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Old August 10th, 2012, 06:37 PM
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Stack is Stacked - Part Six

The post cum-eruption rest was just as blissful as the moments leading up to my synchronized orgasm with Stack. Hearing so many strength stories from the big man’s past and groping all of his hard muscles as he sucked me off was just too much for my body to take – as well as his. Stack’s huge arms were wrapped around me and our legs were intertwined – my little twigs among his redwoods. The heat radiating off his body was causing me to drift in and out of a sleepy haze. I could feel the college jock’s heart beating intensely – even through his massively thick chest, as he kept brushing the hard bristles of his mustache across the back of my neck and below my ear. I had just ejaculated what seemed like every drop of liquid in y body, but my cock stayed rock hard because of the giant stone-like muscles surrounding me and his expert ‘stache massage.

“Did big Stack make you happy, Michael?”

“Doesn’t the river of cum drying all over your beautiful huge chest answer that question, my big man?”

“Yeah, but I like hearing you say it.”

“I have never been happier on any day in my entire life and I doubt I’ll ever be this happy again.”

“Oh, I think you will Michael. Just wait until you see all the things I have planned for you. I’m going to make so many of your muscle dreams come true that your dick will be perpetually raw from constantly beating off. Your gorgeous face and body turn my crank so hard that I won’t ever get tired of showing off for you. This big man is going to grow fucking huge because of all the adrenaline you cause to explode inside of him – and all this will happen just from being around you. Shit, I’m as hard as hell again. See, you make me churn out juice like a cum machine on turned up to overdrive.”

“You’ve got to shut up, dude, or I’m going to have a heart attack when my dick starts trying to spew again and ending up only able to dry heave painfully. I’m like some raw nerve exposed to the elements and your chit-chat is going to set me off.”

“My big muscles and muscle talk is like some kind of addictive drug for you, aren’t they, Mr. Thomas.”

“Yes! Now shut up and kiss me, superman, before I have an overdose.”

“I like the sound of that. You want me to be your superman, Michael. You just request it and it’s done. But the only kryptonite that’s going to make me weak will be discouraging words from you. There’s not anything that’s going to get through this superman to you unless you ask for it. You can count on that, man. I’d battle the world for you – and you know I’d win.”

I plastered my mouth on to his to get him to be quiet. My dick had started jerking wildly in an attempt to cough up some more cum, but the big man had already caused me to unload everything I had. The best my cock could do was to twitch dryly like a robotic dancer. I needed him to shut up so my body would have a few minutes to recover and hopefully rejuvenate a little. Stack’s mouth was one of the most incredible feelings I had ever experienced – warm, wet, masterful, and the mustache only added to the pleasure. It was clear this man had developed his oral abilities as much as he had developed his body. As we kissed hard I found my hands wandering back down to his giant biceps, which he quickly started to pump just to give me a thrill. Stack knew perfectly what to do to excite me on multiple levels. His tongue probed my mouth like a pro, feeling his flexed arms made my body tingle all over and the big man grinded his hard cock into mine in a way that made it clear he was definitely ready to go to town again. I, however, still needed time to recover. I pulled my mouth from his.

“Remember, Superman, your Jimmy Olsen isn’t a superhero like you. He needs a lot more time and rest before he can shoot off again like some kind of pornographic roman candle. You may be able to rip apart a tank and then go right into twenty-four hours of sex, but normal men aren’t built that way.”

“Ummmm, fucking you for twenty-four hours sounds so good. Getting fucked by you for twenty-four hours straight sounds even better. What about it sailor, you want to plug my ass with that hard pole?”

“Right now my pole just wants a little rest, admiral. You and your huge muscles have plum tuckered the thing out!”

“Well then let’s get cleaned up and go out. I’d love to show you off!”

“You, the massive college jock that looks like he was carved out of the most expensive marble ever created – the one that can lift the back of a Cherokee with one hand – and the one with more muscles than all the guys in my geeky classes put together – wants to show me off? Where’s the hidden camera, Stack, cause this must be the moment when someone comes out and says I’ve been punked.”

