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Old August 17th, 2012, 04:54 PM
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My Muscle Muse - Part III

I could hear Troy come in the door and drop his bags in the hallway. I stayed in the kitchen, wanting my improved body to be a surprise. I also think I was kind of nervous about him finally seeing all the growth – especially since his best friend had encouraged it without even knowing. I, of course, would not be sharing that tidbit of information with my son.

“Dad, I’m home. It took forever to wade through traffic from the airport.”

“I’m in the kitchen, Troy.”

“Shit, pops, what the fuck happened to you?”

My son was standing in the archway that led from the family room to the kitchen with a complete look of disbelief. I was pouring myself a big glass of water and found myself smiling at his reaction. I had chosen to wear just a white t-shirt and jeans to greet my son. I was hoping to get exactly the response he now offered.

“Hey, Troy, watch the language.”

“Who the fuck cares what I say, dad? When and how did you get so huge? You look bigger than a tank! How much do you freaking weigh?”

“You like the improvements?”

“What’s not to like? You’ve got muscles on top of muscles. What’s going on? Shit, I can’t believe it’s you, dad.”

“Sometimes I can’t believe it either, Troy. The best way to explain it – at least this is what Dr. Samuelson says – is that I’ve had some kind off mid-life rejuvenation. I started hitting the weights heavily almost a year ago and this is what happened. I’m now up to about two-eighty five.”

“It can’t be healthy to add so much muscle since . . . when was the last time I saw you? Christmas. Yeah, this has all happened just since Christmas. Are you doing steroids, dad? You know those things can kill you. Please promise me you’re not doing anything harmful.”

“Troy, calm down. This is all natural. I promise. I’ve got this great trainer and I’ve really gotten into lifting – reading the right things and learning lots, eating healthy, and then the doctor says there’s some bizarre genetic abnormality in me that helps to fuel my growth.”

“Abnormality? It may be abnormal, but it’s fucking awesome, too, huh?”

“Well, to be perfectly honest, Troy, yes . . . yes, it is fucking awesome.”

My son had moved into the kitchen and was busy looking at every inch of my body. Troy was not gay, but I could tell my new massiveness actually excited him. His mouth was wide open as his eyes tried to take in all of my new size at one time. He kept shaking his head back and forth, as if trying to wake himself from a dream.

“Pops, I’ve got to see one of those guns flexed. Come on and lift it, big man. Holy shit, look at that fucking peak! I can’t believe it’s you, dad. You look like one of those guys on the cover of a bodybuilding magazine. You also look about twenty years younger, dad. Standing next to you I look like a little boy. I certainly hope I have this genetic abnormality, too!”

“You just might, son. Care for some water?”

“No, I think I need vodka – and lots of it. I can’t believe this has happened to you?”

“I guess it will take a little getting used to, huh? Sorry I didn’t tell you about it. I kind of wanted it to be a surprise.”

“Well it worked, dad. It’s a complete surprise. I think it’s going to take me a long time to get used to you looking like this. Man, look at your shoulders! I bet you have trouble with some doorways, don’t you?”

“Just a few, son, just a few. I appear a lot bigger than I really am since it’s such a dramatic change.”

“No, I think you’re as big as you look, dad. I simply can’t believe it. I’ve got to sit down. I will take some water. Two hundred and eighty-five pounds, that’s just insane.”

We quickly moved into a conversation about all that had been happening in our lives since Christmas and Troy asked about everyone in the family. He kept shaking his head every so often and I found myself getting a little excited by how he blatantly stared at different parts of my body. He especially loved my big arms and requested a biceps flex two more times during our hour-long chat. There had been a question burning inside of my head ever since he got home, but I made myself not ask it. I was very happy when Troy broached the subject on his own.

“I’ve seen Colin a lot, dad, since he’s in Paris and that’s been really cool.”

“Oh that’s great. How’s he doing?”

