I think it’s just because you’ve made your cock so thick, sir.”

“Yeah, that could be it, Will, that could be it.”

“Ah, muscle daddy, you are driving me insane. I can feel the fat head of your dick tightening smaller to let my body sink lower and then it flares out wide again to stop my descent. That’s just about to send me over the top, sir. I’m not sure I can take it much longer without shooting my load again everywhere.”

“Come on, little man, hold out for your daddy. Your ass is giving me just as much pleasure, but we gotta last for a little longer. I want to fill that hole up slowly – making you feel me completely. Hold onto that orgasm, son, that’s an order.”

“Yes sir. That’s what I needed, sir. If you tell me not to do something there’s no way my body can disobey.”

“That’s a good boy, William. Let your daddy Ross bring you more pleasure than you’ve ever had before. By the time your ass gets to the bottom of my cock we’re going to have whipped up so much juice in that little body of yours we’re going to feel like it’s a Midwest heavy snowfall when you finally explode. You’re going to blast more cum than you ever have before. How does that sound, boy?”

“Like ejaculation heaven, sir.”

I looked down at the thick plugs in the middle of both of his massive hairy pecs. Each time my ass sunk lower onto his huge cock the damn things seemed to grow fatter and poke out even more. It was like his big daddy power nubs were getting their own hard-ons as he crammed more of his super cock into my snug-as-hell hole. It looked like Mr. Ross was getting even more pleasure than me from his slow and deliberate invasion deep into my body. I wasn’t even fully corked by his big pole and both of us were getting close to releasing orgasms that were probably going to rock the entire neighborhood. I couldn’t just sit and stare at his swelling nipples anymore – I reached out and grabbed both of them with five fingers each and squashed the fuckers like my life depended on it. Each time my body tensed up from my muscled elder allowing my ass to slide a little further down his pole, I got a burst of energy that I released by squeezing the shit out of his now dark purple, taut daddy nips. This intense clamping of his juicy meat only excited the big man even more – my measly power was only strong enough to give him pleasure. I was now low enough on my descending journey toward his densely fur-covered crotch and balls that I could lean forward and clasp my saliva filled mouth around one of his hard nubs of steel. I immediately started sucking loudly – as if I were some animal in the wild.

“Hey, hey, there, boy, watch your manners. That slurping makes you sound like a dog bent over his water bowl. What’s the rush, William, that huge chest is going to be here for you any time you want it. There’s no need to act like this will be the last time you’ll ever suck my whopping man-teats again. This enormous body is all yours, boy.”

“I just can’t help it, sir. You’re so magnificently beautiful. I want to suck on every part of your huge body. It’s like I wouldn’t even be able to breathe if you weren’t around, Mr. Ross. That’s how much I want you. I . . . I love you, sir.”

Two things made it clear my comment had pleased my muscle master. Suddenly, the tension in Mr. Ross’ cock head was lessened and my body slid down the remaining inches of his pole and hit his thick fur and balls with a thud. Mr. Ross also reached up and caught my head in the crook of his arm, squeezing tightly and then pulling me away from his jutting piece of slippery wet dark meat. My upper body was dragged to the side by his arm and then he brought his face down to mine, laying such a powerful kiss on my lips that it felt like someone had shoved a Super Vac around my mouth. I was thankful that my tonsils, tongue and teeth were so strongly connected to my body or they would have shot into his mouth from the force he created. My ass and mouth were both instantly on fire with pain and pleasure at the same time. Mr. Ross’ entire sizeable stick of beef was slammed fully into my ass chute and his long, giant tongue was crammed down my throat – it seemed like he might be trying to make the two connect somewhere inside my body. I imagined his tongue being able to lick the pre-cum leaking from the slit of his dick and that turned me on even more. The big man’s massive biceps and hard forearm were pressing into my head with enough power to crack walnuts, but all I could think of was how glorious everything felt. He finally lessened the intensity on my head and pulled his mouth away from mine.

“You have no idea how those words impact me, William. These last few months have been the happiest of my entire life. I wake up in the morning thinking about your ass, I daydream about your face during breakfast, I jerk off imagining your cock when I’m in the shower and then I come back to bed and plow you hard just to give myself some satisfaction. That usually all happens before seven-thirty and then I have to walk around the entire day with a raging hard-on while you’re at work and force myself not to jump your bones the minute you walk in the door. My post-dinner workout, the third one of each day, only gets me so freaking horny that I can’t do anything until I’ve filled you with my man cream or sucked you dry. Then it’s finally time to play with your body – lifting you up with one hand and a big finger up your ass, using your body as a curling bar, or wrestling you with one arm behind my back and making myself not move my feet.”

“Yeah . . . and you still beat me every time.”

“I do, don’t I? But the point is, Will, that I crave you as much as you desire me – maybe even more.”

“I doubt that’s possible, sir.”

“Well then let’s say my desire has more power behind it than yours.”

“Everything about you has more power, sir.”