“Nope, dude, you’re hotter than any other guy on campus and, besides that, you can throw down head to toe with me when it comes to muscle lust, so that makes you the best thing to happen to me since my arms blasted beyond twenty-five inches my junior year in high school. When I’m around you we might have to use some heavy-duty duct tape to fasten my big cock against my hard abs so I don’t poke holes in doors, people, or heavy machinery, since I’m probably going to be at full mast the entire time. Even the bristles of my ‘stache are shooting harder because you turn me on so much. Come on, Mr. Thomas, I’m going to make sure everyone on this campus and beyond knows that you are mine and mine alone. If anyone even bumps into you the wrong way they’re going to be twisted so tight by my bare hands it’s going to take a team of ten men to untie their limbs. Shit, just the visual of me wrapping some guy’s body into a knotted mess gets me hard, but doing it all just to show off for you makes me fucking harder than I’ve ever been before.”

“But what if some of your friends don’t like me, Stack? What are you going to do – bend their body into a ball of jumbled limbs? I don’t think so.”

“Everyone’s going to love you, Michael. I promise. You’re the most powerful man on campus now, because you’ll have the strongest guy in town standing right behind you. If someone doesn’t like you they’re not going to say a word because they know they’ll have to answer to me. And trust me, Mr. Thomas; no one has fucked with me since that doctor spanked me right after I was born. I punched back, by the way, and he went flying across the room. Let’s take a shower. I want to soap up that gorgeous body of yours so much that I’m about to shoot off again right here and now.”

Stack’s cock was actually twitching and the slit was gaping open like a fish’s mouth out of water. A big gob of healthy pre-cum oozed out and the big man dipped his finger into it and then streaked the think juice across the hair above his upper lip. It looked like Stack now had a hairy milk-mustache – bristles poking through the whiteness of his powerful cum.

“Looks like I need someone to clean my fur, boy. You up for the job?”

“Very ready and very able, sir.”

I leaned into the huge man and pressed my lips against his thick mustache, sucking in between my lips. Immediately my mouth was full of the sweet and salty taste of Stack’s man-milk. It felt like I tasted the actual nectar of life. I ran my tongue up and down his manly hard bristles and gathered every delectable molecule of the hot lava that had gurgled up from his throbbing cock. I then pressed my lips into his firmly and let my tongue share some of the saltiness that remained with his taste buds, causing the big man to purr loudly. I also reached up and pinched his protruding nipples with all of my strength – knowing that most people would certainly feel pain, but all Stack felt was pleasure. I could have chewed on those nubs with all my might using my sturdy molars and it would have done nothing but turned the college’s stud crank to an even higher level of delight. I could have played with the man’s body for a week non-stop and not even care about resting, but I also knew how much fun it would be to go out on the town with such a gorgeous man. I pushed my body away from Stack’s and looked into his eyes, which were full of desire.

“Care to take a shower, Mr. Stack?”

“Yes, but not with you, Mr. Thomas. I’m afraid that would lead to things we aren’t ready for at this moment. I’m going to head back to my place so I can get a new shirt – something seems to have happened to the one I wore over here.”

“I don’t think I can manage not being wrapped up in your arms for more than a few minutes, sir.”

“Ah, that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me since the last nice thing you said a few minutes ago. You could definitely become a habit with me, Mr. Thomas. I’ll make sure I bring my toothbrush and my barbells with me when I return – so I can stay for a few days. I won’t need any clothes if you don’t mind going out to get food when I’m working out. That way we can stay wrapped up tightly for seventy-two hours straight. How does that sound?”

“So heavenly that I’m not so sure I want to go out now.”

“Well, you said your cock had to have some much-needed rest and I could use a few mugs off beer – the food of the muscle gods. I know a hot little bar in town – a place where we can get into trouble.”

“Well, then go ahead and go, sir, but hurry back. I’ll miss you very much.”

“How about I show off a little to give you something to keep you hard as you shower?”

“That sounds like a good plan, Stack.”

Without any warning, Stack jumped up off the floor and then grabbed my body and basically tossed me into the air. He carried me above his head and then stepped up on my bed. This made him tall enough to press my body against the ceiling of the dorm room. He took one hand away, but kept me shoved against the plaster above with one hand against my stomach. I looked down at his beautiful face and he flexed his other arm, making sure the biceps was right under my face. The tip of my growing cock pressed against his hand and this made the big man smile. Again, without any warning, Stack dropped his hand and jumped off the bed at the same time. My body fell the seven or eight feet to the mattress and bounced wildly. I turned my head and watched Stack put on his jacket, blow me a kiss, and then leave my room. I lay on the bed for a few minutes of rest and to daydream about my new huge boyfriend. I had a feeling Stack was having the same kind of thoughts about me as he ran to his own dorm. I knew he wanted to get back as quickly as I wanted him to return. And sure enough, by the time I was stepping out of the shower, a newly refreshed Stack was coming into my room – wearing a obscenely tight t-shirt. I quickly dressed, choosing an outfit that highlighted my eyes and my ass. Stack whistled in approval and then stood beside me. He gave me a deep, masculine kiss and then pulled away – obviously fearful of what our embrace might lead to.