I tried to stay as calm as possible, even though my heart was pounding and my cock had started to harden just from the mention of his name. I took a long sip of water to steady myself. Troy was jabbering on about Colin’s job and how it enabled him to get to London every two weeks. Deep down I knew it was great that the two guys were getting to see each other so much, but it was hard for me to curtail the jealousy it created within me. I almost gasped out loud when Troy suddenly turned very serious and spoke very directly.

“Colin told me about how you helped him when he came out to his parents, dad. That was very nice of you.”

“Um . . . of course. He’s part of the family. Did you know he was gay?”

“Yeah, he came out to me a while ago. I’m the one that encouraged him to finally tell his mom and dad. The poor guy kind of went overboard in response to their reaction. They are actually very cool now and the four of us go to dinner when they come over to visit him in Paris. I still feel sorry for Colin, though?”

“Oh really, why?”

“Cause he’s head over heels in love with someone and the guy doesn’t return his affections.”

I suddenly stopped breathing and my cock deflated as fast as a blown out tire. I had never prepared myself for hearing that Colin had moved beyond crushing on me. Even though it was totally illogical for him to spend the best years of his life pining for some older guy, it still hurt to think of the beautiful man with someone else. I forced myself to not reveal any of my disappointment and I looked into my son’s concerned face.

“That’s a shame.”

“I know, especially since the guy is my father.”

Suddenly, my cock shot hard again and my heart started beating wildly. I had to look down to prevent my joyous smile from being seen by Troy. I could sense tears trying to well up in my eyes, but I concentrated hard and prevented such a blatant show of emotion, I suddenly felt the need to lift some heavy weight, but I knew I couldn’t go to the basement gym right at that moment. I also realized the next part of the conversation with my son was very important. I kept my face pointed downward as I spoke.

“It would be wrong of me to have a relationship with my son’s best friend. I would never do that to you.”

“Why not? Two of the people I love most in the world getting together – that would be a neat thing. I find it interesting that you didn’t begin with ‘I’m not gay.’ Is there something you need to tell me, pops?”

“I’m gay, son. I’ve only come to realize it . . . or maybe embrace it completely – recently. I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for, dad? Do you think you being gay makes me love you any less or think bad of you in some way? You are who you are and that’s all. I’m just glad you’ve come to grips with it when you’re still in your prime – well, actually a hell of a lot more than just prime in that new body. So what’s the big deal? Why can’t you be with Colin?”

I was again looking directly at my son. His unconditional love for me was touching and helped me to instantly be at peace with my confession. My love for the boy deepened to a new level. I could not prevent the tears from forming in my eyes this time. I quickly wiped them away. I was also touched by his youthful enthusiasm about the impossible relationship between his best friend and me.

“I’m afraid it is a lot more complicated than just your unselfish blessing, Troy. Colin’s parents, other people, and most of society in general would not approve of us dating. And the majority of those people would view it as my responsibility to make sure it didn’t happen. I’m sorry that Colin is hurting, but I believe this is for the best and I’m sure he’ll get over the pain at some point. He’ll meet someone his own age and I bet they’ll be very happy together.”

“Maybe dad, but I don’t think so. He told me that he’s had a crush on you since the first day he met you. I do, however, understand why you’d be so nervous about dating Colin. I wish our world were different, you know? It’s sad that two good people – that obviously care for each other – can’t be together. It really kind of depresses me.”

We sat there in silence for a short while, just soaking up all that had transpired between us in the last thirty minutes. I found myself comfortable with my son in a brand new way – a much more adult way. He was growing into a wonderful man. I felt lucky to know him.

“Did all of this – figuring out you were gay – bring on your new body?”

“Yes, yes it did. Well, that and what happened with Colin.”

“I just want you to be happy, dad.”

“Does this body look like the body of someone that’s not happy?”

“No it doesn’t. If new muscles equal happiness then I’d say you’re probably the happiest guy on earth. I just don’t want you to get the body of your dreams and then have nobody to share it with. That would be a shame, pops.”