“Let me finish, boy. The point is I love you, too. I have loved you the moment I found you delivering that cake on my doorstep. The look in your eyes that day made my heart spin – I could see that you lusted for me in a way that was unexplainable. It was clear that you loved the improvements I had made to my body as much as I did. That moment made me want to share all this muscle and all my strength with you. You remember the day I told you that I was going to have to find other men to plow every now and then because you weren’t going to be able to satiate my urges and I didn’t want to wear you out?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, I haven’t ever been with anyone else, boy. You’ve been able to satisfy me completely every day we’ve been together. I don’t know how you do it, but just when I think you are going to be worn out and not able to take me fondling you roughly or build up any more juice in that little body of yours - you surprise me and shoot harder than a giant redwood or open that ass of yours to my enormous shaft for the seventh time in one day. Believe it or not, sometimes I have trouble keeping up with you.”

“Aw, and I thought you hadn’t noticed, Mr. Ross.”

“Noticed? William, I played with that ass of yours with my thick fingers for almost an hour and a half this evening during the news and now, just a short time later, you’ve taken my entire giant pole up your bum without any problem. As a matter of fact, you’ve been able to keep up with my slow and steady foray into that tight cavity with so much joy it almost brought a tear to my eye. Son, I lay awake at night trying to think of new ways to please you and I’m worried I might run out of ideas.”

“Then you’ll just start over, sir. I wouldn’t mind at all. You fill me up entirely and not just with that big rod. I’m filled to the brim with love for you.”

To show his appreciation, Mr. Ross slid his big hands between my firm round ass and his crotch. He cupped my cheeks under me and pulled them slightly apart. My strong daddy then started to lift my body up and down, allowing his bulging hard love muscle to scrape against the insides of my tight sphincter. He quickly increased the momentum and I reached out and grabbed hold of his humongous shoulders to prevent my body from flopping around. Mr. Ross started grunting like he was an entire rugby scrum of burly men trying to over power each other. The passionate noise he was emitting was something new – obviously our conversation had supercharged the big guy. I had a feeling only his manly moans would have made me super hard even if he hadn’t already been working my ass hard enough to cause us both to be covered in heavy sweat. This is how I loved my muscle daddy the most – his muscles shiny from thick perspiration and his hair matted to his forehead, chest, forearms, and especially down the mouth-watering trail between his beautiful abdominals. And then there was the pre-orgasm jacked-up look that all of the monstrous bulges on his body exploded into when he worked out or fucked. I pulled my right arm back as he sent me flying up and down, took aim, and let my fist sail into his left pec – my hand looking so small up against that part of his body. The pummel that landed right on the rock hard meaty stub in the center made the big man growl loudly and thrust his crotch upward as my body came slamming down. The intense pleasure in my ass only made me send another punch to his slab of beef and now even harder nipple, this time with even more force than before.

“Keep it up, William. I’m going to fill you with so much cum you’re going to gain five pounds. Look how hard you’re making my nipples, man. They look as big as doorknobs. Punch it again, boy!”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I slammed my now aching fist into his tightened chest and for a second his hard thick nub was pressed inward and this sent a jolt of pleasure through his body that was so strong it would have given any other man a heart attack, but it merely made Mr. Ross’ dick head flare even wider in my tight chute. My own pleasure was way beyond anything I had ever experienced before – something I thought was impossible since Mr. Ross pleased me completely. The love I felt for this silver-haired massive Zeus was adoration, lust, admiration, respect, utter joy, and much more all rolled into one. And the knowledge that he felt the same way only intensified the feelings more. I wanted to make him happy and that’s the only thing that registered in my entire mind and body. As he lifted my body upward, so the edges of the tip of his cock caught on the rim of my hole, I pulled back both arms at the same time, too aim, and slammed both fists into his mammoth chest as he let my body drop on his huge shaft until my cheeks smacked into his tight, juiced-up balls. I had hit his nipples perfectly with my fists and it had helped to bring him to the point of no return. My ass slamming into his tensed balls gave his body an extra jolt, as well. I saw a look of pure ecstasy suddenly stream over my big man’s face and then I felt the cannon in my ass start pumping hard – then my insides became warm as thick cum blasted out of Mr. Ross’ hard cock. There was enough muscle spunk being shot up into my chute to make me worry that I’d be leaking for weeks. The powerful crotch thrusts of the superman beneath me sent my body flying up the hard pole again and then it happened all over after I came smashing back down. On the third forceful tsunami wave from Mr. Ross’ ejaculation my own cock released a torrent of long lobs of my semen – shooting high enough to land on the top of my head.

“Yeah, there goes old faithful! Shoot for me, boy! Man, look at how much jism you’re releasing.”

Mr. Ross was in the throes of his own tumultuous orgasm, but he still encouraged mine, as well as being mightily impressed by my cock’s power. The second stream of juice that soared into the air went higher than the first. If I hadn’t known better I would have thought some of the cum shooting out of my hard rod was coming from my muscle daddy’s gushers pumping high up into my chute. My body was bucking so wildly that it only increased the pleasure to both my ass and Mr. Ross’ huge cock.

“Yeah, that’s it boy . . . empty yourself for your big man. Look at that river of cum flowing down all over you and feel my tidal wave of juice filling up your insides.”