“Let’s go have some fun, Mr. Thomas.”

“Lead the way, sir.”

Soon, we were standing at the bar of one of Stack’s favorite watering holes drinking two beers. I could tell my boyfriend was starting to get a little tired of looking down at me.
Stack lifted what to him was my almost weightless body and sat me on the edge of the bar’s smooth top. He then wedged his muscular but unbelievably thin waist between my legs, leaning into me with a ferociousness that was almost frightening. The big man needed a kiss and he needed it right then. I found my mouth invaded savagely by his tongue and felt his sturdy lips pressing into me hard. It was definitely the kiss of a big man and a powerful big man, at that. My toes curled up in my tennis shoes and I felt my cock pushing into his crotch with enough force that he could feel it even through both my pants and his. I knew that Stack’s own huge pole was equally as stiff and he pressed it up against the lip of the heavy oak bar – I actually heard the wood creaking in submission to his powerful thrusting. At the same time Stacks’ beefy, muscled arms enveloped my smaller frame tightly and it felt like a blanket of skin covered stone. I had tasted and felt many parts of the man by this point, but I was still shocked at how his warm, wet mouth made me giddy with excitement and at how the wall of muscle surrounding me caused me to shoot close to ejaculation so quickly. We stayed lip-locked for a while and then Stack suddenly pulled back and let out a loud rebel-like yell.

“Shit, Mr. Thomas, there’s nothing in the world that feels better than a kiss from you. I feel like I could rip a massive chunk out of this bar just from the strength you cause to well up in me from just one kiss. My cock is also about to start splintering the front of this big wooden bar like it was made of toothpicks.”

“Um, Stack, we have some visitors.”

There was a group of five guys standing in a semi circle behind the big man. When I revealed the information about our little welcome party a devilish smile crept across my big boyfriend’s face. I realized instantly that Stack had chosen this bar on purpose and had purposely given me a deep throat kiss just to draw attention. The guy turned around slowly and draped his bulging arms over my legs, letting his back lean into my chest – so my head could rest on his shoulder. I sensed immediately that Stack was going to toy with these big gentlemen and found myself feeling sorry for each of them. I knew they had chosen the wrong guy to mess with – even though nothing had happened yet.

“Howdy gentlemen. Did you come to play?”

“Depends on what you mean by play . . . Stack, man!”

Suddenly, my boyfriend and the group of big men started whooping and hollering like a bunch of sailors on leave for the weekend. It then hit me that these were Stack’s football buddies from school – not some group of guys looking to pick a fight. I had no idea what the group of men meant when they used the word play, but I had a feeling I was going to like the outcome. I had certainly reached a comfortable place with my new man and I was sure his friends were only going to only add to the pleasure. Stack looked back at me as he talked and I could see that he was proud to be introducing me to the guys. He pulled my face down into his and we kissed again. He made sure his mustached scraped against my face hard.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Did I tell you I love you...<sniff> you made the week worth living...that and the Bourne Legacy :-)...I don't even know if I can read this yet...I need to savor the words...enjoy them like a fine smooth brandy...or a excellent wine. In fact I'll just go grab a wee nip and enjoy this.
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"no one has fucked with me since that doctor spanked me right after I was born. I punched back, by the way, and he went flying across the room."

I damn sure want to read a back story with Stack growing up after reading this line. Forum rules be damned, give it to me! (PM it to me if you do decide to write it bro, I would really, really appreciate it.

Other than that, just an awesome story that I enjoyed reading, Stack is so huge, muscular, strong and self-assured, yet so devoted to his man, he'd do anything to please him, which is exactly what I love seeing. You rule, bro!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

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Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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You know I want more right? I'm a carnivorous reader...and maybe a tad demanding :-)
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Just a friendly reminder or blunt nudge to Londonboy...and you know why :-)
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Please don't leave us in the lurch like this!
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