“Son, if you knew how many propositions I receive on a daily basis because of this new body, you would not be worried about me. Why just yesterday Jack Johnston, the cop down the street, asked me to dinner…”

“Okay, way too much information. I’ve had enough surprises for one day. I don’t want to hear about you and the cop, please – especially since he’s the one that caught me smoking when I was six and turned me in. You had me doing chores for three weeks straight because of that cop.”

“Okay, okay – no more stories. Let me show you what I’ve done in the basement, son. I think you’ll be impressed. And after that how about you let your old man take you to lunch and waste a lot of money on you?”

“That sounds great dad.”

Troy came over and gave my body a big hug, seizing the opportunity to feel my hard pecs and bulging biceps. He, again, simply shook his head back and forth – obviously overwhelmed by my unbelievable changes. I showed him the gym I had created, but only because I had hidden all the pictures of Colin. He was duly impressed and even agreed to work out with me, but only after I promised to go easy on him. That promise made my cock stir with happiness – a guy more than twenty years younger than me was nervous about my out-lifting him, which was exactly what happened.

A few weeks later, after Troy was back in London, he and I were chatting on the phone in the evening and he told me that Colin had decided to move to Paris for good. I was pretty sure this decision had been caused by information Troy had relayed to him after the recent visit with me, but I didn’t ask. I knew, on some deep level, it was best for both of us. Over the next five years my lust for the young man never went away and using his image as a visual tool for all of my workouts made me surpass all of Jose’s dreams for my body. I, again, blew past the size and the maximum lifting weight of my trainer, but the guy continued to be my coach. He would simply stand there in amazement when I walked away with a bodybuilding trophy or hoisted up some amount of weight that he could only dream of lifting. I remained basically celibate for those five years and only gave in to temptation once – when Jose asked if he could blow me. It was one night after a competition and we were having a few celebratory beers at my place. I knew we were both a little drunk and Jose asked if I would run through my routine for him. I took off my sweats and removed my shirt before moving to the middle of the room. Jose was sitting on the sofa staring at me and before I began he asked if I would do the routine in the nude.

“Come on man, in the nude?” You’re kidding, right?”

“No Frank, I’d really like to see you flexing totally naked.”

“Jose, you’re drunk. You have to be one of the straightest guys I know. Let’s just call it an evening, okay man?”

“This has nothing to do with being gay, Frank. It’s all about big muscles. You’ve ballooned into one of the biggest fuckers around and all that size impresses the shit out of me. I’ve watched your cock get hard during workouts for almost six years now – and all because of some punk model over in Paris. Your dedication to a bunch of photos still hanging downstairs inspires me to no end. Colin has helped you to become the kind of muscle man that most bodybuilders can only dream of becoming– and that is hot as hell. I want to see you flexing that big body while your hard cock flops around oozing drops of pre-cum. And when you’re done I’m going to ask you to let me suck you off. We’re never going to talk about this night and I’ll never ask you for this favor again. I just got to give that big body of yours some pleasure and then I’ll be fine. I’m simply in fucking awe of all that you’ve accomplished.”

“I couldn’t have done it without you, Jose.”

“Maybe that’s true and maybe not, but I just want to make you bust a big load after you show off for me. Consider tonight an early birthday gift to me. It will probably be the best gift I’ve ever received.”

I reached down and pushed my red posers over my now fully erect cock and then stepped out of them. Jose took a long sip of his beer and swallowed hard. He reached down and unzipped his pants. As I started into my flawless routine the only sounds in the room were two guys breathing heavy and a big hand pumping a hard cock. I slowed my movements down to prolong the build-up to orgasmic release. Jose spit into his palm twice to help increase the rhythm of his pounding. By this point he had his extremely large cock completely out in the open and was moaning loudly as I stopped to emphasize each flex – making sure my muscles bulged even harder. I had never experienced such erotic foreplay. Jose’s prediction came true as the thrill was too much for me and drops of pre-cum began to bubble out of my dick and slide down the rod until they nestled deep in the salt and peppered hair at the base. My huge chest was heaving as I hit my last pose. I released the tension in my body and simply stood there as Jose slid off the couch and moved to kneel in front of me. He ran his hands up my thick, hard thighs and let his thumbs toy with my cum-filled balls. My pole bounced up and down as I moaned in pleasure.