In unison with the final big burst of cum from my rock hard dick, Mr. Ross lifted his insanely thick arms into a double biceps pose. This had become kind of a ritual for us. Whenever I was getting off by sitting on his monster cock and about to send my last hefty squirt of cum into the air, my muscle daddy would flex his biceps so I could practice my pretend boxing. Just like I did on his massive pecs, I quickly shot my right arm across my body and connected my fist with the bulging muscle connected to his right arm. The loud smack filled the room, reverberating even louder than our heavy breathing and Mr. Ross’ low growling. I quickly sent my left fist into his other biceps: creating an equally loud sound and making my hand feel like it was hitting a side of beef hanging in a meat locker. My fingers stung a lot, but I knew my pathetic punches thrilled my muscle daddy to no end – he loved watching me attempt to cause him pain. We both knew, however, that all I really did was end up hurting myself. It was incredible to see the big man watch my fists hitting him and then noticing the smile that would blossom across his face since he felt nothing. The man adored showing off his strength and having me wear myself out throwing heavy blows into any part of his body - it could usually make him blow a second wad with no problem. As I continued to pound my puny fists into his mountainous biceps he started pumping cum into my ass for the second time, in what was only a matter of minutes. My cock reacted to his explosion by sending a few more feeble spurts of juice into the air.

“Punch those arms, little man. Yeah, use all of your strength.”

“I am Mr. Ross! You’re just too freaking thick. You don’t feel a thing and I’m using every ounce of power I have!”

“That sets me off more than you would believe, William.”

“Oh, I think that exploding cock in my ass gives me a pretty good idea, sir.”

“I bet it does.”

Suddenly, the big man had his arms around my body and he was squeezing me so tightly that most of the air in my lungs was instantly forced out. Muscle daddy Ross also pressed his mustached-topped lips against my mouth, scraping his thick bristles against me roughly. My cock was plastered against his rock hard abs and his intense kiss caused some more cock leakage – even though I had already been through one of the most explosive orgasms in my life. It was pretty clear that I was struggling to breathe, but that didn’t matter to Mr. Ross – no, he wanted to fill my mouth again as much as he was still plugging my ass. There was a desperate fierceness behind his kiss that had never been there before. He squeezed my body even tighter and I was worried I was going to pass out. I sensed that the big man wasn’t focused on me at the moment; he was dealing with something powerful in his own mind. I tried to relax my body as much as I could – so I would give him the time he needed to process whatever was going on in his head. Even though the hug was super tight there was a sense of security and protection in the embrace that warmed my body completely. I began to not worry about passing out. I gave myself over to Mr. Ross’ body in a way that had not happened before. I felt our heartbeats fall into the same rhythm. The invasion in my ass and in my mouth now seemed completely natural – like his tongue and cock were just an extension of me. And his muscles, still hard and massive, began to mold perfectly to my frame, making us feel united in almost a supernatural way. My throat’s tightness lessened and his tongue was able to explore me deeper than it ever had before. My face suddenly opened itself to his mustache in such a way that I swore I could have named each individual bristle – since my sensitivity to the man was on such overload. Finally, the man’s steel like grip on my body lessened and he pulled his face from mine. He stared into my eyes deeply and I instinctively knew to wait for him – to give him time to gather his thoughts. Our relationship was in the midst of a paradigm shift.

“I’ve never loved anything or anyone as much as I love you, Will. I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want you. I have to force myself to be careful when I am around you because I feel that I could hug you so tightly that I’d snap you in two. I . . . I, um . . . I . . . need you, Will. I don’t want to ever go a day without you.”

His cock head twitched inside of my chute – as if to confirm what he was saying. The man had never been this fired up – ever. I could tell that he could have easily ripped an entire building apart with his bare hands at the moment – that’s how much he was juiced up from love. I felt the same way. I knew I didn’t even have to say anything – the big man knew how I felt, too. We were uniting ourselves by a bond that no other human being on earth would understand. My muscle daddy was submitting himself to me, but he was also promising to be my protector forever. Even before he shared his next bit of information, I knew it was coming. That’s how ‘in tune’ we now were.

“Tonight, I want you to fuck me, Will. I want to give myself to you.”

“Yes sir. I’d like that, sir. I’d like that very much. Thank you.”

Tears of joy were streaming down my face - mirrored by the tears sliding down into the beautiful mustache of my huge Mr. Ross.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to Londonboy For This Useful Post:
imfit (October 12th, 2012)
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Wow, great love story, combined with some great feats of strength and muscle description. I've always loved your Mr. Ross stories and this could be the best of them all. Keep up the great work!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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The love between these two... {:3c
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mmm... I thin Mr. Ross needs to be Superman for halloween and rescue his boy for a private super muscle flexing session
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WHOA! Muscle Daddy domination with such intense love bond...damn! You've made my day again LB!

Thank you so much!
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Originally Posted by muscl4life View Post
WHOA! Muscle Daddy domination with such intense love bond...damn! You've made my day again LB!

Thank you so much!
Their chemistry is just wow
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I hope they know that you should always wear eye protection when working with metals, especially ones that tend to flake...

Seriously though, this was great!
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man! love this story!
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Simply amazing, a well written short with so much to offer and so true to the title.
AIM Trekka77
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