“Your thighs are so fucking huge, just like the rest of you.”

Jose whispered softly as he massaged my bulging legs with his hands. He then moved up beyond my crotch and pressed his palms into my tight abs. At the same time he caught the bouncing dickhead in font of him with his lips and sucked it into his mouth. I gasped and my entire body tightened. I concentrated hard so I wouldn’t ejaculate immediately into Jose’s inexperienced mouth. It took him a few minutes to get the hang of opening his throat so my entire long dick could slide in deep, but in just a few tries the big man was deep-throating me like a pro. I grabbed his hair with both hands and simply moved them in sync with his bobbing head. As the pleasure increased I became a little more dominant and began to shove my cock deeper into his mouth while pulling him closer into my crotch. I loved feeling his nose slam into the lowest part of my stomach, just above my pubes. Jose had moved one of his hands back to his own cock and I could feel him sliding it up and down hard as he continued to suck like there was no tomorrow. He pulled his mouth away from my cock at one point and told me to flex my arms. I released his hair, went into a tense double biceps pose, and he resumed his work on my shaft. He gazed upward as he sucked, so he could get good views of my chest and arms. I could tell by his grunts that he was close to erupting and that made me near ejaculation mode, as well. Jose balled up his hand and hit me hard in the stomach twice right before all hell broke loose. He shoved his face down into my crotch hard and kept it there, my cock buried deeply into his throat. At the same time his body started to jerk wildly and I knew he was shooting a giant load. This triggered my own need for release and I emptied what felt like my entire insides deep into his body. Both of our orgasms were powerful and seemed to last forever. Finally, I stopped spewing into his throat and he pulled his mouth away. We both fell into one heap on the floor, our faces mere inches apart. Jose had his eyes closed and he was smiling as his body took its time returning to normal. After a few minutes he leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips and then disengaged, but not before he ran his hands all over my upper torso. He then zipped up his pants, took a swig of his beer, and left.

Other than that one night of being blown, I somehow completely refrained from having any sexual intercourse for over five years. It was after my fifty-first birthday that Jose suggested I take place in something called the Mr. Masters World contest. Up to that point I had limited most of my competitions to the local area and shows within the state. He told me one day it was time to unleash my freakish body on the rest of the world – and this competition would be perfect. He told me that men over fifty from around the world would be gathering to compete and my impressive history of wins had garnered me a place in the tournament. Jose then told me the competition would be in four months and was to be held in Paris. Not Paris, Tennessee, but Paris, France. He watched my face closely as the information sank in.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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That story is REALLY hot. Thanks for another muscledaddy tale LB, you simply are the master of this sub-genre of muscle growth stories (and all the others of course)

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Enjoying the tale of the Muscle Muse and the developing Muscle Daddy. Look forward to what happens when Muscle Daddy reunites with his Muse in Paris.
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Looking forward to the reunion, too! Muscle explosion!!!
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How can I get any work done when you keep pumping out hot scenes like this one? I get riled up just imagining the backstage area of the Mr Masters World contest. All those jacked up 50-plus year old superheavy muscleheads, strutting it off in their posers. Grandpa muscle from all over the globe. Nice.
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Really wish you would continue this story. It's awesome and has great further potential. definitely want to see Colin with Frank!
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Can't wait for the reunion! This story is so beautifully written and so damn hot....cold shower needed me thinks!
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I must see this story continued, true love conquers all.
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